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Wednesday, 23 May


Private members bill banning live sheep exports before the Australian Parliament - it needs your support "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Sky News, Sunday 20 May 2018:

Greens MP Adam Bandt has told Sky News there may be the numbers in federal parliament to pass a private members bill that will ban live sheep exports. Liberal backbencher Sussan Ley will introduce a private members bill to parliament next week that, if passed, would see the live sheep export trade phased out. 

The bill has the support of three Liberal MPs, Labor and the Greens. Mr Bandt says theres a 'real prospect' the bill could pass the parliament within the next month.

ABC News, Monday 21 May 2018:

Support for shutting down the live sheep export trade is gaining ground, with Labor set to formally endorse the proposal this week.

Liberal MP Sussan Ley will today introduce a private member's bill that would ban live sheep exports to the Middle East during the northern hemisphere summer months in 2019 and entirely close the sector down in five years.

"This has been a trade marked by disaster following debacle and that's gone on for 33 years, it's had a very sad history, a very dismal history," she said....


Sometimes it is hard to believe how bone-achingly stupid governments can be Part One "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Before the Abbott Coalition Government appointed John Lloyd Australian Public Service Commissioner in 2014 he was Director, Workplace Relations and Productivity at the far-right pressure group, the Institute for Public Affairs - so this was all but inevitable....

The Prime Minister's department has refused to release emails relating to the public service commissioner John Lloyd and a right-wing think tank, saying they could prejudice an investigation into a possible breach of the law.

Mr Lloyd has previously rejected suggestions he gave special access and research to the Institute of Public Affairs after Labor senators last year raised an email he sent to a member of the group with an attachment showing what he described as "generous" provisions in public service enterprise agreements.

A freedom of information request sought emails held by Department of Prime...

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IndyWatch Bellingen NSW All Topics Summary Today.

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Tuesday, 22 May


Australia - Two towns are 48kms apart. One has twice as much tooth decay "IndyWatch Feed National"

For 40 years, dental therapist Jennifer James has had the "unique experience" of treating children in Bathurst, which has fluoride in its water, and 48 kilometres away in Oberon, which doesn't.
The difference out here working is that you see twice as much tooth decay in children, twice as many fillings, twice as many extractions. That is a comparison we can make weekly in Bathurst and Oberon," said Ms James, who works for NSW Health.
"What people don't see is parents crying because they don't understand why their children need teeth taken out."......................

Is it really as simple and obvious as she believes? 


All charges against Ralph Blewitt have been dropped "IndyWatch Feed National" This is the email to Ralphs lawyer: Last night my my computer was fried - cooked by a virus. Today we learn that charges against Blewitt have been dropped. You will hear a lot more about this - I assure you. My editorial moments after hearing the news: Download...


Australia Plans Blockchain Prototype to Deliver Welfare Payments in 2019 "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian governments digitization agency has revealed plans to explore the implementation of blockchain technology in delivering social security welfare payments to citizens. Speaking at a conference in Sydney last week, Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) chief executive Randall Brugeaud underlined welfare payment delivery as an early use case for its blockchain implementation effort. The DTA

The post Australia Plans Blockchain Prototype to Deliver Welfare Payments in 2019 appeared first on CCN


New England, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

While this YouTube video was published in February 2018, I hadn't seen it before. It tells something of the story of the Hinton Collection at the New England Regional Art Museum and in so doing showcases some the paintings themselves. Enjoy.


Questioning The Integrity Of Psychiatry "IndyWatch Feed National"

We have now sunk to a depth where the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent people (George Orwell: Review of Bertrand Russell, in The Adelphi, January 1939).

If we learn one thing from the Royal Commissions into child sexual abuse and the banking and insurance industries (see note 1), it will be this: left to themselves, secure institutions will never conduct the sort of self-critical analysis that the larger society expects and deserves.

In late February this year, a conference on Mental Health in Crisis was held in Sydney and then at five cities in New Zealand. Major speakers included Prof. Peter Gotszche, of the Nordic Cochrane Centre; Bob Whitaker, from Boston; Dr Melissa Raven, from Adelaide; Prof. Roger Mulder, from Dunedin University, NZ; and Maria Bradshaw, from Auckland. I spoke about studies on ECT and several other speakers contributed their harrowing personal experiences of psychiatry.

Subsequently, an article in a New Zealand paper was critical of antidepressants, which provoked the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) to issue a press release (March 9th 2018; taken down soon after) which was openly hostile to the idea that people could criticise antidepressants. As part of that press release, it was claimed that psychiatrists only ever (prescribe drugs) in partnership with the patient and after due consideration of the risks and benefits.

My experience is that this claim is absolute rubbish and I lodged a complaint with the RANZCP to this effect.1 On April 27th, I received a letter from the president of RANZCP, Dr Kym Jenkins, assuring me I had it all wrong, the RANZCP meant no harm, but she firmly reiterated the claim that provoked my complaint:

I wish to highlight the College statement goes on to say, the prescription ofmedications is something that a psychiatrist only ever does in partnership with the patient and after due consideration of the risks and benefits.'

As a result, I thought I should check the veracity of her claim. After a quick survey of my practice, I submitted a paper to the lesser of the two RANZCP journals, Australasian Psychiatry, on May 6th. The following is a slightly amended version:



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Oh What an Email Web We Weave: the Podesta Russian File "IndyWatch Feed National"

[Editors Note: This post is only for readers who are interested in Ukraine, Puerto Rico, the Podesta brothers, the Mueller probe. What? You didnt think those things were connected?  Yes, they are and Lufthansa, too.]

by Judicial Watch

This is Freedom of Information Act stuff. It is an abridgement of a long piece at

Judicial Watch today released new documents from the U.S. Department of State showing the Podesta Group working on behalf of the pro-Russia Ukrainian political group Party of Regions. The new documents also show then-Obama White House Counsel John Podesta lobbying on behalf of his brother...


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American Prosperity Has Become American Poverty "IndyWatch Feed National"

American Prosperity Has Become American Poverty
by Bob Shanahan

"More than 40 percent of American households cannot afford rent, transportation, childcare, or a cellphone, according to a new study from the United Way Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed Project, obtained by Axios. U.S. households are still struggling despite living during the second longest recovery in our nations history.

United Way ALICE Project Director Stephanie Hoopes, Ph.D., told Axios, based on 2016 data, there were 34.7 million households in that group double the 16.1 million that are in actual poverty. Combining for almost 51 million American households essentially living in poverty in the land of the American Dream.



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China: No need to overinterpret bomber in South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed National"

In this image taken from a May 19, 2018, video footage run by Chinas CCTV via AP Video, a Chinese H-6K bomber aircraft is seen flying along a runway in the South China Sea. The Chinese air force has landed long-range bombers for the first time at an airport in the South China Sea, a state newspaper said Saturday, in a move likely to further fuel concerns about Beijings expansive claims over the disputed region.


China: No need to overinterpret bomber in South China Sea

Patricia Lourdes Viray ( May 22, 2018 10:30am

MANILA, Philippines Downplaying the deployment of a bomber aircraft on one of its outposts in the South China Sea, Beijing insisted that such activities were normal training of Chinese military.

Last week, the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force landed bombers, including the top-of-the-line H-6K, on Woody IslandChinas largest base in the Paracel chain in the South China Sea.

The South China Sea Islands are Chinas territory. The relevant military activities are the normal training of the Chinese military and there is no need for other parties to over-interpret that, Chinese Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said in a press briefing Monday.

China also called out the United States over its freedom of navigation operations in the region.

Washington and its allies in the region have been expressing concern about Chinas militarization activities in the contested waterway.



MACKAY Plasterer begs for mercy after raid uncovers illegal crop "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY May 22, 2018 at 07:15AM ,

Plasterer begs for mercy after raid uncovers illegal crop

May 22, 2018 at 07:15AM ,

Reynolds appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, telling Magistrate Damien Dwyer he had been growing marijuana for personal use and

, ,

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Archbishop Philip Wilson abuse concealment case the tip of the iceberg "IndyWatch Feed National"

ABC News Australia

Archbishop Philip Wilson abuse concealment case the tip of the iceberg

22 May 2018

The verdict in the case of Archbishop Philip Wilson the most senior Catholic to be charged with concealing child abuse is already being declared a landmark case, with one legal expert predicting it could trigger a flood of other prosecutions.

Key points:

  • Wilson is the most senior Catholic to have been charged with concealing abuse
  • Lawyer Craig Caldicott says todays guilty verdict could prompt other prosecutions
  • He expects Wilson to appeal, and says the case could end up in the High Court

Wilson who became the Archbishop of Adelaide in 2001 was found guilty of covering up abuse by priest Jim Fletcher in the NSW Hunter region in the 1970s.



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Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong Global Church should be charged with pedophile protection crimes "IndyWatch Feed National"


Please listen to Johnny Cash singing Gods gonna cut you down.


Brian: waiting to be charged for pedophile protection crimes.

Pastor Brian Houston Head Pastor of Hillsong mega-church: waiting to be charged for pedophile protection crimes recommended by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.



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Fruugo Australia Rip-off merchants "IndyWatch Feed National"

Internet scams are a plenty, where many dodgy businesses try to hide the way they extort (or defraud) the consumer of cash.

In this example we take a look at a company called Fruugo Australia, where the word Australia would allude to purchasing something from an Australian business.

The item being a memory card, shows us that Fruugo Australia put a price on it at $46.95.

What the poor sighted consumer may miss is that the shipping cost is a whopping NINETY DOLLARS and twenty cents.

Upon further investigation, the so called product is in Austria.

According to the manufacturer the 'appearance' of the card is as follows:


Dimensions (Max.) 11 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm (0.43" x 0.59" x 0.04")
Weight (Max.) 0.4 g (0.01 oz)

$90 to post an item that is similar size to someone's fingernail that can literally pos...


Is the IPA the tail that wags the dog? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Senate estimates this week have thrown a spotlight on relationships between the highest echelons of the APS and right wing charity, The Institute of Public Affairs. The Australian Public Service Commissioner (no less), has been quizzed on his email communication with IPA Director, John Roskam for the strongly partisan opinions they contain.

It has been revealed that formal complaints have been made against John Lloyd for breaches of the Public Service Code of Conduct although the specifics of the allegations or who made them remain undisclosed.



Oberon: Two towns are 48kms apart. One has twice as much tooth decay "IndyWatch Feed National"

For 40 years, dental therapist Jennifer James has had the unique experience of treating children in Bathurst, which has fluoride in its water, and 48 kilometres away in Oberon, which doesnt.

The difference out here working is that you see twice as much tooth decay in children, twice as many fillings, twice as many extractions. That is a comparison we can make weekly in Bathurst and Oberon, said Ms James, who works for NSW Health.

What people dont see is parents crying because they dont understand why their children need teeth taken out.

For Ms James, it is a clear cut case of the haves and the have-nots. Every day she sees the impact of the Oberons repeated decisions not to fluoridate its water supply in childrens mouths, she told a community meeting in Oberon .

Fifty years after Sydney decided to fluoridate, Oberon is once again tackling the emotional issue of whether to reverse its long-standing opposition to adding fluoride. About 97 per cent of NSW residents have access to fluoridated water.

While some areas cant add fluoride for logistical and technical reasons, Health Minister Brad Hazzard in December urged the eight councils where fluoride could be added to reconsider.

Since then, two councils, Bega and Gunnedah, have decided to add fluoride. Some such as Byron Council didnt reopen debate.

Oberon Council agreed to hear arguments for and against, and ask the community for its views.  Although the Mayor Kathy Sajowitz supports fluoridation, she said she will be guided by the views of the community. If she doesnt, locals told Fairfax that Ms Sajowitz and any councillor who votes for it will be turfed out.

In the lead up to the meeting, anti-fluoride campaigners have been letter boxing homes claiming there were plans to put poison in your water.

Dentists,  pediatric nurses and other health professionals, including representatives from the Australian Dental Association...


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One-third of the worlds nature reserves are under threat from humans "IndyWatch Feed National"

May 17, 2018 9.08pm BST Updated May 18, 2018 12.07am BST


Australian archbishop convicted in child abuse scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video about Australia says about itself:

Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse

21 May 2018

The most senior Catholic to be charged with concealing child sexual abuse Adelaides Archbishop Philip Wilson is found guilty by a New South Wales court, in a landmark ruling

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Australian archbishop found guilty of covering up sexual abuse

Today, 05:08

An Australian archbishop was found guilty of covering up abuse in the Catholic Church in the 1970s. Philip Wilson can be sentenced to two years in prison. He is the highest placed clergyman in the Catholic Church worldwide who has been found guilty of covering up abuse.

Wilson (67), Archbishop of Adelaide, was suspected of covering up the abuse of four boys by the priest James Fletcher in the 1970s. Wilson himself says he is innocent and has not known about the crimes.

He denied under oath last month that he learned in 1976 from two altar boys that they had been abused sexually. At that time, Wilson was a priest-assistant. I do not think I would forget that, Wilson said in court. One of...


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Deweaponised road warrior in need of new computer! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last night we had a death in the family of this website (I would have said website with an apostrophe s but for reasons that will become obvious my communicative abilities are somewhat compromised). That is the now deceased 4 year old (about 105 inhuman years) machine that has brought...


An Anarchist Response to Far-Right Professor Jordan Peterson "IndyWatch Feed National"

The post An Anarchist Response to Far-Right Professor Jordan Peterson appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following is a critique of the popular far-Right and self-help guru Jordan Peterson. Most recently, Peterson argued that the State should enforce monogamy as a way to end young, male, lone-wolf violence. Peterson represents the push towards a fundamental restructuring of society that re-cements the power of patriarchy, social hierarchy, and the State.

Take responsibility for your own life!, shouts psychology professor, Youtuber and self-help guru Jordan Peterson, capturing the collective imagination of the crowd of starry eyed young men seated before him. As he goes on, the banal platitudes begin to accumulate, Life is suffering, so get your act together!, Clean your room!, and Make your bed!

Peterson claims to be tapping into and addressing the alienation expressed by thousands of young men with his self-help philosophy. He blames third wave feminism, the dissolution of the quintessential male archetype and a lack encouragement for signs of a disaffected population of young men who are experiencing increasing university dropout and suicide rates relative to women. Indeed, one only has to mention the term young men for Peterson to dissolve into tears during interviews, bemoaning the postmodern neo-Marxists whos claim that Western Civilization is a patriarchal hierarchy allegedly undermines the fragile archetypical male. Here, Peterson references a far-Right conspiracy theory commonly associated with fascism, but for now, lets focus on the question of personal responsibility.

What does Peterson mean when he says we should take responsibility for our own lives? In an interview on ABC news Australia where Peterson lays out his philosophy, the interviewer pushes back, pointing out that some people face difficult circumstances in life, which makes it harder to take responsibility. Peterson agrees, responding with: Life is very difficult and we all die well, whats the alternative, you take responsibility for that and try to struggle uphill because the alternative makes everything worse.

With this, Peterson cuts down to an existential truth; in the face of suffering,....


Mullum2Bruns not for protesters, say organisers "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Now in its eighth year, the Mullum2Bruns Paddle returns May 27. Photo supplied

Organisers of the Mullum2Bruns Paddle, which takes place this coming Sunday (June 27) say they want to avoid the event becoming a platform for protest or activism.

Campaigner Gareth Smith, who has regularly joined with his Palestine Flotilla said, however, he will not be deterred.

Mr Smith told The Echo he had received a call from one of the organisers who told me that the purpose of the day was for people to have an enjoyable time on the water and that it was a family event.  He did not think the event should be used for any other purpose.

Mr Smith added, I told him that I will be behaving in exactly the same way as I have always done over the years and I would be representing the people of Gaza, particularly now after so many of them have been slaughtered and badly injured by the Israeli military.

Gaza Aid Flotilla paddlers have always enjoyed positive support both from fellow paddlers and from audiences on the shore and this is the first time that organisers of the paddle event have raised any objection, he said.

Mullum2Bruns Coordinator Jo Spiteri told The Echo, We informed Gareth that this is an eco-friendly, family event and we requested Gareth not to use this event as a platform for protest or activism as we dont want issues on the day.

For more details on the paddle see the special feature in The Echo, out Wednesday.

The post Mullum2Bruns not for protesters, say organisers appeared first on Echonetdaily.


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1573a/1573b: The Economic System is Breaking Down World Wide | Q Asks Who is in Control, then Shows us "IndyWatch Feed National"

Published on May 21, 2018

Devin Nunes says there might be more than one spy. Trump pushes the DOJ to investigate spying into his campaign. IG will not start the investigation. Obama' s will start to make documentaries with Netflix, they are trying to take back the narrative. Facebook is under threat of being broken up. Pompeo is pushing Iran into a new deal, he is asking for outrageous demands. EU says that it will help Iran with Financial aid, EU then denies. ISIS burns its headquarters as they are bused out of Damascus. Q drops more Intel shows who is in control. Locates the deep state operation, how they were going to communicate and how they will be going down. The deep state is panicking, watch for those who scream the loudest, they will end up hurting the most.

Published on May 21, 2018

Corporations are looking at the blockchain and they are now building platforms to support it.Paypal says they will be looking at cryptocurrencys in the future, they are waiting for it to stabilize. Square cash is now supporting bitcoin and many others are moving into this area. The switch is happening. New Zealand retails sales take a dive, we had heard this in the UK, US, Australia and Canada and throughout Europe, the system is cracking. The world is starting to feel the pressure of the economic system ripping itself apart.


Scapegoats in an election cycle: LGBTQI in Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Over the past three years, a series of raids against and arrests of LGBTQI people have been conducted throughout Indonesia by police and vigilante groups. The populist electioneering cycle currently taking place is only worsening the situation. One of the most confronting anti-queer raids to date took place on 21 May last year in Jakarta, at the mens-only Atlantis Gym & Spa.


23 May 2018 - Public hearings on environmental water, Parliament House, Canberra "IndyWatch Feed National"

The House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy will hold a public hearing tomorrow for its inquiry into the management and use of Commonwealth environmental water.

The Committee will hear from the National Farmers Federation and the National Irrigators Council.

The inquiry is focused on the role of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, including how environmental water is being used, the outcomes achieved and options for improving community engagement.

Further information about the inquiry can be found on the inquiry website at

Public hearing details:
Time: 9.50am 11.10am
Date: Wednesday 23 May 2018
Location: Committee Room 1R1, Parliament House, Canberra

Interested members of the public may wish to track the committee via the website, Click on the blue Track Committee button in the bottom right hand corner and use the forms to login to My Parliament or to register for a My Parliament account.


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Holiday Park managers push for camping around damaged protected pines "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Terrace Reserve camping which, residents say has contributed to the protected trees dying off. Photo Sean OMeara

The CEO of Reflections Holiday Parks (the renamed North Coast Holiday Parks), has dismissed resident Patricia Warrens assessment of their arborist report regarding proposed works within the Coastal Cypress Pine forest community at the Terrace Holiday Park, Brunswick Heads.

The long standing issue has seen a decline of the health of the protected trees over many years, and the latest proposal by the government run corporation suggests using concrete pads, called load cells, to distribute the weight of campervans and cars.

The upcoming Council agenda this Thursday tables the proposal, and staff have recommended deferring the matter and seeking an urgent meeting with holiday parks managers, their consultants, as well as Robert Kooyman and two representatives from the Brunswick Community.

Ecologist Robert Kooyman provided an independent report to Council, which suggested the best way to let the trees recover and gain health is to leave them alone.

Yet Reflections Holiday Parks own report, by an arborist, suggests that camping can continue in the park if managed.

Reflections CEO Steve Edmonds told The Echo, The load cells are designed to take a point load and distribute it across a wider area which results in reduced compaction of the tree root systems. The combination of load cells, revegetation, reduced number of sites, less vehicles and smaller campervans and tents are all aimed at enhancing and improving the welfare of these trees.

Edmonds did not address the question of whether the load cell trial would even be successful, given there is no evidence that this has worked previously.

Warren says, Parking vehicles on load cells would be in conflict with the space required for the natural branch growth and maturation of any in-situ plantings.

Not qualified

Edmonds said, The Trust acknowledges and appreciates Ms Warrens passion and concern for the southern en...


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Archbishop guilty of covering up sex abuse "IndyWatch Feed National"

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson outside the cathedral in Adelaide. AAP Image/David Mariuz

NEWCASTLE, AAP Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson, the most senior Catholic official in the world to be charged with covering up child sexual abuse, has been found guilty by a NSW court.

Magistrate Robert Stone told Newcastle Local Court on Tuesday Wilson had concealed the abuse of two altar boys in the NSW Hunter region by pedophile priest James Fletcher by failing to report the allegations to police.

Mr Stone said he was satisfied one of the altar boys, Peter Creigh, had been a truthful and reliable witness.

In a statement issued by the Catholic Church, Wilson said he was disappointed by the decision.

I will now have to consider the reasons and consult closely with my lawyers to determine the next steps, he said.

Prosecutor Gareth Harrison had claimed Wilson was involved in a cover-up to protect the churchs reputation and there were doubts about his honesty.

Mr Harrison argued that in Wilsons mind victims came second.

Wilson, 67, who is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimers disease but claims medication has helped his memory, told the court during his landmark magistrate-only trial he could not remember Mr Creigh and another altar boy telling him in 1976 they were abused by Fletcher.

The prosecution argued Wilson failed to give details to police about a serious indictable offence after Fletcher was arrested in 2004 and went on trial for preying on another young boy.

Fletcher was found guilty in December 2004 of nine counts of child sexual abuse. He died in jail of a stroke in January 2006.

But the defence claimed Wilson was not guilty because the case was circumstantial and there was no evidence to prove the archbishop was told about the abuse, believed it was true or remembered being told about it.

Defence barrister Stephen Odgers SC urged the magistrate to take into account that back in the 1970s a priest having sex with a boy was not considered a serious indictable offence.

He said it would have been viewed as an act of indecency, not indecent assault, if the...


Archbishop Philip Wilson guilty of concealing child sex "IndyWatch Feed National"

As the Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, the verdict makes Wilson the most senior clergy member in the world to be charged and convicted of this crime.

Article below

Nine News

Archbishop Philip Wilson guilty of concealing child sex

May 22, 2018

South Australian Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson could face time behind bars after being found guilty of concealing child sex abuse by another priest.

The states highest-ranking Catholic Church official appeared shocked as the verdict was delivered in the Newcastle Magistrates Court this morning.

Wilson, 67, was accused of covering up of the abuse of then 10-year-old altar boy Peter Creigh by convicted pedophile priest Jim Fletcher near Newcastle, in 1971.

Archbishop Wilson has been found guilty of concealing the sexual abuse of a child in 1971. Picture: AAP

Archbishop Wilson has been found guilty of concealing the sexual abuse of a child in 1971. Picture: AAP

Its alleged Mr Creigh told Wilson about the crimes in 1976, but the Archbishop, who is suffering the early stage of Alzheimers disease, says he has no memory of the conversation.

During his trial, Wilson was accused of being a consummate Catholic politician and a man who was part of an entrenched toxic culture of covering things up.

Prosecutors also accused him of lying, under oath, in court.

The way the accused answered questions, your honour would have serious doubts as...


Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse "IndyWatch Feed National"

ABC News Australia

Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse

22 May 2018

The most senior Catholic to be charged with concealing child sexual abuse Adelaides Archbishop Philip Wilson has been found guilty by a New South Wales court.

Key points:

  • Wilson concealed child sexual abuse by a fellow priest in the 1970s
  • He was assistant parish priest in East Maitland, NSW, at the time
  • He could face up to two years in jail

The 67-year-old was accused of covering up abuse by priest Jim Fletcher in the NSW Hunter region in the 1970s.

The prosecution has requested a custodial sentence for Wilson, for reasons of deterrence and denunciation.

Wilson remains on bail on the condition that he attends his sentencing hearing, which will be held on June 19.

The harshest sentence Magistrate Robert Stone is able to give is two years in prison, and he has the option of suspending the sentence.

Witness was truthful and reliable

Wilsons legal team made four attempts to have the case thrown out, arguing...


Renew Fest inspires reflection "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Renew Fest 2018 created a space to drop into the depths of our challenging times. Photo Jeff Dawson

Over 100 presenters and a thousand or so curious minds gathered at the Mullumbimby Showgrounds over the weekend for Renew Fest.

With a sonic installations in the large fig trees ringing in a minute of reflection on the hour, every hour, Renew Fest created a space to drop into the depths of our challenging times.

The holistic program included everything from community-owned renewable energy to breaking the stigma around mental health.

Another first for the festival and the area was the adoption of the cultural awareness protocol, which aims to ensure elders and indigenous cultures are not exploited for monetary gains.

Renew Fest director Ella Goninan said, I particularly want to thank everyone for embracing our zero-waste agenda, and dropping deep with us into the minutes of reflection. It felt like a potent mix of dreaming into and making real the future that is calling to us.

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Byron council has 180 holiday-lets in its sights "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Manager of Santos Organics and Greens councillor Michael Lyon. Photo Jeff Dawson

Byron Shire Council is currently monitoring 180 holiday-let premises in the shire and has already issued notices to two of them advising them to cease, according to Cr Michael Lyon (Greens).

Council staff have been working hard to progress two cases and have now issued notices of proposed orders, with development control orders to soon follow to require the ceasing of the activity, Cr Lyon said.

Separate to this, prosecutions under a different arm of the EPA act are being pursued for past breaches and the hearings are expected to be held shortly, he added.

In a 2014 case involving an unauthorised holiday-let property in Gosford, the court ruled its use was prohibited and constituted development without consent in breach of s 76B of the EPA Act.

In Byron Shire, Cr Lyon says there are currently over 180 properties that we are actively looking into which are suspected of unauthorised STHL.

Residents who are concerned about unauthorised short-term holiday letting (STHL) can visit the Council web page on STHL and report it, and staff will follow up.

Estate agents, platforms may be liable

Cr Lyon says letters have also been issued to real estate agents in the area, after Council received legal advice suggesting that agents may also be liable for the use of the property if they facilitated a breach of the EPA act.

What is also potentially exciting, is that the reasoning in the case the advice, also suggests that we can target the online platforms too if they facilitate breaches of the EPA act, he added.

Cr Lyon added that in Byron, it is essential that entire homes where there is not normally a permanent resident must be returned to the pool of long-term lets.

This pool has become more of a puddle in Byron, he added.

Ripping community apart

Only last week, a family I know that needed to move, with two full-time working parents, has had to relocate out of the Suffolk Park area due to the lack of availability and affordability of suitable housing.

He said that a call by the minister for more research across...


The lies of the British empire; A 'fairy tale' wedding "IndyWatch Feed National"

How can you trust the British 'authorities' when they are crowned the centre of global corruption?

See link:

How can you trust the British 'authorities' when they have been lying to the plebs about the integration into the European Union?

See link:

So did they tell you the truth with such a simple event as a wedding?


Maules Creek CCC Meeting 16.5.2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Notes: Maules creek Coal Mine 16 May 2018 CCC Meeting held at the Boggabri Golf Club, Gunnedah Road, Boggabri NSW 2382

Attendees: Darren Swain (DS) WHC, Cr Robert Kneale (RK) Narrabri Council, Peter Wilkinson (PWi) WHC, Scott Mitchell (SM) WHC, Carolyn Nancarrow (CN) Community, Cath Collyer (CC) Community, Libby Laird (LL) Community, Anna Christie (AC) Environmental Representative (alternate) Kristen Golly WHC, Lindsay Fulloon, Megan Proust- EPA, Rebecca Scriviner- EPA.

Apologies: Steve Eather (SE), Jack Warnock (JW) Community, Simmone Moodie (SM) Community Aboriginal Representative, Kerrie Clarke (KC) Environmental Representative.


Independent Chair: David Ross (DR)

D.S: Excellent safety record.

Community: (Incredulous.) Does this exclude all the accidents in April?

DS: Yes.

Discussion of injured person. Flown to hospital. One has shoulder injury. Not well.

The other has slight injury. Bruising.

AC: what about the digger that fell in the pit?

PW: No digger fell in the pit.

AC: OK . Well, workers live in the community. Unless you turn into a spy agency, people will talk about work. So not something to report. What are the triggers for disclosing?

PW: not saying. Read it in the Act. Just say that this accident was reportable.

Employment /approvals/ consultation requirements.. see pdf Maules Creek Coal Mine CCC Meting. May 2018. Author: WHC.

(90 local employees. 41 new trainees)

LL: Automated trucks?

PW: None at the moment. Consideration. New trucks start. Automated operation not in. July 2018 maybe.

Working with equipment manufacturer.

Gunnedah and Narrabri Council- were looking at it as a project. Technology is developing rapidly. Automated trucks are something for the future.

AC: The Independent Biodiversity Auditor didnt spend much time here. In fact only one day to do all the offsets. And they ar...


Brad bodyboards his way to Bali "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Murwillumbah High student Brad Harringtons bodyboarding skills are taking him all the way to Bali.

Murwillumbah High School student Brad Harrington recently won the 2018 R/U Open Mens Queensland State Bodyboard Championships.

As a three-time WA Under 18 State Champion he competes at the national titles every year and has also landed a number of sponsorship deals.

He is about to travel to Bali to make some promotional video footage for his sponsors.

In Bali, Brad will be going on a number of surfing trips with World Champion Ryan Hardy and professional coach Aiden Salmon, who co-own Bali Bodyboarding School.

Brads ultimate goal is to compete on the world tour. He is one step closer to his dream as he is due to compete at Kiama in July at the world tour qualifying trials.

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Deficit discourse and Indigenous health "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Deficit discourse and Indigenous health explores 'deficit discourse' in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy. 'Discourse', in this context, encompasses thought represented in written and spoken communication and/or expressed through practices.

The term draws attention to the circulation of ideas, the processes by which these ideas shape conceptual and material realities, and the power inequalities that contribute to and result from these processes. 'Deficit discourse' refers to discourse that represents people or groups in terms of deficiency absence, lack or failure.

It particularly denotes discourse that narrowly situates responsibility for problems with the affected individuals or communities, overlooking the larger socio-economic structures in which they are embedded. Understanding how deficit discourses are produced and reproduced is essential to challenging them. Thus, this report examines various aspects of deficit discourse in policy, but in particular considers deficit metrics: the ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are homogenised and statistically compared to non-Indigenous Australians.


Deficit discourse and strengths-based approaches: Changing the narrative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Deficit discourse and strengths-based approaches: Changing the narrative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing explores strengths-based approaches to shifting the deficit narrative in the Australian aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health sector. Studies, including a companion report to this one entitled Deficit Discourse and Indigenous Health: How Narrative Framings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People are Reproduced in Policy, have identified a prevalent 'deficit discourse' across Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy and practice.

There is evidence that deficit discourse has an impact on health itself that it is a barrier to improving health outcomes. Accordingly, there are growing calls for alternative ways to think about and discuss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing. This report builds on Deficit Discourse and Indigenous Health by reviewing and analysing a growing body of work from Australia and overseas that proposes ways to displace deficit discourse in health, or that provides examples of attempts to do so. The most widely accepted approaches to achieving this come under the umbrella term 'strengths-based', which seek to move away from the traditional problem-based paradigm and offer a different language and set of solutions to overcoming an issue.


Fake news instead of real criticism "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Denis Churilov, Australia There are so many real things Trump should be criticised for, yet the mainstream media keeps making up stuff, producing fake stories and misreporting news about him. What for? Isnt there already enough real material for the media to destroy him without repeatedly making fools out of themselves? The most recent case was last week, when major American news outlets (including ABC News, CBS News, CNN, NBC News, as well as the Washington Post) reported that Trump called illegal immigrants animals, when in reality he was specifically referring to the members of MS-13, a criminal gang whose associates have been accused of beheading their victims. Dont they understand that, by fixating on minor things, taking remarks out of context, misreporting and blatantly making up stories, they only de-legitimise the anti-Trump movement? Why do they have to lie? ***   Attempting to answer my own question, I would say that it has to do with the artificially limited spectrum of acceptable opinion described by Noam Chomsky in his 1998 book titled A


Suicidal teens suffer poor sleep, bullying "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Family trauma, bullying, poor sleep and living in a single-parent home have been identified as common risk factors for suicidal behaviour among Australian adolescents.

Researchers at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute reviewed all admissions to the mental health unit at Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne between October 2013 and September 2014.

In total, there were 271 adolescents admitted during the period, with 212 (78 per cent) due to suicidal behaviours.

Further analysis of clinical reports and past medical history found overwhelmingly the kids who were admitted to hospital for suicidal behaviour came from traumatic backgrounds.Three-in-five had been bullied, more than half reported significant family trauma, such as as witnessing a parent have a drug overdose or being incarcerated, said lead researcher Dr Rohan Borschmann.

Read more at:


New Leadership in Suicide Prevention "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Nieves Murray is the new CEO of Suicide Prevention Australia, and boasts extensive leadership experience across multiple sectors. She is this weeks Changemaker.

On 14 May, Murray was announced as the new CEO of Suicide Prevention Australia, a peak body for the suicide prevention sector. Murray, who is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and fellow of the Australian Institute of Managers and Leaders, was named one of Australias 100 Most Influential Women by the Australian Financial Review in 2013.

In this weeks Changemaker, Murray discusses the leadership approach she intends to take at SPA, explains her immediate priorities as CEO and reveals her new passion for playing the harp.

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How primary health care staff working in rural and remote areas access skill development and expertise to support health promotion practice "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Health promotion is a key component of comprehensive primary health care. Health promotion approaches complement healthcare management by enabling individuals to increase control over their health. Many primary healthcare staff have a role to play in health promotion practice, but their ability to integrate health promotion into practice is influenced by their previous training and experience.

For primary healthcare staff working in rural and remote locations, access to professional development can be limited by what is locally available and prohibitive in terms of cost for travel and accommodation. This study provides insight into how staff at a large north Queensland Aboriginal community controlled health service access skill development and health promotion expertise to support their work.

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Fix NBN, youth unemployment: Pages ALP candidate "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

ALP candidate for the federal seat of Page, Patrick Deegan. Photo supplied

Successful Labor candidate for the seat of Page, Casino resident Patrick Deegan, may not have had the high profile of fellow contender Isaac Smith but what he does have in spades is a passion for helping the disadvantaged.

Mr Deegan manages a regional service supporting families that are impacted by domestic violence, homelessness, mental health issues and financial stress.

He told Echonetdaily that his current role has given him a good understanding of communities adding his first focus is to get out there and talk to voters and really hearing from them about what they think the issues are.

Disappointed in Hogan

But its clear that Kevin Hogan has left a lot of people disappointed, that thats certainly what Im hearing from people already.

In voting against the banking royal commission, in supporting cuts to penalty rates that really hurt hard-working people in the Page electorate. Hes also taken funding from schools, hospitals, universities and TAFES in particular, he said.

Labors already put a plan in place for 100,000 free TAFE places and that will have a big impact on the young people and people re-entering the workforce in our electorate, he added.

Mr Deegan said that his existing role, that sees him range between Lismore, Tweed and Grafton stands him in good stead when it comes to traversing what has become a very large electorate.

Its very diverse, its a large area and has a lot of different communities although its smaller than the area I work in and much of it overlaps that area so Ive got a good understanding and I travel around the electorate regularly already.

Youth training and employment

Asked what areas in particular he felt needed addressing urgently, Mr Deegan pointed out the needs of youth and the NBN as being two that stood out.

I think its really important that young people are focussed on, that theyve got hope for opportunity within the electorate: post school options with a variety of vocational pathways and access to jobs.

Certainly building the NBN properly is one way of opening up those oppourtunities for young people in the electorate.



Rise of Airbnb "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Short stays

Australia is becoming more and more...and more popular with tourists and short-term visitors to see family and friends. 

The trend is predominantly being driven by Chinese and Asian tourism.

The same trend is also been pushed along by the lower dollar since the peak of the mining boom.

In New South Wales annual short-term visitors are fast closing in on 3.5 million. 

This potentially has some significant implications for the dynamics of the housing market.

Hotels are typically very expensive in cities such as Sydney - certainly in the areas close to the city.

It wouldn't be a surprise to see more landlords turning to Airbnb to maximise rental income, in turn absorbing some of the rental supply through this cycle.

Sydney's estimated resident population is also now growing at faster than 100,000 per annum for the first time.

There are now more than 5.1 million residents in the harbour city. 

The long term fundamentals of Sydney land and dwelling prices are arguably stronger than ever before, at least in the landlocked and more desirable parts of the city. 



Reef money for foundation with mining industry links "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Adam Carlton

We always knew that there is a connection between the promotion of climate denial and it is always useful to be armed with evidence, showing that these are peddlers of lies for short-term greed.

It is well known that specialist public relations firms that were once engaged to build public opinion around the belief that there is no proof that smoking is bad for you. They also worked for oil. now they have turned their talents, to saying there is no proof that the worlds climate is rising.

Any connection between interests standing to gain from polluting the Great Barrier Reef and and the need to protect it, should concern everyone.

Of the recent$500 million provided in the recent budget for the reef, $144 million of it will be going  to a partnership between the government and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. The trouble with this, is that the foundations , major patron was by Peabody Energy, which had been heavily involved in funding the climate change denial campaign. This corporation went into receivership and no longer exists. But there are others, including Mitsubishi, Rio Tinto, BHP, Origin Energy, AGL and ConocoPhillips Australia. This is enough to suggest that the Great Barrier Reef fondation is compromised. This sort of patronage does not exist without reason.

We know that the Turnbull government is under immense pressure, to look like its doing something to protect the Reef. This certainly fits the bill, with the added benefit of providing a cover for what it really wants to do.

Perhaps there are those within or associated with the foundation, who genuinely want positive action. But this does not get away from the fact that it is compromised by its ties.

The funding is said to be marked for improving water quality, tackling the crown-of-thorns starfish, and expanding reef restoration, and to develop coral that is more resistant to high temperatures and light stress.

There is concern that there will be a new emphasis on promoting solutions through management, without having to do anything about the threat of global arming.

Behind all the fanfare about a newly discovered concern for the future of the worlds biggest reef system, nothing has been done to stop exploration for mineral and gas resources. The danger is that the companies patronising the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, stand first in line to benefit from any discoveries....


Ron Owen's thoughts For The Week. Australian citizen's rights & freedoms. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Does anyone else besides me, see the insanity of voting for a government, that takes our money, (Taxes are theft) to buy guns and give them to men, who will come and take our guns from us? So they can extort even more money and property from us?

The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property. John Locke
So why do we put up with this system?
We do not have a 2nd Amendment, but we do have A Bill of Rights and our Monarch is Bound by Oath to uphold it.


New Report Calculates Money Lost to Crypto Scams in Australia Last Year "IndyWatch Feed National"

According to a report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australians lost over $2.1 mln in crypto scams last year


NZ wont pay for homeless in Aust: Ardern "IndyWatch Feed National"

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo EPA/Felipe Trueba

WELLINGTON, AAP New Zealand will keep pushing for benefits for homeless Kiwi youths living in Australia but it wont pick up the bill, Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, says.

More than three dozen Australian organisations have written to Ms Ardern calling for her to push a Trans-Tasman solution to the plight of New Zealand teens left on the streets because they are unable to claim benefits in Australia.

They say family violence and breakdowns often lead to homelessness and leave 15-to-18-year-olds vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, with reports some are turning to prostitution.

Under the current law, Kiwis that came across after February 2001 arent eligible for the benefits given to homeless Australian youths.

Ms Ardern on Tuesday said while the stories she had heard were stark the issue had been consistently raised with the Australian government.

We have continued to maintain the rights of Australians in New Zealand. We continue to seek from Australia that they do the same, she told Radio NZ.

All we are seeking is equity in the relationship that we used to have and thats a point well keep making.

If given out at the same rate as to Australians, the benefit would help about 160 New Zealanders at a cost of about $2 million.

Ms Ardern said while the New Zealand government would be happy to provide support to the youths back home, it wouldnt be paying Australia to extend the benefit to them.

Theres no country in the world that funds another government to make welfare payments, she said.

Melbourne community lawyer Shorna Moore said many of the teens had only ever known a life in Australia and that the consequences of homelessness especially for young women were horrendous.

These kids are falling through the cracks and the governments of New Zealand and Australia must step in, she said.

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Seeker.Keeper.Lover Natalie Grono Photography Exhibition 26 May 24 June "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

An exhibition documenting the unique and diverse events, movements, rituals and rites of passage that allow members of the Northern Rivers community to unite and find corresponding purpose, symbolism and meaning.

Lismore Regional Gallery Gallery 5

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Govt says it wont split tax-cut plan "IndyWatch Feed National"

CANBERRA, AAP Labor has left the door open to supporting the second stage of the Turnbull governments income tax plan, but the coalition still wont be splitting its package.

The opposition already supports the first part of the income tax cut plan, which starts with a reduction of up to $530 a year under a low and middle-income tax offset.

It remains coy on changes to certain tax brackets at various stages, awaiting further details.

Labor finance spokesman Jim Chalmers says the party is still discussing the second phase.

Were going to have a conversation about it internally. Weve said were not wild about stage three; we said were keen on 1 July; were still having a conversation about stage two, he told Sky News.

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen insists Labor wants more details.

We support the 2018 tax cuts, we have grave reservations about the 2024 tax cuts, we want more information about the 2022 tax cuts, he told reporters in Canberra.

The treasurer wants the parliament to vote on these tax cuts but he wont release the year on year costing.

But Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has reaffirmed the government will not be splitting the package.

We are focused on securing the passage of the whole plan, he said.

Labor will have to decide whether they will stand in the way of income tax relief.

The plan is due to be debated in parliament on Tuesday.

The government has the numbers in the lower house to pass the draft laws this sitting fortnight.

Hanson backflips

But the real negotiations will come to a head when the Senate sits in late June just days out from when the first round of cuts are due to start.

And Pauline Hanson, whose One Nation party holds three key Senate seats, now says shes not convinced the cuts will deliver the governments promised jobs growth, The Australian reported on Tuesday.

But cabinet minister Peter Dutton denies this means One Nation has killed off the package, saying negotiations are continuing.

She is a wiley operator, Pauline. She will put out there she is supporting it, she is not supporting it, she is not supporting it, he told Nine Network.

She understands the benefit of tax cuts in an economy like ours.

Senator Hanson says the cuts havent been well received in the community and is critical of their slow phase-in.

This government is talking about it six or eight years down the track. Well, thats not good enough, she told The Australian.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann defended this, saying t...


Could new images shed light on fatal Ballina attack? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Have you seen this man? Police would like to speak to him in relation to a fatal incident in Ballina last week. Photo NSW Police

Police have released CCTV images of a man they would like to speak to and a car that was seen in the vicinity of where a man died after an attack in Ballina last week.

About 2am on Sunday May 13, emergency services were called to River Street, Ballina, after a member of the public found a man unconscious on the footpath.

Aaron Marks, 38, from Iluka, was treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics, before being airlifted to the Gold Coast University Hospital, where he died from serious head injuries three days later

Officers have released CCTV images of a grey/silver Nissan Skyline and a man both on River Street, Ballina, in the early hours of Sunday 13 May 2018 which may assist in their investigation.

Strike Force Bulgundara is investigating the incident and detectives are urging anyone with information on the man or the car or anyone who was in the area at the time to come forward.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

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May 22 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1823 - William Poole was hanged at Sydney for returning from Port Macquarie in defiance of his commuted sentence. Originally sentenced to death for leading a party of convicts in escape into the hinterland, in the hope they could walk to Timor.

1824 - At the Newcastle Police Court  - William Moore, overseer of the mines. Charged with stolen property in his possession.
The Chief Constable stated - I received an information on Sunday that some of the property lately stolen from Mr. Henry Dangar was in the possession of Moore. I accordingly searched him and found the pair of worsted stockings now produced. I also searched his house but did not find anything that looked suspicious except a pair of duck trousers made in Kings canvas which I also brought away. Mr. Henry Dangar states.....I was robbed some time since of various articles of wearing apparel amongst which were some stockings. Those produced are of the same pattern with some I have by me. I have not any doubt but that they belong to me....The prisoner in his defence stated....I bought the stockings from James Usher for three shillings. I also got the trousers from John Thomas the sail maker. They are both free men and have lately been sent to Sydney....William Moore sentenced to sleep in barracks till further orders and to have his government man taken from him

1831 - Perhaps in response to earlier grievances, a group of Aborigines mounted an attack on the Johnsons' hut at Dairy Plains near Deloraine on this day while the mother (Aboriginal matriarch Dolly Dalrymple) was alone with her children. Armed with a musket, she held off the attack for six hours until help arrived. As a reward, the government granted her twenty acres (8 ha) of land at nearby Perth, where her husband Thomas Johnson erected a dwelling.

1833 - Midgegooroo was executed at the Perth Gaol by firing squad on a death warrant issued summarily by Lieutenant Governor Frederick Irwin, for the murders of Thomas and John Velvick at Bull's Creek.

1840 - An Order-in-Council was issued, removing New South Wales from the list of places to which convicts could be sent.
In lay persons words transportation of convicts was halted, ceased, desisted.

1851 - Those who would squeeze blood from a stone declared from the rooftops of NSW that any and all gold on both public and private property was ultimately owned by The Crown and should anyone have the urge to dig and delve they would be lightened of 30 shillings each month for the privilege.

1852 - James Barlow was hanged at Melbourne Gaol for murder by stabbing William Jones at a boarding house in Flinders Street, Melbourne.

1855 - Captain Sir Charles Hotham became the first Governor of Victoria under
( ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, oh stop it, my sides are aching) Responsible Government.



Byron Youth Theatre treating themselves "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The cast of Byron Youth Theatres new production Treat Yourself. Photo supplied

The cast of BYTs latest production Treat Yourself are all dressed up and have plenty of places to go.

Their fun, action-packed production will be seen by Year 8 students at Shearwater Steiner school and Year 7 students at Mullumbimby High this week.

Hot off their success at The Planting Festival, the cast have been putting in extra rehearsal hours to get ready for this tour.

Weve had so much fun with this production, its high energy with lots of great messages about health and wellbeing says Millie Harman, who joined BYT this year.

I love this company we get to create original plays through a really interesting process and team up with other local groups, businesses and organisations.

After a short break the dynamic company will be devising a new production on issues of racism and prejudice as well as bringing back their powerful productions Mind Made Me (on mental health issues) and So What about Sex for conferences in NSW and QLD.

Funded my Santos Organics and donations through the Australian Cultural Fund by some very kind community members, BYT have collaborated with Damon Gameau of That Sugar Film, Lisa Parkes of Ninja Play Academy Byron Bay and Leah Laureau of Byron Yoga Organic Retreat.


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FLASHBACK: Was the entire Russiagate-Trump 'investigation' a Clinton operation? "IndyWatch Feed National"

You might not know the name of Alexander Downer, but you should. The former Australian Foreign Minister and current Australian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Downer is the person who actually started the ball rolling in creating the anti-Trump dossier. And, it turns out, he's a Clintonite. Downer sat down for a pint or two in a London pub with former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos back in 2016. Papadopoulos claimed to Downer that the Russians had some nasty information on Hillary Clinton. Downer subsequently told the FBI. And the FBI then began investigating not Clinton, but possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Russians. When it became known that a foreign diplomat had informed the FBI, it was treated as if it was a simple act of diplomatic chivalry by an ally tipping us off to dirty tricks by the Russians. It turns out it's a bit more complicated than that. In fact, as The Hill has reported, Downer is a Clintonista, and signed over $25 million in Australian government funds to the Clinton Foundation to fight AIDs in Southeast Asia. It was one of the biggest gifts ever to the foundation.


Astronomers discover fastest growing monster black hole the size of 20 billion suns "IndyWatch Feed National"

Astronomers using cutting-edge skywatching devices have identified an extremely fast-growing black hole, cataloging it as a 'monster' that eats the mass equivalent of our sun every two days. Astronomers with the Australian National University (ANU) have discovered the fastest-growing black hole in the known universe, a super-massive celestial object some 12 billion light years distant, thought to be at least the size of 20 billion of our suns. Research suggests that the object is so large and has so much gravity that it pulls into itself the mass equivalent of one of our suns every two days, radiating matter-transforming energies back into space on a galactic scale.


News Corporations war on Facebook is over control of social media "IndyWatch Feed National"


Contributed by Joe Montero

An article that recently appeared in The Age (13 May 2018) and written by John McDuling, argued that a big reason why Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are in trouble, is the campaign has that been carried out by Rupert Murdochs News Corporation for ten years.

This does not absolve Zuckerberg and his company from the wrongs over Cambridge Analytica and other misdeeds. But it does add some context.

As John McDuling says, News Corporation charges that Facebook, and other social media platforms are damaging journalism. There is truth to this, although many would argue, News Corporation is much worse in this respect.

Both carry with them the habit to be somewhat less than truthful and to manipulate information for what many consider less than honourable ends.  News is business to make money out of, and a means to achieve corporate political aims and traditional media and the Internet can both be used for these purposes.

Social media has another side as well. It provides a voice for those who are powerless and not rich enough to have open access to television, newspapers and radio. This is something that cant be said for News Corporation.

The worlds most powerful media company is feeling the heat of the digital revolution. Its traditional media is shrinking, and it seeks to move into the digital age. The problem is that Facebook and the other digital giants are in the way.

We saw how the tension in the National Broadband Network was handled in Australia. News Corporations  mouthpieces waged a campaign against it,which persuaded the Turnbull government to come up with a mess.

It was a delaying tactic. The new network posed a threat to Foxtel (owned jointly by News Corporation and Telstra), and News Corporation was not yet in the position to take it over. The tactic used in Australia fits into the global strategy.

The guns are out against Facebook, because News Corporation sees interactive media as a potential source of profit, and this can only be maximised by moving in as the dominant player.

It doesnt stop here. Zuckerberg and the other computer tech companies represent upstarts in the world of global capitalism. They are not part of the old guard, centred on the banking and financial giants, which dominate most industries. This financial oligarchy is the perfect portrayal of the world of suits in hidden boardrooms and dominant hidden shareholders....


Grenfell flammable cladding in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video says about itself:

Combustible | Trailer | Available Now

26 September 2017

Following the catastrophic Grenfell Tower fire in London, this incisive report reveals how Australian high-rises have been built with the same flammable cladding that caused the Grenfell disaster.

By Paul Bartizan in Australia:

Australia apartment owners to join legal action over flammable cladding

21 May 2018

Australian law firm Adley Burstyner and Roscon Property Services last month announced a class action law suit against major construction companies. The case is on behalf of approximately 250,000 owners and residents from about 1,400 apartments clad with flammable polyethylene core aluminium composite panels in the state of Victoria.

The $4.2 billion case, the law firm says, is the first stage in a national campaign to compensate owners for replacing the dangerous cladding and installing sprinkler systems, plus declines in their property values. The law suit is expected to target LU Simon Builders, Hickory Building, Hamilton Marino and Probuild. Slater and Gordon, another legal firm, later said it is considering a similar action.

The announcement came six months after 29 people were killed in a...


The secret meeting between FBI and Alexander Downer "IndyWatch Feed National"

One hundred days before the US election, two FBI agents went on a secret mission. And it could badly damage Australia's relationship with Donald Trump. Alexander Downer sat down for an interview with two FBI agents in London in 2016 to discuss potential Russian meddling in the US presidential election, a sensational report alleges. The revelation the Australian government broke with diplomatic protocol and allowed Mr Downer, then Australia's high commissioner to the United Kingdom, to be interviewed by the FBI could damage Australia's recently repaired relationship with US President Donald Trump. The New York Times first revealed late last year it was at a boozy night in May 2016, at London's Kensington Wine Rooms, that Mr Trump's then foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos told Mr Downer Russia had dirt on Mr Trump's political rival Hillary Clinton.


Noble Caledonia Limited changes the 'spin' around its "Australian Coastal Odyssey" cruise and the Port 0f Yamba-Clarence River visit "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

It seems that Noble Caledonia Limited has decided to downgrade its description of the delights of Iluka and is trying to hide from locals the short amount of time MV Caledonian Sky passengers will be spending on land during the ship's brief stop over.

Spot the difference.

This was a snaphot of Day 16 of the cruise itineray taken on 20 November 2017....

This is a a snaphot of Day 16 of the cruise itineray taken on 20 May 2018....


Australians Lost Over $2 Million to Crypto Scams Last Year "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian consumers lost more than $ Million to cryptocratic frauds in 2017, the nations Competition and Consumer Commission says. The Commission declared the findings Monday in an annual report, also observing that the increase in crypto related scams corresponded with a rise in coin prices until 2017. Of the more than $2 million lost in 2017, scams cost consumers about $100, 000 per month between January and Sept, the report stated. Nevertheless, In December when bitcoins cost gone through the roof to almost $20, 000 consumers reported losses exceeding $700, 000, the Commission explained. The report indicated that fake ICOs, crypto related pyramid schemes and ransomware obligations were common means of swindling customers.

The Commission stated it expects crypto related fraud to continue, noting, as with some other scams, this is likely the very first tip of the iceberg. The report highlights one example of an epidemic of scams that spans the globe. As previously reported by CoinDesk, only seven prominent scams, hacks and attacks in 2017 resulted in the reduction of around $490 million of consumer capital. Likewise the Wall Street Journal lately reported the 1, 450 ICOs it reviewed, 271 had red flags which include plagiarized investor documents, guarantees of guaranteed returns and fake or missing executive teams. With that being said, the report noted, the Australians generally lost over $340 million in scams overall, with $64 million being lost to investment scams especially last year. Business miniatures picture via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain information, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the greatest journalistic standards and complies with a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

annual report
Business miniatures
strict set of editorial policies


Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, NEO and Ripple "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prices are turning for the better for Bitcoin and altcoin owners. After a period of incessant bear pressure in last week, we are seeing greens as coins appreciate. In my view, Bitcoin and Ethereum hold the key for better altcoin []

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Privatised poisoned water in the USA "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from the USA says about itself:

From Pittsburgh to Flint, the Dire Consequences of Privatizing Ailing Public Water Systems

21 May 2018

The lead crises in Flint and Pittsburgh have many unfortunate parallels. Residents of both cities unknowingly drank water with high levels of the potent neurotoxin, which has long-term health consequences. The rise in lead levels was preceded in both cases by a miscalculation related to chemicals used to control corrosion in water pipes. Officials in both cities have faced criticism for their inaction and failure to alert the public. And in both places, lead levels remain dangerously high.

The two lead crises have another important thing in common: a private water company named Veolia.

  • ...


Australians Lost Over $2 Million to Crypto Scams Last Year "IndyWatch Feed National"

A report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission indicates that Australians lost millions of dollars to crypto-related scams in 2017.


Climate Science Deniers From Around Globe Rally Around Sacked Scientist Peter Ridd "IndyWatch Feed National"

Climate science denial groups from the UK, U.S., and Australia have leapt to support a controversial marine scientist who was fired from his job at an Australian university. Dr. Peter Ridd, formerly a professor at James Cook University (JCU), was sacked for repeated breaches of his employment's code of conduct, according to a statement from the university. Ridd claims that the Great Barrier Reef is in great shape and dismisses evidence that human activities including dredging [...]


Uniting Airbnb, Uber and WeWork Under One Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed National"

Blockchain technology startup ShareRing aims to disrupt the sharing economy by developing a single mobile application to consolidate sharing services worldwide. The sharing economy is currently valued at over $100 billion and is predicted to grow to $335 billion or more by 2025, according to a report by Brookings.

I realized just how much waste we produce as a massive consumerist society, said Tim Bos, co-founder and CEO of ShareRing. [I] thought to myself, we can do better than this as a united global front if only we tapped into the real potential of the renting, borrowing and sharing community.

From buying and selling jewelry to storage space to cooking lessons, ShareRing intends to be the first company to provide a simple and secure way to pay for any sharing service, regardless of geographic location.

The Sharing Economy by Numbers

In recent years, major industries such as transportation, delivery, and real estate have undergone a dramatic paradigm shift due to the influence of tech companies in the sharing economy such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb. These companies gave the public affordable and easy-to-use alternatives to existing solutions.

According to a report by PwC on the sharing economy, 19% of adults in the United States have participated in at least one sharing-oriented transaction. Of this demographic, 83% believe that the sharing economy makes life more convenient and 86% feel that it reduces their cost of living.

The financial statistics of leading sharing economy companies are nothing short of impressive. Airbnb, for example, averages approximately 425,000 guests per night, boasting a market capitalization of $31 billion. Uber and Lyft are valued at $68 billion and $7.5 billion, respectively. For context, the combined value of these three companies outweighs the GDP of Morocco.....


AUSTRALIA 2018: Turnbull Government continues to hammer the vulnerable "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Remember when reading this that the Turnbull Government is still intending to proceed with its planned further corporate tax cuts reportedly worth an est. $65 billion. Compare this policy with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding in Budget 2018-19 which is $43 billion over four years and no dedicated NDIS funding stream established as had been previously promised.

Australian Federation of Disability Organisations & Summer Foundation, media release, 14 May 2018:


The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) presented its latest policy position for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in a statement to the provider and investor market on 24 April.

People with disabilities and developers of innovative housing for people with disabilities are pleased the NDIA has reiterated the governments commitment to SDA in its SDA Provider and Investor Brief. The NDIA has confirmed that the SDA funding model is here to stay.

Monday, 21 May


Stopping Robert Mueller to protect us all The FBI and the Justice Department broke their own rules "IndyWatch Feed National"

The deep state is in a deep state of desperation. With little time left before the Justice Department inspector generals report becomes public, and with special counsel Robert Mueller having failed to bring down Donald Trump after a year of trying, they know a reckoning is coming.

This is about cleaning out and reforming the deep state

 Mueller grilled pharma giant that paid $400K to Trump lawyer


Controversial Kangaroo Cull Underway in Canberra "IndyWatch Feed National"

Animal rights and environmental groups question ethics, efficacy of annual event in Australia's capital


Killing Gaza: A Film on Life Under Siege "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hours before Australia joined the US as the only countries in the UN Human Rights Council to vote against an investigation into Israels killing of over 60 protesters in one day in Gazas no-go zone, I joined Sky News Australia to discuss the massacre and my and Dan Cohens new documentary on life under siege, Killing Gaza.

Watch | Max Blumenthal talks Gaza on Sky News Australia

You can watch the trailer below and purchase the complete film here.

In the Electronic Intifada, I profiled a few of the survivors of war who appear in Killing Gaza:

In the town of Khuzaa, in southeastern Gaza, we met Hani al-Najjar, who returned to his home after the Israeli military pulled back, only to find six corpses in his bathroom, all charred, bound and gagged, and blown to bits by an Israeli grenade.

Outside the city of Rafah, in southern Gaza, we met 19-year-old Mahmoud Abu Said, who had been taken as a human shield by Israeli soldiers and held in front of a window in his own home while those soldiers sniped at his neighbors from over his shoulders.

And in Gaza City, we encountered residents of Zafir 4 and the Italian Compound, residential towers that had been blasted to pieces by Israeli jets in the final days of the war for no other purpose than to teach Gazas educated middle class a lesson.

Standing by the rubble of what was once his home outside Rafah, and next to a destroyed taxi that used to belong to his son who was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper, Suleiman al-Zugheibi delivered a testimony of trauma and defiance that was all too common among those we met.

Weve suffered for the past 60 years because of Israel, al-Zugheibi told us. War after war after war. Bombing after bombing after bombing. You build a house, they destroy it. You raise a child, they kill him, he said. Whatever they do the United States, Israel, the whole world, well keep r...


Margaret River shootings: Australian grandfather taking antidepressant medication before murders "IndyWatch Feed National"

Early last Friday morning, grandfather Peter Miles shot dead his wife Cynda, 58, the couples daughter Katrina, 35, and grandchildren Taye, 13, Rylan, 12, Arye, 10, and Kayden, 8, at their farm in Osmington, east of Margaret River. It is believed that Miles had started taking antidepressant medication just weeks before, something that close friends believe []

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For Ecuador, Currying Favor with Washington is as Simple as Sacrificing Julian Assange "IndyWatch Feed National"

LONDON For all practical purposes, whistleblower and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is now a prisoner in asylum at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, facing the torture of near-total isolation from the outside world and hanging by the thread of the Andean states dwindling hospitality.

On Thursday, the Australian who, strangely enough, was given Ecuadorian citizenship last December faced a new layer of precariousness atop his six-year refuge, when Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno ordered that additional security assigned to the building be withdrawn.

According to Ecuadors government, the London Embassy will now have the same level of security enjoyed by the other ambassadorial facilities the Andean nation maintains throughout the globe.

Since March, Ecuador has applied new pressure on Assange, beginning with the withdrawal of Assanges internet connection. Authorities claim this move was in response to his interference, in the form of comments on Spains repression of Catalonian independence advocates and British accusations that Russia poisoned an ex-spy.

The move also coincided with a visit by two top-level officials from U.S. Southern Command to Quito for discussions to renew U.S.-Ecuador security ties. These had largely been frozen following the 2009 shuttering of the U.S. Air Force base in the coastal city of Manta, a major hub of U.S. espionage activity in the region.

Speaking to Sputnik, veteran journalist John Pilger commented:




Insects Face Calamitous Habitat Loss "IndyWatch Feed National"

Habitat loss may soon mean half the worlds insects, and many plants and animals as well, could find themselves without their familiar home ranges.

Right now, climate scientists warn, global planetary temperatures are on course to rise 3.2C [5.76 F] above the average for most of human history. They have already risen by about 1C [1.8 F] in the last 100 years.

And if they do, then 49% of insects, 44% of plants and 26% of vertebrates could lose more than half of their ranges.

If the 195 nations that agreed in Paris in 2015 to take steps to restrict global warming to a target of 1.5C [2.7 F] keep their pledges, only 6% of insects, 8% of plants and 4% of vertebrates will experience severe reductions in their ranges. Even half a degree makes a huge difference.

Insects are particularly sensitive to climate change. At 2C [3.6 F] warming, 18% of the 31,000 insects we studied are projected to lose more than half their range. This is reduced to 6% at 1.5C. But even at 1.5C, some species lose larger proportions of their range, said Rachel Warren of the University of East Anglia, who led the study.

The current global warming trajectory, if countries meet their international pledges to reduce CO2, is around 3C [5.4 F]. In this case, almost 50% of insects would lose half their range.

These figures are projections based on a sample of animal and plant studies: the sample is however one of the largest undertaken.

Professor Warren and colleagues from Australia report in the journal Science that they studied data involving 34,000 insects and other invertebrates, 8,000 birds, 1,800 reptiles, 1,000 amphibians and 71,000 plants, and took into account the capacity of each species to move to new habitat as the world warms.

Pattern of Alarm

Such studies build on evidence assembled piecemeal, sometimes over many decades, about the impact of humanity on its fellow citizens of the planet. This evidence confirms a consistent pattern of alarm.

Researchers have established repeatedly that ecosystems already under pressure from human invasion are made more vulnerable by global warming and climate change. More precisely, German scientists have established that the s...


Tiny marsupials that practice suicidal mating declared endangered "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The antechinus is a strange little mouse-like creature that endures two to three weeks of marathon mating sessions that leave the male so exhausted that it ultimately dies. But suicidal mating is not all thats killing these animals. Habitat loss, climate change and threats from feral animals like cats, cattle and horses are driving two species of antechinus, both described only recently, to extinction. On May 11, the Australian government officially declared the silver-headed antechinus (Antechinus argentus) and the black-tailed dusky antechinus (Antechinus arktos) endangered. Both species live on remote mountaintops in Queensland, Australia. The silver-headed antechinus, first described in 2013, is known only from the forests of Kroombit Tops National Park in southeast Queensland and two other locations near the border of Queensland and New South Wales. The black-tailed dusky antechinus, described in 2014, is known from three isolated locations near the border of southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales. Both species occur only in high-altitude forests and have reached their altitudinal limits within their known distribution, the Australian governments Threatened Species Scientific Committee (TSSC) wrote in the species assessments. It is pretty rare to uncover new mammals in developed countries such as Australia, Andrew Baker of the Queensland University of Technology, whose team discovered the two species, said in a statement. These two new species were discovered on misty mountain summits. They have likely retreated there as the climate has warmed, and there is now nowhere left for them to go. Andrew Baker with a black-tailed dusky antechinus. Image courtesy of Queensland University of Technology.


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Report: Crypto Scams a Tiny Percent of Fraud in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has shown in a report that crypto related fraud makes up a tiny percent of scam activity in 2017.

Crypto Scams Make Up a Tiny Part

The watchdogs report entitled  Targeting scams: Report of the ACCC on scams activity 2017 researched over 200,000 scams submitted to them (the ACCC), the Australian Cyber-crime Online Reporting Network, and other state and government-based agencies in 2017 and found that Australians lost AU$2.1 million in crypto related scams out of the overall AU$340 scam economy, or 0.617%.

The report shows that about AU$100,000 was lost per month in crypto related scams with the exception being December 2017 when the price of Bitcoin was skyrocketing and its popularity went up with it resulting in a seven-fold increase. The ACCC wrote Scammers adapt each year and find ways to exploit popular trends, new platforms, new ways of communicating, fad products, changes to legislation, or new investment opportunities, according to ZDNet, adding further in the report that;

As the value of actual cryptocurrencies increased, so too did the scam losses in what people thought were real investments, the report continued. By the end of the year, reports of losses related to cryptocurrencies exceeded Au$2.1 million but as with other scams, this is likely the very tip of the iceberg.

The majority of scams with a crypto angle reported were initial coin offering (ICO) related and almost all were perpetrated on the confusion of how cryptocurrency works. Many of these being essentially pyramid schemes involving investors who were either friends or neighbors of the victims.

Investment and Romance Lead the Scam Economy

Overall the ACCC reported that Australians lost AU$340 million to scammers in 2017. Of those loses investment scams topped the categories at AU$64 million with dating and romance-related scams following behind at AU$ 42 million.  ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said;

Some scams are becoming very sophisticated and hard to spot. Scammers use modern technology like social media to contact and deceive their victims. In the past few years, reports indicate scammers are using aggressive techniques both over the phone and online,



Springtime in Paris remembering May 68 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven.

The famous line from that old romantic William Wordsworth evokes a degree of nostalgie for les temps perdue. And so it is with the many published recollections and reveries surrounding the fifties anniversary of les vnements de Mai 1968. Perhaps we would be better served with Charles Dickens take on an earlier French Revolution:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

As German social historian Ulrich Raullf has written: Our historical memory is a motherland of wishful thinking, sacrificed to our faith and blind to known factsThis is why historical myths are so tenacious. Its as though the truth even when its there for everyone to see, is powerless it cant lay a finger on the all powerful myth. During the closing scenes of the western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, a journalist says: This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend. And so it is with that Paris Spring.

To those of us who were young and politically progressive in those dear dead days, the protests, strikes and other forms of civil unrest of that springtime in Paris offered a mix of hope and vicarious adventure.

It was not simply a fight against something, like the Vietnam War that was raging at the time. Rather, It was a fight for something for social change, for new forms of political, economic, social and class relations. We believed change was in the air, and there was a palpable frisson (such a great French word) of excitement.

Wed all read our Communist Manifesto, that mercifully brief and breathless primer for wannabe rebels, and now, to misquote old Karl Marx (ironically, two hundred years old this mo...


Crypto Scams, Fake ICOs Cost Australians Over AU$2 Million in 2017: Consumer Watchdog "IndyWatch Feed National"

In its annual report on scams, Australias national consumer watchdog has revealed that cryptocurrency-related fraud has cost Australians over AUD $2.1 million in losses last year. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has published its annual targeting scams report on Monday, revealing accumulated total losses of some AUD $340 million to scammers from 200,000 Continued

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Cold War Mentality Alive and Well in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Writing in The Australian newspaper under the headline Red Threats to Render White Paper just about Pass (18 May 2018) ANU emeritus professor Paul Dibb offers a commentary that exemplifies much of what is wrong with Australian strategic thinking. The problem is all the more acute because Dibb is regularly quoted in the mainstream media and his views are considered influential. In this latest article he calls for a re-evaluation of the premises underlying the Foreign Policy White Paper released only six months ago.

That White Paper was certainly flawed, although not in the manner that Dibb suggests in underestimating what Dibb calls an aggrieved and newly assertive Russia, as well as an aggressive rising power in China.

The White Paper failed to grasp the realities of a newly emerging multipolar world, and in particular failed to perceive how Australia might best respond in a manner consistent with both its national security and economic interests.

That challenge is not assisted by Dibbs contribution, which is full of faulty assumptions, factual errors, and grievous misinterpretations, not only of post-World War II history, but the current inevitable realignment away from the singularly dangerous exercise of hegemonic power by the United States.

Dibb quotes United States Secretary of Defence James Mattis with evident approval, saying China and Russia wanted to shape a world consistent with their authoritarian models.  China is alleged to be seeking regional hegemony and the displacement of the United States to achieve global preeminence in the future.

The evidence Dibb cites for these assertions are Chinas buildup of its military capabilities in the South China Sea; Russias territorial expansionism in Crimea and Ukraine; Putins aggressive attitude in defending Syria and its use of chemical weapons; and Moscows State sponsored assassination attempts in Britain reflecting Putins contempt for the sanctity of State borders. He even cites the reports of Beijing seeking to develop a military base in Vanuatu.  That the Foreign Minister and Prime Minister of Vanuatu and also the Chinese government have denied the latter report is of little consequence to Professor Dibb.

There is much more in Professor Dibbs commentary in this vein, but those examples illustrate not only the fact free environment that strategic advisors such as Dibb operate in, but also are reflective of strategic thinking in the Australian defence, foreign policy and defence establishments.

In the cited example of Chinas buildup of its military capabilities in the South China Sea there are several components of this allegation that put it in a different context from the viewpoint usually advanced in the Australian media. The so-called Nine Dash Line within which China has...


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How do you solve a problem like Facebook? "IndyWatch Feed National"

How do you solve a problem like Facebook?
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?*

By now we all know the story: Facebook allowed apps on its social media platform which enabled a shady outfit called Cambridge Analytica to scrape the profiles of 87 million users, in order to serve up targeted ads to benefit the Trump election campaign in 2016.  More than 300,000 Australian users of Facebook were caught up in that particular example of data harvesting, despite only 53 Australians using the app.

Sitting here in Australia, you might be thinking: So what? I never saw a Trump ad, or if I had I would have ignored it because Im not in America. Or even if the same thing happened here, its just ads anyway, I can make up my own mind.

But thats not the whole story.  The Facebook scandal is about so much more than serving up ads in a foreign election campaign.  Facebook, and other companies involved in data mining and analytics, are invading our privacy and harming us economically and socially, in ways that are only just starting to become clear.

Its not just the data you choose to share

Up until recently, Facebook has been successful in steering most discussions about privacy towards either information security, or a focus on the controls that users have over what they post, and who they allow to see those posts.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg likes to say that users have choices, and that users stay in control of what they choose to share.

In one sense thats true: you get to choose which photos you post on Facebook, and which inspirational quotes or worthy news stories you share with your friends.

But in another sense its not true at all.  Because the information you post is not the whole story.  Its only the tip of the iceberg of data Facebook has collected about you.

Every time you go online, you leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs.  Facebook has been busily sweeping up those breadcrumbs, and using them to categorise and profile you.  Facebook obviously knows when you click on a Facebook like button; but also, unless a web developer has gone out of their way to find tools to block them, Facebook knows every time you simply look at a website that has a Facebook like button somewhere on it.

So if you only post or like stories about inspirational mountain climbers and funny cat videos, but also do things online that you dont share with your family, friends or work colleagues (like looking at stories about abortion or dealing with infidelity, googling how to manage anxiety or erectile dysfunction, whingeing about your employer in a c...


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NPWS burning Byron Bay Clay Heath to save it "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron Bay Dwarf Gramanoid Clay Heath. Photo NPWS

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) says it will begin a small fuel reduction burn in Arakwal National Park, Byron Bay, tomorrow morning (Tuesday May 22).

Its intended reduce fuel loads near residential areas and to help save the endangered Byron Bay Dwarf Graminoid Clay Heath.

NPWS Team Leader, Jenny Atkins, said that while the area being burnt is small its a complex task.

This 2.2-hectare burn might seem small but the close proximity to residential areas means there is lot of planning and forethought that goes into such an operation, Ms Atkins said.

Burns close to residential areas are very labour intensive involving many more fire fighters than would be the case in more remote areas.

We will be working very closely with colleagues from NSW Fire and Rescue to ensure the burn goes smoothly.

This is an ecological burn but we are also reducing fuel loads that will assist in limiting the intensity of any future wildfire that might enter the area during the hotter months, she said.

The ecological burns in Arakwal National Park will also work to protect the Byron Bay Dwarf Graminoid Clay Heath.

The Clay Heath is home to threatened species such the Byron Bay Donkey Orchid and the Dwarf Heath Casuarina, which are only found in this vegetation community, Ms Atkins said.

Fire is essential for the long-term survival of the Clay Heath and keeping country healthy and safe for the future.

Many of the plant species in the Clay Heath need fire to stimulate seed release, new growth and to complete their life cycle.

Byron Bay Dwarf Graminoid Clay Heath consists of low-growing (up to 50 cm tall) woody shrubs, grasses and grass-like plants with patches of taller shrubs.

It is classified as an Endangered Ecological Community protected under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 and more than 60 per cent of [it] is located within Arakwal National Park.

Our Restoration Management Plan for the Clay Heath guides our program when caring for this important part of country and so far we have undertaken weed control, track works and removal of...


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Eggs Are Good for Your Cholesterol "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Dr. Mercola

Chicken as the foundation of a delicious home-cooked meal has been an American mainstay for decades. Not centuries, you might ask? As a matter of fact, up until the 1920s, homesteaders filled chicken coops with chickens to fulfill one main purpose: to produce eggs.

Chickens weren't regarded as much beyond egg production until a new concept featuring chicken as a main course took flight in the late '40s. It was based, not surprisingly, on the food industry's initiative to find more uses for said chickens. Today we have a plethora of chicken recipes, from broth to casseroles to fried, not to mention nuggets. But what happened to eggs?

Eggs became a target based on the faulty premise of the medical establishment that eating too many yolks would drive up cholesterol and pack your carotid arteries with plaque. As recently as 2012, eggs were still being maligned and even deemed as health-damaging as smoking cigarettes, according to a Canadian journal.1 Many still believe this, and it's the misinformation that's damaging health, not egg consumption.

According to a recent study2 led by Nick Fuller at the University of Sydney, Australia, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eggs, despite conflicting evidence continuing around the world, are not responsible for heart disease or high cholesterol. In fact, theyre one of the most nutritious foods in your kitchen. When he led the first portion of the study, Fuller wrote that eggs can support several aspects of health, including eye, blood vessel and heart health, healthy pregnancies and fat regulation, noting:

"Despite being vilified for decades, dietary cholesterol is understood to be far less detrimental to health than scientists originally thought. The effect of cholesterol in our food on the level of cholesterol in our blood is actually quite small."3

Whether Two Eggs or a Dozen, Egg Intake Shows No Negative Results

The latest study notes that people with Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes ate a dozen eggs a week for a year, at which point a series of tests showed no negative results whatsoever. Study pa...


The haunting of Law & Order: SVU "IndyWatch Feed National"

But the most fantastical, fairytale aspect of the show isnt the nature or degree of heinousness of the crimes committed, or the fact that only 10% of victims are black on SVU when FBI figures tell us that number is actually 50%. Its the fact that it portrays the police as a stalwart moral force: always on the side of the vulnerable, always anguished when the legal system fails them, always compassionate and concerned.


Founder of the Weather Channel Belt the Global Warming Nonsense out of the Park "IndyWatch Feed National"

John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel and Ian Plimer, Aussie Geology Professor, belt the global warming nonsense out of the park

MAY 20, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Agenda 21, (updated to Agenda 2030), should be a household word. If you dont understand it, you wont see the threat the near future holds for Humanity. Global warming is a myth. The climate IS changing, but cyclicallywith a great deal of interference from the globalists. Theyre helping it along by injecting more chaos and trashing the planet.

With rare exceptions, everything in our world is managed and manipulated toward a single end; our complete and total domination and subjugationif not our outright complete demise. They may as well call it Genocide 2030. Yes, Humans are an endangered species, but few have the courage to accept it. If action isnt taken very soon, there will be no future for Humanity because Humans cannot survive captivity. ~ BP

reblogged from Richard, who says

Science, like almost every other field of endeavour, is harnessed to serve the agenda of those who run our world from behind the scenes. An example I have often used is how we are bombarded to believe that we are causing global warming through our burning of carbon (a complete nonsense), and that guilt is being used to help drive people out of the country into the cities, into smaller and smaller apartments, in line with Agenda 21, now the 2030 Agenda. If you still believe in global warming, I recommend you read Ian Plimers incredibly detailed and well researched book or watch one of his videos.

John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel and Ian Plimer, Aussie Geology Professor, belt the global warming nonsens...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00009 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.10 AUD


FixedIt: Mass murder is a choice "IndyWatch Feed National" is only one of many outlets reporting today that the blame for Dimitrios Pagourtzis choice to take guns to a school and kill people rest on one of his victims. 16 year old Shana Fisher, one of the ten people Pagourtzis shot and killed last Friday, had apparently spurned his advances.

Police are still investigating the details and its far too early to be speculating on motive and circumstance, but whatever comes out in the trial and investigation of the latest mass shooting in American schools. there are no circumstances in which a murdered girl can be blamed for the violence Pagourtzis chose to commit against her, her classmates and her teachers.

Violence is always a choice and victims are not the ones who make that choice.

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back against the medias constant erasure of violent men and blaming of innocent victims. If you would like to help fund it even $5 a month makes a big difference please consider becoming a Patron

Sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling and support.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Ph: 1800 737 732 

Suicide Call Back Service
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ph: 1300 659 467

Kids Helpline
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1800 55 1800

MensLine Australia
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1300 78 99 78

Child Wise National Abuse Helpline
Mon-Fri: 9 am 5 pm
Ph: 1800 99 10 99


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wwwjjccu.comop kiss "IndyWatch Feed National"

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