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Monday, 12 June


Andrew O'Keefe and co at Sunrise present a Master Class on "issues" in the mainstream media "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just like the movie "The Red Pill" itself, Andrew O'Keefe and friend's "interview" with film-maker Cassie Jaye is an unexpected and incalculably valuable treasure trove of insights into the way we are. I'll record a brief editorial with what I saw in the movie and the interview - but if...


Winners are Grinners "IndyWatch Feed National"

Megan Clarke spoke with Steven Diston and partner Lorena at their lovely home in Bunyip. Steven was delighted to win the Eureka"s Future solar hot water system in the silent auction at the John Cummins Memorial Fundraising Event in 2015.

After exploring their marvelous vegetable garden, we sat down together to discuss Steven"s installed Eureka"s Future solar hot water system.

The cost of powering our hot water system was killing us. It"s like an oven running all the time so we were looking for one of these systems.

The Eureka Future"s Bolt On reduces our electricity needs, and works even better in conjunction with our solar panels.

You just have to see past the initial investment price, and consider the long-term savings. We have saved $30 a month on our electricity bill since installing the Eureka"s Future Bolt On.

Steven is an electrician and Electrical Trade Union (ETU organizer),

Running this system means one less circuit you have to operate. This would definitely save material and labour costs in a new installation.

Steven emphasised the wider community and environmental advantages:

If you can make a positive environmental impact and gain an economic benefit, why wouldn"t you? It makes sense. The government has an initiative around low energy light globes. There would be a larger impact in cost savings by developing an initiative for solar hot water systems. The Earthworker Cooperative initiative needs to be embraced by our governing bodies. It is the government"s role to educate our communities, and provide us with these new technologies.




Earthworker History: The 1970s Struggle to Save the Vic Market "IndyWatch Feed National"

Remembering the struggle to save the Vic Market from the threat of redevelopment in the 1970s. Earthworker recognises itself as part of this tradition of defending public and community space written by Mark Tyler. 

The Vic Market is a vital public space in the heart of Melbourne. Many of us who live in and around Melbourne appreciate the Market as a place to work, eat, meet and enjoy company with friends and family.

Not many know that in the 1970s, pressure began to mount for the Sredevelopment of the Queen Victoria Market into a combined trade and hotel precinct. Even fewer know the truth about the role that a militant trade union, namely the Builders Labourers" Federation (BLF), played in protecting the Vic Market from this threat.

Artwork by Sofia Sabbagh

This is an excerpt from Vic Market"s own website: SThe separation of the Wholesale Market from the Retail Market lead to a plan to redevelop the Queen Victoria Market site into a trade centre, office and hotel complex in the 1970s. However, public outcry prevented this and resulted in the Market being classified by the National Trust. Later, the Market site and its buildings were listed on the Historic Buildings Register.

Not a word about a union. Yet if you talk to the older stall holders today they all know people who came before them who were involved in that period, and who are proud of the union-declared ban on development work at the Vic market. This action was only one in a series of bans that the BLF put on development sites that were deemed socially or environmentally harmful. This strategy was collectively termed SGreen Bans.

Here"s some words from Dave Kerin, co-founder of Earthworker and one of those involved in the victory to protect the Vic Market in the 1970s:

SOur community is there; our kids grew up with the Market as a formative community influence; and importantly thanks to John Cummins (previous Victorian secretary of the BLF),...


The Union Woman and Union Man George Despard "IndyWatch Feed National"

In dedication to his mate George Despard who was recently in hospital, Dave has selected one of George"s poems of resilient spirit and camaraderie to share. Below are Daves words about George, and Georges poem The Union Woman and Union Man

George Despard was a Builders Labourers Federation (BLF) militant and fighter in the defence of his fellow workers, and the unions spokespeople on the job.

He is also a poet.

Those union spokespeople, then in the BLF as today with CFMEU delegates and activists, faced hired thugs and violent junior management on construction sites. If the union could not defend its own then simply, there would have been no spokespeople.

Georgie Despard was one of those who defended his fellow workers.

George just turned 74 a few weeks ago, and hes in hospital. Always a big supporter of Earthworker Cooperative and our constant efforts in getting back up every time we were knocked down.

Wed like to send all our love and solidarity out to George.



Why Censoring The Internet Would Make It Harder To Fight Terrorism "IndyWatch Feed National"

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has called for greater regulation of the Internet to combat the growing threat of Islamist extremism. Addressing the public after the latest attack on Londonthe third act of Islamist terrorism in the U.K. this yearMay rightly placed blame for the string of recent attacks on the evil ideology of Islamist extremism.

Defeating this ideology is one of the great challenges of our time, she said. But it cannot be defeated by military intervention alone. It will only be defeated when we turn peoples minds away from this violence and make them understand that our valuespluralistic British valuesare superior to anything offered by the preachers and supporters of hate.

To combat this evil ideology, May has proposed greater regulation of the internet, imposed through international agreements, in order to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning.

We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed, May said. Yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide Internet-based services provide.

Internet Censorship Will Help, Not Hurt, Terrorism

May is yet to outline the details of her proposal. But if initial reports are anything to go by, it is likely to include laws forcing companies to weaken their encryption standardsmaking all online data less secureas well as a push for new international agreements that require internet companies to deny a platform to extremist propaganda. In other words, it will be nothing short of a China-style regime of internet censorshipa comparison May has declined to refute.

This proposal has already gained the support of Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, after Australia suffered its own small attack on Monday, when a lone gunman claimed as a soldier of ISIS killed one man and took a women hostage. The idea is also likely to gain support from President Trump, who called for closing that Internet up in some way, during his campaign.

It is good to see a western political leader fac...


Melania and Barron move into the White House "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian

Melania and Barron move into the White House

President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump, and their son and Barron Trump walk from Marine One across the South Lawn to the White House on Sunday. 
  • 6:39PM June 12, 2017

Americas first family is together again under the same roof: the White House.

After nearly five months of living apart, President Donald Trumps wife, Melania, announced Sunday that she and the couples young son have finally moved into the executive mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Mother and son broke with tradition by living at Trump Tower in New York since the inauguration so that Barron, now 11, could finish the school year uninterrupted; the president lived and worked at the White House.

Looking forward to the memories well make in our new home! (hash) Movingday, the first lady tweeted Sunday evening after she and Barron arrived at the White House with Trump. The tweet accompanied a photo of the Washington Monument as seen from the White House Red Room.

The president spent the weekend at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and had said on several occasions that his wife and son would move to the White House after the school year. Trump celebrates his 71st birthday on Wednesday and got his gift a few days early.

Mrs. Trump said last month that Barron will attend a private school in Maryland in the fall, an announcement that answered one of the lingering questions surrounding the Trump familys unusual living arrangement. It also pointed toward a coming move to the White House.

One remaining question had to do with a move-in date, and Mrs. Trump answered it Sunday.

Her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, confirmed the move by email and on Twitter. Its official! (at) FLOTUS & Barron have made the move to DC! (hash) WelcomeHome, Grisham tweeted.



Australian Government and UNESCO are Oceans Apart on Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia's governments and mining giant Adani have announced the go ahead for a mega mine - despite the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) warnings over climate change and the likely impact on the Great Barrier Reef. MAXINE NEWLANDS reports


When is Killed by a Muslim Terrorist Week? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thanks to reader Jason for the headline - so much meaning packed into that photo and few words. Jason has the gift of brevity. I could explain that I don't but it'd take a while.


Grand Mufti jokes about waging Jihad in Melbourne just days after Islamic State claims Brighton Jihadi murder "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video shows the Grand Mufti asking the in-crowd to wage Jihad yet again - with the punchline that you'll see in the video. He gets a good laugh from Waleed Aly's Islamic Council of Victoria's Iftar dinner in Brunswick. Imagine George Pell doing double entendres about good looking altar...


Buying property overseas "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Capital flight

A short piece I did for 7 News (click image to view the video).

Numbers recently released by OFX (formerly OzForex) showed a strong increase over the past five years in the number of people transferring money overseas from Australia to buy foreign real estate, albeit from a low base (and it should also be noted that OFX is a growing company in its own right). 

In particular, the figures suggested that young people in the 18 to 30 age bracket are leading the charge.

This may suggest that affordability in expensive markets such as Sydney is causing some young people to look overseas.

That said, global real estate portals show that the most searched markets included London, New York, and Paris - hardly cheap property markets in their own right!

In my opinion it's at least as much a lifestyle phenomenon, with young people working, travelling, and living overseas more than has ever been the case before. 

There is also a foreign exchange driver of foreign property purchases.

At the peak of the mining boom there was a flurry of activity for Aussies looking to buy US property post-crisis, for example, but the Aussie dollar has since depreciated very significantly (and in many cities US home values have recovered).

Today, Aussies are showing more interest in London, especially post-Brexit.

Risks abound

Despite having a buyer's agency in London, I always caution investors to think very carefully before taking the plunge and buying property overseas.  

There are several risks involved in buying overseas real estate.


Finkeling At The Edges: Australia Misses Another Opportunity To Fix Our Energy Policy Chaos "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Finkel Review is not the solution to Australias energy problems, writes Ben Eltham.

Is this the moment Australia finally settles the carbon debate?

After a decade of combat, many in Australias energy debate are desperate for a political compromise that will allow some kind of agreement on a way forward.

Sadly for Australia, the Finkel blueprint isnt it.

The question of decarbonisation the inevitable fact that Australia must transform its economy to burn less carbon has destroyed governments and kept policy wonks busy for more than a decade.

Both John Howard and Kevin Rudd went to the 2007 federal election promising an economy-wide emissions trading scheme. And we got one, eventually, in 2012 but only after the politics of carbon had dominated and destabilised the prime ministerships of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

Tony Abbott triumphantly abolished the carbon tax in 2014, a characteristically negative achievement from a singularly negative politician. But it didnt help Abbott in the end. Just a year later, he was gone.

Its one of the great ironies that the period since the abolition of the carbon tax has been when ten years of failed Australian energy policy has started to bite.

The carbon tax operated for two years with minimal disruptions to Australias economy and energy system. And then it was gone. But the damage from the carbon wars is yet to be repaired. The bitter political campaign against action on climate fought by the Coalition under Tony Abbott paralysed Australias energy policy settings. The chaos undermined investment decisions and papered over rapid changes in technology that were rendering the old certainties invalid.

mew matilda, tony abbottFormer Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaking in Afghanistan. (IMAGE: US Embassy Kabul Afghanistan, Flickr)

As a result, Australias energy system is now in crisis. Blackouts in South Australia and massive price rises driven by the power of the three vertically integrated gentailers that effectively control Australias grid have highlighted the problem, but its bigger than that.

In the wake of the 2016 South Australian blackouts, ruthlessly politicised by Malcolm Turnbull and Josh Frydenberg, the government handballed the issue to Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, who was told to come up with a road map on energy policy that would keep...


MACKAY Massive amount of stolen gear found in police grab "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 12, 2017 at 08:30AM ,

Massive amount of stolen gear found in police grab

June 12, 2017 at 08:30AM ,

He is due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on June 12. A 34-year-old Nebo man has been arrested and charged with Enter Premise with

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Neoliberalism: The Law Of The Jungle And The Monkey On Our Back "IndyWatch Feed National"

As in Australia, Britains hung parliament suggests the Anglophone democracies have reached a fork in the road. One path leads to more inclusive social democracy. The other leads to more predatory capitalism. Mike Dowson looks at how we got here and what our future choice of direction will mean to us.

We were talking about examples of prosperous countries where poverty is rare and wealth and income equality is high. These are places where nearly everyone can live well, without working a lot.

Norway and Austria are contemporary examples.

One person looked confused. Whats the point of being rich, she said, if there are no poor people.

In 2007, Cornell economist Robert Frank asked people whether they would prefer a bigger house, but one that was smaller than their neighbours, or a smaller house, as long as it was bigger than their neighbours. What do you think the majority chose?

It seems the measure we apply to our own prosperity is not absolute, but relative to those around us.

How do we know were well off? We look next door.

But there is another side to this. Researchers Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett demonstrated, with copious evidence from around the world, that more equal societies benefit everyone, including the rich. This is revealed in the statistics for crime, incarceration, teenage pregnancy, longevity, mental health and many others. And the benefits are not just social, but economic. More people with money to spend means greater overall prosperity.

Lebanon's main marina, in Beirut. (IMAGE: Chris Graham, New Matilda)Lebanons main marina, in Beirut. (IMAGE: Chris Graham, New Matilda)

Among comparable countries, the...


Panel member quits 'doomed' Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry "IndyWatch Feed National"

A key member of the Scottish government's child abuse inquiry has resigned, saying it is "doomed" by government interference. Psychology professor Michael Lamb said there had been "repeated threats" to the independence of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. The major review is scheduled to last four years, but has been criticised by survivors of abuse. The inquiry, which concerns historical allegations of child abuse in Scotland, will examine the extent of abuse of children in care, and identify any systemic failures. It launched a formal call for evidence in March, but has already heard from some seriously ill or very elderly survivors. Mr Lamb - one of three members of the panel, alongside chairwoman Susan O'Brien QC and Glenn Houston - said the project had "noble and worthy goals", but that it was ultimately "doomed". In a letter to Education Secretary John Swinney, he said: "It has become increasingly clear over the last nine months that the panel cannot act independently and that the Scottish government intends to continue interfering in ways large and small, directly and indirectly. Continuing interference threatens to prevent the inquiry from investigating thoroughly and taking robust evidence of the highest quality. The Scottish government has delayed or prevented the appointment of crucial members of staff for prolonged periods of time while its officials have questioned the decisions made by the supposedly independent inquiry."

Note: Watch an excellent segment by Australia's "60-Minutes" team "Spies, Lords and Predators" on a pedophile ring in the UK which leads directly to the highest levels of government. A second suppressed documentary, "Conspiracy of Silence," goes even deeper into this topic in the US. For more, see concise summaries of sexual abuse scandal news articles.


Part 43H. Australias irrelevant Crimes against humanity. The Robo-Debt fraud video compilation. "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you have been hit with a fraudulent Centrelink Robo-Debt claim, or know someone who has, please take 15 minutes to watch and consider this video:

If you find the information useful, please share the above URL or the short link below to this this posting.

Thank you,

Ron Medlicott


Masculinising The Goddess "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article by Global Freedom Movement.

by Joyous Goddess, republished with permission It is rare to find women willing to call out the modern feminist movement for what it is, but there is an increasing number of women doing it. Were glad. Third wave feminism is a disease spreading like a plague. Its agenda is being taught to impressionable young females []

The article Masculinising The Goddess appeared first on Global Freedom Movement.


Plane lands at Sydney with hole in engine "IndyWatch Feed National"

  A China Eastern Airlines plane has had to turn back to Sydney airport after a technical failure which left a hole in an engine casing. Flight MU736 was heading from Sydney, Australia to Shanghai, but the pilot reported problems with the engine about one hour after taking off. Passengers, who had to spend the []

The post Plane lands at Sydney with hole in engine appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


Scientists Just Detected What Appears to Be a Whole New Layer in Earth's Mantle "IndyWatch Feed National"

We do think that the mantle could actually act somewhat like a conveyor belt and it that is a good analogy, then there should be mantle plates traveling along the underside and this seems to possibly confirm just that.

All that we see suggests a strong equatorial band of direct activity.  It could provide a plausible understanding the whole of our geological history and is well worth exploring.

We are now reaching a critical mass of geological data gathering that may well lead to new revelations.  Curiously my crustal shift conjecture is actually becoming far less tortuous as well and fits in well to all this.

Scientists Just Detected What Appears to Be a Whole New Layer in Earth's Mantle 

That explains all the earthquakes.


For the first time, scientists have found what appears to be an extra layer of plate tectonics lurking in Earth's mantle under east Asia, and it could finally explain a mysterious series of earthquakes between Fiji and Australia.


Feminist Parenting: Miss Captain America And Employable Barbie "IndyWatch Feed National"

Raise your kids or smash gender roles? Challenges notwithstanding, theres no reason you cant do both, writes Nelly Thomas.

I was recently asked to appear on a panel about feminist parenting. I have written previously about being a feminist who also parents, but theyre not quite the same thing. The latter is generally about equal division of labour (whether in theory or practice) and concerns the needs and wants of the adults involved: who is doing what, how much, is it fair?

By contrast though theyre related feminist parenting is about the kids. It is about consciously parenting them to learn feminist principles. For me, at its most basic, these include the ideas that boys and girls are equal and that rigid gender roles are shithouse.

At this point, can I take a brief aside and say theres been a lot of hoo-ha about feminism in New Matilda lately. In short, Claire Connellys piece sent NM into meltdown and Lissa Johnsons defence of Claires piece also went viral. I missed all this because Im not on Facebook, but had I known, I would have immediately jumped to New Matildas defence.

I had a number of problems with Claires piece, but it also gave me food for thought. I am a friend and admirer of Clementine Ford and some of the other women Claire took exception to. I adore them and their work most of the time. I still think Chris Graham had every right to publish Claires piece and indeed, I think he should have.

Dissent is feminist.

Disagreement is feminist.

Feminists are human.

Back to feminist parenting.

For me, the most deliberate act of feminist parenting is challenging rigid gender roles. We know that such roles are limiting for all genders and that they shape humans in ways that are destructive to themselves and others. New Matilda readers dont need to be reminded that everything from the marketing of kids toys to the language used by care-givers, to representations of male and female athletes all contribute to rigid gender roles.

These roles tell girls to be...


Scottish Nationalist Party won the election in Scotland by a long way "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Doc Rutherford

There are two important factors to consider in the outcome. Firstly, while the Tory minority government relies on the right wing DUP for its existence, the reality in the North of Ireland is that the progressive republican party, Sinn Fein, continued to consolidate its growing political strength and has won only one seat less that the DUP . The rival republican SDLP lost all its seats to SF. Given the treacherous role of the British State in Ireland, SF has a long standing policy of not taking up the Westminster seats it consistently wins. And even the DUP opposes the Tory hard Brexit strategy (the North of Ireland voted against Brexit and to stay in the EU with open borders). The political momentum for reunification of Ireland has not been affected by the election outcome indeed it has probably been strengthened by the chaos in England.

Secondly, the hysteria in the mass media about the demise of the Scottish National Party needs to be seen in the context of such statements being little more than wishful thinking on behalf of the English parties (Tory and Labour). The reality is that the SNP again won substantially more seats in Scotland than all the other parties (Tory, Labour and LibDems) combined and still has a healthy majority. This is the third election in a row that in which the SNP has been the clear winner.

The consequences of a weak minority English Tory government dependent on far right Unionist from Northern Ireland will not take long to sink in to those Scottish voters who were seduced into backing Labour. Indeed within a day of the election, the Scottish Conservatives have said they will break away from the Tory head office in London and become an ndependent Scottish conservative party. The Scottish Conservatives are not natural allies of the Irish DUP and indeed have little time for the far right religious bigotry of their new DUP partners. The Scottish Conservatives relatively successful election campaign, was led by an openly gay protestant woman in a long-term relationship with a catholic woman. The sort of thing the DUP bigots believe is enough to condemn her to hell!

It is fairly clear that the election outcome will seriously weaken the Tory Brexit agenda and destroy any remaining bargaining power with the EU on the terms of Brexit. The United Kingdom is, post election, even more fractured and is now most likely entering into a period of historically rapid break up. There is little sense in which the winners of the election can be said to be the English parties Conservatives or Tories already there are signs of erupting factional battles within each.

What the election has done is significantly play into the hands of the progressive national struggles w...


Can Any Good Come Out of Quantico? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Boston FBI at the Marathon bombing by Mary W Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate There is now no limit to what the media will do to present a false story. Having only returned to the USA (my original home) four weeks ago, I have seen constant coverage by the media of the event that []


The problem is Australia has a corrupt political system "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

Chinese political donations in Australia have become big news. Whether they come from Chinese or anywhere else, sinking money into Australia to influence Australian politics is wrong, because it threatens our sovereignty and corrupts the institutions of government.

Focusing on alleged Chinese donations is also wrong. Worse still, it is driven not so much about concern over corruption, as it is to serve a different political agenda. It hides the sad truth that most of the problem stems from Europe, the United States and other parts of Asia. Disregarding this is a distraction.

More than a hundred and fifty years ago, Australias wool industry rose on the back of government related and private British investment and influence over the colonial administrations and was behind the rise power of the landed Squatocracy. The problem has been around for a long time.

Only the form has changed since those days, not the substance. It is inevitable, when Australia remains far too dependent on foreign investment to keep the economy operating. In the Eighteenth Century, it was the British textile industry. Today it is the big financial institutions and other multinationals, mining companies among them, that are there to grease the wheels of government.

The connection between foreign government and big business was also present in the second half of the twentieth century. Take the American CIAs  front organisation, the Congress for Cultural Freedom,  which sent  an ongoing stream of money into Australia, , to fund Quadrant, an influential political journal  and the CIA bankrolling of the Democratic Labor Party for many years.

Billionaire American citizen George Soros, is currently funding the Open Australia Foundation, through his Open Society Foundations, to impose his own brand of influence.

They tell part of the story. Another are the direct and indirect overseas corporate contributions.

It is the wider problem that needs to be at centre stage, of the debate on Australian political corruption.

In your face corruption is a reality. A good recent example was revealed by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ACAC) in relation to former NSW Labor ministers Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi and allegations over lobbying to have leases signed and the provision of licenses, without competitive tendering processes. The point is that this is not so unusual. Obied and Tripodi had the misfortune of being caught out and sac...


James E McDonald - where did his UAP interest come from? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Paul Hellyer

My former co-blogger, Pauline Wilson, at one time, was intrigued about where the UAP interest of certain researchers came from?

In a blog dated 6 May 2011, she started her enquiries with Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defence Minister, who was then in the news, making statements about UAP. Pauline found that his '..UFO opinions derived from reading Colonel Corso's book rather than official knowledge.' (According to Bullard, T E, 2010. 'The Myth and Mystery of UFOs'.University Press of Kansas. Lawrence, Kansas. p.9.)

Image courtesy of Amazon Books

Peter A Sturrock

Image courtesy of Amazon Books

In a further blog post dated 26 July...


Psychiatric Labelling and Drugging of Australian Children "IndyWatch Feed National"


Australia is experiencing a tidal wave of psychiatric drugging. In a population of just over 24 million, more than 35 million prescriptions are written for psychiatric drugs every year, with $8 billion spent annually on mental health. Read More


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0003 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 3.70 AUD


School Children Now Have Involuntary Weekly Doctor Visits: Drugging Without Consent "IndyWatch Feed National"


In the Australian state of Victoria, a state program kicked in at the beginning of 2017 to mandate that children as young as 12 should see a doctor in school at least once a week, to receive drugs and medical treatment without parental consent. Read More


Its Time to go Home: Karta is Waiting "IndyWatch Feed National"

It"s Time to go Home: Karta is Waiting

By Steven & Evan Strong

After some considerable time spent addressing other concerns, I found the chance to finally return to what has always been my favourite genre of Original archaeology: the marked and magic rocks. Of recent times we have been involved in so many other avenues converging at the same intersection, and have barely kept up. But finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel offering time to pause and indulge. Both a curse and blessing, these rocks are as unforgiving as they are an inspiration. From the very beginning of this journey into days long gone they have been with or near me, and because of this proximity, are always major part of our life.

I was three sentences in with five rocks ready to begin their introduction, and from the time Evan mentioned I had to ring Christine, I just knew that the little written was all there would be for some time. The question she asked was as much an inquiry as it was a direction, verging on an ultimatum. There have been many times when we have made it clear these rocks must go onto sacred country at Karta, there is no secret there, but amongst the plans for the future there never has been a specific date, or even a general time frame.

Biting the Hand That Feeds you"

The rocks have been more than forthright in declaring their intentions to be housed at the island, and no less than graphic in voicing the disappointment of those who were not chosen to remain last year. After attending a culture gathering at Karta it was agreed that although lacking in safe storage, a small advance party" of twenty odd rocks would stay at the island and wait for the return of the remainder, once a secure display was built.

Of the original number I still had well over a hundred to take back home, and after catching an evening flight to Sydney, it was too late to reach Ballina/Byron airport and I had to stay at a nearby hotel that was very close to the airport. The accommodation was very basic with a price tag punching well above the quality of the room, it mattered little. It was late and two bags full of rocks and one very tired porter tried to get some sleep before catching the early morning flight up north.


Suicide toll stop the shameless research, just disaggregate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Funding researchers & advocacy start-ups over outreach & the coalface is killing people. Funding should be directed to providing people with the various support needed and with tangible improvements to their life circumstances. Governments should stop funding supposed research into suicide prevention rather than directing funds to targeted support. In how many different ways is research []


First homebuyers to dwindle until July "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

New dwellings

The number of new dwellings financed remained at a historically high level in April, but was slightly lower than in the preceding month.

Analysts are watching closely for signals of this construction cycle rolling over in a disorderly fashion, but up until April at least purchase activity had remained relatively robust. 

At the state level owner-occupier financing of new builds is tracking at historically high levels in all three of the most populous states. 

First homebuyers to recede

The number of first homebuyers has been sliding in recent years, following on from a huge spike during the financial crisis when a raft of incentives and grants were introduced. 

Some first time buyers have been opting to buy investment properties instead in recent times, particularly in expensive Sydney, in turn depressing the number of first homebuyers recorded. 




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Jenny Dowell awarded Order of Australia "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Former Lismore mayor Jenny Dowell has been awarded an Order of Australia medal in the 2017 Queens Birthday Honours List.

Former Lismore mayor Jenny Dowell has been awarded an Order of Australia medal in the 2017 Queens Birthday Honours List.

Former Lismore mayor Jenny Dowell now has three more letters to go after her name after being awarded the Order of Australian in the Queens Birthday Honours List.

She received the award for service to local government and to the community of Lismore.

Ms Dowell, who was highly regarded by all sides of politics during her term and led the councils opposition to CSG mining, is currently travelling in Germany.

She is joined on the list by a range of local figures, including Mullumbimbys Leonie Mills. The founder, director and artistic director of Spaghetti Circus has received an OAM for her services to the towns youth.

Ms Mills is a highly skilled and experienced circus coach, a nationally ranked gymnastics champion and an accomplished performer and choreographer who has performed all over Australia. She has been the driving force behind the success and longevity of a little towns big circus footprint.

Leonie Mills, the founder, director and artistic director of Spaghetti Circus, has received an OAM for her services to the town's youth. Photo supplied

Leonie Mills, the founder, director and artistic director of Spaghetti Circus, has received an OAM for her services to the towns youth. Photo supplied

Tweed Shire Council general manager Troy Green has been awarded a NSW Public Service Medal. Mr Green was recognised for outstanding public service to local government in northern NSW.

According to a media announcement from the council, since his appointment as GM, the Tweed Shire Council has become one of the most digitally progressive Councils in NSW in the area of ePlanning, a transformation from the traditional paper-based and face-to-face interactions to an online environment where people can access p...


Government of Turnbull's Lefty thing is catching on - Queen's Birthday Honours compiled by, for and of The Left "IndyWatch Feed National"

Gay marriage, climate change, carbon tax spruiking - these are a few of the Order of Australia's new favourite things. Paul Keating once said, "Change the government, change the country". After the disastrous crap ideologically driven spending of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd years, Tony Abbott was just starting to live up to...


Recent Psychological Study Found That Open Minded People Live In A Completely Different Reality "IndyWatch Feed National"

In a recent study published in the Journal of Personality, researchers found that open-minded people saw the world in an entirely different way than their close-minded friends.

The study was entitled Seeing it both ways: Openness to experience and binocular rivalry suppression. It took place in Melbourn, Australia, and included 123 volunteers that were given a personality test. The test, known as the Big Five Personality test measures extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience. The last of those traits is associated with creativity, imagination and a willingness to try new things.

After taking the personality test, the participant conducted a visual test called binocular rivalry. In this test, each eye is shown a different image. Most people would reduce their focus to one eye. But, those that were considered to be more open minded could see both colors simultaneously.

Because openness reflects the tendency to actively explore information and engages with complex possibilities (DeYoung, 2014), people high in openness may also be more likely to experience creative solutions to the incompatible rivalry stimuli.

And as the researchers not in the Conversation, an earlier study shows that those who score high in openness are less likely to experience inattentional blindness. This is a visual phenomenon that takes place when we focus on one thing and unfortunately miss another.

And our personalities are not some concrete object that is unable to accept change. On the contrary, the evidence is now suggesting that we can change our brain by using meditation, and by eating healthier. Furthermore, an additional study showed that openness could be developed through therapy. There are a number of ways to open ourselves up, we just have to be willing to see them.

You Can Take the Selective Attention Test Here:


21st anniversary of the Australian Army Blackhawk crash which killed 15 SASR members and 3 airmen from 5 AR "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thanks to reader and former SASR member John B for the very sad reminder - as John wrote to me this morning: 12 June 1996 Blackhawk crash in Townsville during SAS CT operations, RIP boys, all my best mates killed in one go. Twenty years ago tomorrow we suffered our...


MACKAY Stolen property recovered, Nebo "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 12, 2017 at 08:36AM ,

Stolen property recovered, Nebo

June 12, 2017 at 08:36AM ,

His is due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on June 12. A 34-year-old Nebo man has been arrested and charged with Enter Premise with

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MACKAY Arrest follows theft from car, Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 12, 2017 at 08:07AM ,

Arrest follows theft from car, Mackay

June 12, 2017 at 08:07AM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court to have the matter heard this morning. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444

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30 new aged care places for Casino a win-win "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

RIchmond Lodge in Casino has received federal funding for 30 new aged care places. Photo supplied

RIchmond Lodge in Casino has received federal funding for 30 new aged care places. Photo supplied

Federal Page Nationals MP Kevin Hogan has announced Richmond Lodge will receive almost $2 million per year in ongoing funding for 30 new residential aged care places in Casino.

Mr Hogan said the additional funding would allow for the expansion of Richmond Lodges residential services in Casino to further meet the needs of the local community.

This means older members of our community will be able to remain in their community as they age, he said

He added the extra beds also mean more than 20 new permanent jobs.

This is great news for our ageing community and also great news for those looking for work.

The new jobs will include carers, cooks, administration and ground staff, Mr Hogan said.

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PRISM, Snowden and Government Surveillance "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Lavanya Rathnam Edward Snowden, one of the most famous whistleblowers of our times, brought to light the many surveillance programs and other snooping activities of the U.S. government. This former intelligence officer revealed top secret documents to Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian and Laura Poitras, a freelance journalist, in May 2013 at a hotel []


Ballina Jet Boat gets new emergency response vehicle "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Ballina Jet Boat Rescue Service was used during the rescue of a man at north wall last night. Photo Surf Life Saving NSW

Ballina Jet Boat Rescue Service. Photo Surf Life Saving NSW

Surf Life Saving Far North Coast Branch and Ballina Jet Boat Surf Rescue have received a $30,000 grant for a 4WD rescue vehicle and today Ballina Greens MP Tamara Smith presented them with the keys

The grant for the new vehicle is part of the 2016 Community Building Partnership Program.

I am very proud to have been able to secure funding for our rescue service and to help increase the safety of people on and in the waters around Ballina, Ms Smith said.

I pay tribute to the hard work of the Ballina Jet Boat Surf Rescue crew and their support staff and Im pleased this funding will make a positive difference to emergency response operations.

The 4WD will be used as an emergency response/coordination vehicle.

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Permaculture Podcast Guide "IndyWatch Feed National"

Does the phrase I was listening to this really interesting podcast sound all too familiar? If youre keen to understand the trend friends and colleagues have been raving about, were here to guide you. This is a corner of the online world worth getting to know one where the conversation around permaculture is buzzing.

My Podcast Set I

An ancient technology (in Internet years)

Podcasts are recorded conversations you can listen to anywhere, anytime. These conversations come in many forms, from the thoughts of a lone podcaster recording in their bedroom to in-depth interviews and polished documentary-style pieces.

Podcasts take their name from Apples iPod (remember those?) and the traditional broadcast. The format is only around 12 years old, but in that time its gone from a niche activity to one that establishments like the ABC have embraced.

Listen while you work

One advantage podcasts have over radio shows is mobility. With a podcast in your ears a long commute, huge pile of laundry or frustrating wait at the doctors office becomes an opportunity to learn. Theres an intimacy about podcasts as well they tend to run much longer than the average radio segment, giving creators time to dig deep into an idea.


Another reason podcasts have become so popular is the huge range of topics they cover. Because anyone with a microphone and Internet connection can create one, almost any area you can think of has at least one podcast episode (or entire program) devoted to it.

Best of all, the vast majority of podcasts are comp...


Channel Ten Introduces Controversial New Show The Bachelor (of Arts) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


The first season of The Bachelor (of Arts), a spinoff from popular Channel Ten show The Bachelor, has raised eyebrows after it was revealed none of the contestants managed to catch the eye of the single employer whose attention they were competing for.

Controversy has surrounded The Bachelor (of Arts) ahead of its upcoming launch, after leaked documents emerged showing that the eligible employer at the centre of the show had decided to go in another direction and make the role redundant rather than employ any of the halfwits who had applied.

Promotional materials describe the show, which pits 24 recent Bachelor of Arts graduates against one another to win the love, affection and security of one employer, as much like the networks traditional The Bachelorprograms, except that the contestants are far more desperate.

Each episode sees the employer test the graduates skills through challenges such as stapling, sending an email and gossiping in the kitchen with a biscuit.

A Channel Ten spokesperson said the show was worth watching, even though none of the contestants had found a lifelong career.

The intrigue surrounding what Bachelor of Arts students are actually good at has been one of the great mysteries of our time, the spokesperson said. In this almost-too-close-to-reality show, we dig deep and discover very little. Its an amazing journey.

All 24 former contestants are now working in cafes or bars while working on the next great Australian novel.



Amazing I survived: London Bridge victim "IndyWatch Feed National"

Brisbane woman Candice Hedge. AAP Image/Facebook

Brisbane woman Candice Hedge. AAP Image/Facebook

Dominica Sanda


The Queensland woman stabbed in the neck by one of the London Bridge attackers says she wont be deterred by the cowardly terrorists.

Candice Hedge was working at Elliots Cafe in Borough Market on Saturday, when suddenly people started rushing into the restaurant screaming.

Within minutes Ms Hedge saw the attackers approaching and one stood right beside her before he slashed her neck, she has told Sevens Sunday Night program.

The 34-year-old is recovering in a London hospital and says its amazing she survived after she was told the knife went within millimetres of an artery and her vocal chord.

But she says she determined to not let the attack keep her from her dreams, insisting she will stay in London with her boyfriend Luke and continue working at Elliots Cafe.

Im not going to be deterred, I have more to do here, she said.

People are cowards Im not going to let them change my life well they have but Im going to turn it to my advantage if I can.

Recounting the moments after she was attacked, Ms Hedge said she went to find Luke, who was also working at the restaurant, while clutching her bleeding neck with a cloth.

It was when she started vomiting blood that she thought she might not make it.

I was thinking, I dont want to die, she said.

Since the attack, shes been reunited with her father, Ross, and sister, Amber, who flew to London as soon as they heard she was injured.



Dutton to get citizenship overrule powers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Immigration minister Peter Dutton at a press conference at Parliament House on Thursday June 1. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Immigration minister Peter Dutton at a press conference at Parliament House on Thursday June 1. AAP Image/Lukas Coch


The immigration minister will have the power to overrule tribunal decisions he disagrees with under new citizenship changes.

Peter Dutton can already overturn the Administrative Appeals Tribunal on some visa matters, but the provision will be extended under fresh reforms to be introduced to parliament this week.

Its not overruling any court, theres still the ability to go to the Federal Court. This is really just trying to align the arrangement in terms of citizenship with the laws that exist in relation to granting and cancelling visas now, Mr Dutton told the Seven Network on Monday.

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Coal decisions up to govt: chief scientist "IndyWatch Feed National"

Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel speaks during Senate Estimates at Parliament House on Thursday June 1. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel speaks during Senate Estimates at Parliament House on Thursday June 1. AAP Image/Lukas Coch


The nations chief scientist insists his proposed emissions reduction reforms would not block new coal projects, saying those decisions will be up to governments.

A debate over the role of coal under the recommended clean energy target broke out after Alan Finkels report was released on Friday.

There is no aspect of allowance or permission here. Permission comes from government. Permission is not decided by the clean energy target at all, Dr Finkel told The Australian on Monday.

He has recommended a clean energy target to mandate a proportion of electricity each year be generated from sources below a set emissions level.

Where that level is set a task Dr Finkel left up to politicians could effectively rule out coal generation unless it uses the newest technology.

Energy policy experts say this is an important strategic shift from focusing on pricing or suppressing emissions to the economics of building a cleaner energy grid.

Grattan Institute energy program director Tony Wood says that shift means the market will determine which technology is cheapest.

If it turns out that a clean coal plant with or without CCS [carbon capture and storage] is actually commercially viable when the emissions intensity is considered, then there will be investors who will build those plants, he told ABC radio.

It may not be likely, but this will test the commercial viability of the very coal technologies people would like to support.

Australian Energy Council chief executive Matthew Warren said old coal-fired generators didnt have to be forced out because they were leaving faster than they...


Congratulations to those who received Queens Birthday awards for work on the environment "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

from Maelor Himbury , 12 June 17 :
Ms Catherine Elise BLANCHETT (NSW)
Professor Ross Gregory GARNAUT AO (VIC)
Professor Lynette SELWOOD (VIC)
Professor Philip Noel PETTIT (ACT)
Mr David John THOMAS OAM (QLD)
Mr Reece Samuel FLAHERTY (NSW)
Mr Maurice Francis HAGARTY (NSW)
Mrs Kathleen Margaret HASSELL (VIC)
Dr Gregory Murray MOORE (VIC)
Mr Frank RIGBY (VIC)
Mr Donald Kimberley SARTI (WA)
Mrs Margaret Ann WILKSCH (SA)
Mr Leslie Walter SMITH (VIC)
Mr Stephen John BEAMAN (NSW)
Mr Robert Anthony LAWRENCE (QLD)
Mr Ian Clifton CARROLL OAM (NSW)
Ms Bridgit (Penny) Mary HUSSEY (WA)
Ms Rosemary Margaret BIRNEY (VIC)
Mr William Andrew HANDKE (ACT)


New Video and an Article About PayPal Founder Speaking About Drinking the Blood of Children "IndyWatch Feed National"

Billionaire PayPal Founder Admits to Drinking Childrens Blood


AUSGOV can't control Australian Islamic schools - so why do we continue pouring millions into Islamist schools in the IS Southern Philippines "IndyWatch Feed National"

In June 2016 we reported on the Islamic State's claim to sovereignty over the autonomous Muslim Mindanao southern region of The Philippines. We wrote to DFAT about the millions of Australian aid money pouring in to the Islamic State influenced Madrassas (Islamist schools) in the region. DFAT ignored us and...


Police roundup: Byron break and enter; Tweed pedestrian hit "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Over the weekend a woman broke into a house in Byron, an elderly man was hit by a car at Tweed Heads, a woman stole a ring from a boutique in the Bay and two people were arrested with alleged house breaking equipment in Murwillumbah.

Aggravated break and enter

At 5.30am on Friday (June 9) an elderly male was asleep at his home on Bangalow Rd, Byron Bay heard a knock at the door.

A woman entered the premises without permission, went into the kitchen, turned on the range hood light and rummaged through his unit.

Police arrived a short time later and attempted to arrest her but she resisted violently, wrestling with police. As a result of the scuffle a window was broken causing lacerations to both the woman and one of the officers.

She was handcuffed and taken to Byron Bay Police Station where she was refused bail. She is due to appear before Byron Bay Local Court on June 13.

Pedestrian hit by motor vehicle at Tweed Heads

At 12.40pm on Friday (June 9) a motor vehicle was reversing out of a private driveway in Enid Street, Tweed Heads, when the driver felt a slight impact and a thud. On getting out of the car he noticed an elderly male had been struck by the vehicle and was lying unconscious on the roadway.

Fortunately the elderly pedestrian only received grazes and abrasions, however was taken to Tweed Hospital for treatment and observation. The driver will be issued with an infringement for failing to reverse safely.

Woman charged with stealing from Byron Bay store

On Thursday (June 8) around 4.40pm a 28 year old woman entered the Island Luxe Tribe Store at Byron Bay and began to lay-by a wallet. Whilst the store attendant was completing the details the woman picked up a ring off the display on the counter and placed it into her handbag before leaving the store. The stealing was captured on CCTV.

The female is to be charged with stealing and will be required to attend Court.

Man and woman arrested at Murwillumbah

About 11am on Saturday (June 10) police were conducting a patrol of the Murwillumbah CBD when they noticed a motor vehicle that had previously evaded police. The vehicle was pulled over and the male and female occupants were spoken to.

Enquiries by police revealed the male driver was currently disqualified until 2022 and that the vehicle had previously been involved in drug supply.

Police searched the vehicle and found two screw drivers, a torch and a set of pliers under the passenger seat. A small amount of methlyamphetamine was also seized. The male driver will be issued a Court attendance notices to appear at Murw...


Pruning Citrus "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pruning citrus can often have folks bamboozled, as theyre often either full of fruit or blossoms. Simon Marshall, landscape designer, permie and pruner to the stars gives us the basics on how, when and why you might think about pruning citrus trees.

Sun Orange

Pruning Citrus

by Simon Marshall

There are several reasons why you may want to prune a citrus tree.

  • To determine the size of the tree.
  • To improve or direct the shape of the tree.
  • To improve the trees vigour (and thus fruiting potential and pest and disease resistance).
  • To increase the amount or quality of fruit.
  • To remove pests/signs of pests and disease.


When to Prune

It seems for many that there is never a good time to prune their citrus as the tree is always either fruiting or flowering. The timing of the pruning does depend on the circumstances, but generally speaking light pruning in the late spring or even summer is best maintenance.

Hard pruning can be carried out in the late winter if the desire is to create a lot of new growth to renew the tree (after say a gall wasp cleanse). If you prune before a growth season (in the winter before the spring) then the tree will react strongly with vigorous shoots. This sounds go...


Review your flood plans: SES "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tweed-Byron SES incident controller, Andrew McPhee. Photo supplied

Tweed-Byron SES incident controller, Andrew McPhee. Photo supplied

The Richmond-Tweed SES is encouraging northern rivers residents to review their flood plans after the weekends heavy rainfall.

Rainfall totals in excess of 150 mm have fallen in the 48 hours to 9am Monday over the northern rivers, with some locations reaching in excess of 100 mm since 9am Sunday.

While this is somewhat less than the 211 millimetres of rainfall that was recorded to 12:00 pm Sunday over the Richmond and Wilsons River valley, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) that the pace of the rain is likely to pick up again.

Up to 200 mm further may fall in parts of the district over the next two days. Some catchments may receive higher.

Up to 296 millimetres of rainfall has been recorded during the past 56 hours to 5 am Monday over the Richmond and Wilsons River valley. This rain has caused minor flooding along the Wilsons River at Lismore.

BoM has issued a minor flood warning for the Wilsons,  and Brunswick and Richmond rivers, as well as a flood watch for the Tweed River.

Wilsons River

Minor flooding is current along the Wilsons River at Lismore.

The Wilsons River at Lismore (AHD) is expected to peak near 5.0 metres Monday morning with minor flooding

Richmond River

The Richmond River at Coraki is likely to exceed the minor flood level (3.40 metres) early Monday morning. The river level is likely to reach around 3.60 metres around midday Monday with minor flooding.

The Richmond River at Bungawalbyn is likely to exceed the minor flood level (3.00 metres) Monday morning. The river level is likely to reach around 3.30 metres early Tuesday with minor flooding.

Brunswick River and Marshalls Creek

Up to 165 millimetres of rainfall has been observed in the past 48 hours to 7 am this morning over the Brunswick River Valley.

Further rainfall is forecast for the next 24 to 48 hours which could produce further river level rises. The situation is being closely monitored and revised predictions will be issued if necessary.

Marshalls Creek at Billinudgel peaked below the minor flood level (2.50 metres) on Sunday evening.

SES al...


ISIS will remain a danger even after the liberation of Syria and Iraq "IndyWatch Feed National"

Despite the ongoing military operations in Syria and Iraq, which daily engage vast territories under the control of the "Islamic State" (ISIS), the latter has been able to hit distant targets in the Islamic world, in Europe and in Asia. Despite the loss of territories, the world is facing - and will continue so to do - an ideology adopted and incarnated by an organization that has succeeded in attracting young men and women, provoked their emotion, brought out their hate and anger, and shaken the stability of established geographical boundaries. Many are the reasons, but the world does not want to pay attention to particular ones because they make it an accomplice in the spread of this ideology and its consequences, capable of hitting all societies regardless of any differences. According to unofficial estimates, 40,000 to 50,000 men and women joined the ranks of ISIS, including some 5,000 to 6,000 from Europe, more than 10,000 from Russia, the Caucasus and thousands from the Maghreb, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the United States and even the Maldives. This is in addition to the tens of thousands of fighters who have joined it from Iraq (the cradle country) and Syria (the country of geographical extension). The organization reached around 100,000 fighters, being able to control vast territories in both Syria and Iraq, and has sustained dozens of battles on several fronts for four consecutive years of continuous war.


James Comey on Trump - he broke me. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Something light to start the holiday Monday and to get me back into the swing of publishing after 3 days offline. Kathy Griffin must be a great writer because these lines are hilarious, but it took the acting genius of James Comey to make her work into a masterpiece.


Australia planning first ever prison unit built specifically to keep terrorists in isolation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia planning first ever prison unit built specifically to keep terrorists in isolation --The prison facility will hold up to 54 inmates | 11 June 2017 | In an effort to prevent the spread of radical Islamic ideology, Australia is to build a prison facility which will isolate militants from other inmates.


36 whales wash up on west coast of India in 2 years "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last month, an international group of marine biologists submitted a report to the International Whaling Commission, Slovenia, highlighting an alarming rise in the number of whales washing ashore to India's west coast in the last two years. The report cited 16 instances of whale mortality along the west coast in 2015, followed by 20 in 2016. This was hugely more than in any year between 2001 and 2014, when the number of whale deaths never exceeded four. From the emaciated look of the carcasses washed ashore in recent years, researchers believe that they were short of food and moved closer to the shores looking for fish. They say the fish population in the sea has reduced drastically due to a sharp decrease in dissolved oxygen in the water. The team that wrote the report included three members of the Konkan Cetacean Research Team (KCRT) besides researchers of James Cook University in Australia, the Terra Marine Research Institute in Bangalore and the Department of Oceanography of the University of Washington in Seattle.


Jay Manby: Instinct at the Lone Goat Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Jay Manby: Instinct New Paintings and Works on Paper June 16 until July 05 2017
Opening Friday June 16 6PM 8PM
Lone Goat Gallery 28 Lawson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Northern Rivers Artist Jay Manby presents his latest body of works Instinct New Paintings and Works on Paper at Lone Goat Gallery, opening this Friday June 16.

Jay Manbys work is driven by process, recycling and making opportunistic use of incidental elements that push a work towards revealing its true nature. The process begins in the abstract, and at a certain point, the narrative enters.

Jays works are evocative of Aussie rogue spiritchaos and symmetrycoloured with the brilliance of the landscapelouche and sweet. Zika Vuletic

Working from his studio or on the lawn of his home in the Northern New South Wales countryside allows Jay complete freedom to move around a canvas. He likes to work large. There is an unbridled physicality to his work that demands scale. Much like action painting, the canvases see-saw between order and chaos. This brings a fragile tension and energy to the work.

Mediums and materials will vary. My aim is to make marks that represent and delineate human responses to physical, emotional and subconscious worlds. Dense, shiny black indelible ink and quick drying acrylics give me freedom to layer and experiment. I use random objects found in my surroundings to make marks with character. They offer versatility, intensity and quality of line, which I am passionate about.

The process continues with layers of ink and paint, building detail and surface tension until a kind of iconography emerges. It becomes a visual language that evokes the momentum and complexity of our culture, and reflects the natural world and our place in it.

As designer and art director Jay has worked with many celebrated Australian musicians and is known for creating iconic imagery in the Australian music industry. He has been nominated for an Aria for album design (The Cruel Sea), and his work has been collected by Sydneys Powerhouse Museum. Jay has presented solo shows at the Lismore Arts Centre, including Unwild (2012) and Bird of Paradise (2011).

Join Jay at the opening for a chat and a drink and hear local act Black Train play some tunes. Lone Goat Gallery Friday June 16 and open 10am to 4pm, until July 05.

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Australia Forced To Build Terrorist Prisons As ISIS Flood Country "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia has been forced to build prison camps that will hold terrorists due to an influx of ISIS militants in the country. The decision to build the new terrorist prisons comes days after a shooting and hostage [...]


Radicalization phobia: Australia to build its first terrorist-only jail "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia is planning to build its first prison solely for militants with extreme views to prevent the radicalization of other inmates. The move comes days after a shooting and hostage situation in Melbourne that was later claimed by Islamic State. The new "mini-max" jail will be part of Goulburn Supermax Correctional Centre, a maximum and minimum security prison complex for male prisoners, in New South Wales (NSW). "We don't want to see people already behind bars subject to radicalization," NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said on Sunday, announcing the project. The government is planning to spend AUS$47 million (US$35 million) over the next three years on the project, dubbed Supermax II. The new jail, equipped with CCTV cameras, will house 54 prisoners. The authorities hope the facility will be completed by the end of 2018. The number of inmates held on extremist charges has more than doubled since 2013, according to Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin. At least 33 of the 45 Supermax inmates have been either convicted or charged with terrorism-related offences, he said. "We keep the al-Qaida affiliates, who are highly disciplined and very dogmatic, away from the IS affiliates, who are unruly young tearaways who engage in noisy behaviour and challenge everyone and everybody," he told the Telegraph.

Australia building 'Muslim terrorist-only supermax prison' "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia is planning to build its first prison solely for militants with extreme views to prevent the radicalization of other inmates. The move comes days after a shooting and hostage situation in Melbourne that was later claimed by Islamic State. The new "mini-max" jail will be part of Goulburn Supermax Correctional Centre, a maximum and minimum security prison complex for male prisoners, in New South Wales (NSW). "We don't want to see people already behind bars subject to radicalization," NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said on Sunday, announcing the project. The government is planning to spend AUS$47 million (US$35 million) over the next three years on the project, dubbed Supermax II. The new jail, equipped with CCTV cameras, will house 54 prisoners. The authorities hope the facility will be completed by the end of 2018. The number of inmates held on extremist charges has more than doubled since 2013, according to Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin. At least 33 of the 45 Supermax inmates have been either convicted or charged with terrorism-related offences, he said. "We keep the al-Qaida affiliates, who are highly disciplined and very dogmatic, away from the IS affiliates, who are unruly young tearaways who engage in noisy behaviour and challenge everyone and everybody," he told the Telegraph.


Bodyboarder attacked by 4m great white shark off Bunbury, Western Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

A man has been knocked off his bodyboard by a four-metre great white shark while surfing at Point Casuarina in Bunbury on Sunday morning. The man was less than 50 metres offshore at the beach when the shark bumped his board at about 8.30am. Witness Martin Lottering told WAtoday he was in the look-out tower at the time. "I took my binoculars to have a look at the fishing boats out on the water," he said. "I spent some time watching the guys in the water on their bodyboards, and eventually I noticed a swirling and thrashing in the water next to one of the guys.


Australia to build its first terrorist "mini-max" jail amid rise in Islamist-inspired attacks "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia is planning to build its first prison solely for militants with extreme views to prevent the radicalization of other inmates. The move comes days after a shooting and hostage situation in Melbourne that was later claimed by Islamic State. The new "mini-max" jail will be part of Goulburn Supermax Correctional Centre, a maximum and minimum security prison complex for male prisoners, in New South Wales (NSW). "We don't want to see people already behind bars subject to radicalization," NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said on Sunday, announcing the project. The government is planning to spend AUS$47 million (US$35 million) over the next three years on the project, dubbed Supermax II. The new jail, equipped with CCTV cameras, will house 54 prisoners. The authorities hope the facility will be completed by the end of 2018.


Crime remains comparatively low in the NSW Northern Rivers region during the first quarter of 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

As communities in the NSW Northern Rivers have come to expect our region is not the worst when it comes to instances of recorded crime but it is not the best either.

In the first quarter of 2017 in Coffs Harbour-Grafton and Richmond-Tweed statistical areas recorded incidents for domestic violence, non-domestic assault, sexual assault, indecent assault & other sexual offences all rose, while Richmond-Tweed saw the number of people murdered rise from one to four.

Tweed and Clarence Valley local government areas had the highest recorded incidents for domestic violence in the Northern Rivers at 312 and 213 instances respectively and, Lismore and Tweed local government areas had the highest recorded incidents for sexual assault at 77 and 56 instances respectively.

Indecent assault & other sexual offences were most prevalent in the Lismore local government area at 107 instances.

While the dubious honour of highest recorded incidents for non-domestic violence goes to Tweed (292), Lismore (281) and Clarence Valley (278) local government areas.

Sadly, it would appear that crimes against the person are our forte thus far in 2017.



Coal Seam Gas Exploration and Mining potentially allowable in the NSW Northern Rivers region once more "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Minister must not grant a petroleum title over any of the following land (the excluded areas):

In 2015 the NSW Baird Coalition Government announced that its NSW Gas Plan included:
Action 4 of the NSW Gas Plan ...

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IndyWatch Bellingen NSW All Topics Summary Today.

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Sunday, 11 June


Turnbull tackles encryption and OWNS it like a biatch "IndyWatch Feed National"

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The untouchable sociopathic white collar criminals in this machine called the 'Australian Government' are at it again.

With every action regarding a new law, Australia's good people are being oppressed more and more with literally zero rights to privacy, where every man / woman / son / daughter who is in possession of a mobile phone is monitored by the 'authorities' (read corporation conglomerate) today under the pretext of 'terrorism'.

It would come as no surprise that the law makers in this penal colony would put a law trough that owning an encrypted device is an act of 'terrorism'.

Apparently 'terrorists' use encrypted methods of  communication between each other.


'Terrorists' use automobiles / highways to get to their de...


Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Today I attended the world premier today of Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time at the Sydney Film Festival.   It is one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen.   As an Australian I feel ashamed, complicit and appalled. Iranian-Kurdish journalist detainee, Behrouz Boochani and an Iranian-Dutch filmmaker, Arash Kamali Sarvestani, made this film with footage shot on a mobile phone. It is a unique record of daily life on Manus Island detention centre. Also a list of some of Behrouz Boochani's articles


London police chief hails diversity of jihad massacre victims "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its desperately sad and poignant but among those who died is someone whos British, there are French, Australian, Canadian, Spanish. In terms of our witnesses that weve spoken to so far, out of the 300-odd people, there are about 20 different countries of origin. And the London British population comes from all kinds of backgrounds []


Lismore flood alert: Browns Creek pumps fail "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lismore's Browns Creek Pumping Station. Photo James O'Brien

Lismores Browns Creek Pumping Station. Photo James OBrien

The NSW SES Lismore City Unit has stated that with uncertainty over the amount of rainfall expected over the next three days and damage to Browns Creek pumps, there is a higher probability for flash flooding in the Lismore basin in coming days.

One of Lismore City Councils pumps is not working and the other is partially functional following the major flood event in March that caused severe damage to the machinery.

With more heavy rain predicted in the next 48 hours, it is likely that the Browns Creek floodgate will need to be closed.

SES members are door knocking in the basin area and parts of East Lismore with more detailed information.

The SES advises residents in Brewster Street, Dawson Street, the lower end of Uralba Street, Ballina Road opposite the netball courts, Wyrallah Road near the Esmonde Street roundabout and around Wyrallah Road Shopping as well as the lower end of Avondale Avenue and First Avenue to monitor drains and be prepared to enact emergency plans if needed.

Lismore City Council is working with Fire & Rescue NSW to arrange a large pump to be brought up from Sydney to assist.

We hope that is can be here ASAP, and that will certainly alleviate the situation, said the councils local emergency management officer Scott Turner.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we ask both residents and business owners to heed to advice from SES personnel who are out in the field.

For detailed weather information and ongoing updates, visit and...


Australian government seeks the authority to access peoples social media communications "IndyWatch Feed National"

An increased use of social media by terrorist groups has prompted the Turnbull government to seek changes to the law to allow authorities to decrypt communications. Read More


Nailing James Comey "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former FBI Director James Comey by G5 Sessions raided Comeys office while Comey was in California reading his letter of dismissal. Removed in accordance with his contract, at the Presidents pleasure. Comey, as I have written, had set himself into FBI as the blackmail king following on from Hoovers 48 year stint (BOI-FBI). []


Strong Words from James Mattis on Afghanistan, But Will They Hold? "IndyWatch Feed National"

In a clear articulation of a new Afghan  policy, James Mattis and Rex Tillerson have virtually ruled out any political settlement with the Taliban.

US defence secretary James Mattis (left) and secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Credit: Reuters

Washington: The Trump administration appears to be inching towards a clear commitment to Afghanistan devoid of deadlines and fuzziness a development that will be welcomed both in Kabul and New Delhi.

US defence secretary James Mattis and secretary of state Rex Tillerson laid out the broad contours of the new policy, virtually ruling out a political settlement with the Taliban. It was the clearest articulation so far of the trajectory Washington intends to follow.

If the policy review currently underway sustains this line of thinking, it would be a definite break from the Obama administrations policy of promoting a peace process with the Taliban in the belief that a military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan was impossible.

This line of thinking was also promoted by Pakistan, which has harboured the Taliban leadership over the years to serve its own ends and not the cause of peace, according to independent analysts.

But it now appears senior officials in the Trump administration want to end what the top US commander in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson, described as a stalemate in testimony before the US Congress in February.

Speaking in Sydney at the annual US-Australia inter-ministerial dialogue, Mattis described the bot...


Sunday, 11 June 2017 - 7:09pm "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This week, I have been mostly hitting refresh on UK media sites and celebrating the imminent demise of neoliberalism. Otherwise fishing these from the depths of the reading backlog:


Australian government seeks the authority to access peoples social media communications "IndyWatch Feed National"

An increased use of social media by terrorist groups has prompted the Turnbull government to seek changes to the law to allow authorities to decrypt communications. Attorney General George Brandis is seeking cooperation from device makers and social media companies like Apple, Facebook and Google. My concern is the existing laws dont go far


Australia to build first prison aimed at isolating militants "IndyWatch Feed National"


Image may contain: 3 people, people standing

Australian police stand at the site of a siege at the Buckingham Serviced Apartments in Melbourne, Australia, June 6, 2017. AAP/Julian Smith/via REUTERS

SYDNEY:  Australia is to build its first prison aimed at isolating militants and stopping the spread of radical beliefs through the prison system as part of efforts to eliminate terrorism, the premier of New South Wales state said on Sunday (Jun 11).

The unit will be within a maximum-security prison and have capacity for 54 inmates, who will be isolated and intensely monitored, said the states Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Well be giving US$47 million over the next three years to have the extra capacity to isolate those prisoners who are likely to try a spread radicalisation through the prison network, Berejiklian told reporters.

There are 33 people within the New South Wales prison system who have been jailed for terrorist offences, the state government said.

Australia has seen a series of lone wolf Islamist-inspired attacks recently, prompting a review of police tactics and the powers of state and federal authorities.

Were a government taking nothing to chance, well be making sure we continue to have the toughest position in the nation in relation to reducing and eliminating terrorism activity, Berejiklian said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last week signalled a drive to reform parole laws, including a ban on parole for violent offenders with links to militancy, following a deadly siege claimed by the Islamic State group on Monday.

Police shot dead gunman Yacqub Khayre, who was on parole for a violent home invasion, in the city of Melbourne after he killed a man in an apartment block and held a woman hostage for several hours.

Turnbull and Attorney-General George Brandis both launched stinging criticism of state governments, which are responsible for parole laws, after the Melbourne attack.

Australia passed....


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0003 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 3.95 AUD


Football and Politics: Own Goals In The Fight For A Free Palestine "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Palestinian struggle needs to refocus, writes Amin Abbas.

In recent times, Palestinians have been polarised by an unexpected question. Which football club is more supportive of the Jewish state, and less deserving of their support: Barcelona or Real Madrid?

Social media is full of stories and recycled pictures hypothesising over this issue, particularly from Palestinians in the diaspora. A crucial feature of the discussion is the position on the conflict of the two stars of the rival teams, Ronaldo and Messi.

Palestinians have a strong attachment to football and to politics. Conversations about the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been going strong for 50 years this week, and our debates on the question of return turned 69 only a couple of weeks ago.

These discussions echo the resistance journey, varying over three generations from popular revolt to armed struggle to popular uprising or intifada, with the last two decades squandered on negotiations and diplomacy. All came to nought.

Last year a wave of futile knife attacks by despairing youth underlined the state of total hopelessness. Last month, it was the turn of the prisoners to seek world attention for their treatment in Israeli prisons, in a gruelling 50-day hunger strike that ended just last week.

(IMAGE: Rusty Stewart, Flickr)(IMAGE: Rusty Stewart, Flickr)

A significant number of these prisoners are in administrative detention, indefinite incarceration where prisoners are often not even told by Israeli authorities what they are locked up for, or allowed lawyers to represent them. The hunger strike delivered small wins to improve their conditions.

The current impasse is a product of four choking forces: a brutal occupier swollen with far-right arrogance; a detested and divided Palestinian leadership bloated with corruption; regional bloodshed draining international attention; and the fragmentation of a people whose situations range from the oppressed to the depressed to the abandoned to the oblivious.

Over 24 years the supposed peace process delivered remarkable outcomes but only for Israel. The right of return for exiled Palestinians was revised from the central issue to a token footnote, Israeli settlements flourished unrestrained by international law or international intervention and the Palestinian Authority (PA) became the first line of defence for Israe...


Why Labour Are The Real Winners Of The UK Election "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Conservatives appear to have limped to power in the United Kingdom. But they didnt really win the election, writes Dr Cat Moir.

The advantage of being a Brit living in Australia on election night is that, well, its election day  which means you dont have to stay up until 5 in the morning watching every seat be called as you nervously sip your tea or your beer.

Instead, it means refreshing your browser every 20  seconds while you spend all day pretending to be more than physically present in your workplace.

As a UK Labour Party supporter and member, who saw her party go into this election still 12 points behind the Tories according to some polls, it was a delight for me to see Labour ahead by several seats up until about 500 of 650 had been called.

At that point, the Tories took over, ultimately winning a total of 318 seats to Labours 262.

Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May called this election as a show of force in order to strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations.

On those terms it has spectacularly failed: under May, the Conservatives have lost their majority.

British Prime Minister Theresa May addresses media on March 22, shortly after a terrorist attack on Westminster. (IMAGE: Number 10, Flickr)British Prime Minister Theresa May addresses media on March 22, shortly after a terrorist attack on Westminster. (IMAGE: Number 10, Flickr)

The Tories 318 seats were short of the 326 needed to form a majority government.

The result was a hung parliament, with the Conservatives as the largest party seeking to form either a formal coalition, or a confidence and supply arrangement in which a smaller party or parties provide support on passing key legislation.

They have now obtained agreement for confidence and supply from the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, led by Arlene Foster.

Although in Mays campaign sloganeering the Tories would provide a strong and stable government, theres nothing strong or stable about the new arrangement: the DUP won just 10 seats, which gives the government a hairs breadth majority of just 328.

There is also more than a whiff of hypocrisy in the fact that, after May attacked Corbyn over his record on terrorism, she has now formed an alliance with a party......


This is not a debt letter "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Monday, 5 June 2017
Period debt occurred: 
July 2010 to June 2011
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Parenting Payment
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes in process
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

I have only received the initial letter, which states "This is not a debt letter"

However this is the second letter in my family, my son was one of the first to receive a debt letter, unfortunately at that time we were unaware of the overwhelming enormity of the situation.
I didn't fight the actual debt in his case, but I was successful in having his payments reduced from $70 per fortnight, out of Youth Allowance, to $15.

Now I have a letter requesting details for the 2010/2011 tax year



Jay Manby: Instinct at Lone Goat Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Jay Manby: Instinct
June 16 until July 05 2017
Opening Friday June 16 6PM 8PM
Lone Goat Gallery 28 Lawson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Jay Manby presents Instinct New Paintings and Works on Paper at Lone Goat Gallery.

Jays works are all evocative of an Aussie rogue spiritchaos and symmetrycoloured with the brilliance of the landscapelouche and sweet. Zika Vuletic

Jay Manbys work is driven by process. He is opportunistic, recycling and making use of incidental elements that push a work towards revealing its true nature. The process begins in the abstract, and at a certain point, the narrative enters.

Working from his studio or on the lawn of his home in the Northern New South Wales countryside, allows Jay complete freedom to move around a canvas. He likes to work large- there is an unbridled physicality to his work that demands scale. Much like action painting, the canvases see-saw between order and chaos. This brings a fragile tension and energy to the work.

Jay studied Design, Image Making and Visual Communications at the University of Technology Sydney and worked as a celebrated designer and art director for many years before heeding the call to his true artistic purpose: an exciting and authentic new painter.

Jay is known for creating some of the iconic imagery in Australias music industry. He has been nominated for an Aria for album design (Cruel Sea), and his work has been collected by Sydneys Powerhouse Museum. He has presented solo shows at the Lismore Arts Centre including Unwild (2012) and Bird of Paradise (2011).

From 2014-16 Jay has worked in black and white and square format only, creating an exciting new body of work titled Got ID. A visual study into digital identity. He is also making an animated film based on these 44 works. Themes of Identity continue in his new work.

In 2016/17 Jay has been working on a number of new series of paintings as well as a large collection of works on paper. In mid-June 2017, he will present Instinct an exhibition of recent works at Lone Goat Gallery Byron Bay.

June 16 until July 05 2017
Open From 10-4pm daily

Learn more at


ICC Champions Trophy: Bangladesh in, Australia out "IndyWatch Feed National"

England defeated Australia today in a rain-shortened game with the result that Australia did not make the semi-final round of the ICC Champions Trophy tournament, a shock for this perennial cricket powerhouse. As a result, Bangladesh now joins England (who had already qualified) in that round, a result that must be causing massive celebrations in that cricket-mad country. Bangladesh have shown that they are no longer capable of just the occasional win, since their first match with England was closely fought and they also beat New Zealand. They also beat England and eliminated them from the 2015 World Cup and now they have done the same for Australia. In 2015 they made it to the quarterfinal round and thus this is their best showing so far. If they and England win their semi-final games against opponents that will be determined after Sunday and Mondays games, the final will be between them, mirroring the opening game.

Although rain affected all three of Australias matches such that two ended in no results, they still played well below par. England definitely outplayed them today and in their two games where rain resulted in no-decisions, it was a wash (pardon the pun). New Zealand looked like they would beat them but they seemed to have the better of Bangladesh.

As for England, for the longest time they seemed to have difficulty getting the hang of the shortened forms of the game and would lose to teams of lesser ability. They finally seem to have got their strategy figured out and are winning more consistently. Aided by the fact that the tournament is being played in England and they have familiarity with the cold and damp conditions there, it would not be a surprise to see them win the championship, especially if India, a team that regularly beats them, gets eliminated before the finals.

So we are in for an exciting final phase of the tournament, as long as the rain keeps away.


Sami blood, film on racism in Sweden "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video says about itself:

26 January 2017

Eliza Morris interviews Director Amanda Kernell about her new film Sami Blood.

By David Walsh in the USA:

10 June 2017

There are still compelling reasons to pay attention to interesting, artistic films, such as Sami Blood (Sweden), Past Life (Israel) and Radio Dreams (Iran-US), all of which opened in the US in early June.

Most of the films in movie theaters in the US at the moment are poor, juvenile or worse. As a result, the public is increasingly turning away. From 2009 through 2012, North American box office grew by slightly less than two percent. 2016 was one of the worst years in the history of the American film industry in terms of ticket sales per person. The decline seems likely to continue this year. Revenues climb solely because of the rising cost of movie tickets.

The exhaustion of the large film studios (i.e., conglomerates) collective imagination has reached a dangerous, nearly provocative level.

Sami Blood

There are films that are painful and pleasurable at the same time. Amanda Kernells Sami Blood, from Sweden, is not an easy film to watch. It creates considerable unease and anxiety, reflecting the internally conflicted, nearly impossible situation of its central character.

The film, Kernells first feature-length work, is set in Sweden primarily in the 1930s. Elle Marja (Lene Cecilia Sparrok), 14, is a reindeer-herding Sami girl, who is sent to a state boarding school aimed at civilizing its students.

The Samis are an indigenous people inhabiting northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. Like other indigenous peoples, they have long faced racism and oppression.

One of the early scenes is memorable. Elle Marja is rowing herself and her younger sister, Njenna (Mia Sparrok), across a beautiful, tranquil lake. They are on their way to the boarding school, leaving their mother and everyone they know behind. Njenna cries quietly. I dont want to go, she says simply, while her sister pulls the oars.

Elle Marja is a bright, ambitious girl. She wants very much to assimilate into the Swedish population. She sharply tells her sister, You must speak Swedish. Meanwhile local farm boys call them.........


its funny cause its true ~ Steve Hughes "IndyWatch Feed National"

This Aussie comedian hits the nail on the head regarding terrorism. Theres nothing more moronic than going to war against a concept.




Vaccine Skepticism In Australia Now Punishable By 10 Years In Jail "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian nurses and midwives who dare to speak out against the dangers of vaccinations on social media or in person will be prosecuted, the Australian government has warned, urging members of the public to report [...]


Safely out of harm's way at ANU in Canberra former Director US National Intelligence James Clapper dumps on Trump, while the former Director of US Federal Bureau of Investigation signposts Trump's journey towards obstruction of justice "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

"I have to say though, I think if you compare the two that Watergate pales, really, in my view, compared to what we're confronting now."
 [Professor James Clapper, quoted in ABC News online, 7 May 2017]

Excerpt from 7 May 2017National  Press Club Address by Professor James Clapper AO, US Director of National Intelligence 9 August 2010-20 January 2017:

I will speak more about the depth and breadth of the relationship between the United States and Australia at an event with another great friend and colleague, Kim Beazley, next week. But I know you all want to hear about the current state of US politics, so let me delve into that.
There is well-founded concern here about our current administration and its emerging foreign policy generally, toward this region, and specifically toward Australia. And that is one reason I wanted to come here, and one reason wh...


Blogger charged with contempt ordered to serve Attorney-Generals with Notice of a Constitutional Matter "IndyWatch Feed National"

The pursuit of me by the Supreme Court of NSW for contempt has stepped up a notch with the court ordering me to serve all Australian Attorney-Generals with a Notice of a Constitutional Matter pursuant to section 78B of the Judiciary Act 1903. This article is an update as to where the proceedings are at and []

Saturday, 10 June


Koalas being driven towards extinction "IndyWatch Feed National"

Habitat clearance, disease, dog attacks, car hits, and climate change are threatening the survival of Australias most iconic animal.


The effects of climate change on koalas and the ravages of diseases such as chlamydia were main issues raised at a national conference about the beleaguered animal, and delegates heard that koalas are already functionally extinct in some areas of Australia.

There were some success stories, such as the population of koalas increasing to more than 3,000 in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, and positive collaboration with the local council in Ipswich, and there have been numerous advances in scientific research.

However, koalas continue to die in their thousands as their habitat disappears, and they are killed by dogs, in car hits, and in bushfires.

It was made clear at the conference that, for koalas to survive, protection of their habitat has to be the top priority.

Nearly two hundred people attended the three-day conference, which was held in Port Macquarie in the eastern state of New South Wales.

The event was entitled Their Future is in our Hands and was organised by the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, with the backing of the local council.

The conference brought together a wide range of delegates, including carers, campaigners, scientists, and veterinarians.


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