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Thursday, 06 July


TAS Investigations into attack on police officers vehicle "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 23 December 2013 1:53 pm.

Tasmania Police has established a taskforce of detectives to investigate the attacks on the vehicle of a Devonport police officer.

About 9.25pm on Saturday, 21 December 2013 police responded to a loud explosion in Steele Street, Devonport. A 2001 gold Nissan Patrol belonging to a police officer was damaged using an explosive device. The officer had only arrived home about 5 minutes previously.

The explosive device broke the windscreen, and shattered glass throughout the vehicle.

It is extremely concerning that a vehicle parked outside the home of a police officer has been subject to this type of damage on two occasions, said Commissioner Darren Hine.

Police will not tolerate this type of dangerous activity. The explosion could have injured the officer, his family or members of the public in the area, said Mr Hine.

We have a team of detectives from Drug Investigations Services and CIB, led by an Inspector, to investigate the incidents. A specific line of inquiry is being investigated in relation to the type of explosive substance.

The same vehicle was damaged in similar circumstances on the evening of 19 November. On that occasion an attempt was made to set the vehicle on fire with a flammable liquid, scorching the paintwork.

The officer and his wife have young children, who were at home on both occasions the vehicle was attacked. Their safety and the safety of the police officer are a priority, said Mr Hine.

Understandably the officers family is very upset by the incidents. They are being offered support and counselling. Additional security measures for the officer and his family are also being implemented.

Police are asking for anyone who may have seen either incident in which the vehicle was damaged, or anyone acting suspiciously in the area, to contact them on Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

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TAS Stolen Firearms West Moonah "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 23 December 2013 9:08 am.

During the late evening of Saturday 21/12/13 and the early hours of 22/12/13 unknown persons have entered a motor vehicle parked in a private driveway at Fourth Avenue, West Moonah. Two firearms, which were contained in a key locked firearms case, were stolen from inside the vehicle.

Firearms stolen include a .22 magnum rifle with telescopic sight and a Lever action .22 rifle. The case was black in colour and around 120cm in length.

Investigations are continuing regarding the theft of the firearms. A male person will be proceeded against by summons for storage offences under the Firearms Act.

Search CrimeView For 62302881

Tasmania Police remind firearms owners they must comply with the storage requirements of the Firearms Act.

Police would like to hear from anyone who has information in relation to this matter or any other stolen or unregistered firearms in the community by contacting Glenorchy CIB on 62302881 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Yet another Liberal-Nationals publicly funded program ripe for rorting by the private sector "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Remember the pile on to hoover money from the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive program administered by the Tax Office and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science or the debacle which is the Vocational Education and Training program?

Well now the Turnbull Government has decided this is great idea. What could possibly go wrong?

HuffPost, 3 April 2017:

CANBERRA A voluntary internship program, designed to get young people eventually into work, has just been kicked off by the Turnbull Government despite widespread concern about its efficacy and potential for youth exploitation.

Under the Youth Jobs PaTH Program, an unemployed or disadvantage young person under 25 years will be paid an extra $200 a fortnight "incentive" on top of the usual income support payments to complete an internship of between four to 12 weeks.

Businesses partaking in the program will receive an upfront bonus of $1,000 for taking on an intern and get an additional $6,500 if the internship t...


Jana from Block G20 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indymedias Ray Grenfell speaks to Jana, an organizer with the Block G20 demonstration that aims to shut down the city and creatively but militantly stop delegates arriving to the G20 conference in Hamburg.


Anti-nuclear camp at G20 in Hamburg "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indymedias Ray Grenfell speaks to Bre who is organizing one of the camps at the global G20 summit in Germany. There has been heavy police repression of camping in the city with police removing protesters from established camping spots. Ray spoke to Bre as they were building a new camp in the grounds of a []


Trump's America reaches dangerous toxicity levels "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The United States of America is becoming a nation to fear.

If the checks and balances within its political structure continue to fracture and the propaganda narrative that those who oppose the Trump Regime are 'evil' grows in volume and intensity, then a destabilised, disintegrating America gone rogue lurching across the international stage is likely to injure us all.

US President Donald J. Trump at a Washington faith rally on Saturday, 1 July 2017

National Rifle Association of America call to arms against citizens who oppose Trump

Somehow this scenario doesnt seem so farfetched anymore:



Sea Watch at G20 Protests "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indymedias Ray Grenfell speaks to Max from sea rescue organization Sea Watch. The group engage in direct action to rescue refugees and migrants in the mediterranean sea. Max discussed the relevance of G20 and why the organization are demonstrating in the protests. More about Sea Watch: Since the year 2000 more than 23.000 people died []

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Wednesday, 05 July


Your Body is No Longer Yours: Australia has Become the First Country to Microchip its Citizens "IndyWatch Feed National"

J.D. Heyes, Natural News
Waking Times Media

You may not have noticed, but there are two kinds of countries in the world these days: Dictatorships led by authoritarians and democracies that are slowly being taken over by authoritarians. Put Australia into the latter.

Organic & Healthy reports that the land Down Under has become the first nation to begin microchipping its citizens, though NBC Newspredicted some years ago that, by 2017, Americans would all be microchipped.

Australias drive to implant citizens with what many believe is the Biblical mark of the beast is a clever propaganda campaign that equates RFID microchipping with becoming superhuman, and people are begging for it, noted.

Its all about convenience

One Australian woman, Shanti Korporaal, from Sydney, is at the center of a controversy after having implants inserted in both hands. You could set up your life so you never have to worry about any passwords or PINs, she told

The idea is that microchip implants give you a unique identifier, so your implant can be used to get into locked doors, transfer personal information to smart phones and other personal devices and, of course, allow you to be tracked everywhere you go by government.

Why would anyone voluntarily want to do that? One word, says one microchipping recipient: Convenience.

As bad as it is to carry cards around that transfer personal and financial data to massive (hackable) databases and smartphones that serve as personal tracking devices again, out of convenience  you at least have the option (for now) of leaving them behind when you go somewhere.

You dont have to take a smartphone with you, or at minimum you can...


Why I Walk Everywhere And You Should Too "IndyWatch Feed National"

Imagine if you could transport yourself from one place to another without paying an exuberant amount in congestion charges or a single cent to overenthusiastic vendors. Imagine travelling tax free, and in a way that saved the planet at the same time. Imagine if this technology was so cheap, easy-to-use, culturally sensitive and readily available the world over that it could be used by every single person, every single day. How amazing is science and technology in the 21st century? We have come so far since our primal great-great-great-great grandparents hoisted themselves up on two legs and began to walk the Earth.

Or have we?

Walking is no new concept. Our ancestors have been propelling one foot in front of the other for thousands of years. As people have gotten lazier, and the technology we use every day has gotten crazier, we seem to have forgotten how handy walking can be. Especially when we are all poor hobos catching budget flights the world over with carry-on baggage only, layering all our jumpers and ski jackets in such a fashion that if we were to sink over the Indian Ocean, we wouldnt require use of any self-inflating life vests. Walking is not only the laypersons greatest asset, but it is one of the greatest tools a traveller could ever utilise. To prove it, I present to you the following.

More pasta, more Pringles, more Prosecco

There is no way I ever could have persisted with a pack-a-day Haribo gummy confectionary habit throughout two months in Europe if I hadnt have been walking my bloody arse off day in and day out. Im sure most dieticians would agree this isnt a sustainable (or healthy) practice. But when you walk everywhere, anything is possible. Just ate a whole pizza? Good. You should be carb loading anyway for your afternoon climb up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Food is fuel, and all the more important when you are committing to the cheapest form of transport available.

Its free

Seriously, name another mode of transport with that kind of guarantee. We can barely afford public transport at home, how are we supposed to extend this privilege to overseas travel when we dont even have our weekly incomes to rely on?  There are far better things you could spend money on rather than be squished into a space barely larger than your tightest pair of jeans on a grimy underground train breathing recycled air. Just think, that spare change could be put towards air-conditioned hostel rooms, a bottle of red (or three) and surfing lessons. Even a...


The Joint Intelligence Organisation; satellite re-entries, and UAP "IndyWatch Feed National"


On 26 May 1981, G A Perske, Group Captain, Directorate of Air Force Intelligence and Security (DAFIS), Department of Defence, wrote a memo to the Directorate of Chief of Air Staff. The title of the memo was 'Investigation of Unusual Aerial Sightings (UAS).'

Paragraph 6 is of interest to me, as it reads:

'6. The only advantage I see in retaining UAS investigation responsibilities are:

a. it allows a security oversight of unusual events which, on the odd occasion, may have some military implication;

b. it provides 'cover' if we wish to investigate some incident, not necessarily related , in more detail; and 

c. it provides some minor PR advantages (questionable) to the RAAF.'

(Source: NAA file series A703, control symbol 554/1/30 part 3.)

I always wondered what paragraph 6b meant. Now I think I know.

Chinese launch failure

On 12 January 1981 the then Director of the Joint Intelligence Organisation, A W McMichael, forwarded a three page 'Confidential' minute to R N Hamilton, First Assistant Secretary, Strategic & International Policy Division. (Source: NAA file series A4090, control symbol 529/1/16 part 1. )

Paragraph 11 of this minute reads:

'The Missiles, Space and Electronic Section of the Defence Scientific and Technical Intelligence Branch JIO, maintain a link with DAFIS, and often, we are able to isolate and identify space objects re-entering the earth's atmosphere over Australia. The RAAF's routine procedures for investigating Unusual Aerial Sightings were extremely valuable in the field investigations associated with the Chinese satellite launch failure and subsequent re-entry in July 1979.'



Talk: Syria, the Rojava Revolution, and the Left "IndyWatch Feed National"

Date and Time: 
Saturday, July 22, 2017 -
2:00pm to 5:00pm

The Kurdish-led Rojava Revolution in northern Syria is arguably the most progressive political project in the Middle East today. Navigating a progressive course in the difficult context of the Syrian civil war, the Kurds are fighting against terrible odds while steadfastly building a revolutionary experiment in democracy and autonomy

Paul Rubner will give a talk focussing on the aims, ideas, and prospects of the Rojava Revolution, and will discuss issues raised by this exemplary revolutionary phenomenon, and attempt to assess the varying attitudes within the Left towards it.

The talk will be followed by discussion.

Please note that Jura aims to be a Safer Space. If we wish to enact social change, we must implement that change in our daily behaviours. This means that violence, harassment and abuse will not be tolerated in any form. This can be based on gender, sexual preference, race, socio-economic status, political beliefs, physical abilities, class, age, physical appearance, religion, and a myriad of other factors. For more information, see

For some background reading, check out this great article by Dilar Dirik, an activist of the Kurdish womens movemen:

Artwork is by Javier de Riba, for Roar Magazine:


Australia: Adani Coal Protesters Shut Down Commbank Bank Branches "IndyWatch Feed National"

from Front Line Action

Newcastle At least seven Commbank branches have been shut to customers because of peaceful protests organised due to Commbanks refusal to rule out funding the Adani coal mine. Over 300 people are participating in todays decentralised action with more branch locations targeted.

Protesters are undertaking protests at branches across greater Newcastle, calling on the bank to reveal whether it will continue to fund new coal projects, including the proposed Adani coal project in north Queensland the largest coal mine proposal in Australias history.

At the Junction Commbank, 95 year old Kokoda veteran Bill Ryan said, Opening new coal mines is a direct threat to the future of todays youth and generations to come. The Adani mine holds enough coal to spell disaster for the climate and would bring more frequent and severe weather events, and devastation to the Great Barrier Reef. I feel morally compelled to do whatever I can to help stop this tragedy occurring.

Uncle Ken Dodd is an elder of the Biriah and Widi people in far North Queensland on Country that would be impacted by the Adani mine. It is our responsibility to protect land, water and culture. I am a Commbank customer of 45 years and will close my account today. I encourage all First Nations people to leave Commbank for its impacts on sacred Country.

Commbank is out of step with the Australian population who overwhelmingly support a transition to renewable energy and are concerned about climate impacts. As the only one of the big four banks still failing to distance itself from Adani, Commbank risks further damage to its reputation, said Kudra Fallen, a protest participant and student from Melbourne.

Commbank provides financial services, and has done $1027 million in deals with Adani.

Lending to big coal is now like lending to big tobacco its impacts are devastating and its socially unacceptable. Across Australia we will ramp up our actions until CommBank stand up for the climate by ruling out funding this megamine, finished Kudra.

Media liaison
Ed Mortimer: 0425 783 738

For further comment:
Kudra Falla: 0423 225 894
Bill Ryan: 0488 689 565
Ken Dodd: 0468 807 401

For more details about the campaign visit www.stop...


TAS Vehicle Damage at Steele Street Devonport "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 23 December 2013 9:04 am.

Approximately 9.25 pm on Saturday 21 December 2013 police responded to a loud explosion in Steele Street, Devonport.

Upon arrival it was ascertained that a 2001 gold Nissan Patrol had been damaged using an explosive device.

The vehicle is owned by a police officer and has been subject to damage in recent weeks.

Police are seeking any information from the community that may be able to assist with the investigation. Persons with information are encouraged to contact Devonport CIB or Crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.

This sort of activity cannot be tolerated within any community police serve Western District Commander, Lauchland Avery said.

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TAS House Fire at 8 Carslake Street Clarendon Vale "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 23 December 2013 9:00 am.

At 11:19pm Saturday 21 December 2013, Tasmania Police and Tasmania Fire Service were notified of a house fire at 8 Carslake Street, Clarendon Vale. Tasmania Fire Service attended and extinguished the fire shortly after arrival.

The residence is privately owned and no person was present at the time. The house has sustained damage to an estimate of $5,000.

Search CrimeView For 62302685

Police and Tasmania Fire service have determined the fire to have been deliberately lit.

Any members of the public with information are encouraged to contact Bellerive CIB 62302685 or Crime stoppers (1800 333 000). Rewards may be provided to people who provide information leading to a conviction.

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Topic ACT Perp "IndyWatch Feed National"

CrimeView Topic crimeviewactperp

Find a ACT perp by name.

CrimeView Topic ACT ___ crimeviewtopicact

ACT sorted data.

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What Monopoly? Blockchain Startup Setl Sets Sights Beyond Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Blockchain startup Setl opens up about its strategy for the Australian post-trade system, a market long dominated by a monopoly.



TAS Former Catholic Brother charged with historical assaults upon two school boys "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thursday, 19 December 2013 12:53 pm.

NSW Police Force Media Release

Sex Crimes Squad detectives have arrested a former Catholic Brother for alleged historical sexual offences against two children at a western Sydney school.

Strike Force Avia was established in October 2011 to investigate alleged assaults upon a number of children on school grounds at a Catholic college at Blacktown and a Catholic primary school at Lalor Park in the 1980s.

Three men, two teachers and a former Catholic Brother, have previously been arrested and charged by Strike Force Avia detectives.

About 11.30am yesterday (Wednesday, 18 December 2013) a fourth man, a former Catholic Brother, was arrested at Penrith Railway Station and taken to Penrith Police Station.

The 58-year-old Lithgow man was charged with 20 offences in total, comprising two counts of buggery, 13 counts of indecent assault on male, and five counts of indecent act with male, relating to offences against two boys aged between nine and 11.

The incidents are alleged to have occurred between January 1980 and May 1981 when the former Brother worked at the Catholic college in Blacktown.

He was refused bail to appear at Penrith Local Court today (Thursday, 19 December 2013).

Meanwhile, the investigation is ongoing and Strike Force Avia detectives continue to appeal for anyone with information to assist them to come forward.

In particular, they believe a person residing in Tasmania could have information integral to their ongoing inquiries and are urging them to contact police.

State Crime Commands Sex Crimes Squad is comprised of experienced detectives dedicated to investigating crimes of a sexual nature, regardless of the passage of time.

Any person who has been a victim of sexual abuse, no matter how long ago the incident occurred, is encouraged to make a report at their local police station.

Anyone with information about sexual abuse should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

We remind people they should not report crime information via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Issued by NSW Police Force Media Unit

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TAS Male Charged With Attempted Armed Robberies "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 17 December 2013 11:13 am.

On the 16th December Hobart CIB Detectives charged a 35 yr old Clarendon Vale male with 2 counts of attempted armed robbery which both occurred on the 26th November 2013.

On both occasions the male entered pharmacies, one being Jerry Hamptons Pharmacy in North Hobart and the other the Rosny Park Pharmacy at Bayfield Street Rosny Park, during the robberies the male demanded Morphine whilst armed with scissors, he was unsuccessful on both occasions.

The male was charged and held for court and will appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court on the morning of 17th December.

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MACKAY Mackay man accused of string of sex crimes "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 05, 2017 at 12:48PM ,

Mackay man accused of string of sex crimes

July 05, 2017 at 12:48PM ,

During his hearing, several men sitting in Mackay Magistrates Courts public gallery spat heated insults under their breath. They called the 25-year-old

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Topic ACT Gallery "IndyWatch Feed National"

crimeviewtopicact EDIT

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TAS Wounding Incident Man Arrested and Charged "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thursday, 12 December 2013 8:44 am.

At approximately 11:30am today, police were called to attend a disturbance on Main Road Rosetta.

Upon arrival it was ascertained two men who were known to each other have engaged in a verbal argument. One of the men has smashed the window of a car. The owner of the car has used a pair of scissors to cause a 4 cm laceration to the back of the other parties head.

The 32 year old victim from Claremont was conveyed to the Royal Hobart Hospital by ambulance to have a laceration treated. The injuries were not life threatening and he was released from hospital.

A 42 year old man from Bellerive was arrested at the scene, he was later charged with one count of wounding and will appear in court.

It is noted the parties were known to each other and this was an isolated event.

Tasmania Police would like to thank members of the public who reported the matter to police and remained at the scene to provide further information.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is requested to ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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TAS Police officer charged with assault "IndyWatch Feed National"

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 4:20 pm.

Court proceedings will be taken against a 36 year old Constable from Southern District on allegations of assault.

It will be alleged that in May and June 2013, he assaulted a woman with whom he was in a significant relationship. He was not on duty at the time.

Professional Standards investigated after a complaint was made in August.

The Constable will be summonsed to appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court on four counts of assault arising from the two separate incidents.

The Constable will remain on duty, in a non-operational capacity, while the matters are dealt with by the court.

It is not appropriate to comment further on this matter as it is before the court.

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Topic ACT Town "IndyWatch Feed National"

CrimeView Topic crimeviewacttown

Find crime by ACT town or area.

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TAS Wounding Incident Man Arrested "IndyWatch Feed National"

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 2:27 pm.

At approximately 11:30am today (11 December 2013), police were called to attend a disturbance on Main Road, Rosetta.

Upon arrival it was ascertained two men who were known to each other have engaged in a verbal argument. One of the men has smashed the window of a car. The owner of the car has used a pair of scissors to cause a 4cm laceration to the back of the other parties head.

A 42 year old man from Bellerive was arrested at the scene and conveyed to the Hobart Police Station whilst enquiries are conducted.

The 32 year victim from Claremont was conveyed to the Royal Hobart Hospital by ambulance to have the laceration treated. The injuries are not life threatening and it is expected the victim will be shortly released from hospital.

It is noted the parties were known to each other and this was an isolated event.

Tasmania Police would like to thank members of the public who reported the matter to police and remained at the scene to provide further information.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is requested to ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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TAS Stolen motor vehicle set alite in West Hobart "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 9:50 am.

Stolen motor vehicle set alite, causing damage to residence in Brisbane Street West Hobart.

At about 12.50 am on Tuesday, 10 December 2013 Tasmania Police and Tasmania Fire service responded to an unoccupied motor vehicle on fire that had rolled through the front fence of a Brisbane Street West Hobart residence.

Upon the arrival of Tasmania police the vehicle, a 1994 Subaru station wagon, was totally engulfed in fire. The occupants of the Brisbane Street residence were evacuated via the rear of the premises by attending police.

Search CrimeView For subaru

The vehicle was completely destroyed by fire. Damage occurred to the front fencing of the Brisbane Street address and minor heat damage occurred to the timber residence due to the close proximity of the vehicle to the front veranda.

No persons were injured as a result of this incident.

The vehicle was reported stolen from a nearby street in the West Hobart area and was uninsured at the time.

Police are seeking witnesses to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or Hobart CIB on 131 444.

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Topic ACT News "IndyWatch Feed National"

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TAS Copper Mines of Tasmania Names of deceased released "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 9:41 am.

Tasmania Police advise that the second deceased has been recovered from underground at Mt Lyell.

Both deceased will be conveyed to Hobart later tonight (9 December).

The next of kin have consented to the names of the deceased being released.

The deceased are:

  • Craig Nigel GLEESON (45 years) of Queenstown
  • Alistair Michael LUCAS (25 years) of Queenstown

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TAS Mount Lyell Workplace Incident "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 9 December 2013 2:27 pm.

Tasmania Police has confirmed that two employees of the Mount Lyell mine at Queenstown have died in a workplace incident today.

Emergency services were called to the mine site just before 11am this morning.

Two workers were reported to have been seriously injured inside the mine.

Both men died at the scene as a result of their injuries. The body of one of the deceased men has been taken to the West Coast District Hospital at Queenstown. The body of the second man remains at the site of the incident.

The men, aged 25 and 45, from Queenstown, were employees of Copper Mines of Tasmania. Next of kin of the men have been notified.

Investigations into the incident are continuing.

Police forensics officers and Workplace Standards are attending the scene. The Coroner will also attend.

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Would you trust these men with your personal health information? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The darknet vendor says they are exploiting a vulnerability which has a much more solid foundation which means not only will it be a lot faster and easier for myself, but it will be here to stay. I hope, lol. [The Guardian, 4 July 2017]
Left to Right...


Turnbulls internships to provide cheap labour "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Malcolm Turnbull says he has a jobs plan and this is to provide 10,000 young unemployed people with 12-week job placements in major retailers. Those between 15 and 24 will be affected.

Our prime minister has also been kind enough to say that those given these PaTh Internships, will be allowed to continue getting their Centrelink payments and they will get an extras $200 per week on top of this.

They will get a start at a job and, you know what, they could go on to great heights, he said

This is such a great deal that perhaps he should demand to be paid $450 per week too. Imagine. Even his mates sitting on company boards, or living off share dividend might also want part of the action.

Hang on. Back in the real world, it could be that Malcolm and friends may not appreciate the joy of being turned into a source of cheap labour, for this is exactly what these internships are.

The Australian Retailers Association chief executive Russel Zimmerman can say that that this will provide the underprivileged, with access to the same opportunity that some of Australias most successful business people have had. But he knows very well that this is a scheme that is going to encourage businesses to use up people and then get rid of them, as soon as the government subsidy cuts out. If he doesnt grasp this reality, he should not be at the helm of a large organisation.

It is no secret that the already existing work for the dole scheme operates in this way and it very rarely leads towards a pathway to permanent employment. So much so that it being criticised from all quarters. It has led to cheap labour and some being forced to perform unsafe work that has caused injury and even death.

In the first place, any program that is going to provide a career path must be based on permanent employment, with guaranteed adequate training. Training needs to be guaranteed, so that those taken on are not merely used up to perform menial tasks. And the provision of a career path and training  this must be under the supervision of a proper government authority. A government subsidy to employers is all right, so long as there is a contractual obligation to maintain employment after this has run out.

Turnbull, nor the employment minister Michaelia Cash have mentioned these needs. It must then be assumed that they wont be provided.

If the purpose is to reduce unemployment, placements must be on guarantee full wages. Without this, the result will be that  existing  secure jobs will be replaced by insecure, low paying jobs and no progress will be made in reducing real unemployment.

The scheme only makes sense if this is exactly what the purpose is.

It brings us to the truth...


Australia - New report rejects anti-fluoride propaganda says MP "IndyWatch Feed National"

A REPORT into the effectiveness of fluoride in drinking water has rejected the lies and propaganda of anti-fluoride activists on the North Coast says the NSW Opposition health spokesman.

Labor Party MLC Walt Secord said the findings in the information paper Water fluoridation: dental and other human health outcomes from the National Health and Medical Research Council, demolished the "myths, distortions, conspiracy theories and outright lies of anti-fluoridation conspiracists.

Mr Secord called on anti-fluoride protestors - especially recent active ones on the North Coast - to read the report in its entirety. Currently, 93% of NSW has fluoridation.

The report can be found here

The report's found:

Evidence shows that water fluoridation at current Australian levels reduces the occurrence and severity of tooth decay. (p58)
Water fluoridation at current Australian levels is not associated with cognitive dysfunction, lowered IQ, cancer, hip fracture and Down syndrome. (p58)
There is no reliable evidence of an association between water fluoridation at current Australian levels and other human health outcomes. (p58)
There is no reliable evidence of an association between water fluoridation at current Australian levels and chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, heart disease and high blood pressure, low birth weight, mortality, certain muscle and skeletal effects, thyroid function, and self-report health outcomes. (p 43)
Fluoride is found widely in the earth's crust and occurs naturally in water and many foods. (p55)
The report looked at evidence from New Zealand, Britain, South Korea, Brazil, Israel and Australia.

Fluoride was first introduced in Tasmania in 1953, followed by Yass in NSW in 1956. There are several NSW communities resisting efforts to introduce fluoride into their water supply.

Grafton's water supply was fluoridated in 1964.

Grafton Daily Examiner

Lies and propaganda of anti-fluoride activists! 

I feel the same way about anything the pro fluoride zealots publish. I no longer believe their findings. Notice no mention of fluorosis in the above.


Nick Xenophon reaches top tier in Australia's new Parlous Parliamentary System of Government "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Westminster System served Australia well. It withstood Rudd, weathered Gillard and was getting its breath back as Tony Abbott turned the switch from vaudeville to boring. Then The Chairman and Sideshow Julie delivered the coup de grace. Ever since it's been out with the old and in with the...


UNESCO asked to observe minute's silence at meeting near Auschwitz death camp - instead delegates ask for silence for Palestine "IndyWatch Feed National"

The UN's UNESCO body is meeting right now in the Polish city Krakow. From Krakow it's a short bus ride to Auschwitz. The smell of the Nazi crematoria wafted through the site where UNESCO is meeting. Watch Israel's delegate explain why he's asked UNESCO to stand for a minutes silence...


Water fluoridation and human health in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Community water fluoridation is the adjustment of fluoride in drinking water to reach a level that can help to reduce tooth decay.
In Australia, community water fluoridation programs are considered a safe and effective way of reducing tooth decay across the population. Tooth decay is one of the most common health problems in Australia. It can cause pain, difficulty eating and sleeping, and may make people feel unhappy about their appearance.  In Australia, dental health has improved since water fluoridation began in the 1950s. Compared to their parents generation, Australians born after 1970 (when the majority of water fluoridation programs commenced in Australia) have about half the level of tooth decay.1
Along with a healthy diet, good oral hygiene, appropriate use of fluoridated toothpaste and regular dental check-ups, water fluoridation is an effective public health measure to prevent tooth decay.

Have your say

NHMRC has released its Draft Public Statement 2017: Water fluoridation and human health in Australia (draft 2017 Public Statement) for public consultation. This contains NHMRCs recommendation on community water fluoridation, and a proposed range within which NHMRC supports states and territories fluoridating their drinking water supplies. It reflects the latest evidence on the potential link between water fluoridation and human health relevant to Australia.
To provide feedback on the draft 2017 Public Statement visit the NHMRC Public Consultation Portal. Consultation is open until 3 August 2017.


Mad Dog Mattis puts a hold on plans for transgender people in the US armed forces "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just over a year ago we reported on the ADF members who went to a transgender chin-wag in Washington DC - courtesy of Australian taxpayers. The conference was being held because back then in the Obama era it was full steam ahead to full gender versatility in the US forces....


Article: Domestic violence half-yearly update: The numbers we need to know "IndyWatch Feed National"

You could fill the MCG eight times over with children living in Australia right now who have been or will be sexually abused.

If you emptied out Brisbane you could completely refill the city with Australian survivors of sexual violence.

750,000 rapists live in Australia and have never been held accountable for their crimes. Youd have to empty Newcastle, Geelong and Darwin to house them all and 98 per cent of them would be men.

Read the full article on the Sydney Morning Herald


Justin Trudeau apologises and pays $10M compo to Al Quaida bomb-maker who admitted to killing US Medic "IndyWatch Feed National"

Meet Canada's newest multi-millionaire. Omar Khadr. Khadr murdered US Army medic Christopher Speer with a grenade. At 15 he was apprenticed into the family's bomb-making business to kill infidels. He's on video building improvised explosive devices - the same gutless bombs that have killed and maimed Australian troops. After he...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0003 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 3.35 AUD


Australia Has Become The First Country To Microchip Its Citizens!!! "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article was originally published at Choice and Truth .

Australia may become the first country in the world to microchip its public. NBC news predicted that all Americans would be microchipped by 2017, but it seems Australia may have already beaten them to it.

Back in 2010, CBS news reported that the Australian government had a potential RFID microchipping plan in the works related to the health care system.

Now, it seems that this plan is beginning to unfold but the push is not a result of mandated health care reforms, but rather a clever propaganda campaign that equates RFID microchipping with becoming superhuman, and people are begging for it.
Under the headline Australians embracing super-human microchip technology, Australias premier media outlet (News Corp Australia) reports:
It may sound like sci-fi, but hundreds of Australians are turning themselves into super-humans who can unlock doors, turn on lights and log into computers with a wave of the hand.
Shanti Korporaal, from Sydney, is at the centre of the phenomenon after having two implants inserted under her skin.
Now she can get into work and her car without carrying a card or keys, and says her ultimate goal is to completely do away with her wallet and cards.

ALSO SEE: Bill Gates Announces Microchip for Population Control!

She told

 You could set up your life so you never have to worry about any password or PINs its the same technology as Paypass, so Im hoping youll be able to pay for things with it.

With Opal you get a unique identification number that could be p...


NAIDOC AT NORPA "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Celebrate NAIDOC at NORPA, a free family-friendly celebration on Friday 7 July and Saturday 8 July, held on the lands of the Bundjalung with local and
national artists highlighting cultural matters. NAIDOC at NORPA, Lismore City Hall will feature a free performance by electronic/roots sensation
OKA and local musicians Billy Smith, Teddy Lewis King and Tom Avery; dance performances by The Deadly Bunharms, Bundjalung Nini Nahri-Gali and Muggerah; Black Screen film screenings; music workshops with Darren Compton from Move it Mob Style; basket weaving workshops; Elders storytelling and conversation panels. Uncle Mick and Aunty Thelma will be providing delicious bush tucker on both days including damper, crocodile and kangaroo curries.
We want to provide an experience highlighting the stories of our region that many Australians have not heard, said NAIDOC at NORPA Executive Producer Rhoda Roberts This is a hands on engagement that assists in closing the assumptions and the gaps, while nurturing an exchange of knowledge and respect from an Aboriginal perspective.
DAY ONE // Friday 7 July
6pm Exhibition Opening The Horses Mouth (photography)
7pm Opening Ceremony
7.30pm A Fair Go
Winning the Referendum (film)
9pm Q&A Panel with Rob Appointed
9.30pm Teddy Lewis King (music)
Bush tucker by Uncle Mick and Aunty Thelma (crocodi...


Hillsong Conference 2017. The Predator Founder of Hillsong Global Church Frank Houston victim WNZ1 the first known Wellington New Zealand boy victim of Frank Houston outside Lower Hutt "IndyWatch Feed National"

Brian Houston: I'm sorry the victims feel sad, very hurt and alone. I'll remember them in my prayers. Sorry I can't help the victims more.

Pastor Brian Houston the head of Hillsong Global Church. Heartless. Refuses to help the boy sexual  abuse victims of his father Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church in any way. Hid and sheltered his secret lifelong pedophile father Frank Houston for five years from 1999 to 2004 from the NSW Police and in doing this deprived the boy victims of Justice. Facing looming pedophile protection charges  Brian Houston: Im sorry the victims feel sad, very hurt and alone. Ill remember them in my prayers. Sorry I cant help the victims more.


Hillsong Conference 2017. Hillsongs sex deviate founder Frank Houston male teen sex abuse victim ANZ1: His brother says, my brother committed suicide because of Frank Houstons sexual abuse of me "IndyWatch Feed National"

child abuse 8


Hillsong Conference 2017, the largest gathering of Christians annually in Australia, starts in Sydney Australia today 4 July 2017 and runs 4 days until 7 July 2017.

The excited faithful and gullible amass together excitedly to hear major Christian celebrity speakers from America mega-churches teach and preach the errant Prosperity Gospel heresy and errant Word of Faith heresy. They also preach the Hyper-Grace heresy which teaches that anything goes, any sin, and God is gracious.

There is no Holy Spirit at Hillsong, so there is no hope of sanctification.

You shall know them by their fruits and the fruits of Hillsong are all rotten.

Below is an account by the brother of a young man who suicided in Auckland New Zealand in the 1970s, as a direct result of Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong, luring him to a Auckland hotel on false pretences of praying for him for his depression, and then viscously sexually assaulting him.


Boy victim ANZ1

ANZ1 is the first known Auckland New Zealand victim of the self-confessed life-long pedophile Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church.

ANZ1 suicided as a direct consequence of Frank Houstons sexual abuse of him as a teen in an Auckland hotel room.

The testimony of ANZ1s brother is below.




Market Talk July 4th, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Whenever there is a national holiday and especially July 4th, volumes are light which can result in larger moves and higher volatility. Given that North Korea tested another missile earlier today the effect on markets was more extreme than would otherwise have been expected. The Hang Seng took the brunt of the move closing down 1.5% with large caps taking the hit. Given these concerns the safe-haven bid returned and yen, gold and fixed-income all found the bid. JPY did get to mid 113s but in late US hours we have seen it back to sub 113. Australia saw a good rally in stocks after the RBA left rates unchanged. US Dollar index had had a reasonable couple of days and was last seen trading around the 96.15 level.

Europe also voted in sympathy of the safe-haven camp with core indices all opening weaker. As the day wore on however, even though traded volume was low, prices managed to move better as the day progressed. DAX, CAC, IBEX and FTSE all closed around -0.4% lower but 0.25% off opening levels. Basic resources led the bounce with energy reacting to the North Korea storey with a close above $47. Gold has bounced $almost $10 but after yesterdays $24 decline, the move is hardly pushed it back to $1220s.

2s last seen 1.41%, 10s 2.33%, 30s 2.85%, Bunds 0.47%, France 0.82%, Italy 2.10%, Greece 5.21%, Turkey 10.38%, Portugal 2.93% and UK Gilts 1.25%.


Hillsong Conference 2017. Hillsongs founder Pastor Frank Houston. Part One. Frank Houstons pedophile activities. "IndyWatch Feed National"


Rev William Francis Frank Houston.  Over 400 boy victims of Frank Houstons pedophilia. Self-confessed pedophile. Confessed to lifelong secret child sexual abuse of young little boys, preteens and teenagers. But mainly young boys aged 7 to 11. The worst Pentecostal pastor since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. Son of Lucifer. Frank Houstons eyes are black like Lucifers.

Hillsong Conference starts today and runs until Friday 7 July 2017. It is an annual event and the largest gathering of Christians in Australia.

But do the assembled faithful and gullible realise that Hillsong is one of the great end-time Apostate Churches with myriad heresies and malfunctions, and do they realise Hillsong was founded by a secret lifelong pedophile, who sexually abused hundreds of little boys in his lifetime.

The article below outlines the known history of Frank Houstons pedophile offences. It is just the tip of a very dark and sordid iceberg.

Over 30,000 people have read this article and republications of it. This article is a warning about Hillsong and the Houston dynasty. Please be aware and avoid Hillsong and the Houstons at all costs. They are all Satanic.


Note of 6 September 2016

Pastor Brian Houston the current head pastor of Hillsong mega-church is to fac...


Hillsong Conference 2017. Pastor Brian Houston refuses to help Hillsongs boy sexual abuse victims "IndyWatch Feed National"

child abuse

child abuse


Hillsong Conference 2017 in Sydney Australia

Hillsong Conference 2017 is on in Sydney Australia starting today from 4-7 July.

It is the largest gathering of Christians in Australia and probably one of the largest annual gatherings of Christians in the Western world.

But are the gathering faithful aware of just how corrupt Hillsong Church is?

One of the many compromises of Hillsong, a great apostate End-Time church is its refusal to help the boy sexual abuse victims of Hillsongs founder Frank Houston in any way.

Pastor Brian Houston the current head of Hillsong Church told the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: We arent obliged morally or legally to help the boy and teen victims.




Hillsong Conference 2017. The Prosperity Gospel of Hillsong, Brian Houston and other Prosperity Gospel pastors is contrary to the teachings of the New Testament "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hillsong Conference 2017 starts in Sydney Australia today, 4 July 2017 and runs four days to 7 July 2017. It is an annual events that has been held for many decades.

Brian and Bobbie Houston, co-head pastors of Hillsong are Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith exponents. They are also compromised by accepting non-repentant gays and lesbians into their congregation, even in positions of top leadership. Josh Canfield, the long-time head worship leader of Hillsong New York City and previously Hillsong London, is an example. Josh was preparing to marry his live-in boyfriend Reed Kelly until they split up in March last year.

The errant heretical Prosperity Gospel of Hillsong, Brian Houston and other Prosperity Gospel pastors is contrary to the teachings of the New Testament.

All the speakers at this years Hillsong Conference are Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith adherents. Any speaker that speakers at a Hillsong Conference is aware of all, or many of,  Hillsongs heresies and is part of this heretical counterfeit Pentecostal movement world-wide. Which is not true Pentecostal at all. The leaders of the Welsh Revival, the Azusa Street Revival, John G Lake, Kathryn Kuhlmann, Smith Wigglesowrth, John Booth, John and Charles Wesley the founder of Methodism, John Knox and all the great leaders and generals of the Christian faith going back to Christ and the Early Church Fathers, would be horrified by Hillsong and its heresies.

The Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith heresy are heresies created by Lucifer and sent from Hades.


The Prosperity Gospel

I prefer the term The Prosperity and Property Gospel.

This is a term I invented. It is an extension of the term Prosperity Gospel and it encapsulates the full emphasis of the errant false pastors, false teachers, false evangelists and false prophets who preach the Prosperity Gospel.

Recently I read an article which mentioned that the errant and highly corrupt Australian Pastor Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong Global Global Church denies he preaches the Prosperity Gospel.

A goat is a goat and a sheep is a sheep even if they are unable to articulate their species.


From New Zealand

Like me, Pastor Brian Houston was born in New Zealand and he was raised in Wellington the capital like me. I never knew Brian before I came to spend time at Hillsong in the 1980s and 1990s. I heard his father Frank Houston preach once at Kapiti Christian Centre and I attended Lower Hutt Assemblies of God church once in the late 1970s.


The Prosperity Gospel in the 1970s

In New Zealand in the 1950s to 197...


The Thrill of Being Publicly Shamed "IndyWatch Feed National"

I lean my head on the sticky train seat as I make my way back to Florence. I spent the day tanning and relaxing in Cinque Terre, but my sunburn and damp clothes have me yearning to get back to the comfort of my hostel. The train is quiet and I have room to stretch out. I put the tips of my new Adidas on the edge of the seat across from me and close my eyes.

You Anglo-Saxon piece of SHIT!

I snap my eyes open immediately to see who is arguing. In front of me stands a red and plump Italian man. He waves his cane angrily and dangerously close to my face as he yells, GO HOME! GO BACK TO AMERICA YOU PIECE OF SHIT! Every word he utters is coupled with flying spit and sweat falling in slow motion to the floor from his beading forehead.

At this point, I am still shocked and confused, staring at the man with pure horror.

You do not put your shoes on the seat you piece of shit! GO HOME! It is not right!

Oh. Seriously?

I now at least understand why he is yelling, but I am still too stunned to say a word.

He continues to mutter and shout things, as he makes his way to a seat behind me. I glance around nervously to see the reactions of the rest of the passengers. Most look at me sympathetically and give me a what the hell just happened sort of smile. Others even laugh, craning their necks to get a glance of the guy.

Their reactions comfort me to some degree and Im finally able to breathe and consider what just happened. My first thought is How did he know I was American? After a summer of travelling and three months of people demanding Are you voting for Trump? (NO) I was growing sensitive towards the subject.

As the train rolls up to my stop, I notice the large man huff to his feet and begin a slow descent down the stairs. I head towards another exit and decide Im not going to let this go. As someone who is notoriously shy and the last to start any sort of conflict with a stranger, my hands are shaking with excitement.

I locate my prey and stalk silently behind him, before passing him and stopping in front of him. He comes to a halt and looks at my face with surprise and disgust. I silently thank my parents for forcing me through language classes and in perfect French, and with a satisfying level of sass, say, I am not from America, I am from Paris...


Community Billboard 5th July-11th July "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydneys Plan for the

future  Sydney 2030  making our city more green, global and connected.

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New App Helps Passengers Decipher Taxi Driver Phone Mumble "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


A leading NSW taxi company has launched a new app designed to translate the indecipherable mumbles of drivers who are too busy talking on the phone and yelling at other cars to be able to communicate clearly with passengers.

A spokesperson, who dubbed the app Uber slayer, said it was a move that would benefit both drivers and passengers.

Being a taxi driver is boring, so they need to be on the phone to friends or adult hotlines at all times just to stay sane but its also essential that drivers are able to ask passengers for directions, or no one will ever get where they need to go, he said. With this app, drivers can do both.

The new app is the second innovation the taxi company has rolled out this month, coming just weeks after the announcement of the new card skimming insurance fee.


A border crossing "IndyWatch Feed National"

In February, Mexican journalist Martn Mndez Pineda walked over the border at El Paso and presented himself to the immigration officers, saying he feared for his life and was seeking asylum in the United States. Pineda was detained and held in federal custody for more than 100 days. On 16 May, facing the certainty of indefinite detention in the US, Pineda agreed to be deported, and was walked over the border, back to Mexico, and to the people who want him dead.


Sustainable futures: One Planet Living "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

One-Planet-Living-posterCreating a sustainable future for everyone and everything on the planet is the principle behind the idea of One Planet Living that is being presented at the Brunswick Heads Memorial Hall this Thursday at 7pm.

The One Planet Living vision is based on ten areas that need to be met to for people to live in the world within its natural limits. These include health and happiness, sustainability, waste reduction and space for wildlife.

Suzette Jackson, executive director of Bioregional Australia is the key speaker for the evening and will be presenting the principles behind the One Planet approach to future development on a local and regional level.

Sasha Mainsbridge, local woman of the year and founder of Mullum Cares, is trained as a One Planet Living (OPL) integrator and is very excited about the Northern Rivers natural fit with the OPL framework.

Thursday night will be a great opportunity to hear about communities who have already adopted the OPL framework, she said with enthusiasm.

This is not another talk fest but an introduction to an international framework that we in the Northern Rivers are already working towards achieving.

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Uncle Sam Wants Mary "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Dee McLachlan While Mary Maxwell makes her way around Alabama trying to get voted into the US Senate, she has not gone unnoticed. She wrote to me yesterday saying that she had refused an interview request to be on CNN. Pity. I was hoping to catch her on the mainstream news giving them []


New online map shows massacres from Frontier Wars "IndyWatch Feed National"

MORE than 150 massacres of Aboriginal people during the Frontier Wars have been documented in an online digital map, created by University of Newcastle researchers. The online tool, which was launched today, records the massacre site locations, details of the massacres and sources corroborating evidence of the massacres. Developed by Newcastle Uni historian Conjoint Professor Lyndall Ryan, the map is a significant step in the recognition of the periods of violence in Australias history. Most massacres took place in secret and were designed to not be discovered, so finding evidence of them is a major challenge, she said. The map pulls the sources together to form a coherent list of frontier massacres spanning 80 years across eastern Australia. The map is available at and is also a contact point for the public to contribute historical information they may have about massacres.


Memes Asking Staff to Clean up After Themselves in the Office Kitchen Replaced with Death Threat "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


A series of light-hearted memes featuring cute animals and playful messages to clean up after yourself that were posted in a Sydney office kitchen has devolved into progressively more aggressive memes before being replaced with a simple yet stern death threat towards people who leave a dirty mug or bowl in the sink.

The woman who stuck up the notes, Rose Maynard, wishes to remain anonymous but shared her frustration with The Sydney Sentinel at her home address of 198 Albion Road, Parramatta.

Death is a good motivator, Rose said. If no one would listen to a picture of a cute dog or panda telling them to clean up after themselves in broken English, theyll certainly listen to the boom-stick I bought from the dark net last week.

She added that things have been improving since she lured one repeat offender out the back of the office building and executed him last week.

Im not sure if its that people are cleaning up after themselves after hearing rumours of Brads demise, or that people have simply stopped coming to work for fear of their lives. But either way, its working much better than any meme could to ensure the kitchen stays clean, she said.

Rose said she plans to take her no-nonsense approach to tidiness into her family home, with plans to announce capital punishment for household offences like leaving a towel on the floor or misfiring in the toilet.



Greens dub new road peak toll madness "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dr Mehreen Faruqi

Peak toll madness: Greens Transport Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi. File photo

NSW Greens Roads & Transport spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, says we have reached peak toll road madness following news today that the cost for the F6 extension toll road could top 18 billion dollars.

The estimate is triple the cost of rail upgrades such as the Thirroul tunnel that the Greens say would slash travel time from Wollongong to Sydney.

Dr Faruqi said that $18 billion bill for the toll road, that would potentially be routed through Royal National Park was just obscene.

The Liberal/National Government has now stopped even pretending to care about the public good in the Illawarra. They just want to get as many of these toll roads past the point of no return so they lock NSW in to their out-dated 1950s vision of cars, tolls and motorways, she said.

The NSW Government is apparently ready to spend $18 billion on the F6 extension, thats half a billion dollars per kilometre, but is crying poor over public transport upgrades like the Thirroul tunnel that would slash the time people spend commuting to Sydney and at a fraction of the cost.

This is all history repeating itself. Just like the WestConnex, there is no full business case, no public cost benefit analysis and no real consideration of alternatives. This is further confirmation that the toll road lobby dictates the transport agenda in this state.

The Transport Minister might think that the Thirroul tunnel is pixies at the bottom of the garden stuff but it is the N SW Government living in a fantasy land if they think people will continue to accept toll road after toll road over investment in public transport, Dr Faruqi said.



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Flu season is smashing the north coast "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The north coast is experiencing an early flu season.

The north coast is experiencing an early flu season.

Labors NSW Shadow Health Minister Walt Secord has called for a campaign to combat the anti-vaxxer movement on the North Coast following the release of figures showing the region is being smashed by influenza.

Mr Secord said outside Sydney, the north coast has the highest number of cases of the flu, with 13.7 per 100,000 people being affected. Only Western Sydney and Sydneys north shore had higher rates in NSW.

This follows a major whooping cough outbreak in May where there were almost 40 confirmed cases in a single week, Mr Secord said.

He attributed the higher rates of infection on the north coast to small elements in the community who are reluctant to get vaccinations for themselves and loved ones.

As of today for 2017, there have been almost 6,550 (6,548) cases State-wide including 2,576 notifications in June, almost double the number of flu notifications in June last year, he said.

In NSW, so far, this year, there have been 18 influenza outbreaks in nursing homes with at least 246
residents with flu symptoms and 25 hospitalisations. Fourteen deaths have been linked to these outbreaks but they also had significant co-morbidities.

Mr Secord said the State Government knew the flu season was on the way, but it was not prepared with data showing that presentations exceeded the seasonal threshold for influenza-like illnesses in emergency departments.

The flu season is smashing NSW emergency departments and it is only going to get worse, he said.

Due to the State Governments failure to properly prepare, the additional flu patients in emergency department mean other patients have to wait longer.

The last thing that the NSW health and hospital system needs is to see hundreds of extra patients pouring into emergency departments with preventable flu symptoms.

The health and hospital system is already at breaking point. It is under enormous pressure.

Meanwhile, the North Coast Public Health Unit has today confirmed that the annual flu season had arrived early on the region.

The unit has received 393 flu notifications in the first six months of this year, includin...


Sydney teen to face court over alleged cop assault "IndyWatch Feed National"


A NSW teenager is due to face a Childrens Court after he allegedly kicked a police officer in the face during a violent arrest in Sydney.

The 37-year-old father of two was one of three officers allegedly injured by the 16-year-old when they detained him at Marsfield on Monday evening.

During the arrest, the boy allegedly kicked the officer so hard he fell on to the pavement and hit his head.

The 16-year-old was charged on Tuesday evening with a string of offences including causing grievous bodily harm to a police officer, assaulting an officer and affray and will face a Childrens Court on Wednesday.

The boy also faces charges over the alleged assault of two security guards by youths at a shopping centre before he was spoken to by police.

The officer is in a serious condition in hospital and Detective Superintendent John Duncan said he faced a long road to recovery.

Hes a lovely young officer our thoughts and best wishes are with him and his speedy recovery, he said.

On Tuesday night officers attended a house in Wentworthville where they arrested a 17-year-old boy in relation to the shopping centre assaults.

The boy has been charged with robbery in company and refused bail to appear at a Childrens Court on Wednesday .

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Aussie mens worst Wimbledon since 1938 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bernard Tomic (pictured) shocked the tennis world with the startling confession that he felt bored during his lame loss to German 27th seed Mischa Zverev. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Bernard Tomic (pictured) shocked the tennis world with the startling confession that he felt bored during his lame loss to German 27th seed Mischa Zverev. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)


Australia has endured its equal-worst Wimbledon mens campaign since World War II.

Premature exits for Bernard Tomic, Thanasi Kokkinakis and Jordan Thompson on Tuesday left Australia without a mens singles representative in the second round at the All England Club for only the second time since 1938.

And only Russian-born qualifier Arina Rodionova who fought off seven match points has saved Australia from a humiliating and unprecedented first-round wipe-out.

Rodionova stunned former compatriot and 16th seed Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova a player ranked 149 places above her and a quarter-finalist last year 3-6 7-6 (7-5) 9-7 to be Australias sole first-round survivor from nine starters at tenniss greatest event.

Daria Gavrilova, the 20th seed, joined the exodus with a shattering 6-4 2-6 10-8 loss to Croatian qualifier Petra Martic.

I think I cant really cope with the grand slam pressure, said the former junior world No.1, Gavrilova said.

But while she and fellow three-set first-round loser Ashleigh Barty who saved six match points before succumbing to world No.5 Elina Svitolina on Monday  showed some fight, Australias leading men flopped and, in Tomics case, embarrassed.

Tomic shocked the tennis world with the startling confession that he felt bored during his lame 6-4 6-3 6-4 loss to German 27th seed Mischa Zverev.

To me, this is one of the biggest tournaments in the world that I have done really well in my career and, yeah, I just couldnt find anything, he said.

The 24-year-olds sorry loss came a day after John Millman ran into rampant Rafael Nadal; qualifier Andrew Whittingtons gallant run came to an end and Australias big h...


The Aussie dollar is being hammered "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Yesterdays headline was that the Australian dollar went down yesterday by 0.7 percent, after the Reserve Bank announced it was going to hold the interest rate steady at 1.5 percent percent . Australias dollar is falling against all other major currencies as well.

It was already going down and is weaker relative the American currency, although it dipped 0.5 percent against other currencies, despite experiencing a recent period of rises.  The fall was worldwide. The differences are in the extent of the falls. Australia is doing worse than the others.

What is going on?

Basically,with the U.S. dollar being worth more than the Australian alternative, the big investors have been dumping the Australian dollar. A good reason for this is that there is an expectation  that doing this will bring a bigger future return. There may still be jitters about the future of the American economy. But this is the bottom line.

The reason is that there has been a modest improvement there, mostly brought about by a better return on investments in emerging economies, like China and India and a little from the impact of some stimulus government spending in Europe.

The United States is dependent on its overseas investments, rather than its real economy performance at home. But even the home economy has experienced a little growth, led by the car industry. Overall, there has been some increase in capital spending, which is a turn-around from the same time last year. And there is the prospect of major corporate tax cuts under the Trump administration and more importantly, the outcome of stimulus spending during the latter part of the Obama period.

Australia is missing out on the gain. The dumping of the Australian dollar increases an oversupply of currency circulation and this pushes down the natural rate of interest. It is the reason why the Reserve Bank had no other choice but to keep it down. Raising the interest rate would have created a greater misalignment with the natural rate and this would have put pressure on a fragile economy.

This is especially true when the housing bubble looks like it might have ceilinged and is in danger of popping. A rise in the interest rate could make all the difference.

Australia remains far too dependent on the export of fossil fuels and ore, and must increasingly import other needs. There has been a failure to set the...


Put yourself in the shoes of someone who needs help and look at Gillard & Beyond Blue through their eyes "IndyWatch Feed National"

Have you ever woken up in the morning angry that you're still alive? Ever felt you're teetering on the edge of depression? I have. I went to a great GP and was amazed at how quickly he made an initial diagnosis after we discussed the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ9). My...


West Byron not in the public interest: council staff "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Villa World's plan for their section of West Byron. Photo supplied.

Villa Worlds plan for their section of West Byron. Photo supplied.

An extraordinary Council meeting to discuss the West Byron development has been called for Thursday July 6 from 4pm at the Station Street chambers in Mullumbimby.

It comes as residents and some councillors met Monday night at the Byron Community Centre to work out a strategy against.

The Echo understands their proposal includes a satirical West Byron advertising campaign.

A detailed report by senior Council staff member Shannon Burt, who heads the Sustainable Environment and Economy department, has concluded that the development, as presented, is not in the public interest.

The land is located on a large parcel of land opposite the industrial estate on Ewingsdale Road, and has been the subject of strong public opposition over many years owing to environmental and traffic factors.

Foisted development

Despite that opposition, state government bureaucrats and the planning minister have recently forced the proposal through on behalf of the developers. This includes overriding and amending planning policies.   

Particular issues that face the development according to Ms Burt are, traffic and biodiversity, which, have the potential to result in significant environmental and social impacts.

Queensland-based company Villa World, in partnership with Sydney-based developer Terry Agnew, are aiming to subdivide the first section into 290 lots that will provide 330 to 360 dwellings.

It is expected to be the largest suburban project for Byron Shire in a generation.

While Byron Shire Council is the consent authority, the Northern Region Joint Planning Panel (JRPP) has the function of determining the application owing to the cost of construction exceeding $20m.

In Ms Burts report, she suggests Council request...


Doctors disturbed by Medicare breach "IndyWatch Feed National"


Doctors will be seeking reassurances from the federal government that patient records are secure as authorities investigate a possible breach of the Medicare system.

Federal Police are looking into a Guardian report in which one of its own reporters was able to buy his Medicare card number from a dark web trader for less than $30.

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge has stressed no ones health records can be obtained with a Medicare number.

But the Australian Medical Association wants answers as to how this was able to occur.

This is a deeply concerning development, president Michael Gannon told ABC radio on Wednesday.

But he hopes Australians dont opt out of the electronic My Health Record, which aims to reduce adverse drug reactions and prevent allergic reactions.

It is so important for the success of the My Health Record that doctors and patients both have absolute confidence in the integrity of the system, Dr Gannon said.

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Three relatives charged over Central Coast shooting "IndyWatch Feed National"


Three people from the same family have been charged over the death of a young father on the NSW Central Coast.

The two men, aged 48 and 24, and a 17-year-old girl faced a grilling overnight after police arrested the trio during separate raids on Tuesday morning.

Police say the younger man and teenage girl have both been charged with the murder of 19-year-old Jesse Thompson who was shot while in a car in Wyong on Monday afternoon.

The 24-year-old, whos also been charged with four other offences including firing a gun, was refused bail and is due to appear in Wyong Local Court on Wednesday.

The 17-year-old girl was charged with two offences and refused bail to appear at a Childrens Court.

The older man is due to appear at Toronto Local Court after being refused bail on an accessory to murder charge.

Its been reported Mr Thompson was a known ice dealer in the Central Coast region.

Police have refused to confirm if the shooting was related to a drug dispute.

Mr Thompsons 28-year-old friend was also injured in the shooting after being grazed along his hand and arm.

The driver was taken to hospital but later released.

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OKA headlines two-day NAIDOC event in Lismore "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Sunshine Coast band OKA will be playing at Lismore City Hall on Saturday. (supplied)

Sunshine Coast band OKA will be playing at Lismore City Hall on Saturday. (supplied)

Sunshine Coast electronic roots band OKA will be headlining a two-day NAIDOC event in Lismore being organised by NORPA at Lismore City Hall.

The event will run on Friday and Saturday featuring local and national artists highlighting cultural matters.

NORPA executive producer Rhoda Roberts said the event aimed to provide an experience that highlighted the stories of the region that many people have not heard.

This is hands-on engagement that assists in closing the assumptions and gaps, while nurturing an exchange of knowledge and respect from an Aboriginal perspective, Ms Roberts said.

Along with OKA, the event will feature performances by local musicians Billy Smith, Teddy Lewis King and Tom Avery (aka Blakboi).

There will be dance performances by The Deadly Bunharms, Bundjalung Nini Nahri-Gali and Muggerah, as well as Black Screen films and music workshops with Darren Compton from Move it Mob Style.

Other features include basket weaving workshops, Elders storytelling and conversation panels, and Uncle Mick and Aunty Thelma will be providing delicious bush tucker on both days including damper, crocodile and kangaroo curries.

DAY ONE // Friday 7 July
6pm Exhibition Opening The Horses Mouth (photography)
7pm Opening Ceremony
7.30pm A Fair Go Winning the Referendum (film)
9pm Q&A Panel with Rob Appointed
9.30pm Teddy Lewis King (music)
Bush tucker by Uncle Mick and Aunty Thelma (crocodile, damper, kangaroo curries)

DAY TWO // Saturday 8 July
11am Elders Stories
12pm Djarn Djarns (film)
12pm Weaving Workshops
12.30pm Green Bush (film)
12.30pm Billy Smith (music)
1pm Plains Empty (film)
1pm Muggerah, Darren Compton Move It Mob Style (music workshop)
1pm Elders Stories
1.30pm Mim (film)
1.45pm Babe In The Reeds and Q&A with Lois Cook (film)
1.30pm Blackboi (music)
2.15pm Climate Justice Language Matters: a frank discussion on the approaches to language when changing the nations thinking (public talk)
3-6pm Weaving...


Byron councils road budget features unfunded bypass "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

ALP Byron Shire councillor Paul Spooner. Photo Eve Jeffery

ALP Byron Shire councillor Paul Spooner. Photo Eve Jeffery

Cr Paul Spooner (Country Labor) says that Byron Shire Council is counting its chickens before they hatch, over the inclusion of the Byrons Butler Street bypass within its operational and capital works budget.

Councils press release on Friday claims that of the $115m earmarked, $54m will be spent on capital works and roads programs; this includes the Byron Bay town centre bypass at an estimated cost of $20m.

Staff later clarified with The Echo that Council intended to contribute $4m to the project.

The $20m figure appears to rely on a $10.5m promise when former MP Don Page retired in 2014, as well as a further $5.5m from yet-to-be-approved government grants to make up the bypass cost shortfall.

If the grants are not provided by the state government for the bypass $16m in total Council would be left with a significant shortfall to complete the bypass.

Cr Spooner told The Echo, Council does not have the funds available to complete the bypass. Council should not be seeking to fund the shortfall in a $20 million project for the Byron Bay bypass from ratepayer funds. 

Funding for the bypass should be coming from the state government. It was the state government that approved the West Byron development. It is the state government that will be the cause of escalating the traffic congestion into Byron Bay for years to come. At the moment the Butler Street bypass is a road going nowhere while the rail corridor land through Byron Bay continues to grow weeds.

Apart from the bypass, Councils capital projects in the coming financial year include the Bayshore and Ewingsdale Roundabout ($4,300,000), rural north and south bridge renewals/upgrades ($2,560,000), cycleways for Byron Bay, Ocean Shores, Bangalow and Suffolk Park ($1,243,300) and Broken Head Road renewal ($1,191,600).

Other roads to be upgraded include Byrons Bangalow Road, Mullums Pine Avenue, Rifle Range Road intersection at Lismore Road and Byrons Pate...


Hearing date set for alleged South Lismore ice dealer "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A South Lismore man who admitted carrying the drug ice and a pipe used to smoke it will face a hearing in October when he fights charges including supplying the drug and assaulting two police.

Aaron Wilton was excused from appearing in Lismore Local Court on Monday as he was in a residential drug an alcohol rehabilitation centre.

On February 3 between 10.30pm and 10.40pm, at South Lismore, Mr Wilton was searched by police and he was found to be carrying a glass ice pipe.

He was then arrested at 12.40pm on March 21 by police allegedly in possession of 0.5 grams of ice and a sweet puff brand glass pipe used for the administration of methamphetamine.

When Mr Wilton came to the attention of police again on April 14, it was after 11.30pm, and it is alleged he assaulted a male senior constable.

A scuffle ensued, in which police allege Mr Wilton resisted the attempts of a male constable, and a male senior constable, to arrest him.

Once he was detained, police searched Mr Wilton and allegedly found 5.28 grams of ice, a laser pointer and $845 in cash, suspected to be the proceeds of crime.

At a previous court appearance Mr Wilton pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing equipment for administering a prohibited drug and possessing .5g of ice.

On Monday, it was confirmed Mr Wilton will fight charges including supplying a prohibited drug, two counts of possessing a prohibited drug, two counts of resisting a police officer in the execution of their duty, assaulting a police officer, carrying a laser pointer and dealing with proceeds of crime.

Magistrate David Heilpern set Mr Wiltons matters down for hearing at Lismore Local Court on October 5.

A listing advice tendered on Monday indicated three police witnesses are required for a hearing which is estimated to take two-and-a-half-hours.

Two of the police will be required for cross-examination by the defence and CCTV footage will be played as evidence during the hearing.

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Under2 Coalition leaders issue statement ahead of the G20 Summit "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Governors, Ministers and Premiers of Baden-Wrttemberg, California, South Australia and Catalonia - all members of the Under2 Coalition, the global pact of states, regions, cities and countries committed to limiting global warming - have issued the following statement ahead of the G20 Germany 2017 in Hamburg. As members of the Under2 Coalition, we welcome that international cooperation on climate change is at the [...]


I Went to a Bull Fight in Spain "IndyWatch Feed National"

The day carried an air of violence long before we arrived at the Arena de Toros. I had participated in the inaugural encierro of the San Fermin festival. The beasts of the infamous bull run had been announced across various media trading-card style: name, home farm, weight. The most intimidating of the day was one Fastuoso, weighing in at an impressive 605kg. The prospect of running clear of this black mountain of muscle is scary enough without the knowledge that these are not your mum-and-dad barnyard animals: the toro bravo is an ancient race that is only conserved in Spain, and bred for aggression and strength. Many civilisations revered the species back in the day and so the encierro is really more of a running of the Holy Dinosaur Bulls.

Being the first day of the bull runs, it was extremely crowded, resulting in the fairly inevitable goring of at least one individual who had been run down and trampled halfway along Estafeta, the long narrow gauntlet that comprises about half of the infamous route. I bolted past him as he was quickly surrounded by a sea of blood and paramedics, one leg split open, with police moving a barrier into place to protect him from the next wave of bulls.

At the same time, protesters were holding an alternative event called Running of the Buses, where they disrupted traffic completely naked, save for a large amount of corn-syrup-blood, decrying both the running of the bulls and the bullfights.

The less dramatically inclined chose to make their protests passively, in the form of distancing themselves from all bull-related activities. They kept to the company of the two-legged animals in the wine-infused stampedes of the plazas. Should I avoid encouraging alleged atrocities with my tourist dollar? Having travelled in North Korea, Ive rendered this question moot. Moreover, bullfighting was doing fine long before tourism came along, long before Pamplona was put on the world stage.


After a few stiff drinks and a siesta back at my camp, I hitched a ride into town with several other travellers who had driven over from England, bound for the arena. At the end of our journey, we got caught in the middle of heavy traffic, attempting to turn left wh...


Bentley bee-keeper fined for fatal disease "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A Bentley bee-keeper has been fined for failing to notify authorities about a deadly disease. Photo

A Bentley bee-keeper has been fined for failing to notify authorities about a deadly disease. Photo

A Bentley bee-keeper has been fined and ordered to pay $3200 in legal costs for failing to notify authorities hives at Fernside and Wollongbar were infected with the fatal disease American foulbrood.

When Geoffrey Manning was phone by Anne Webster about inspecting his hives at Fernside as part of a NSW Biosecurity and Food Safety compliance apiary operation to commence in April 2016, he told the senior inspector two of the three hives on the property has American foulbrood AFB.

Yes I should tell you that two of the three have AFB, the statement of facts before the court said.

So I have reported it. This is my reporting.

How long ago did you look at them, Ms Webster asked.

A while ago, Mr Manning replied.

Days or weeks ago, Ms Webster asked.

I would have to be days ago, wouldnt it, Mr Manning said.

The following day, April 20, three regulatory officers inspected five bee hives at the Fernside property and three were found to have larvae disease consistent with American foulbrood.

American foulbrood is regarded as the most serious disease of the Apiary Industry in Australia. It is a disease transmitted by honey, apiary products, implements and bees. It leads to the death of the hive and presents a serious risk to the hives of other bee keepers in the area.

As American foulbrood is a prescribed disease under the Apiaries Act, bee keepers are required to notify of its presence or suspected presence to an inspector, to enable measures to prevent its spread and eradicate it from apiaries.

The regulatory officers noticed scale was present on two hives at the Fernside property, which indicated AFB has been present and observable for more than 30 days.

After taking samples of the AFB, the officer inspected four of the eight bee hives on the Wollongbar property and found one to have the disease.

A check of the online indication record found Mr Manning had last notified of AFB in October 2015.

Following the inspections, regulatory officers issued Mr Manning with d...


70-year-old man dies after bicycle crash near Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A 70-year-old man who came off his bike near Byron Bay on Monday has died in hospital, prompting police to renew calls for witnesses to the incident.

The man was riding his pushbike east along Bangalow Road near Byron Bay about 12.30pm when had came off about 650 metres from the intersection with Coopers Shoot Road, impacting heavily with the road.


Emergency services were contacted and the man was treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics before being airlifted to Gold Coast Hospital in a critical condition.

Officers from Richmond Crash Investigation Unit attended and commenced investigations into the circumstances surrounding the crash.

About 4pm on Tuesday the 70-year-old man died in hospital.

Police are urging any witnesses, who have not yet provided their details to police, to come forward.

A report will be prepared for the information of the Coroner.

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Potholed and falling apart a closer look at Byrons roads "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Much like black holes where gravity is so dense that nothing can escape, potholes are so strong they can potentially bankrupt local governments who suffer under the weight of huge visitor numbers and an increase in secondary dwellings. Image

Much like black holes where gravity is so dense that nothing can escape, potholes are so strong they can potentially bankrupt local governments who suffer under the weight of huge visitor numbers and an increase in secondary dwellings. Image

Hans Lovejoy

Do we get value for money when it comes to road repairs?

At the June 22 Council meeting, resident Ivan Saric presented councillors his own assessment of the condition of Coolamon Avenue and the workmanship of roads in the Byron Shire.

He told the gallery he recently moved to the area.

My cars suspension has been trashed, he said, and he questioned whether the thickness of the road is adequate. I dont believe it is a funding issue, it is sloppy work, he said.

In the same week Council admitted the Shires 502 km  of roads were indeed falling apart.

Staff said in a press release on June 20: Roads that were built many years ago on poor alignments and on poor sub-base were never going to withstand such a harsh climate and intensification of vehicular traffic.

Chronic under-funding of essential road maintenance and renewal by successive councils has well and truly come home to roost.

Whats needed, says general manager (GM) Ken Gainger, is road reconstruction over many kilometres of sealed roads across the Shire, which costs $715,000 per kilometre.

Road repair will accelerate now after councillors and IPART approved a rate rise (special rate variation) in May.

The extra revenue will be dedicated to infrastructure renewal says the GM; its a condition that is part of the IPART [Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal] approval.



NSW stamp duty receipts approach $10 billion "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The extraordinary windfall for New South Wales continues.

Volumes still way high too.

If well invested Sydney's unemployment rate could go below 4pc.


London Grenfell Tower disaster survivors interviewed "IndyWatch Feed National"

London Grenfell Tower survivor Mo At-Tu

From the World Socialist Web Site, about London, England:

There are people who died in thereand theyre not telling us who they are.

Anger grows over Grenfell Tower inferno

By our reporters

4 July 2017

Nearly three weeks after the Grenfell Tower inferno, anger is growing in the surrounding Lancaster West housing estate in North Kensington. The callous treatment of survivors by [Conservative] council authorities and the Conservative government, the states cover-up of the death toll and its failure to press criminal charges against those responsible are fuelling protest and indignation.

Locals told a World Socialist Web Site reporting team that hundreds of residents in the low-rise council houses next to Grenfell Tower are still without gas and hot water. The boilers that supplied their homes with gas were located in the basement of Grenfell Tower and destroyed by the fire. Despite this, many residentsincluding at least one from the burnt-out tower blockare still being charged rent.

Hundreds have been forced to rely on makeshift and temporary accommodation in nearby hotels, churches and community centres and many were left homeless for days.

Mo At-Tu, 18, lives on Grenfell Walk, directly opposite Grenfell Tower. He lost five members of his family in the firehis aunt Fouza; his uncle Abdul; and their three children, Yasin, 21; Nurhuda, 15; and Mehdi, eight.

His friend, Jake Patten, 20, lives o...


Stars of Byron raise $15k for cancer "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Stars and Dancers 2017, from left to right: Hayley Sturgess, Danny Salfield, Susan Tsicalas, Basil Cameron, Jo OConnor, Clement, Candice Leigh, Amanda Allen, (front) Kim Dowling and Issara Ketkul. Photo supplied.

Stars and Dancers 2017, from left to right: Hayley Sturgess, Danny Salfield, Susan Tsicalas, Basil Cameron, Jo OConnor, Clement, Candice Leigh, Amanda Allen, (front) Kim Dowling and Issara Ketkul. Photo supplied.

At a fabulous gala event earlier this month, five locals teamed up with local dance teachers to raise money for the Cancer Council NSW (CCNSW).

The Stars of Byron Shire Dance For Cancer showcased the performers, including deputy mayor Basil Cameron and Bay FMs Danny Salfield.

Hannah Brooks community relations co-ordinator for CCNSW said: It was an amazing community event that has raised an incredible $15,000 for Cancer Council NSW.

A great show was put on by all the performers at the Mullumbimby Services Club and the community was in high spirits and everyone weve spoken to about the night had a ball, said Hannah.

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test 300 "IndyWatch Feed National"


testing this

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This article appeared recently in the mainstream media about the exploitation and oppression of migrants at the crass capitalist commercial music city of 'Glastonbury'. I have for many years argued that many big music festivals are institutionally racist and classist, and of course with all the sexual assaults that happens there, they are anti women/girls. Music festivals is part of the colonial privatisation of music and culture, its big money oriented towards the middle and upper classes and Glastonbury is one of the biggest manifestations of this. British society is an unofficial apartheid state, and Britain and the 'west' are the colonial settlement on the planet, they make the planet a global apartheid. #Grenfell, as with this article, opens up the defacto apartheid in which we live: we have a massive migrant community, especially the newer poorer more oppressed migrants servicing this country be it in the form of the invisibilised migrant workers exploited by Glastonbury and the 'revellers', or the London economy which is reliant on global colonial exploitation and domestic migrant labour that forms the backbone of our society and which directly services through exploitation the more affluent members of our society.

The left is wholly loyal to the imperialist system and the equivalent of the colonial settlers here which are the upper and richer sections of the working class often involved in anti-migrant trade union movement. Like in Australia, Palestine, the Americas the oppressed colonial subjects ie., migrant communities have their independence taken away by colonial assimilationist concepts such as 'Australian', 'British', 'American' when actually we are *victims* of Britishness etc.

Corbyn spoke some hypocritical words to the Glasto crowds about "building bridges" when he is a hard brexit leader, while 1,000s of migrant labourers were being exploited at Glasto for the benefit of settlers or 'revellers', while countless women and girls were sexually assaulted there, while drug dealers and sexual exploiters were hard at work at the festi...


How Australia bungled climate policy to create a decade of disappointment | Mark Butler "IndyWatch Feed National"

Unlike the UK, Australia has never had climate consensus and it's been costly, argues Labor frontbencher Mark Butler in an extract from his book, Climate WarsIn the lead-up to the 2015 general election in the United Kingdom, the leaders of the three major parties sat down together and signed a statement on climate change policy that would seem unimaginable to Australians. They agreed that climate change is one of the most serious threats facing the world today and undertook to [...]


FLUORIDE: Should it be added to your drinking water? "IndyWatch Feed National"

A NATIONAL research council have released a draft statement supporting fluoridation of drinking water, and have asked for public feedback on the document.

In this statement National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) strongly recommends community water fluoridation as a safe, effective and ethical way to help reduce tooth decay across the population. NHMRC supports Australian states and territories fluoridating their drinking water supplies within the range of 0.6 to 1.1 milligrams per litre (mg/L).

Following a thorough review of the evidence, NHMRC confirms that adjusting the natural level of fluoride in drinking water supplies helps to reduce tooth decay for all Australians. They state the benefits of community water fluoridation in reducing and preventing tooth decay are supported by more than 60 years of research.

NHMRC said the studies they reviewed show community water fluoridation reduces tooth decay by 26 to 44% in children, teenagers and adults.

They claim community water fluoridation is seen as one of the top public health achievements. It has been approved by major health organisations in Australia and internationally, including the Australian Medical Association, Australian Dental Association, World Health Organization and World Dental Federation.

NHMRC CEO Professor Anne Kelso AO said: NHMRC found no reliable evidence that community water fluoridation at current Australian levels causes health problems.

Studies implying harms from water fluoridation are largely from overseas countries that have much higher levels of fluoride than the levels used in Australia, and were done in ways which make their results scientifically unreliable.

Despite the backing of a substantial body of scientific evidence, about 10 per cent of the Australian population live in areas without water fluoridation.

Health authorities, which decide whether water will be fluoridated or not, should be assured that NHMRC recommends community water fluoridation as a safe, effective and ethical way to help reduce tooth decay.

The aims of public consultation on the draft Public Statement are to obtain feedback on:

  • whether the information is presented in a format and manner that is useful and easy to understand
  • whether the NHMRC statement is clearly justified
  • options for disseminating the Public Statement once finalised.

NHMRC invites the public to make a submission through its online public consultation...


NHMRC report total rejection of anti-fluoride lies says government "IndyWatch Feed National"

A federal government report into water fluoridation is being touted as a total rejection of the lies spread by the anti-fluoride activists in regional NSW.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) released its updated report into water fluoridation and dental and other health outcomes on Tuesday, July 4.

NSW Shadow Health Minister Walt Secord  said the report Information Paper  Water fluoridation: dental and other human health outcomes seals the case once and for all in favour of water fluoridation.

Mr Secord called on anti-fluoride protestors especially recent active ones in the Bega region on the South Coast and the North Coast to read the report in its entirety.

He said the report demolishes the myths, distortions, conspiracy theories and outright lies peddled by the anti-fluoride groups like the so-called Clean Water for Life Fluoride Free for Bega Valley.

Fluoride was first introduced in Tasmania in 1953, followed by Yass in NSW in 1956. Currently, 93 per cent of NSW has fluoridation, but there are several NSW communities resisting efforts to introduce fluoride into their water supply.

The NHMRC report looked at evidence from New Zealand, Britain, South Korea, Brazil, Israel and Australia.

Some of the findings include:

  • Evidence shows that water fluoridation at current Australian levels reduces the occurrence and severity of tooth decay. (p58)
  • Water fluoridation at current Australian levels is not associated with cognitive dysfunction, lowered IQ, cancer, hip fracture and Down syndrome. (p58)
  • There is no reliable evidence of an association between water fluoridation at current Australian levels and other human health outcomes. (p58)
  • There is no reliable evidence of an association between water fluoridation at current Australian levels and chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, heart disease and high blood pressure, low birth weight, mortality, certain muscle and skeletal effects, thyroid function, and self-report health outcomes. (p 43)
  • Fluoride is found widely in the earths crust and occurs naturally in water and many foods. (p55)

Mr Secord said this was one of the most concise and considered papers he had read on fluoride. He pointed to NHMRC evidence that found water fluoridation reduces tooth decay by 26-44 per cent (page 4).

It is mind boggling that there are groups who are fighting the introduction of fluoride into NSW drinking water, he said....


Unique International College Pty Ltd could face multi-million-dollar fines "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Yet another example of the Australian Governments failed vocational education privatisation policy ..

On 12 February 2016 Unique International College Pty Ltd had its membership of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training terminated this was challenged by the company and that matter is still before the Supreme Court,

On 18 April 2017 Unique International Colleges VET Provider Approval  was revoked.

At that point students who had been enrolled under VET in the colleges  Diploma of Management,  Advanced Diploma of Management, Diploma of Salon Management and Diploma of Marketing were liable for individual debts of up to $25,000.

By the time this college came to the attention of the Australian Consumer Affairs Commission in 2015 its annual income after tax had reached $33.7 million.

During the subsequent court case ...

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Remember Doncaster "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Grattan Institutes revelation that north-east Melbourne has the worst traffic comes as no surprise (The Age, 3/7). It should also remind planners that the idea for trains to Doncaster Hill springs from a genuine need long recognised by the community.

Of all regions, Melbournes north-east suffers from the greatest historical imbalance between provision for private cars and public transport. Elsewhere in Melbourne, from the inner city to the fringe, every municipality has at least one train line traversing it. The City of Manningham is the outlier, despite a population equivalent to Ballarats and a history of urban development going back more than half a century.

The lack of fast, efficient mass transit linking Manningham to inner Melbourne is often excused by suggesting this suburban population has no particular need to travel to the city. The daily clog on the freeway should give the lie to this.

Tony Morton, President, PTUA in The Age 4/7/2017


Census 2016: Milestone Passed as Australia Becomes more Asian, less European "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australians born of Australian parents will soon be a minority.

The census shows Australia reached a tipping point in 2016 where only slightly more than half its residents had two Australian-born parents. Read More


Dead humpback whale calf found on beach in Queensland, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

It's the sight no whale-watcher wants to see -with a beautiful baby humpback whale washing ashore and dying during the night. But ironically, according to a popular Cooloola Coast tourism operator - it's a sign that things are steadily improving for the once seriously endangered species. "Yeah it wasn't too good to see unfortunately," Tyron Van Santen from Rainbow Beach's Epic Ocean Adventures says of the calf's discovery on Teewah Beach yesterday. "A couple of our team members saw it when they were making the trip from Noosa to Rainbow."


Part 44(A) Australias irrelevant Crimes against Humanity. Cardinal George Pell, his lawyers, and about 1.5 Billion Catholic Christians need to read this letter to Victorian Supreme Court Justice Macaulay. (So also does every Australian.) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cardinal George Pell, his lawyers, and about 1.5 Billion Catholic Christians, including the Pope, need to read this letter to a Victorian Supreme Court judge, Justice Macaulay.

This is the 1st, and at 3,510 words, the shortest of 3 letters to Justice Macaulay, the Victorian Supreme Court judge handling the $90 million Manus Island class action against the Federal Government.   The announcement late last week that Cardinal Pell would prosecuted made me realize that this letter and 2 more recent  letters to Justice Macaulay could be of benefit to Cardinal Pell.

  1. If you are of the Catholic faith, please advise your parish priest of this letter.

  2. Note that all 3 letters have been forwarded to the Federal Police with a request that they be forwarded to Cardinal Pell.

  3. If that request is ignored, it may provide Cardinal Pell with a procedural fairness violation that could invalidate the Crown Prosecutions case against Cardinal Pell, a point of law that all Catholic Church members should point out to their parish priest.

  4. Note that AAT 2016/5334 was the 1st Nolle contendere settlement by the Turnbull Government and that the (somewhat more expensive) $90 Million Manus Island settlement is the 2nd Nolle contendere settlement.

  5. My view, as expressed to Justice Macaulay, is that the Turnbull Government is using taxpayers money to hide human rights atrocities and therefore it is the public interest not to ratify a taxpayer funded cover-up of these human rights abuses.

  6. Ripped off welfare recipients take VERY careful note of those 2 facts.

The short link URL for this posting is:


Attention: Justice Macaulay

Re: The Manus Island class action is the micro-tip of a decades long violation of human rights that involves millions of people and an undisclosed death toll that may be around the 100,000 mark, or more, at this stage. The $90 million settlement between the Commonwealth and the Manus Island detainees, i.e. Kamasaee v Commonwealth of Australia, is not in the public interest as there is a very serious conflict of interest.  Treasurer, Scott Morrison, the former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and 14 other current or fo...


Retail bounds back "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Economy humming

Retail turnover followed up a strong +1 per cent gain in April, beating out expectations with another solid +0.6 gain in May 2017, to dispel concerns of a retail recession. 

Over the past year national retail turnover has risen at a solid lick, up by +3.8 per cent to a fresh high of $26.08 billion.

Big states lead

Retail turnover has stalled in weather-impacted Queensland over the past quarter.

In the month of May, however, New South Wales (+1.3 per cent), Victoria (+1.2 per cent), Tasmania (+1.2 per cent), ACT (+1 per cent), South Australia (+0.8 per cent), and Western Australia (+0.3 per cent) all recorded solid gains.

The two most populous states have seen renewed increases, with the Census showing that population growth in Sydney and particularly Melbourne has quickened.  

Over the p...


Paul Keating former Australian Prime Minister is gay "IndyWatch Feed National"


And then I recalled all the gossip about all the prime ministers since Ive been a journalistPaul Keating he and Annita would divorce because he was secretly gay.

Sydney Morning Herald article below

In 1993 I received my Australian citizenship from then Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating at the Sydney Town Hall in front of thousands of people at a special commemoration citizenship ceremony.

I was chosen because I was a New Zealand emigrant businessman whod done well in Australia. I was the only Anglo-Saxon and the other candidates for citizenship came from all over the world. The Australian government was illustrating the multiculturalism of Australia.

Paul Keating arrived with a large entourage and fanfare. Assistants and media, the whole shebang. He was quite something in those days and knew how to play the game, maintain the invincibility and aura.

Paul Keating made a total mess of the Australian economy.

When Paul Keating was Australian Federal Treasurer in the late 1980s, under his economic governance, and as a direct result of him dismantling Australian tariffs on imports carte blanche, the Australian economy went into a major recession. It was all Pauls fault and yet to this day Paul sees himself as an economic hero.

Paul Keatings gayness

I really dont give a toss about whether Paul Keating is gay or not.

Paul lives with his boyfriend in Potts Point so he must be gay....


Hobart the tightest market "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Listings up in June

Listings rose 3 per cent in June, driven mainly by a 7 per cent jump in Brisbane.

Higher listings in the month mirror recent softening auction trends, reported SQM Research. 

Over the year, listings are still 3.3 per cent lower, with Melbourne (-12.7 per cent) and Hobart (-14,8 per cent) recording excessive declines. 

Melbourne house prices have exploded

The Hobart market is very tight, with a total of only 2912 listings, sending rents and house prices higher. 

With the other exception of Melbourne, listings are generally higher this year than last.

Listings in Brisbane jumped by 7 per cent in June, as vendors struggle gamely to offload a glut of apartment stock. 

Meanwhile SQM reported that median asking prices in Melbourne have exploded, rising by 22 per cent over the year to June. 

Indeed, Melbourne asking prices for houses have increased by a massive 48 per cent over the past three years, now comfortably outstripping growth in all other capital cities, including house prices in Sydney at 39 per cent. 



Julie Gillard former Australian Prime Minister staged marriage to a gay husband while Australian Prime Minister "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julia Gillard with her staged gay husband tim Mathieson who stopped living with her after she stopped being Australian Prime Minister an got paid for his contribution to the charade.

Awkward body language characterises every romantic photograph of Julia Gillard with her gay husband. Julia Gillard with her staged gay husband Tim Mathieson who stopped living with her after she stopped being Australian Prime Minister and got paid for his contribution to the charade. 


So far in this interesting series Australian gay politicians Ive looked at the gayness of former Australian Paul Keating who lives with his man in Potts Point, Sydney.

In the second article we looked at the open gay former Australian Greens Party leader Bob Brown.

Today Im going to look at another closet gay politician, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Paul Keating was married to Anita and they have a number of children. Im not aware of when Paul decided he liked some back-door action but presumably it was decades ago. Many Australians would be surprised to know Paul is gay but in the media, political circles, Eastern Suburbs elite, and gay scene it is widely known. So why the secrecy? Is being a homosexual or lesbian a claudestine activity for Australians politicians and...


Have You Misplaced A Lazy $1.6m? Aussie Police Departments Hilarious Facebook Post Goes Viral "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Have you misplaced a lazy $1.6 million in cash, packaged into neat bundles and stuffed into a suitcase? If so, the Aussie Federal Police are keen to ask you a couple of friendly questions.

The suitcase was found by officers investigating a suspected drug heist in a warehouse in Wetherill Park, a suburb of western Sydney.

In order to try and locate its owner, the coppers took to their Facebook page to post a pic with the following message:

Weve kicked off a court process to have it listed as unclaimed cash but if you reckon this cash is yours, wed be very keen to speak with you, reads the post. And by speak with you, we definitely mean to ask where you got a suitcase full of cash from. We have a sneaking suspicion this isnt your average pay packet. If you own this money (or know who does) please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The post was signed off with a classic hashtag: #MoMoneyMoProblems.

It went viral with over five thousand shares and eight thousand comments with most people trying to lay claim to the cash. One fella even said it had been promised to him in an email from a Nigerian prince but had never arrived.

Its become something of a modern Aussie tradition for police and emergency services to use humour in order to spread their messages far and wide and while someone people have criticised the method, stating that they should be focused on catching crims rather than cracking jokes, the cops have never been able to reach these many people before.

While police departments around the country have got in on the act, New South Wales coppers are undoubtedly the kings of the quip:

Oh snap!...


Australia - FLUORIDE: Should it be added to your drinking water? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The fluoride plant at Corndale.
A NATIONAL research council have released a draft statement supporting fluoridation of drinking water,* and have asked for public feedback on the document.
In this statement National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) strongly recommends community water fluoridation as a safe, effective and ethical way to help reduce tooth decay across the population. NHMRC supports Australian states and territories fluoridating their drinking water supplies within the range of 0.6 to 1.1 milligrams per litre (mg/L).
Following a thorough review of the evidence, NHMRC confirms that adjusting the natural level of fluoride in drinking water supplies helps to reduce tooth decay for all Australians. They state the benefits of community water fluoridation in reducing and preventing tooth decay are supported by more than 60 years of research.
NHMRC said the studies they reviewed show community water fluoridation reduces tooth decay by 26 to 44% in children, teenagers and adults.
They claim community water fluoridation is seen as one of the top public health achievements. It has been approved by major health organisations in Australia and internationally, including the Australian Medical Association, Australian Dental Association, World Health Organization and World Dental Federation.
NHMRC CEO Professor Anne Kelso AO said: "NHMRC found no reliable evidence that community water fluoridation at current Australian levels causes health problems.
"Studies implying harms from water fluoridation are largely from overseas countries that have much higher levels of fluoride than the levels used in Australia, and were done in ways which make their results scientifically unreliable.
"Despite the backing of a substantial body of scientific evidence, about 10 per cent of the Australian population live in areas without water fluoridation.
"Health authorities, which decide whether water will be fluoridated or not, should be assured that NHMRC recommends community water fluoridation as a safe, effective and ethical way to help reduce tooth decay."
The aims of public consultation on the draft Public Statement are to obtain feedback on:
whether the information is presented in a format and manner that is useful and easy to...


Bird strike scare forces jet to divert "IndyWatch Feed National"

  An AirAsia X flight bound for Kuala Lumpur has been forced turn back to Australia after a suspected bird strike left passengers shaken. The jet, carrying 359 people, ran into trouble after taking off from the Gold Coast at 22:20 (12:20 GMT) on Monday. Passengers reported hearing loud noises and seeing sparks coming from []

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How we got rich . . . "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The title of this post was supposed to be how we got happy but its more than that, Im feeling rich these days, an abundance of happy. We made it, were really living the life we dreamed of. Were in the middle of a glorious Australian subtropical winter, Im in the middle of a mid-year study break. []


ARCHIVE 2012 "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Luke Pearson: NAIDOC Week is more than just a cultural showcase "IndyWatch Feed National"

A crowd gathers for a flag raising ceremony outside the St Kilda town hall, Victoria for NAIDOC Week 2017. Photograph: Jack Latimore. A crowd gathers for a flag raising ceremony outside the St Kilda town hall, Victoria for NAIDOC Week 2017. Photograph: Jack Latimore. Share this Post NAIDOC Week grew out of the 1938 Day of Mourning, when William Cooper ...


The importance of being philanthropic "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

by Mandy Nolan

NRCFs John Callanan with Danielle Brearley and Lee Spykers from the Byron Herb Nursery. Lee is holding a native non-stinging bee hive, which are available for lease. Perfect for pollination time! Photo Jeff Beez Sneaze Dawson

NRCFs John Callanan with Danielle Brearley and Lee Spykers from the Byron Herb Nursery. Lee is holding a native non-stinging bee hive, which are available for lease. Perfect for pollination time! Photo Jeff Beez Sneaze Dawson

In a world where eight people have the equivalent wealth of the worlds poorest three and half billion, it is hard to believe that anything like trickle down capitalism actually exists. But there are some positive models for change right here in our region where we have  privileged people committed to making a difference to the lives of people in their local communities.

John Callanan is the chairman for The Northern Rivers Community Foundation (NRCF) which is committed to meeting local needs. The foundation kicked off in 2004 with a very simple vision. Put simply by John its about helping people move out from being disadvantaged.

And thats exactly what has been happening.

We started with zero funds and we currently have $1.2 million, says John, and since 2005, we have given away $1.09 million.

Investment fund

According to Callanan, the fundamental difference between community foundations and charities is that, donations are pooled and invested in perpetuity. Only the profits are given away each year. In doing this, we are building a legacy for the future. Its very much a sustainable model. As a charity, you might raise a million bucks, give away $700k, and spend some on admin but then you have to raise the money all over again the next year. We are building an investment fund and we only giveaway our yearly profits in the form of grants.

Community foundations are the fastest growing form of philanthropy in the world today.

There are 57 in Australia, says John. We have the largest footprint of any group in Australia; we cover areas from Tweed to Grafton, from the ocean all the way up past Kyogle, Woodenbong and Casi...


Comedy in the Garden Gets RAD "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Former lawyer Chris Radburn is an Aussie comedian who has earned a reputation for clever and cheeky observations that are relatable, original and hilarious. Chris has ap- peared as a comedian on over 15 TV shows including The NRL Footy Show, Last Comic Standing, CNN International, Stand Up Australia, Thursday Night Live, Getaway, Joker Poker and Sydney Comedy Festival Gala.

Over the last 15 years, this funny Aussie bloke has performed at every major festival in- cluding the Sydney Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Woodford Folk Festival, Just for Laughs Comedy Showcase and Sydneys Worlds Funniest Island.

Internationally, Chris has performed in America, New Zealand, Malaysia, on P&O Cruises in the South Pacific and as part of 3 Forces Entertainment tours to the Solomon Islands, Egypt and Dubai to entertain the Australian Troops. As an international finalist Chris ap- peared on Americas hit comedy show Last Comic Standing.

Chris is an award winning writer/actor/director with his short film Embellish and his two comedy webseries The Guide to being a Successful Man and The Parents.

Chris Radburn headlines Comedy in the Garden at the Byron Brewery on Friday 7 July the regular monthly night of featured funnies. MC for the evening is the hysterical and Guinness Book of Records holder for longest comedy show (over 36 hours) Lindsay Webb a comedian renowned for his gift for crowd work, and support for the evening is the dry wit of our local comedy genius Ellen Briggs.

hilarious, clever-witted observational gags. Adelaide Advertiser

clever, combines the Aussie yarn with classical comedic storytelling, culminating in a hysterical show. Kryztoff RAW

reveals himself for the true professional observer he is. Rip it Up

This is going to be an incredible night of comedy. Friday 7 July at the Byron Brewery. 8pm. Free.

Learn more at

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Legal action launched today to Stop Yeelirrie uranium mine proposal "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi Everyone

The Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) and members of the Tjiwarl Native Title group, represented by the Environmental Defenders Office WA (EDO), have commenced proceedings in the Supreme Court of Western Australia for a review of the decision by the former Minister for Environment, Albert Jacob to approve the Yeelirrie Uranium Project in the last days of the Barnett Government.
More info here


Tuesday 4 July
5pm CCWA Lotteries House 

Every welcome to come and see the Walking for Country Film (20mins) see trailer here. Afterwards we will share information on the current situation and then talk about how we can all help with upcoming actions and events.


Mercury in Australias Derwent River Turns Healthy Food Source Into Health Hazard "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Dr. Mercola

Mercury, a naturally occurring element, has a reputation for being deadly, especially to the brain. The heavy metal is one of only two elements on the periodic table that's liquid at room temperature. In its liquid form, mercury shimmers with an iridescent light mesmerizing enough to be displayed in the world's most beautiful art museums. But the element is deceptive and is a potent neurotoxin.

Methylmercury, one of the most toxic forms of mercury, as well as the most common form to which humans are exposed, is a byproduct of bacteria consuming mercury in sediments. Methylmercury, a potent neurotoxin, enters the food chain where it bioaccumulates in sea life, becoming more toxic as it moves up the food system.

Mercury contamination in the environment has proven problematic throughout the world, but in Australia, scientists have reported some of the worst levels seen on Earth, according to the featured Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) program, "Catalyst." A recent episode of the program explores the human health effects of mercury contamination in the environment, particularly in the Derwent River in Tasmania home to some of the nation's "hotspots."

Derwent River Home to Some of the World's Highest Mercury Levels

Scientists have detected levels of mercury up to 10 times higher in hotspots in the Derwent River than in other highly contaminated systems. This is largely a result of toxic industry operations along the river in the estuary. Similar to lead and other heavy metal pollutants, mercury can spread great distances once it has been released into the environment, which is why mercury spills start off as a local catastrophe but quickly become a global issue.

Of the 2,000 metric tons of manmade mercury produced each year,1 researchers estimate a significant portion of the metal ends up in the atmosphere, where it's transported around the world. An estimated 100 tons of mercury are transported to the Arctic, the film notes. This may explain why scientists have observed an increase in mercury levels in Arctic animals over the past 150 years, more than 92 percent of which is manmade.2

The bioaccumulation of methylmercury in seafood is the most common route of exposure in humans. Food Standards Australia New Zealand says it's generally safe to consume most types of fish two to three times per week.3 Fish that contain higher mercury levels, such as shark and swordfish, should...


Celebrating the original BREXIT, 4th July 1776 - Happy Independence Day USA! "IndyWatch Feed National"

In 1775 the tension to exit Great Britain was rising! In 1775, people in New England began fighting the British for their independence. On July 2, 1776, the Congress secretly voted for independence from Great Britain. Two days later, on July 4, 1776, the final wording of the Declaration of...


June in poetry "IndyWatch Feed National"

A complete* collection of Australian Prime Ministers, Dave Draytons P(oe)Ms is the neat, satisfying, wordplay that haters of poetry (and me) often forget is its benchmark. These kinds of engaging, playful works are increasingly coming from younger poets politically and technologically on top of it, and very present. Or is that prescient? Anyway, P(oe)Ms is funny. Very.


Sergeant Todd Langley - Killed in Action by our Islamist enemy in Afghanistan 6 years ago today "IndyWatch Feed National"

SERGEANT TODD LANGLEY The late Sgt Todd Langley was a member of the Sydney-based 2nd Commando Regiment.. Sgt Langley was shot and killed on 4 July 2011 during his fifth deployment to Afghanistan. Sergeant Todd Matthew Langley was born in Margaret River, Western Australia in 1976. He enlisted in the...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0003 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 3.35 AUD


Kristal Kinsela: This is one Indigenous policy that really works "IndyWatch Feed National"

Kristal Kinsela: Ultimately, buying from Indigenous business isnt just the commonwealths responsibility, its everyones business. Photograph: Nathaya Kyriacou Photography Share this Post As an Aboriginal woman and a business owner, I believe the Commonwealth Governments Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) is probably one of the most effective Indigenous policies to have ever been implemented. The IPP is a policy to increase ...


Don Diablo is the latest big international name joining the inaugural Sensation Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Ranked as one of the worlds top DJs, Don Diablo has just been announced for the first Sensation Australia festival alongside the Grammy-nominated, mouse-headed superstar DJ and producer Deadmau5.

He also joins a couple of his fellow Dutch acts including the hardstyle stylings of Showtek, and DJ/producer Oliver Heldens plus Belgian duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, with more names to be announced as we draw closer to the festivals local debut at Sydneys Olympic Park in November.

Sensation festival is of course one of the worlds biggest dance festivals, launched in Amsterdam in the year 2000, its gone on to run events in 34 countries so far, before finally making its way to Oz presented by Dance Nation Australia.

Tickets have gone on sale today, so you can head over to the website to grab yours, and catch up on the career of the latest addition below.


Health Care, Part 3: Who Suppresses Good Cures for Cancer? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nick Gonzalez, first a journalist, then a physician, tells of the NIH tricks by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate Part 1 of this series at recommended that we look at the American health care situation without trying to analyze proposed Congressional legislation at the same time. Theres no point taking sides []


Culture Guide July 3 10: Its NAIDOC week! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Tune in to Arvos at 4:30pm every weekday for more Culture Guide.
Brought to you by the City Of Sydney.


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Medicare information is being sold on the Internet "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ben Wilson

Beware. Personal information handed over to a government authority is not secure.

Evidence of this has come out via an expose of Medicare data published by the Guardian Australia (4 July 2017) and written by Paul Farrell.

It is revealed that someone is selling the information on the Darknet. For those unfamiliar with the term, this is the secret zone on the Internet, used for criminal and clandestine communication. It is also where illegal products and services are sold. This is a popular vehicle for selling illegal drugs and the activities of pedophile groups, for instance.

The advantage of the Darknet is that it is so far untraceable. The reason why it exists in the first place, is that it was created by the American military and spy organisations, to secretly pass on their communications. They still use it and others with just as much incentive to hide what they are doing, have piggy backed on the system.

It is likely that private citizens information is ending up in the hands of organised crime groups and being  used  to assist the creation of false identities.

Identity fraud is the fastest growing form of crime. This is where someones identity is stolen and used to extract money from existing private accounts, or profit from borrowing on credit on someone elses name.

But that sets of personal details should be available on this medium should be of concern. It suggests that security is not up to standard at Medicare. And if it is not to standard here, is it at other government run authorities?

It is happening at a time when the amount of information demanded from each of us is growing exponentially.

The seller of the Medicare records on the Darknet is even using the Department of Human Services logo.  Each card sells for 0.0089 bitcoin, which is internet virtual money and valued at $US22.

The intending buyer is told: Purchase this listing and leave the first and last name, and DOB of any Australian citizen, and you will receive their Medicare patient details in full.

Although there are laws on the books that make it a serious crime to steal personal information without authority, or to sell  it, the perpetrators are unlikely to be caught. The responsibility for cyber crime rests with the Federal Police and they have lagged far behind the crime gangs.

The only form of real protection available at present, is to minimise the information supplied to government authorities and other organisations.  At the very least, people should be made aware of the risk and not be falsely told that what they hand over is secure.

The post...


Is the Liberal Party losing its members? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

By all appearances, the factional fight in the Liberal Party is warming up again.

This time it has been marked by Tony Abbotts claim that the Liberal Party is haemorrhaging members in every state.

Given that there has been an ongoing decline of support for the major political parties over some years, it stands to reason that membership numbers would parallel this.

The decline began soon after World War Two, in the late 1940s and has accelerated in more recent years. The long-term trend suggests that there is something fundamentally bigger than who sits at the head, or whatever short-term policies are taken up.

In 1945 there were 40,000 members, according to the partys own estimate.  By the mid 1980s, membership had hit 150,000. By 2013, it was down to somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000. By any account, this is a huge decline and it is more striking when you consider that the Australian population rose from just under 7.5 million in 1945 to 23.3 million in 2013 and  24.5 million in 2016.

Although the Liberal Party no longer makes its membership numbers public, it has been admitted that there has been no shift in the 2013 number.

Given this, Abbotts suggestion of a decline in the Liberal Party is hardly an earth shattering revelation.

Labor cannot be complacent about this. While there has been a recent increase in membership. Back in 2013 it had 49,823 members ,down from a peak of 80,000 in the 1980s. Since the advent of the Hawke government in 1983, the number have been going down. Despite some improvement in its recent fortunes, due the unpopularity of both Abbott and Turnbull, the longer-term trend is far from reassuring.

Tony Abbot suggested on Sydneys 2Gb radio that the problem is the way in which Liberal candidates are selected, which he said, marginalises the membership. This may be a problem. But to assume that this is the cause of the reaso0n for the decline, is to delude oneself.

For Abbott, this is a facti...


Help WA Cops Celebrate NAIDOC Week, And Record Incarceration Rates "IndyWatch Feed National"

Theres box ticking, and then theres BOX TICKING!!!! See if you can guess what the West Australian police will be doing for the next two months.

Its the event that stops a nation. Indeed it stops many nations more than 200 of them. Just not Australia.

Were talking about NAIDOC Week, obviously the National Aboriginal and Islander Day of Observance Committee (which is, confusingly, precisely what NAIDOC stands for).

Its basically a week-long festival of all things blackfella and most mobs around the nation celebrate it in July. Increasingly though, governments and corporations have also begun to embrace the event, in particular schools.

But for some organisations, no amount of official NAIDOC Week enthusiasm can wash off the stench of institutionalised racism introducing the West Australian Police.

This week, and for the next two months, more than 2,000 West Australian Police officers will wear a special NAIDOC Week uniform, and police cars will be decorated in Aboriginal designs.

Or in the words of WA Polices official entry on the NAIDOC events page: See WA Police officers embody the spirit of reconciliation, as they do their job!

And that job includes arresting Aboriginal people at the highest rate on the planet literally.

Western Australia has, for more than a decade, had the highest Indigenous jailing rate on earth. Which means it has the highest Indigenous arrest rate on earth as well.

The state has a proud history of doing their job when it comes to policing Aboriginal people. WA was the first state in Australia to introduce mandatory sentencing (by Labor, Dr Carmen Lawrence) in the early 90s.

And its current jailing rate of black males is more than eight times greater than it was under the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

In any event happy NAIDOC.

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NAIDOC week in Byron: art, film, flags and family "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Nickolla Clark with one of her paintings 'Bulla Wajung', two dolphins, at the Bundjalung Art Exhibition opening at Byron Bay Surf Club on Monday (July 3). Photo Jeff Dawson

Nickolla Clark with one of her paintings Bulla Wajung, two dolphins, at the Bundjalung Art Exhibition opening at Byron Bay Surf Club on Monday (July 3). Photo Jeff Dawson

NAIDOC week kicked off in Byron Shire yesterday, with the raising of the Aboriginal flag at the Council Chambers in Mullumbimby and the opening of a Bundjalung art exhibition at the Byron Bay Surf Club.

The exhibition continues until this Friday (July 7) until 5pm daily.

Still to come are: the 10th annual Arakwal Naidoc Film Night at Byron Community Centre tonight (Tuesday July 4) from 6.30pm (tickets $10 at the door); a family fun day at Mullumbimby Neighbourhood Centre tomorrow (Wednesday July 5) from 11am (free); plus the official Bundjalung of Byron Bay Family Cultural Day on Thursday (July 6), gathering at Railway Park at 10am and proceeding to Main Beach at 11am (free).

The Bunyarra Dancers at Monday's (July 3) Bundjalung Art Exhibition opening at Byron Surf Club. Photo Jeff Dawson

The Bunyarra Dancers at Mondays (July 3) Bundjalung Art Exhibition opening at Byron Surf Club. Photo Jeff Dawson

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Benjamin Fulford Excerpt: "Clean up of Khazarian Filth Continues" -- July 4, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Weekly geo-political news and analysis

Message from Benjamin Fulford

Clean up of Khazarian filth continues in US Japan and elsewhere

Posted by benjamin
July 4, 2017

A comprehensive take-down of the Khazarian mafia continues around the world. The biggest developments were at the top ranks of the Vatican where the Vatican Finance Minister and Number 3 honcho, Australian Cardinal George Pell was suspended after being indicted for child rapes. As a result the pedos are in full panic mode, Pentagon officials say. Francis also removed another top honcho, Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, from his post has head of Doctrine and replaced him with a moderate.

The suspension of Pell as Finance Minister is almost certainly related to the goings on at Bougaineville and Papua New Guinea, areas under Australian control, and therefore Pells bailiwick, White Dragon Society sources say. The revelation that only about 3% of the money from minerals being extracted in PNG is going to the locals completely contradicts Pope Franciss vow the turn the Catholic Church into a poor church for the poor.

The WDS plan to connect the gold in Bougaineville to crypto-currencies, with US and Russian military backing, and thus completely by-pass the existing Vatican and Khazarian mafia controlled financial system must have added urgency to the Vaticans moves to remove Cardinal Pell.

The removal of the German Mueller, who was seen by many as the head of the resistance to Pope Franciss moves to make the church more easy-going, is also a significant defeat for the Khazarian mafia and their proxies, P2 Freemason sources say. This removal is probably going to affect what happens with the Knights of Malta, where a German/British split has been papered over leading to a stalemate at the top of the most important military spiritual order in the West. This in turn will affect how the US military industrial complex is run.

In other words, the fanatical faction that still wants to start World War 3 has lost its most senior backers, WDS sources say.

Another other big development last week was the arrival of the aircraft USS Bush in Israel. The Mossad site DEBKA expressed confusion about the arrival of the carrier because it apparently was not there attack either Iran or Syria.


Nationals call on community to choose Lismore candidate "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Thomas George and supporters on election day 2015. Photo Tree Faerie.

Thomas George and supporters on election day 2015. Photo Tree Faerie.

The NSW Nationals will leave the final decision about who will replace Thomas George as their candidate in the next state election to the community.

Mr George announced on Friday that he would not be running for the seat of Lismore again.

As a result, National Party members in the Lismore electorate have decided to hold a community ballot, similar to one trailed in Tamworth in 2010.

All members of the public who are enrolled to vote in the Lismore Electorate will be invited to cast a ballot on 18 November 2017 in the Lismore Community Preselection.

Nominations opened last Friday and remain open until Friday 11 August.

Northern Rivers resident and architect of the Community Preselection model, Ben Franklin MLC welcomed the Lismore Nationals decision to embrace this new way to select candidates.

In 2010, Australias first Community Preselection was held in Tamworth by The Nationals, Mr Franklin said.

On the Preselection day, The Nationals set up polling booths across the electorate just like a normal election and more than 4,000 ordinary members of the community turned up on a wet winters day to cast a vote and choose our candidate.

Mr Franklin said the Party was hoping for a similar reception in Lismore.

In this day and age theres a great need for political parties to open their doors to the community, and I am confident the people of the Lismore electorate will relish the opportunity to play their part, he said.

Nationals State Director Nathan Quigley said the winner of the community vote on the day will be our candidate.

It will be a physical ballot, the same as in state and federal elections, with scrutineers allowed to observe the casting and counting of votes.

This goes beyond our Party and speaks to the future of participation in our democracy. Its important that we get it right.

Lismore Nationals electorate Chairman Matthew Scheibel said that the local members who had voted for this model were placing their fait...


Gillard says she's seeking the spotlight as Chair of Beyond Blue. She might get more than she'd bargained for. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last night Julia Gillard told the ABC shes looking forward to courting the spotlight as Chair of Beyond Blue. Didn't take her long to follow through. Straight into an attack on the mental health of a male political opponent, Donald Trump. If President Trump continues with some of the tweeting...


Man Misses Chicken Tonight Dinner as JB Hi-Fi bag Search Enters Fifth Hour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

bag search

A Sydney man is tonight missing out on his favourite dinner, Chicken Tonight, as a routine bag search at his local JB Hi-Fi enters its fifth hour.

Id forgotten I was wearing a backpack when I walked into the store and by the time I realised, it was already too late, the man said. So, I had a look around at some DVDs and the latest Nintendo Amiibo my wife wont allow me to buy, then I tried my best to look calm and collected as I walked out. But the bloke at the door asked to see inside my backpack and Ive been here ever since. I even had to drop my trousers.

The mans wife told The Sydney Sentinel she knew something was wrong when he hadnt come home by 7pm.

He always skips his fourteenth beer at the pub and comes straight home when he knows Im frying up the Chicken Tonight, she said. Ive covered his dinner in foil and put it in the oven to keep warm but the man I spoke to at the store said he wouldnt be home until theyd completed a colonoscopy, so Im worried the chicken is going to dry out.

This is not the first time the man has missed important life events due to an extensive bag search at his favourite store.

Yeah, I should really know better than to go into one of these stores with any kind of bags, pockets or clothing, the man said. I missed the birth and first three months of my first childs life after walking into one with a bag from another store.



Shark drumlines to be deployed at Byron beaches "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

So-called 'smart' drum lines are to be deployed on the beaches along Byron.

So-called smart drum lines are to be deployed on the beaches along Byron.

Ten new Smart drumlines are to be deployed at local beaches between Brunswick Heads and Broken Head.

Smart drumlines alert operators to an animal caught on the line. The unit then sends an alert via phone, email and text to researchers with the location and the shark is tagged, relocated and released.

Parliamentary Secretary for Northern NSW Ben Franklin said it was great to see further shark mitigation measures in Byron Bay.

The measures are part of the NSW Governments $16 million Shark Management Strategy to protect local beachgoers. The program will soon have 85 drumlines along the NSW coast.

The NSW Liberal & Nationals Government is committed to protecting beachgoers across NSW and SMART drumlines are proving to be one of the most effective measures, Mr Franklin said.

The NSW Governments Shark Management Strategy is a science driven, innovative project designed to balance the need between shark bite mitigation and the protection of marine species.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries will now call for tenders from commercial fishers for the daily deployment and retrieval of the units.

In the recent six-month trial on the North Coast, Smart drumlines were shown to be five times more effective than mesh nets.

Mesh nets caught just seven target Sharks (including 3 White Sharks) while 25 Smart drumlines caught 37 target Sharks (including 31 White Sharks) in the same period

Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair said tagged sharks are able to be tracked on the network of 20 VR4G shark listening stations to provide real-time tracking data.

We now have 85 Smart drumlines on the water with another 15 to be regularly used by researchers for targeted tagging trips, Mr Blair said.

The additional drumlines in our region will be at Byron Bay between Brunswick Heads and Broken Head.

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Kyogle Hospital security unacceptable: union "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Kyogle Memorial Hospital. File photo

Kyogle Memorial Hospital. File photo

The first two months operation of new staff rostering arrangements at Kyogle Memorial Hospital will see 76 shifts undertaken without a single licensed security staff member rostered on, according to the Health Services Union (HSU).

But the Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSW LHD) says the problem is not due to the new rosters but to staff recruitment issues.

Health district stubborn

HSU NSW Secretary Gerard Hayes said the stubborn approach of hospital management to staffing arrangements was putting the continued safety of hospital workers, patients and visitors at risk.

When this new roster was proposed, one of the reasons given by management was to increase security at the hospital. In reality, however, the security coverage has worsened, Mr Hayes said.

Since the introduction of the new roster on May 8, and on the roster until July 17, there will be a total of 76 shifts with no licensed staff rostered on. This includes 55 day shifts, eight evening shifts and 13 night shifts.

Mr Hayes said the HSU had previously raised concerns of members at the hospital that the change from 9.5-hour shifts to 8-hour shifts would be unworkable on a number of levels.

For parents in particular, the new shift arrangements are having profound personal impacts. We now have a situation where one of our members is taking one day per week as unpaid leave per week in order to fulfil parenting responsibilities.

Our members now believe that a 12-hour shift can achieve everything to resolve the issue, while ensuring greater security coverage and allowing employees to achieve decent work-life balance.

Previous attempts to resolve this situation have failed, so we call on hospital management and the LHD to address the security issues Kyogle as an urgent priority, Mr Hayes said.

Short-term problem

But Wayne Jones, NNSWLHD Chief Executive, told Echonetdaily that hospital management are working towards increasing the numbers of Wardspeople/Health and Security Assistant (HSA) staff in line with the revised model of care.

One additional part time HSA position has recently been filled, and recruitment is underway to secure additional, licensed HSAs as required due to short-term...


Melbourne 3CR Community Radio Keep Left Program to Discuss Building 7 "IndyWatch Feed National"

The collapse of Building 7 by Dee McLachlan Presenters Chris Gaffney and Irene Bolger, of the Keep Left 3CR community radio, have promised to discuss the collapse of Building 7 on their next program. With comment and analysis on the political questions of the day with talkback the program is scheduled from 10 []


The charges Ralph Blewitt faces this week - and a few documents on the proceeds of the Kerr Street sale "IndyWatch Feed National"

I've received a few questions from our readers quoting Facebook and other websites about Ralph and the charges he's facing this week. I thought it might be helpful to publish a few pointers that might help clear our readers questions up. In court this week On Thursday this week Ralph...


Israeli Official Plays Blame the Victim Game "IndyWatch Feed National"

  Unless you happen to be a Jew convinced of your own chosenness, it might require summoning an inordinate amount of intestinal fortitude for you to make it through this video. Meet Tzipi Hotoveli, Israels deputy foreign minister. She was recently interviewed by 60 Minutes Australia. So what is it with these Palestinians? How come []


Building boom rumbles on "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Midas touch?

It was only a couple of months ago that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) seemed to be somewhat painted into a corner. 

Since then, there has been a general improvement in reported data and a number of business surveys, to the extent that markets are beginning to price an interest rate hike late next calendar year. 

Most importantly, full time employment has reportedly snapped 124,000 higher since September, with notable strength reported across the last five months, at about 20,000 per month. 

Engineering construction, having declined by 43 per cent since the peak of the resources construction boom in 2012, is also now rising again

Challenges remain, of course. 

The Holden closure and the shuttering of the auto assembly industry is still cited by some as the potential cause of a recession, even though this has been known about for years.

A challenge on a far greater scale given that a total of nearly 1.1 million Aussies are directly employed in construction is likely to be the headwinds created by the eventual downturn in residential building.

Building approvals remain elevated

Yesterday's building approvals figures recorded quite a sharp year-on-year decline in the number of dwellings approved, as broadly expected, and as I looked at in more detail here.

Some more welcome news....


Fracking for GST revenue push angers regions farmers "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Benny Zable and the Angel of Bentley. Could it be there will be more CSG licences approved in our region? Photo Tree Faerie.

Benny Zable and the Angel of Bentley. Could it be there will be more CSG licences approved in our region? Photo Tree Faerie.

Gasfield Free Northern Rivers campaigners have hit back at a threat from treasurer Scott Morrison to cut the GST distribution for state and territory governments if they push back against unconventional gas exploration, known as fracking.

Mr Morrison has warned state governments the Productivity Commission will be considering its attitude towards the controversial gas extraction industry particularly any moratoriums or limits on the practice in its review of the goods and services tax distribution.

This is a direct threat to the Northern Rivers, Annie Kia for Gasfield Free Northern Rivers said.

Its an abuse of federal power. This shows contempt for communities here and around Australia that have fought to protect themselves from invasive gasfields.

The Treasurers statement is shocking because theres strong evidence that unconventional gasfields are risky. Last year, 685 scientific studies were reviewed and most showed risks to water, air and health. This is serious. Should communities like ours be forced to become sacrifice zones?

Peter Nielsen, a farmer from Bentley and a National Party member said, We all know there is no gas shortage.

The problem is its all being exported overseas forcing our prices up and creating a domestic shortage.

The right wing of the coalition is pandering to the gas cartel and their large donations. Fracking risks the productivity and sustainability of farming its proven to be an unsafe gamble yet our government will not respect the peoples wishes.

Bentley resident Rosemary Joseph said she was gobsmacked.

Its like Scott Morrison has found his inner Putin. I cant believe the Treasurer said this, and that the Coalition has allowed him to say this.  We call on Federal representative and National Party member Kevin Hogan to speak out against this new extortion approach to GST allocation.

The post...


Sex and Loneliness on a Beach in Myanmar "IndyWatch Feed National"

I had a very strange sexual experience last night, on the very beach I am looking at now. It is, by all objective measures, a close to perfect beach. Tucked away in a hidden pocket of Southern Myanmar, it is all endless white sand, palm trees, and warm turquoise water the jungle the only thing in sight. It is bizarre to watch it, dreamy and idyllic and deserted, when only 12 hours ago, I was squirming around on it naked in the sand with a local boy.

He is 23 and lives nearby, but apparently he has only been to this particular place three times in his life. Almost miraculously, two of them coincided with my two visits. I went over in the warm evening yesterday to where he was nursing a beer on the hostel patio, and he talked lovingly about his hometown and the 10 beautiful beaches and the cashew nut factories. He picked the leaves of a nearby cashew tree for me to try. Then we went down to the beach with beer I was drunk, Im not sure if he was and he offered to give me a massage when I said I was tired.

Under the thin pretext of being tired, I let him run his hands all over me; they crept along my sides and my body happily responded. We crawled up onto a more hidden spot on the beach, took all our clothes off, and since he didnt have a condom and I wasnt sure enough of the situation to take the decisive step of going to get the one I had, we used our mouths and mainly our hands, neither one of us finishing. He was endearingly determined to go down on me I think hed seen it on the internet and wanted to try it out and told me it was his first time, which suddenly made my stomach turn.

Even though Id had the idea of hooking up with him since I first saw him, I now started questioning the ethics of it. I had thought that maybe sex was something that did happen here, because people are people and desire is desire no matter the culture but that it was all discreet and shameful and secret. However, now it seems that Myanmars people truly do not go around wanking each other off on beaches with people they barely know.

So what does it mean is it unfair to breeze in here and be sexually forward as Australian women are and then disappear again forever? But then on the other hand, is that horribly paternalistic and should the same standards and opportunities apply to everybody, if they so choose? I dont know, and either way I started feeling like I was doing altogether too much potential damage for a one night stand. He wanted to go swimming and go back to his tent but, wracked with guilt and confusion, I said goodnight, and slunk back to my bungalow to sleep.



AirAsia flight in mid-air emergency "IndyWatch Feed National"

MALAYSIA INDONESIA AIRASIA PLANE MISSINGPassengers on board the AirAsia flight that was forced to make an emergency landing in Brisbane shortly after take-off have reported seeing sparks and hearing what sounded like the engine exploding.

Flight D7207 left the Gold Coast bound for Kuala Lumpur on Monday night but was forced to land in Brisbane a short time later due to a suspected birdstrike.

Several passengers say the planes right engine appeared to explode or catch fire.

Successive sparks boom boom boom went off and some people were crying and calling out oh my god oh my god, Passenger Eric Lim wrote on Facebook.

That was quite an experience seeing the engine on fire, Twitter user Hippie Tim wrote.AirAsia says a suspected bird strike caused the emergency.

The flight landed safely at Brisbane Airport at 11.33pm on Monday, with all 345 passengers and 14 crew on board uninjured.

Chief executive AirAsia X CEO Benyamin Ismail said the engine problems appeared to have been caused by a birdstrike and praised the efforts of the flight crew.

We would like to commend our pilot and crew members for their professionalism and swift action to reassure passengers and to land the aircraft safely.

Passengers have been taken to hotels and the airline is arranging a replacement flight, expected to leave this evening.

Early last week, another AirAsia plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Perth Airport after an engine malfunctioned 90 minutes into the flight to Kuala Lumpur.

That flight, D7237 with 359 people on board, on June 28 landed safely and investigations are continuing.

Video footage captured by a passenger showed the plane loudly vibrating and shaking after what passenger Brenton Atkinson said sounded like a small explosion.

It was literally like you were sitting on top of a washing machine, he told ABC radio.

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Australias climate policy rated as poor "IndyWatch Feed National"

A sign from the Peoplesclimate rally in Melbourne in 2014. Photo Takver

A sign from the Peoplesclimate rally in Melbourne in 2014. Photo Takver

A group of international experts has criticised the federal government for not being ambitious enough on climate policy and its continued support of coal.

In an analysis of G20 countries transition to being low-carbon economies ahead of this weeks summit in Germany, Australias performance was rated low despite slight improvements.

Australia has made some progress in supporting the deployment of renewable energy schemes and enhancing energy efficiency, particularly in the residential sector, says Climate Transparencys 2017 Brown to Green report, released on Monday.

However, experts claim this is insufficient given Australias high emissions and its large potential for the deployment of renewables.

It warns Australia will fall well short of meeting its proposed Paris Agreement targets a reduction in emissions of 26-28 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030 based on existing policies.

Of particular concern is the reversing trend of falling carbon emissions from coal-fired power stations after the carbon tax was repealed in 2014.

As a consequence, emissions from electricity production, which had been covered by the scheme, are rising again while the federal government continues to create political uncertainty on the future of renewable energy, the report says.

On the bright side, after a year of record investment and with coal on the decline, it notes Australia is gearing up to maintain its renewables target and also ensure grid stability through increased storage.

But with 35 per cent of its energy supplied by coal in 2014, Australia still has one of the highest coal shares in the G20.G20 countries account for 75 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the report.

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I will fight and win election in 2019: PM "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Australias Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Malcolm Turnbull has stared down disgruntled Liberal MPs after declaring hes not going anywhere and is confident of winning the next federal election.

As his predecessor Tony Abbott kicked off a fresh week of free advice to the coalition leadership, the prime minister said he intended to stay in the top job for a very long time.

I know you may think that at 62 I am too old, he said in Sydney on Monday.

I can assure I will be running at the 2019 election and will win.

Earlier, Mr Abbott rejected criticism his recent outspokenness on policy and Liberal values, which has been interpreted as an ongoing sign of fracture within the party, is damaging its election prospects.

I want us to be the best-possible government, he told Sydney radio 2GB.

The former prime minister said he was fighting on two fronts. The first was for one member, one vote reforms to Liberal Party pre-selections.

And then there is a fight for the kind of policy which a Liberal-National government should be on about, he said.

He said the party was haemorrhaging members in every state, especially in NSW where lobbyists seem to be controlling the party.

Asked if Mr Abbott was a team player, Treasurer Scott Morrison said he is part of the team and we keep playing forward.

Im not interested in the confected soap opera which has been endeavoured to be portrayed and neither is the government, he later told ABCs 7.30 program.

The personalities? Frankly, (I) just dont care.

Fellow senior minister Arthur Sinodinos said the party had no control over Mr Abbott actions.

I cant control Tony Abbott, he told ABC radio.

Asked if the timing of Mr Abbotts recent remarks, in the lead-up to the first anniversary of an elected Turnbull government, was deliberate the industry minister couldnt say.

Youd have to ask him whether it was deliberate or not, he added....


Can the 'Sea Fury' case Joint Intelligence Bureau files be found? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Recently, an Adelaide researcher conducted a 'Cold case' review of the 31 August 1954, Australian 'Sea Fury' incident.

When I was examining some of the background information about this fascinating sighting, I was reminded that, although we have copies of two Navy files on the incident (NAA file series MP926/1, control symbol 3079/101/1 and SP338/3, control symbol 13/4/10;) that the Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB) files, have never been seen by UAP researchers. Although, I have made previous attempts to locate these missing files, I was unsuccessful. However, I have decided that it is worth one final effort.

Letter to the Minister of Defence

So, I have despatched the following letter by registered snail mail.

'Senator the Hon Marise Payne
Minister for Defence
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Minister,

In 1991, Ken Llewellyn, then Public Relations Officer for the RAAF, authored a book titled 'Flight Into the Ages' (Felspin, NSW.) In it, inter alia, he discussed a number of sightings of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. One of these sightings was an alleged observation of two 'unknowns' by an Australian Navy pilot, Lt James Aloysius O'Farrell, near Goulburn, NSW, on 31 August 1954. In his book, Llewellyn states that, the then Secretary of the Department of Defence, Sir Arthur Tange, made available to O'Farrell, two DOD Joint Intelligence Bureau files, on the sighting.

In addition, the RAN 'Navy News', dated 9 March 1984 page 4, in an article about O'Farrell, included the words 'The Joint Intelligence Organisation holds a file on this sighting.'

These two JIB/JIO/DIO files are not in the National Archives of Australia.

The purpose of this letter is to ask:

(a) If the DOD currently retains JIB/JIO/DIO files about this 1954 sighting?

(b) If so, may I, either obtain a digital copies of them, or failing that, can the files be forwarded to the National Archives of Australia for retention and reviewed for release through them.

There is a precedent for release of JIB UAP files to me. In 2008, the then Minister for Defence arranged the release of a JIO files, JIO63, 3092/2/000, titled 'Scientific Intelligence-General-Unidentified Flying Objects' with a date range of 1957-1971. There was nothing on this file concerning the 1954 sighting.

Thank you for your response.'

The process of obtaining the previous JIO file took two years. Naturally,...


Defence Science and Technology Organisation records on UAP - part four "IndyWatch Feed National"


This post continues my report on the contents of a newly available Australian government UAP file. I am providing a folio by folio description, plus comments to place the documentation into context.

A query to the Chief Defence Scientist

Folio 143 and 144

143. A memo dated 14 January 1981 from R N Hamilton (FAS SIP) to the Chief Defence Scientist (CDS), titled 'Investigation of  Unusual Aerial Sightings in Australia' forwarded folios 140-142.

Hamilton sought guidance from the CDS as to whether UAP responsibilities should be identified more clearly; more predictable procedures should be initiated; whether the DSTO should be assisting in any way, and whether DSTO should have some role in the matters to be investigated or should even be in the investigation itself?

144. Dated 16 January 1981, George E Barlow, then acting CDS, DSTO, wrote back to FAS SIP. Barlow acknowledged that there was a small core of unexplained UAP, especially those involving physical traces. He also stated that two former CDS, namely H A Wills and Dr J L Farrands had an interest in the physical cases of the reported phenomena. However, he ended by saying that "Staff ceilings and financial restrictions intervened...'  

There is an intriguing handwritten note on the bottom of folio 144:

'Original held by Ross Thomas. FASSIP commented What I have established is a record of 'studied neglect.' "What the hell do I do?! Subsequently he discussed with Paul Dibb and matter finally left with Ross T to raise sometime with Military Space Cmtee.' 3/6/81.


1. This 1981 memo is an important one in that it shows that the matter...


Court considering whether babysitter caused fatal crash "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A magistrate is considering whether there is enough evidence for a babysitter to stand trial over a crash near Casino in 2015 that killed a police officers four-year-old daughter.

Courteney Pearl Matthews was excused from appearing at Byron Bay Local Court on Friday June 30 before Magistrate Michael Dakin.

On December 18, 2015, Ms Matthews was driving a red Mazda 323 containing Elle Underhill, 4, her 2-year-old sister, and another seven year-old girl, when her car was torn in half after colliding with a Subaru Liberty on December 18.

Elles father Steven, a police officer, was one of the first people on the scene at 1.20pm, on the Summerland Way, about 10km east of Casino.

Despite the valiant efforts of emergency services, Elle died in the crash.

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter airlifted the two-year-old to Brisbanes Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital suffering serious injuries and the seven-year-old girl was treated for shock.

The 81-year-old man driving the Subaru was taken to Lismore Base Hospital with an injured sternum.

Ms Matthews, a promising ballerina, was subsequently charged with dangerous driving occasioning death, dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm, negligent driving occasioning death and negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm.

Following a committal hearing at Casino Local Court in April, Mr Dakin agreed to receive written legal arguments from both the prosecution and defence about the case.

On Friday, Mr Dakin said he had received and read the written arguments, News Corporation reported, but there was an issue with some documents subpoenaed from Richmond Valley Council.

Mr Dakin said he had to be sure there was enough evidence to support some element of dangerousness in Ms Matthews driving before the crash.

It seems implicit in the submissions there is no intention of the defendant producing evidence, he said.

He adjourned Ms Matthews matters until September 1 at Byron Bay Local Court.

Ms Matthews must be present in court and Mr Dakin said the matter would be given priority.


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So you want to talk about ex-Muslims and vast sums of money? As you wish. "IndyWatch Feed National"

It would seem Islams hijab-wielding fifty-cents army is on the move. Their target this time: ex-Muslims. A few months ago, they struck in Australia with a petition and a grotesque online denunciation ex-Muslim womens rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali and, perversely, in the US by leading a womens rights march. Now theyve topped that with an even more grotesque online stand-up mocking ex-Muslims for being in it for the money.

This hijabi brigades role is to use their Western privilege of equality, freedom and high standards of health and education to try to attack ex-Muslims, the only people prepared to put their lives on the line for half the worlds Muslim population: its women. In Muslim lands (and to a lesser extent in the self-imposed Muslim ghettos in Western countries), their hijab-, niqab-, burka- and chador-shrouded sisters are subject to male control, husband-, brother-, police-, and any-random-male-beating, child-marriage, forced marriage, polygamy, testimony- and inheritance-degrading, movement restriction, denial of education, denial of child custody, rape, culpability for their own rape, forced marriage to their rapist, public groping, genital mutilation, acid attacks, honour killing, the list goes on, ending in what Nazik al-Malaika described as Muslim womens impulse to suppress themselves.

In the Muslim world and Western Muslim ghettos, of course, this impulse to suppress is institutionalised in mothers ostracising their too Western daughters, sending bounty hunters after their escaped daughters, instructing their sons to murder their own sisters, delivering up their baby girls to have their clitorises and labia cut off and their vulvas sewn up, and their baby sons to have their foreskins cut off, instructing their daughters to always obey their husbands, never talk about their husbands abusing them, and never, ever, ever, God forbid, leave those husbands.

It is institutionalised in the women cadre of the various religious and morality police forces that patrol the cities of Muslim lands on the lookout for women transgressing any of the above, ready to arrest and deliver them up to males who will administer the caning, the physical inspections and the verbal abuse as the first step in the judicial process.

It is institutionalised in the judicial systems in which all-male panels of judges impose returns to monstrous husbands, removal of children, lashing, f...


Meet Byrons pocket rocket ninja "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Pocket Rocket ninja Lisa Parkes-Jetha training in Byron. Photo supplied.

Pocket Rocket ninja Lisa Parkes-Jetha training in Byron. Photo supplied.

Did you know there was a ninja in your midst?

Mother of three, Lisa Parkes-Jetha, aka Pocket Rocket, has fought her way through 6,000 applicants down to the last 60 ninjas who were selected to compete in Channel Nines Australian Ninja Warrior that will begin airing this Sunday July 9.

There were two things my mother always told me, said Lisa.

That there is no such word as cant and that you just need to believe in yourself and youll be ok.

Having been told she would never be able to walk again after breaking her back, Lisa took these sayings to heart and rehabilitated herself back to walking.

She now runs a personal training business, Sea Change, in Byron Bay and will be opening a new business, Ninja Play, in the Byron Bay industrial estate with open days on August 26 and 27.

Inspired to compete in the Australian Ninja competition to show her kids that anything is possible the experience has inspired her to continue obstacle training and develop her new business Ninja Play.

Incorporating her training into her daily life Lisa would go running with her pram see a pole and give it a quick climb on the way.

I just had to build it into my life, she said with a laugh.

Many of the competitors in the TV show are professional athletes, while Lisa would look up various techniques on Youtube and practice in the playground with her kids.

I feel really honoured and privileged to have participated and have met some amazing and inspiring people.

The experience instilled in me that life is too short not to believe in yourself and this is really something that I wanted my kids to understand  that you really need to live your life and follow your dreams and passions.

The post...


Market Talk- June 3rd, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Some refreshingly strong data released in both Japan and China has helped market move on a note. We saw the BOJs TANKAN (business confidence data) show an improvement from previous quarterly number at +17 (prior was +15). This has helped push the Nikkei a little better but sees the JPY trade weaker now with a 113 handle. In China PMI also better than expected helping the renewed confidence provided recently by the addition to the Emerging Markets Index. Additionally, a system (Bond Connect) is being trialled soon that will allow Hong Kong investors to participate in mainland FI markets. There is a concern being talked between dealers that Chinas debt now exceeds 300% of GDP but given most is local currency denominated is a relief. In Australia, the ASX lost a little ground today but we do have the RBA announcement expected Tuesday. Given the broad performance and probably credit energy with a little assist, Gold has lost ground today and was last seen around 1.2% lower on the day.

European indices continued along the strong theme with all core markets up around 1% across the board. There is however one straggler (FTSE) which is only +0.5% firmer but is also losing in currency (-1%) also. Having closed high (130+) on Friday, today we are seeing the opposite trade as weekend press was not so UK positive. Industrials, banks and mining are leading the positive momentum to start the week which is why recent safe-havens (FI, Gold) are giving a little back to start the second half of 2017. Also in the UK, the court case against Barclays starts when we expect clarity for some details of the support Barclays received from non-government during the 2008 financial crisis. This will be discussed on every trading floor around the world, I would imagine. Afternoon Europe continued the strong morning buildings on semi-solid PMI data. Banks and Industrials saw stock rally over 3% on the day with core closing around 1.5% better across the board.

It was the DOW that performed best (+0.6%) for the core US indices ending with a 130 point rally on the day. The broader S+P did close better (+0.25%) but nothing like the record the DOW managed to print. Unfortunately, the NASDAQ did not do so well closing lower (-...


Learn to care for injured animals "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

 A mountain brush tail possum hand raised by NRWC. Photo supplied.

A mountain brush tail possum hand raised by NRWC. Photo supplied.

Living in a area of rich biodiversity, the Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers (NRWC) rescues and rehabilitates a large range of animals, some of which are rare or threatened and you might not ordinarily come into contact with, says Kate Geary, who is a training officer with the group.

They rely on a wide range of volunteers to give their time to raising rescued wildlife and running the organisation.

There are many roles within the organisation, and something to suit just about anyone who is passionate about native wildlife, continued Kate.

If you have lots of time for caring roles thats great, others contribute by doing rescues on the days when they know they will be available, provide transport to/from vets and carers, serve on our hotline, or feed baby flying foxes orphaned during heat events.

The first step to getting involved is doing the basic training, which gives you an understanding of  how to undertake a rescue and assessment of an injured or orphaned animal and learn about the different roles within the group.

We care for a lot of birds, also possums and gliders, echidnas, bats, reptiles and wallabies.

The next basic training will be on Sunday July 30, 9.30am3pm in Lismore. The cost of $35 includes morning tea and membership. 

Kate has had the opportunity to raise a number of wild animals and release them into the wild.



Electrical stimulation steers neural stem cells "IndyWatch Feed National"

Neural stem cells normally go with the flow of chemical guides. But with a little electrical stimulation they can be coaxed to go the other way, a new study shows. When scientists applied electric current to human neural stem cells injected into rats' brains, the cells moved toward the animals' subventricular zone and lateral ventricle, instead of toward their olfactory bulb, the default destination. The result, published June 29 in Stem Cell Reports, suggests that electrical stimulation could one day be used to guide neural stem cells to damaged sites in the brain. "This is the first study I've seen where stimulation is done with electrodes in the brain and has been convincing about changing the natural flow of cells so they move in the opposite direction," stem cell expert Alan Trounson of the Hudson Institute in Australia tells The Scientist. "The technique has strong possibilities for applications because the team has shown you can move cells, and you could potentially move them into seriously affected brain areas." "I didn't expect the direction of the cells could be reversed," study coauthor Min Zhao of the University of California, Davis, tells The Scientist. The molecules that direct the flow of cells in the brain are very commanding, he says. Seeing that electrical stimulation can reverse the directions the cells travel shows the technique is "even more powerful than we thought" for guiding neural stem cells.


Fish becoming transgender from contraceptive pill chemicals being flushed down household drains "IndyWatch Feed National"

fifth of male fish are now transgender because of chemicals from the contraceptive pill being flushed down household drains, a study by has suggested.

Male river fish are displaying feminised traits and even producing eggs, the study found. Some have reduced sperm quality and display less aggressive and competitive behaviour, which makes them less likely to breed successfully.

The chemicals causing these effects include ingredients in the contraceptive pill, by-products of cleaning agents, plastics and cosmetics, according to the findings.

Professor Charles Tyler, of the University of Exeter, is to present his findings in a key-note lecture at a symposium this week. He will explain that the offspring of such transgender or intersex fish can also be more sensitive to the effects of these chemicals in subsequent exposures.

Professor Tyler said: We are showing that some of these chemicals can have much wider health effects on fish that we expected.

Using specially created transgenic fish that allow us to see responses to these chemicals in the bodies of fish in real time, for example, we have shown that oestrogens found in some plastics affect the valves in the heart.

Tests showed 20 per cent of male freshwater fish, such as roach, at 50 sites had feminine characteristics.

More than 200 chemicals from sewage plants have been identified with oestrogen-like effects and drugs such as antidepressants are also altering fishs natural behaviour, his study found.



London Grenfell Tower disaster, Australian solidarity "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australians Judy and Jenny

From the World Socialist Web Site:

Australian workers and youth speak out on Grenfell Tower tragedy

By our reporters

3 July 2017

The June 14 Grenfell Tower fire in London, which is thought to have killed over a hundred residents, has produced widespread shock and anger by Australian workers and young people.

Many who spoke to WSWS reporters over the weekend denounced the conditions that led to the blaze, including the flammable cladding on the building, and the lack of sprinklers and other basic safety measures.

Some drew parallels with the undermining of building regulations by successive Labor and Liberal-National governments in Australia. Media reports since the Grenfell Tower disaster have warned that flammable Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) cladding is prevalent in the construction industry.

Government authorities, at the state and federal level, however, have done virtually nothing to identify at-risk buildings, let alone take action to prevent a similar disaster. Like their counterparts in Britain, the major parties represent the interests of the property developers and financial entities that have made billions of dollars from an ongoing property boom.

A limited audit in 2014 found that up to 51 percent of high-rise buildings in central Melbourne had flammable ACP cladding. A leaked report by the New South Wales (NSW) Department of Pla...


rss 2012 test "IndyWatch Feed National"

9items, 2012test rss


Australia: Launch of updated commentary on Second Geneva Convention "IndyWatch Feed National"

Article | In the years since the Second World War, the international community has been fortunate not to see many conflicts at sea.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

G20 Influence Needed as Further US Protectionism Could Provoke Global Trade War
By Wang Jiamei
Global Times
2017/7/3 21:33:39

It is unknown whether US President Donald Trump will really trigger a global clash with other major economies during the upcoming G20 Summit in Hamburg, especially after the EU, Australia, Russia, China and other economies warned the US against its plan to restrict imports of steel and aluminum at the WTO on Friday. While there is the threat of a global trade war, which would undermine the interests of all parties, it may still be avoided if G20 members can make good use of the G20 platform to strengthen policy coordination and promote global governance.

Tensions have been growing since media reports said that the Trump administration was considering curtailing imports of steel and aluminum by imposing hefty tariffs on the grounds of national security. The final decision is expected to be announced following Trump's meeting with other G20 leaders in Hamburg later this week.

It is not wrong for the Trump administration to pursue an "America first" strategy, but it is wrong to confuse short-term national interests with the long-term interests of the nation and the international community. Failing to recognize the US' fundamental interests will not only go against the trend of globalization, but also undermine the existing global trade order, eventually hurting its own interests. Sun Jiwen, spokesperson with China's Ministry of Commerce, said on Thursday that "national security" is such a broad term that it could easily be abused if there are no clearly defined conditions, which would impede normal international trade flow.

On Friday, WTO members cautioned the US against a tit-for-tat response, as an EU official said the new potential tariff would lead to systemic consequences and that the EU would be "firm in taking all necessary actions" if its exports are curbed, according to a Reuters report. The EU is expected to be the biggest victim of the US tariff plan as China's steel exports to the US are already limited due to various anti-dumping and countervailing actions.

While it remains to be seen what decision the Trump administration will make, major economies should use the upcoming...


Moderate imam serving as Australian Defence Force religious adviser turns out to be extremist "IndyWatch Feed National"

He opposed a ban on Hizb ut-Tahrir, which openly calls for Sharia rule in Australia, the U.S. and everywhere else it is allowed to operate. He did this before he was appointed a religious adviser to the Australian Defence Force. So who decided that he was a moderate and not an extremist? It was no []


The 2018 CFP is open "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The call for presentations for the 2018 event is now open. " is one of the best-known community driven Free and Open Source Software conferences in the world. In 2018 we welcome you to join us in Sydney, New South Wales on Monday 22 January through to Friday 26 January." The submission deadline is August 6.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

BP Expects $750 Million Write-Off on Angola Exploration Charge
By Rakteem Katakey
June 29, 2017, 11:17 AM EDT

BP Plc expects to write off about $750 million after deciding not to develop a natural gas discovery in Angola because it isnt commercially viable.

BP relinquished its 50 percent interest in Block 24/11 off southern Angola, where the Katambi discovery was made in 2014, the company said in a statement Thursday. The write-off in the second quarter, which also includes other exploration charges in Angola, will not affect BPs cash flow, it said.

Oil companies are re-evaluating which projects to go ahead with as crudes three-year slump squeezes balance sheets . BP abandoned its search for oil in the Great Australian Bight last year and Royal Dutch Shell Plc gave up exploring in Alaska after it failed to find commercial quantities of oil.

"We are making disciplined choices throughout our business, including in exploration, Bernard Looney, chief executive officer for BPs upstream business, said in the statement. We are choosing not to pursue activities that we dont think will deliver maximum value for our shareholders.

In the Great Australian Bight off the countrys southern coast, BP owned a 70 percent stake in four blocks and Statoil ASA the remainder. Under a swap agreement, Statoil has taken over full ownership of two blocks and BP the other two. BP is in discussion with the Australian government on exiting its remaining blocks.

BP plans to start seven projects this year, three off which have already begun production. The new projects will help the company boost cash flow and reduce debt in the second half of the year, Chief Financial Officer Brian Gilvary said last month. The explorer bought stakes in assets in the Middle East and Africa at the end of last year in an attempt to expand following years of reduced spending.

Monday, 03 July


Australia: a new Church pedophile scandal erupts "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Australia: a new Church pedophile scandal erupts

by Jon Rappoport

July 3, 2017

Reuters, June 29, from Sydney and Vatican City:

A top adviser to Pope Francis was charged with multiple historical sex crimes in his native Australia on Thursday, bringing a worldwide abuse scandal to the heart of the Vatican.

Appointed Vatican economy minister by Francis, Cardinal George Pell is the highest-ranking Church official to face such accusations. He asserted his innocence and said the pontiff had given him leave of absence to return to Australia to defend himself.

But Pell, a former archbishop of Melbourne and Sydney, had come under pressure from an Australian government commission on institutional child abuse, and had himself been under investigation for at least a year.

What are the chances Cardinal Pell survives this scandal? Already ill, will he conveniently die before the Australian investigation puts him through the wringer?

The intrigues of the Vatican are endless, and they always have been. The silent wars taking place between factions have taken many forms. In this case, Cardinal Pell was originally appointed by Pope Francis to clean up the financial mess (numerous scandals) in the Church, but Pell ran into roadblocks as he tried to push that agenda forward.

Whether Pell is innocent or guilty of pedophilia, its possible that power blocs within Vatican City decided to discredit him and sideline him, in order to maintain secrecy about the money crimes theyve been committingthey ramped up the pedophile investigation in Australia to take Pell out of the picture.

Since their earliest days, the Vatican has been a money machine, using religion as a front to raise cash. In the process, the Church fathers have condoned and/or participated in child sexual abuse and rape.

Its absurd to think pedophilia in the Church rears its ugly head here and there, now and then. Its institutional and embedded and always has been.

As I mentioned in a previous article about another subject, the limited hangout is a typical strategy of large organizations, when faced with exposure. Confession of a crime is made, as if the offense is highly unusual or limited to a particular....

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