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Tuesday, 19 September

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Monday, 18 September


Callum Clayton-Dixon: A holistic approach to Aboriginal languages in NSW "IndyWatch Feed National"

Callum Clayton-Dixon Photograph: Supplied Share this Post New South Wales will soon be the first Australian jurisdiction to introduce Aboriginal languages legislation. The draft bill contains statements recognizing Aboriginal peoples right to learn and maintain our languages, and acknowledging the need to take actionto ensure the survival of Aboriginal languages. Ministerial roles, the implementation of a strategic plan, vague references ...


Transgender ideology's profound incoherence and the end of law "IndyWatch Feed National"

In The Trouble with Principle, Stanley Fish recites an observation that John Milton included in his Areopagitica: "No law, Milton points out, can permit activity that constitutes an assault on it, no law, that is, that 'intends not to unlaw itself.'" Even more self-cancelling is for a law to permit an interpretation of its text that abolishes the very concepts on which its edict depends. In such case, both the law and its interpretation stall in mutual nullification. Two questions, then. One: Does the federal law prohibiting "sex discrimination" forbid us to countenance the category of "sex"-and thus of "sex discrimination"? Two: Can the rule of law survive a yes answer to question one? In order to do away with the legal decisiveness of the binary of male and female bodies, legal advocates for transgender ideology now brandish the federal ban on sex discrimination in Title IX-which itself depends on the legal decisiveness of the binary of male and female bodies. But banishing the sex binary concurrently banishes the (dependent) prohibition of sex discrimination. And that, in turn, leaves the transgender legal theory empty-handed, having eviscerated the structure on which its own claims rely.


Antarctic Caves Found to be Home to New World of Plants and Animals, Heated by Volcano "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Markab Algedi

In Antarctic ice, cave systems exist underneath the Ross Island volcano Mount Erebus. Recently, it was discovered that the ice could be the breeding ground for an exciting new world,according to scientists from Australia National University.

They analyzed DNA obtained from the cave system, and found samples they couldnt fully identify. Apparently being unable to identify such a specimen is an anomaly, and it indicates that unidentified species are living in the unique environment. Moss, algae, and other life was found to thrive there.

The caves in close proximity to volcanic Mount Erebus are among the hottest locations on the continent of Antarctica, along with other geothermally heated areas. Heat from the volcano has created vents in the ice, causing volcanic steam to hollow out ice and form extensive and interconnected cave systems, according to Newsweek.

It can be really warm inside the cavesup to 25 degrees Celsius [77 degrees Fahrenheit] in some caves, the lead researcher on the effort Ceidwen Fraser said. You could wear a T-shirt in there and be pretty comfortable. Theres light near the cave mouths, and light filters deeper into some caves where the overlying ice is thin.

The study was published in a journal titled Polar Biology. In it, a team obtained soil samples from 3 volcanoes in Victoria Land, Antarctica, and from Mount Erebus subglacial caves.

The study found many different types of moss, arthropods, nematodes, and algae at every single site. The findings suggest that geothermal areas (heated by volcanic activity) can support life even when it is like an island, far detached from survivable conditions for miles outside the geothermal region.



Australian Government's Violent LBGT Agenda? "IndyWatch Feed National"

We're NOT into meme's, but hey WTH...

You know they saying....

So, surely with the application of simple mathematics, the good peeps should be able to comment at least a couple (non married, of course, ESPECIALLY with the amendment to the Marriage Act of 1961) of thousand words....


Surfer bitten by shark in Ponce Inlet, Florida "IndyWatch Feed National"

A shark bit a man surfing in Volusia County on Saturday. Volusia County Beach Safety officials said a shark bit a 28-year-old man Saturday afternoon. Advertisement The Melbourne man was surfing in 8-foot deep water near the jetty in Ponce Inlet when he was bitten on his left foot, officials said. The man was taken to Halifax Hospital with several lacerations to the top and bottom of his foot. Officials did not release the name of the man injured.


"Two Tough Questions: A Lesson in Perspective" "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Two Tough Questions:  A Lesson in Perspective"
by Living Life Fully

"Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already (three deaf, two blind, one mentally retarded) and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion? Read the next question before moving down to the answer of this one.

Question 2: It is time to elect a new world leader, and your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three leading candidates:

Candidate A: Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologists. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.
Candidate B: He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium i...


John McAfee Accidentally Just Revealed Why Bitcoin Is A Total Fraud: Behold The Logic of Artificial Work "IndyWatch Feed National"

In a recent CNBC interview thats being widely touted by self-deluded Bitcoin promoters as some kind of smack down of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin advocate John McAfee accidentally admitted why Bitcoin is a total fraud thats doomed to fail. In answering Jamie Dimons recent declaration that Bitcoin is a fraud, McAfee replied: (see []



ANSWERS for Javad Heiran-Nia on Kurdistan "IndyWatch Feed National"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

1. The Kurdish Referendum is to be held on September 25 despite the opposition of Kurdish movements such as the Gorran Movement. How will this referendum influence Kurdish movements within the region?

The Kurdish Referendum is long over due and must be respected. Kurdistan is a cultural, ethnic, and economic reality even if  the political powers controlled by the Deep State (Rothschilds, Vatican, City of London, Wall Street and their government puppets) do not wish it so.  I anticipate the practical foundation of Kurdistan within five years if the surrounding powers do not collaborate I anticipate all of them falling into a state of civil war; Turkey will not survive in its present state.

2. Concerning the objection of Baghdad and the Prime Minister himself to this referendum which described the referendum as playing with fire, is there a possibility of military conflict between Baghdad and Arbil following the independence referendum?...


China Communist Party Complains About Fabricated Twitter Account Sarcastic comments about the Communist Party are unbearable "IndyWatch Feed National"

BEIJING The youth wing of Chinas ruling Communist Party on Monday said it had complained to social network Twitter about a fake account set up in its name that has tweeted sarcastic comments about the Communist Party.

China blocks Twitter and other Western sites, such as Facebook and Google, but that has not stopped some state media and government departments from setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts in Chinese and English as they seek to expand their global footprint.

In a brief statement on its Weibo account, Chinas answer to Twitter, the Youth League labeled the @ComYouthLeague Twitter account completely fabricated, saying it had asked for it to be handled. The statement did not elaborate.

No automatic alt text available.

It displayed a screenshot of the account with the phrase fake goods stamped across it in Chinese.

A second picture showed the Youth Leagues official social media accounts, including those on Weibo and WeChat. It did not include any foreign social media sites.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The account the Youth League labeled as fake sent its first tweet on Sept. 12, and has sent 10 tweets to date.

One linked to an article on the official Xinhua news agency about a Chinese being detained for selling VPN services that help people skirt internet curbs and asked why people needed to do this, if China had such a wonderful internet culture.

It is not clear who set up the account, but it calls itself the Youth Le...


The Trans Brigade Is Heartlessly Weaponizing Children And Ignoring The Consequences "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ill never forget the first time I heard of warlords such as Ugandas Joseph Kony turning little boys into killer soldiers and little girls into sex slaves. My heart ached at the thought. It still does. It seemed like a horrible war movie, but it was real, with real children as casualties.

War is always horrible, but in some sad cases it is necessary. But to the greatest degree possible, children should be shielded from violent conflicts. They should never be forced to kill or do violence. Innocent, impressionable children are malleable. They can be molded into persons of deep character, guided by transcendent principles. Or they can be turned into weapons, as Kony and many other evil men have done.

Apart from movies, were unlikely to find anyone in America turning young boys into bullet-firing, lethal fighters. But we dont have to look too far to find adults using children as pawnsas weaponsin the culture war.

Manipulated for Propaganda Tools

At first, the LGBTQ craze focused on adults, but adherents have increasingly sought not only to include and recruit kids in their movement, but now to use them as their frontline combatants. For example, eight-year-old Nemis Golden, born a boy, routinely performs on stage before packed, cheering audiences as the mini drag queen Lactatia. Nemiss mother not only encourages his performances, she even helps him dress and apply his wig and makeup. The crowds not only cheer at his performances, they also laud him as a brave young role model.

But it isnt just practitioners of the LGBTQ lifestyle who portray as heroes little ones who claim to be transgender. We see in ever-increasing number of stories like the following:

Those stories generally paint a rosy view of happy, well-adjusted transgender children. But those pictures are typically snapshots, not full-length movies. Yes, Im happy, the little one answers as he or she is aided in and rewarded for indulging in transgender fantasies. Those rosy answers are pretty common in act one of the movie, but I usually hear from transgenders in act two, when theyre no longer so hap...


Taylor Swifts Terrible Look What You Made Me Do Is Perfect For America "IndyWatch Feed National"

Taylor Swifts latest single, Look What You Made Me Do, is awful, which makes it the perfect song for America right now. It even coincides nicely with Hillary Clintons book blaming everyone but herself for her loss. Swifts atonal chanting about revenge and blaming others for what we do perfectly fits our current politics and culture.

Look what you made me do. It is an excuse as old as human wrongdoing. In the Bible, it is part of the first excuse for the first sin. In Eden, God confronts Adam for breaking the only commandment in the world, he blames his wife, and, implicitly, God, answering that he sinned because of the woman whom you gave to be with me. I sinned because of her and, God, she came from you, so look what you made me do.

Yet by its very language this rationale for injustice betrays a consciousness of guilt. Yes, what I did was wrong, but somehow its not my faultits yours. Guilt is admitted, but then transferred. The words are those of an adulterer, or a wife-beater or an addict looking to blame those they hurt. Its your fault I hit you/cheated on you/am using. Look what you made me do.

Our Society Has Turned Into One Big Blame Game

As bad as Swifts song is, it captures the American zeitgeist. Our culture and politics are deteriorating, and as partisans of each side hit new lows, they blame each other for their bad behavior. Consider this Kurt Schlichter screed at Townhall, in which he urges conservatives to abandon the rule of law to eventually save it, or something.

His plan wasnt very clear on how that works, except for his clichd fantasies, My plan is to cause the left so much pain by applying their new rules to them that they give up trying to grind their Birkenstocks into our faces forever. This isnt political hardball or a real plan for conservative success, its political revenge porn in which the main character grinds his Crocs into lefty faces while whispering Look what you made me do.

Trumps core supporters are enthralled by this mantra of revenge, even (or especially) within the GOP. As he reneges on major campaign promises and capitulates to Senate Minority Leader Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, theyre still looking to blame someone else for their foolish choice to nominate him. Its the fault of an establishment that had to be taught a lesson. It was because of Jeb Bush, or Paul Ryan, or Mitch McConnell. Even as President Trump looks to sell out his base on his signature issue of immigration, Sean Hannity is deploying this excus...


Fly Corporate's growing New England network "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

It's been interesting watching the growth of Canberra based airline Fly Corporate within New England.

Whereas most previous airline attempts have focused on the Sydney market, Fly Corporate has focused on the Brisbane linkage, progressively adding flights to Brisbane from Coffs Harbour, Armidale, Tamworth, Narrabri, Moree and Inverell. Within Queensland, they also added the Biloela (Thangool) service when Qantaslink pulled out, making Brisbane a key hub. Now the company has added Narrabri-Sydney to their route, marking their first Sydney connection.

There are a number of interesting features about Fly Corporate's growth within New England. Whereas there used to be connections between New England ports and Brisbane, they struggled to survive in the face of thin traffic and rising costs, including those imposed as a consequence of changing regulatory structures, ultimately closing. This had adverse effects. In Armidale, for example, it meant that Queensland students attending school or university did not have direct flight connections.

It seems the economics may have changed a little. It's always seemed to me that Brisbane rather than Sydney was a logical destination for many services, but it was one difficult to access because of uncertain connections. Now, once again, we have a Northern network to Brisbane.

It was also great to see Inverell again get an air service. This gives Inverell people a choice of Brisbane as opposed to an hour half drive to Armidale and then a flight to Sydney. In the days of East West Airlines, both Inverell and Glen Innes had Sydney connections.  




RSL boss let son use presidential suite at Sydney hotel for 7 years - all on the RSL credit card "IndyWatch Feed National"

How could anyone do this to his own, particularly to veterans. Throw the book at him. He's lucky not to be fragged. Former NSW RSL president Don Rowe allowed son to use Presidential Suite at Sydney hotel for 7 years - paid for by RSL Former NSW RSL president Don...


Why do People Self-Harm? You Asked Heres the Answer "IndyWatch Feed National"

In this piece for The Guardian, Jay Watts explores the social and societal factors that often lead to self-harm and explains how psychiatric labeling can exacerbate self-harm.

Self-harm is also often the result of a clash between an ideal image and ones self-image. For example, if a teenager feels that they have to do brilliantly at school to get into a top university for Mum and Dad, not achieving that 10th A* can feel like a shattering blow crystallising long-held beliefs that they are not good enough. Early caregiving has a crucial function in ensuring kids develop a good-enough self-image that can withstand the bumps and bruises of life. However, the likelihood that an acceptable sense of self will collapse is also a function of the ideals of society at any given time, hence the current epidemic of self-harm.

A neoliberal culture that pits kids against one another at an ever earlier age, digital culture, and a hypersexualised environment that privileges certain body-ideals all serve to increase the likelihood of a catastrophic gulf between the ideal and actual self-image. Discrimination is also a huge trigger behind the startling rates of self-harm in LGBT communities. Societal hatred of difference gets drip fed into individuals whatever their conscious beliefs, and enacted on their own body.


Corruption under Malcolm Turnbull: Going for the all-time world record "IndyWatch Feed National"

(Image via @GetUpAustralia)

Alan Austin

Also Read: Corruption rife in Turnbulls Australia aided by corrupt mass media

The Turnbull Government keeps finding fresh ways to rort Australias institutions to privilege its MPs and rich backers.  Read More


An Open Letter to Mitcham Council "IndyWatch Feed National"

An open letter to the Mayor and Elected Members of MitchamCity Council. 

My name is Elizabeth Close and I am a Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara woman from the APY Lands in Central Australia. I have lived in Blackwood for the last decade. I am a professional Aboriginal Artist in fact Ive just completed a mural for The Department of Transport, Planning and Infrastructure at the Blackwood Railway Station. Im also somewhat of an annoyance I have written extensively about issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and have worked tirelessly for Aboriginal rights. 

I wish to draw your attention to the article written in the Hills Messenger dated September 13. Specifically, comments by the Mayor. In it, it says that Social advocacy around Australia Day was absolutely not an issue for local government. And that he was very happy with current Australia Day celebrations in Mitcham Council. This is abhorrent. Only through a lens of white privilege can the Mayor make statements like this. 

The immense harm that these celebrations cause to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Mitcham Council and nation-wide is overwhelming. Its also very clearly, not something that affects Mr Spear and therefore not something hes motivated to change. But Mr Spear, Mitcham Council is not just made up of Middle Aged, wealthy, white men like you. I would argue that the wellbeing of your community IS the role of local government to concern itself with. Moreover, addressing the harm caused by the actions of local government in celebrating this date is similarly, the role of local government to address. You also represent me as an Aboriginal woman even if you (and I) like it or not. I wonder if your view of what local government should concern itself with would change if it were your community of rich white men that were affected? 

This harms us. There is tangible harm caused to our community to see wider Australia celebrate a day that very clearly is not a day for all Australians. It actively excludes us. You are actively celebrating the end of our way of life as we knew it. You are celebrating genocide. You are celebrating rape. You are celebrating theft of land. You are celebrating the forced removal of children one of whom was my grandmother. 
You are celebrating the erausure of 60,000 years of culture, language, art, song and dance. 
When you say that youre very happy with current celebrations what you are actually saying is that you have absolutely no concern for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. You have a blatant disregard for our wellbeing. And that hurts. 

You and your elected members are there to represent ALL residents of Mitcham Council. 
I urge all elected members to represent all of us even the ones...


Australian Nationalist Found Guilty of Opposing Islamization "IndyWatch Feed National"

Blair Cottrell is an Australian political activist, carpenter, and the leader of The United Patriots Front.

Blair joins us to discuss his legal battles, the Islamization of Australia, antifa, and much more. Read More


Snowden Issues Warning Do Not Use Googles Messaging App Under Any Circumstances "IndyWatch Feed National"

Unless you want law enforcement to be able to trawl all your communications, dont under any circumstances use Googles newest messaging app, Allo, Edward Snowden just warned.

What is #Allo? A Google app that records every message you ever send and makes it available to police upon request, the whistleblower advised in a tweet.

Google had earlier claimed it would include end-to-end encryption, storing messages transiently and in non-identifiable form, similar to its prospective primary competitor, WhatsApp. However, the company announced drastic anti-privacy changes on Wednesday the very day it rolled out the app.

When users remember to begin a conversation in Incognito Mode, as can be done for Google searches, their conversations wont be stored indefinitely, as it still provides end-to-end encryption. But conversations not expressly begun that way will be stored forever, where they would be available for any law enforcement body requesting the information.

As Snowden pointed out, anyone thinking it would be difficult for police or, say, the Department of Homeland Security, or National Security Agency to get their hands on these communications should think otherwise.

In 2015, the Guardian reported this April, the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) the secret court ostensibly overseeing domestic spying, which rules on the validity of requests by the FBI and other agencies to gain access to peoples data did not turn down a single request of nearly 1,500.

The court received 1,457 requests last year on behalf of the National Security Agency and FBI for authority to intercept communications, including email and phone calls, according to a Justice Department memo [] The court did not reject any of the applications in whole or in part, the memo said, according to the Guardian.

Included with Allo, users receive an extra helping of Big Brother features like Smart Reply and Google Assistant. While the latter answers questions and helps you search for things directly in your chat, as RT reports, the former employs artificial intelligence in order to predict answers to make responding as simple as pressing a button.

However, therein lies part of the privacy concern that convenience comes with an asterisk in bold.

How does Allo plan on predicting your every word and witty emoji,....


Encouragement for: The Treaty For the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons "IndyWatch Feed National"

Encouragement for: The Treaty For the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons from Anthony Donovan on Vimeo.

Please let you Representatives from city to state to nation know that they need to turn around and listen and take a stand to save the planet, and civilization. Tell them we need our tax money to answer the tremendous challenges before us, not annihilation. It is time. The nuclear arguments are all disarmed, when you look into it.
Thank you for watching and sharing this. Join any of the wonderful organizations gathering together for this, our childrens lives and planet. Onward Together.

Thank you.


ps. When you hear the lead nation of these murderous devices say they want no nukes but need verification, just know thats exactly how theyve denied and delayed every major attempt along the way over decades. We can do verification. But for nuclear weapon states, its come to mean, We keep ours, and modernize, and we need to be sure no one else gets them.

You will hear the NWSs say we must have a step by step process. All good, but they have denied or forgotten all the legitimate worthy steps taken over the past 50 years and more.

Yu will hear them saying this Treaty interferes with years of diplomatic efforts and other vital treaties. simply not true. the NWS have maintained a stalemate and have not lived up to the obligations nor made sincere disarmament moves for decades. Its time to get facts out and start the process of protecting life.

The post Encouragement for: The Treaty For the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons appeared first on World Beyond War . . ..


Australia - Bega councils water fluoridation referral raises ire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Council looks likely to wash its hands of the water fluoridation debate when it meets this week.
As per recommendations in Wednesdays meeting agenda, it is believed councillors will refer the decision on whether to fluoridate Bega Valley water supplies to NSW Health.
However, by doing so council will, in effect, be giving the go ahead to fluoridate as the state government department has been strongly encouraging BVSC to fluoridate two of its four supplies.
There are four water supply systems in the Bega Valley Shire, Tantawanglo-Kiah, Brogo-Bermagui, Bemboka and Bega-Tathra.
Fluoride has been added to the Bega-Tathra water supply system since 1963 and council has looked at adding fluoride to the Tantawanglo-Kiah and Brogo-Bermagui water supplies.
The fluoridation question has been the source of much concern by the community and there has been a concerted effort by anti-fluoride campaigners during the public submission period...............


Yothu Yindi, The Herd, and Baker Boy are playing a one-off Sydney show "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A triple-header of Aussie talent is set to take over Sydneys Enmore Theatre in January, when Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project, The Herd, and Baker Boy unite to perform one phenomenal show.

Coming along for the ride will be critically-acclaimed Aussie hip-hop group The Herd. Despite not having released an album since 2011s Future Shade, The Herd are still going strong, with some members of the group, such as Urthboy, having released solo records in recent times. For this performance, The Herd are set to be joined by Nooky & Radical Son, who will aid the group in delivering a blistering set full of old and new hits.

Rounding out the evenings entertainment will be Baker Boy, who has had a banner year, having taken out triple j Uneartheds 2017 NIMA competition, and having scored an array of wins at the NT Song of the Year awards in July. A rising star of the Aussie music scene, Baker Boy is set to be in fine company when he takes the stage with this lineup of Aussie legends.

Tickets to Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Projects Enmore Theatre show go on sale at 9am, on September 21. So make sure you get in early to secure your ticker for what will truly be a unique experience of Aussie music from the past, present, and future.

Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project

(With The Herd & Baker Boy)

Friday, January 12th, 2018
Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW



US army tanks arrive in Poland as Russia starts military drills on its border "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The United States has sent new troops and tanks into Poland and at the same time,  Russia has started war games with Belarus called Zapad 2017.

American military presence in Poland has been there constantly for years and it is there to press on Russias border. The new presence includes the addition of 87 M1 Abrams tanks, 103 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, 18 Paladin self-propelled Howitzers, and other trucks and equipment, according to the U.S. European Command (EUCOM).

The response has been to encircle Russia with troops and missiles. Russia has reacted. And this scenario has not changed under Donald Trumps administration.

Both the American presence in Poland and the Russian war games come at a time of heightened tensions between the two nations, over not only the dispute over the Crimea, but also   differences over Syria, north Korea and other global issues and this is what makes it more dangerous.

The large-scale American led NATO presence in the countries bordering Russias borders, has created one of the worlds gravest hot spots, which threatens to engulf the world in as new war and places a range of former Soviet republics into a state of dependency, creates interference in their internal politics into, fashioning them to serve American strategic interests. It also  involves a faceoff between the worlds two most heavily nuclear armed powers.

Zapad 2017 is a continuation of military exercises that has taken place every four years, since they were begun by Russian leader Vladimir Putin in 2009. NATO sources claim that  this this time around, there are more than 12,000 troops involved, the mandatory cutting of point. This is where Russia after is supposed to inform the American dominated NATO about the details.  There is no independent verification of this and Russia vehemently denies it.

Displaying the thinking on the other side, US Army Lt General Ben Hodges, the commander of Army forces in Europe has described the war games as a Trojan horse.

However, recent NATO war games involved 25,000 troops in Eastern Europe, practicing war with Russia, which Russia accused of being a threat to its national security.

Tension on Russias...


Introducing "The Defendant Day Care Centres"!!!!!!!!!!! With the NSW Supreme Court tick of approval! "IndyWatch Feed National"

I think my mum and dad sent me to a Convent School because they were pretty confident the nuns were good people who'd set a good example. Isn't that what we want from the people into whose care we entrust our children? Apparently not. The NSW Office of the Children's...


South-East Oz Part 2: NSW Riverina "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Superb Parrot
We had a Pink Cockatoo in the camping ground on our last morning at Lake Cargelligo (see following post) and two more at the treatment works, where Swamp Harrier and Spotted Harrier also showed. We headed south through the NSW Riverina to the rice town of Leeton, known as a birding hotspot, for a 2-night stay at the showgrounds.

Superb Parrot pair
It wasn't long before the first Superb Parrots flew overhead and I was soon enjoying close encounters with several birds of this aptly named species on the well-wooded golf course adjoining the showgrounds.



Cobargo Folk Festival Announces First Headliners for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Eric Bogle Wait, were talking about 2018 festivals already? Where has this year gone! The Cobargo Folk Festival, held in the NSW south coast village of Cobargo, has already revealed a bunch of their headliners for next years event. Australian folk music legends Eric Bogle (above) and Neil Murray head up the []


Can Our Model Forecast Private Companies & Industries? "IndyWatch Feed National"


QUESTION: Hello. I am a business consultant working for a global consulting company and have a client that is in the transportation sector that would benefit from your research. I have been advising the client with regard to their business and IT strategy, however would also like to introduce them to Armstrong and possibly subscribe to your services.

A few questions first:
1) Are your models customizable to facilitate forecasting of domestic fuels consumption?
2) If yes, what is required to initiate a discussion around this type of service?
3) Would it be possible to speak to a person regarding your standard services and any custom modeling?
Kind Regards,

ANSWER: Yes. We are re-instituting on the Institutional Level the ability to input even the sales of any company and the model will then provide the full forecast with timing and price projections. Therefore, it can be tailored to any company and industry.


Where has the Outflows from the US$ Gone for the Past Year? "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Re: Am i certain about the Strong Dollar?

Hi Marty, great blog posts and response. I think after reading this blog posts, the question on everyones mind is, what is causing the outflow of capital from the USD? And where is capital concentrating in right now? Is it the Euro? The Bunds? Gold?
And when do you see the outflow will stop and reverse?
Thank you
ANSWER: There has been outflows to Emerging Market debt by pension funds in the States for the past year. They have been trying to compensate for the lower interest rate returns by going more risky. We have been call on this issue more than once.
Then there has been the expectation that the ECB will end QE and Europe will boom. We can see that the DAX for the past year has risen in dollar terms. We have seen a tremendous outflow into the European share markets, but not so much into the debt issues.
Gold has been minimal because that is the retail side, not a target for institutional money. They need income, not storage fees. They will participate in gold stocks, but not stockpile bullion.


The 5 Factors Behind Capital Flows "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Hi Martin,

Well from myself and your family we thank you for sticking with us in this time as you have mentioned you could be doing other thing for yourself but like a brother you are sticking with us even when you know we will rise and repeat most likely, but in the same but different we hold hope for humanity. My question is can we get a large movement in confidence in currency without any major move in the physical instrument. Can the US dollar not have a hard drop before going back up on the basis that the confidence was effected more than the instrument it does not look like a linear relationship but more ying and yang where the ratio can be anywhere at any time but together are complete.Thanks Brother
Peace Out
ANSWER: The driving forces behind capital flows center upon CONFIDENCE that manifests within five critical areas. Each area provides one major component which in turn has subdivisions. The 1987 Crash in the stock market took place because the G5 kept saying they wanted the dollar down by 40% to help trade. The morons failed to realize that if you lower the dollar by 40% to make you exports cheap to sell more, you simultaneously cheapen all assets. The Japanese had bought 33% of the US National Debt to try to easy trade friction, but then faced with a 40% loss on currency, they sold. This inexperience of those in government is just beyound contemplation. What the Plaza Accord was doing was trying to lower the value of the dollar to reduce the cost of Am...


Canadian Perspective "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Hello Marty. I so appreciate your blog and Socrates, which is helping me steer through these crazy markets. Im a Canadian taking care of all my familys investment accounts, and knowing whats coming down the road, Im very concerned Im going to take a misstep, especially with my childrens accounts. I havent been doing this long enough to have experienced a monetary crisis anywhere. What I cant get my head wrapped around is what to do longer term from the Canadian perspective. We all have both USD and CAD funds in our accounts. I plan to increase the USD portion while the CAD is down. Im also buying US investments in CAD (unhedged) to catch the rise in currency. But when the USD peaks and the crash and burn begins, my assumption is Canada has a boom in metals commodities while oil crashes due to lack of demand and we also go into recession due to lack of exports to the US and so lower employment. So what is a Canadians smart move when the USD peakscash out our USD investments and turn back to CAD and invest in commodities, etc. or would I be better off staying in the USD and buying inverse etfs and commodity stocks/etfs that arent available on the TSX? Just trying to get a handle on what ultimately happens to Canada in all this. Thanks so much for any insight you may have on this topic.

ANSWER: We are in the staging process right now and that means we must push everything to the limit. In the case of the C$, that major point rema...


Marriage Equality Postal Survey Safeguards Fact Sheet "IndyWatch Feed National"

The postal survey on marriage equality is now underway. New laws have been put in place to try to ensure respectful debate. Here's what you need to know about how they impact you.

The Marriage Law Survey (Additional Safeguards) Act 2017 provides safeguards in advertising, broadcasting, campaigning and communications for the Australian Marriage Postal Survey campaign.

What are safeguards and why do we need them?

  1. Ensure public communications are clearly authorised (so people know who they are communicating with and whether that person is legitimate).
  2. Introduce protections against hate speech during the postal survey based on someones views on the survey because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status or religious conviction.
  3. Prevent undue influence through bribery, threats or misleading or deceptive publications.
  4. Allow the expression of free and informed views and prevent misleading and deceptive information from affecting a persons survey response.

The survey safeguards will be in effect from 14 September 2017 until 15 November 2017.

Click here to download the fact sheet, which outlines what the safeguards mean for supporters of marriage equality and people working on the campaign, including:

  • authorisations for printed materials and other communications,
  • fines and offences,
  • responsibilities as a broadcaster,
  • how to make a complaint, and
  • where to find more information

Download the fact sheet here.


Ibrahims face court over drug ring "IndyWatch Feed National"

riends and supporters of Mostafa Dib at Central Local Court in Sydney,Monday, September 18, 2017. Alleged underworld figures Mostafa Dib, 34, and Koder Jomaa, 47 who were arrested alongside the Ibrahim brothers on August 8 in a series of raids in Sydney and Dubai. The pair will face a Sydney court over their alleged role in an international drug-smuggling conspiracy. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Friends and supporters of Mostafa Dib at Central Local Court in Sydney,Monday, September 18, 2017. Alleged underworld figures Mostafa Dib, 34, and Koder Jomaa, 47, who were arrested alongside the Ibrahim brothers on August 8, will face a Sydney court over their alleged role in an international drug-smuggling conspiracy. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)


Michael Ibrahim, the youngest brother of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim, will face a Sydney court in November with other co-accused over their alleged involvement in an international drug-smuggling conspiracy.

He and older brother Fadi Ibrahim, 43, were arrested in Dubai about six weeks ago and arrived in Sydney on Sunday night after being extradited.

Also returning to Sydney under police escort were Mustapha Dib, 34, and Koder Jomaa, 47, arrested alongside the brothers on August 8 during a series of raids in Sydney and Dubai that resulted in 18 people being charged.

The Ibrahims and Dib were netted as part of Operation Veyda, while Jomaa, a resident of the United Arab Emirates, was arrested as part of Operation Astatine.

Michael Ibrahim, 39, and Dib are charged with conspiring to import a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug, and attempting to import a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug.

If convicted they could face life imprisonment.

The pair did not appear at Central Local Court on Monday where their lawyers did not apply for bail.

They are due to face th...


A mathematician warns "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Coalitions pro-coal policy likely a vote loser; optional voting in plebiscite helps Yes, The Conversation, Adrian Beaumont  Honorary Associate, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of MelbourneSeptember 16, 2017  Recently the Coalition and its media supporters have condemned the SA and Victorian Labor governments for allowing coal-fired power plants to close. The Coalition is trying to extend the life of the Liddell power plant in NSW, and is considering building a new coal-fired power plant. This is an attempt to portray Labor as the party of intermittent, unreliable and costly power.

The Coalition has been in office for four years. In July 2014, they repealed the carbon price that Labor had introduced. Many people would now ask why energy prices have kept increasing in the three years since this repeal. In a mid-August Essential poll, 59% thought they were paying a lot more for electricity and gas than two or three years ago.

In February, 45% in an Essential poll said that recent blackouts were mainly due to failures of the energy market, 19% blamed privatisation and just 16% blamed renewables.

In mid-August an Essential poll gave the Coalition a net -34 rating on providing affordable and reliable energy, their worst score from a list of 12 issues. In last weeks Essential, 49% blamed private power companies most for rising energy prices, 22% blamed the Turnbull government, 9% environmentalists and 5% renewable energy companies.

People who blame private power companies are more likely to trust Labor than the Coalition to get tough, given the Coalitions pro-business reputation. [lots of figures given here]

As a result of the Coalitions pro-coal policy, some Abbott supporters could return, possibly boosting the Coalitions primary vote at the expense of One Nation and Others. However, respondent allocated preferences are currently more friendly to the Coalition than the previous election method, and this could change. The Coalition risks losing more centrist voters to Labor.

In some parts of the country, such as NSWs Hunter Valley, coal is important to the local economy, and the Coalition is likely to benefit. In most of the country, being pro-coal is likely....


After Cops Stole His Cash for Selling Unlawful Hot Dogs, The Internet Gave Him $70,000 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project
Waking Times

Berkeley, CA Berkeley police are in the spotlight this week after one of their officers not only cited a man for selling hot dogs to willing customers without a permit but then opened up his wallet and robbed him of his cash as well.

The entire robbery was captured on video and subsequently went viral. But that was only the beginning. Showing how much society respects hard working entrepreneurs while decrying the police state that robs them, a Go Fund Me for the hot dog vendor has raised over $70,000.

The Go Fund Me campaign was started by the person who was brave enough to question authority and film the road side robbery. According to the campaign:

The funds raised will be utilized to cover legal and personal loses. In addition, funds in excess are to cover other vendors who have been robbed of their hard earned living through citations and removal of their carts. It is my goal to locate Juan in Berkeley. Any and all help to support and locate him is welcome.

On Monday, the video became so viral that UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy had to issue a statement, in which he justified the theft of the hot dog vendors money.

While I cannot comment on the specifics of this particular case, our practice is to issue warnings before giving a citation, Biddy said. In a case such as this, it is typical to collect any suspected illegal funds and enter them into evidence.

According to NBC 5, UCPD officials said that three other people were warned about vending without a permit, but the vendor in the video was the only person who was given a ticket.

Perhaps it was because he had the thickest wallet.

Whether or not the money in the mans wallet was from selling unlicensed hot dogs remains to be answered. However, that was apparently of no importance to UC police officer Sean Aranas who found it necessary to confiscate it all.

Yes, s...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0002 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 4.95 AUD


Gordi Hosts The Bridge: a birthday playlist with some of Sydneys finest "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

  • Gordi :: The Bridge - Guest Host - August 29, 2017

As part of our monthly artist takeover series, Lachlan Wyllie handed over our Sydney music show, The Bridge to Singer-songwriter Gordi to play some local tracks. On the same day the station celebrated its 14th birthday, the folktronica artist selected an eclectic mix of of indie and electronic music, including two tracks off her recently released album Resevoir. Although the resulting playlist is a far cry from her early influences she admits her first records were Linkin Park and Wheatus jams it still features a ton of local talent, including Gang of Youths, Middle Kids, Alex Cameron, Mansionair, and more.

Check out the playlist below, and listen to the full show above.


Gordi Myriad

Gang of Youths Say Yes to Life

Middle Kids Never Start

Little May Home

Alex Cameron ft. Angel Olsen Strangers Kiss

Anatole ft. Olafurs Arnalds Like Deep Water

Willaris K. Alchemy

Mark Harding Say It Too

Julia Jacklin Dont Let the Kids Win

Kirin J. Callanan S.A.D.

Mansionair Easier

Gordi ft. S. Carey Im Done

For all the details on Gordis new album, visit her website.


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What is Copywriting? "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is a question people ask me all the time. The answer is simple. Copywriting is persuasion in print. Its a form of writing that leads someone to a desired way of thinking. Most of the time, its to a buy Now button. But once you understand the foundations of copywriting, the possibilities are limitless.


A plebiscite for every issue "IndyWatch Feed National"

The argument that is made with the most passion is the one that says that the rights of minorities should not be the subject of a popular vote. This seems reasonable, but it rather misunderstands the nature of rights in a society like Australia. Here, rights are not to be found in the Constitution. They are not inherent in the human being; nor are they bestowed by the gods. Rather, rights are accumulated over time. At particular moment in history some section of the population will decide that, for example, women should have the right to vote, or own property.


Corruption between resources, energy and government is real "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

There is an urgent need for a cleanup in the relationship between the energy industry, government and the bureaucracy. Mounting evidence points towards an improper association that is feeding  corruption, as the industry offers inducements to open the way the benefit of the major shareholders.

To an extent, it is already clear that there exists a network of payments mainly going into the Coalition parties. Payments that often  arrive by  circuit, designed to prevent disclosure under Australias existing and inadequate disclosure laws and there is good reason to believe that donations to political parties and other types of payments are significant enough to ensure that policy is effectively written in the boardrooms and then rubber stamped in parliament by willing politicians.

Nothing shows this more clearly than Australias energy policy and the containment of the debate over where to go from here. In the face of overwhelming scientific evidence and the experience of changing weather patterns, it remains that government keeps on refusing to act decisively to reduce carbon emissions.

One suggestion that is often made  is that there is an ideological block, keeping the politicians locked into the religion of free market. After all, we have constantly been reminded that only the forces of demand and supply, unhindered by government interference, will provide the answers.

The truth is that they dont believe this any more than anyone else does. The best proof is that they have put into place a truckload of measures that bring government into the centre of regulation and control, not for the purpose of ensuring the needs of society are met, when these do not coincide with the corporations bottom line, but to assist them to expand their activities and guarantee a certain level of profitability. Their opposition is not to government intervention. Its just to certain kinds on intervention.

From the corporate viewpoint, paying for service makes good business sense, when the opportunity exists.

A good reason to suspect why the industry is currently enjoying so much support is that is has been paying for the service.

Two controversies have begun to untangle the web more than anything else and they are the Adani project in Queensland and events around fracking industry.

How is this help being given? By establishing generous funds to help with new proje...


YES appears in sky after Vote NO complaint rejected "IndyWatch Feed National"

Photo Dario Burgos/ Facebook

Photo Dario Burgos/ Facebook


The electoral watchdog has received complaints about marriage survey no case skywriting over Sydney on the weekend not being properly authorised.

But soon after it announced it would allow the practice a Vote Yes response appeared in the sky.

A campaigner against same-sex marriage commissioned a pilot to write Vote No.

The skywriting, which was not organised by the key no case group Coalition for Marriage, attracted much discussion social media, and the website from which it was crowdfunded was inundated with comments.

Photo Jenn Lucs/Facebook

Photo Jenn Lucs/Facebook

The Australian Electoral Commission has received a number of complaints regarding the skywriting.

But an AEC spokesman told AAP on Monday the safeguards laws passed by parliament did not apply to this type of communication.

It is only material that is capable of containing authorisation details that is regulated by the Act, the spokesman said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who is encouraging a yes vote, told reporters people were entitled to express their views.

If you want people to respect your point of view youve got to be prepared to respect theirs, Mr Turnbull said.

The Coalition for Marriage updated its website over the weekend to comply with the need for authorisation under the safeguards laws, but wont face any penalty.

As the legislation only came into operation late last we...


Sean Spicer makes Emmys appearance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sean Spicer speaks at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Sean Spicer speaks at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)


Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has made a surprise appearance on the podium at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles during host Stephen Colberts opening monologue.

Spicer wheeled a podium onstage as part of a gag set up by Colbert who had taken aim at his industry peers and US President Donald Trump over Emmys ratings.

Spicer, referencing the controversy over ratings from Trumps inauguration, declared Sundays audience the biggest audience to win an Emmys period both in person and around the world!

Colbert, meanwhile, got plenty of digs in at Spicers former boss referencing Trumps expressed disappointment last year at not having ever won an Emmy for The Apprentice.

Because unlike the presidency, Emmys go to the winner of the popular vote, Colbert said.

Where do I find the courage to tell that joke in this room?

John Lithgow was the first winner at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards for his role as Winston Churchill in Netflixs The Crown.

Australias Judy Davis missed out on the Emmy for her role as legendary gossip columnist Hedder Hopper in FEUD: Bette and Joan.

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Canada and Mexico want ISDS in NAFTA, against their own national interests "IndyWatch Feed National"

September 18, 2017: Ambassadors from Canada and Mexico have told Politico that their governments want to keep  Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA),  despite the fact that most NAFTA ISDS cases have been taken by US companies against their governments. In contrast, US negotiators are reportedly responding to strong US community opposition and may want to make ISDS optional in a revised NAFTA.

ISDS allows foreign investors to sue governments in an international tribunal if they can argue that a change in law at a local, state or national level has harmed their investment.

Canada wants to use as a model the ISDS chapter in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union, which attempts to make the tribunal system more independent. The US Trump administration position is not yet public.  But US negotiators are reportedly considering an opt-in clause for each country. This is being opposed by US corporate interests that strongly support ISDS.

Many community groups in all three countries remain strongly opposed to the inclusion of ISDS in the NAFTA. Even if the tribunal system is changed, the issue of already powerful foreign investors being able to sue governments remains. ISDS should be scrapped not sweetened.


Jennifer Loveless lays it down on Picnic with Kali "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

  • Jennifer Loveless :: Picnic

Over the past few years Jennifer Loveless has been steadily building what is now a truly faithful Australian house & techno following.  Hailing from Toronto originally, she has become a staple across Melbourne clubs like Boney, Lounge and New Guernica and lines up each Monday for her show, Weatherall, on Melbournes Kiss FM (not to be associated with the Sydney station of the same name.). The radio hour highlights much of the variety we see in our national electronic music landscape and is a testament to the breadth of her musical interest.

Kali had her come through for a mix on Picnic ahead of a recent Sydney date and it is succinct, varied and pleasurable. Check out the tunes below.


NConduit MMO803
KB Project Feel It
Station to Station Bjorn Torske
Computer Liebe Kraftwerk
Freestyle Man On Vibes
Round One Im Your Brother (Quadrant Dub II)
Clara Intellecto Contact
Alex Danilov Midas Touch 
Helena Hauff c45p

Catch the full show with Kali here or tune in next time between 8pm-10 on Fridays for Picnic!

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Complaint to ABC Chairman re airtime for state election candidates and population matters "IndyWatch Feed National"

When I lodged my nomination as a candidate for the SA House of Assembly seat of Fisher 2 years ago, the very first communication I received was a letter from the ABC telling me I would not get any coverage for my campaign. This was despite the fact that I was the nominated candidate for a registered political party with over 300 members, and I was spending about $6000 of my savings on campaign expenses and nomination fees." [...] "the Earth adds approx. 225,000 mouths to feed EVERY DAY. Australia adds approx. 1000 to its population each day. The implications of this are enormous, and yet it is very clear to me that the ABC soft pedals the matter. To be more specific, it is very common that, when an issue of national importance such as housing affordability comes up, there is very little mention of the influence population growth is having on the matter. The interviewers commonly host guests from the property industry to put their views, but people from such bodies as Sustainable Population Australia never seem to be asked to comment."

Mr Justin Milne
ABC Chairman
Box 9994
Sydney NSW 2001

Dear Chairman

I am writing to you instead of ABC Management because I lack confidence that the content of this letter will be taken seriously by that management. This lack of confidence is based on the fact that a complaint I lodged with the ABC in September 2015 was not answered until April of the following year, and then only after I wrote a personal letter to every member of the ABC Board.

There are 2 matters I wish to raise - firstly, ABC policy regarding airtime given to state election candidates. And secondly, ABC bias in relation to covering the issue of population growth in Australia.

Airtime given to election candidates

When I lodged my nomination as a candidate for the SA House of Assembly seat of Fisher 2 years ago, the very first communication I received was a letter from the ABC telling me I would not get any coverage for my campaign. This was despite the fact that I was the nominated candidate for a registered political party with over 300 members, and I was spending about $6000 of my savings on campaign expenses and nomination fees.

However, in the lead up to that campaign, Matt and Dave on 891 Adelaide chose to interview a selection of candidates for Fisher on their morning program. They comprised Liberal, Labour, G...


National Party Lismore candidate claims homophobic smear "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Rod Bruem. Photo YouTube

Rod Bruem. Photo YouTube

One of the unsuccessful candidates in the first-stage preselection for the state seat of Lismore believes homophobia was behind a series of bizarre and inappropriate questions that he was asked during a party meeting on Saturday.

Rod Bruem was one of three candidates interviewed at a meeting of around 80 party faithful who were not selected to be part of a community-wide preselection process on November 18.

A further three candidates have gone through to the second round.

But Mr Bruem has appealed to the Partys State Director to suspend the result pending an investigation by the National Party Ethics Committee.

Very personal

Mr Bruem told Echonetdaily that the format of the meeting involved five set questions that every candidate was asked, after which it was thrown open to the floor for people to ask whatever questions they liked.

Each candidate was asked whether there was anything that could be embarrassing the party in their past, which I answered, he said.

But then I kept getting a series of more questions along those lines, one of which was there is something in your past that youre not revealing, will you tell us about it?

Another one was I received a phone call from someone saying you know this Mr Big in Sydney. Would you mind telling us who he is and what your relationship is?

Then there was a question along the lines of, Your gay male partner is not a member of the National Party, why not? How are you going to be able to rely on your partner to support you?

It was very personal and Ive had several members call me since the meeting to say that the personal line that was taken was over the top and wasnt fair in what really should have been a discussion around policy and my views on policy.

Corrupted from the start

Mr Bruem said he believed the community preselection process had been corrupted from the start.

We were under firm instructions not to speak to the media but one of the candidates has been giving regular updates to the media throughout the whole thing. I raised this with head office. They said they would take action but they did not.



I Went Looking for Anime and Found Japan "IndyWatch Feed National"

Have you ever felt like you knew a place without having been there? Ever come across a familiar scene in a foreign land that forced you to blink your eyes and double take?

My journey to my second home started when I sat my friend best friend down, breathed in deep and made an admission.

I like anime.

Okay, so it wasnt that dramatic. But for those who dont know, anime refers to Japanese cartoons that have a reputation for being oversexualised and overviolent. So for the longest time, I was ashamed of my taste and attempted to hide it, isolating myself from the normal conversation of the people around me.

Did you watch the newest episode of Glee?
How good is that One Direction song!
I just smiled in response. I wouldnt know.

I loved the intricate plotlines of anime, with its visual symbolism of literature and cinematic flourishes of film. I also loved how different the storytelling style is from the West, so when I came out as an otaku (anime enthusiast), I bone crunchingly embraced everything to do with it and its country of origin Japan.

In the anime community, this kind of person is derogatorily called a weeaboo: a lover of all things Japanese. But all the Pocky, green tea and ramen I could consume at home couldnt compare to actually travelling to Japan. Just like LA is seen as the dreamland of Western cinema, Japan is paradise to the otaku.

My dream first became a reality when I went around Japan on a school trip in year 12. As I sat on the plane, sparing no thoughts to the educational value of the trip intended by my subject, I prepared myself for the shining glory that would be finally getting to see in person what Id consumed for years through a diet of onsen, crowded trains and anime high school.

Theres a mythos amongst okatu: Japan, and especially Akihabara a district in Tokyo famed for being a manga and anime lovers pilgrimage are jokingly called Holy Sights. But, as is often inevitable, the fantasy of a place can be torn to shreds by its reality.

A few days into my first Japan trip, I realised my preconceptions about the country and its culture were maybe a little misguided thanks to the flourishes and fantasies of the anime artists; and perhaps a little part of me already knew that was going to be the case.

This realisation should have crus...


All revved up for the Chinny Charge "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

In it for fitness and fun, Mullum run enthusiast Kim Smith had a great time on the mountain and came away grinning. Photo Jeff Dawson.

In it for fitness and fun, Mullum run enthusiast Kim Smith had a great time on the mountain and came away grinning. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Close to 500 runners and walkers took the rare opportunity to scale Mount Chincogan on the weekend for the reawakened Chincogan Charge.

It was the first time the event had been run in 16 years and at a warm 27 degrees the Charge wasnt for the faint hearted.

Starting from the Mullumbimby swimming pool that was built with the funds from the first Chinny Charges  the race took the runners up to the top of the mountain and back down to cross the finish line at the post office in Mullumbimby. 

The previous fastest record of the Chincogan Charge was 29 minutes and 51 seconds by Matthew Kaluda from Manilla in 1994. It was broken on Saturday by Benjamin Duffus who ran the race in a mere 29 minutes and 11 seconds, taking out the first prize of $500 donated by the Mullumbimby ex-services club. 

It was a great day, said organiser said organiser and Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce president Jenelle Stanford.

Everyone did such an amazing job,

Second place in the mens competition went to Mark Bourne with a time of 30.13 and third place went to local Suffolk runner Matt Slee with 31.28. Matt also took out first place as first local male runner to cross the line, second local place went to Simon Peter-Burn followed by Ferris Gump as the third local male runner.

The first female to cross the line was Holly McKarthy from Geebung who at the age of 15 managed to come in at 46 minutes and 38 seconds. Hollys grandfather and family are...


Independent Artist Of The Week: GAUCI "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sydney trio Gauci create seriously smooth Italo disco. Soaked in synth and charming melodies, its expertly produced with a refreshing post-punk twist.

The brains behind these nostalgic dance anthems are no strangers to Sydneys stages. Gauci is made up of siblings Antonia Gauci (Leftenent, Producer/Engineer) and David Gauci (Las Vagueness, Death Bells), with Felix Lush (Felix Lush, Publique) rounding out the dream team. Its likely this mix of musical backgrounds thats landed them with such a unique and infectious sound.

Gauci first graced us with their debut single Hurry in late 2016. Unlike its title suggests, they didnt quite rush to deliver us their next, but Taking Over was well worth the wait. From the very first moment the bongos kick in, you know youre in for a good time. The intricate layers slowly build to reveal Antonias heartfelt vocals, while the breezy guitars simmer below. Its an irresistible groove that you wont want to miss live.

They play the launch of Cobra Club on 19th September and theyll be supporting Wafia at OAF 29th September and Donny Benet at OAF on 19th October.

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Channel 7s Defamation Threat Demonstrates The Real Freedom Of Speech Crisis "IndyWatch Feed National"

The threat by one of the nations largest media companies, against one of the nations smallest, to sue over a column that attacked their Islamophobia shines a pretty bright light on the value some in our society really place on free speech, writes Michael Brull.

So it is now public knowledge that in June this year, Channel 7 threatened to sue New Matilda for defamation. Specifically, they objected to an article I wrote about their coverage of the threat from Muslims in Australia, as exposed by such figures as Sheikh Mohammed Tawhidi.

In the story, Tawhidi had star billing. He claimed that Muslims planned to take over Australia, rename the streets after terrorists, ban drinking and so on. Due to this emergency, Australia should stop the building of mosques, and the government should start investigating Muslims. The alleged journalist who presented this investigation described these kinds of claims as a stunning admission from the Imam of Peace, and a stark warning of a plan to alter Australia forever, to establish a caliphate here right under our noses.

A Muslim news organisation called One Path quickly demonstrated that Tawhidis supposed credentials were questionable. For example, his centre, the Islamic Association of South Australia had only just been created, and no one knew anything about it, or if anyone else was involved in it. The Imams Council of South Australia wasnt familiar with Tawhidi either. Another Imam on Today Tonight was described by One Path as a known impostor, who had previously falsely claimed to be Mufti of Australia, and had no known credentials in Islamic studies.

Mohammed Tawhidi, a self-proclaimed Imam from South Australia.Mohammed Tawhidi, a self-proclaimed Imam from South Australia.

The response to the story on Facebook was predictable. Deport this scum now. Muslims were identified as a cancerous tumour requiring excision.

In their defamation threat, the lawyers acting for Channel 7 vehemently deny that anything like racism or bigotry could be detected in the Today Tonight clip. They are entirely without foundation, have no regard to the facts, unfounded, unfair, breaches all of the standards I referred to as relevant in the story, and so on. They strongly refute any allegation or suggestion of being racist or anti-Muslim. Far from being anti-Muslim, the s...


Shooting Bruns is a Simple Pleasure "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Always a treat to see your work in print, these were some of the lucky photographers to get their snaps in the 2018 Simple Pleasures calendar.

On Sunday the winners of the 2017 Simple Pleasures Photo Competition were announced during a ceremony at the Bowlo with seven photographers winning eight prizes in the annual event.

This year again, the four judge panel of Ros Goodchild, Billy Wrencher, Eve Jeffery and rookie David Lowe, had a tough time choosing the winners from the criteria of artistic and technical merit while keeping in mind this years theme  Postcards from Brunswick Heads.

Some of this year's winners, Scout Bee Jones, Yindi Morrisey, Elliot Kirkwood who won two categories, and Lyrdhan OReilly.

Some of this years winners, Scout Bee Jones, Yindi Morrisey, Elliot Kirkwood who won two categories, and Lyrdhan OReilly.

The 2017 photos were of a high standard and in particular, the talent and ingenuity of the children...


Man in court over Mullumbimby intimidation, weapons charges "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A man will appear in Tweed Heads Local Court today facing intimidation and weapons charges after being arrested in Mullumbimby on Friday (September 15).

About 3:15pm police located the 43-year-old male from Penshurst near a white van in Eugenia Street after receiving information that he was possibly armed with a gun.

On searching the van, police found a firearm, ammunition, handcuffs, knives and prohibited drugs.

The man was arrested and taken to Byron Bay Police Station where he was charged with possessing an unauthorised pistol, possessing ammunition without a permit, custody of a knife, driving whilst disqualified, possessing a prohibited drug and using intimidation/violence to unlawfully influence a person.

He appeared at Tweed Heads Local Court on Saturday (September 16) where he was refused bail to reappear today.


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Why Are Drug Prices So High? Were Curious, Too "IndyWatch Feed National"

This much is clear: The public is angry about the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. Surveys have shown that high drug prices rank near the top of consumers health care concerns.

Whats not as clear is exactly why prices have been rising, and who is to blame.

For the last four months, The New York Times and ProPublica, the nonprofit investigative journalism organization, have teamed up to answer these questions, and to shed light on the games that are being played to keep prices high, often without consumers knowledge or consent. Katie reports from the health desk at The Times, and Charles is a senior reporter at ProPublica.

Our reporting journey has turned up some counterintuitive stories, like how insurance companies sometimes require patients to take brand-name drugs and refuse to cover generic alternatives even when that means patients have to pay more out of pocket.

Along the way, weve asked readers to share their stories about their struggles with high drug costs. Weve heard from nearly 1,000 people.

In recent weeks, a few stories caught our eye. A woman in Texas, for example, told us that the company that manages her drug benefits, OptumRx, was going to start asking her to pay more out of pocket for Butrans, a painkilling patch that contains the drug buprenorphine. As a lower cost alternative, OptumRx, which is owned by UnitedHealth Group, suggested she try painkillers like OxyContin, even though they carry a higher risk of dependence.

A letter sent by OptumRx, a pharmacy...


So When Did Col. Michael Aquino Become DR Aquino? "IndyWatch Feed National"

But as you can see- The Order- who is the one demanding results from a study that would require raping babies- seems QUITE CLOSE to Aquino.

Quite the FAN I would say actually. Aquino Become DR. Aquino

But as you can see- The Order- who is the one demanding results from a study that would require raping babies- seems QUITE CLOSE to Aquino.

Quite the FAN I would say actually.


Man with mask at Melbourne rally charged under new laws "IndyWatch Feed National"

Anti-fascist protester is arrested for wearing a face covering outside the State Library of Victoria on Sunday, September, 17, 2017. (AAP Image/James Ross)

Anti-fascist protester is arrested for wearing a face covering outside the State Library of Victoria on Sunday, September, 17, 2017. (AAP Image/James Ross)


A man who refused to remove his mask at an anti-fascism rally in Melbourne over the weekend has been charged as police enforce Victorias new anti-face covering laws.

The man was among hundreds of anti-racism and anti-fascism protesters who gathered at the State Library in Melbournes CBD on Sunday.

The protesters then marched to state parliament to confront a small right-wing group who say they were rallying to make Victoria safe again.

The man had most of his face covered as he stood silently among left wing protesters before police swooped in and asked him to remove his mask, which was in breach of new anti-face covering laws.

He refused and was dragged from the crowd to a side street where he was handcuffed and searched.

This is not ethical, it is not ethical journalism what youre doing. Youre invading my f***ing privacy and my right to f***ing be here and conceal my identity for my own private reasons, he yelled at journalists recording his arrest after his mask was removed.

The man has been charged on summons, a Victorian Police spokesperson told AAP on Sunday night.

A young woman was also arrested by police after she trampled through a garden to attack photographers.

She hit the camera of an AAP photographer and spat on another before police arrested her and put her into the back of a police van.

The anti-racism rally was dubbed From Charlottesville to Melbourne: Unite to Fight the Far Right.

Dozens of police escorted up to 300 protesters as they marched to parliament and several people were told to remove face coverings by officers.

The two groups were separated by barricades and scores of armed police.

The state governments new public order laws came into effect on September 13.

They give police power to conduct weapons searches and requ...


Campfire burns two hectares at Tallow Creek "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Photo Supplied

Photo Supplied

A campfire is suspected to be the cause of a blaze on Saturday evening which burnt out around two hectares at Tallow Creek.

Photo Supplied

Photo Supplied

The illegal camp-out at Tallow Creek didnt go as planned as the fire got out of control.

Fortunately for the surrounding bushland and residents beyond that, there was a mild wind blowing the fire towards the beach, though the fire was slowly moving down the spit southwards towards Suffolk.

New South Wales Rural Fire Service staff and volunteers along with NPWS staff spent Saturday night, and most of Sunday putting out the fire started by illegal campers. They are currently patrolling the fire perimeter, extinguishing any flare ups and hot spots, with the ongoing dry and windy weather conditions predicted over the coming days.

Even though spring has just begun, fires have been burning up and down the coast for several weeks and visitors and residents are asked to adhere to fire restrictions.

Residents are reminded to ensure they have a current Bush Fire Survival Plan, which can be downloaded from the NSWRFS website.



Powering up for Teslas at Knockrow "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Licia Cooper made sure to get a power top-up and a cuppa when she stopped off in Knockrow for a $0 refill on her car. Photo Tree Faerie.

Licia Cooper plugged in for a power top-up and a cuppa when she stopped off in Knockrow. As an early adopter, the car Licia is driving is good for $0 refills for life. Photo Tree Faerie.

If youre a Tesla car driver on the road between Coffs Harbour and Brisbane, stopping off at Macadamia Castle at Knockrow is a must-do in your travel plans.

Since opening just after Christmas last year, the power station has seen up to 60 cars a week stop in for an electric powered refill of at one of the Castles six Tesla power pumps.

Up to 60 vehicles a week are stopping in at Knockrow.

Up to 60 vehicles a week are stopping in at Knockrow.

The Tesla chargers can power up a car very quickly as they are massively powerful. At 120,000 watts per transformer, a Tesla driver can charge in 20 to 30 minutes and then get close to 500 kilometres travel.

The cars are using 25 percent of the fossil fuels of a regular vehicle and they create zero emissions.

Castle owner Tony Gilding says that the opening of the facility at Knockrow means that drivers can now travel from Brisbane to Melbourne on electricity with each charge delivering between 450 and 500 kilometres of travel.



Police officer assaulted following Tweed Heads pub brawl "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A police officer has been injured following two separate brawls by the same men at two Tweed Heads pubs on Saturday (September 16).

At about 6pm two men at a pub on Minjungbal Drive allegedly assaulted other patrons and damaged a vehicle.

Police were called to the location, but the men had fled before officers arrived.

Later in the evening it is alleged the two men became involved in a brawl outside another pub on Wharf Street and, when police were called, one of the men assaulted a female officer.

Officers arrested the two men. A third man was also arrested when he allegedly approached one of the arrested men and assaulted him.

All three were taken to Tweed Heads Police Station.

A 51-year-old man was charged with affray and common assault.

A 24-year-old man was charged with two counts of affray.

Both men were granted conditional bail to appear at Tweed Heads Local Court on Monday 9 October 2017.

A 23-year-old man was charged with assault police officer in execution of duty, two counts of affray and malicious damage.

He was refused bail and appeared in Tweed Heads Local court on Sunday where he was granted conditional bail and will next appear in Tweed Heads Local Court on Tuesday, October 3.

The post Police officer assaulted following Tweed Heads pub brawl appeared first on Echonetdaily.


The Port Arthur Edition of Who Killed Cock Robin? "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

On August 27, 2017, GumshoeNews published my article Who Killed Cock Robin? It was a book review of a book for which I had received only a PDF without an authors name, and with the title: 9/11 Exposed.  On September 7, 2017, I met Christopher Bollyn at a lecture he gave near Boston, and learned that he is the author of that PDF. Its now a published book, entitled The Great Deception. Bollyn told us that had laboured for 12 years to gather information about the 9/11 players, and he pinpointed their manifold connections to Israel.

I shaped my August 27 review of Bollyns work around a dozen questions that seek to identify which individuals or organizations had the necessaries to attack the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. I did a take-off on the rhyme about the death of Cock Robin, where they ask Who caught his blood? Wholl dig his grave? etc.

Ill now try a similar approach to the mystery of Port Arthur Australias introduction to terrorism that happened in 1996. I will use the same 12 questions that I applied to the 9/11 mystery, but now re-worded to fit Tasmania.  Here are the original twelve questions about 9/11, and in parentheses my adaptation for Port Arthur:

A Dozen Questions

  1. Who controlled entry to the premises on 9/11? (Who controlled the two sites: Broad Arrow Caf and Seascape Cottage?)
  1. Who created the weapons used in attacking the WTC? (Who brought in the guns for the shooting at PAHS Port Arthur Historic Site and what weapon was used to explode the BM...


Internal email to then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about FM Kevin Rudd headed - "WARNING!" "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 5 December 2011 NATO countries held a conference in Bonn Germany to discuss Afghanistan. Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd didn't make the cut for front ranks of the class photo. But The Rudd was keen to make his mark. So he gave a speech "intervening". Back home he felt...


Iceland: Criminal Conspiracy to Pardon a Notorious Pedophile, Government is Collapsing as a Result "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: Uproxx | by Dan Seitz

Imagine this, for a moment: The Koch Brothers had decided that Jared Fogle had done enough time, and written two letters they took to Mike Pence. Pence agrees, got the Senate Judiciary Committee to rule Fogle really was forgiven for molesting children, and then Donald Trump signed off on it. And they all agreed to do this in secret, and cover it up.

Obviously, that hasn't happened in the U.S., but it's, more or less, exactly what's happening in Iceland.

Specifically, Hjalti Sigurjn Hauksson requested to have his "honor restored." Pardons, in Iceland, are different from those in the US: You need two letters of recommendation from prominent citizens, first, before the application is approved by the Minister of the Interior. Then a committee from Iceland's Parliament has to approve it, and finally, it goes straight to the prime minister, who has to sign off on it.

If you get through the process, certain civil rights are returned, like the ability to run for office or practice law. It's also symbolic, in that it indicates the nation, which is just 334,000 people, has forgiven the crime.

Hauksson, however, is decidedly not forgiven by the community. In 2004, he was convicted of having raped his stepdaughter almost daily for the previous twelve years. At the time, it was one of the most horrendous crimes the island nation had ever seen, and the idea of Hauksson having his "honor" restored seemed laughable.

Except, it happened in August. As a result, Icelandic journalists have been fighting to force the government to reveal who, precisely, would write a letter asking such a monstrous criminal to be pardoned, since the letters and their writers aren't usually disclosed to the public. The answer, among others, was Benedikt Sveinsson, the father of Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson and one of Iceland's wealthiest citizens. It looks, quite a bit, like Iceland's most notorious pedophile worked some connections and got a pardon.

Icelanders were furious,...


5 Idaho Children Medically Kidnapped based on Doctors Opinion of Shaken Baby Syndrome "IndyWatch Feed National"


Baby Rylee Wolken with her four siblings. All 5 children were removed from the home based on one Idaho doctors opinion of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Photos from The Fight for Rylee Wolken Facebook Page.

by Health Impact News/

An Idaho couple has been blindsided by an accusation of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Michael and Chelsea Wolken had a date night and left their 5 month old baby in the care of a trusted babysitter. They knew something wasnt right when they got baby Rylee home that night, but they never dreamed that her symptoms would be diagnosed days later as Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The Wolkens have more questions than answers about what happened to make their baby so sick, but one thing they say they are certain of they didnt shake their baby.

A Child Abuse Specialist pediatrician told police and Child Protection Services that the babys condition had to be caused by abuse, based on his interpretation of x-rays, despite the fact that there were no external signs of trauma, such as a neck injury, bruising, or history of violence in the parents.

Since the doctor has made this diagnosis, CPS has taken custody of Rylee and removed Chelseas other 4 children from the home.

And doctors have stopped looking for any other explanation.

A very sick baby is now living with strangers in foster care.

The Wolkens friend and advocate Serra Frank says:

The state is blaming the parents, and theyre saying that theres no possible way it could be anything other than shaken baby syndrome, which [we] know thats not true.

It makes me worried for baby Rylee, because if theres something else going on theyre no longer looking for a cause.

The babysitter is being questioned, but at this time, it appears that CPS believes that the parents hurt their baby. The parents report that their baby was fine when they dropped Rylee off at the babysitters home, but she was projectile vomiting and lethargic....


Yesterday the Devil Lovers Gave Me a History Lesson "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Devil Lovers Offered Me a History Lesson About Uriel Yesterday

12/19/2016 Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now Possible effects?


GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Aftermath" -- September 17, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

What is left behind from all the tragic flooding in Florida and Texas is called the aftermath.

Death, destruction, despair, hopelessness.

The same will be true in the aftermath of the RV, which is the second flood.

Many people converting ZIM will be despondent as to what just happened.

Constructs of reality will die instantly.

The destruction left behind by this wave of infinite wealth will blur their vision of the future.

Some will feel great despair having so much wealth, while the overwhelming majority of human beings continue to suffer daily on less than $10 day.

Hopeless will creep in. It will. How can you reach them all? You can't, but you'll spend the rest of your life on earth trying ... never to succeed.

In this same aftermath you'll begin reviewing your life decisions pre benevolent event.

Did I do the right things? Make the highest choices? Believe in God sincerely? Follow His calling absolutely?

So many times I answer no way more than yes. It's shameful.

I become silently distraught by all my small spiritual choices, my ego based actions, my raw unresearched ignorance and blatant philosophical nativity.

In the aftermath of my RV experience, there has been great regret for a life lived in half service to my Creator. And thus, little appreciation for just my being in form. Having breath. Experiencing it all.


5 Idaho Children Medically Kidnapped based on Doctors Opinion of Shaken Baby Syndrome "IndyWatch Feed National"


Baby Rylee Wolken with her four siblings. All 5 children were removed from the home based on one Idaho doctors opinion of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Photos from The Fight for Rylee Wolken Facebook Page.

by Health Impact News/

An Idaho couple has been blindsided by an accusation of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Michael and Chelsea Wolken had a date night and left their 5 month old baby in the care of a trusted babysitter. They knew something wasnt right when they got baby Rylee home that night, but they never dreamed that her symptoms would be diagnosed days later as Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The Wolkens have more questions than answers about what happened to make their baby so sick, but one thing they say they are certain of they didnt shake their baby.

A Child Abuse Specialist pediatrician told police and Child Protection Services that the babys condition had to be caused by abuse, based on his interpretation of x-rays, despite the fact that there were no external signs of trauma, such as a neck injury, bruising, or history of violence in the parents.

Since the doctor has made this diagnosis, CPS has taken custody of Rylee and removed Chelseas other 4 children from the home.

And doctors have stopped looking for any other explanation.

A very sick baby is now living with strangers in foster care.

The Wolkens friend and advocate Serra Frank says:

The state is blaming the parents, and theyre saying that theres no possible way it could be anything other than shaken baby syndrome, which [we] know thats not true.

It makes me worried for baby Rylee, because if theres something else going on theyre no longer looking for a cause.

The babysitter is being questioned, but at this time, it appears that CPS believes that the parents hurt their baby. The parents report that their baby was fine when they dropped Rylee off at the babysitters home, but she was projectile vomiting and lethargic whe...


Emily's List's 25th b'day fundraiser morphed into a "member benefits function" to thwart ethics team "IndyWatch Feed National"

It's handy to have a private email system when you're talking about stuff like this. In 2008 Emily's List spent $3.2M on Hillary Clinton's US presidential campaign. By April 2010 when its 25th anniversary rolled around it had raised $78M for female political candidates. Serious money. It wanted to mark...


No excuses: Russia informed Pentagon about area of military op in Deir ez-Zor in advance "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied Pentagon allegations that it bombed US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces near Deir ez-Zor. The Russian military said that its US partners were informed about the area of the operation beforehand. "To avoid unnecessary escalation, the command of the Russian troops in Syria revealed the boundaries of the military operation in Deir ez-Zor to the American partners through the existing communication channel," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. "Within the framework of this operation, the fighters, armored vehicles, and objects of terrorists are being destroyed on both western and eastern banks of the Euphrates. At the same time, the Russian Air Force makes pinpoint strikes only on reconnaissance targets confirmed by several channels in IS-controlled areas," Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said. "Over the past few days, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, Russian control and reconnaissance facilities have not identified a single combat of Islamic State terrorists with armed representatives of any 'third force.' Therefore, only representatives of the international coalition can answer the question as to how 'opposition members' or 'military advisers of the international coalition' managed to get to the IS-held areas in the eastern part of Deir ez-Zor without striking a blow."


Huma Abedin's mother redrafted Hillary Clinton's FEB 2010 Middle East speech - took out freedom, democracy and call for elections "IndyWatch Feed National"

In early 2010 the Arab Spring had sprung and Al Baghdadi had just taken the reins at the Islamic State. It was an important time in the Middle East and every US public utterance was closely monitored for clues as to US directions and plans - both by Islamist authorities...


Devils Tower draws UFO enthusiasts seeking 'close encounters' "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Steven Spielberg's iconic 1977 science-fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a mysterious force compels desperate seekers to converge on Wyoming's Devils Tower in search of answers. When they arrive, they encounter a massive alien mothership which communicates through music and returns scores of missing persons who have been abducted over the years. A lucky few of the witnesses are allowed to go aboard the mothership and travel to the stars with the alien beings. Forty years after the film's release, UFO seekers are returning to the 800-foot-tall tower, but this time the mysterious forces compelling them to come together is much easier to explain. For more of this article, go here.


Australia: Muslim leaders demand more taxpayer cash to fight extremist recruiters "IndyWatch Feed National"

But Islamic Council Vice president Adel Salman said parents are crying out for the service and the Islamic community wanted to take ownership of the issue. To achieve the best outcomes it should be a community-led response, not a police or justice response.' If Adel Salman were sincere and consistent in this, he wouldnt want []


The Final Conclusion "IndyWatch Feed National"

If lost was a place
and heaven was found
would you be willing
to be paradise bound?

With blind expectations
we continue to search
truth always evasive
leaving us in the lurch

Words hidden in hours
phrases lost in days
as life pushes forward
time dissolves in the haze

With so many questions
few answers have we
in the final conclusion
we just wait and see


We should choose our friends in the Rohingya versus Burma battles wisely "IndyWatch Feed National"

It pays to take a close look at the Rohingya and their leadership. The next post comes from an apparently normal, run-of-the-mill young Indonesian woman, Fatimah Az Zahra. She refers to the Rohingya as Mujahideen (the plural for one who is engaged in Jihad). She says, "Mujahideen Rohingya (as heading)...


Australian Politics in 2017: Financial Fog Unlimited "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Oh dear, its the Liberal Party of Australia once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

This is a return appearance* by multimillionaire, former merchant banker and life-long silvertail Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull.

BuzzFeed News, 11 September 2017:

.BuzzFeed News can reveal the prime minister never disclosed to parliament that Lucy purchased the $1.55m USD New York apartment in the Century Condominium building more than four years ago.

All you'll see on Malcolm Turnbull's previous and most recent parliamentary disclosure is a reference to a single "New York city apartment" owned by his wife.

Federal politicians are required to declare the interests they and their spouses hold, and gifts they receive. This is an important transparency measure to avoid any potential conflicts of interests.



Chris Pyne Delivers! For whom? For Sarah Hanson-Young, Penny Wong, The Greens and Labor. "IndyWatch Feed National"

All his own work, all from his own Facebook page. Christopher I know too well the truth of the maxim "you'll be judged by the company you keep". I wish I'd been less impetuous and more thoughtful in some of my decisions of the past. We can't change history; and...

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IndyWatch Bellingen NSW All Topics Summary Today.

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Sunday, 17 September


Check-in. "IndyWatch Feed National"

UPDATE Thanks for your notes and well wishes. Last Thursday morning I woke up with a line of what looked like Mr Vesuvius(es) on my left outer calf. Couldn't really walk, went to local medical facility and was diagnosed with cellulitis with some bacterial infection that was right throughout my...


Bad Policy For Big Media: Turnbulls $60m Media Bailout Wont Fix Journalism "IndyWatch Feed National"

New Matilda wont be lining up for government funding following the announcement of a media bailout package. Chris Graham explains why.

I learned an important lesson about myself from a close friend recently. Apparently, if something makes me anxious, then thats what Im compelled to go and do.

My names Chris Graham, Im the owner and editor of New Matilda, the most self-defeating independent publication in Australia, and Im a counterphobic.

One of the things thats made me anxious recently is the passing of the federal governments legislation to free up cross-media ownership.

Long story short, under the new laws, the big media companies that consistently perpetrate the big media scandals will get even bigger. You can guess what will happen with their scandals.


The deal is as dirty as it gets, and was designed to advantage the Murdochs of the world, while smashing the Guardians. Interestingly, I remember the last debate we had on loosening cross media ownership laws a decade ago. It was fever-pitch. This time around, the battered, bruised Australian media have laid down. Theres nothing like self-interest mixed with failing business models to shut people up.

But in truth, I dont spend a lot of my time worrying about the big guys. I do, however, spend a lot of my energy worrying about small independent publishing, in which I have an obvious interest. On that front, in exchange for his support to get the Turnbull governments legislation through, Senator Nick Xenophon negotiated a three-year $60 million innovation fund for small publishers. Small publishers like me. You can read all about it here.

If you cant be bothered, heres the prcis of the politics behind it: The Turnbull government is going to spend $60 million of your taxes buying a Senators vote to pass bad legislation designed to advantage some of the most powerful media corporations in the world. Because political donations.

Thats how theyre going to fix the media problem in Australia. And thats the part thats making me really anxious.

So, embr...


Im Not As Okay With Being Gay As I Thought I Was "IndyWatch Feed National"

Queer identity in the age of a same-sex marriage postal survey life was hard enough, but right now it feels a whole lot harder for Gene Smith.

For many people of my generation, the same-sex marriage postal survey is our first taste of active state-sanctioned discrimination. Were dealing with this whilst still coming to terms with our identities, and what it means to be queer.

If any of you boys came home and told me you were gay, Id probably disown you, says Mum casually as we are watching the Sydney Mardi Gras on TV, her brow furrowed in mild disgust.

I am 13 and think I might be gay; her words are like a bomb going off, the ringing in my ears drowning out the TV.

We love you, no matter what. And who knows? Maybe its just a phase. My grandfather embraced me after I told him I was gay.

What? Mums eyes widened and her hands jerked the steering wheel of the car, sending us swerving. Im never going to have grandchildren she later cried.

Faggot! someone screamed from a passing car. I pretended I didnt hear, but thought about it for weeks after. Sometimes I still think about it.

Since when did you start sounding so gay? my best friend laughed, having not seen me for a few months.


I dont like him hes a poof, quipped my brother about a boy he doesnt like at school. Whats wrong with being a poof? I quipped back.

Marriage should be between a man and woman! Being gay is unnatural! reads a comment on an online article. I clicked on the womans name, and discover she lives in my hometown.

Shes Facebook friends with members of my family.

I had probably been with Mum down the main street as they smiled at each other in passing.

You can never be too careful, said a boy I dated once, after he snatched his hand from mine as we were walking down the street.

I probably feel a bit threatened, chuckled Tony Abbott, on screen and in front of the nation, in answer to a question about how homosexuality makes him feel.

Im not as okay with being gay as I thought I was, admitted the boy I like, my shoulder wet with his tears.

Hes been out for less than a year. His mother, for religious reasons, is voting no in the marriage survey.

He loves her, and I have no doubt that she loves him. Its complicated.

Above are a just a few of the words said to me over the course of m...


Donald Trumps Afghanistan Raid: The Mask Of The US Empire Is Falling "IndyWatch Feed National"

Donald Trump found his reason to continue the catastrophic 16-year war in Afghanistan: up to $ 3 trillion of natural resources in the country. His new Afghanistan strategy means more deaths in a war-torn country. Trump is the embodiment of the hostile US Empire, writes Jakob Reimann.

In 1776, the British historian Edward Gibbon wrote in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:

They endeavored to convince mankind that their motive was not the temptation of conquest but was actuated by the love of order and justice.

What Gibbon writes about the Imperium Romanum is a general motive of empires. In addition to the hard power the economic power and, above all, the military power, the conquest, the physical violence an empire must also be able to successfully compete in the field of soft power: the war over hearts and minds.

Military violence has to be sold to the people just like to the world. It must always be accompanied by a narrative that obfuscates the actual motives and turns them into something positive.

What was true in ancient Rome also applies to the empire of the young 21st century the US Empire. In his infamous speech at the US Congress after the attacks of September 11, George W. Bush declared the terrorists would hate our freedoms, and the newborn War on Terror is civilisations fight for progress and pluralism, tolerance and freedom.

Former US president George W Bush (IMAGE: Peter Stevens, Flickr).Former US president George W Bush (IMAGE: Peter Stevens, Flickr).

If it was still a little hard to buy the liberty-and-democracy-narrative out of the mouth of the oil cowboy from Texas and especially from his Vice President and former Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney with Barack Obama, the subsequent charismatic constitutional lawyer from Illinois, all doubts vanished. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama showered eight countries with his bombs to fight for the human rights of the oppressed of this world.

But Donald Trump and fanaticism moved into the White House, this interdependence of hard power and soft power was destined to change. Just as Trump never made a big secret out of his shameful racism or his hatred of women, he was always a passionate advocate of the...


Folk Federation of NSW 2017 AGM "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

3.30pm, Sunday 29th October 2017



These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO "IndyWatch Feed National"

The shadow forces behind the New World Order (NWO) are following a slow-paced agenda of total control over mankind and our planets resources. David Icke coined it the Totalitarian Tip-Toe, because they are making very small steps towards our complete and definitive enslavement.

As a result, the masses remain relatively unaware of the fact that their liberties are being gradually taken away, while the power of the NWO octopus grows steadily.

The shadow forces behind the NWO agenda

Somewhere near the very top of the pyramid, an extremely elitist organisation known as the Council of the 13 families orchestrates all of the major world events. As the name suggests, the Council consists of the top 13 most influential families on Earth.

An increasingly number of people is becoming aware that 99% of the Earths population is controlled by an elite 1%, but the Council of the 13 families consists of less than 1% of the 1% elite and nobody on Earth can apply for membership.

In their opinion, they are entitled to rule over the rest of us because they are the direct descendants of the ancient gods and consider themselves royal. These families are:

  1. Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
  2. Bruce
  3. Cavendish (Kennedy)
  4. De Medici
  5. Hanover
  6. Hapsburg
  7. Krupp
  8. Plantagenet
  9. Rockefeller
  10. Romanov
  11. Sinclair (St. Clair)
  12. Warburg (del Banco)
  13. Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

Personally, I suspect that this may not be the complete list and some very powerful lineages are still unknown to us.

Update: Author and researcher Fritz Springmeiers exposed more of the elite blo...


Brian Houston on Twitter: As for the No campaign on Australian gay marriage, gay or straightwhatever makes you happy "IndyWatch Feed National"

GAY LORD POPE BRAIN OF HELL$ONG: As for the No campaign on Australian gay marriage, gay or straightwhatever makes you happy


Same-sex marriage No campaign launches; Vote No sprawled in Sydney skies "IndyWatch Feed National"

Every Bible-believing Christian should vote No to gay marriage in the upcoming Australian postal ballot.

There is no other Biblically valid vote.


ABC New Australia

Same-sex marriage No campaign launches; Vote No sprawled in Sydney skies

17 September 2017



Opponents of same-sex marriage have officially launched the No campaign, saying they are on the right side of legal and moral history.

Key points:

  • New TV ad was played at the event and has been posted online
  • The new ad talks about radical sex and gender programs in schools
  • Senator Cory Bernardis speech focused on freedom of speech

Last night Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi asked No supporters to be vigilant at an event launching the Coalition for Marriages campaign at the Sydney Convention Centre.

A new TV ad was played at the event and has been posted online, and this morning Sydneysiders could not miss Vote No sprawled across the sky.

We are under assault because we are on the right side of legal and moral history, Senator Bernardi told an audience of more than 1,000 people.


It is a sign of what is to come unless we are vigilant and can...


Avi Yemini flops in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed National"

It was a lovely day for a stroll in the city today. Oh yeah! A few dozen racist gronks (Party for Freedom, Soldiers of Odin, True Blue Crew and various other fascist zombies) attended a rally organised by tabloid favourite Continue reading


Long term arrivals pick up with the economy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Immigration picking up

Long-term arrivals into Australia slowed along with the economy from 2013.

But now they are rising again.

In fact annual permanent and long-term arrivals combined rose to 776,790 over the year to July.

That's some +7 per cent higher than a year ago, and the highest figure on record.

New permanent settlers in Australia now mostly hail from Asia, and largely head to Sydney and Melbourne.

That said, at this stage in the cycle, many incumbent Sydneysiders will take their equity off to regional New South Wales, or up to south-east Queensland. 

And some are even moving internally from Sydney to Melbourne for cheaper housing. 



Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0002 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 4.55 AUD


Committed Yes Voters Change Minds after Seeing Vote No Skywriting "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


A self-described rainbow warrior who proudly tells anyone wholl listen that she has a lot of gay friends, has announced shell be voting against same-sex marriage in the postal plebiscite, after being convinced by the vote no skywriting in Sydney today.

No amount of reasoned arguing could change my mind but something about seeing it written in the sky several times really got to me, she said, adding that the entirety of her aggressive yes-campaign protest group was now in the process of updating signs and chants in preparation for agitating for a no vote.

However, a poll has shown that the sky writing stunt, which cost millions of dollars, will make no difference to the outcome of the vote, with an equal number of people who had been planning to vote no reporting that they were now switching to a yes vote because they were sick of being told what to do.


Free journalist Shane Dowling "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian journalist/blogger Shane Dowling was jailed for four months on 10th of August 2017. He was jailed for standing up for free speech and exposing judicial corruption. Mr. Dowling was found in contempt of court, after seven west media/channel 7 paid for 2 of their tv stars to institute frivolous and vexatious defamation proceeding against []


Sports Just an Excuse for Aussie Men to Cry, Fans Admit "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

sports cry

Australias obsession with sports may have a direct correlation to social norms discouraging men from crying, according to a new study that found many men considered seeing their team win or lose a game as the only acceptable time to leak from the eyes.

I havent cried since Optimus Prime died in the 86 Transformers movie, so it was a huge relief when I discovered the real reason men watch sports, one self-described footy fanatic said. Luckily, I support the Rabbitohs, so there have been plenty of opportunities for me to have a proper cry this season.

The study also found that an excuse to get smashed and an excuse to yell in public also rated highly on the list of reasons for watching sports, with many of those surveyed pointing out the obviousness of these motivations.

Why else would anyone watch sports? I mean, take away the drinking, yelling and crying, and football is pretty boring, one man said. The Bachelor is heaps more entertaining.


Kwara LGs enjoy financial autonomy -Ahmed "IndyWatch Feed National"

When Kwara State Governor, Alhaji AbdulFattah Ahmed, recently took time on a public radio to answer questions on various issues about his administration, one recurring question was the relationship between the state and local governments. The governor, in this excerpt by BIODUN OYELEYE, explained his position on the controversy as well as other issues about the state   What is the current economic status of Kwara State and what are you doing to increase its viability? The economy of Kwara State cannot be insulated from the Nigerian economy and we...

The post Kwara LGs enjoy financial autonomy -Ahmed appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


The Scientific Reason McDonalds Coke Tastes Better Than Any Other Fast Food Outlet "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Have you ever noticed that for some bizarre bloody reason, the coke at McDonalds just tastes better than the coke at other fast food restaurants and no, were not talking about the canned and bottled stuff, were talking specifically about the coke they have on tap.

Theres long been debate as to exactly why this is. Some wankers have speculated that its because Maccas food is so salty youre just thirstier, other wankers reckon that Maccas uses more syrup than other fast food joints, some wankers would rather have a beer.

Credit: McDonalds NZ

Credit: McDonalds NZ

Well, A New York Times article has done its research and found out that because Maccas keeps its coke syrup in metal containers, its better preserved. Typically, their competitors arent doing this.

Credit: McDonalds

Credit: McDonalds

Maccas, being the global icon that it is, is pretty bloody keen on making sure that Maccas in Sydney is the same as Maccas in New Delhi. That means that every Maccas store under the sun follows strict guidelines from Coca Cola to ensure the bottled stuff tastes the same as the stuff from the tap.

A Maccas spokesman has even come out and confirmed it. Despite the speculation, he said, there...


The Silencing Of Chelsea Manning Puts Power Before Freedom Of Speech "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Benjamin Clayton for Independent - There are difficult questions for Chelsea Manning to answer. As a visiting fellow someone expected to speak publicly, answer questions, and be confronted by different opinions everyone might have benefited. It is ironic that the most powerful most fear powerlessness. Enter Harvard University. This week, wobbled by pressure from the CIA and other institutions, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government rescinded its invitation to Chelsea Manning to become a visiting fellow at its Institute of Politics. With that, the most powerful university in the world silenced a twenty-nine-year-old transgender traitor-cum-hero. The facts of the case are these. In 2007, then-Bradley Manning enlisted in the Unites States Army. Six weeks later, she was almost discharged, partly due to the effects of being bullied by recruits. Amidst a national deficit of soldiers, however, the discharge was revoked and she was later trained in intelligence before being deployed to Iraq. Her first contact with WikiLeaks occurred in January 2010, and on 3 February she sent them roughly 490,000 documents. Over time, she sent more, including footage of a helicopter attack on Iraqi civilians in 2007. Manning was arrested in May 2010, convicted by court-martial in July 2013, and sentenced to thirty-five years confinement in August 2013; ultimately, this sentence was commuted by Barack Obama shortly before he left office.


Venezuela Is the Next Vietnam- VZ Oil Companies Align with China-Intervention Co "IndyWatch Feed National"


petrodollar scam

What are the odds that the Federal Reserve is going to allow Venezeulas oil companies to align with Chinas paper currency and allow a further decline of the Petrodollar? The answer, of course is slim and none, and slim just left town.

Look for a false flag (i.e. Gulf of Tonkin) which will serve as both the catalyst and the excuse to boots on the ground in VZ. And will the American people be the beneficiary of such an expedition? The following video addresses that question and many more related factors.


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Today I welcomed back to the program filmmaker Robbie Davidson from Celebrate Truth to talk about his new films and the Flat Earth International Conference in Raleigh North Carolina November 9th and 10th! A Flat Earth show of mega proportions! His latest film Impossiball is an in depth look at the Copernican Paradigm and answers


Why Are All Combat Troops Being Sent Out of US? "IndyWatch Feed National"


american troops protect us

Trump said we did not need to send our troops to 117 countries and that we needed to stop being an imperial power. So what has Trump done, he has increased the number of troops being sent out of the country.

The real answers behind the shipping of US troops out of the country is revealed in the following video.


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This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer.  Listeners to The Common Sense Show will receive 5% off their next order by mentioning Hodges9 in the coupon code box.  Dont wait until it is too late. Click Here  for more information.



Stuart Wilde Q&A: Anger and Fear "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

(Excerpts from question and answer sessions given by Stuart Wilde) Are Our Thoughts Our Own? Q: In your books, Stuart, you ask us how we know that our thoughts are ours. What do you mean by that, and if our thoughts aren't ours, whose are they?


Papua New Guinean genetic diversity of populations intrigues scientists "IndyWatch Feed National"

Papua New Guinean genetic diversity of populations intrigues scientists: [] Papua New Guinea is called a stepping stone in the human movement from Asia to Australia by the researchers. The team of researchers note that the differences in the genetic makeup of the population can be dated back to ten to twenty thousand years only rather than fifty thousand years back when humans first arrived. They found that agriculture was independently found on this island around ten thousand years ago, and this did not change the genetic makeup of the population as was the case in several populations across Europe and in some regions of Asia.

Anders Bergstrm, a graduate student at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Hinxton, UK, who was part of the study team, explained that agriculture tends to homogenize the genetic differences in populations. Sanger Institute geneticist Chris Tyler-Smith, lead researcher further explained that in the Europe for example when agriculture was brought in by the Anatolia farmers, the genetic makeup of the local hunter gatherers that lived then for generations completely got replaced by the new genetic features. This obliteration of the genetic picture is absent in New Guinea and this is a big surprise he said.


Big snowfalls extend the snow season at ski resorts in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Skiers and snowboarders are continuing to hit the slopes in Australia's ski resorts with spring providing conditions that have been described as the best in years. Three big dumps of snow throughout August and early September have lead to the biggest recorded snow depth since 2000. The snow depth recording at Spencers Creek, midway between Perisher Valley and Thredbo, was 239.7cm this week, just shy of the 262cm recorded in 2000. This time last year, the snow depth at Spencers Creek was just 114.7cm, less than half of the current depth and well below the average maximum of 190cm in previous years.


Peace Pilgrims a Pine Gap tour diary "IndyWatch Feed National"

Andy Paine, August 23, 2017.

Friday September 16 2016 was a busy day for me. I began it preparing a radio show about Pine Gap, the secretive US military base near Alice Springs in central Australia. I had interviewed an academic who has studied Pine Gap and what it does; an activist who has opposed it; and an Arrernte traditional owner who says it has no right to be there. Then I rushed off to Griffith University, where I gave a guest talk to an ethics class about civil disobedience the practice of intentionally and openly breaking unjust laws.

But I am not purely a journalist who reports on whats happening, nor an academic who explains theories. So after completing these two tasks, I got into a car and headed for Alice Springs to attempt to resist Pine Gap and the US wars it facilitates.

So I guess before we go on, a quick primer about Pine Gap and what it does. Theres a lot more information out there if youre interested, but basically Pine Gap is one of three satelite communication bases the US has planted strategically around the globe to enable it to spy on the whole world. The lease for it was signed in 1966, the base built in 1970. At first, it was never publicly admitted that it was a military facility it was described as a space research station until academic Des Ball uncovered what it actually did. Rumours abound that the sacking of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam had something to do with his wanting more control over the base and getting on the wrong side of the CIA.

For most of its life, while Pine Gap has always attracted porotests from anti-war activists, its purpose has been just basic surveillance. In the last ten years though, this purpose has changed. These days the mobile phone and radio signals that Pine Gap recieves via satelite are used for drone strikes or other targetted bombings enabling the US to kill people in the Middle East without the risk of having a soldier killed or the risk of the empathy that comes from interacting with an actual human being.

As I said, Pine Gap has been the subject of numerous protests over the years. This one was to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the lease though for what exact purpose everyone was going out to the desert wasnt quite made clear. More on that later.

The trip to Alice was in my friend Jims van. Jim is a veteran of numerous actions and court cases out at Alice he was well acquainted with the route. The van runs off the biodeisel Jim makes out of used fish and chip oil; so all available car space was taken up with drums full of fuel. Other travel companions were my housemates Franz and Tim. Franz is Jims son so grew up going to protests though he is still a teenager. Tim is from New...


How right-wing parties win elections "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from the USA says about itself:

How Politicians and Academics Lie: Misinformation, Public Relations, and Public Opinion (2005)

Academic dishonesty or academic misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise. It can include

Plagiarism: The adoption or reproduction of original creations of another author (person, collective, organization, community or other type of author, including anonymous authors) without due acknowledgment.

Fabrication: The falsification of data, information, or citations in any formal academic exercise.

Deception: Providing false information to an instructor concerning a formal academic exercisee.g., giving a false excuse for missing a deadline or falsely claiming to have submitted work.

Cheating: Any attempt to give or obtain assistance in a formal academic exercise (like an examination) without due acknowledgment.

Bribery: or paid services. Giving assignment answers or test answers for money.

Sabotage: Acting to prevent others from completing their work. This includes cutting pages out of library books or willfully disrupting the experiments of others.

Professorial misconduct: Professorial acts that are academically fraudulent equate to academic fraud and/or grade fraud.

Impersonation: assuming a students identity with intent to provide an advantage for the student.

Academic dishonesty has been documented in most every type of educational setting from elementary school to graduate school. Throughout history this type of dishonesty has been met with varying degrees of approbation. Today, those who are a part of an educated society tend to take a very negative view of academic dishonesty.

The extent to which the US government was guilty of propaganda aimed at its own people is a matter of discussion. The book Selling Intervention & War by Jon Western argued that president Bush was selling the...


Vladimir Putin and Russia versus Zionist Fairytales "IndyWatch Feed National"

Did you read the latest news that Vladimir Putin is rich and evil? Oh, you don't read anymore, more power to you. Fake news has it that the Russian president has a new "secret" holiday mansion worth untold millions. Furthermore, some of the stories tell of Putin being the world's richest and most evil man. For those of you who do not believe in fairytales, here's a candid look at what Russians are really up against. My initial reaction to reading "Drone footage shows Putin's secret island mansion" at 9 News Australia was, "So what if the leader of Russia is rich?" I would have skimmed the article and moved on but for a familiar name popping up. I'll get to the ousted industrialist shark Bill Browder in a minute, but first it's important for readers to understand that Putin actually has little need of money in the traditional sense. Every financial magazine, every expert, and hordes of guessing investigators have tried for years to count Vladimir Putin's gold, and to no avail. Some say he is worth more than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos combined, but nobody can trace down this immense wealth. Amid all the speculation as to "why" the Panama Papers could not convict Putin, the pointedly obvious shines through. Nobody can trace Putin's fortune because there isn't one. But this is fodder for another story, let me move on to the latest Alexei Navalny fairytale and to this Browder character cited in the Australian piece.


More Strange Gold Reasoning "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION #1: Marty,

___ ________ makes the argument that if the government raised the price of gold to $5000/oz it would start and inflation that would wipe away the debt.


Dont they have to ensure convertibility as well? He kind of skips over that. And isnt that pegging the dollar to gold, and no peg holds? At that price the dollar would become incredibly cheap, and world demand for it would soar to arbitrage trade into goods, I would think.


Anyway, how does his proposal compare to the 1934 and 1971 devaluations.




ANSWER:  This proposal is insane and it would not work anyhow. In 1934, it was the link of gold to the dollar that CAUSE deflation. When Roosevelt devalued the dollar, then inflation took place. If you suddenly fixed gold at $5,000, so what? He would be doing the opposite by creating deflation and then the national debt would become payable in gold.

The 1971 closing of the gold window by Nixon cut the link to gold ending Bretton Woods and then inflation unfolded. This is why Europe is in trouble for they keep trying to create a strong Euro which means assets decline and that produces deflation.

I just do not get the reasoning of these people. They clearly have no real world experience. They want to forecast markets without ever leaving their bedroom.

QUESTION #2: I have been bullish on gold until recently. It seems that to cheer gold we have to cheer the end of the world. If that is our fate for us all, then gold wont matter. As you said, a $1,000 in gold in 1980 is worth $1350 today less storage fees. A $1,000 in the Dow back then is $22,000 plus all the dividends. Do you really think gold will ever go up? With North Korea fading out, what reason do we even have for gold? Deflation dominates the world and taxes keep going highe...


New Study Reveals Why Employees Over 40 Should Only Work Three Days A Week "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

A study has revealed that better employee productivity would occur if people over 40 years old were able to work three days (25 hours) a week. According to the paper which is in the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, doing more than three days a week once you reach 40 years old can damage your ability to think.

The research was conducted using the data of more than 3,000 men and 3,500 women (aged over 40) who completed the national Household Income Labour Dynamics in Australia survey. The research took peoples economic and subjective well-being, family structures and employment into account. The participants were asked to read words aloud, match letters and numbers under pressure and to recite lists of numbers backwards. The results indicated that participants who worked 25 hours a week tended to achieve the highest scores.

Colin Mckenzie is a Professor of Economics at Keio University. He took part in the research and said that working long hours was more damaging to brain function than not working at all. Given the fact that the retirement age has gone up in many countries, Mckenzie suggests that these new findings should be taken into consideration. He stated that many countries are going to raise their retirement ages by delaying the age at which people are eligible to start receiving pension benefits. This means that more people continue to work in the later stages of their life. He added, the degree of intellectual stimulation...


The Numbers Dont Lie: The Middle Class is Dead and It Is Not Coming Back "IndyWatch Feed National"


The term the American Dream, is a term first coined by writer James Truslow Adams 86 years ago. The American dream has become an unmitigated nightmare.


Michael Snyder recently wrote a very astute article in which he bemoaned the present status of the middle class. I want to begin where Mr. Snyder and I agree and then I want to take a look at economic factors that are not getting a lot attention as they relate to middle class economic health and well-being.

According t0 the GOBankingRates surveyonly 25 percent of all Americans have $10,000 or more in savings at this point

$0 saved: 39 percent
Less than $1,000 saved: 18 percent
$1,000 to $4,999 saved: 12 percent
$5,000 to $9,999 saved: 6 percent
$10,000 or more saved: 25 percent

Further, a full 25% of all Americans do not have a bank account. Why? The answer is simple, they have nothing left at the end of the month t deposit.

The condition of the middle class is catastrophic and the tragedy is present across all economic domains. This article will only analyze the status of the middle class as it relates to two standard measures of middle class economic health, the viability of home ownership and the readiness for retirement and in both cases, the middle class receives a grade of F-.

Vast Majority of the Middle Class Cannot Afford to Own a Home

As prices rise, homeownership rates are going in the op...


CIA Wants Authority to Conduct Drone Strikes in Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Pentagon fears US troops would face backlash from CIA drone attacks.

(ANTIWAR.COM)  The expansion of US military operations around the drone has coincided with the Pentagon having an increasingly large drone arsenal to carry out unmanned airstrikes around the world. Thats given them an opportunity to massively increase spending on drone warfare.

But the CIA also invested massively in drone warfare, and officials are looking for more opportunities to use those drones from extrajudicial killings. This has led CIA Director Mike Pompeo to press President Trump for authority to conduct drone strikes in Afghanistan.

Military drone strikes are common in Afghanistan, and Pentagon officials arent clear what the CIA thinks their drones can do that the existing drones arent already doing. On top of that, since the CIA declines comment on their strikes, the Pentagon is worried CIA strikes that kill civilians will lead to blowback against US ground troops.

The CIA doesnt appear to have good answers for the Pentagons concerns, so much as they have a lot of drones they want to get more use out of. Pompeo has bragged that President Trump has been eager to grant him more authority and more resources whenever hes asked, even though the specifics of what theyre doing and why remains largely secret.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

This article was chosen for republication based on the interest of our readers. Anti-Media republishes stories from a number of other independent news sources. The views expressed in this article are the authors own and do not reflect Anti-Media editorial policy.


10 Random Disturbing Facts Most Americans Are Too Fearful To Face "IndyWatch Feed National"

10 Random Disturbing Facts Most Americans Are Too Fearful To Face | head-in-the-sand | False Flags Government Government Control Government Corruption Sleuth Journal Society

Sometimes you have to put out information in hopes that those who havent heard this will at least absorb a fraction of it. If you havent heard this and you absorb just one of these random points, I believe that may be enough to cause a major paradigm shift your life or in the life of someone you know. Here are 10 random, mostly recent but some archival information that is factual and verifiable for anyone willing to look it up.

1- Genetically Modified Foods are illegal in many countries for health and medical reasons all the while the U.S. passes laws making GMO labeling illegal. You may be thinking, say what?  Thats right. U.S. citizens are being propagandized daily and are being practically forced to blindly consume GMOs while countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, Australia, Russia, France and Switzerland have all booted Monsanto and their GMO crops from their countries. Thats like being booted out of a town for being a rapist and child molester only to have that same person settle into the next town over and become a grade school teacher or pastor. Now imagine the citizens of that other town having a law forced on them that says rapists and child molesters must be allowed to teach little kids and run churches. Thats what were talking about here.

While humanity in other countries wake up fully to the dangers of GMO foods, Monsanto and other GMO food producers are having a feast in the U.S. buying out politicians, distorting news, research and evidence that proves GMO foods are directly linked to cancer. Like a scene from a bad movie only its not a movie it life. Actually its YOUR life if you are i...


Julian Assange Supports Bitcoin As Ways to Free Catalonia From Spains Dictate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julian Assange says all freedom-loving people should support Bitcoin as an answer to government oppression.


Israel lobby is never a story (for media that is in bed with the lobby) "IndyWatch Feed National"

One of the challenges to the claims about the power of the Israel lobby is: What about liberal Zionists? They are very critical of the Israeli occupation and of Netanyahu. In what sense do they constitute a lobby for Israel in the U.S.? The answer is that they establish red lines on criticism of Israel inside the Democratic Party. They work to marginalize progressives who have fundamental criticisms of Israel as a Jewish state or as a burden on American foreign policy.

Here are three recent examples of the ways that liberals set these red lines.

Last week Daniel Biss, an anti-establishment candidate for the Democratic nomination to be governor of Illinois, ditched his running mate over his support for BDS, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign targeting Israel; and many of us thought it was a big story. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), the movement for Palestinian human rights, has become an issue in the ongoing Illinois gubernatorial race, Jewish Voice for Peace declared. While Palestine Legal said that despite shifting public opinion toward support for Palestinian freedom, Palestinian rights were taboo for the political establishment.

The story never left Chicago. Chris Hayes of MSNBC mentioned the story on twitter, but he hasnt gone after it on air. Neither has anyone else on MSNBC, per my searches. Its hardly surprising that Hayes, a good progressive, has punted on BDS my views are muddy, he reportedly said a year ago. The top men at Comcast are CEO Brian Roberts who once participated in the Israeli olympics, and EVP David Cohen, who organized fundraisers for the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces. Id have muddy views, too, if they were signing my checks.

Daniel Biss is a Jewish progressive who went into politics in opposition to the Iraq War and says I care deeply about justice for Palestinians. But he understands that if you want to be Illinois governor, you have to be pro-Israel. J.B. Pritzker, a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, has given money to the Israeli Defense Forces, Electronic Intifada reported, while another leading candidate, Chris Kennedy, was...


Phone scammer stung by ABC radio presenter "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

ABC News, 12 September 2017:

A man claiming to be from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has given an expletive-ridden spray to ABC presenter Nick Rheinberger after being told their conversation was being recorded.

It was a voicemail likely to make even the most honest taxpayer frightened a message from someone claiming to be from the tax office accusing you of tax fraud and asking you to call back immediately.

This is what happened to the ABC Illawarra presenter recently, so he called them back from his radio studio.

The phone call (which was not broadcast live) started politely with a man identifying himself as an ATO employee, who then asked for Rheinberger's details.

The conversation quickly turned offensive when the ABC presenter told him he was in a radio studio.

"I need to let you know I'm recording this call as well," Rheinberger said.

"F*** you, and the recording, and put this recording to your ass as well mother f***er," the man said.

"Right, OK, that's what I'd expect from the Australian Taxation Office," Rhe...


Marriage Equality and levels of community support "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Guardian, 21 August 2017:

A majority of Australians favour changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry and over 80% of respondents also plan to vote in the looming postal survey, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll.

The latest weekly survey of 1,817 voters found that 57% of the sample favours a change to the law to allow marriage equality, with 32% against and 11% saying they dont know.

People most supportive of the change are Labor voters (71%), Greens voters (69%), women (65%) and voters aged between 18-34 (65%).

Asked about the likelihood of voting in the non-compulsory postal ballot, 63% said they would definitely vote, 18% said they would probably vote, 4% said they would probably not vote and 6% said they would definitely not vote with 9% unsure.

Yes voters are more likely to participate than no voters. Seventy-four per cent of those in favour of same-sex marriage will definitely vote compared with 58% of those opposed.

Close to 90% of respondents (88%) said they were enrolled to vote at their current address, while 7% said they werent and 5% were unsure. Supporters of same-sex marriage are a bit more likely to be enrolled than those who are opposed (92% compared with 86%).

The ballot itself ...


Vladimir Putin and Russia versus Zionist Fairytales "IndyWatch Feed National"


Did you read the latest news that Vladimir Putin is rich and evil? Oh, you dont read anymore, more power to you. Fake news has it that the Russian president has a new secret holiday mansion worth untold millions. Furthermore, some of the stories tell of Putin being the worlds richest and most evil man. For those of you who do not believe in fairytales, heres a candid look at what Russians are really up against.

My initial reaction to reading Drone footage shows Putins secret island mansion at 9 News Australia was, So what if the leader of Russia is rich? I would have skimmed the article and moved on but for a familiar name popping up. Ill get to the ousted industrialist shark Bill Browder in a minute, but first its important for readers to understand that Putin actually has little need of money in the traditional sense. Every financial magazine, every expert, and hordes of guessing investigators have tried for years to count Vladimir Putins gold, and to no avail. Some say he is worth more than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos combined, but nobody can trace down this immense wealth. Amid all the speculation as to why the Panama Papers could not convict Putin, the pointedly obvious shines through. Nobody can trace Putins fortune because there isnt one. But this is fodder for another story, let me move on to the latest Alexei Navalny fairytale and to this Browder character cited in the Australian piece.

I neednt outline the role and the character of Alexei Navalny again here. The blogger who would be kind of Russia was last seen fueling up his drones for another flyby of Sergey Shoygus super secret space station home. Having attempted to label Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev a criminal for the places hes vacationed at, Navalny seems unable to stop himself proving the insignificant. I think the best reason for Russians to ignore Putins biggest detractor is the simple fact he knows nothing of Russian people. Hey Navalny, heads up, Russians dont care if Putin is rich, they only care if he does his job. Sorry, this western poster boy of change in Russia, he just sets me off. What an idiot. But lets move on to another famous profiteer who Putin banished from Russia, the founder of Hermitage Capital Management, Bill Browder.

Its amazing how western mainstream media and the politicians always turn to P...


The Confusion in Gold "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION #1: [_____] says that the dollar will collapse because with the debt ceiling gone no more buyers of Treasuries in the markets and only the Fed Reserve buying inflation goes to the wazoo. All over USA. care to comment?

ANSWER: Total nonsense. The USA debt of $20 trillion is a tiny fraction of global debt at $160 trillion. This entire theory does not hold up. Just where is all the money going to run? Gold? Institutions do not buy gold and cannot function with gold, which is not legal tender for even paying your taxes. The only thing that matters is the general public confidence. When the average person on the street no longer trusts government, that is the tipping point.

There is a whole series of people given a choice between a bar of chocolate and a bar of silver. They take the chocolate. Kids line up in Starbucks and pay with their phone not even cash. Not until you shake the confidence of these people will you see the explosion in markets. That is what took place in the late 1970s. I was there. OPEC created the image of wholesale inflation. People were hoarding toilet paper.

QUESTION #2: What will Fed Balance Sheet Shrinkage do to Gold?

ANSWER: The opposite of what people think. Shrinking the Balance Sheet will be anti-inflationary to the standard reasoning and thus gold should collapse with deflation. However, the Fed has turned away from QE because pension funds are at serious risk. They have run off to emerging markets and bought very long-term paper desperately trying to get their yields up. As the stock market rises because there is no alternative, the Fed politically will be forced to raise rates. They will end up creating inflation with rising rates that will blow interest expenditure through the roof.


Saturday, 16 September


Admission by Susan Rice: Trump team was placed under surveillance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Publication of Hillary Clinton's book, which I have not read but which I gather characteristically blames everyone for her election defeat but herself, and which assumes all the Russiagate allegations to be true, begs the question of what stage the Russiagate investigation has reached, and whether we are any closer to a final end to this affair. The answer is that the investigation - predictably enough - appears to be going nowhere, and that the affair is now probably close to its end. Firstly, there has been a dearth of new 'revelations' driving the scandal, which suggests that the well of such 'revelations' from our old friends the 'anonymous sources' has finally dried up. In place of these 'revelations' the media has had to content itself with reports of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's activities, including details of the various people he has had interviewed or intends to have interviewed. The fact that Mueller and his people are carrying out these interviews and are going through the evidence is in my opinion a good thing. Whilst Comey was in charge of the Russiagate investigation it proceeded at a snail's pace, almost certainly because Comey had a vested interest in keeping it going as long as possible. Mueller by contrast appears to be taking his job seriously, which means that (finally!) the people who have been publicly implicated in the scandal are being interviewed, giving them at last an opportunity to state their case and to respond to the allegations which have made against them.


How to Sneak into Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Kent Heckenlively, JD Ive done all I can.  Now its time for the glasses, big nose, and mustache. In response to the Australian governments denial of my visa application on August 31, 2017 I sent them a letter on September 5, 2017, asking them to rescind the order. I wrote, I would like to Continue reading How to Sneak into Australia

The post How to Sneak into Australia appeared first on BolenReport.


Hillsong Brian Houston: My father, the child sex criminal "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong a lifelong secret child sex abuser with his son Brian the current head pastor of Hillsong. Frank Houston confessed to a lifetime of secret child sex abuse in 1999. Brian Houston was found by an Australian Royal Commission to be guilty of pedophile protection crimes by not reporting his father Frank to the police and sheltering and protecting him for five years from 1999 to November 2004, when Frank died on Sydneys Northern Beaches in an old folks home.

The Australian

Hillsongs Brian Houston: My father, the child sex criminal

  • The Australian
  • June 20, 2015

Its not about you its about your father.

These words introduced me to a nightmare that would change my life. I was 45 years old and what developed after that sentence was a product of someone elses past that would frame so much of my future.

It was October 1999, and I was senior pastor of Hillsong Church, which my wife Bobbie and I had started from scratch in 1983 in a...


Hillary Happened "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

By Jeffrey St. Clair and cross-posted from

So someone has ghost-written another Hillary Clinton memoir. My biggest question when I picked it up was: Did Hillary stiff the writer out of the final payment as she did Barbara Feinman, the real author of It Takes a Village?

You dont have to read any further than the cover of the book to answer the question posed by its title: What Happened: Hillary Clinton. Glutton for punishment, I took a masochistic dive into its dark pages anyway.

It soon became apparent that Hillary shouldnt have treated Feinman so churlishly. What Happened would have greatly benefited from her stylistic enhancements. The prose in this book is as brittle as the mind behind it. Notice the lack of a question mark in the title. This is a telling punctuational elision. It signals that this text will not be an investigation into the dynamics behind the most perplexing election in American history.   Dont skim these pages in search of a self-lacerating confession or an apologia. What Happened reads more like a drive-by shooting rampage. The book is a score-settling scattershot rant, enfilading anyone who stood in Clintons way, from Bernie Sanders to James Comey. Amid Hillarys hitlist of villains, even toothless Joe Biden gets gut-shot.

There are, naturally, two ways of interpreting the results of the 2016 elections pitting the two most unappetizing candidates in American history against each: either Trump found some way to defeat Hillary or, more probably, Hillary managed to lose to Trump. But Hillarys psyche cant swallow either scenario. So, she endeavors to create a mystery where there is none. The outcome was so inexplicable, she reasons, that there must be some hidden mechanism at work: Russian hacking, press bias, left betrayal, FBI sabotage. Clinton summons a lineup of the possible suspects: Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, Julian Assange, Jill Stein, the New York Times, CNN, and Jim Comey. Alas, Hillary and her ghost-writer are not John LeCarr. She cant spin a coherent and plausible cyber-spy yarn, in part because Clinton keeps getting sidetracked by a compulsion to wash her own hands of any culpability in blowing the election.

The closest Hillary comes to any admission of personal liability is when she discloses that she may have blundered when she smeared Trumps supporters as deplorables. Then she suddenly pulls back, recalibrates and defends her denunciation of white working class vot...


The Real Reason Behind Cloning and How the CIA Plans to Use It "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"



A lot of infromation is coming to light about cloning. Ask yourself a question, when has the government not weaponized an invention of breakthrough? If you can answer that question, then you are ready to view the following video.



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Susan Rice admits Trump team placed under surveillance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Publication of Hillary Clintons book, which I have not read but which I gather characteristically blames everyone for her election defeat but herself, and which assumes all the Russiagate allegations to be true, begs the question of what stage the Russiagate investigation has reached, and whether we are any closer to a final end to this affair. The answer is that the investigation predictably enough appears to be going nowhere, and that the affair is now probably close to its end.


Run4Salmon Makes its Way to Sacramento "IndyWatch Feed National"

Protestors want to bring attention of the value of water and salmon.

Protestors want to bring attention of the value of water and salmon.


Published September 15, 2017

Womans Warrior Song  Led by Desiree Harp

SACRAMENTO  The Winnemem Wintu Tribe and allies from far away as Hawaii protested outside the Sacrmento Convention Center during the 2017 League of California Cities Annual Conference & Expo on Thursday, September 14, 2017 as part of the Run4Salmon that is making its way through parts California.

Winnemem Wintu Tribe Chief Caleen Sisk

Among the allies was Holly Andrade Blair, council member, City of Lemoore, California.

We are being nickled and dimed with this filtration plant here, we need a new well here, things like that it adds up. They are like water barons,We have  five or six families that own the majority of the water rights in our a...

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