A Texas man traveled over 1,000 miles to Orlando, Florida, to have sex with a nine-year-old girl, but the girl was not there on Saturday when he arrived. Instead, carrying Sour Patch Kids candy, a bag of Skittles and a bottle of lubricant, he was met by police.

Mark Andrew Nichols, 64, interested in a fake advertisement launched September 13 on a website which spoke of meeting experienced parents to learn new things from about raising little ones, responded by allegedly frequently emailing and texting the detective who was posing as the girl and her parents, according to WFTV.

According to Orlando police, Nichols, who is married with two young children, wrote of sex acts that he planned to perform with the girl.

The fake dad said he and his wife were attempting to fashion a modeling career for their supposed daughter, and asked Nichols what interests he had with the girl. Nichols replied, When you say interests, are you asking generally? Or sexually? He added he was fascinated with incest, which he called an extreme turn on.

Nichols wrote that he wanted to have sex with the girl but wanted to know if the parents were comfortable with the idea. He also stated he would love to watch, and also asserted, I am extremely respectful about all of this.

When the detective posing as the father asked what Nichols desires were, Nichols answered:

I would like to visit you all. I am interested in having sex with the child and the childs mother. I am bi so I am open to some bi play with you if you are i...