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Friday, 13 October


Old and busted: Hacker klauen US-Geheimnisse via Kaspersky.New ... "IndyWatch Feed National"

Old and busted: Hacker klauen US-Geheimnisse via Kaspersky.

New hotness: Hacker klauen US-Geheimnisse via australischem Defense-Contractor. Das geilste Detail steht beim Guardian gar nicht drin, nur bei Paywall-WSJ, aber man kann es gerade so sehen in den ersten Zeilen:

Using the simple combinations of login names and passwords admin; admin and guest; guest and exploiting a vulnerability in the companys help-desk portal, the attacker roved the firms network for four months.


Scalias All the Way Down "IndyWatch Feed National"

While the press goes wild over tweets, Trump is remaking the federal judiciary.

Image result for justice is blind with scales, photos

Oct. 12, 2017 6:30 p.m. ET

Ask most Republicans to identify Donald Trumps biggest triumph to date, and the answer comes quick: Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Thats the cramped view.

The media remains so caught up with the presidents tweets that it has missed Mr. Trumps project to transform the rest of the federal judiciary. The president is stocking the courts with a class of brilliant young textualists bearing little relation to even their Reagan or Bush predecessors. Mr. Trumps nastygrams to Bob Corker will be a distant memory next week. Notre Dame law professor Amy Coney Barretts influence on the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals could still be going strong 40 years from now.

Mr. Trump has now nominated nearly 60 judges, filling more vacancies than Barack Obama did in his entire first year. There are another 160 court openings, allowing Mr. Trump to flip or further consolidate conservative majorities on the circuit courts that have the final say on 99% of federal legal disputes.

This project is the work of Mr. Trump, White House Counsel Don McGahn and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Every new president cares about the judiciary, but no administration in memory has approached appointments with more purpose than this team.

Mr. Trump makes the decisions, though hes taking cues from Mr. McGahn and his team. The Bushies preferred a committee approach: Dozens of advisers hunted for the least controversial nominee with the smallest paper trail. That helped get picks past a Senate filibuster, but it led to bland choices, or to ideological surprises like retired Justice David Souter.

Harry Reids 2013 decision to blow up the filibuster for judicial nominees has freed the Trump White House from having to worry about a Democratic veto during confirmation. Mr. McGahns team (loaded wit...


The Dalai Lama Has Revealed His Theory About the Las Vegas Shooting "IndyWatch Feed National"

Carey Wedler, Anti Media
Waking Times

Despite authorities inability thus far to discover a motive in Stephen Paddocks brutal murder of 59 people in Las Vegas last weekend, the Dalai Lama recently commented on why the attack occurred.

While speaking in India at the Tsuglagkhang temple in Thekchen Chling, Dharamsala, on Tuesday, the Buddhist leader discussed the fundamental problems currently plaguing humanity.

He argued that education focuses on materialistic values and sensory pleasures in the external world, and as a result, people pay less attention to their inner world, to peace of mind and to morality.

One result is that we face problems largely of our own making, he said. Because of a lack of compassion wars break out and we witness unthinkable killing.

He declined to distinguish between governments and individuals, citing the tendency toward violence both are displaying:

We pursue trade in weapons whose sole purpose is to harm and kill. Look at what happened in Las Vegas yesterday where nearly 60 people were killed and more than 500 were hurt.

The Dalai Lama added that [i]n other places poor sanitation and a shortage of food mean children are dying of starvation.

He suggested this is ultimately caused by negative emotions like anger and hatred:

Anger and hatred, seeing our brother and sister human beings in terms of us and them, limit our outlook and lead to the bullying, exploitation and killing we learn about in the news.

He also spoke out shortly after the gruesome massacre in Paris in 2015, suggesting thoughts and prayers alone will not solve humanitys problems.

We cannot solve this problem only through prayers, he...


PERTH Fremantle Dockers star Michael Johnson was defending wife in kebab shop fight, court hears "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Fremantle Dockers star Michael Johnson was defending wife in kebab shop fight, court hears .

October 13, 2017 at 03:51PM .

The Fremantle Dockers defender is on trial in the Perth Magistrates Court charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, after hitting Tim Bowen in the .


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PERTH Docker Johnsons assault trial starts "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Docker Johnsons assault trial starts .

October 13, 2017 at 03:37PM .

CCTV footage was played in the Perth Magistrates Court showing an aggressive Johnson throwing punches and his wife abusing the men as he faces .


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What does baseload power actually mean? And do we need it ? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Base load power: The dinosaur in the energy debate ANALYSISABC Science, By environment reporter Nick Kilvert, 12 Oct 17,  Base load power is a term were hearing a lot in discussions about our energy future. But what does it mean, and is it really relevant?

Because wind and solar are intermittent, the argument goes, we need a constant power source chugging away in the background to cover supply when the sun goes down and the wind stops.

Key points:

The base load concept is misinterpreted and outdated
Demand varies hugely and energy production needs to be responsive
Hydro can be used to balance intermittent solar and wind

But energy researchers say the term is a dinosaur that has been misunderstood, and that it no longer applies to our dynamic energy market.

What is base load power?
Coal-fired power stations can take days to fire up from cold to full capacity and when demand slumps during off-peak periods, shutting down isnt an option.

So when these power plants were being built in Australia, a market solution was created, says Professor Anthony Vassallo, Chair of Sustainable Energy Development at the University of Sydney.

In the 70s, to stop them from having to turn off overnight, the regulators and the operators offered very, very-low-cost electricity for consumers to run their hot-water systems, which in turn sustained the base load on the power station, he says.

[Base load] refers to the minimum level of output that these big power generators could go to, before they turned off.

But today, as more and more renewables such as wind are feeding the grid, coal-fired power stations are often forced to pay to keep their turbines running when demand drops.

Coal-fired power stations have been forced to pay to keep supplying to the grid.
(ABC News)

At night when wind in some areas is generating a lot [of power], its the coal-fired stations that dont get dispatched and the price can drop negative below zero dollars and so the big [coal] generators end up having to pay for people to take their electricity, Professor Vassallo says.

If not base load, then what?......


Farmer wants a revolution: 'How is this not genocide?' "IndyWatch Feed National"

The agricultural revolution is coming and it is in fact happening.  The knowledge is out there and the new generation is awake.  What we need accelerated is the proper integration of modernity with as much traditional knowledge as exists and as much more as we can discover.  This not a tall order becaus every acre of land on earth will one day have its human custodian.

That is our human destiny.  It will take a hundred billion of us at least to do it all right.

The land has so much more to give than just another bale of wool.  His land has begun to do much better and atmospheric water gathering could support a host of other vegetation.  Recall Central Australia used to be a huge rain forest as little as 13,000 years ago...
Farmer wants a revolution: 'How is this not genocide?' ...


Richard Branson Explains Why We Need to End the War On Drugs Now, And How to Do It "IndyWatch Feed National"

The world is seemingly bereft of honest and wisdom-filled leadership, and in this void, voices from outside the halls of politics can shed much-needed insight onto social issues. Take the war on drugs, for example, an admittedly racist government program which has caused untold suffering and devastation around the world since its inception in 1971.

No one in power seems willing to give this issue the attention it deserves, and not even a so-called progressive president like Barack Obama will admit that the drug war is an affront to human rights and a colossal boondoggle. No matter how many people die each year in the illegal drug trade, no matter how many family homes are raided by SWAT teams, and no matter how many people are locked in tax-payer funded cages, the war presses on and the damage mounts.

When someone in a position of prestige does make a point of publicly speaking out about the war on drugs, it adds more visibility to this serious issue, and billionaire Richard Branson, a man who clearly understands the economics of money and power in our world, recently made some strong comments about the need to end the drug war.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Tim Ferris show, Branson was asked in the final minutes of the interview if he had any additional comments, and he used the time to make an important statement. They had previously been talking about the negative effects of drinking alcohol, and Branson shifted the discussion toward drugs, quickly pointing out the damage being cause by drug war.

He mentioned the need for more humane treatment of addicts, and the successes that Portugal has seen in addressing their opioid epidemic, Branson said:

Take the war on drugs. This things been going on now for fifty years. As a businessman, I would have closed down the war on drugs forty-nine years ago. Its been an abject failure. And yet governments continue to perpetuate this war on drugs which has resulted in  hundreds of thousands of people being put in prison, and hundreds of thousands of casualties. Its resulted in, you know, $390 billion a year going  to the underworld, and yet there is a simple answer and that is if you treat drugs as a health problem not  a criminal problem, and you help people with drug problems. Countries that do that are getting on top of it.

And we as business leaders are trying to educate governments into seeing, you know, opening their eyes and saying look,...


The Weekend Quiz October 14-15, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blogs I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. If the current account (on balance of payments) is in deficit and household saving increases as a proportion of disposable income then the government could still run a surplus without a decline in output and income occurring.

2. Quantitative easing tries to stimulate economic activity by reducing long-term investment rates whereas deficit spending adds to aggregate demand via tax cuts or direct public spending. Both policy effort add reserves to the banking system in different ways and involve an increase in the net financial assets held by the non-government sector.

3. Politics aside, the US central bank could still increase interest rates even if the US government instructed it to directly purchase treasury debt to facilitate the national governments fiscal deficit.


Dwelling construction powers on "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Construction holding up

Although lower than a year ago, dwelling commencements were very solid in the June 2017 quarter at just under 53,000 on a seasonally adjusted basis. 

About 219,000 new dwellings were commenced in the financial year.

Completions tracked at a very similar level.


Developers in Sydney are now chewing their way through the backlog.

At the end of June there were still more than 150,000 attached dwellings under construction.

It looks as though by the end of 2017, the apartment construction pipeline will largely be a Sydney phenomenon.



Whos Who in the Mullum Zoo "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Mullum Music Festival offers the music lover a chance to get schooled up in some of the newest, grooviest, or sometimes glorious but still undiscovered music buzzing around the planet. So who are the top 5 picks?

Too Many Zoos bring the blast of the horns out of New York, in a genre they self define as brass house. Finding their mojo busking in the Subway, the trio who feature Matt Doe on Trumpet, David Park on drums and Leo Pellegrino on baritone sax, went viral on YouTube with one of their subway performances when a passerby filmed them. It was this and perhaps the dance moves of Pellegrino that had them selected as backup for Beyoncs CMA Awards performance in Nashville last year as well as collaborating on her latest album Lemonade. See them live at Mullum and discover just why their electrifying, genre-defying musical and visual mastery captured almost a million fans instantly.

Brit rock duo Z-Star Delta feature front woman Zee Machete on drums and acoustic guitar, and guitar prodigy Sebastien Heinz. The two are hypnotic bewitching raspy blue tones, big acoustic guitars, swampy hooves, all laced with Sebs dark desert slide,
syne blues guitars and synth. From acoustic and sublime to high-octane rock.
Just in time for their return to Mullum Festival comes news of their debut double-side single release and Glastonbury performance.



Long saga of engine troubles likely to end dominance of Airbus A380 "IndyWatch Feed National"

The once-glittering future of the Airbus A380 superjumbo is looking shaky after a third significant engine failure forced an Air France flight to make an emergency landing last weekend.

A similar incident occurred in 2010 on a Qantas A380 flight from Singapore to Sydney, and a less serious engine malfunction caused another Qantas A380 Los Angeles-Melbourne flight to turn back in May of this year.

To make matters worse, Airbus suffered a massive blow in December with the announcement that it was forced to postpone deliveries of 12 A380s to its biggest customer, Emirates, over the next two years due to an issue with its Rolls Royce engines.

Just days later, the company announced than an order of 100 planes to Iran Air did not include a single A380, with the airline opting instead for smaller models.

When the superjumbo was first unveiled in 2005, it was hailed as the beginning of a new era in long-haul air travel: not only the largest, but the greenest and quietest aircraft in the world.

But orders, having fluctuated over time, have since been on a sharp decline, and bigger, it would appear, is not always better when it comes to ferrying an ever-increasing number of passengers through the skies.

So could this latest Airbus A380 mishap be the final nail in the coffin?

What happened to the Air France flight?

Last Saturday during an Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles, passengers reported hearing a loud bang followed by vibrations that shook the cabin for 20 minutes.

One passenger, Daniel McNeely, said those in window seats claimed the entire engine exploded in a giant fireball.

The crumpled engine of the Air France A380 superjumbo

By the time the A380 landed at a Canadian military airfield in Goose Bay, Newfoundland, the cowling covering one of the planes four engines had been completely torn off.

American manufacturer Engine Alliance, which supplied the engine on this particular Air France jet, said it was working with investigative authorities to assess the cause of the failure. French investigation authority BEA today confirmed that the engines main fan and inlet had become detached.

None of the 520 people aboard the double-decker airliner were injured.

Previous incidents

Air Frances forced landing revived memories of engine damage to a Qantas A380 this time running a Rolls-Royce engine shortly after takeoff from Singapore in 2010.......


The Political Turf War in Europe and why Britain is Considering Joining NAFTA "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Marty; There is talk that Britain will join NAFTA rather than the EU. Does that make sense? What do you think?

ANSWER: The EU is in a death spiral. Every law they pass is to preserve their own power not for the good of the people or Europe. Once again, the government solution always runs counter-trend to the Free Markets setting the stage for the next crisis. The EU banking rules allow them to just seize everything and shareholders get zero. This is what they did when Spains Banco Santander bought rival Banco Popular for 1. The bank which was valued in the collapse at 1.6 billion yet it was sold for 1. Now, banks are finding it extremely hard to raise new share capital. That will only result in more bank seizures. Hello! It would be nice to have someone in government with common sense.

Britain should run away from the EU and slam the door shut and then nailed it to be sure. The British should abandon the EU altogether and undeniably join the NAFTA trade agreement. If they do not, Britain will find itself being dragged down with the sinking ship.

A free trade agreement with the USA would be a slap in the face for the EU and even that will never cause the EU to look in the mirror. Like Hillary, they will blame everyone other than themselves.



Education Computer Science is Still Mostly Self-Taught "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong,

I am 19 and just started college at Georgia Tech. Im a fan of your blog and greatly respect you and your team. I want to ask your opinion in regards to choosing a major in the modern university system. I applied a business major and received a ~$30k scholarship (distributed over 4 years) to study business here. Upon arriving, I have realized that I do have an interest in computer science and feel it may be more useful than a management degree. If I did switch to CS, I would lose my business scholarship, but Georgia does have in-state merit scholarships so while the switch wouldnt require student loans, Im still losing a good deal. My question: What is your opinion in regards to my situation? Im aware of the debates about the modern education system and its shortcomings, but I feel I might as well get something out of my time here! What is your opinion on CS degrees? I could always minor in CS, but it is obviously not as comprehensive and in-depth as a major. Georgia Tech is very well ranked for CS. I know you are very busy and that this may stray from your normal questions, but I would greatly appreciate any advice!
Thank you for all you do!

ANSWER: You definitely do not want student loans. Those in the CS field are more often than not self-taught. Stay with the business that will not cost you anything and take CS on the side to get familiar. Degrees in CS are not really required in many roles since so much is not taught in school.



The Ugly Canadian is on the March: Trudeau is its New Face "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Ugly Canadian is on the march but now with a much prettier face at the helm. Across the planet Canadian mining companies are in conflict with local communities and usually have the Trudeau governments support.

A slew of disputes have arisen at Canadian run mines in recent weeks:

Last week in northern central Mexico, community members blockaded the main access road to Goldcorps Penasquito mine. They are protesting against the Vancouver-based company for using and contaminating their water without providing alternative sources.

In Northern Ireland two weeks ago, police forced activists out of a Cookstown hotel after they tried to confront representatives from Dalradian Resources. Community groups worry the Toronto firms proposed gold and silver mine will damage the Owenkillew River Special Area of Conservation.

Last weekend, an Argentinian senator denounced Blue Sky Uraniums exploration in the Patagonia region. Magdalena Odarda said residents living near the planned mine fear the Vancouver companys operations will harm their health.

On Wednesday more than 40 US congresspeople (as well as the states Governor) criticized the removal of restrictions on mining in Alaskas Bristol Bay region, home to half the worlds sockeye salmon production. In May Northern Dynasty CEO Thomas Collier met the new head of the US Environmental Protection Agency to ask for the lifting of restrictions on its Pebble Mine, which is expected to destroy the regions salmon fishery. In a bid to gain government permission to move forward on the project, the Vancouver firm appointed a former chief of staff at the US Department of the Interior as its new CEO.

At the end of September hundreds of families were displa...


Trouble Makers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its been a long time since we caught up with our favorite Puerto Rican Montreal based anarchist Franklin Lopz. Since 2007 weve been playing him stuff and working with him so it was about time we got him on the show. We talk about his trip to Puerto Rico (hes now there) and what the future holds for Sub.Media.

As always we report on police violence and misconduct with BAD COP NO DONUT and we have our #antifa report with the help of Queen Antyfa.

Since a lot of the world is unaware of Australias harsh treatment of refugees again we broadcast the voice of a refugee in the Manus Island detention center and give a round up of whats happening.




The USA Liberty Act "IndyWatch Feed National"

A double round o Freedom Fries for everyone! Via: Register: The US Senate Judiciary Committee has unveiled its answer to a controversial spying program run by the NSA and used by the FBI to fish for crime leads. Unsurprisingly, the proposed legislation [PDF] reauthorizes Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which []


Why North Korea Wants Nuke Deterrence "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Western media has been awash in speculation as to why, about a year ago, North Koreas crazy leadership suddenly launched a crash program to vastly improve its ballistic missile capabilities. That question has now been answered. In September 2016, North Korean cyber-defense forces hacked into South Korean military computers and downloaded 235 gigabytes of Continue reading "Why North Korea Wants Nuke Deterrence"

The post Why North Korea Wants Nuke Deterrence appeared first on Original.


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0001 BTC
0.0001 BTC = 0.75 AUD


Protectors of Public Lands, Victoria update on 2017 activities and forthcoming AGM "IndyWatch Feed National"

It has been a difficult year for PPL Vic following the death of our longstanding Secretary, founder and driving force, Julianne Bell at the end of January, 2017. Notwithstanding this huge loss, we have continued the good work of PPLVic. See inside for details.

The PPLVic Committee has met 3 times this year and committee members have continued to work on issues in relation to public lands issues as outlined below:

1. Riversdale Park

Our current focus on this issue is a continuation of previous work. PPLVic maintains that a proposed cycle route in Riversdale Park threatens the amenity and safety of the park due to the considerable changes foreshadowed, including the bisection of the path for commuter cycling as well as removal of 7 trees and loss of 2 areas of parkland east and west. Anna Carina and Jill Quirk had a meeting with local state MP, John Pesutto, regarding this issue. He was sympathetic and said he intended lobbying with both local council and with the Minister involved for a better outcome.

2. PPLVic supported the Residents Against Mordialloc Freeway (RAMF)

PPLVic supported the Residents Against Mordialloc Freeway (RAMF) in their request for an EES for Peninsula Link extension in view of the projects impingement on local wetlands. We have just learned that the group has been successful in obtaining an EES for the project.

3. West Gate Tunnel Proposal.

4. PPL Vics involvement relates to the proposed Melbourne Planning Scheme Amendment C281 applying to freeway apartment construction proximate to Royal....


Bad News After What Was Just Found On Shooters Hotel Room Video And Who He Was Caught Paying "IndyWatch Feed National"

Details surrounding the Las Vegas shooter have been shrouded in secrecy over the last two days. The country has been waiting for answers as to how a seemingly average older man, who blended into society, died in infamy Sunday night after committing the largest shooting our country has ever seen. He wasnt known for having []


VicRoads mulch wildlife on Mornington Peninsula -AWPC intervention "IndyWatch Feed National"

VicRoads doesn't really respect wildlife corridors and rarely includes wildlife crossings in its vast expensive highways, despite its Fauna Sensitive Road Design Guidelines. The excuse seems to be that they are too expensive. However VicRoads is costing us all more than money. And last week it sent a giant mulcher to mow down forests of trees which had been planted along the Mornington Peninsula median strips as a climate change mitigation measure by previous regimes.

Notwithstanding VicRoads' "Updated VicRoads Tree Policy, 20 January 2017", the corporation hasn't really changed its mechanistic values:

"The updated policy offers increased scope to consider existing trees, not just new plantings, and consideration during planning and development instead of only responding to new proposals. Mr Wall said historically, VicRoads has been seen by the community as prioritising roads, safety and movement over trees and the wider environment."

And went on to confirm that they would continue to prioritise roads over trees.

If VicRoads puts its roadbuilding above the wider environment, on which we all depend, it is plainly out of control, operating within a grandiose belief system that road-builders are more important than anything else.

Recently they announced:

"Were upgrading the Mornington Peninsula Freeway between Mount Martha and Rosebud to improve safety as part of Victorias Road Safety Strategy & Action Plan, Towards Zero 2016-2020 [...]



New report and web report: Mental Health Services [AIHW] "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released a report and web report:

Mental health services-in brief report and Mental Health Services in Australia web report

Mental health services: in brief 2017 provides an overview of data about the national response of the health and welfare system to the mental health care needs of Australians.

Sections that are being updated in the online Mental Health Services Australia pages are
* Mental health services provided by general practitioners
* Mental health service provided in emergency departments
* Community mental health care
* Residential mental health care
* Overnight admitted mental health care
* Same day admitted mental health care
* Restrictive practices

Media release: Access to mental health services through Medicare on the rise with almost 1 in 10 Australians accessing government-subsidised services.

Download report: Mental health services-in brief

Download web report: Mental Health Services in Australia.


Sue Neill-Fraser and a Petition of Mercy for Martin Bryant "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Vanessa Goodwin  (R) Sue Neill-Fraser

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Last Australia day (January 26, 2017), I went to Launceston to host a poetry reading in the park. Hardly anyone showed up, so I was able to talk to folks about the Sue Neill-Fraser case. One person said to me in a whisper The police did it, and it concerns drugs. I had no ability to follow up on that, and do not know the whisperers name.

Today I looked up the Neill-Fraser case and was surprised to see that the name of Tassies current attorney-general is Matthew Groom (son of Ray Groom). You may recall that Ray Groom stepped down as premier (inexplicably) just before the Port Arthur mass...


Why North Korea Wants Nuke Deterrence "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Nicolas J S Davies | Consortium News | October 12, 2017 The Western media has been awash in speculation as to why, about a year ago, North Koreas crazy leadership suddenly launched a crash program to vastly improve its ballistic missile capabilities. That question has now been answered. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In September []


Big Batteries and Teslas Lithium Strategic Gambit "IndyWatch Feed National"

Featured image: Elon Musk (Source: @elonmusk / Twitter)

At the end of last month, Tesla boss Elon Musk held a party in South Australias mid-north. It seemed premature, but Musk was typically confident. Construction on what will be the


Remarkable exploitation: backpackers & housing crises "IndyWatch Feed National"

Queenstowns economy and population have been exploding for years. Houses outside of the centre are being built quickly in an attempt to meet the demands of this growing population. Even with this construction boom, real estate prices have skyrocketed over the past few years. The roughly 35,000-person town is on pace to be the most expensive place to live in the entire country if its not already. Thats even more expensive than Auckland, New Zealands global metropolis, or Wellington, the nations capital.


Celeste Carnegie: We need more Indigenous Australians in the tech space "IndyWatch Feed National"

Photograph: Supplied Photograph: Supplied Share this Post I have always enjoyed trying new things and figuring out what works best. I am a tech savvy youth. Im proud to say that my first position in the tech space was when I became my mothers own personal in-house (her house) IT officer. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. I ...


Small Business Ombudsman: "High energy costs slash small business investment" "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman has expressed dismay that politicians continue to argue over energy policy while small businesses suffer.
Ombudsman Kate Carnell said the latest East & Partners SME survey* of 1280 businesses showed 70 per cent would reduce investment in capital expenditure because of higher energy prices.

The survey shows that:
39.5 per cent of SMEs would scale back in the short term (long-term capex unchanged);
20.8 per cent would scale back in the long term (short-term capex unchanged); and
9.9 per cent would scale back capital expenditure in the short and long term.
Ms Carnell said that despite evidence of spiralling energy costs and reduced business confidence, politicians had not provided investment certainty.

In particular, she criticised State Governments for failing to agree with a national approach.

The ACCC has revealed the impact of gas exploration bans on supply and distribution in Victoria and New South Wales, but these governments continue to shift the blame elsewhere, she said.

The Labor states talk about going alone on a clean energy target, which is putting politics ahead of the national interest.

Meanwhile, businesses in South Australia may have to use dirty diesel generators to keep the lights on over summer.

The Finkel Report provided a roadmap to repair the long-term damage of failed policies.

All parties and all governments should endorse the report, remove bans on gas exploration and adopt a bipartisan approach to provide investment certainty.

The danger with continued political bickering is that businesses will go to the wall, jobs will move offshore and be lost and consumers will feel even greater pain.

* The energy question was asked as part of the East & Partners SME Transaction Banking survey, which examines and forecasts demand for transaction banking product lines and service offerings within Australias Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) segment (A$1-20 million turnover per annum).

Inflated cost of land, housing, water should....


Black man attacked by white supremacists in Charlottesville faces felony charge "IndyWatch Feed National"

The following by Ian Shapira and Derek Hawkins  (The Washington Post 11 September 2017)  outlines a disturbing story where An African American physically attacked by a group of racists, finds that he is charged by a magistrate for beating them up.

The black man beaten in a Charlottesville parking garage by white supremacists after a Unite the Right rally has been charged with a crime in connection with the incident, even as police arrested a third person accused of kicking him to the ground and pummeling him.

A local magistrate issued an arrest warrant Monday for DeAndre Harris on a felony charge of unlawful wounding after a man, identified by Harriss attorney as Harold Ray Crews, reported that he was injured by the 20-year-old during the August brawl. Crews, who describes himself as a Southern Nationalist and an attorney on Twitter, did not return phone calls seeking comment.

The magistrates charge against Harris, who suffered a spinal injury and a head laceration that required 10 stitches, came less than 48 hours after a second rally by white supremacists and white nationalists in Charlottesville and caught the citys police department by surprise.

We were not expecting this. We were expecting to do our own investigation into the mans allegations, said Detective Sgt. Jake Via, who is supervising the parking garage case.

But alleged crime victims can go to magistrates for warrants after theyve filed police reports.

Harriss attorney, S. Lee Merritt, denounced the charge and said it was orchestrated by the League of the South, an organization labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Centre as a hate group. Crews, who runs the groups North Carolina chapter, was not injured in any way by Harris, Merritt said.

We find it highly offensive and upsetting, Merritt said, but whats more jarring is that hes been charged with the same crime as the men who attacked him.

The brutal attack, which occurred in a garage next to police department headquarters, was captured in a video that went viral in the days after the rally. The confrontation has come to symbolize the racial hatred that was unleashed in Charlottesville on Aug. 12, when white supremacists, Klan members and neo-Nazis clashed with counterprotesters. The violence left one counter protester,...


Plea to regions MPs and mayors to address child-poverty crisis "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Some 731,300 children or 17.4 per cent of all children in Australia are living in poverty. Photo: Shutterstock

North coasts state and federal MPs and local councillors are being urged to do something about the regions child-poverty crisis, with an estimated 20,000 children living in poverty.

With the regions higher-than-state-average child-poverty rate of 20 per cent, the north coasts peak community service organisations have launched a letter-writing campaign to elected representatives outlining the extent of the problem and urging them to act.

The campaign marks the start of Anti-Poverty Week (15-21 October).

St Vincent de Paul Society and Social Futures are working together to throw the spotlight on what they say is a largely hidden problem of children living in households where poverty is entrenched and disadvantage causes an ever-present risk of homelessness.

The effort to break the cycle of child poverty supports an ongoing campaign by the NCOSS, highlighting that one in seven of the states children live in households below the poverty line.

Statistics reveal that every local government area on the north coast has a child poverty rate of about 20 per cent, which is higher than the NSW average[1].

NCOSS says children and young people who experience poverty and disadvantage are more likely to have health and behavioural problems, experience housing and food insecurity, and fall behind at school.

The organisation says these childhood experiences have an impact across the entire life course, shaping their employment prospects, their health outcomes and wellbeing.

In the letter, MPs and mayors have been called on to:

  • Help children from vulnerable families get the healthiest start during the first two years of life
  • Encourage increased investment in early childhood education and care so that all children experience a quality early education from the age of three.
  • Ensure children and young people have healthy food by supporting schools in specific locations to provide breakfasts and other healthy food initiatives
  • Support programs that ensure children and young people are connected to their families and communities
  • Enable children, young people and their families to access affordable housing

St Vincent de Paul Society North Coast president,Yvonne Wynen said that nearly three...


Man tried to set fire to church in Lismore CBD "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A 61-year-old man has been charged with damaging a property by fire after trying to set a church alight in the Lismore CBD.

Police allege the Loftville man set a bin alight in Eggins Lane, Lismore, around 10.15pm last night.

Once the flames had gone down he has returned and set the bin on fire again.

He has then moved the bin, which was still on fire, to the rear doors of the Church of the Hub building, causing the doors to catch on fire.

The NSW Fire  Brigade arrived and extinguished the fire.

Police attended soon after and arrested the 61-year-old.

Back at the police station, the man smeared blood over a call.

He was charged with Damage Property By Fire and Destroy Property. He will appear in Lismore Local Court next month.

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Artist completes mural for Lismore Regional Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Bundjalung artist Luke Close has transformed a carpark wall at the entry to the new Lismore Regional Gallery space on Keen Street into a vibrant mural depicting a rainforest and Whian Whian Falls.

Whian Whian flows into Rocky Creek Dam, which is the water source for the region and a gathering place. Its always been communal, Mr Close said.

The new mural at the Lismore Regional Gallery.

The new mural at the Lismore Regional Gallery.

Mr Close took almost four weeks to complete the mural, which was commissioned by the new gallery to draw visitors from Keen Street into the new precinct.

Its a sexy new gallery and I love it I want this artwork to be contemporary, post-modern and sexy to go with it, he said.

I feel like this is great for my professional development and helps springboard me into the Indigenous arts community on a national level.

Gallery director Brett Adlington said the mural was commissioned as part of the carpark upgrade.

As part of the gallery project we upgraded the carpark off Keen Street and there was this bland wall which was crying out for a mural, he said.

In consultation with our Aboriginal Advisory Group and Public Art Reference Group, we called for expressions of interest from local artists and Luke was selected.

We were looking for something that is colourful and eye-catching as well as being a reminder that we acknowledge and respect the Bundjalung people, the traditional owners of the land on which the gallery is situated, Brett added.

Lukes work certainly fits that brief.

The new gallery will be officially opened by Page MP Kevin Hogan on 28 October at 5.30pm.

The above video was shot by Paul Duck Connelly of OneLoneDuckMedia.


The post Artist completes mu...


IMF acknowledges fall in wages growth but offers no solution "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The International Monetary Funds (IMF) latest economic outlook report, notes that industrialised economies are experiencing slow wage growth and Australia is at the head of the pack.

Under the heading Seeking sustainable growth: short-term recovery, long-term challenges, the latest report has downsized its prediction for Australias economic growth to 2.2 percent this year. The unemployment rate, even by the underestimating measure used,  is expected to stay the same over the coming period.

The focus is on the absence of wages growth. The IMF suggests that the reasons are higher unemployment, the rise in underemployment, declining productivity growth and what is defined as lower inflation expectations in general, but not so much for Australia.

While the connection with a lower inflation expectation is unclear at best and may be taken with a pinch of salt, what is undeniable, is that underemployment is a major driver. The IMF is right to suggest this and has a point, to an extent at least, in pointing to an association between wages and underemployment.

This is no mystery to most Australians, who do not need an IMF report to tell them this is the way it is.

To an extent was mentioned, because the IMF overlooks the simple reality that underemployment, or the casualisation of labour by another name, is really a form of unemployment.  So, when viewed in this context, the relationship between wages and unemployment remains the same, except that that it has changed the way it looks.

The IMF report wrongly holds that the old nexus between unemployment and wage rates no longer holds. The problem  is that is that the agency is locked into a world view, backed by economic theory that has limited connection to the real world, which blocks the capacity to adapt to anything else.

What is important is not the number of jobs on the books, but the number of hours worked, along with the relative positions of the employer and employee to exert their interests. The report does recognise the that the average number of hours worked is falling in Australia and other industrialised countries. the problem is that is goes no further.

Unacknowledged, is the failure of  more than three decades of neol...


The Las Vegas Mass Shooting More to the Story Than Weve Been Told "IndyWatch Feed National"

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

Although many are still stunned in the aftermath of the Route 91 Festival tragedy a series of  unanswered questions persist following what has been described by media as the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

The motive for the Las Vegas mass shooting crime still remains unclear.

MANDALAY MAYHEM Theres been a host of unexplained anomalies in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino shooting massacre. (Photo illustration 21WIREs Shawn Helton)

The Imprint of Mass Tragedy

The recent mass shooting involving the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, marks the return of heavily politicized mass shootings in America. Although America has seen a host of smaller less sensationalized mass shootings throughout the course of 2017 minus the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting, this latest calamity has resuscitated the trauma inducing imagery so prevalent in the post-9/11 War On Terror era.

Over the past several years, 21WIRE has chronicled many bizarre shootings and mass casualty incidents that have rippled across America and Europe. These events have become a new kind of ritualized crimescape that has injected the masses with a host of socio-political concerns over race, religion, gun reform and security, while obscuring and obfuscating the forensic reality of the crimes themselves.

As weve stated before, all too often theres a heavy emphasis on the theatrical stage-like persona of any alleged attacker or killer being touted as hard evidence. This aspect of the narrative also clouds the alleged modis operandi and can later be presented in sensationalized media as strong circumstantial evidence of an apparent crime, despite the fact any so-called evidence would likely result in many hours of analysis and debate, potentially without an ultimate conclusion, even if the ev...


Toddler's evidence in court helps put child abuser behind bars "IndyWatch Feed National"

A two-year-old girl has become the youngest person to give evidence in a British criminal case, leading to a man being jailed for 10 years for sexual abuse. The girl spoke to a specialist child abuse police officer answering simple "who," "what" and "where" questions, and pointing to parts of the body on a paper figure.


A very theatrical expedition "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Photo: John McCormick

Over the last two years the Mullumbimby Drill Hall Theatre has been collaborating with Everyman Theatre in Cardiff, Wales, to create their production of  Do Not Go Gentle. Greg Aitken of the Drill Hall Theatre shares how this unlikely internationally informed production came to be!

Greg, how did the Drill Hall Theatre Company develop a relationship with Cardiff?

The Welsh theatre director Ray Thomas and his wife, the production manager Kath Thomas, have family in Mullumbimby. Ray devised  An Evening With Dylan Thomas  for small venues as a cafe style show. In 1973 I had played small roles in a pro-am production of Dylan Thomass  Under Milk Wood where James Condon played the First and Second Voices. Others who have played the First Voice are Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins and Dylan Thomas himself. So I said to Ray that if you are performing extracts from  Under Milk Wood  and I agree to produce your show for the Drill Hall if I may I play the First Voice. It was clearly artistic blackmail on my part. Anyway Ray agreed; he thought I might be a good producer. The show was a success and while my First Voice does not rank with the abovementioned it was a privilege to perform.

How did you collaborate on this show?

The initial collaboration was at The Middle Pub after the final performance of the Dylan Thomas piece. Near the end of the party Kath Thomas suggested that the theatre company they were involved with in Cardiff, Everyman, and the Drill Hall should mount a co-production together. With that split second of inspiration that comes to a streaker I said, Yes!. The following day I gave Ray a copy of the Australian playwright Patricia Corneliuss  Do Not Go Gentle.  The title is borrowed from Dylan Thomass poem of the same name and the story is of a group of senior citizens who think they are characters in Scott of the Antarctics 191012 expedition to be first to the South Pole. Scotts expedition even began in Cardiff. Ray loved the play and thus our creative expedition began.

What was the experience like for the actors?

The two companies worked separately under Rays direction. He and Kath came to Mullumbimby twice over the two years to cast and rehe...


Tweed cops seize stolen goods during firearm search "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tools, generators, industrial equipment and a vehicle, suspected of being stolen, were seized by police at a property at Kielvale near Murwillumbah yesterday afternoon.

Tweed police discovered the haul on the property on Palmvale Road while searching for firearms, as the property owner is in custody for unrelated  matters.

The investigation was led by Tweed Heads detectives and helped by members of Tweed/Bryon Target Action Group .

They identified a stolen Holden Commodore Senator, as well as the other gear.

The property owner was charged in relation to an outstanding warrant and refused bail and appeared at Tweed Heads Local Court yesterday.

Police have urged anyone who can assist with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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Bishop rebukes Abbotts climate sniping "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop. (AFP Photo/Kena Betancur)

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop. (AFP Photo/Kena Betancur)

Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop has slapped down Tony Abbotts changing opinions on climate change, while insisting the federal government is focused on delivering Australians affordable and reliable energy.

Ms Bishop, who is in South Korea for security talks, said the views Mr Abbott aired during a speech to climate sceptics in London this week were vastly different to those espoused while he was prime minister.

It is up to him to explain the differences between his opinion then and his opinion now, she told the ABC on Thursday night.

Mr Abbott supported the Paris Climate Agreement while he was prime minister, set national emissions targets and established the Renewable Energy Target.

He is entitled to change his mind, but I am sure that is why there is a deal of interest in what he has to say, Ms Bishop said.

But the important thing is the governments position and under Prime Minister (Malcolm) Turnbull we are working hard to come up with a plan that delivers affordable and reliable energy that will meet our international obligations.

The foreign minister baulked at questions about whether Mr Abbotts constant undermining of the Turnbull government could cost the coalition the next election, or whether he ought be expelled.

Former liberal leader John Hewson has urged Mr Turnbull to call out his predecessor, especially over energy policy.

Mr Turnbull should draw a line in the sand in adopting a progressive clean energy target in the full knowledge that Mr Abbott would fight back, he said.

Dr Hewson thinks Mr Abbott would make a bit of noise and a few that would back him, but ultimately voters would appreciate the prime minister standing up for his beliefs.

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Lawyers fight for asylum seekers in strife "IndyWatch Feed National"

A file photo of Myanmar refugees lining up at the Chinese border. Source:

A file photo of Myanmar refugees lining up at the Chinese border. Source:

Refugee lawyers have vowed to fight for 71 asylum seekers whose welfare payments have been cut off after they missed a deadline to lodge claims for Australias protection.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton gave roughly 7000 asylum seekers who arrived by boat a non-negotiable October 1 deadline to lodge it or leave.

The 71 automatically from now on theyre cut off from receiving government benefits throughout the community, he told 2GB radio on Thursday.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre chief executive Kon Karapanagiotidis said his lawyers and others would contest the legality of removing the right to seek asylum from the 71 people involved.

What if one of them is a single mother from Mynamar who couldnt apply because she couldnt leave her kids to come to a legal appointment, he said.

How can you have blanket decision on the 71 people without considering each case? The government should be required to review and facilitate legal assistance for the 71 so their claims are assessed.

Mr Dutton has instructed his department to put extra resources into processing the 7400-odd claims lodged.

Well go through and process those claims and once weve done that we meet our international obligations, he said.

Where people have been found not to be a refugee after their lodgement has been assessed then we can start deporting people from Australia.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre acting principal lawyer Noosheen Mogadam said the fight was not over.

These are mothers, fathers, and young children. Many were scared to come forward to lodge protection claims, given Australias ever changing refugee policies and laws and the uncertainty in process, she said.

After the minsters delegates make these decisions, we will try to assist those unfairly refused to access the court. We will fight for the rule of law for those most vulnerable in our society.

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Richard Branson bets on Hyperloop One "IndyWatch Feed National"

British billionaire Richard Branson has placed another bet on the future with an investment in Hyperloop One, which is developing super high-speed transportation systems.

He has joined the board of Hyperloop One, with the company saying Bransons Virgin Group would take the company global and it would rebrand itself as Virgin Hyperloop One in the near future.

Hyperloop One develops pods that will transport passenger and mixed-use cargo at speeds of 402 kilometres an hour.The pod lifts above a track using magnetic levitation and glides at airline speeds for long distances because of low aerodynamic drag.

The company did not disclose the size of the investment.Hyperloop One was originally conceptualised by Elon Musk. In July, Musk said he had received verbal approval to start building the systems that would link New York and Washington, cutting travel time to about half an hour.

Last month, Hyperloop One raised $US85 million ($A109 million) in new funding, bringing the total financing raised to $US245 million since it was founded in 2014.

Hyperloop Ones co-founders, executive chairman Shervin Pishevar and president of engineering Josh Giegel, have previously worked at Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic, Bransons space company, was in 2016 granted an operating licence to fly its passenger rocketship with the worlds first paying space tourists once final safety tests are completed.

Virgin Hyperloop One will be all-electric and the team is working on ensuing it is a responsible and sustainable form of transport, Virgin Group said in a statement.

Hyperloop One is also working on projects in the Middle East, Europe, India and Canada, according to the statement.

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You'd think turning men into women was ADF's top priority - $1M on sex changes - bullets for training a bit harder to come by "IndyWatch Feed National"

So much fuss and drama over 27 people! This FOI release from Defence is hundreds of pages long. The amount of command time, money, minister and staff time, training time - the list goes on and on and on - is simply frightening. And all for 27 people. We're...


What is the Byron way? How to make clothes-optional beaches safe "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Attendees at Byron's inaugural Nude Olympics on Saturday (October 7) 'blowing the whistle on sexual assault.' Photo supplied

Attendees at Byrons inaugural Nude Olympics on Saturday (October 7) blowing the whistle on sexual assault. Photo supplied

Aslan Shand

Sexual intimidation, assault and rape are totally unacceptable on beaches or anywhere else. Being naked doesnt lead to sexual perversion. However, the isolated location and lack of proper safety measures has led to residents, council members and other members of the community to question the decision to create a clothes-optional beach in 1998 from Grays Lane in Tyagarah for 1.3km towards Byron Bay. 

Creating a safe clothes-optional beach is the responsibility not only of Byron Shire Council, the police and National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) but also the community.

In response to Wayne Pendobnys comment on Echonetdaily that banning a perfectly natural pastime is not the Byron way Byron Councillor Paul Spooner has said that he doesnt think keeping your head in the sand and ignoring sexual assault on our public beaches is a very Byron way either. 

The reality is that both comments are equally valid. Byron Shire can not afford to stick its head in the sand, but neither should it be forced to let go of a fine tradition of nudity and its clothes-optional beach that many locals have fought long and hard for over the years. 

The big qu...


FixedIt: A woman is dead. A man is accused of killing her. Police allege domestic violence. "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you had to guess what this article is about from the Fox News headline you could easily think some guy ran over a random womans foot. And the mention of strip club parking lot adds a salacious element that could easily play into asking for trouble myths about women.

Its nearly impossible to tell from this headline that a woman is dead and police allege her boyfriend knocked her down with his car and then killed her by drivng over her. Her two and three year old children were watching from a nearby car, which he also allegedly rammed.

The reporter did a good job. Whoever wrote the headline did them a disservice and a far greater one to the victim and her children.

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back against the medias constant erasure of violent men and blaming of innocent victims. If you would like to help fund it even $5 a month makes a big difference please consider becoming a Patron


National Domestic Violence HotlinE
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
PH: 1-800-799-7233


Sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling and support.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Ph: 1800 737 732


H.R. McMaster calls 9/11 a mass murder attack, makes no mention of Islamic jihad terrorism "IndyWatch Feed National"

The issue is this: is the U.S. going to confront, and formulate ways to blunt the influence of, the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism, or is it going to continue to ignore and deny that ideology, and pretend that jihad terrorism comes from something else? The answer to that question could well determine whether the []


Why North Korea Wants Nuke Deterrence "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi shortly before he was murdered on Oct. 20, 2011.

Ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi shortly before he was killed on Oct. 20, 2011.

by Nicolas J S Davies, October 12, 2017

From Consortium News 

The Western media has been awash in speculation as to why, about a year ago, North Koreas crazy leadership suddenly launched a crash program to vastly improve its ballistic missile capabilities. That question has now been answered.

In September 2016, North Korean cyber-defense forces hacked into South Korean military computers and downloaded 235 gigabytes of documents. The BBC has revealed that the documents included detailed U.S. plans to assassinate North Koreas president, Kim Jong Un, and launch an all-out war on North Korea. The BBCs main source for this story is Rhee Cheol-Hee, a member of the Defense Committee of the South Korean National Assembly.

These plans for aggressive war have actually been long in the making. In 2003, the U.S. scrapped an agreement signed in 1994 under which North Korea suspended its nuclear program and the U.S. agreed to build two light water reactors in North Korea. The two countries also agreed to a step-by-step normalization of relations. Even after the U.S. scrapped the 1994 Agreed Framework in 2003, North Korea did not restart work on the two reactors frozen under that agreement, which could by now be producing enough plutonium to make several nuclear weapons every year.

However, since 2002-03, when President George W. Bush included North Korea in his axis of evil, withdrew from the Agreed Framework, and launched an invasion of Iraq over bogus WMD claims, North Korea once again began enriching uranium and making steady progress toward developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to deliver them.

By 2016, the North Koreans also were...


WATCH: Aviation Biofuels What ICAOs Proposals Really Means "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 6th October, Biofuelwatch published its report Aviation biofuels: How ICAO and industry plans for sustainable alternative aviation fuels could lead to planes flying on palm oil.

During this webinar, report author Almuth Ernsting will present the key findings of the investigation into aviation biofuels developments and future prospects, and will be available to answer questions. The report is being launched ahead of a High-Level Conference by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, ICAO, about Alternative Fuels for Aviation, namely biofuels.

The ICAO Secretariat has proposed a vision which would see 32% of global jet fuel made form biofuels by 2040, and 50% by 2050. Questions discussed in the report include:

How would the proposed ICAO vision compare and interact with existing biofuel markets, which are largely for road transport?
What types of aviation biofuels are technically and economically feasible? Could aviation biofuels be produced on a large scale without palm oil?
Could sustainability and greenhouse gas standards, which are being discussed by ICAO, prevent serious negative impacts on forests, climate and communities from biofuel expansion for aviation?
If biofuels are not the answer, then how can greenhouse gas emissions from aviation be reduced?
The report is available at It was produced with support from Heinrich-Boell Foundation. For more details, including about the webinar, please email

The post WATCH: Aviation Biofuels &#821...


12 Signs Your Energy is Being Drained By Those Close to You "IndyWatch Feed National"

We all need energy, without it, we would not be able to exist in this world. Is your energy protected properly?

We all know the dangers of energy vampires but are we really taking them as seriously as we should be? Energy vampires, for those who do not know, are people who drain the energy from others. They are unable to move through life without taking energy from those around them. These people often have some sort of emotional issue that drains them to a point where feeding off of others is necessary whether they realize they are doing it or not.

Energy vampires can be anyone. They can be friends, family, coworkers, children, or ANYONE else. If you are doing any of the following things then you are being depleted of your energy and putting yourself at risk of having an energy vampire attach his or herself to you. Take a look at the list below and STOP doing these things if you are.

12 Signs Your Energy is Being Drained By Those Close to You:

1. You are trying too hard to fit in.

When we try to fit in we are letting these vampires gain power over us. We want so much to fit in that we give up things we shouldnt. This leaves us wide open for the vampires to come in and suck us dry.

2. You are letting people put too much burden on you.

You are letting people put too much of their trouble on you. You are your own person and should not be dealing with the bullshit of another person. You dont always have to say yes, sometimes no is the best answer.

3. You feel drained when you are around a specific person.

You really feel like this person is sucking the life out of you. Even phone calls are exhausting. You should listen to your intuition on this one.

4. You allow drama in your life.

When we allow drama in our lives we are creating a breeding ground for toxic individuals. Gossiping may seem fun from time to time but it is not harmless. Be careful of the things you say.

5. You are having sex with someone you do not love or someone who does not love you.

Allowing someone to drain you physically and emotionally in this way will do damage to your energy big time. Do not be a doormat for anyone. Letting someone use you in this way will only leave you open for more damage.

6. You are feeling guilty for not living up to the expectat...


Lacher am Rande fr die konomen unter euch:In the ... "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Lacher am Rande fr die konomen unter euch:

In the Fox interview, Trump also gave a convoluted answer about economic policy, when trying to connect the surge in the stock market since his election to the growing federal debt, which recently eclipsed $20 trillion.

The country we took it over and owed over $20 trillion," Trump said. "As you know, the last eight years, they borrowed more than it did in the whole history of our country. So they borrowed more than $10 trillion, right? And yet, we picked up $5.2 trillion just in the stock market. So you could say, in one sense, we're really increasing values. And maybe in a sense we're reducing debt. But we're very honored by it. And we're very, very happy.

Das ist so ein Schenkelklopfer, dass die Washington Post sich gentigt sieht, das lieber nochmal explizit zu erklren:
The stock market and federal debt levels are not connected.

Erinnert ihr euch, wie sie sagten, der Trump ist Geschftsmann, der kennt sich mit Wirtschaft aus? *gacker*


HyperBit is the Official Worldwide Distributor for the BW-L21 Scrypt ASIC "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you remember a while ago we have talked about the 550 MHS BW-L21 Litecoin (Scrypt) ASIC Miner as an interesting alternative to Bitmains AntMiner L3+ Scrypt ASICs. Unfortunately back then these were hard to order as there was a minimum order quantity of 100 units and not an easy and straightforward way to order them. This is apparently about to change as the manufacturer of the devices Biwang Electronic Commerce Co. (BW) has appointed the Australian company Block Assets Limited trading as HyperBit as their Worldwide Retail Distributor for the L21 ASIC miner. So finally some competition for BitMain in the home mining segment and more options for the small miners to get back into the Litecoin mining

You can currently order the 550 MHS BW-L21 Litecoin ASIC miner from HyperBit at a price of $2690 USD in single unit quantities and get it delivered worldwide with a shipping set to start on 30th of November for the current batch of miners. The L21 is apparently the current leader in terms of performance Litecoin Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miner on the market with 550 MHS hashrate and with just 900W of power usage. It is not clear what the situation with the power supply is at this point however, is there one included (no mention), but a PSU does appear on one of the product photos. Most likely you would need to buy the PSU separately, one that does provide at least 1000W of power and comes equipped with at least 6x 6-pin PCI-E power connectors. Do note that all orders are being shipped directly from the manufacturers location Shenzhen, China.

BW-L21 Scrypt ASIC Specifications:
Hash rate: 550MH/s (+- 10%)
Power consumption: 900W (+- 10%)
Cooling: 2pcs @ 3000 RPM
Dimensions: 329mm * 127mm * 159mm
Network connection: Ethernet
Technology: 28nm ASIC chips
ASIC chips quantity: 144 chips
Operating temperature: 0 to 40 Degree Celsius
Warranty: 6 months...


Trump meets with Kissinger again in White House "IndyWatch Feed National"

Henry Kissinger, a former secretary of state and a national security adviser under Presidents Nixon and Ford, met with President Trump Tuesday in the Oval Office, the second time the two have publicly convened since the inauguration. Trump told reporters that Kissinger is a "man of immense talent, experience and knowledge." He also reiterated that he has confidence in current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who called the president a "moron," according to a recent NBC News report. Trump said in a Forbes interview that he could beat Tillerson on an IQ test, but he refused to answer any questions about it when asked in the Oval Office. Asked if he undercut Tillerson in a recent tweet when the president said the secretary's diplomatic efforts in North Korea were useless, Trump said, "I did not undercut anybody. I don't believe in undercutting anybody." "Henry Kissinger has been a friend of mine," Trump said. "I've liked him. I've respected him. But we've been friends for a long time, long before my emergence into the world of politics, which has not been too long."


Hacked - The Secret Pictures Of Trump's Australian Sexlife "IndyWatch Feed National"

Headlines lie to catch attention. Only few read beyond them. This lets them miss the facts, and the falsehood of headlines. It is a dangerous development. Here is an Australian example of current headline writing: Top secret information about Australias...


'In the Spider Web of the Secret Services': New book on how the CIA killed its own politicians and operatives during the cold war "IndyWatch Feed National"

German investigative journalist Patrik Baab and former Pentagon adviser Robert Harkavy have released a bombshell book, revealing the links between the murders of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, West German politician Uwe Barschel and former CIA director William Colby. Baab told Sputnik what their groundbreaking research has uncovered. Baab and Harkavy's book, 'In the Spider Web of the Secret Services: Why Were Olaf Palme, Uwe Barschel and William Colby Murdered?', takes aim at the CIA's suspected involvement in the officials' deaths. Based on secret documents from seven different intelligence agencies, conversations with former agents, toxicology reports, and consultations with experts, the book seeks answers to long-standing questions about who was responsible for what have become among the most high profile political death and suspected suicide cases of the 20th century. Speaking to Sputnik Deutschland, Baab, a renowned television journalist in his native Germany, said that there was a common thread tying all three of the officials' deaths together.


The 5 Languages of Love: How to Win At Relationships "IndyWatch Feed National"

Real love This kind of love is emotional in nature but not obsessional. It is a love that unites reason and emotion. It involves an act of the will and requires discipline, and it recognizes the need for personal growth.

  • Gary Chapman

As a society, we are always on the search for the secret to a happy, healthy relationship that one key to making everything work and allowing both partners to feel happy, fulfilled and appreciated at all times.

We spend much of our time watching the happy, smiling couples on TV wondering why that doesnt seem to translate as easily to the real world. In an effort to improve upon our relationship we search the self-help section of our local library or turn to Google in an effort to take in the advice of relationship experts from around the world.

Putting our best foot forward, we actively attempt to convey our love and respect for our partner through our words and actions only to find that they dont seem to be hearing what we are trying to say. According to author and marriage counselor Gary Chapman, this may be due to the fact that we are talking in a different language than that which our partner is able to hear and comprehend.

Source: Huffington Post


Think about it this way Imagine that you have started a relationship with an amazing individual, maybe a good friend set you up knowing that you would be a great match, or you met in some star-crossed chance meeting, instantly connecting. You start your relationship and in the beginning, everything is great. You are in the lovey-dovey new love state where you see one another in only the best of light.

As your relationship continues to grow and develop, however, you suddenly notice that when your partner is speaking to you they are speaking a foreign language that you are completely unfamiliar with. You attempt to answer them in English, asking them to explain what they are trying to say to you, but their reply once again comes in this foreign tongue. It wont be long before this major roadblock in your communication will cause some serious issues in the relationship!

Expressions of love work in much the same way. As Chapman explains in his book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, the way in which we express our love and respect for our partner actually falls into any one of five different emotional love languages. While love as a whole is a mixture of the five, e...


How The Military-Industrial Complex Preys On Troops "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hawks on Capitol Hill and in the U.S. military routinely justify increases in the Defense Departments already munificent budget by arguing that yet more money is needed to support the troops. If youre already nodding in agreement, let me explain just where a huge chunk of the Pentagon budget hundreds of billions of dollars really goes. Keep in mind that its your money were talking about.

The answer couldnt be more straightforward: it goes directly to private corporations and much of it is then wasted on useless overhead, fat executive salaries, and startling (yet commonplace) cost overruns on weapons systems and other military hardware that, in the end, wont even perform as promised. Too often the result isweapons that arent needed at prices we cant afford. If anyone truly wanted to help the troops, loosening the corporate grip on the Pentagon budget would be an excellent place to start.

The numbers are staggering. In fiscal year 2016, the Pentagon issued $304 billion in contract awards to corporations nearly half of the departments $600 billion-plus budget for that year. And keep in mind that not all contractors are created equal. According to the Federal Procurement Data Systems top 100 contractors report for 2016, the biggest beneficiaries by a country mile were Lockheed Martin ($36.2 billion), Boeing ($24.3 billion), Raytheon ($12.8 billion), General Dynamics ($12.7 billion), and Northrop Grumman ($10.7 billion). Together, these five firms gobbled up nearly $100 billion of your tax dollars, about one-third of all the Pentagons contract awards in 2016.

And remember: the Pentagon buys more than just weapons. Health care companies like Humana ($3.6 billion), United Health Group ($2.9 billion), and Health Net ($2.6 billion) cash in as well, and theyre joined by, among others, pharmaceutical companies like McKesson ($2.7 billion) and universities deeply involved in military-industrial complex research like MIT ($1 billion) and Johns Hopkins ($902 million).

The real question is: How much of this money actually promotes the defense of the country and how much is essentially a subsidy to weapons makers and other corporations more focused on their bottom lines than giving the taxpayers value for their money?


Modernizing the Military-Industrial Complex



Nemo fish threatened by global warming "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video is about orange-fin clownfish, aka orange-fin anemonefish.

Ocellaris clownfish became famous by the film Finding Nemo.

However, this species, and its clownfish (or anemonefish) relatives are now threatened by global warming. Though the fish themselves can stand warmer ocean water, the sea anemones on which they depend cannot.

As shown by research about orange-fin anemonefish (Amphiprion chrysopterus) in Moorea, French Polynesia; from Nature:

Cascading effects of thermally-induced anemone bleaching on associated anemonefish hormonal stress response and reproduction

10 October 2017


Organisms can behaviorally, physiologically, and morphologically adjust to environmental variation via integrative hormonal mechanisms, ultimately allowing animals to cope with environmental change. The stress response to environmental and social changes commonly promotes survival at the expense of reproduction. However, despite climate change impacts on population declines and diversity loss, few studies have attributed hormonal stress responses, or their regulatory effects, to climate change in the wild. Here, we report hormonal and fitness responses of individual wild fish to a recent large-scale sea warming event that caused widespread bleaching on coral reefs.

This 14-month monitoring study shows a strong correlation between anemone bleaching (zooxanthellae loss), anemonefish stress response, and reproductive hormones that decreased fecundity by 73%. These findings suggest that hormone stress responses play a crucial role in changes to population demography following climate change and plasticity in hormonal responsiveness may be a key mechanism enabling individual acclimation to climate change.



The Lord is good: Indiana Mans Answer For Why He Caged And Molested 14-Year-Old Daughter "IndyWatch Feed National"

The parents of a 14-year-old Indiana girl have been arrested for keeping her locked in a cage every night for a month. They deprived her of food and water and sexually molested her while locked in the []


3D and VR-Themed Quiz By Cointelegraph and Cappasity "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cointelegraph is launching a 3D- and VR-themed contest in partnership with ARToken by Cappasity! The grand prize is a high-end PC graphics card, courtesy of Cappasity. Participants will have to answer 21 questions over the course of 3 weeks. More details available here: Prove that you know your way around VR, and win a great prize!


The Audacity of Blaming Sex Addiction "IndyWatch Feed National"

Some people go to prison, and others go to rehab. Deposed Hollywood plutocrat Harvey Weinstein is reportedly going to rehab. On Tuesday, TMZ said Weinstein was en route to a rehab center in Europe to address sex addiction.

Were told Weinstein still believes he can get help, come back, and make a fresh start, the site reported. As a source close to Weinstein put it, He wants to come back with fresh, new ideas.

After decades of both alleged and admitted patterns of abusive and coercive behavior, the 65-year-old Weinstein appears to be seeking a do-over. Though he hasnt publicly confirmed it, he alluded to this last week in a postmodernist mea culpa, in which he misquoted Jay-Z and condemned the NRA and also conceded, I appreciate the way Ive behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it. Though Im trying to do better, I know I have a long way to go.

Weinstein posed the conflict as a sort of infection that could be eradicated: My journey now will be to learn about myself and conquer my demons. In doing so, he managed to downplay his own agency in harboring or cultivating these demons. He appeared to have taken a note in exculpation from Phil Hartmans character unfrozen caveman lawyer: I came of age in the 60s and 70s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different.

The implication was that standards of decency and professionalism had shifted beneath his feet, and he is a nave old dinosaur who cant help how much he loves sex. The answer, apparently, is an (admittedly overdue!) jaunt to rehab for sex addiction. Then back with more ideas soon.

The ability to even attempt to sell this narrative is a luxury disproportionately afforded to powerful menthe ones who are not thugs or violent criminals but simply cant help themselves.

The known facts are at odds with Weinsteins moment-of-realization story. Weinstein reportedly met with resistance regularly from the people he attacked and people close to them. He was reportedly confronted years ago privately by Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. He has paid multiple settlements. He has been mocked publicly at the Oscar nominations and on 30 Rock and Entourage. The problem was not new or unknown, and yet it was last weeks revelation that he considered a wake-up call.

The more glaring problem with the narrative is...


Lawmaking in Australia - false information by the Australian Government "IndyWatch Feed National"

You know how the story goes;

- Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

The people in the Australian Government state (on the internet) that there are 3 (three) levels of  lawmaking in Australia.

1). Federal - i.e. the Commonwealth, i.e. Parliament of the Commonwealth

2). State / territory,

3). Local, i.e. City Councils.

This is plain and simply false information by the people in 'government'.

According to the 'law', i.e. the 'Constitution'
(The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK),
there are only 2 (two) lawful lawmaking levels / bodies / tiers in Australia,
i.e. Federal and State / Territory.

Briefly, according to the Constitution 'local government' is referred to as the government of the state.

What we call 'local government' today or City Councils are defined within the Constitution as Departments of the State with no law making powers bestowed upon them.

Another piece of false information by our deceitful friendly people in 'government'.


WAKE UP, PRIME MINISTER! A Frustrated Voter Calls on the Australian PM to Redeem Himself "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tony Abbott, in speaking arrant nonsense in the speech he delivered to a collection of climate deniers in the UK recently, has given you a great chance to redeem yourself in relation to climate change action and energy policy.  Abbott has shown how idiotic he is and how indifferent he is to the national interest as well as being totally inconsistent with much of what he espoused when he was Prime Minister.  So why do you keep kowtowing to his silliness and the silliness of his mates?  Why are you reluctant to adopt a clean energy target as recommended by the Chief Scientist? 

Youve kowtowed to Abbott and his cronies incessantly for months and months and its got you ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE.  They are not going to let up on you and youve lost an enormous amount of public goodwill by your craven behaviour.

Its time that you took charge and rejected the idiocy of the Liberal and National dinosaurs who want to prevent any more movement towards renewables.  How many of these Abbott-loving clowns are there anyway?  Surely the majority of the Liberal members (If not the Nationals - who are another matter entirely) want to have a bipartisan agreement on climate and energy.  Surely the sensible members of the Government want to give the community and business certainty about the way forward. And surely the more reasonable members of your Government can see that it is IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST TO SECURE A BIPARTISAN AGREEMENT ON THESE IMPORTANT MATTERS.  That is really the only way forward and its what the majority of the community and business want.

If you get a bipartisan agreement with the opposition, it surely wont matter if Abbott and his dinosaur cronies cross the floor. 



File this one under 'Who's guarding the guards?' "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The politicians forming Australian state and federal governments assure us they are upright, ethical people with histories as pure as the driven snow. They tell us their advisors are trustworthy beyond doubt and their senior public service appointees & finance/security consultants ditto. While their big business mates like Gina, Twiggy and Co are genuinely true blue and philanthropic.

Yet, as step by step these same politicians lead us towards authoritarian governance and Big Brother mass surveillance, their feet of clay cant help but show.

North Coast Voices readers may remember that SMEC Holdings Limited (now SMEC and Surbana Juronghas been a favourite of Malcolm Turnbull's since he was the Minister for the Environment and Water Resouces in the Howard Government ministry.

This company provided an error-ridden desktop study for Turnbull supporting damming and diverting water from NSW North Coast river systems, with a preference for visiting this environmental vandalism on the Clarence River system.

It is now allegedly a corrupt multinational corpration.


Donald J. Trump: Why Isn't the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE! "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

No matter how hard he tries US President Donald Trump just can't keep the Russia issue behind closed doors.

It keeps seeping out into the public domain via mainstream and social media.

Reuters, 5 October 2017:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The special counsel investigating whether Russia tried to sway the 2016 U.S. election has taken over FBI inquiries into a former British spy's dossier of allegations of Russian financial and personal links to President Donald Trump's campaign and associates, sources familiar with the inquiry told Reuters.

A report compiled by former MI6 officer Christopher Steele identified Russian businessmen and others whom U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded are Russian intelligence officers or working on behalf of the Russian government.

A spokesman for special counsel Robert Mueller declined comment. The FBI also declined comment.

Three sources with knowledge of Mueller's probe said his investigators have assumed control of multiple inquiries into allegations by U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the election to benefit Trump, a Republican.

Russia has repeatedly denied any meddling in the election.

Two officials familiar with the investigations said that both Mueller's team and the Senate Intelligence Committee are seeking any evide...


Delta Speaker, Sakpra, Gbinije, Ikimi, Other Old Students Abandoned Aladja Gram Sch To Rot Away "IndyWatch Feed National"

Abandoned science lab of Aladja Grammar School

LAGOS OCTOBER 12TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Aladja Grammar school in Aladja the oldest school in Udu local goverment of Delta state was a cynosure of all eyes after its established in 1974 by the defunct Bendel state.
Since after its establishment, the government abandoned the school. The buildings are now in serious state of dilapidation and posing grave danger to the lives of students and staff alike.
A concerned community member who spoke to disclosed that several complaints have been lodged at appropriate quarters by the Old Students Association and the community yet no positive answers from the government.
Most amazing is that former students of the school who have been in and out of government also appear to not be of help.
They include Chief H.A. Sakpra, Commissioner for Special Duties Delta state, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, Speaker Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Napoleon Gbinidje, former members House of Reps member, Barr. Oghenejabor Ikimi, Hon. Andrew Gbise and Barr. Solomon Aggreh.


Wanted man could be in area "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

wantedPolice have released an image of a man wanted on warrants who is known to frequent the Bellambi and Woonona areas.

Laken Norton, 24, is wanted by virtue of arrest warrants relating to firearm offences. He has been described as being of Caucasian appearance, with a medium build and having a shaven head. Besides Woonona and Bellambi, he is also known to frequent the Wollongong, Mangerton, Dapto areas.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Thursday, 12 October


FAQ on Rappoport Logic & Analysis Course "IndyWatch Feed National"

FAQ on Rappoport Logic & Analysis Course

by Jon Rappoport

October 12, 2017

Ive been getting requests to describe my logic coursehence this FAQ, which answers a lot of questions.

Note: The Logic & Analysis Course is part of a much larger collection, The Matrix Revealed. The course was selling, alone, for three times as much as the entire Matrix Revealed collection but I decided to roll it into the Matrix Revealed collection to reach a wider audience.

Ill make this FAQ as complete as I can.

Q: How long is the course?

A: Eighteen classroom sessions. That includes a final exam.

Q: So it isnt just a workshop or a seminar.

A: No, its a real course.

Q: At what pace would you recommend teaching it in a home-school setting?

A: Three sessions a week, if possible. An hour per session.

Q: Is the course available online?

A: Upon purchase of The Matrix Revealed, you then download the document and audio files.

Q: What are the course materials?

A: A extensive teachers manual, student study sheets (text passages), and audio files.

Q: Whats in the teachers manual?

A: The manual contains a layout for all the lessons, in chronological order, and explanations for all the passages that are analyzed in the course.

Q: Passages?

A: Yes. There are short and long passages of text. I wrote these with logical errors embedded in them. Students and teachers work over the passages and discover the specific logical errors. The main passages are written to resemble news stories, press releases, political-speak, science journalism, and internet reporting.

Q: Why?

A: Because they resemble what you encounter in the real world. The whole point of the course is gaining the ability to deal with information in any form, in life. That means being able to take information apart and pinpoint the specific logical mistakes, and analyze those mistakes, in detail.

Q: If an adult is studying the course on his own, how does he proceed?

A: Actually, whether the adult is studying the course on his/her own or preparing to teach it to children, the approach is the same. Go...


Pentagon scandal: Spending your tax dollars support troops of defense contractor CEOs "IndyWatch Feed National"

Here's a question for you: How do you spell boondoggle? The answer (in case you didn't already know): P-e-n-t-a-g-o-n. Hawks on Capitol Hill and in the U.S. military routinely justify increases in the Defense Department's already munificent budget by arguing that yet more money is needed to "support the troops." If you're already nodding in agreement, let me explain just where a huge chunk of the Pentagon budget -- hundreds of billions of dollars -- really goes. Keep in mind that it's your money we're talking about. The answer couldn't be more straightforward: it goes directly to private corporations and much of it is then wasted on useless overhead, fat executive salaries, and startling (yet commonplace) cost overruns on weapons systems and other military hardware that, in the end, won't even perform as promised. Too often the result isweapons that aren't needed at prices we can't afford. If anyone truly wanted to help the troops, loosening the corporate grip on the Pentagon budget would be an excellent place to start.


Weinsteingate: What Did Hollywood Know, And When Did They Know It? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The scandal engulfing disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein rages on. New allegations of sexual misconduct against actresses continue to emerge daily. Weinstein reportedly planned to flee to an undisclosed location in Europe, ostensibly for sex addiction rehab. He reportedly has also retained a criminal defense attorney.

Meanwhile, the larger question of Weinsteingate is becoming: What did Hollywood know, and when did they know it? If Weinsteins depravity was an open secret, why was everyone silent?

Many A-List actresses have spoken out, some claiming ignorance, some not. Perhaps the most realistic responses have come from Jessica Chastain. She divulged that she was warned about Weinstein from the beginning, but defended her silence on the grounds that all she heard was rumors and that, in any event, it would be the victims stories to tell.

Chastain also complained that the media was not asking Hollywoods leading men why they never spoke out about Weinstein. Unsurprisingly, some of the actors in Weinsteins orbit are being questioned now. The answers are not Oscar-worthy.

Clooney, Damon, and Affleck

Like Glenn Close, George Clooney perhaps gets points for acknowledging that he heard rumors. The rest of Clooneys comments, however, really went no further than to claim shock at the financial settlements paid to some of Weinsteins victims.

Clooney, being one of the industrys smarter actors, otherwise downplayed the scandal he was supposedly deploring. He told The Daily Beast, A good bunch of people that I know would say, Yeah, Harveys a dog or Harveys chasing girls, but again, this is a very different kind of thing. This is harassment on a very high level (emphasis added).

Clooney added, in some ways, a lecherous guy with money picking up younger girls is unfortunately not a news story in our society. He quickly skipped to the argument that everyone is complicit in it. I suppose the argument would be that its not just about Hollywood, but about all of usthat every time you see someone using their power and influence to take advantage of someone without power and influence and you....


Fast And Furious Feud Between The Rock And Tyrese Threatens The Family "IndyWatch Feed National"

Can you have too much of a good thing? When that thing is Fast and Furious franchise installments, one would think the answer would be simple theres no such thing.

But at least one person in the Fast and Furious franchise cast disagrees. This week, when Dwayne The Rock Johnson announced his spin-off action franchise with Jason Statham has been given the green light, most rejoiced. Two F&F movies in back-to-back years, with a whole new franchise to extend for at least a half dozen movies? Win. The Rock plays federal agent Luke Hobbs and Statham is British bad-guy-turned-good-guy Deckard Shaw. The duos on-screen chemistry has fueled rumors of a spin-off since they started appearing over the last three films.

But Tyrese Gibson, who played Roman Pearce in Fast 2, and again in 5-8, has been displeased about this for a while. You see, he and The Rock had a heart-to-heart about this spin-off, and allegedly Johnson is blatantly ignoring that heart-to-heart. Tyreses worry is that Fast and Furious 9, in which he would star, would be crowded out of its original release date, April 19, 2019, to make way for the Hobbs/Shaw project.

In a now-deleted Instagram post from September, Tyrese presaged this weeks announcement and fight: If you move forward with that #Hobbs Movie you will have purposely ignored the heart to heart moment we had in my sprinter. I dont wanna hear from you until you remember what we talked about. Im on your timeline cause youre not responding to my text messages #FastFamily is just that a family We dont fly solo.

First off, I love that all beef has to come with hashtags now, and this rants hashtags are all on-brand. In the wake of Tyreses complaint, Universal Studios announced Fast and Furious 9 was indeed pushed back to 2020 to make way for the Hobbs/Shaw movie, coming in July 2019. Tyrese had more to say about that, in announcing F9s new date:

Instagram Photo

DeWayne? The careful use of hashtags in his first post suggests this misspelling of The Rocks name is intentional.

Tyrese then throws back his shade to the original, suggesting Johnson is clamoring to be front-and-center in a franchise that should be about the family: Diversity, love, multi ethnic worldwide multi generational, United Nations, One Race, Fast Family Until Dewayne showed up I guess this whole time he had a problem cause he wasnt the ONLY ONE on the movie poster.. I guess dreams do come true.



The Problem of Self-Defense "IndyWatch Feed National"

Strategy is the process of imagining possible futures and how they come about, then pruning back the lines of causality to try to infer what actions will get you there. Its an active process that stresses a persons creativity and analytic skills. The hardest part, I believe, is coming up with (and eliminating) endless hypotheticals of everything that could go wrong right now for any given now. This, however, is the essence of strategy.

When one is in a conflict situation, the enemys actions must be predicted and the enemy is defeated by responding decisively. If one is the aggressor, there is an additional gain because one has the initiative or the element of surprise: the enemys first moves must be in response to the aggressors first move.

I just gamed the situation by omitting two important elements, which are vitally important to any strategic problem: first off, is the question of when does conflict begin? and second is the assumption I snuck by you, that there is one opponent or aggressor. If you step back and look at grand strategy at a superpower level, youll see how they answered those questions: one, we are in a state of conflict whenever I damn well start fighting you and I will preempt you if I damn well feel like it. Two, I will treat all my potential enemies as a unit and orient toward attacking/defending against them as a unit because it simplifies my strategic process: you are with us, or youre against us. More complex strategies are no fun, because then you have to allocate your forces and think about where you need to exert maximum effort, and that makes everyones head hurt its easier to go all Hulk smash.

Since the atrocity in Las Vegas Ive been encountering an uptick of defensive gun owners who are worried about their ability to defend themselves. I posted a link to my From my Cold, Dead Hands piece [stderr] and was variously peppered with comments to the effect of without guns, then how will we defend ourselves? Ive gotten embroiled in a couple such discussions and it seems that the conversation peters out when I ask this question:

I started posting that question as a sort of an unfair bomb-lob, but theres a serious question behind it, namely: strategically, do your weapons protect you that much?

Lets go back to where I started with the argument from strategy: your job as a strategist, who expects enemy attack, is to be constantly prepared for it. That doesnt mean that you walk around with a glock in your shoul...


Protesters Pull Sex Toys On Conservative Campus Speaker In Madison "IndyWatch Feed National"

On a crisp October Tuesday in Madison, Wisconsin, campus was like any other day. Undergrads shuffled off to morning classes, grad students slaved away over coffee, and a student protest group readied art supplies and dildos for a genitalia-themed protest against a conservative speaker on campus.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison chapter of Young Americans for Freedom invited journalist Katie Pavlich of to give a lecture on the Second Amendment and self-defense. On the heels of a heated debate over campus carry in Wisconsin at the end of last year, Pavlichs planned talk quickly inspired vocal objections and an organized protest.

C-cks Not Glocks, a group that made headlines protesting a Texas campus carry law by distributing dildos, planned The Bonerfide Penis Arts Fest in response. According to the events Facebook page, C-cks Not Glocks: UW Madison will be gathering during Pavlichs speech to create and present d-ck art that has ZERO literary, artistic, political, educational, or scientific value. You know, for free speech.

Braving the chilly rain, protestors followed through on their promise. Perhaps 20 protestors arrived, boxes of supplies in hands, ready to engage in self-admittedly worthless antics. Prior to the event, if you wanted a free dildo, C-cks Not Glocks was happy to provide one (or at least wave one in the air as you passed by on the sidewalk).

Inside, perhaps due to the visible police presence punctuated by plainclothes officers at the front of the lecture hall and several uniformed officers throughout the building, there were no disruptions. Pavlich delivered exactly the sort of talk you would expect a conservative journalist to deliver on the Second Amendment. She addressed a receptive audience, provided statistics, cited the American Revolution, talked about gang violence in Chicago and Washington DC, and answered tame questions before signing copies of her new book. In short, the event was uneventful.

Two Things You Havent Heard Yet

The content of the lecture is hardly worth further elaboration. Everyone who reads the news is familiar with the arguments on both sides of the gun control debate. However, despite its subdued nature, Pavlichs talk highlights two important takeaways surrounding contemporary political discourse on college campuses.

First, amidst an...


Looking forward, looking back: privacy challenges past and future "IndyWatch Feed National"

I tend to focus on privacy disasters in this blog (link here to: oh, pretty much every other blog Ive ever written), but sometimes it is nice to pause and reflect on the privacy successes too.  Ive had particular reason to do so recently.

Firstly, as Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim reminded us at the iappANZ Summit last week, in just a few short months it will be 2018, and thus the 30th anniversary of the Australian Privacy Act 1988.  Secondly, a few weeks ago I helped to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Australian Privacy Foundation.  Both these events the creation of the APF as a civil society organisation that exists to this day, as always on entirely volunteer efforts, as well as the first national piece of privacy legislation had their genesis in the Australia Card debates of 1985-87, when Australians were galvanised about their privacy rights in a way not seen before or since.

July also marked the 10th anniversary of the successful NoID Access Card campaign, which was particularly close to my heart.  From 2006-2007 I co-ordinated the campaign on behalf of the APF, along with a number of other NGOs.  As I look back now, I realise what a very female experience it was: Robin Banks headed up the Public Interest Advocacy Centre which was our primary campaign partner, and the three most influential politicians we worked with to oppose the proposal were Senator Natasha Stott Despoja (Democrats), Senator Kerry Nettle (Greens), and the then Shadow Minister for Human Services, Tanya Plibersek (Labor).  Each worked tirelessly to hold the government of the day to account for Joe Hockeys national ID card thought bubble.

Mind you, we never had the chance to celebrate our campaign victory, as within a few days of the Howard Government finally dropping the Access Card proposal I was on maternity leave (yes, the latter stages of the campaign had involved me waddling around Canberra in an increasingly pregnant state), while the others were shortly thrown into a federal election.  There was no victory party or bottles of champagne, let alone time to either reflect or pat each other on the back.  So Robin, Natasha, Kerry and Tanya: please consider this blog a very, very belated thank you.  Brava.

And yet, the battle to protect our privacy rights is never won.  At the party to mark the APFs anniversary, I was asked to speak about the ways in which Australian law still doesnt properly protect privacy.

I spoke briefly about the obvious, well-documented failings, like the exemptions in the federal Privacy Act for political parties, the media and employment records.  I noted the loopholes in State privacy laws, like the......


Humorless goons out to wreck Halloween "IndyWatch Feed National"

Theyve always been around. I remember trick-or-treating as a kid, and there were always those houses where you knew youd get a Bible tract instead of candy, or worse, a lecture or an attempt to pray with you. Unfortunately, I wasnt the kind of kid who would TP their trees or egg their windows in retaliation, even though they deserved it.

Its not surprising that Ken Ham is into the game. He wants us to share Jesus Christ with trick-or-treaters by handing out A Biblical and Historical Look At Halloween by Bodie Hodge, which will cost you only $29.99 for a pack of a hundred. So not only do you get to annoy children with sanctimony, Answers in Genesis gets more shekels for their coffers. Win-win! Except for the kids.

If youre too cheap for that, you can get 100 Dino-Bucks for only $5.99.

Hey, and you can also leave these as a tip next time youre at a restaurant! I dont quite understand the point of this strategem Ray Comfort does it too where Christians try to lure you into reading their dogma with fake money. Its as if they intuit that the rubes they want to appeal to are naturally drawn to wads of cash.

You can also buy the DVD for $9.99, or read the contents of this noise online. What I find amusing is that it complains about cultures that celebrate death how dare they?

Death is a terrible reality for all of usnot something to celebrate or treat as fun. Death is the punishment for sin. Since all of us are sinners (Romans 3:23), we must realize that death is coming.

Thats funny stuff coming from proponents of a death cult. I think theyre most annoyed by people who flip off and mock death, rather than worshipping it.


Victoria fills up as the rest of the nation moves in "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

In the past 12 months, 82,800 Australians have moved to Victoria from interstate, around 500 carloads a week.
At the same time, 65,600 Victorians have left.
The gap - a net influx of 17,200 - is an all-time record. Victoria's population is being swelled by more migrants from interstate than ever before, and by far more than any other state, even Queensland, which used to be the go-to state for the rest of nation.
Perhaps as a result, or perhaps as a driver, employment in Victoria has surged by 97,300 in the past year, accounting for almost all of the nationwide employment growth of 104,600.
In contrast, the once-booming jobs market in NSW produced only 2000 extra workers.
New population figures show that a jump in interstate migration, in overseas migration and in births lifted Victoria's population by 157,500 to 6.1 million in the year to September - an increase of 2.1 per cent, compared to 1.2 per cent in the rest of the nation.
Victoria now accounts for 25.2 per cent of Australia's population, the most since the share slid during the early 1990s recession.
Net foreign migration to Victoria reached a record 68,600 in the year to September. The natural increase (births minus deaths) reached 41,700, also a record high.
Domestic migrants to Victoria came predominantly from NSW (29,500), Queensland (15,200) Western Australia (11,500) and South Australia (9700).
The main destinations for Victorians moving interstate were NSW (22,900), Queensland (20,800) and Western Australia (7100).

Bureau of Statistics projections released with the population figures show Melbourne overtaking Sydney as Australia's biggest city in 2056.
The central projection puts Melbourne's population at 8.2 million, almost double the present 4.6 million, and Sydney's at 8.1 millio...


What you need to know about Trump and the Iran deal "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Al Jazeera

US President Donald Trump is expected to refuse to certify Irans compliance with the landmark 2015 nuclear deal, an agreement between world powers and Tehran aimed at limiting the latters nuclear programme to non-military purposes.

The move comes despite thinly-veiled criticisms from US allies in Europe who have developed burgeoning commercial and political ties with Iran.


Why do Trumps threats on the Iran nuclear deal matter?

Trumps withdrawal of endorsement means US lawmakers can vote to introduce new sanctions against Iran, which Iranian leaders say could lead to their countrys partial or complete withdrawal from the deal.

Al Jazeera answers some of the most important questions regarding the Iran deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and Trumps expected decision.

What is JCPOA?

Often abbreviated to the Iran deal or Iran nuclear deal, JCPOA is an agreement between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany and the EU to ensure its nuclear programme is limited to civilian use.

The deal, which was signed in October 2015 and implemented at the start of 2016, followed years of negotiation between the US, represented by then-Secretary of State John Kerry, and Iran, represented by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.


Trump threats over nuclear deal muffle Iran reformists

The agreement requires Iran to completely eliminate stockpiles of medium-enriched uranium and drastically reduce reserves of low-enriched uranium.

The material in its high-enriched form is required to produce nuclear weapons. Iran denies that it has ever had the aim of producing a nuclear weapon.......


Why wont Sheryl Sandberg talk about Trump and Russias ad targeting overlap? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today, Axios sat down with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg for a brief interview of somewhat tough questions. The conversation spanned many subjects, but it primarily focused on Facebooks ad platform, Russian interference, and fake news. Sandberg has the uncanny ability to appear like shes answering a question head-on while obfuscating the subject at hand. For

Today, Axios sat down with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg for a brief interview of somewhat tough questions. The conversation spanned many subjects, but it primarily focused on Facebooks ad platform, Russian interference, and fake news.

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Filmmakers Team With Programmers to Tackle Piracy and Content Accessibility Issues with Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed National"

A team of seasoned film producers, distributors and software developers has announced White Rabbit, a project seeking to monetize P2P streaming to the benefit of fans and filmmakers. The projects blog post states, with reference to British and Australian research, that 60% of those who watch movies illegally only do so because they cannot access Continue reading Filmmakers Team With Programmers to Tackle Piracy and Content Accessibility Issues with Blockchain

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Capital Flow Movements "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

You said that people and institutions from Europe send their cash to the US to get a higher yield. This makes a lot of sense. At the same time, the dollar has been falling. You have also stated that US institutional investors are sending money to developing markets to get a higher yield. Is more money leaving the US to emerging markets then flowing in from Europe?

Thank you for your thoughts and wisdom.

ANSWER: Yes. Here is our capital flow map, which is proprietary. Even central banks are using this. We are collecting the raw data globally and will be providing a breakdown in the future of volume and sector analysis we pick up in the flows. Nonetheless, there are diverse trends combining at all times. It is never everyone doing one thing for a single reason. The broader categories are three separate motives.

(1) the flow of capital from Europe to the USA is primarily institutional from (a) banks parking funds at the Fed rather than the ECB, and (b) playing the US equities which have been a boom since September in terms of Euros.

(2) You have US institutions who think the US sharemarket is overbought so then have shifted in any case up to 50% to overseas markets assumi...


PERTH Police charge two over robbery that left woman (64) with a knife wound "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Police charge two over robbery that left woman (64) with a knife wound .

October 12, 2017 at 01:14PM .

He is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on 31 October 2017. A 17-year-old boy of St James has been charged with aggravated armed .


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MACKAY Palaszczuk Government funds extra magistrates "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 12, 2017 at 03:35PM ,

Palaszczuk Government funds extra magistrates

October 12, 2017 at 03:35PM ,

He will be appointed to the Mackay Magistrates Court. Dennis Kinsella was Principal Crown Prosecutor with the Office of the Director of Public

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Officials Reveal Vegas Gunman Was Given Access to Service Elevator at Mandalay Bay "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article was written by Matt Agorist and was originally published at The Free Thought Project

Las Vegas, NV One of the most asked questions about the massacre in Las Vegas was, How did Stephen Paddock get hundreds of pounds of ammo and nearly two dozen assault rifles into his suite on the 32 floor of Mandalay Bay without anyone noticing? Thanks to a new report, we may now have that answerhe was allowed to use the service elevator.

The official story of how and why Stephen Paddock murdered 58 people at a music festival in Las Vegas last week is falling apart. This week, as TFTP reported, police made massive reversals in their narrative which raised a myriad of questions and speculation. Now, according to a report from ABC, we are learning that Paddock had access to and used the service elevator at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in the days leading up to his attack on the country music festival.

According to AP, officials briefed on the investigation told ABC News that Paddocks access to the service elevator was a perk for high rollers. No further information about when and how he used the elevator has been released.

What makes this new revelation particularly interesting is that on Sunday, chief executive of Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn slipped up and seemingly indicated that he knew Paddock used the elevatordays before officials released this information to the media.

Youd never stop a man like this (Paddock) from coming in the building, Wynn told FOX News on Sunday. However, he continued, nobody in this companys history, no public person, has ever walked in the service elevator unless they were accompanied by security. Uh, that wouldnt happen.

READ MORE:  Five Glaring Inconsistencies in the Vegas Shooting that Need to be Addressed

This tidbit of inform...


Jupiter In Scorpio A New Era Has Begun! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Astrology is such a fascinating science and it provides us with much more conscious answers for the everyday things we experience. It is essentially a science that gives you reason for emotion.

The stars and the sky are responsible for a ton of things that happen in our lives. Perhaps it was an assimilation of events setting off a chain reaction in the sky that made you late getting home when there was a drunk driver in your path. Thats just an example among many of possible ways the stars are controlling everything in our lives and on Wednesday, October 11th something major happened.

On Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 Jupiter transitioned into the astrological sign of Scorpio. The great planet of expansion is going to be causing a wave of positive transitioning throughout the human race. The biggest planet in our solar system brings about major change when it, itself is changing so intensely. The planet will stay in Scorpio for thirteen months, after it has been in the sign of Libra for the past year. While we have been balancing our lives and working on relationships, we are about to experience a major shift.

You will feel the intense energy created as Jupiter makes it was closer to Scorpio. The light might have been red for the past year so that we can fix the things that need fixing before continuing, but now the light is green and it is time to move forward. Scorpio is about total transformation, and you should expect major positive changes in your life!

Jupiter in Scorpio teaches us to embrace our emotionsto understand them, go with our feelings, and express them on a social level. Jupiter in Scorpio encourages us to grow and expand emotionally. Because Scorpio is focused and deep, it encourages us to develop intimacywith ourselves and with others.

New oppertunities for connecting with others may open up, or we begin to see more chances for aspiring in our true form. We become more confident, self assured, and con...


The Queensland connection - who got $50,000 cash from the Gillard/Wilson Workplace Reform slush fund "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 12 May 2014 Ralph Blewitt told the TURC that Bruce Wilson told him to withdraw $50,000 in cash from the Workplace Reform Association - stating that it was for Bill Ludwig. 16 Q. And you handed him the cash. Did you have 17 a conversation with him? 18 A....


Community Billboard 12th October 18th October "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

City logoThis weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydneys Plan for the

future  Sydney 2030  making our city more green, global and connected.

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Spain gives Catalan leader 8 days to drop independence "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Blanca Rodrguez and Sonya Dowsett

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain delivered a statement in Madrid on Wednesday, saying, It is urgent to put an end to the situation that Catalonia is living. Credit Paul White/Associated Press

MADRID/BARCELONA (Reuters) Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Wednesday gave the Catalan government eight days to drop an independence bid, failing which he would suspend Catalonias political autonomy and rule the region directly.

His move could deepen the confrontation between Madrid and the northeastern region but also signals a way out of Spains biggest political crisis since a failed military coup in 1981.

Rajoy would probably call a snap regional election after activating Article 155 of the constitution that would allow him to sack the Catalan regional government.

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont issued a symbolic declaration of independence from Spain on Tuesday night but then immediately suspended it and called for negotiations with the Madrid government.

The cabinet has agreed this morning to formally request the Catalan government to confirm whether it has declared the independence of Catalonia, regardless of the deliberate confusion created over its implementation, Rajoy said in a televised address after a cabinet meeting called to consider the governments response.

He later told Spains parliament the Catalan government had until Monday, Oct. 16 at 0800 GMT to answer. If Puigdemont was to confirm he did declare independence, he would be given an additional three days to rectify it, until Thursday, Oct. 19 at 0800 GMT. Failing this, Article 155 would be triggered.

It is not yet clear if the Catalan government will answer the requirement but it now faces a conundrum, analysts say.

If Puigdemont says he did proclaim independence, the central government will step in. If he says he did not declare it, then far-left party CUP would probably withdraw its support for his minority government.

Rajoy has two objectives: if Puigdemont remains ambiguous, the pro-independence movement will get more fragmented; if Puigdemont insists on defending independence then Rajoy will be able to apply Article 155, said Antonio Barroso, deputy director of the London-based research firm Teneo Intelligence.

Either way, Rajoys aim would be to first restore the rule of law in Catalonia and this could at some point lead to early elections in the region.

The stakes...


An Enormous Hole Has Opened Up in Antarctica and Scientists Dont Know Why "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is now a HUGE hole in Antarctica, and we have no idea why. Is that unsettling enough for you?

This opening is called a polynya and was found by the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations Group (SOCCOM) at Princeton University in Washington. This whole region is completely free of ice, and it is about 60,000 square kilometers (23,000 square miles) as of September but has been up to 80,000 square kilometers (31,000 square miles) at one point. According to Motherboard, a polynya was observed in the same location in Antarcticas Weddell Sea back in the 1970s, but back then observation tools were not as good as they are today so the location was not studied very much at the time. The polynya was said to have gone away for four whole decades until last year when it opened for a few weeks. Now, it is back and might be here to stay, who knows.

Some believe this could be the result of natural climate changes, however it is a formation that we do not understand. Kent Moore told Motherboard that if we did not have satellites that they would not even know that this phenomenon was occurring. You see, mounting expeditions to this location is quite hard but scientists hope that by using robotic floats they will be able to better understand this hole in time.

The robots being used at the moment have surfaced inside the polynya and are sending data back to the researchers so that they can process it. This will be able to reveal lots of answers for us in the future. Maybe in time we will know just what causes these holes to form.

Kent Moore says:

It looks like you just punched a hole in the ice.

This polynya was not expected to make another appearance and yet it has. For two years in a row now we have noticed this hole. Is man made clim...


Can You Pass The Worlds Shortest IQ Test? Even Harvard Students Struggle Doing So "IndyWatch Feed National"

There are many methods used to determine someones intelligence. We typically use IQ tests as they are the most accurate measurement of intelligence we have today.

There is a lot of reasons why one might want to measure their intelligence! The IQ test has been used for decades now, and there are even multiple different versions it can be texted. However, not everyone might have the time to go take an extensive intelligence test! But you have to be able to fit the Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT)!

The Cognitive Reflection Test has been named the shortest IQ intelligence test to ever exist! It was developed in Princeton back in 2005 by psychologist named Shane Frederick. He designed the cognitive reflection test to test your ability to ignore your gut response and think slower, yet more rationally. We all know that standardized testing methods are a failed method of estimating ones intelligence, and thats the whole basis for the Cognitive Reflection Test!

Psychologically speaking, the cognitive reflection test is designed to test your ability to ignore the gut response. It is designed to test your intuitive thinking in favor is your analytical thinking. You must spend time reflecting on the answer you chose, and decipher what led you be wrong. Students from some of the most prestigious schools like Yale and Harvard even struggle to get all three answers correctly! Think youre a natural born genius? Heres your chance to prove it!

Spend as much time as you please figuring out your answers. Intelligence is never estimated by how long it takes you to gather your answers, but only by the accuracy of the ones you provide. Ready? When you get all your answers, scroll down to the bottom for the answers!

  1. A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

  2. If it takes 5 machines 5 minutes to make 5 widgets, how long would it take 100 machines to make 100 widgets?

  3. In a lake, there is a patch of lily pads. Every day, the patch doubles in size. If it takes 48 days for the patch to cover the entire lake...


Citizenship in High Court "IndyWatch Feed National"

The 'people' (i.e. the masses) have lost their High Court quite some time ago, but that's only a minor detail to be covered in a post or seventeen a bit later on.

This current High Court sits outside Australia's 'true' Constitution, the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, where this Act defines the ONLY law making authority to be "The Parliament of the Commonwealth", which this High Court does not sit under, as defined by it's empowering document the High Court of Australia Act of 1979.

Putting all this aside, the next issue is an apparent translation being needed by a business called the High Court of Australia (ABN 69 445 188 986) with regards to federal Ministers of Parliament sitting in office while being citizens of another nation or under the influence of a foreign power, i.e. Freemasons, where the latter is never discussed by the corporate media.

(Illustration: dual citizen - Barnaby Joyce)

ALL the accused or alleged foreign nationals must be expelled from office by all seven of the High Court judges.

At this point only time will tell what the verdict will be.

Watch this space for an update on the judgement.


Taxes the Lynch-Pin of Civilization "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong: I find it disheartening the more I try to advance my family to build a better future for them, the more I realize that the harder I work we do not really get ahead. I agree that taxes just keep moving higher and I am now looking for a job in my field to leave California. A friend of mine from school left Illinois and moved to Texas. He said he feels much better and is gaining ground instead of losing it. Has taxes been the driving force to create migration in advanced civilization?


ANSWER: Absolutely. I have written how Rome fell and just mapping the population of Rome you can see the fate of Illinois people sell and just leave. It is different this time because, under socialism, the government has become abusive. When it came to integration, they sought to implement it by sheer force.

You simply cant legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. Jobs are created by the wealthy who become wealthy because of their innovation as a vision i.e....


Hundreds of American Indians Gathered on Alcatraz Island on Indigenous Peoples Day "IndyWatch Feed National"

Drummers sang the AIM song as they marched into the circle.

Published October 12, 2017

Native News Online photos by Arthur Jacobs.

ALCATRAZ ISLAND As they have since the occupation of Alcatraz Island 48 years ago, American Indians and their allies gathered for Indigneous Peoples Day Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay early Monday morning.

A ferry from Berkeley brought east bay residents to the pier in San Francisco. Kanyon Sayers. an Ohlone traditional, welcomed with words and song the people on the ferry.

Kanyon Sayres

Kanyon Sayres

Desirae Harp sings the Womans Warrior Song to the circle

It is an annual event that provides a strong alternative to those who celebrate Columbus Day. This year marked the 525 years of Indigenous resistance to when Christopher Columbus arrived in the Western Hemisphere in 1492.


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0001 BTC
0.0001 BTC = 0.75 AUD


Today is 20 years since our first iconic Sea of Hands installation "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Sea of Hands came on the back of a Citizens Statement on Native Title which was a petition circulated by ANTaR to mobilise non-Indigenous support for native title and reconciliation.

The installation involved hundreds of volunteers planting 50,000 hands planted in the colours of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags directly in front of the nations parliament. It was a powerful statement of support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Occurring at a time when the Federal Government was moving to restrict Native Title rights and not genuinely supporting reconciliation, it was always about the broader community standing in solidarity with First Peoples.

The Sea of Hands was the birth of ANTaR, which 20 years later, still holds to that same approach of working with First Peoples for justice, rights and respect. 

Needed today more than ever

The work of ANTaR is more relevant than ever, with government approaches still failing to properly engage with and listen to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on addressing the issues impacting on their lives.

Weve seen incarceration rates increase from seven times the rate of non-Indigenous Australians to 13 times since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody more than 25 years ago, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can still expect to die on average 10 years earlier than other Australians, with one in three experiencing racial abuse in the last 6 months.

ANTaR is about working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations to try...


We Need an Anti-SLAPP Law To Encourage and Protect Free Press "IndyWatch Feed National"

Even when SLAPPs are of uncertain merit, they immensely damage prospects of free journalism, fierce criticism and accountability of power.

Far too many journalists, authors and writers have been selectively and routinely targeted. Credit: The Wire

More law is seldom an answer to growing societal anomalies, but there appears to be a strong case emerging for an anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuits against public participation) law. They are quite literally (and phonetically) a slap on the face of anyone with the gumption to speak against power. The assumption behind such suits is that some kinds of content spoken/published/posted/written/uttered are malicious, baseless and harmful to the reputation and social standing of person/s concerned. In India, the potential to inflict such harm is checked by provisions relating to both civil and criminal defamation laws under IPC Sections 499 and 500 and Sections 199(1) to 199(4) of the Indian Code of Criminal Procedure.

The rationale behind these anti-defamation laws is, as the Supreme Court articulated in May 2016 in Subramaniam Swamy v. Union of India, The right to freedom of speech and expression is not an absolute rightA persons right to freedom of speech has to be balanced with the other persons right to reputation.

Defamation and SLAPP lawsuits have become an all-too-common tool for intimidating and silencing critics of governments, corporations, businesses, actually a...


What did GILLARD know about the AWU WRA, when did she know it - and did she lie to the Heydon Royal Commission? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Perjury has the following 5 elements: The accused made a false statement; The false statement was made on oath or affirmation; The false statement was made in a judicial proceeding; The false statement was material to the judicial proceeding; and The accused made the false statement knowingly. To prove a...


What I Learned Studying Abroad in the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed National"

When someone mentions the Middle East, words like war, terrorism, oppression, and extremism come to mind more quickly than peace be unto you. I admit that I thought the region was a place where Islam controlled the population and somewhat legitimised oppression and brutality. In my mind, it would be somewhere defined by tension and warfare. I assumed the people could only be angry and unapproachable.

Despite these assumptions, there was something inside me drawing me toward that region of the world. I was going into my third year of university and I needed a change. I needed real-life experience. I was tired of taking everything from textbooks and professors; I was ready to form my own worldview based on experiences. I enrolled in a Middle Eastern study program based in Amman, Jordan.

Before beginning my study abroad program, I thought of myself as an open-minded person. I had Arab friends. I was partway through a postmodern, liberal-arts education in Canada and I felt reasonably non-judgemental and accepting of difference. I thought by going to the Middle East I had so much to learn about conflict, change and oppression, but I had everything to give when it came to open-mindedness, peace, and tolerance.

Ironically, the thin, heavily-moustached, Jordanian officer behind the customs desk in the Amman airport provided the first extension of peace on my journey. Assalam Alaikum, he said as he stamped my passport with a student visa, Welcome to Jordan.

Assalam Alaikum means peace be unto you, which seemed oxymoronic. Peace and the Middle East seem to be in complete opposition to one another. The only thing they have in common is that they rhyme, sort of. And contrary to the extension of peace from the customs officer, the first few weeks of my semester abroad were anything but peaceful.



Tax Office admits major corporate tax avoidance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria

The Australian tax Office has now put a figure on the amount of tax avoidance being carried out by major corporations and multinationals.

Major corporations are defined as those with a gross income of over $250 million a year. They failed to pay out a whopping $2.5 billion in the 2014-15 financial year. The Tax office also says this has been the pattern over some years.

The consequence is that Australians miss out on government services that could otherwise be financed by this money.

It is even worse. The amount estimated is well under what it really is, because only some types of non-compliance have been considered.

Oxfam Australias Economic Policy Advisor Joy Kyriacou said $2.5 billion was a conservative estimate. The ATO can only report on what large companies are bound to tell it, not on taxes which multinationals are dodging through legal tax avoidance.

Treasurer Scott Morrisons 9 own this years May statement, admitted that the scale of tax evasion is significantly greater, at more than $7 billion.

Estimates by the The Tax Office are also reduced because of the practice of cutting deals, rather than prosecute corporations that have avoided paying tax. Only amounts to new deals are counted.

This is not good enough. The expectation is that the actual debt would be followed up diligently and the whole truth getting out there is important, to show what has to be done in order to put an end to corporate tax evasion, which on the scale that it is occurring in Australia, must be having a major impact on Australian society and the economy.

If money that is syphoned out overseas (acceptable under the present letter of the law) is taken into account, it would add at least another  $6 billion a year, to the amount of lost money. In comparison, the governments budget deficit is $33 billion.Recovering the taxes not paid would clean the slate in a few years. And this is far from the whole picture of  financial benefits corporations get from government.

Yet is is the budget deficit that provides the excuse for bullying through Centrelink, where the value of benefits were been cut last year by $5 billion. A broad range of...


Permaculture ideas: Visit to Nick's garden in October "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Nick has two gardens to show us, his first garden in Repton and his new garden in Repton. The first was on lower land and more humid and the second was on a hill and drier. We visited in October but what should have been early Spring was more like early Summer. Climate change is taking effect relentlessly.

Here is a link to Nick's site with descriptions of the plants he grows.

A Guide to Crops for the Bellinger Valley and their ... - ecoliving design

Nick says:

"The first garden is 20 years old with permaculture planning on a flat, alluvial site. It includes an owner built passive solar house, vegies, fruit trees, clumping bamboo and rainforest restoration. The other garden is 6 years old, on a hilltop close by but very different more windy, drier and with poorer soil. Climate change is making things tougher still, so Ive learnt a lot about water conservation and regenerative gardening."

Nick's first vegetable garden is in Zone 1. The drums contain compost tea.



Las Vegas Shooting: A Cryptic Note, Impossible Planted Rifle And Swipe Of A Key Card That Doesnt Add Up "IndyWatch Feed National"

There are holes galore over the official narrative of the Las Vegas shooting; even police are starting to admit that a single gunman could not have been responsible for the plot. 

Its way too sophisticated, far too many people died and were injured, while the motive hasnt been determined thus far. Too much doesnt add up.

It seems like every day we are given more questions than answers as evidence begins to drip out. Now a cryptic note with numbers has been disclosed by authorities.

It has almost been a week since one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history but investigators, journalists, and armchair investigators are all left confused by what transpired in Las Vegas.

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Schools to receive educational kits for Remembrance Day "IndyWatch Feed National"

Minister for Veterans Affairs Dan Tehan today announced that Australian schools would receive an educational kit in preparation for Remembrance Day on 11 November.

Mr Tehan said the educational kit would assist schools plan personal and respectful Remembrance Day activities.

On the 11th day of the 11th month the world marks the Armistice and the official end of First World War, Mr Tehan said.

The First World War had a profound impact on our country with so many Australians killed and wounded.

As a nation we must teach the next generation about the service and sacrifice of our ancestors as well the cost this country has paid defending its freedoms and values. Schools play an important role in ensuring the youngest members of our community have an understanding of Australias involvement in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

The educational kit will include a Remembrance Day commemorative poster, the 2018 DVA calendar, an educational resource and flyers promoting new online publications about Australian peacekeeping and the 2018 Anzac Day Schools Awards.

This years Remembrance Day poster will honour the significant contribution of Australian Peacekeepers over the last 70 years, Mr Tehan said.

A key part of this years educational resource is the sixth instalment in the Century of Service series which explores stories of Australians finding joy and laughter in simple pleasures like sport and music amongst the horrors of war.

Schools will receive the educational kit in October with resources also available to download via the DVA Anzac Portal.

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Hillary Clinton already "gives" 10% of her income to charity - Weinstein's donations will be part of that. #ClintonFoundation????? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hillary Clinton: I give ten percent of my income to charity every year, Weinstein's donations will be part of that Anderson Cooper 360 (@AC360) October 12, 2017 Peter Ford has Hillary nailed But that's not actually returning the money @AC360 It's just using that money as part of...


Morons and oxymorons of Unite the Right "IndyWatch Feed National"

Before the rally, the hate-group monitoring Southern Poverty Law Centre reported infighting amongst rally organisers, including members of one right-wing group who accused their leader of adultery in an attempt to undercut his authority. At a prior rally in Houston, Texas, a video showed a heated interaction between right-wing groups. It showed white supremacists attack an alt-right member who pleaded with his aggressors for common ground, What about the memes?!


The Mighty Has Fallen The Downing of a Movie Mogul "IndyWatch Feed National"

Harvey Weinstein (photo Variety)

by Dee McLachlan

For decades many people knew that Harvey Weinstein was using his Hollywood power in a predatory nature.

Why did it take so long for this to finally surface? Well, when youre God, and thats what Harvey was in Hollywood, it takes a little longer. Being in the film industry, and having lived in Los Angeles for about seven years, I am familiar with how the dice roll there. One break can lead to a million dollar career along with fame, and all that Hollywood offers. It is totally seductive in every way.

But careers can as easily be broken, too. Youve probably heard of the saying, Youll never work in this town again. So true. Asia Argento, an Italian film actress and director, did not speak out, until now, about how Weinstein forcibly performed oral sex on her, for fear that Harvey would crush her. To...


Island-hopping toxic toads threaten iconic Komodo dragons "IndyWatch Feed National"

On the islands of Wallacea, one of the worlds hottest biodiversity hotspots, a quiet yet deadly invasion is underway. The poisonous Asian common toads (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) journey from island to island has left a trail of dead native species in its wake. If this island-hopping is left unchecked it could lay waste to one of the worlds last remaining ecological gems and threaten iconic species like the Komodo dragon, warn scientists in a study published in Global Change Biology. Wallacea is a collection of thousands of islands that lie between the Asian mainland and Australia, including Indonesias Sulawesi, the Komodo islands and the Moluccas (or the Spice Islands). Around 40 percent of the birds and 65 percent of the amphibians of Wallacea are not found anywhere else, with some species found only on single islands, according to the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund. Most of the islands dont have native toads, says Sean Reilly, lead author of the study. Thats why the Asian common toads invasion is such a problem. The invasive toad is toxic, packing its poison into two glands behind its eyes; when pressure is applied to them, a thick, creamy goop oozes out. Native species that havent co-evolved with the toads can succumb to this poison pretty quickly, Reilly said. The Asian common toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) packs toxins in glands behind its eyes. It can be deadly to species that havent co-evolved with it. Photo courtesy of Franco Andreone. While conducting the study, Reilly and his team visited


Beyond Blue's GILLARD - same sex marriage vote has "enhanced" risk of depression and anxiety "IndyWatch Feed National"

.@BeyondBlue chair @JuliaGillard tells @Lisa_Wilkinson the very good reason she supports #marriageequality. HuffPost Australia (@HuffPostAU) October 10, 2017 The Australian has done a bit more research than the puff from the Huff Gillard gallops into same-sex marriage standoff Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Photo: David Swift The Australian...


MACKAY No bail for man accused of grievous bodily harm "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 12, 2017 at 07:00AM ,

No bail for man accused of grievous bodily harm

October 12, 2017 at 07:00AM ,

SPORTING a fractured left eye socket, Paul James Meier appeared in the dock of Mackay Magistrates Court facing two serious charges.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Druggie with tired legs steals mans car and puppy "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 12, 2017 at 05:07AM ,

Druggie with tired legs steals mans car and puppy

October 12, 2017 at 05:07AM ,

The 38-year-old former Moranbah man, who is now living in Western Australia, appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday via phone charged

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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$3m upgrade of Lismores Oakes Oval underway "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Page MP Kevin Hogan and Lismore mayor Isaac Smith with sports representatives Bleac Ablett, Qld State Auskick Manager, Jared Seiffert (Cricket NSW Development Manager Far North Coast), Philip Tsourlinis (Swans President Seniors), Ian Salkeld (Swans President Juniors). (supplied)

Page MP Kevin Hogan and Lismore mayor Isaac Smith with sports representatives Bleac Ablett, Qld State Auskick Manager, Jared Seiffert (Cricket NSW Development Manager Far North Coast), Philip Tsourlinis (Swans President Seniors), Ian Salkeld (Swans President Juniors). (supplied)

The rebuilding of Lismore continues with the first sod turned this morning on a $3 million upgrade of Oakes Oval, which is set to become the premier sporting facility in the region.

Page MP Kevin Hogan said the upgrade would include an extension to the grandstand roof, and an expanded playing area  which would make it suitable for AFL games, new change rooms and visitor amenities and a new electronic scoreboard.

The oval will be the same width of the Sydney Cricket Ground and only about one metre shorter. And like the SCG, the new larger Oakes Oval will be the perfect place to watch cricket in the summer and Aussie Rules in the winter, Mr Hogan said.

The Federal Government contributed $1.4 million to the Oakes Oval project, with the AFL, Lismore City Council and the Lismore Swans AFL matching the funds in cash or in-kind.

President of the Lismore Swans Aussie Rules Football Club Philip Tsourlinis said the upgrade is crucial for further growing Aussie Rules across the North Coast.

The redevelopment will be so critical in empowering our codes athletes on and off the field, he said.

It will provide our mens and womens teams, plus our juniors a facility we can call home where we can host games and create a truly wonderful game day experience for fans, members and most importantly our players.

We truly believe Lismore has a huge potential for Australian Rules Football.

With Womens AFL (AFLW) Australias fastest growing sport, we have a facility and a functioning football club who can help our women reach the AFLW dream. We are grateful for this opportunity.

Lismore mayor Isaac Smith said the Oval upgrade would boost prosperity in Lismore at a time when it was most needed.

Every building or construction project represents dollars flowing back into our city, he said.



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Remembering Ahmed Mazhar: The Knight of Egyptian Cinema
Ashraf Gharib
Sunday 8 Oct 2017

8 October marks the 100th birth anniversary of renowned Egyptian actor Ahmed Mazhar (1917-2002)

I was born on horseback! Ahmed Mazhar used to say to his friends and the media. When asked to explain this statement, he answered laughingly that his mother loved horse riding and that she felt labour pains whilst she was riding a horse, so she hurried to her house and shortly thereafter gave birth to Ahmed, on 8 October 1917, one hundred years ago.

Although this account isnt supported by logic, it revealed the profundity of Mazhar's relationship to horses. It fits marvellously as a key in understanding the personality of a man who didnt forsake chivalry in word or deed, in ethics and behaviour as well as in lifestyle. It became an original part of his psyche, to the extent that the word knight and Ahmed Mazhar became inseparable.

In the prime of his youth, Egypt was living the political turmoil of the 1940s and the 1950s. Mazhar believed that sacrificing his life was nothing for the sake of a principle or achieving an objective. He faced many moments of danger when a member of the group of General Aziz Al-Misri, one of the symbols of the nationalist struggle in the 1940s. Then he became a member of the Free Officers organisation, which mounted the July 1952 Revolution.

It was the knights ethics itself that prevented him benefitting from a historical event such as the July Revolution and not even attempting to exploit his friendship with the revolutions men. If he didnt have inner constraints, he would have amassed personal gains at a time when the military elite was controlling all the states key posts.

Even after leaving the armed forces for the sake of art, Mazhar always kept trying to prove that his was not a fleeting success, but he was capable of staying the course. This was confirmed in memorable roles, for the knight proved his impeccable capability to reach the highest pinnacles of appreciation and endearment.

The man was the star of Egyptian cinemas most important three historical films: Saladin (El Naser Salah El Dine), Oh My Islam and Al-Shaimaa. He was also the star of important and remarkable films....


Catalonia calls for talks to work towards independence "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Yesterday our time, Catalonias regional president Carles Puigdemont declared the intention to work for a negotiated road to independence, claiming a clear mandate from the overwhelming result of the yes vote at the referendum last week.

Despite a massive and brutal police crackdown to prevent the voting, 43 percent of those entitled to cast a ballot with 90 percent voting to break with Spain. This does not include the more than 750,000 ballot seized by the Civil Guard and National Police.

Spains national government, led by Mariano Rajoy has refused to recognise the vote, will not talk and is threatening more police action, arrests and the taking away of the limited autonomy that exists.

Catalonias quest to break away from Spain is rooted in its history and has been building a new momentum in recent years. In part this is fueled by a worsening economic climate, augmented by  the perception that Madrid is not prepared to even make a show of listening.

Another critical factor, is the demise in the standing of the traditional major parties. There is a palpable need for change across the whole of Spain and this includes Catalonia. While this is creating a climate for the rise of new politics, it is also driving the traditional parties into increasingly desperate measures to bolster their own positions, by doing all they can, to maintain the old order. The result is a kind of political bipartisanship that allows the Popular Party (sometimes also translated as the Peoples Party) to maintain a minority government, with de facto backing form the Socialist Party.

In the process, these two parties are sliding backwards, towards the political methods of the Francisco Franco dictatorship that came to an end in the 1970s. It relied on the iron fist to imposer its power. The current political elite are shifting towards the same method to impose theirs. This mindset lies behind the support of the Socialist Party for the heavy handed crackdown on the day of the referendum vote. It is supporting Madrids refusal to talk and declared that it would support Rajoys threats to escalate intervention, i...


Empirical Evidence That Free Markets Make People Nicer "IndyWatch Feed National"

Demonstrators marching marched through London protesting against the vote to leave the European Union, July 2016 (photo Niklas Hallem)

By Matt Ridley

[Editors note: this was published at on October 6, 2017. Ridley is a libertarian, a zoologist, and staunch supporter of Brexit.]

The ultimatum game is a fiendish invention of economists to test peoples selfishness. One player is asked to share a windfall of cash with another player [that is, to give him any part of it], but the entire windfall is cancelled if the second player rejects the offer.

How much should you share? When people from the Machiguenga tribe in Peru were asked to play this game, they behaved selfishly, wanting to share little of the windfall. Not far away, the Achuar in Ecuador were much more generous, offering almost half the money to the other player which is roughly how people in the developed world react.

What explains the difference? The Machiguenga are largely isolated from the world of mar...


Qld couple fined after their dog attacks Byron Shire woman "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


A German Shepherd dog, similar to the one pictured, attacked a woman on New Brighton Beach last month.

A German Shepherd dog, similar to the one pictured, attacked a woman on New Brighton Beach last month.

Byron Shire Council has fined a Queensland couple $1,600 after their German Shepherd dog attacked a woman running at New Brighton Beach last month.

The dog has also been declared a menacing dog, which means the owners must comply with a number of conditions such as keeping it muzzled while in public.

The councils community enforcement team tracked down the Queensland couple after a complaint by the 29-year-old woman who was attacked.

Byron Shire Councils Legal Services Coordinator, Ralph James, said there were two German Shepherds on the beach and one of them bit the woman on the buttocks.

When she told the owner he did not seem concerned and walked away, Mr James said.

This lady had several puncture wounds and scratches and was treated at the hospital for her injuries, he said.

Luckily a witness saw the incident and passed information onto police and Councils Community Enforcement Team who tracked down the two Queensland residents who admitted they had their dogs at New Brighton on the 29 September, he said.

The couple has been given five Penalty Infringement Notices totalling more than $1,600 and have been notified that the dog that attacked the woman will be declared menacing.

Under section 51 of the NSW Governments Companion Animals Act, the owner of a menacing dog must comply with certain control requirements including that the dog must be desexed and whilst on the property where it is ordinarily kept, must be enclosed in a manner that is sufficient to restrain the dog and prevent a child from having access to the dog.

When outside the property where the menacing dog is ordinarily kept, the dog must be under the control of a competent person by means of chain, cord or leash and must be muzzled in a manner that is sufficient to prevent it from biting any person or animal.

An owner of a menacing dog that does not comply with these requirements is guilty of an offence with a maximum penalty of $ 16,500. If the menacing dog attacks again (people or animals) the maximum penalty is $44,000, Mr James said.

I am very pleased Council staff were able to fine the owners...


The Chequered Past Of The Nobel Peace PrizE "IndyWatch Feed National"

  • The worlds most prestigious peace prize has a chequered history, and this weeks announcement did nothing to improve that, writes Rutaban Yameen.

What good can come from the Nobel Peace Prize? It was established from the deceased estate of Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite and whose fortunes came in part from making and selling arms.

Im sure many have pondered the contradictory origins of the Nobel Peace Prize. But this underpins its chequered past.

The Nobel Peace Prize has had its triumphs. From conferring the award to Martin Luther King Jr in 1964 to awarding various UN and human rights bodies for their ongoing humanitarian work, the Nobel Peace Prize has gotten it right on numerous occasions.

But the Nobel Committee seems a little disoriented these days. It is grasping at straws to save the Peace Prizes legitimacy.


Its a huge honour and came as quite a surprise, Asia-Pacific Director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Tim Wright told ABC News on October 6. He was beaming. Then he said, We knew that we had been nominated, but we really didnt expect that we would be awarded the [Nobel Peace] Prize.

ICAN successfully lobbied the UN General Assembly to adopt the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It was passed on July 7 with the support of 122 nations. The 69 nations that didnt vote included nuclear-weapon states like the US, Russia and China. NATO members, excluding the Netherlands, didnt vote either.

The Netherlands, the nation from which Nobel Committee members are comprised, voted against the Treaty. It has not been ratified by most member-states.

Haaretz Correspondent Anshel Pfeffer said that conferring the Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN, a rather low-profile and ineffectual organisation, showed the Nobel Committee was playing it safe.

I feel sorry for ICAN. I am equally perplexed by their naivet. They cant seem to see that theyre being used cynically by the Nobel Committee to shield their crumbling legitimacy in the face of mounting criticism from the international community.


Burmas symbol of freedom

Aung San Suu Kyi is a trending spectacle in her eloquent descent deep into the rabbit hole of apologising for crimes against humanity.

A black and white photo of her smiling at age 46 is featured in the list of Peace laureates on the...


Four Indigenous women make Jillaroos squad for rugby league world cup "IndyWatch Feed National"

FIVE Indigenous players are in the Australian Jillaroos squad of 24 that will defend the Womens Rugby League World Cup starting in Sydney on November 16. They are Caitlin Moran and Rebecca Young (North Newcastle) and Redfern All Blacks Nakia Davis-Welsh and Lavina OMealey. All four will be making their World Cup debuts in a squad that includes 16 World Cup debutants. The Jillaroos opening match will be against the Cook Islands at Endeavour Field, in Sydneys south. The Womens Rugby League World Cup is being played for the first time concurrently with the Mens World Cup and both finals on the same stage as a double-header in Brisbane on December 2.


CALL TO ACTION Secure the future of free-range farming! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why should small-scale pastured pork and poultry farms be treated like intensive sheds while cattle feedlots of 1000 cattle do not require a permit? The Victorian Government's proposed reforms to planning controls for animal industries  could mean the collapse of pastured pigs and poultry farms in Victoria.

We have until 14 November 2017 to be heard!

1. SIGN THE PETITION now to secure the future of free-range farming in Victoria!


Join us in demanding change by sharing a photo of your pastured poultry or pork operation and calling on ministers to support scale-appropriate planning controls that encourage rather than hinder regenerative and ethical farming in Victoria.

We demand that small-scale pastured pig and poultry farms be treated under the Farming Zone like other low-risk grazing systems that rely on supplemental feed such as the majority of Victorian beef and dairy cattle.

Use the following hashtags

#thisisnotintensive #thisisfarming #regenerativeag #pasturedpoultry #pasturedpigs #ethicalchicken #ethicalpork and don't forget to tag Jaala Pulford MP,...


Drunk ride on unregistered kids mini-bike costs man $3650 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A motorbike similar to the one a Nambucca Heads man was caught riding at Coraki.

A motorbike similar to the one a Nambucca Heads man was caught riding at Coraki.

When Tanner Jensen went riding along Short Street at Coraki on an August Saturday afternoon after a few drinks it probably didnt cross his mind that he could be fined thousands of dollars.

The 21-year-old failed to appear at Lismore Local court this week so Magistrate Karen Stafford applied section 196 of the Criminal Procedure Act in her ruling.

Police said Mr Jensen, of Bowraville, west of Nambucca Heads, was riding a Suzuki JR 80 mini-bike along Short Street about 3pm, without a helmet, when he was spotted by officers.

When police spoke to Mr Jensen they smelled alcohol on his breath and he was subjected to a roadside breath test which proved positive.

Mr Jensen was arrested and taken to the police station where officers searched him and found he was carrying a knife and 0.7 grams of cannabis.

At the police station Mr Jensen registered a mid-range blood alcohol reading of 0.106.

He was charged with using an unregistered motor vehicle on a road, using an uninsured motor vehicle on a road, mid-range PCA, custody of a knife in a public place, possessing a prohibited drug, motor bike rider not wearing a securely fitted approved helmet and driver never licensed.

Under Section 196 of the Criminal Procedure Act, Magistrate Stafford convicted Mr Jensen and found him guilty on all charges.

She ordered him to pay $3650 in fines, disqualified him from obtaining a licence for 12 months and ordered that the knife be destroyed.

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International videolink to be used in accommodation manager alleged fraud hearing "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

An international videolink between Lismore Local Court and Canada will be used this month in a hearing involving an accommodation manager accused of not paying for almost $6000 in advertising.

Belinda Catherine Nott is charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception after allegedly not paying for signage for Ballina Manor Motel and Wilsons College student accommodation at Lismore.

It is alleged Ms Nott made two false receipts to avoid paying Side Winder Advertising $5,720 for advertising signage made for the businesses.

From early 2015 to mid 2016 no payment was received by Side Winder Advertising, despite bills being sent quarterly and multiple reminders by both mail and email, police facts stated.

Ms Nott said she would deposit the money into Mr Watsons Commonwealth Bank account on On June 9, 2016, but he received nothing.

When Mr Watson spoke to Ms Nott on June 13, she said she deposited two amounts of $2,860 at Commonwealth Bank Lismore on June 9, and said she would produce receipts.

After Mr Watson requested the receipts, Ms Nott emailed him copies on June 17.

As the receipts appeared to be genuine, Mr Watson complained to the bank and records indicated there were no deposits at Lismore to his account on June 9.

Police were informed and on October 18, when Ms Nott was interviewed, she said she sent a former female employee to deposit the $5,720 at Commonwealth Bank, Lismore on June 9.

She claimed when Mr Watson didnt receive any money she lodged a complaint with the financial services ombudsman, police facts stated.

The former employee, who had since returned to her home country of Canada, was contacted by police. She said she had never been to Wilsons College and never did any banking for Ms Nott.

It is alleged Nott, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge, created false receipts by altering previous receipts.

This week Ms Nott was excused from appearing at Lismore Local Court but was represented by her solicitor Vince Boss.

Magistrate Karen Stafford noted that two videolinks with witnesses, including one with Canada, would be needed in a Local Court hearing set down for October 18.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Brett Gradisnik said it was the duty of the police to organise the videolinks.

Ms Nott remains on conditional bail until the hearing date.

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50,000 guns on the north coast: Greens "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Some of the guns and drugs seized during Strike Force Mitla in Lismore and Casino on Thursday (March 5). Photo NSW Police

Some of the guns and drugs seized during Strike Force Mitla in Lismore and Casino on Thursday (March 5). Photo NSW Police

The NSW Greens have claimed gun owners are amassing private arsenals, with 50,000 guns registered on the north coast alone.

Greens MP and Gun Control Spokesperson David Shoebridge said one person in Ballina owns 237 guns.

There are now 100 individuals across the state who own more than 70 guns, Mr Shoebridge said.

These gun owners are not collectors or arms dealers but private individuals who have been allowed to amass private arsenals.

This is because a loophole in NSWs gun laws allows private individuals to use the same reason to buy their 1st, 10th or 310th gun.

We need to close this loophole immediately, there is no good reason for a private individual to own hundreds of guns.

Mr Shoebridge said the  total number of guns in NSW had jumped by 65,000 in just two years.

There are now over 900,000 registered guns across the state and the North Coast has just over 50,000, he said.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge.

Fewer households own guns, but ownership has become more concentrated.

It is inevitable that some of these private arsenals will end up in the hands of criminals.

Just last week 15 guns were stolen from a property in Hunter.

If this trend is allowed to continue NSW will have over one million registered guns wi...


Springvale coalmine laws passed "IndyWatch Feed National"

The new laws will allow the mine to continue supplying the Mount Piper power station.

The new laws will allow the mine to continue supplying the Mount Piper power station.

The NSW government has passed laws to keep a controversial coalmine open, but the opposition says the legislation significantly weakens protection of Sydneys drinking water.

Legislation keeping Springvale coalmine, near Lithgow, in operation was passed in the state upper house late on Wednesday night.

It allows the mine to continue despite the NSW Supreme Court in August ruling against an extension because of the amount of waste water the project produces.

While Labor supported keeping the mine open, as it extracts coal used to produce 11 per cent of the states electricity, it said the governments legislation acted as a trojan horse, with aspects of the bill eroding environmental protection laws.

Theyre using the potential threat to the states electricity supply to then overreach and reduce important protections to the Sydney water catchment, opposition energy spokesman Adam Searle told AAP.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says the legislation already provides sufficient safeguards.

Those protections are there already and that was the premise by which I gave my support to the legislation, Ms Berejiklian said on Wednesday.

For me, a condition of supporting the legislation was maintaining water quality. That is a key priority for our government.

Energy Minister Don Harwin says the new laws will allow the mine to continue supplying the Mount Piper power station, putting downward pressure on wholesale electricity prices, and avoiding possible blackouts.

Centennial Coal says the approval will secure more than 600 jobs in Lithgow.

But the NSW Greens have accused the government of succumbing to pressure from coal and energy companies and sidestepping the courts.

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Fighter jets, navy ship data hacked "IndyWatch Feed National"

Two C-130J Hercules from No. 37 Squadron fly in formation towards Sydney Harbour. Photo Veronica McKenna

Two C-130J Hercules from No. 37 Squadron fly in formation towards Sydney Harbour. Photo Veronica McKenna

Top secret technical information about new fighter jets, navy vessels, and surveillance aircraft has been stolen from an Australian defence contractor.

Dan Tehan, the minister in charge of cyber security, on Tuesday confirmed the hacking of an unnamed contractor but did not reveal specific details.

Australian Signals Directorate incident response manager Mitchell Clarke told a conference in Sydney on Wednesday the hackers targeted a small mum and dad type business an aerospace engineering company with about 50 employees in July last year.

He said the firm was subcontracted four levels down from defence contracts.

The compromise was extensive and extreme, Mr Clarke told the Australian Information Security Association national conference in audio obtained by a freelance journalist called Stilgherrian.

It included information on the (F-35) Joint Strike Fighter, C130 (Hercules aircraft), the P-8 Poseidon (surveillance aircraft), joint direct attack munition (JDAM smart bomb kits) and a few naval vessels.

Mr Clarke said the information hacked on the new Navy ships included a diagram in which you could zoom in down to the captains chair and see that it was one metre away from the navigation chair.

Mr Clarke described the security breach as sloppy admin.

He said the organisation only had one IT person.

The Australian Signals Directorate dubbed the hacker ALF, after a character in TV soap opera Home and Away.

An Australian Cyber Security Centre spokesperson said the information released by the ASD staffer, who works for the centre, was commercially sensitive but unclassified.

While the Australian company is a national-security linked contractor and the information disclosed was commercially sensitive, it was unclassified, they said in a statement on Wednesday evening.

The government does not intend to discuss further the details of this cyber i...


Stand up to Abbott, Hewson tells PM "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former prime minister Tony Abbott. AAP Image/David Moir

Former prime minister Tony Abbott. AAP Image/David Moir

Malcolm Turnbull is being told to stand up to Tony Abbott by former Liberal leader John Hewson.

Dr Hewson believes the prime minister should call out his predecessor especially over energy policy, which Mr Abbott focused on during a speech in London this week.

How long do you want to sit back and be beaten up, because thats what (Mr) Abbotts doing, he told Fairfax Media on Thursday.

Mr Turnbull should draw a line in the sand in adopting a progressive clean energy target, in the full knowledge that Mr Abbott would fight back, he said.

Dr Hewson thinks Mr Abbott would make a bit of noise and there would be a few that would back him, but ultimately voters would appreciate the prime minister standing up for his beliefs.

Its time for Malcolm to just take a stand and I think the electorate is looking for him to show leadership on so many issues, he said.

Asked whether he values or appreciates Mr Abbotts public interventions on climate policy, Treasurer Scott Morrison refused to comment.

I make decisions in government. I dont commentate on my colleagues, he told ABC TV.

Colleagues are free to say what they say.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham also batted away the question.

I bet your viewers care more about their electricity bills than Tony Abbott, he told Nine.

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Spain gives Catalonia eight days to decide "IndyWatch Feed National"

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has given the Catalan government eight days to drop an independence bid, failing which he would suspend Catalonias political autonomy and rule the region directly.

His move could deepen the confrontation between Madrid and the northeastern region but also signals a way out of Spains biggest political crisis since a failed military coup in 1981.

Rajoy would probably call a snap regional election after activating Article 155 of the constitution that would allow him to sack the Catalan regional government.

Puigdemont issued a symbolic declaration of independence from Spain on Tuesday night but then immediately suspended it and called for negotiations with the Madrid government.

The cabinet has agreed this morning to formally request the Catalan government to confirm whether it has declared the independence of Catalonia, regardless of the deliberate confusion created over its implementation, Rajoy said in a televised address on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting called to consider the governments response.

He later told Spains parliament the Catalan government had until Monday, October 16 at 0800 GMT to answer.

If Puigdemont was to confirm he did declare independence, he would be given an additional three days to rectify it, until Thursday at 0800 GMT.

Failing this, Article 155 would be triggered.

It is not yet clear if the Catalan government will answer the requirement but it now faces a conundrum, analysts say.

If Puigdemont says he did proclaim independence, the central government will step in.

If he says he did not declare it, then far-left party CUP would probably withdraw its support for his minority government.

Rajoy has two objectives: if Puigdemont remains ambiguous, the pro-independence movement will get more fragmented; if Puigdemont insists on defending independence then Rajoy will be able to apply Article 155, said Antonio Barroso, deputy director of the London-based research firm Teneo Intelligence.

Either way, Rajoys aim would be to first restore the rule of law in Catalonia and this could at some point lead to early elections in the region.

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Downe Town "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


The exuberant & irrepressibly polyester Mr Bob Downe returns to the Brunswick Picture House for two very fabulous shows this week!

Why have you decided to come back to the Picture House?

Because I adore it. Brett, Chris and the gang have created something so special out of a beloved Bruns landmark. It also happens to be an incredible cabaret venue and the local audiences are wonderful and supportive.

If Bob had 10 minutes with Donald Trump what would he tell him?

First of all Id demand my hair back. Bitch stole my look! Then Id nut him just like that dude in Hobart with Tony Abbott.

Is it a coincidence that you both have similar hair?

Ive always been a fashion leader, lets face it.

Whats Bobs take on turmeric?

I think hes a terrific tennis player who just has a bad attitude, thats all. Leave Bernard alone!

Why do you think the world is still in love with Bob Downe?

Maybe coz Im still in love with the world just?

Whats Bobs daily beauty regimen? I mean he doesnt age?

I sleep in a 44-gallon drum of Aveeno.

Most memorable onstage experience?

Doing the 1995 Royal Variety Performance in the presence of the Queen and Phil the Greek! She was so nice to me in the lineup afterwards she asked if she could see a valid work permit.

Ever had a wardrobe malfunction? Tell me about it.

Lismore City Hall a few years back! I had my second costume underneath my Pepsi Max tracksuit and owing to an ancient elastic waistband, my track pants slipped down during the opening number and with the polyester pants underneath I didnt notice it Awks!

Where does the Prince of Polyester find his threads?

In and around San Francisco, which has the greatest concentration of retro clothing stores in the known universe. And of course 1960s and 70s California was peak polyester!

What should we expect for your upcoming show at the Picture House?

The usual load of camp old nonsense as my mate Julian Clary so kindly described it and the odd surprise!

Friday and Saturday at the B...


Belongil Creek dredging in accordance with licence conditions "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The recently dredged mouth of Belongil Creek. Photo Max Johnston

The recently dredged mouth of Belongil Creek. Photo Max Johnston

Dredging of the mouth of Belongil Creek, undertaken this week by Byron Shire Council, was carried out in strict accordance with licence conditions imposed by the NSW Government, councils director of infrastructure services, Phil Holloway, has told Echonetdaily.

Council this week used an excavator to remove sand from the mouth that had closed due to low rainfall.

Mr Holloway said that Byron Shire Council has a licence from the NSW Government to do the work as a way of minimising the flood risk to Byron Bay should there be heavy rain or significant weather events.

He added that this type of work at the mouth of Belongil Creek has been done for many years and is carried out as needed, sometimes several times a year, depending on the amount of rain received.

When it rains regularly excavation is not generally required, but when it hasnt rained much, as has been the case recently, sand build up blocks the entrance, Mr Holloway said.

When it rains heavily, or for long periods, Belongil Creek carries a lot of stormwater and if the entrance to the creek is blocked water will not be able to escape, potentially flooding properties in Byron Bay.

When the water level in the creek reaches a certain point, and rain or storms are predicted, the council will organise equipment to open the creek to the ocean and this is what happened.

Nesting shorebirds

Mr Holloway was responding to concerns expressed by Echonetdaily reader Max Johnston that the work may have impacted on nesting shorebirds.

But Mr Holloway said this was not the case.

Council, and the NSW Government recognise the sensitive environment in that area and work is carried out in strict accordance with licence conditions.

We locate the exact alignment using GPS to ensure the opening is between the important shorebird habitat and the erosion-prone land at Elements, Mr Holloway said.

The excavator and staff are on the beach several hours before the high tide digging a trench to the ocean but the final opening is not made until just before low tide to make sure the water flowin...


Is Byron Council ignoring its own parking strategy? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The angst over Brunswick Heads paid parking continues to gather pace, with claims from the towns chamber of commerce that mayor Simon Richardson has rejected their request to follow Councils own parking strategy, which was to change the parking layout first and only consider paid parking down the track if supported by hard data.

Councils general manager Ken Gainger suggested paid parking could generate $900,000 per annum for the town. Council is seeking feedback on the proposal at here.

President of Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce Zac Tooth says, Everyone is very angry at the way Council is attempting to impose paid parking on their village.

Threatened with a significant downturn in trade if paid parking is introduced, they are facing the fight of their lives, Tooth claims. 

Of our businesses, 23.6 per cent are sole traders and most couldnt withstand a significant drop in trade. The remaining businesses employ more than 900 locals between them, so we are talking about a dramatic impact, he says.

But they have taken heart with the successful campaigns in other towns, including some where Council has installed meters only to remove them, says Tooth.

Coogee Beach, Bondis smaller cousin, is similar in many ways to Brunswick Heads, with local trade during the week and busy visitor-dominated weekends. In 2005, the Coogee community fought a hard campaign against Randwick Council and won. As a result, paid parking was not introduced and effective timed parking prevails. 

In 2015, Yarraville Council backtracked on their decision to install parking meters and commissioned a study to gauge the effect of paid parking on small businesses. Results confirmed there was a 540 per cent drop in trade.

Despite strong opposition, meters were installed in Henley Beach in South Australia, and people stayed away in droves. The backlash against council was so strong that the meters were taken away a costly exercise for their council.

Councils own independent Parking Strategy did not recommend the introduction of paid parking. Why are councillors going against their own advice?

It seems to have come down to money, but it is hard to believe the promise that this money be will all be spent on Bruns. And anyway, the services that are suggested to be funded are ones that Council should...


Media Attacks Republican Candidate For Congress For Asking Hard Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media Attacks Republican Candidate For Congress For Asking Hard Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting | Mandalay-Bay-Photo-from-Wikipedia1 | False Flags Mainstream Media Politics Propaganda Special Interests

I didnt expect that I would be getting the Trump treatment this early in the campaign.  Last week, I wrote an article about the Las Vegas shooting that posed 16 questions that I did not feel were being addressed by the mainstream media adequately enough.  That article was picked up by Zero Hedge, and it has now been read more than 1.6 million times.  All along, I have never claimed to know exactly what happened in Las Vegas.  But I feel very strongly that there is nothing wrong with asking questions.  In the old days, that is what real journalists would actually do.  Unfortunately, the art of critical thinking has almost entirely disappeared from the field of journalism, and so it is up to us in the alternative media to ask the hard questions that professional journalists used to pursue.

The emails have been pouring in from many others that also have serious questions about what happened in Las Vegas, but according to the Idaho Statesman, it was improper for me to ever raise any of these questions at all



BBFF Closing Red Carpet Gala RUMBLE "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The story of a profound, essential, and, until now, missing chapter in the history of American music: the Indigenous influence.

RUMBLE explores how the Native American influence is an integral part of music history, despite attempts to ban, censor, and erase Indian culture in the United States.

RUMBLE shows how Indigenous music was part of the very fabric of American popular music from the beginning, but that the Native American contribution was left out of the story until now.

RUMBLE screens at the Byron Bay Film Festival, Saturday 14 October, Byron Community Theatre, 6:45pm

Learn more and buy tickets here.

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Even If Trumps Threat Against NBC Isnt Serious, Its Still Destructive "IndyWatch Feed National"

After NBC ran an article maintaining that the president had asked for the nuclear arsenal to be increased tenfold, Donald Trump, as is his wont, tweeted:

The answer, of course, is that its never appropriate for a person sworn to defend the Constitution to threaten to shut down speech. Not even if that speech irritates him, or undermines his political priorities, or happens to be genuinely fake news. Trump might have framed his contention in the form of a question, but hes clearly comfortable with regulatory restrictions on speech. This puts in him league with those who support fairness doctrines, those who want to overturn the Citizens United decision, and so on.

When I tweeted critical comments about Trumps license idea, a follower accused of me practicing literal-ism. This is not new. As you know, were not supposed to take everything Trump says seriously. Sure, its more than likely the presidents threat is nothing more than bluster. There is less of a chance that hell challenge the licenses of networks whatever that means; networks dont function on licensing tied to the veracity of their reporting, obviously than there is of the GOP passing any meaningful bill. Its just more fuel for the corrupt symbiotic relationship between the president and the establishment media. Each side can now preen for a cycle.

But none of this changes the fact that presidents do have the power to undermine your privacy and destroy your life over free expression. It doesnt change the fact that when presidents play around with authoritarian ideas for political gain, a faction of Americans always a different faction, depending on who is doing the speaking are either comfortable hearing it or offer rationalizations for it. All the while we continue to abandon neutral principles for political gain. This is especially true on the issue of speech.

A forthcoming Cato Institute poll not only found that 50 percent of Democrats believe government should prevent peo.....


The Vegas Shooting Massacre- Big Picture For Dummies (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Vegas Shooting Massacre- Big Picture For Dummies (VIDEO) | las-vegas-shooting1 | False Flags Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News


This week I focus the discussion exclusively on the October 1st 2017 Las Vegas shooting massacre in which 50+ people lost their lives and hundreds were injured. My goal in this podcast is not to analyze every detail of the event and get buried in a vast amount of conflicting information but to instead apply the simplest form of logic and reason that most readily fits into the easily-recognized unfolding big picture in America today. What YOU think that big picture is then becomes the critical question only you can answer. This podcast is dedicated to helping others see what that big picture entails.

Stepping back and applying this simplified view of the overall picture will allow us to easily put the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting of October 1, 2017 into proper perspective and this will free our minds from readily available TMI (too much information) which leads to confusion, fear and learned helplessness.

Understanding and staying focused on the big picture will thus not only lead to clarity regarding current day Gladio-style events which aim to destabilize America and spread fear and civil unrest but this focus and clarity will save mental energy which will in turn promote mental wellness and even allow you to be a light and source of comfort unto others as times get worse moving forward in America. And yes, times will get much worse here in America because we are in the beginning stages of a history coup detat and overthrow of America including Patriots, Conservatism and all Western values. Stay tuned.


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