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Thursday, 07 December


Germany: SPD set to tackle grand coalition conundrum at party conference "IndyWatch Feed National"

Germanys Social Democrats face a dilemma. Should they form another grand coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkels conservatives? Many in the party are skeptical. A conference in Berlin is supposed to provide answers.

Sign for the SPD (Getty Images/M. Hitij)

The center-left Social Democrats (SPD) had been eagerly settling into their new role as Germanys largest opposition party. They had suffered a bitter defeat at the polls in Septembers national elections, and party leaders wanted to regroup outside of government. But the failure of exploratory coalition talks between Chancellor Angela Merkels conservative Christian Democrats (CDU), their Bavarian sister party the Christian Social Union (CSU), the business-friendly Free Democrats (FDP) and the Greens have thrust the SPD back into the spotlight.

Will they once again join Merkel as junior partners in a so-called grand coalition? It is the question SPD members are set to address Thursday at their party conference in Berlin. If they did, they would have a stable parliamentary majority, but many fear that it could also be the beginning of the end of the party.

Coalition conundrum

The SPD has already swallowed that bitter pill twice: They governed with the CDU/CSU from 2005 until 2009 and subsequently lost a huge number of votes during the next national election. Nevertheless, the Social Democrats tried their luck again in 2013, and voters were unforgiving: In this Septembers national elections, the SPD won 20.5 percent of the vote, the worst electoral showing in the partys 154-year history. It was a shock for the once-proud peoples party, which will now be meeting for the first time since the election.


MACKAY Update: Armed robbery charges, Coningsby and Beaconsfield "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY December 07, 2017 at 09:37AM ,

Update: Armed robbery charges, Coningsby and Beaconsfield

December 07, 2017 at 09:37AM ,

A 26-year-old Slade Point man has since been arrested and charged with two counts of armed robbery and is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court today (December 7). If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Marsupial lion fossil discovery in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Wakaleo schouteni, the new species of marsupial lion lived in Australia around 19 million years ago. Peter Schouten, Journal of Systematic Palaeontology

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Extinct kangaroo-like lion discovered in Australia

Fossil of dog-sized 19 million year-old marsupial reveals new insights into family tree of these ancient creatures

Josh Gabbatiss, Science Correspondent

Thursday 7 December 2017 01:14 GMT

The fossilised remains of a new species of marsupial lion have been found in Australia.

The predatory creature, named Wakaleo schouteni, is a relative of modern marsupials mammals like kangaroos and koalas that keep their young in pouches.

It is also closely related to the last surviving species of marsupial lion, Thylacoleo carnifex, which had enormous dagger-like fangs and the strongest bite of any known mammal species.

Though that species survived until around 30,000 years ago, it is thought that the arrival of humans in Australia may be linked to its demise.

This new lion is considerably more ancient. The scientists who discovered it estimate that it has been extinct for at least 19 million years.

It is also considerably smaller. While at 130 kg the larger marsupial lions could have been a real threat to our ancestors, this new species is around the size of a dog, weighing around 23 kg.



Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce confirms marriage split "IndyWatch Feed National"

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce confirms marriage split

BARNABY Joyce has confirmed he has separated from his wife after rumours contributed to a dirty election campaign in New England.

Claire Bickers
News Corp Australia Network
DECEMBER 7, 2017

Barnaby Joyce confirms his separation in Parliament

BARNABY Joyce has confirmed he has separated from his wife after rumours surrounding the split contributed to a dirty election campaign in New England.

It was an almost casual mention when the Deputy Prime Minister today confirmed the rumours.

I acknowledge that Im currently separated, so thats on the record, Mr Joyce told Parliament.

He was joining the same-sex marriage debate and touching on the special relationship of wedlock.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has told Parliament he and wife Natalie have separated.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has told Parliament he and wife Natalie have separated.Source:Supplied

It seemed he felt he had to explain his own broken relationship in the process.

I didnt come to this debate pretending to be a saint, he said.



Barnaby Joyce Australian Deputy Prime Minister- details of his office affair that have led to his marriage demise "IndyWatch Feed National"

True Crime News Weekly blog-


Barnaby Joyce Feature Pic

EXCLUSIVE: Embattled Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, has been conducting a clandestine sexual affair with a female staffer for up to 10 months this year while at the same time grandiosely lecturing the Australian public about how gay people wanting to get married threatens the institution of marriage.

Mr Joyce who is the leader of the Nationals party and has been Deputy PM since February 2016 has been loudly vocal throughout his political career about supporting traditional family values and hasnt been shy about foisting his conservative...



Ships passing "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Analysis by SQM Research reported that nationally stock listings in November 2017 were about 4 per cent lower than a year ago at 334,594. 

In Sydney, however, following nearly five years of depressed listing numbers, the market has tilted back into the balance. 

At 33,046, listings were some 20 per cent higher than a year earlier in the harbour city.

Melbourne, on the other hand, continued to tighten, with listings falling another 10 per cent in the other direction over the past year, to a near-identical figure of 33,070.

Ships passing in the night, you might say. 

Continuing the nautical theme, though it might have the proverbial turning turning circle of the QE2, slowly but surely the storm clouds are clearing in Perth, and listings are about 5 per cent lower than a year earlier.

Not exactly full steam ahead; showers ahoy, maybe.

Hobart saw a fair monthly increase in listings to back above 2,450.

But the Tasmanian capital remains an extraordinarily tight market, with stock listings a punishing 28 per cent lower than a year earlier, being down from 3,402 in November 2016, and this has been reflected in sharply rising house prices.

A mixed picture overall,....


Juanita Broaddrick's comments on being excluded from Time Magazine's #MeToo piece "IndyWatch Feed National"

Time magazine asked to interview me re: #metoo movement. The comments I gave were deemed of no value. I'd like to know why. Could it be I didn't fit in their liberal victim mold. @TIME Juanita Broaddrick (@atensnut) December 7, 2017 Juanita Broaddrick (born c. 1943) birth name...


Sheik Shady, The Mufti, Australia's Imams and the entire Muslim community (it's in the press release) condemn Trump, the US and recognition of Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is a bit rich from the Muhammad-come-lately boys. Jerusalem has been run as The Jews HQ for about 3000 years. Muhammad came on the scene almost 2,000 years later. President Trump is only recognising a historical truth. As always in the Israel v Islam Survivor series - if the...


6 of the best cheap gigs to see in Sydney this month "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Hey, you like music right? What about seeing live music? Well, what about cheap live music? Yeah, we know, it almost sounds too good to be true, but bear with us as we tell you that its not just some impossible dream, its actually a very real possibility that we can help you realise.

To celebrate Bec Sandridges free gig at the Clovelly Hotel this weekend, weve decided to take a look at the ol gig guide and let you know about some of the best gigs in Sydney this month that wont break the bank.

Bec Sandridge

One of finest musicians in Australia right now, Bec Sandridge has been turning heads wherever she goes thanks to her gorgeous voice, and penchant for writing some downright brilliant songs. Having recently released the new single Ill Never Want A BF, Bec is doing big things, and music fans are absolutely loving it.

This Sunday, Bec Sandridge is heading to the Clovelly Hotel in Sydney to perform at the penultimate concert in the venues brilliant She Sessions. Having recently featured the likes of Asta, Ali Barter, and Tigertown, these gigs have been one of the best ways to spend a lazy Sunday arvo. The best part? Its completely free! So make sure you head along to the Clovelly Hotel this weekend for one of the best free gigs that youll find anywhere.

Boo Seeka

Boo Seeka have been capturing the hearts and minds of Aussie music fans for a couple of years now with their slick, sweet sounds. Now, with a debut album under their belt, the band have been hitting the road and showing fans what theyre all about. Thursday, December 14th sees Boo Seeka hitting up the Manning Bar for what is sure to be one night you wont want to forget.


Having formed five years ago, Oslow have spent the last few years making a name for themselves as one of the hardest-working, most intense punk bands that youll ever see. Amazingly, despite their reputation among indie circles as one of the finest bands on the circuit, you can still sneak your way into an Oslow show for a tenner and some change thats the sort of price youll be telling your kids about when you regale them of tales of your concert-going youth. Be sure to catch them at Marrickville...


Barnaby Joyce confirms his separation from wife Natalie "IndyWatch Feed National"

You'd not meet a lovelier person than Natalie Joyce. I'm very sorry and sad for the Joyce family. Barnaby Joyce separates from wife Natalie Claire Bickers, News Corp Australia Network 2-3 minutes BARNABY Joyce has confirmed he has separated from his wife after rumours surrounding the split contributed to a...


Another BBC report on Iraqi Jews omits the Farhud "IndyWatch Feed National"

The December 3rd edition of the BBC Radio 4 religious affairs programme Sunday included an item (from 16:05 here) described as follows in the synopsis:

The story of what happened to the last Jews of Iraq is the subject of a new documentary Remember Baghdad. Edward talks to David Dangoor about his great grandfather who was a former Chief Rabbi of Baghdad.

However, as was the case in a previous BBC World Service radio item on the same topic, listeners expecting to get an answer to the question of what happened to the ancient Iraqi Jewish community would have been disappointed. Presenter Edward Stourton introduced the item:

Stourton: The story of the last Jews of Baghdad is told in the documentary which is being screened in selected cinemas from tomorrow to mark the 100th anniversary of Britains seizing control of the city. It was one of the great world centres of Judaism from the days of Nebuchadnezzar right up to the 1940s and 50s. The f...


Centre Wants to Curb Peoples Power to Seek Information, Allege RTI Activists "IndyWatch Feed National"

Union minister Jitendra Singhs suggestion that only those linked with an issue should be allowed to file an RTI application on it is being seen as an attempt to stifle the transparency movement.

Union minister Jitendra Singh. Credit: PTI

Union minister Jitendra Singh. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: Union minister Jitendra Singhs suggestion at the annual convention of the Central Information Commission on Wednesday (December 6) that a person who files an application under the Right to Information Act must have a connection with the issue has not gone down well with activists, who see the move as another attempt by the Centre to muzzle the information and transparency movement.

Speaking at the event held at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi, Singh suggested several ways of reducing the number of pending cases in the commission. To reduce pendency we can also devise a mechanism. Most of our information is already available on public domain, then why file an RTI. Many a times even Appointments Committee of the Cabinet orders have been put on the website even before they have reached the officer. Secondly, we can reduce at least those RTIs for which the answers have already been furnished. A former CIC said there are 36,000 RTIs that were pending, I said there were 36,003 as three had been filed about his appointment.

But what has irked the activists is his attempt at toying with the central theme of the RTI. Singh said in his speech that we should try to respect the spirit with which this law has been brought in instead of making it a nuisance. Maybe we should have a mechanism that if an RTI is filed, the person filing it should have something to do with the...


Marriage Equality finally arrives in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


History is made as Australia says YES to marriage equality "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Parliament has today made marriage equality a reality for all Australians. The Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill has passed the Lower House following a week of debate.

Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre and Co-Chair of the Equality Campaign, said this was a great win for equality.

This is a historic day for the LGBTI community. A day where we saw equality, fairness and love win. A day when LGBTI couples in Australia were finally treated with the same dignity and respect when it comes to who they love. There will be joy and celebration in the new year as LGBTI couples all over Australia stand in front of their friends and families and say I do, said Ms Brown.

The Human Rights Law Centre were proud to play a pivotal role in ensuring the passage of the legislation to deliver marriage equality.

Lee Carnie, Lawyer with the Human Rights Law Centre, said it was a day of celebration for all who worked towards removing this discrimination against LGBTI Australians.

This victory is the culmination of more than a decades work by supporters of equality. Each and every person who has campaigned for equality, each Australian that stood up and voted yes, and, today, every member of Parliament from every major political party that voted in favour of equality, fairness and love, said Lee Carnie.

During the debate in the House of Representatives a raft of amendments were proposed which would have wound back existing discrimination protections for LGBTI Australians. The Bill passed unchanged.

LGBTI members from all major parties lead the charge on this debate. Our supporters in Parliament stared down efforts by religious conservatives to introduce new forms of discrimination against LGBTI people. When Australia voted yes, it was a yes for true equality for all Australians and not a licence to increase discrimination, said Ms Brown.

The world was watching our Parliament closely today. This day will be remembered as the day when Parliament said to LGBTI people that their love and relationships are not lesser than anyone else's. The LGBTI community has a long history of asserting and protecting our rights with resilience, and pride. From Stonewall, to Mardi Gras, today can now be added to the list of times when our community changed history, said Ms Brown.

For interviews or further information please call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519


MACKAY BREAKING: Detectives arrest man over Mackay armed robberies "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY December 07, 2017 at 10:43AM ,

BREAKING: Detectives arrest man over Mackay armed robberies

December 07, 2017 at 10:43AM ,

No one was physically injured during either incident. A 26-year-old Slade Point man has since been arrested and charged with two counts of armed robbery and is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court today. Topics: armed robbery mackay court mackay crime mackay police screwdriver.

, ,

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Fair Australia literary prize "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the last months, Ive been a judge on a great literary prize, Fair Australia, organised by Overland magazine:

What does a fairer world look like, and how do we get there? The Fair Australia Prize asks writers and artists to engage with these questions and imagine a new political agenda for Australia through fiction, essays, poetry, cartoons and art.

Many thanks to the 2017 judges Michalia Arathimos, Jennifer Down, Emma Kerin, Antony Loewenstein, Godfrey Moase, Jacinda Woodhead, Ellen van Neerven, Toby Fitch, Carina Garland, Sam Wallman, Cathy Wilcox and Sam Davis and to all the writers and artists who submitted entries this year. Note: the competition will reopen in 2018.

Overland, the National Union of Workers, the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, and the National Tertiary Education Union (VIC) are very pleased to announce the winning entries of this years prize, which will be published in Overlands final edition of the year, to be launched Monday 11 December in Melbourne.

The fine winner of the essay section that I co-judged:

Aussie Albert

A snapshot of Albert Namatjira is a window into the injustices befalling Indigenous Australians, who are still denied a voice in determining their destiny in contemporary Australia.

Julian Bull studied natural resources management and landscape architecture at the Universities of Adelaide and Melbourne. His numerous articles on landscape architecture, urban design and art have been published in Australia and overseas.


ABC puts Benjamin "hate-f*ck Andrew Hastie" Law on Radio National for a "sophisticated analysis of our culture" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Radio National yesterday announced its lineup for next year. It includes Benjamin Law who'll be doing this: On Fridays, The Hub will present Stop Everything!, Beverley Wang, Benjamin Law and Dr Lauren Rosewarnes savvy, critical take on popular culture. Their conversations will be a sophisticated analysis of what our cultural...


Does the Push for Mass Vaccination Point Toward a Staged Bioterror Event? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Weve seen the signs. Ive been highlighting them. The infamous childhood mandatory vaccination law in California. Other states that are considering similar bills.

The lunatic push in Australia to outlaw medical exemptions from vaccination. The all-out campaign in the press, in various countries, to stigmatize people who defect from official truth about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

On a larger stage, over the past 20 years, weve seen the promotion of fake pandemics demanding universal vaccination to ward off millions of deaths: SARS, West Nile, Swine Flu, smallpox, etc. All duds.

Now we have the boggling case of the University of Massachusetts, where two supposed instances of meningitis have triggered an immediate campaign (video 1, video 2) to vaccinate all 20,000 students against meningococcal B meningitis.

Read Entire Article


Is Cognitive Training the Answer for Dementia? "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Dr. Mercola

Could computer-based cognitive training reduce your risk for dementia? According to recent research, it might. The study, said to be the first-ever randomized controlled trial to demonstrate an intervention effective at reducing dementia risk, found a specially developed brain exercise program lowered the risk by 29 percent over the course of 10 years.1,2,3,4,5

The research was led by Dr. Michael Merzenich, professor emeritus at the University of California, who has pioneered research in brain plasticity for more than 30 years. I've included my previous interview with him, in which he discusses these principles, for your convenience. With regard to this latest study, The Guardian writes:6

"The training was designed to speed up people's visual information processing, for example by having them spot a car on a screen, and a truck on the periphery of their vision, at the same time. Those who are claimed to have benefited trained for an hour, twice a week, for five weeks, and some went on to have booster sessions at the end of the first and third years."

Too Early to Tell if Brain Training Is Effective Form of Prevention

The participants' cognitive ability was evaluated after the first six weeks, and again one, two, three, five and 10 years later. Participants who received memory training or reasoning training did not experience the same beneficial results. The benefit really appears to be limited to training that targets processing speed.

As noted by lead researcher, psychiatrist Jerri Edwards, "We need to further delineate what makes some computerized cognitive training effective, while other types are not." While the results are encouraging, the study does have its limitations. Science Alert explains:7  

"First off, t...


"Still And All..." "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Still and all, why bother? Heres my answer. Many people need 
desperately to receive this message: 'I feel and think much as you do, 
care about many of the things you care about, 
although most people do not care about them. 
You are not alone.
 - Kurt Vonnegut


SAY ANYTHING "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"



The day Australian pop-punk fans have been yearning for has finally arrived, as heroes and defenders of the genre SAY ANYTHING announce the Australian leg of their In Defense Anniversary Tour, celebrating 10 years of their seminal album In Defense Of The Genre. It will be the Los Angeles based outfits first visit to Australian shores in 4 years, and this time around theyre pulling no punches.
The band have locked in two nights in each Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, playing three classic albums across the nights. The first night will see the band perform  Is A Real Boy and In Defense Of The Genre Disc 1, while on the second, they will be performing Self Titled and In Defense Of The Genre Disc 2.

Relive classics like Shiksa (Girlfriend) from Say Anythings In Defense Of The Genre

On the upcoming tour, vocalist Max Bemis says, Well, this should be the most epic series of shows weve ever put on in terms of the legacy of our early work. I predict all-out catharsis in these intimate settings and an awesome experience losing myself in the narrative of each of these albums played in their entirety.

Sing along to all the words of Hate Everyone from Self Titled



SUNDAY 25 FEB  Max Watts, Melbourne (Performing Is A Real Boy + In Defense Disc 1) 18+
MONDAY 26 FEB Max Watts, Melbourne (Performing Self Titled + In Defense Disc 2) 18+
WEDNESDAY 28 FEB Factory Theatre, Sydney (Performing Is A Real Boy + In Defense Disc 1) 18+
THURSDAY 1 MAR Factory Theatre, Sydney (Performing Self Titled + In Defense Disc 2) 18+


Open the Door to the Universe With Cycles "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: You wrote: Once you begin to see the entire universe is governed by the 8.6 frequency, the doors to a hidden order spring wide open. What do you mean?

ANSWER: The journey of our solar system around the center which revolves as the earth does around our sun annually, takes 25,800 years which is three times 8.6. Now, one solar day is 24 hours. If we take that 24 hours times 60 minutes, we end up with 1440 minutes. Now multiply that by 60 seconds in a minute and we arrive at 86.400 seconds in a day. There is a lot more hidden order in this 8.6 frequency than meets the eye. The key to moving forward in our knowledge is to understand the significance of cycle frequency when absolutely everything has a frequency.

You can kill people with sound. The military has been developing weapons simply using sound waves. This video demonstrates that they can also repel mobs with simply a sound cannon. There were the sound weapons used in Cuba to attack US and Canadian diplomats and their families. This is a...


Prosecutor & Media Abuse of Power "IndyWatch Feed National"


COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I am sure you are aware of the sudden correction to the hyped stories by ABC and CNN that a confidant of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said that Flynn was prepared to testify that then-candidate Donald Trump instructed him to contact Russian officials. Of course, they twisted that directive when Trump had only instructed him to open a dialog with Russia to repair the damage of the Obama administration and not to interfere with the elections.

I purchased the DVD of the Forecaster from Amazon. OMG, what an eye-opener. The review of LA Weekly was amazing stating that your film is an espionage and duplicity thriller as serpentine and fascinating as a John le Carr novel. What you put out there how the United States interfered in the Russian election that resulted in Boris Yeltsin stepping down and how this put Putin into power exposes the hypocrisy of the Deep State. I bought 10 movies for Xmas gifts.

Thank you for surviving. I was told by another client of yours that everyone else around was killed.


ANSWER: Oh yes. Everyone surrounding this case was killed on the Safra side. Putin knew I refused to join that crowd. That is why they would never go to a trial. Can you imagine if this was ever to have been in a real open court that was honest? They were scared to death if I took the stand and exposed what was going on Behind the Curtain.

This is a standard operational procedure of always criminalizing anyone who is a threat to the powers that be. It is by no means limited to the United States. Germany is going after the former head of the AfD, Frauke Petry, to eliminate her from politics. France was doing the same to LePen. The EU was behind the coup to criminally charge Prime Minister Berlusconi to bar him from politics because he wanted...


Trump & Taxes "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: Do you support Trump increasing the debt by a trillion dollars? I thought you were conservative?


ANSWER: Well the first thing you have to do is get a grip on what is a reality. Governments around the globe borrow every single year with absolutely no intention of ever paying off their national debts. So what is the difference? If you think giving the money back to the people is wrong and it is better going out the back door for political contributions, then sorry, I oppose that.

There is no conservative v liberal when it comes to the debt. They all spend more than they take in and nobody cares about paying off the debts. So I do not care what political persuasion you are, we will end up at the same place when the dice stop rolling. BROKE!

I support cutting income taxes to ZERO. The government should just create the money it needs to cover its expenses. Lets get real here! All national debts, including Germany, show that on average 70% of the debt is just accumulative interest. So that is money out the back-door.

Rome never had a national debt and the first 500 years they existed by creating...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00005 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 2.00 AUD


Enough with the same old stories on jail rates how about improving the lot of the marginalised? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The child prison population which is generally tagged as the youth or juvenile detention population will double by 2025. Nearly 1,000 children are incarcerated every night in Australia but by 2025 it will be 2,000 and the trajectory will increasingly steepen thereafter. Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory will continue to incarcerate children []


How sustainable is this? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A news article caught my attention; it shows that with fossil fuels you can do anything, but you have to ask yourself, just how long will it take for these wind turbines to repay their embodied energy?  Furthermore, as I keep saying over and over, none of the carbon emitted in these exercises is ever removed by the wind turbines. Emissions are cumulative. That is, for those who do not, or refuse to understand, they add up. The fact that these turbines do not emit CO2 (much) in their operation, does not negate the fact that their installation already has increased the atmospheres CO2 content. As George Monbiot said, everything Must Go.  and that includes these monsters.

turbineblades 1The 65m long (2/3 the length of a football field) blades were individually trucked 530km from Port Adelaide in South Australia to Silverton, NSW, near Broken Hill.  thats three trips adding up to nearly 1600km or a thousand miles for you American readers. and I bet they werent cruising at normal highway speed either, almost certainly worsening fuel consumption.

Worse, a new road was built to bypass Broken Hill and avoid some roundabouts now I...


A federation of white anxiety "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 was designed to keep Australia white via the administration of a dictation test in any European language. Because no prior notice of the chosen language was given, the test was impossible to pass. Duttons test was not quite so blatant in its discriminatory intent, but the level of English it required (IELTS level 6) would nevertheless have excluded almost everyone other than native speakers.


Better than Santa, your IoT device will know whos naughty and nice "IndyWatch Feed National"

Best to peek carefully into your Christmas stocking this year, for Santa may have brought you more surveillance and security risks than you bargained for.

With the booming market for voice-controlled virtual personal assistant devices like Googles Home and Amazons Echo, and warnings from the former head of MI5 about hackable smart toilets (which, frankly, doesnt scare me quite as much as a hackable Boeing 757), the attention of regulators is finally turning to the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on our privacy and security.

When every little device can be connect to the internet, the questions include:


Post a photo of Yassmin Abdel Magied without her head scarf and you could be fined $105,000 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Publish a photo of Yassmin Abdel Magied without her head scarf and you could be fined $105,000 under new legislation Turnbull introduced yesterday. Yesterday communications minister Mitch Fifield and minister for women Michaelia Cash made this announcement: The Turnbull Government today introduced landmark legislation to prevent the sharing of intimate...


Travelling all day today up hill and down dale "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

I am travelling a lot today and do not have enough time write a blog other than to tell you that. Last Thursday, work took me to remote destinations where the wind blows strong and rain is always expected. This Thursday, I am pursuing my craft and spreading the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) word up hill and down dale. I have also been reading various new reform proposals for the Eurozone they seem to be coming out at a rate of one a day or so it seems. They all fail to get to the nub of the problem it is essentially so flawed with so many historical and cultural constraints that it needs to be abandoned. One lame idea tells us to fix the roof while the sun shines. I will comment on that next week. The problem as my recent tweet notes is that the roof is the least of the problems. It is falling in for sure but only because the foundations are rotten to the core. I also wouldnt actually characterise the current situation in the monetary union as being sunny. If it is, then spare the thought of what cloudy much less rainy might be. The quiz will be back tomorrow as usual. For the moment I am listening to

Music while you wait for me to post again

This is the Duke Ellington song In a Mellow Tone written in 1939. It has been covered by many of the greatest jazz players around.

It is recommended listening if you like this sort of stuff. Very mellow when travelling long distances.

Kenny Burrells tone and Ron Walkers walking bass lines (sorry) are beautiful. At least to my ears.

Here is a photo close to where I have been today.



New report explains why European Commissions ISDS model is a wolf in sheeps clothing "IndyWatch Feed National"

7 December, 2017: A new report titled A World Court For Corporations, published by European community and environment organisations, cautions that the Multilateral Investment Court (MIC) model being proposed by the European Commission will entrench corporate power, without changing the unfair power inequality in the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) scheme.

ISDS is controversial, and widely opposed. The European Commissions own public consultation on ISDS showed 97% of respondents did not support ISDS. The MIC model is the European Commissions attempt to address this widespread dissent, through improving the system of arbitration. But despite procedural adjustments, the reports authors say the European Commissions MIC model does not change the rights of corporations to bypass domestic legal systems and use international tribunals to sue governments over domestic laws even if those laws are in the public interest.

The ECs MIC model does not change the investment law framework which places corporate rights above both domestic and international human rights laws. It would still undermine the ability of governments to regulate in the public interest, further entrenching the enormous market power of global corporations.  Put simply, institutionalizing ISDS on a global level will legitimize and entrench a parallel legal system designed to empower transnational corporations (p. 36).

The authors of the report set out an alternative solution for the EU (p. 37). Existing ISDS agreements should be cancelled and ISDS should be excluded from future trade and investment agreements. They say governments should instead prioritise the current negotiations for a legally binding United Nations treaty to regulate transnational corporations and other business enterprises.


What do we live for? "IndyWatch Feed National"

What, then, are our values. And, were we completely honest about their provenance, how would we confess to having arrived at these values? I've tried your patience too often with my answers in this web space, so I'll leave the questions for your comments and discussion.


An Ivory Tower Plan To Build Ivory Tower Stadiums For The Big End Of Town "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Berejiklian Governments plan to tear down and rebuild two major sports stadiums in Sydney at a cost of $2 billion has hit a nerve across NSW, writes Justin Field.

The decision has become a symbol of a State Government that has its priorities all wrong and the public are strongly expressing their displeasure.

A public petition calling on the Premier to revisit the decision and direct at least half the money into community sport or essential public services has attracted more than 100,000 signatures in less than two days and there is no sign of the public mood shifting.

Put aside the almost unfathomable question of why these stadiums, both less than 30-years-old, and one built less than two decades ago for the Sydney Olympics, already need replacing; the public response isnt just about the need, the value for money or whether or not we should have new modern sports and big event infrastructure. It has struck a nerve that runs much deeper in the NSW community, a frustration that the NSW Coalition Government is serving someones needs, but it just isnt ours.

Could it be that the budget surplus being squandered on these new stadiums has come off the back of electricity privatisations and the sale of our world class land titles office, and people are wondering why they are copping higher electricity prices and service cuts for some comfier seats at a stadium they can barely afford to go to?

Could it be that they are watching the Government throw billions in public money at the big sporting codes with multi-million dollar TV rights deals and alcohol and gambling sponsorships and they are wondering why they have to pay huge fees for local kids sport and run the sausage sizzle every weekend to raise money for new jerseys?

Could it be that they are seeing the Liberal Party boys club on the SCG Stadium Trust who are boasting about the new fancy VIP boxes they are going to get out of this deal and have realised once again that the vested interests, and the political connections that still run this state and the average person barely gets a look in?

The Government can run their bread and circuses strategy all they like but the public wont be conned that easily. They wont be bought off by a spectacle. They actually want the things broken in the city fixed, and they want the regions and rural NSW to stop being ignored when it comes to essential services and infrastructure.

The decision may have been made but the stadiums are still standing and the public campaign has given the Premier cover from the special interests, the big sporting code chiefs and media barons, and from Alan Jones (SCG Trust board member), to rethink the plan and to put that money to far better use.

If she doesnt there is going to be a couple of pretty...


Victorian Government told to stop routinely strip searching women in prison "IndyWatch Feed National"

Women in Victorian prisons are being regularly and routinely subjected to degrading strip-searches, a new report from the Human Rights Law Centre has found. 

The report, released today, calls on the Victorian Government to end the practice of routinely strip searching women, and includes:

  • Interviews with women who were previously imprisoned.
  • Data obtained through freedom of information laws showing that in one year around 12,400 strip searches were conducted on women, producing only 14 items of contraband, mostly tobacco.
  • Examples of jurisdictions, like the ACT and the UK, which only use strip searches as a last resort and when absolutely necessary, and rather employ modern technology, such as scanners and x-rays, to check for contraband.  

Ruth Barson, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that the report shows that strip-searches are being used excessively, indiscriminately and harmfully.

The Government should end the practice of routinely and regularly strip searching every single woman in prison. It causes needless suffering. There are far more effective and less intrusive ways of checking for contraband. Being forced to remove every last item of clothing again and again, strips women of dignity and of hope. Wherever and whenever possible, women should be spared this trauma, said Ms Barson.

Women in prisons are currently strip searched on a routine basis: upon entry to the prison, when having a contact visit with family, support people or friends, when leaving the prison, such as to see a doctor, or when undertaking community work or attending court.

Vickie Roach, an Aboriginal woman and activist, who is a survivor of family violence and was previously imprisoned, said forcing women to strip-naked in front of two guards undermines womens sense of self-worth the very thing they need to rebuild their lives.

There is no evidence-base for strip searches. They only serve to degrade and humiliate and assert control over our bodies, our naked bodies. We should be helping women to heal, not harming them further, said Ms Roach.



Mountain Goat Valley Crawl "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl is back at it again, for a third annual take over of Brisbanes Fortitude Valley on Saturday February 17. The team behind the free event have planned one hell of a party stacked with an expanded lineup including 35 huge interstate and local artists spread across seven favourite local haunts.

The Crawl is expanding the free event in 2018, pulling new venues Barbara, The Flying Cock andCrowbar into the fold. Theyll join old hands The Foundry, Black Bear Lodge, the zoo and The Brightside promising Brisbanes best free-for-all is only getting bigger and better.

The huge 2018 line up boasts headlining spots from Sydney indie juggernauts Philadelphia Grand Jury, Gooch Palms, beat-maker Ninajirachi and Melbourne singer-songwriting legend Jess Locke. Brisbanes vibrant music scene is well represented too, with Carmouflage Rose and Midas.Gold bringing the heat for the local hip hop community. While acoustic folk kings Hollow Coves and indie pop darling Hatchie are primed to keep the hometown hero vibes flowing well after the sun sets.

Joined by some of their closest friends: Bugs, BOAT SHOWZapd, Ayla, Pink Matter and Jouk Mistrow the 2018 installment is less of a crawl and more of a sprint. Strap on those sneakers, put the wallet away, map the quickest route between stages and crack a tinnie; The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl is back, baby!

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Oakey residents are fighting toxic pollutants and for compensation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ugly

Residents at Oakey have been fighting an ongoing battle for recognition of the health damage, caused by contamination coming from the nearby air force base.

Oakey is a small town in Queensland 100 Kilometres west of Brisbane.

Government official have acted like heartless bastards, by failing to act to stop the threat and reusing to compensating those who have been affected, not only in regard to their health, but also because of the impact on incomes, due to the effect of contaminated land.

In response, locals have come together to stand up for themselves. One outcome is a class action of about 480, who are fighting or up to $200 million in compensation.  They have expert evidence that their water is not fit for human consumption and that it has contaminated local food sources.

At a local meeting last night, a Defence Department official claimed that the large-scale spraying of PFAS poses no health risk, completely ignoring a commissioned environmental impact statement from an independent company called AECOM. This official made the crass suggestion that they should not be eating local food.

Amanda Lee, A technical officer from the company, said that home-grown meat, vegetables, fish from Oakey Creek and eggs laid on local properties should not be eaten by residents living close to the contamination zone, where high PFAS levels have been detected.

The environmental report showed PFAS had been found in underground water up to 4 kilometres from the base.

Oakey resident Bernie Earsman, who attended the meeting and has not joined the class action at this point, said the Defence Department had destroyed his dream of retiring on his small rural property with his wife Margorie.

Mr Earsman said the value of his land had fallen from $270,000 to $120,000 and the Federal Government needed to compensate affected residents.

He told the meeting that his ambition was to die one day bringing up a bucket of fruit and vegetables to Margorie and then came along their Department of Defence and all their rot.

Another technical officer from the dame company, officer Paul McCabe, said the contamination zone was still growing and authorities were still learning about the chemical.

PFAS is an unusual contaminant compared to most of the things we normally deal with, because it does affect soil, it affects groundwater.

It migrates very easily in surface and groundwater and its taken up by plants and animals there arent many other contaminants that do all of those things.

So why isnt the government cleaning up the act and doing the right thing by the residents? One would suspect that something is being covered up....


Dameyon Bonson: Our LGBQTI mob are killing themselves. Isnt it time we were shown a little love? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dameyon Bonson aged 5. Photograph: Supplied by author Dameyon Bonson aged 5. Photograph: Supplied by author Share this Post In preparation for this week hosting IndigenousX to talk about Black Rainbow and why I started it and why I have persevered challenged me to look inward for first time in a very long time.  I will share some horrific personal ...


How Old is Too Old and How Old is Too Young When it Comes to Dating? "IndyWatch Feed National"

As we grow up and enter the world of dating it can be difficult to navigate. There are a number of unwritten rules that we must familiarize ourselves with in order to avoid offending someone or making a fool out of ourselves. Of these, one rule that can cause a significant amount of controversy is the determination of who is considered to be too old or too young for you to date.

Sure, some say age is just a number but is that really true? Consider for a moment, you have a friend who is 30 years old, single, and looking to find that someone special. How would you feel if they showed up to your next big function with a 19-year-old hand in hand? What if that partner was 50? Confusing things even further, does that reaction change with the gender of your friend?

Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash


Over the years there have been a number of different rules developed attempting to solve this question. One such rule states that you can determine the acceptable minimum age for a partner by dividing your own age in half and adding 7. Looking back at that 30-year-old friend, half their age is 15 + 7 means that it would be acceptable to date as young as 22. Therefore, that 19-year-old would be too young. Looking at the other end of the spectrum, considering a maximum age, on accepted rule involves taking your age, subtracting 7 and doubling it. This would suggest your 30-year-old friend could date as old as 46 before it would be considered inappropriate. So, their appropriate age range would span 22-46.

If you try to google the subject, you will find that the internet is very divided on what the answers to this question would be. Interested in comparing this estimation to what is actually happening out in the world, Researchers Buunk and colleagues took to the streets to survey random people. They asked them to picture themselves in a romantic relationship with an attractive partner from the opposite sex and then proceeded to present them with a list of different scenarios, recording their answers. Respondents were asked to consider the minimum and maximum ages they would be...


Episode-2126- Geoff Lawton on Permacultures Future "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tweet Geoff Lawton is a Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. He first took his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in 1983. He holds a Diploma in Permaculture Education, Design, Implementation, System Establishment, Administration and Community Development. Both of these were awarded by the founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison. Geoff has undertaken thousands of jobs teaching, consulting, designing, administrating and implementing, in 6 continents and close to 50 countries around the world. Clients have included private individuals, groups, communities, governments, aid organizations, non-government organizations and multinational companies. He has currently educated over 15,000 students in Permaculture worldwide. These include graduates of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course and courses focused on the practical design of sustainable soil, water, plant, animal, energy, structures, legal and economic systems. Geoff has embraced the technology age. Not only is he the driving force behind the World Wide Permaculture Network (created in 2011), he also has an online training and education website named Geoff established in 2013 with the aim of educating as many people as possible in Permaculture and environmental sustainability. He has released Permaculture educational and inspirational films to his members regularly throughout each year and holds one Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course event per calendar year. In 1996 he was accredited with the Permaculture Community Services Award by the Permaculture movement for services in Australia and around the world. In October 1996 Bill Mollison, upon his retirement, asked Geoff to establish and direct a new Permaculture Research Institute of Australia (PRI Australia) on the 147-acre Tagari Farm. The Institute was a global networking centre for Permaculture projects. It is currently located at Zaytuna Farm at The Channon in Northern NSW, Australia. Geoff is the Managing Director. The institute is a self funded non-profit company limited by guarantee. The institute has since founded PRI USA, PRI Jordan, PRI Sunshine Coast. Other Permaculture Research Institutes that have been launched or are in the process of being launched including: PRI Canada, PRI Chile, PRI Turkey, PRI Greece and PRI Afghanistan. PRI Australia won the Humanitarian Water & Food Award for 2010 for their initiative Greening the Desert. Resources for todays show Join the Members Brigade Join Our Forum The Year 77 Walking To Freedom The Granddaddys Gun Club Bullhead Fishing Forum A new little site I started Get Your Liberty Forum Tickets Use Code TSP10 for 10% off all tickets. Home of the Permaculture Circle and More That Aint Country Aaron Lewis Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one mans opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and...


Lismore considers 20 extra greyhound racing meetings per year "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Photo AngMoKio, Wikimedia Commons

The Lismore City Council will next week consider an application for an extra twenty greyhound racing meetings to be held each year.

The Lismore Greyhound track currently conducts race meetings on Tuesday evenings, 52 weeks per year.

It has trailed an extra 10 meetings a year, with the approval of the council, but now wants to increase that number on a permanent basis.

The additional meetings proposed would be held on Saturdays, with the first race scheduled for midday, with the final race completed no later than 5pm.

In a report to council, staff have recommended approving the increase, despite concerns from neighbours.

The assessment process has concluded the operations on the site have resulted in ongoing noise complaints from adjacent premises, and submissions from other neighbours to the effect that the noise from the operations of the Greyhound Track is intrusive and offensive at times, the staff report says.

The amended Noise Management Plan provided by the applicant has to a large extent addressed these concerns and the application is recommended for approval subject to conditions that would provide a framework for the ongoing management of this facility.

The application is going before the council next Thursday after being called up by councillors Darlene Cook, Vanessa Ekins and Adam Guise.









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The lights are up and ready to enjoy  but dont miss out "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Terry and Gerry Bertoli are putting up their Christmas lights for the last time. Photo supplied.

It is a little bit of Christmas magic that has been lighting up lives in Byron for the last 24 years. Terry and Gerry Bertoli started putting up Chrismas lights in their yard for the pleasure it gives to young and old, local and visitor alike who enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer, but they have decided that this is their last year.

We stated putting up a few light 24 yrs ago and then just got bigger and bigger, said Gerry.

Without much around in Byron Bay town to celebrate the spirit of Christmas they decided that a little bit of Christmas cheer would go a long way and have taken great pleasure and pride in putting up the lights each year and welcoming people to their home.

There are so many wonderful experiences we have had, continued Gerry.

But to see childrens faces light up and get excited to see the lights and our fairy land area they come and thank us and make us cards decorations to hang on our trees. Seeing the elderly remembering their days with there families and to welcome so many overseas visitors who are  here with no family to celebrate with there have been so many wonderful experiences and we have also loved doing it for our own family.


Over the years people keep asking if they could give a donation to the couple for making such a special effort and making Christmas special for their children so in 2009 Gerry and Terry decided to put out a donation box to collect funds for local charities.

Over the last eight years they estimate that they have collected around $14,000 for the Byron Bay Hospital Auxillary and Suffolk Park Rural fire brigade.



Wisconsin may be the Florida of the Midwest, but this looks like fake news "IndyWatch Feed National"

#NotAllWisconsinites, OK? But it does have a reputation for housing some weird and unsavory characters. Sometimes, though, the stories are hard to believe. Like this one, about a Milwaukee funeral home owner making a sex doll out of body parts. I read it and found the details kept piling up and seemed increasingly bizarre and unlikely. But its on the ABC News site! I looked around, and the rest of the site mostly seems to be legitimate and kind of boring news stories. ExceptABC News is on; this was When you look more closely at the sections of the site, theyre screwy: theres a Sport* section with no stories in it. Something else that was off: it has an about page, on which it claims a rich history dating back to 1898, which cant be true. I checked the domain registry; its registered in Melbourne, Australia? Then I checked some of the details, and there is no Adams Sons Funeral Home in Milwaukee.

Its just weird. Its got a fairly elaborate framework of seemingly authentic news stories built as a wrapper around at least this one ludicrously bogus tale. Why? It looks like someone has gone to the trouble of trying to create a superficially credible web news site in order to promote this goofy storyor more likely, some other less stupid but more damaging story. How many of these elaborate fake news sites are around?

Someone ought to tell the real ABC News that this site has stolen their logo and other identifying marks, at least.

*Another small detail: American news would call this section Sports, not Sport.


Mona Lisa remix by Neve "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

From the school work Neve has brought home at the end of the year


Man charged over Goonellabah siege refused bail "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The man allegedly at the centre of a dramatic two hour siege at Goonellabah last Friday who was arrested after a standoff with police had threatened to kill himself and others.

Ian George Jones appeared in Lismore Local Court on Monday after spending the weekend in the mental health unit at Lismore Base Hospital.

The 46 year-old is charged with five counts of stalking and intimidation, firing a gun likely to injure persons or property, possessing an unregistered gun and ammunition, armed with intent to commit an indictable offence and assault.

Police were called to a home on Heather Avenue, Goonellabah, about 1.20 pm after reports of a man making threats at the premises.

A perimeter was established and specialist police negotiators were brought in to liaise with Mr Jones, who was armed with a .22 calibre Browning rifle with a scope, during a tense two hour standoff.

Earlier in the day, police said Mr Jones had fired the rifle and threatened to kill a 43 year-old man and a woman, 36, who were at the residence.

During the standoff, one of the people tried to negotiate with Mr Jones while the other person hid on the property.

The home was surrounded by heavily armed tactical police and Mr Jones surrendered about 3.30 pm.

After spending the weekend in hospital, Mr Jones was considered to no longer be mentally unwell and he was released into police custody.

Solicitor Tom Trembath said a mental health assessment would be conducted on Mr Jones this week.

Mr Trembath said Mr Jones had recently moved to Lismore from Mackay to be in a relationship with the 36 year-old woman.

He applied for bail on behalf of Mr Jones but admitted he faced very serious charges.

The court heard Mr Jones could reside at Mackay with his brother and report to Mackay police station and comply with any bail conditions set.

Mr Trembath said Mr Jones disputed many aspects of the charges.

Magistrate Jeff Linden refused Mr Jones bail, citing an unacceptable risk of him endangering the community and committing another offence.

He adjourned Mr Jones matters until today, December 7 at Lismore Local Court.

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Regulation and the Future of Cryptocurrency at Token Summit II "IndyWatch Feed National"

Token Summit 17

On December 5th, 2017, the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco hosted cryptocurrency enthusiasts in suits, hoodies and everything in between. Token Summit II, presented by William Mougayar, author of The Business Blockchain, and Nick Tomaino, founder of 1confirmation, was a hub for cohesion and problem-solving in the blockchain space. Experts gathered from every corner of the industry to discuss government regulation, cryptocurrency initiatives and the future of blockchain technology.

Here are some of the highlights from the conference.

Regulation Trials and Tribulations

Nancy Wojtas, partner at Cooley; Kathryn Haun, board member at Coinbase; Stan Miroshnik, CEO and managing director at Element; and Lowell Ness, partner at Perkins Coie, demystified and further debated looming government regulation (and lack thereof).

Common questions that echoed throughout the panel: Which regulatory agency should investors focus on? Are tokens securities? Will there be new regulation or does existing regulation suffice?

Haun believes that people in the ICO space are myopically focused on the SEC. Although the SEC has already issued guidance and issued emergency action, there is an alphabet soup of other agencies that could issue further regulation. Federal and state regulatory agencies such as the DOJ could also intervene which could involve prison time for breaking the law.

Wojtas, on the other hand, explained her perception that because the SEC is leading the charge, other agencies are taking a backseat. She speculated that [people] are free to continue to do what we are doing, while being sensitive to all regulations.



Liquid thrown at McCormack outside court "IndyWatch Feed National"

Disgraced Nine Network reporter Ben McCormack had a cup of liquid thrown at him while leaving a Sydney court after receiving a good behaviour bond for child pornography offences.

McCormack, 43, previously pleaded guilty to two counts of using a carriage service to transmit, publish or promote child pornography after police raided his home and workplace in April.

On Wednesday he was convicted in the Downing Centre District Court and released on a $1000 good behaviour bond for three years.As he left the court, a man approached the former A Current Affair journalist, yelling f***ing filthy maggot before throwing the contents of the cup, into which hed reportedly spat.

The court heard McCormack had numerous online conversations with another man between April 2015 and February 2017 that involved fantasising about young male persons.

Images of child pornography were not transmitted.

In handing down his finding, Judge Paul Conlon found McCormack has shown genuine contrition and remorse and a willingness to accept personal responsibility.

McCormack first saw a doctor in January 2015 because he was suffering long-term anxiety and using alcohol excessively in an attempt to manage it.

In their reports for court, his two treating psychiatrists said McCormack does not pose a risk to young people.

The court heard after his arrest McCormack had written a 17-page suicide letter outlining his shame and guilt and was admitted to hospital.

When sentencing McCormack the judge took into consideration the extra-curial punishment of having suffered public humiliation from extensive and explosive media coverage.

Judge Conlon said McCormack has positive prospects of rehabilitation if he continues to be treated by mental health professionals.

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Church put interests first: abuse inquiry "IndyWatch Feed National"

The lives of dozens of children and their families have been devastated by the Catholic Churchs catastrophic and inexcusable failure to deal with pedophile clergy in a Victorian diocese, an inquiry has found.

Protecting the churchs reputation and avoiding scandal drove the Diocese of Ballarats handling of abuse complaints over at least three decades, the child abuse royal commission concluded.

That failure led to the suffering and often irreparable harm to children, their families and the wider community, the commission said.

That harm could have been avoided if the church had acted in the interests of children rather than its own interests.

The findings echo the royal commissions conclusions about the handling of child abuse complaints in the Melbourne archdiocese under its 1974-1996 archbishop Frank Little, when a culture of secrecy prevailed in a bid to protect the churchs reputation.

Ballarat abuse survivor Phil Nagle said the commissions findings validated what victims have been saying all along that the church hierarchy covered up abuse and protected pedophile clergy.

Its just a horrible, horrible thing that the Catholic hierarchy did trying to protect their brand, Mr Nagle said.

Protecting a brand is no reason to create more victims and to move your pedophile clergy and members around to let them sexually abuse more kids. Thats as evil as doing the crime yourself.

Mr Nagle, who was abused by a Christian Brother at Ballarats St Alipius primary school in 1974, hopes those involved in concealing abuse are prosecuted.

Ballarat Bishop Paul Bird said the mishandling of allegations against priests and church personnel and a lack of response to complaints led to unnecessary suffering for many victims and their families.

He said it also brought distress to communities throughout the Ballarat diocese, which covers the western third of Victoria.

Where the failures of my predecessors allowed abuse to occur, I offer my heartfelt apology, Bishop Bird said.

The commission also found the Christian Brothers leaderships response to abuse complaints and widespread rumours of brothers sexual misconduct at St Alipius and Ballarats St Patricks College was grossly inadequate.

The Christian Brothers Oceania Province again apologised and said it remained committed to working with those affected to bring some healing.

It is a matter of profound regret that these events, which have had a devastating impact on individuals and on the community, ever took place, it said.

Other commission findings into the Catholic and Anglican churches in Newcastle may be released in coming days, ahead of the f...


Final vote on same-sex marriage bill nears "IndyWatch Feed National"

A final parliamentary vote on a bill to legalise same-sex marriage could come as early as Thursday.

The bulk of speeches wrapped up in the lower house late on Wednesday night, after sitting hours were extended for a second day to allow extra debate.MPs, around 120 of whom spoke on the issue, will now get the chance to propose and consider amendments before voting on the legislation itself.

Several government MPs, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, have said they will support or at least consider changes to be put forward by their conservative colleagues namely Andrew Hastie and Michael Sukkar.

The Greens have also indicated they will propose amendments.

Labor will oppose any change, as will cabinet minister Christopher Pyne who branded some of them superfluous

.If the bill passes unchanged from the one that cleared the Senate last week, it will become law.

If changes are successful, the bill will have to return to the Senate for approval.

Liberal backbencher Kevin Andrews, who is against same-sex marriage, believes the bill contains very little protection for religion and belief.

The former cabinet minister told parliament marriage was a natural arrangement between a man and a woman and pre-dated politics.

To claim that there will not be a range of adverse consequences for the freedom of speech, religion and parental rights is wrong, Mr Andrews said.

A significant concern that millions of Australians have about these proposed changes to marriage laws is the manner in which the freedom of speech and religion is threatened.

Liberal colleague Sarah Henderson, however, is backing the change.In an emotional speech, she recalled the struggles one of her closest friends John Parker, a gay man before his death earlier this year.

He really wanted to see this change in the law, she said through tears.

One of the last conversations I had with him, he just said to me: Hendo, just bloody well get on with it, OK? I say to my dear beloved friend who I miss dearly: JP, thats what we are doing.

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Trump has recognised Jerusalem as Israels capital "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria

US President Donald Trump has recognised Jerusalem as Israels capital and in doing so, defied overwhelming world opinion. This holds that the citys future should be part of an agreement, coming at the end of a out of a peace process between  Israelis and Palestinians.

Contrary to the alternative claim, the Trump position runs counter to resolving one of the worlds bitterest and most long running conflicts. Instead of encourging dialogue, the tilt is towards increasing the level of conflict. Trumps message is the the United States of America is now openly playing the role as the backer of stepped aggression by one party and is therefore squarely against the other side.

With this, the White Houses self-proclaimed role as peacemaker is no longer tenable.

Moving the embassy has isolated the United States from the global community to the extent that not one nation has backed it. A growing number are coming out and either condemning or criticising it.

There is one exception, and not surprisingly, this is Israel. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was on television almost immediately after Trumps announcement, saying thank you. He has very a good personal reason to do so. His good friends efforts and  timing  have created a welcome opportunity to create a distraction from serious corruption allegations. Netanahu has been preoccupied with finding ways to delay and put an end to pending legal proceedings.

Jerusalem has long been supposed to be under international jurisdiction, because of the conflict and because it is the epicentre of the Christian and Muslim faiths, as well as Judaism.  Israeli governments have never respected this significance and argued that it must be the capital of the Jewish state.

Much of Jerusalem was annexed in 1948, in defiance of the international agreement. During the 1967 Middle East War, East Jerusalem was occupied and taken from Jordan and is currently a major flash point over Jewish illegal settlements and the dispossession of Palestinians.

Many leaders around the world, including close allies, had been cautioning Trump against going down this road. He has not listened.

The White Houses closest allies in the Middle East,  face a new wave of discontent from their populations and have therefore been presented with a new dilemma. They can support the move and be seen as the play things of the Israelis. Or they can distance themselves, risk losing the patronage of the superpower and become more vulnerable to domestic and regional rivals. Two countries that fit into this scenario are Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Saudi and Egypt have, joined Turkey, Jordan, Iran and Lebanon in condemning the embassy shift. More are expected to respond similarly.



Cities should prepare for terror attacks "IndyWatch Feed National"

London has been hit by five terror attacks in nine months and the head of its police force says the spike is something Australia and other nations should prepare for.

This is not a small spike, this is a shift and that shift is actually not unique to us, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said on Wednesday in a London briefing.

Youve had several issues in Australia recently and some ghastly things as well. This is a problem for many, many countries and cities around the world.

Given London residents diverse makeup, something Ms Dick says makes it the global city, the number of foreign nationals caught up in the attacks is unsurprising.

Queenslander Sara Zelenak, 21, and South Australian Kirsty Boden, 28, were among eight people killed in the van and knife attack on London Bridge in June.

Any police commissioner would have found policing a city hit by five terror events in a year trying but the newly minted boss, eight months into the role, appears to be taking it in her stride.

Ms Dick took on the job in April just weeks after the deadly car and knife attack at Westminster that left police officer Keith Palmer, the attacker and four others dead.

The British capital would then endure what Prime Minister Theresa May has described as a summer like no other, with two more deadly attacks, including on London Bridge and on a west London mosque.

All up the UK has been hit by six terror attacks in 2017, the others being the deadly Manchester bombing; a blast in a train carriage at west Londons Parsons Green station; and a failed sword attack on police at the gates of Buckingham Police.

It has been a ghastly set of events, Ms Dick said.

The UKs terror threat level remains at severe, meaning an attack is highly likely, and was lifted to the highest critical level twice over the summer, meaning a threat was expected imminently.

Ms Dick and the Met are keen to stress that it is a city safe for the 9 million who call it home and its millions of annual visitors, with nine serious plots disrupted since March.

In November, panic swept through one of the citys busiest streets with police responding to reports of shots fired on Oxford Street.

It was a false alarm but the panicked response from those on the street and online highlighted a city on edge.

Social media can get things going very fast, Ms Dick said.

We are sober professionals and know nine out of 10 things either wont have happened, or theyre not linked.

We are regarded as a world leader in the way we deal with terrorism.

Asked how challenging it was to become the Mets first f...


The Law of One, Pineal Glands & Meditation: Awakening Collective Consciousness "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Law of One, Pineal Glands & Meditation: Awakening Collective Consciousness

If you truly want to see positive change in the world, then youll want to seriously consider using meditation as one of your biggest avenues.

Meditation helps to shift your conscious awareness into the present Now. It also assists your connection to your all-knowing higher self which holds all of the answers to your questions while offering guidance to serve your highest good.

When we make this direct connection we begin to expand our perception of ourselves and in turn, our world. We see the direct connection between Self and all that is. So if this is true, then any positive change we make within ourselves will positively influence those and the world outside of us. This is the Law of One that Unity Consciousness is based upon.

Awakening from the slumber of unconscious living is usually followed by some red pill moment. These moments are usually wake up calls to the compromise of our individual sovereignty. When this happens we take measures to reclaim this sovereignty and in doing so want to scream to the world to take theirs back as well.

Although this feels like the most intuitive method to wake others up, this is not the most effective way of awakening our collective consciousness. In fact, awakening only needs to happen within you. This will kick off into motion the most effective domino chain.

In todays video Ill explain why this is and how we can use our pineal glands in our meditation to awaken and unify the collective consciousness based on the Law of One.

Much love to you all,


BIO: Nicole Frolick is an inspirational speaker and the author of...


Animal cruelty charges dropped over attack on Nimbins Polly the pig "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Polly the Pig. (supplied)

Animal cruelty charges against two men accused of killing 10 chickens and torturing a pig at Nimbins Djanbung Gardens last December have been dropped.

Reece Parke and Bradley Presbury appeared in Lismore Local Court yesterday after Magistrate Annette Sinclair adjourned their hearing part-heard on August 30.

It was alleged the men killed 10 heritage chickens and tortured Polly the pig at Nimbins Djanbung Gardens on December 13, 2016.

Mr Presburys solicitor Tracey Randall told the court the prosecution had failed to provide her with some evidence in the case and a recording of a key witness was not disclosed to the defence.

Ms Randall objected to the use of a police interview in court in which Mr Presbury allegedly implicated Mr Parke in the crime.

Magistrate Sinclair rejected the use of the interview, saying a defendant was not compelled to give evidence against a co-accused.

She also rejected prosecution attempts to tender a recording of a phone call between Presbury and a female friend, where he allegedly said Reece Parke was involved in an animal killing.

During the hearing Magistrate Sinclair expressed her frustration at the progress of the matters, which she thought would be ready to progress after a four month adjournment.

After multiple issues with the admissibility of evidence during the hearing, the prosecution formally withdrew their case yesterday afternoon due to insufficient evidence.

Relieved supporters at the court said both mens families had been abused for 12 months since the allegations were published in the media.

Police are no closer to finding out who slashed Pollys snout and injured her internally, or who decapitated the 10 heritage chickens with a stolen sickle.

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December 7 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1800 Lt James Grant eyeballed and named Cape Otway, in Victoria, to honour a captain in the Royal Navy.
And they say sailors aren't romantic...!

1812 The ship Windsor from Shoalhaven arrived at Illawarra with 27 logs of cedar

1817 The great navigator and rum stirrer this side of the Black Stump aka Gov William Bligh, passed away.

1839 Due to misfortune and mismanagement the Rosetta Cove whaling station at Encounter Bay was advertised as for sale in the South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register.

1839 Rev. James Gunther, Wesleyan Missionary at Mudgee wrote in his diary on this day of how Aborigines undertook a variety of jobs, including ploughing and harvesting crops, growing vegetables, chopping wood, fetching water, clearing land, hutkeeping, fencing, driving bullock trains, looking after livestock, doing laundry, domestic service, cooking, and building huts.
"They Natives were principally, engaged in the harvest this week; about 8 of them did reap well. The harvest is a very poor one, by far the greater part having been destroyed by the Caterpillars; and hot & dry weather, immediately, following."

1840 Rev. James Gunther wrote;
" I was informed this evening that Harry, one of the Aboriginal youths that has frequently been at the Mission but long suffered from consumption was scarcely expected to live over the night, I hastened to see him at the Camp near Nannima, 2 miles from here & on the road received a letter from Dr Curtis desiring me to visit the poor Sufferer, who he supposed had some desire for spiritual comfort. "

1842 The first sale of Crown Lands in St Kilda (Vic) was held.

1846 Leichhardt waltzed off from Jimbour Station on his second but unsuccessful expedition.

1887 The Bombola Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1914 The Mungindi Railway line (NSW) was opened.

1915 The careful evacuation of the ANZAC Forces from Gallipoli was begun.

1916 The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1941 The 3rd chemical field laboratory company, aboard a Pacific convoy carrying units to the Philippines, was ordered by the War Department to divert to Australia.

1941 Australian bombers landed on Timor and Ambon.

1943 George Lamb, the Victorian sitt...


All systems go for Tweed Library reopening on Friday "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Inside the Tweed Heads Library as work on the refurbishment continues steadily. (supplied)

Having announced two days ago that the Tweed Heads Library will not reopen until after Christmas they have now got back on schedule and will reopen to the public on Friday.

The expanded and modernised building was due to reopen its doors today but that was briefly put on hold to enable the construction contractor to complete necessary work to comply with all emergency and safety requirements.

Council needs to ensure all fire and emergency systems are checked and signed off before we can allow the public into the building, Councils Director of Community and Natural Resources, Tracey Stinson, said.

Were excited to say that process is now well underway and its all systems go to open at 9am on Friday.

Thank you to the library users who have been so patient and cooperative during the upgrade project and these final few steps to get the building ready.

Library users will see a much larger and more versatile building. Floorspace has been increased from 619 square metres to 1054 square metres, and the layout allows much greater flexibility in use to meet the needs of individuals and groups.

Improvements also include enhanced accessibility, a larger computer area with more PCs, new loan stations that give users a fast and easy self-service option to borrow resources, and a more user-friendly service desk.

All library resources will be available to the public from Friday. However, there will continue to be a couple of areas of the new building that will not be accessible to the public initially, until some finishing touches are added.

An official opening celebration, including a day of community activities, is scheduled for Monday 22 January.

For more information, click here or call Richmond Tweed Regional Library on (02) 6670 2427.

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Shark apps and deterrents set to roll out this summer "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A Bronze Whaler Shark. Photo Planet Deadly

Paul Bibby

A high-pitched siren rings out across the beach, sending a flock of seagulls into the air in a flurry of wings and indignant squawking.

The shrill alarm is coming from a bright red-and-yellow drone hovering over the water out past the breakers.

Using carefully designed shark-recognition software, the fully automated drone has detected a juvenile great white cruising past about a cricket pitch-and-a-half away from a group of surfers.

The boardriders look at each other wearily.

Third time this afternoon, one says to another as the group begin to paddle back towards to shore.

Further in, dozens of swimmers follow suit trudging back to their towels where their smartphones ping with further warnings that include the size and species of the shark and its prior history.

Unconcerned with the commotion, the young shark continues on its way scanning lazily for bait fish in the warm, clear water

It might sound a bit like something out of a sci-fi movie, but this scenario is coming soon to a beach near you.

Fear over shark attacks on the North Coast has driven a wave of new detection and deterrence strategies that are set to make our most popular beaches some of the most scrutinised and surveyed in the world this summer.

Shark deterrent measures

On any given day in the upcoming holiday season, beachgoers are likely to see helicopters and drones searching for shark-like shapes beneath the waves.

Sightings will be immediately relayed, not only to those in the water, but to tens of thousands of smartphone users across the country via apps and social media.

Under the surface, 35 separate SMART drum lines will be deployed up and down the coast, temporarily ensnaring sharks so that they can be fitted w...


Market Talk- December 6th, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"




We saw another weak day for Asia with two key exchanges losing over 2%. The Japanese Nikkei and Hong Kongs Hang Seng both lost ground as technology, financials and energy companies continue to give back the years gains. Confidence was already waning but was not helped after Australian growth missed expectation which saw a -0.5% decline in the currency. The Japanese Yen was also under pressure flirting temporarily with the 112 handle but again in fairly light volume. The mood since the US tax reforms has certainly been US Dollar positive even with very few headlines to acknowledge the fact. This was evidenced again during the Asian session by the movement of the US treasury curve, with more and more flattening of the yield curve.

Europe was not so negative but did have the initial wobble in early trading. The DAX, CAC and FTSE MIB all opened lower but managed a recovery for the better part of the day. Both the DAX and MIB still finished the day in the red, down around -0.5% the pair but saw a small positive close for the CAC helped primarily by the Steel and Retailers. It appears that global markets are waking to the fact that the proposed US tax reform is good for the US and means an increase in competition for the rest of the world! The currencies are starting to take this on board with GBP dropping another 0.5% today and is the only reason the FTSE rallied. The DXY (Dollar Index) has bounced from the recent 92.5 low currently trading up at 93.55. With this uncertainty and the declining stock wobble, energy prices are also slipping obviously not helped by todays EIA release.

Having seen both sessions trade heavy, it was expected the US set a similar theme. However, although we did edge weaker it was reversed eventually as the NASDAQ recovered whilst the rest declined. The VIX again lost 3% closing around 11 with core indices closing -0.3%. There is still news to come this week, with many still waiting US payrolls not to mention a possible government shutdown.

2s closed 1.81% (-1bp), 10s at 2.34% (-1bp) and 30s 2.73% (u/c). Bunds 0.29% (-3bp), France 0.61% (-1bp), Italy 1.71% (+2bp), Greece 4.74% (-1bp), Turkey 11.66% (-2bp), Portugal 1.85% (u/c), Sp...


"Nothing Pains Some People More..." "IndyWatch Feed National"

 "Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. 
There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. 
Nothing pains some people more than having to think."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.


Lismore residents asked to vote on CBD rainbow project "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lismore City Council is calling on residents to vote for their preferred location for a rainbow crossing in the Lismore CBD.

Council resolved on 8 November 2016 to investigate the feasibility of creating a rainbow pedestrian crossing or rainbow structure/image in the Lismore CBD as a tourist attraction and tribute to cultural diversity and the Rainbow Region.

Following investigation into possible locations and costs, Council now has three options and would like to get community feedback on the best way forward.

We want to know what our community would prefer to see in our CBD, Councils Assets Manager Scott Turner said.

Results of the community consultation will be presented to Council to help them make a decision about an ultimate location.

The three options are:

  • Magellan Street shared pedestrian zone. Cost: approximately $7500 annually.
  • Lismore Regional Gallery entrance path. Cost: approximately $18,500 annually.
  • Carrington Street shared pedestrian zone. Cost: approximately $7500 annually.

Council has a new online community consultation hub called Your Say Lismore where residents can see an artists mock-up of each option and cast their vote.

Residents have until 15 January to rank options in order of preference.

To provide feedback, visit here.

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The nomination form for election to the Federal Parliament couldn't be more explicit about citizenship "IndyWatch Feed National"

Here's the AEC nomination form for candidates seeking election to the House of Representatives. Could it be any clearer? And it's not just a box-ticking exercise, it requires a formal declaration with penalties for making a false statement (penalties, does anyone remember when we had penalties for doing the wrong...


This Republican deserves respect for this but scorn for something else "IndyWatch Feed National"

It is easy to have courage when one no longer has to answer to a sect within one's party that has lost all sense of morality and decency. Republican Jeff Flake's symbolic act required little coverage but may convince a few Republicans to stop for a second to see if their moral compass will reset and not vote a pedophile into office.


FixedIt: Rape and sexual abuse are not sex "IndyWatch Feed National"

The ABC reports Gordon Douglas Chalmers, former law lecturer at QUT, has been charged with over 900 offences, including rape, sexual abuse of children, making child exploitation material and using a carriage service for child pornography.

His guilt or innocence will be determined by the court, but how the charges against him are described is important. This commentary is solely about the description used in the headline, not the specifics of this case.

Child sex charges.

Children cannot have sex with adults. Sex requires consent, children cannot legally or morally give consent so it is not sex. Rape and sex are not the same thing and they can not be used interchangeably in headlines.

Here are the reasons this matters, in every case, with every headline.

The victim impact statements from child abuse trials are harrowing, a testament to the lifelong injuries suffered by people who were sexually abused as children. They are the litany of drug addition, alcohol dependence, gambling problems, depression, crippling anxiety, relationship breakdowns, suicidal thoughts, shame, self-hatred, mistrust of others and long term emotional damage so common in survivors of child sexual abuse. Children who have been abused are also significantly more likely to suffer further abuse, both as children and as adults.

The effects of sexual abuse of children can lead to a cycle of horror where the effects of the crimes committed against them makes victims unreliable witnesses to their own abuse.

When the media, as it so persistently does, labels sexual abuse of children as child sex, we are weakening the public understanding of the extent and effect of such abuse. This has serious effects. A study conducted for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse found that juries who have a better understanding of the facts of child sexual abuse are less likely to make mistakes in their assessment of evidence given in court.

Sexual abuse is an act perpetrated on an innocent victim, someone who was unable to defend themselves from the violence done to them, and who suffers for years, possibly decades, from the trauma caused by an adults choice to commit that violence.

That word choice is the key. Sex is a choice made by every person involved. Rape and abu...


Lismore to host event for sexual abuse survivors "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Star Court Theatre in Lismore will next week be the venue for Life After Sexual Abuse, an event for health professionals, sex abuse survivors and their family members.

Organisers CASPA (Child and Adolescent Specialist Programs and Accommodation) say it is an opportunity to better understand the trauma inflicted by sexual violence and discuss strategies for support and healing.

According to keynote speaker and sexual abuse survivor John Saunders having a frank and open discussion about child sexual abuse can create a safe space for people to ask questions and seek help.

The Q&A session offers the opportunity for the audience and panel to discuss how we as individuals and as a community can contribute to stopping sexual abuse in its tracks, John said.

He will explain the various impacts that the abuse he experienced had on him as a child, teenager, adult, parent and partner. He will also talk about strategies he used to overcome his suffering to become an advocate and a counsellor for people who are still struggling with the past.

The Q&A will be moderated by Naarah Morgan, CASPA GM and the events producer.

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse are amongst us, they are our family, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours, Naarah said.

Child protection is everyones business and together we can make a difference in supporting those who have endured and survived this trauma.

She also advocated implementing safe and child-focused environments throughout our community in the hope of preventing it.

The Q and A will be a powerful opportunity to hear from a cross-section of experts, to raise questions and ideas about childhood sexual abuse, its impact, its prevalence and the journey for survivors.

If there has ever been an important conversation we as a society need to be having, this is it, said Naarah.

The panel of seven specialists involved in the Q&A are:
Brad Hodges, Clinical Neuropsychotherapist, Complex Care
James Fraser, Clinician, CASPA
Kate Loubet, CEO, Heartfelt House
 Lyn Patman, Therapeutic Services Manager, Bravehearts
 Magistrate David Heilpern, Lismore Court
Professor Judy Atkinson, Trauma Specialist, Jiman and Bundjalung
Sharon Brodie, Clinical Lead and Sexual Assault Counsellor, NSW Health.

Life After Sexual Abuse, Tuesday December 12, 5:30 pm 8:30 pm AEDT, Star Court Theatre, 126 Molesworth Street, Lismore, NSW 2480
Tickets $15, concession $10, foster carers free.
Book online at:



MACKAY Extremely stupid: Bid to smuggle ice, valium into prison "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY December 07, 2017 at 04:56AM ,

Extremely stupid: Bid to smuggle ice, valium into prison

December 07, 2017 at 04:56AM ,

However, when Panagakos faced Mackay Magistrates Court via videolink from prison on Wednesday, he was sentenced to four months jail to be served at the same time as his current term. That means the parole eligibility date tacked on to Panagakos three and a half year trafficking sentence remains

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Corey Feldman To Hold Live Question And Answer Event Today! "IndyWatch Feed National"

We Are Change

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on empathy and the ability to empathize which has been decreasing drastically in the West. We go over scientific studies regarding happiness and delve into the science of empathy. We explore emotional intelligence, especially in this social media day and age.

You can watch this video on DTube here.

Speaking of empathy, this is a good time to get an update on Corey Feldmans TRUTH Campaign!

TRUTH Campaign Update

Lets take a look at how the donations for Feldmans Indiegogo campaign are coming along. Here is how they stood on November 17th 2017, at $242,710.

Lets have a quick look-in now too. It is creeping up.

Yen Yen from Singapore comments that Hollywood celebrities have millions of dollars and they dont appear to want to help, monetarily speaking.



SOTT FOCUS: The US-Inspired Olympic Ban on Russia: Another Pyrrhic Victory for the Ailing Empire of Chaos "IndyWatch Feed National"

According to the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) most recent results (2014), the leading sports doping offenders are as follows: Russia (148), Italy (123), India (96), Belgium (91), France (91), Turkey (73), Australia (49), China (49), Brazil (46) and South Korea (43). What hasn't been made clear is that these figures encompass all sports, not just Olympic sports. As an example, of Australia's 49 offenses, 20 of them came in Rugby League. Should that be used in deciding whether or not to ban Australia from competing in the Olympics? Obviously not. What also hasn't been made clear is that it is irrelevant to look at the absolute number of transgressions of any nation in making a decision on whether or not to impose a ban. We would expect the US, for example, to have a much higher number of athletes caught doping than Fiji because the US has far more athletes than that tiny nation. Likewise, it makes sense that Russia would have more athletes caught doping than, say, Bolivia.


Four Things That Could Explain Trumps Jerusalem Embassy Decision "IndyWatch Feed National"

US President Donald Trumps expected announcement of plans to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem has quickly whipped up a furor, with pundits and foreign leaders warning of intifada-style upheaval and the collapse of Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

Which begs the simple question: why announce the move? Trump has spoken of a desire to strike the ultimate deal between Israelis and Palestinians relocating the embassy would likely render Washington unable to play an honest broker in future talks.

Meanwhile, Trump has heard warnings from Arab and European leaders, UN boss Antonio Guterres and even his own State Department pen pushers. The message is clear: an embassy shift would break with decades of US policy and risk fuelling further unrest in the Middle East.

Even the US public rejects the idea. A recent survey from the Brookings Institution, a think-tank, shows that 63 percent of Americans oppose the move, against 31 percent who back it. Democrats more strongly oppose relocation, while Republicans are almost evenly split.

To answer the conundrum of Trumps much-anticipated policy shift, which was expected on Wednesday, Middle East Eye asked experts from across the political spectrum for their theories on what is motivating the 45th president.


1. The Trump is acting presidential theory

First, MEE turned to Benny Avni, a pro-Israel hawk and New York Post columnist. In Avnis charitable interpretation, Trump is finally coming good on what the American public wants and what its lawmakers decreed 22 years ago.

Congress passed a law in 1995 calling for the US embassy to be moved to Jerusalem. To keep it in Tel Aviv, its current location, presidents must sign waivers every six months, as Trump did in June and was due to review again this month.

It is US law to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Avni told MEE. A host of American presidents, after promising during their election campaigns to do this, deferred it for six months at a time.

Jerusalem, or at least the western part of the city, has long been home to Israels governing institutions and it is way past time for Washington and others to recognize it as a functioning capital city by posting envoys there, Avni said.

Avni questions the results of the Brookings opinion survey. The real poll is the US election, he said. Americans consistently elect lawmakers who vote for bills that support Israel militarily and diplomatically.

It remains unclear what Trump will announce on Wednesday, but top US officials...


Brown snake like algae washed up on Russian coast "IndyWatch Feed National"

The invasion of huge serpent-like "monsters," reaching more than 20 meters in length, left villagers on to the Chukotski Peninsula puzzled and scared. However, when specialists studied these "sci-fi horror movie creatures" to find out their origin, the answer turned out to be terribly trivial. After local residents reported that mysterious "water snakes" had washed up on the coast of Chukotka, which were allegedly unknown to science, experts from the Beringia National Park studied the samples to find out what exactly these "creatures" were. Brown 'heads' and 'bodies,' which were showing up from the water, attracted attention of sailors from cargo ships passing along the north of the Bering Sea. According to some of them, those creatures were most likely large worms or the sea snakes unknown to science. Others thought those objects were of anthropogenic origin. Several people were sure those were some kind of 'mutants'," the Beringia National Park wrote in a press release.


China Scolds Australia Over Its Fears of Foreign Influence "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia with Chinas president, Xi Jinping, in the Chinese city of Hangzhou last year. Mr. Turnbull proposed laws this week aimed at curbing foreign influence in Australian politics. Credit Pool photo by Wang Zhao

SYDNEY, Australia The Chinese Embassy in Australia accused Australian officials on Wednesday of making irresponsible remarks and damaging mutual trust, a day after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled a series of proposed laws to curb foreign influence in Australian politics.

The new legislation, modeled on American laws that ban foreign campaign donations and require registration of foreign agents, had been widely expected after a drumbeat of stories in the Australian news media about the perceived threat of Chinese interference.

It was not the legislation that the Chinese statement directly condemned, but rather the media accounts that prompted it, as well as the public debate around the issue. Both have zeroed in on China as a threat, accusing the country of trying to exert influence through political donations and pressure applied to Chinese students at Australian universities.

We categorically reject those allegations, the embassy said in its statement, adding: China has no intention to interfere in Australias internal affairs or exert influence on its political process through political donations. We urge the Australian side to look at China and China-Australia relations in an objective, fair and rational manner.

The statement pointed to strong discon...


80-Year-Old Wooden Escalators Repurposed as Interlooping Ceiling Sculptures "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sculptures Made From Recycled Materials by Chris Fox

As time goes on and technology grows more advanced, things from our past slowly become obsolete. Such is the case with wooden escalators; Sydneys Wynyard Station first installed a pair of them in 1931, but the Australian locale has since replaced them with their modern counterparts. Doing so begged the question: What happens to the oldand now historicstairways? Instead of discarding them, artist Chris Fox repurposed them by creating two interlocking sculptures made from recycled materials. Together, they form the spectacular site-specific installation known as Interloop.

Suspended from the ceiling, Interloop features the stairs stretched like an accordion and wrapped around one another. A seemingly shape-shifting form, it changes depending on the angle in which its viewedbut from every vantage point, its impressive. Fox simultaneously achieved a tranquility in the form with the distinct feeling that Interloop is in the midst of motion. Considering the size, this was no small featthe two pieces measure more than 50 meters (~164 feet) in length, weigh over five tons, and display 244 wooden treads from the original escalators.

The moving staircases served Sydney's commuters for 80 yearsa fact that Fox was acutely aware of as he designed the piece; Interloop celebrates the past while allowing the city to look forward to its future. This same idea is applied to its citizens. The artwork explores the idea that people are stationary on an escalator whilst also traveling, allowing for a moment of pause that occurs mid-motion, Fox writes. The sculpture resonates with people in this state, referencing all those journeys that have passed and are now interlooping back.

Artist Chris Fox has repurposed a historic wooden escalator set into a pair of spectacular sculptures made from recycled materials.



F.A.N. Newsletter "IndyWatch Feed National"

**Annual Teleconference: Please join members of the Fluoride Action Network team this Saturday, December 9, at 5pm (eastern time) for a year-in-review of the fluoride issue, a fluoride Q&A session for supporters, and an opportunity to interact with the amazing people that make up this movement.
Last year, we asked this question of our FAN network of staff, volunteers, and supporters: 
Would you all be kind enough to write a short piece on why you spend so many hours on this issue (fighting fluoridation) and in some cases so much of your own money - what is the reward for so much hard work? And why do you do this when you often become a lightning rod for abuse by the media, pro-fluoridation zealots and government spokespersons. Just what is it that keeps you going? I think singly and in total your answers will make splendid reading and a wonderful bulletin(s) for us.
Below are some of the powerful statements from the FAN management team. But first a quick update on our annual fundraiser.
Fundraising Update
Our current totals for the 2017 FAN Fundraiser are $23,438 from 79 donors.
You can watch these numbers grow over the next few days via our webpage ( -see the first revolving masthead. It is urgent that these totals continue to grow because our ambitious goals by midnight Dec 31 are $200,000 from 1000 donors.

Our mini-goal is $120,000 by midnight Christmas Eve. This a tough challenge but we are determined to have a lot of fun doing it.
See all of the exciting gifts we have available (with photos) here.



Prayer and Meditation for Thursday, December 7, 2017 Who will enter the Kingdom of God? Only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven "IndyWatch Feed National"

Memorial of Saint Ambrose, Bishop and Doctor of the Church
Lectionary: 178

Image result for the will of god, god's will, art, pictures

The promise of the Savior by Yongsung Kim

Reading 1  IS 26:1-6

On that day they will sing this song in the land of Judah:

A strong city have we;
he sets up walls and ramparts to protect us.
Open up the gates
to let in a nation that is just,
one that keeps faith.
A nation of firm purpose you keep in peace;
in peace, for its trust in you.

Trust in the LORD forever!
For the LORD is an eternal Rock.
He humbles those in high places,
and the lofty city he brings down;
He tumbles it to the ground,
levels it with the dust.
It is trampled underfoot by the needy,
by the footsteps of the poor.

Responsorial Psalm PS 118:1 AND 8-9, 19-21, 25-27A

R. (26a) Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
R. Alleluia.
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good,
for his mercy endures forever.
It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in man.
It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in princes.
R. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
R. Alleluia.
Open to me the gates of justice;
I will enter them and give thanks to the LORD.
This gate is the LORDs;
the just shall enter it.
I will give thanks to you, for you have answered me
and have been my savior.
R. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Disgraceful South Korean Authorities

The answer can be found in the recent meeting of the Joint Committee on "Status of Forces Agreement" (SOFA) between the US and south Korea.

At the meeting on SOFA which stipulated the status of the brigandish US imperialist aggression forces in south Korea, the US refused to meet south Korea's demands at all over the discussed issues.

The US denied opening the contents of the meeting under the pretence of "military secrets" and turned down the issues of reparation for the victims of crimes committed by GIs and sharing burden for de-pollution of the US imperialist aggression forces' bases in south Korea, talking about "intensifying preventive effort" against GI crimes and "constructive discussion".

In a word, the meeting, which was run through with pressure and submission, proved that the relations between the US and south Korea are master-servant relationship from A to Z.

South Koreans from all walks of life are strongly denouncing the humiliating behaviour of the authorities who kept mum about the US arbitrary practices at the meeting.

Now the US forces are present in not a few countries and regions and there are agreements on the status of forces. However, such slavery document can hardly be found in the world as the US-south Korea SOFA.

Under this humiliating "agreement", the GIs present in south Korea have enjoyed extraterritorial privileges beyond imagination for more than half a century and the sufferings of south Koreans from it are untold.

Typical is the death of Sin Hyo Sun and Sim Mi Son, two schoolgirls of south Korea who were run over by an armoured car of the US imperialist aggressor forces.

Under the pretence of "military need" the US have installed in different parts of south Korea military bases and facilities at its will, turning the areas into a barren land. Furthermore, it has deprived south Korea of money running into astronomical figures every year, under the name of "defence cost sharing".

South Korea is suffering all sorts of humiliation and sacrifice under the slavery "agreement" in the present era of independence...


Ethereum app Developers may Face Licensing Issues Later on "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Ethereum ecosystem, mainly caters to coders and app developers. Over the past few years, many different applications have been built on top of this protocol. It now seems there may be some licensing issues regarding these apps. Using Ethereum as a foundation for apps is a double-edged sword. Since Ethereum has no official final open-source license, things may get pretty ugly in the future.

It is always interesting to see how these systems work. Ethereum is open source, first and foremost. The Ethereum Foundation uses different open-source licenses for particular aspects of the ecosystem and protocol. However, this also poses big risks to anyone developing on top of this platform right now. While no immediate repercussions are expected, things can always change in the future. The last thing anyone wants is a legal battle for building an Ethereum application.

Ethereum App Development Licensing Concerns

One could argue issues like these exist for Bitcoin as well. That is not entirely true, though. It is far more difficult to build apps on top of Bitcoin. An unfortunate situation, but that is how the cookie crumbles right now. In the case of Ethereum, its open-source licensing is far less straightforward than one would expect. Without a proper license in place for the building blocks of this protocol, anyone building an application on top of it may be in violation. A very disturbing situation, to say the very least.

Most app developers will not bother with this licensing issue. After all, open source is the one thing most people read. However,  things are a bit different in the case of Ethereum. For now, all of this is subject to interpretation and the good graces of the Ethereum Foundation. This lack of clarity should be addressed sooner or later, though. There are a lot of questions which need to be answered in this regard. When and if that will happen, remains to be determined.

The big question is whether or not app developers need to be concerned. For now, the answer is negative, but its well worth keeping these matters in mind. It is well worth the time building applications on top of Ethereum. it is a great platform with many different features developers can enjoy. Commercial devel...


How I Became A Peace Activist "IndyWatch Feed National"

by David Swanson, December 4, 2017

From Notizie Senza Frontiere

When I was teaching myself how to write, when I was about 20 to 25, I churned out (and threw out) all kinds of autobiographies. I wrote glorified diaries. I fictionalized my friends and acquaintances. I still write columns all the time in the first person. I did write a childrens book in recent years that was fiction but included my oldest son and my niece and nephew as characters. But I havent touched autobiography in more years than Id been alive when I used to engage in it.

Ive been asked a number of times to write chapters for books on how I became a peace activist. In some cases, Ive just apologized and said I couldnt. For one book called Why Peace, edited by Marc Guttman, I wrote a very short chapter called Why Am I a Peace Activist? Why Arent You? My point was basically to express my outrage that one would have to explain working to end the worst thing in the world, while millions of people not working to end it need offer no explanation for their reprehensible behavior.

I often speak at peace groups and colleges and conferences about working for peace, and Im often asked how I became a peace activist, and I always politely dodge the question, not because the answer is too long but because it is too short. Im a peace activist because mass-murder is horrible. What the hell do you mean why am I a peace activist?

This position of mine is odd for a number of reasons. For one thing, Im a strong believer in the need for many more peace activists. If we can learn anything about how people have become peace activists, we damn well ought to learn it and apply those lessons. My nightmare for how the peace movement ends, other than the nuclear apocalypse ending, is that the peace movement ends when the last peace activist acquires Alzheimers. And of course I fear being that peace activist. And of course thats crazy as there are peace activists much younger than I am, especially activists against Israeli wars who havent necessarily focused on U.S. wars yet. But I still not infrequently find myself among the youngest in the room. The U.S. peace movement is still dominated by people who became active during the U.S. war on Vietnam. I became a p...


Sellout in Oz: Local Collaborators Betray Australia to Team Trump and the Deep State "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week on China Watch: Rocket Man! Big Rocket Man!  A big launch by North Korea elicits big posturing but no solutions from US pundits concerning North Koreas nuclear weapons capabilities.  Nobody asks what Kim Jong Un wantsexcept China Watch.  Ill tell you in this weeks episode.  Spoiler: The answer is a peace treaty plus a number with zeroslots and lots of zeros.

And a special report: While you werent watching, the US national security state executed a takeover of Australia, with a lot of help from its local collaborators in the Australian security service and stenography assets at Fairfax Media and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Being pro-PRC is hazardous to your career and maybe even your freedom, thanks to a smear machine of leaks, media steno, and political hatchet-work, and a pretty scary new law coming down the pipe in Australia.  Sucks to be you Straya, but soon it will suck to be America.  The China influence witch hunt show is wowing audiences and nailing victims during its out of town tryout in Australia, so get ready for the premiere in the United States.  China Watch takes you behind the scenes at the Sellout in Oz!

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Show notes

Shame in San Francisco: Americas Betrayal of Korea A Newsbud exclusive video by Peter Lee on the sham of the San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan and the injustice and anger driving North Asian diplomacy to this day

Sam Dastyari defended Chinas policy in South China Sea in defiance of Labor policy, secret recording reveals



Putin announces 2018 presidential run: The upcoming election will be the fourth in his political career "IndyWatch Feed National"

Vladimir Putin has confirmed that he will seek another term in office in next year's presidential election. "Yes, I will run as a candidate for the Russian presidency," Putin said while meeting with workers at the country's historic manufacturer, GAZ (Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod), in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod on Wednesday. The upcoming election will be the fourth in Putin's political career. He held the office of president for two terms from 2000 to 2008, and served as prime minister from 2008 to 2012. Putin then won a third term as president in 2012. Vladimir Putin had, until now, refused to give a direct answer regarding his plans for the 2018 race. Earlier, Russian media reported that he may run as an independent candidate. The Russian president enjoys a high approval rating, with over 82 percent of Russians supporting him according to a poll conducted by state-run VTSIOM in late September.


DEA Claims Synthetic THC Made by a Group of Criminals is Safer Than Actual Weed. Seriously. "IndyWatch Feed National"

DEA synthetic THC

The DEA recently announced through the federal register that the synthetic THC made by Insys, sold under the brand name Syndros, will be listed as a schedule II drug, meaning it can now be prescribed by doctors. In the meantime, actual THCcontaining the exact same properties, but able to be grown in your backyardremains on the same scheduling list as heroin, noting that it has no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

Insys has become notorious over the last two years after six former executives and managers were arrested on charges that they engaged in a nationwide scheme to bribe doctors to prescribe a drug containing the opioid fentanyl. Now this same group of dangerous drug peddlers is being given a partial national monopoly on the sale of legal THC, by the group who claims to protect Americans from drugs.

Along with the executives, Michael Baich, the former CEO, was also charged in an indictment filed in federal court. Even the companys billionaire founder, John Kapoor was arrested in October for his role in the bribery scheme. He was freed on a $1 million bail after pleading not guilty.

When asked about this overt conflict of interest and unscrupulous handout to Big Pharma, the DEA answered with a typical bureaucratic reply.

As VICE reported, the DEA noted in its announcement on Wednesday that it received public comments from people opposed to making synthetic THC products Sch...


Australia Foreign Policy White Paper hits Chinas activities in South China Sea SCS is a major fault line in regional order. "IndyWatch Feed National"

In this April 21, 2017, file photo, Chinese structures and an airstrip on the man-made Subi Reef at the Spratly group of islands in the South China Sea are seen from a Philippine Air Force C-130. CSIS AMTI via DigitalGlobe, File

MANILA, Philippines  Expressing concern over the scale of Chinas activities in the disputed South China Sea, Australia urged all claimants to clarify the full nature of their claims in accordance with international law.

In its 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper released a few weeks ago, Australia stressed its position that the UN-backed tribunals ruling on the Philippines arbitration case against China is final and binding on both parties.

Clarifying that they are not taking sides in the competing claims, Australia considers the South China Sea as a major fault line in the regional order.

Like other non-claimant states, however, we have a substantial interest in the stability of this crucial international waterway, and in the norms and laws that govern it, the Foreign Policy White Paper read.

Australia noted that they have urged all claimants to refrain from actions that would increase tension in the region. They have also called for a halt on Beijings...


Astronomers discover new stellar stream in Milky Way galaxy "IndyWatch Feed National"

An international team of astronomers has detected a new thin stellar stream in the halo of the Milky Way galaxy. The newly discovered feature, named "jet stream," could help researchers answer fundamental questions about the mass distribution of the Milky Way's dark matter halo. The finding was presented November 24 in a paper published on the arXiv pre-print server. Stellar streams are remnants of dwarf galaxies or globular clusters that once orbited a galaxy but have been disrupted and stretched out along their orbits by tidal forces of their hosts. So far, nearly 20 stellar streams have been identified in the Milky Way, just a few in the Andromeda galaxy, and about 10 outside the Local Group. Astronomers are interested in finding new stellar streams in the Milky Way, as they hope that such features could answer some crucial questions about the the galaxy. For instance, stellar streams could help us understand the large-scale mass distribution of the galactic dark matter halo. Moreover, they could confirm whether or not our galaxy contains low-mass dark matter subhalos.


MILO SHAKEN BUT NOT STIRRED! Why Hate Incitement is Australias Easiest Gig "IndyWatch Feed National"

True Crime News Weekly was on the ground in both Melbourne and Sydney for the violence that greeted alt-right British-American blogger, Milo Yiannopoulos, during his speaking tour events in Australia this week.


NSW North Coast Nats blame Turnbull for their re-election fears but refuse to look at the state government blunders they support "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Image courtesy of Clarrie Rivers

This was The Daily Telegraph on 5 December 2017:

NATIONALS backbenchers have thrown their support behind NSW leader John Barilaros comments that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should resign by Christmas, with one MP saying he was reflecting the views of the whole country.

Tensions between the Liberal and National parties reached boiling point yesterday on both a state and federal level as George Brandis labelled Mr Barilaros words the dribblings of some obscure politician who nobody outside of NSW has ever heard of.

The comments which were made to Sydneys 2GB radio last week have also angered state Liberals, with one senior figure telling The Daily Telegraph Mr Barilaro was losing the support of his colleagues.

However, NSW Nationals backbenchers backed Mr Barilaro, with Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis claiming his state leader was echoing the views of NSW and probably whole country.
Weve seen it month after month in the polls, he said.


Don't laugh, this Nationals MP was serious "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

David Arthur Gillespie of Wauchope entered the Australian Parliament in 2013 as a National Party Member of the House of Representatives representing the Lyne electorate, with an annual salary many of his constituents can only dream about.

He is quite literally a man of property aside from his house and farm he owns four commercial and residential investment properties, which appear to be snugly sitting in one or more family trusts along with a portfolio of shares.

His total parliamentary entitlements expenditure paid by the Department of Finance was $65,512.97 in 2013,  $399,946.31 in 2014, $339,797.06 in 2015 and $381,651 in 2016.

Yet two years ago he caught the greed bug and wanted more, more, more..

ABC News, 2 December 2017:

The Prime Minister's Department has lost a two-year fight to conceal a minister's bid for thousands of dollars in extra pollie-perks, including charter flights and boat rides.

Former speaker Bronwyn Bishop's taxpayer-funded helicopter ride sparked an inquiry into politicians' entitlements.



Immunity and Impunity: Corruption in the StatePharma Nexus "IndyWatch Feed National"

NOTE: Interesting look at the state-pharma connection from Australia - which is taking lessons from America. The article examines corruption within the statecorporate nexus as it relates to vaccines and the pharmaindustry; that is, the networks of industry, medical and...


Australia's CommBank Plans to Issue a Bond on the Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has revealed a plan to issue a bond over a blockchain system in collaboration with a major world issuer.

Wednesday, 06 December


PERTH Karl OCallaghan slams Claremont one-punch sentence "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Karl OCallaghan slams Claremont one-punch sentence .

December 06, 2017 at 06:48PM .

Karl OCallaghan urged prosecutors to appeal the 12-month suspended jail sentence handed to convicted thug Dylan Robert Thomas on Tuesday. Thomas smiled and took selfies as he exited Perth Magistrates Court, having been handed a 12-month suspended jail term for the early morning attacks in .


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PERTH Evade Police Arrest at Perth, WA "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Evade Police Arrest at Perth, WA .

December 06, 2017 at 09:03AM .

A woman is facing the Perth Magistrates Court this morning following an evade police incident yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 5 December 2017. About 2pm, a silver Mazda sedan was stolen from an address in Balcatta. About 3.50pm, officers sighted the stolen Mazda on Hardey Road near Great Eastern .


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PERTH Glendalough woman charged after police car chase "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Glendalough woman charged after police car chase .

December 06, 2017 at 08:52AM .

A 29-year-old woman is facing Perth Magistrates Court this morning after an alleged police chase through several suburbs and damage to a number of cars. Police allege the Glendalough woman stole a silver Mazda sedan from Balcatta at 2pm yesterday afternoon. Officers spotted the car at 3.50pm .


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PERTH Woman charged over wild car chase which ended in Perth CBD "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Woman charged over wild car chase which ended in Perth CBD .

December 06, 2017 at 09:26AM .

Glendalough has been charged with a range of offences including steal motor vehicle and drive recklessly, no authority to drive, reckless driving to escape pursuit by police and possession of stolen or unlawfully obtained property. The woman will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on Wednesday. .


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No, John Conyers Retirement Does Not Absolve Democrats "IndyWatch Feed National"

Over the past several weeks, as titans of industry, entertainment, and journalism have been fired left and right for sexual misconduct, politicians ability to weather such allegations has been a subject of no little chatter. When TV personalities Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer leave spinning office chairs in the wake of their immediate dismissals, why have politicians facing serious accusations been spared?

On Tuesday, one of the first political casualties of this sexual harassment wave turned out to be Rep. John Conyers. The 88-year-old congressman and civil rights leader from Detroit has been dogged by charges that he sexually harassed women on his staff and covered up. His Democratic colleagues were slow and stumbling in addressing his conduct, but eventually many, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, stated that he should resign.

Conyers resignation, which he refers to as his retirement, raises a question. Does this move give the Democratic Party moral high ground in the firestorm of sexual harassment charges? The answer must decidedly be no. There are several reasons this is true, and even beyond that a deeper question that Americans must decide.

John Conyers Admits Nothing, and Loses Little

The first and most basic reason Conyers resig-tirement doesnt absolve the Democratic Party of any sins is that he isnt admitting to anything. In his own words, during a sympathetic radio interview, Conyers had this to say about the allegations against him: They are not accurate, theyre not true and I think that theyre something that I cant explain where they came from. This is delicate, political speech, to be sure, but lets be clear: he is calling his accusers liars.

Another problem Democrats face in claiming that Conyers decision to leave the House is some great moral victory is Sen. Al Franken. Franken not only faces multiple allegations of sexual abuse, there is even a photo of him groping a woman that he sent her as a way of throwing his failed sexual harassment in her face. The fact that an accused black leader is leaving Congress while the white Saturday Night Live star Franken stays snugly in his seat speaks volumes to Democrats supposed progressive values.

But perhaps the most revealing moment in the Conyers saga came in late November when Pelosi called Conyers an icon. This apparently was meant to mitigate the possibility that he had reached up staffers dresses. What benefit of the doubt was Pelosi suggesting his iconic status gave him? Maybe if youre an icon, they just let you do it.

This raises an interesting question that my colleague Mary Katharine Ham addressed on Twitter not long ago.


Statins are Gateway Drugs for Big Pharma: Take One and Youll Need Four or Five More Prescriptions for the Side Effects "IndyWatch Feed National"

Isabelle Z., Natural News
Waking Times Media

One out of every three American adults take statins, and if you think that sounds like good news for statin manufacturers, youre missing the bigger picture. All of Big Pharma benefits when people take statins. In fact, statins can really be thought of as gateway drugs. After all, they have so many side effects that you will likely end up taking several other medications after you start statins just to deal with them.

What can happen to you if you take these dangerous drugs? They suppress your bodys immune system, rendering it less able to fight off infections. They also inhibit production of coenzyme Q10, which helps to regulate your immune and nervous system and maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure. Theres also a higher risk of neurological diseases when you take statins, with many patients reporting forgetfulness, confusion and memory loss. But dont worry whatever happens to you, Big Pharma has a solution for that, too!

Statins also increase your risk of diabetes, so much so that the FDA has required that a warning label be placed on the package informing people of the link between statins, higher blood glucose levels and diabetes. The risk is especially heightened if you are an older woman. An Australian study found that elderly women who took high doses of statins had a 50 percent higher risk of developing diabetes. This could mean youll end up on diabetes medication for the rest of your life.

And for what benefit are you placing yourself at so much risk? According to research published in BMJ, taking statins over the course of two to five years adds just 3.2 days to a patients lifespan on average if the side effects dont kill them first. Yes, theyve been approved by the FDA, but how many times has the FDA had to pull drugs after initially approving them as their dangers beca...


Stop Shoehorning Suburbia into Walkable Places "IndyWatch Feed National"

As we revisit some of the best articles from 2017 (see them all here), this essay stood out to me. When it was published in May, it generated a wave of responses from other people who shared Sarah's frustrations and experience with this very issue in their own cities.

At Strong Towns, we are often asked "If suburban development is bad for our communities, what should we do with all of the suburban areas that have already been built?" In truth, there is no easy answer and attempts at turning auto-oriented suburbs into walkable urban neighborhoods are incredibly costly, often falling prey to the same flawed financial models that built the suburbs in the first place.  Sarah's essay makes a simple request: At least stop bulldozing good quality historic buildings and streets in order to build yet more suburban-style development. Hold onto these treasures and take small steps to make them better. That's where we have to start if we want to build strong towns. - Rachel Quednau

Culs-de-sac, drive-thrus and surface parking lots are NOT what this neighborhood needs. (Photo: Google Maps)

Culs-de-sac, drive-thrus and surface parking lots are NOT what this neighborhood needs. (Photo: Google Maps)

Its pretty easy to destroy a walkable place. Weve been doing it for so long, its almost second nature.  Step 1: Prioritize auto travel.  Require every new building to be surrounded by lots of parking and require every new street to be designed for high-volume, fast-moving traffic. Step 2: Designate separate areas for people to live, work and shop, and dont allow any of these uses to mingle. Step 3. Well, actually, the first two will do it.

I could go on.  We could talk about over-zealous fire marshals, outdated subdivision regulations that recommend cul-de-sacs instead of connected streets, federal policies that prioritize single-family suburban homes over mixed-use buildings, and inade...


Victoria Police concealing criminal activity can be charged? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Men and women within Victoria Police have admitted to concealing, covering up or rather not reporting criminal activity within the force.

People should comprehend that criminal activity causes harm to the man or woman or more specifically their legal entity their 'person'.

Police who conceal / coverup / do not report criminal activity are not in honour where they are also causing harm to the community and in breach of the very community 'standards' they are apparently supposed to uphold.

Aiding and abetting as it is known is against the law, in particular the Crimes Act 1958.

Does this Act also apply to the police?

Show us a 'lawful' Act / clause / exemption that excludes police from the Crimes Act of 1958.

The 'problem' is much greater than described by mainstream media, and admitted to by the police, as don't forget the so called statistics are according to their honest(?) response.

See article from 5 Dec 2017 by of the headline:

One in five Victoria police say reporting corruption could cost their job

One respondent in anti-graft commission survey describes a fear of retribution, while another asks is this career-ending?

One in five Victoria police employees say they would not report corruption even if they witnessed it and another one in five said they feared losing their job if they reported corruption, according to a report released on Tuesday.



Raising the Profile of Women Futurists "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

An Interview with Jennifer Gidley

by Tracey Follows, Founder/Director of the Female Futures Bureau

Jennifer Gidley is a former President of the World Futures Studies Federation (20092017), a UNESCO and UN partner and global peak body for futures studies scholarship, she led a network of hundreds of world leading futures scholars and researchers from around the globe. An adjunct Professor at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS in Sydney, futurist, author, psychologist and educator, Jennifer is a prolific author of dozens of academic papers, serves on several academic boards, and most recently authored Postformal Education: A Philosophy for Complex Futures (Springer, 2016) & The Future: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford, 2017). 

Tracey: I spoke to Jennifer about her perspective on Female Futures.

One of the issues we discuss a lot at The Female Futures Bureau is why more female futurists dont have a higher profile.  And Jennifer agrees that its not because they arent around:

I actually believe there are a large number of female futurists globally, and probably always have been. I would suggest that there are as many women involved in futures studies and foresight work as there are men

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Fluoride supporters and opponents reach out to Gunnedah Shire Council ahead of final decision "IndyWatch Feed National"

SUPPORTERS on both sides of the Gunnedah water fluoridation debate are putting their case forward to Gunnedah Shire Council (GSC) ahead of the December meeting.

A coalition of 13 leading health organisations and professional bodies, including the Australian Dental Association NSW, and the National Rural Health Alliance, have submitted an open letter to GSC. The letter composed by the organisations urged council to support water fluoridation.

We write today to express our support for water fluoridation as a safe, cost-effective and equitable public health measure, the letter read.

The signatories to this letter are expert health organisations and peak and professional bodies committed to improving the health of all Australians.

Fluoride Action Network Australia chair Merilyn Haines said she had been invited to speak to councillors before a decision is made.

I have accepted an invitation from the mayor to give a presentation to councillors on Wednesday, December 13, Mrs Haines said.

This will be before NSW Health provide their report to council so am at a bit of a disadvantage.

AMA NSW president Professor Brad Frankum said water fluoridation is an important and safe public health initiative that helps prevent tooth decay.

Its OK to Say NO to fluoride in Gunnedahs water co-ordinator Wendy Carpenter said it was important to hear both sides of the debate.

We just want to be considered, Mrs Carpenter said.

Hopefully our feelings will be considered at the council meeting.

NSW Health will report its public consultation findings at Gunnedah council meeting on December 20.

*Original article online at


Archbishop Philip Wilson alleged to have paid hush money "IndyWatch Feed National"

The significance of this case is that Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson is the highest ranking Roman Catholic in the world to be charged with pedophile protection crimes.

Australian Cardinal George Pell, the second-equal Roman Catholic in the world as Head of Vatican Finances, has been charged with actual pedophile crimes. He could readily have been charged with pedophile protection crimes, but Victorian police opted to charge him with the far more serious crimes of multiple child sex offences.

It has been a great effort to get Archbishop Philip Wilson into court, and he has tried every trick in the book in the past few years to try to avoid standing trial.

The Australian

Archbishop Philip Wilson alleged to have paid hush money

undefinedCatholic Archbishop Philip Wilson will face trial in Newcastle over allegedly covering up sexual abuse. Picture: Bianca De Marchi


Andrew Robb A Perfect Example of Feasting at the Political Trough "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L to R) Andrew Robb, Adam Giles and Josh Frydenberg after The Northern Australia Investment Forum in Darwin

by Dee McLachlan

Imagine what our forefathers would have said if you told them the Minister of Trade facilitated the sale of an Australian port (Darwin) to a Chinese owned company (China) and then quickly retired to work for them. Well that is kind of what has happened, except that, the Minister doesnt have to do any work. And hell be getting at least three times what he was earning in Canberra for what?

This simply doesnt pass the smell test.

I wonder what the average Australian picker or packer earning around $26 an hour (before tax) thinks of Andrew Robbs generous deal. It has been revealed that the terms of his consulting deal with Landbridge are vague and ill-defined, yet Mr Robb gets paid $880,000 a year even if he does nothing.  Maybe this is normal in the higher echelons of the global corporate business world. 

Trough Feeders

The former Minister of Trade, Andrew Robb, has to be the poster boy of the PTF the Political Trough Feeders. What a prime example of...


Australia - Fluoride supporters and opponents reach out to Gunnedah Shire Council ahead of final decision "IndyWatch Feed National"

OPPONENTS: Members of the 'It's OK to Say NO to fluoride in Gunnedah's Water' Facebook group that are against water fluoridiation. Photo: Billy Jupp
OPPONENTS: Members of the 'It's OK to Say NO to fluoride in Gunnedah's Water' Facebook group that are against water fluoridiation. Photo: Billy Jupp
SUPPORTERS on both sides of the Gunnedah water fluoridation debate are putting their case forward to Gunnedah Shire Council (GSC) ahead of the December meeting.
It was resolved at the October ordinary council meeting that NSW Health would canvas local opinion regarding water fluoridation through mail drops and a feedback website. Following the October meeting, a Fairfax Media poll revealed more than 64 per cent of voters are against adding fluoride to the water supply. Of the 355 votes cast, 228 were against adding fluoride to the water supply, while 112 voters are in favor of water fluoridation. 
A coalition of 13 leading health org...


choosing simple (and easy) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Im feeling a little like the peony petals that have fallen to the table.

Everyone is saying much the same; this time of year is full of commitments and yet were all running on empty. A supermoon hasnt helped matters and the mercury retrograde situation (thats supposedly hanging around till the 23rd) isnt instilling much Christmas cheer.

Alas, with small children and a few carols, its a matter of mustering energy and pushing myself through. Much like I did at 4:30pm this afternoon when I knew it was time to start the dinner, bath, bed, dishes, lunch prep routine. Its a long haul at the moment.

That said, Im slowly but surely getting prepped for Christmas a miracle of sorts! Theres no advent calendar this year but the stockings are out, the lights are up and weve got plans to buy a tree this weekend. I wont be creating homemade gifts or sweltering in the kitchen in an attempt to bake but I have stocked the pantry, organised the teachers gifts and Ive even bought myself a new Christmas dress!

Theres so many expectations on us at this time of year, isnt there? Much of the work of Christmas falls on our shoulders and were expected to attend social gatherings, ready our kids for concerts and prepare the Christmas meal in amongst the daily routine of home, school, work and relationships. If thats not enough, social media can easily have us feeling guilty for the lack of handmade ornaments weve created.

We all might want a simple Christmas...


8 December: Australian Federal government intervention into Northern Territory (NT) Aboriginal communities "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

 On Friday 8th December in Redfern,
Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) will host a public forum
Human Rights: Where are they? Ten years of failed Intervention
featuring two strong First Nations voices from the Northern Territory 
and other speakers from the eastern states.


Aunty Elaine Kngwarraye Peckham, Apmereke-artweye of Mparntwe, NT

Laura Lyons, Wiradjuri Woman: Instrumental in assisting to form FIRE (Fighting In Resistance Equally) and was involved in setting up GMAR Sydney Branch (Grand Mothers Against Removals)

Sylvia Purrurle Neale, Eastern Arrernte

Greg Marks, International human rights law expert, specialising in Indigenous rights. Policy analyst, researcher and writer. Centre Associate, Indigenous Law Centre UNSW

Facilitator:  Jeff McMullen, journalist and film maker

Friday, 8 December 2017, 5.30 pm for 6 pm start

Redfern Community Centre, 29-53 Hugo Street Redfern



The significance of Antarctica as the world warms "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Why remote Antarctica is so important in a warming world  The Conversation.December 4, 2017 Chris Fogwill, Professor of Glaciology and Palaeoclimatology, Keele UniversityChris Turney, Professor of Earth Sciences and Climate Change, UNSWZoe Robinson, Reader in Physical Geography and Sustainability/Director of Education for Sustainability, Keele University

..What was once thought to be a largely unchanging mass of snow and ice is anything but. Antarctica holds a staggering amount of water. The three ice sheets that cover the continent contain around...


Aeromil Pacific / Flight Options (Australia) Cessna Citation Bizjet VH-SPJ at Proserpine (Whitsunday Coast) and Rockhampton Airports "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Noted arriving into Rockhampton Airport on Wednesday 6 December was Aeromil Pacific / Flight Options (Australia) Cessna Citation bizjet VH-SPJ.  It arrived from Proserpine (Whitsunday Coast) Airport where it arrived on Tuesday 5 December from Cairns.

The sleek Citation is back in CQ after passing through Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) and Emerald Airports while heading North to Cairns.

After a short time on the ground, VH-SPJ was noted departing Rocky for Bankstown.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday 5 December, Avcair (Norris Aviation) LearJet 60 bizjet VH-XPN touched down at Gladstone Airport for a very short period of time possibly on a training flight.  It looked to fly up from and then return to its Brisbane base.

Finally, also on Wednesday 6 December, the Queensland Police Service (Airwing) Cessna 560 Citation Ultra bizjet VH-PSU was back in CQ possibly operating their three-times-a-week prisoner transfer flights.  During a busy morning of flying, VH-PSU was noted visiting Rockhampton Airport, arriving from Cairns and Townsville, before later departing for Brisbane.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter Kayanne H for taking the time to capture and send through this great photo of VH-SPJ!

Photo taken by Kayanne Hardsman 


Cambodias Sam Rainsy to be charged over treasonous call to soldiers: PM "IndyWatch Feed National"

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglasses and closeup

FILE PHOTO: Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy answers questions during an interview with Reuters at a hotel in metro Manila, Philippines June 29, 2016. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco/File Photo Reuters

By Prak Chan Thul

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) Cambodias exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy has committed treason by inciting soldiers to defy orders, Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Wednesday, and he will face new legal action over the comments.

The threat of more legal action against Sam Rainsy, who has lived in France since 2015 to avoid a series of convictions, comes weeks after a court dissolved his opposition party, removing any significant challenge to Hun Sen extending his decades-long rule in a general election next year.

The dissolution of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) has been condemned by the opposition, rights groups and some Western countries as the most serious blow to democracy since an international peace deal and U.N.-run elections in the early 1990s ended decades of war and genocide.

The United States has withdrawn an offer to help fund the election and the European Union has raised the possibility of withdrawing trade preferences.

Sam Rainsy, who stepped down as leader of the CNRP this year in what turned out to be a futile bid to forestall a ban on his party suggested in a video posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday that soldiers would not obey orders to shoot civilians. Around the world, at any time, armed forces dont obey orders given by dictators to kill people and we say that Hun Sen is not immortal, we must not protect Hun Sen, Sam Rainsy told supporters in Paris.

Hun Sen, who has held power for more than 32 years, a said the military would file a lawsuit in response.



Islamic Republic of Iran has not approved Dastyari's renunciation. Why are Gallagher, Feeney et al in the High Court without Sam? "IndyWatch Feed National"

It's an obvious question. Other Senators and MPs are being referred to the High Court because they did not receive confirmation of their successful renunciation of British citizenship until after their nomination for election. Sam Dastyari has never received so much as acknowledgement of his application for renunciation - let...


Motion to refer 9 citizenship suspects to High Court tied on the floor of the House of Reps - Speaker gets casting vote, drum roll............. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Will he act independently? Will he act in the interests of the people to clear up any lingering doubts? Will he exercise his conscience? Nope. Chairman Mal gets The Speakers backing.


Stand with us to demand a future for those still stranded on Nauru and Manus "IndyWatch Feed National"

Four and a half years is a long time.

I think about all the things that have happened in my life in four and a half years. I think about all of the things that have happened in the world in four and half years.

And then I think about the innocent men on Manus, and the children and the families on Nauru.

They have spent every minute.  Of every hour. Of every one of those days. Trapped in limbo behind a fence.

Men have been shot and beaten. Women have been sexually assaulted and attacked. Children have been so traumatised that theyve needed urgent psychiatric care.

Nine innocent people have needlessly died at our Governments hands.

Please stand with us to demand a future for those still stranded on Nauru and Manus.


Over the last few years we have managed to achieve real impact in an incredibly difficult context.

Ive travelled to Manus three times. Our advocacy has amplified the voices of the men trapped there, shining an international spotlight on both their torment and their humanity.

Our legal work - done in partnership with the best pro bono lawyers in the country has prevented 400 people from being sent back to an offshore detention regime specifically designed to break them  people who are now in freedom and safety in our community instead of languishing in danger on a remote island.

We are proud of the impact we have achieved. But its not enough.

We must not stop  we will not stop  until every single man, woman and child on Nauru and Manus finally gets the freedom and the safety that they deserve.


This dark, painful chapter in our countrys history simply has to end. Whatever the question, deliberate cruelty to innocent people is never the answer.

So please support our work at this crucial time. The lives of 2000 men, women and children are on the line.  So too is our character as a nation.

We must be on the right side of history.

Daniel Webb
Director of Legal Advocacy
Human Rights Law Centre

P.S. There is a rising tide of global condemnation being directed at our Government's cruelty. Last month we were awarded the inaugural Global Pluralism Award. The award recognises the impact we have achieved, but it also recognises the gravity of the injustice we continue to fight against.

The i...


Jura closed on Thursday 7 December "IndyWatch Feed National"

Date and Time: 
Thursday, December 7, 2017 -
12:00pm to 7:00pm

The Jura shopfront will be closed tomorrow, Thursday 7th of December as we'll be running a stall at the Historical Materialism Conference in Sydney. Hope to see you there!

Jura closed on Thursday 7 December "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Date and Time: 
Thursday, December 7, 2017 -
12:00pm to 7:00pm

The Jura shopfront will be closed tomorrow, Thursday 7th of December as we'll be running a stall at the Historical Materialism Conference in Sydney. Hope to see you there!


Supreme Court Update and more "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi Everyone..

Sorry its been a while since the last update but with the Court case and participation in the No Nukes World Social Forum in Paris, France and the Cop23 meeting in Bonn, Germany it has been quite a busy time

The end of the year is now drawing near already and we are still waiting for a decision on the Supreme court case to stop the Yeelirrie uranium mine.

Hopefully in the new Year we will have a decision in favor of protecting Yeelirrie

This is an incredible undertaking by these three strong Tjiwarl women who are trying to protect important cultural heritage sites that are part of the Seven Sisters Dreaming songline.

Take a look at the video and make a donation here

For those of you in we are having an end to a massive year with a big party at Mojos


Sunday 24 December| 4pm midnight | Mojos North Fremantle | an epic line-up of Perths best local acts

This Christmas Eve come party at Mojos Bar production of The Nukecracker* A party to keep WA uranium-free.  Come and celebrate the massive year of hard work, courage and resistance from WAs Traditional Owners, anti-nuclear activists and supporters.

Facebook event:

The new year will be starting with a huge event as the Japanese Peace Boat arrives in Fremantle..


Wednesday 24 Thursday 24 January 2018 | Fremantle Port | a massive 2 days of building a culture of peace around the world

We are excited to announce that this January Fremantle Port, City of Fremantle jointly with Mayors for Peace will host the Japanese Peace Boat on its 96th world voyage.  The Peace Boat carries out its main activities through a chartered passenger ship that travels the world on peace voyages. The delegation on board this voyage will be atomic bomb survivors and farmers from Fukushima and joined by around 800 participants from around the world.  The ship, as a neutral space beyond borders, becomes a floating peace village, encouraging a sense of community and enabling direct d...


Slavery in the 21st century "IndyWatch Feed National"

Slavery remains a tragedy with the United Nations and the Global Slavery Index arguing that at least 40 million people around the world are in some form of slavery. The Global Slavery Index reports that at least 4,000 people in Australia are enslaved. Recently, I agreed to host a community television five episodes, hour long []


Support the Uluru Statement from the Heart "IndyWatch Feed National"

Support progressing Australias
First Nations peoples
right to a say in the decisions
that affect their lives.
Sign the Joint Statement
Background image: 
Slide image: 


How China will Surpass the West "IndyWatch Feed National"


I just finished watching The Forecaster and I am impressed that you survived what the government did to you. As a former Green Beret from back in the day, I can appreciate what you endured more than most, my hats off to you.

All I can add is I hope to hell that no government including ours every gets your source code; as a former military officer and student of history, I know what our government is capable of.

I do wonder if China will survive the coming collapse in the west, arent they too tied to us?

Keep up the good work!


ANSWER: They will push you to the edge, hoping you break. There is a fine line and if you cross it you lose all fear of death. Then the table is turned. There is no threat they can make that will change your position. Some ask, Why did you not just turn over the code? They assume that they will actually honor what they tell you. They NEVER tell the truth, and if you turn over what they demand, you lose everything for they can kill you and pretend it was some accident, heart attack, or whatever. The press will believe them of course. Thats why they are there. You are dancing with the devil and it becomes a dance to the death. I was released ONLY because I got into the Supreme Court. Once they were taking the case, the New York boys had to release me.

Concerning China, the reason that they will succeed is because they are turning inward by building their economy into a consumer reservoir and eliminating their dependence upon the West. They will decline at first, but they will recover and make new highs when the West fails.


The Womens Village "IndyWatch Feed National"

Domestic Violence Shelters:

In the following conversation I discuss the role of the Womens Village and why Domestic Violence Shelters are more than just a place of temporary refuge for women and children in crisis.

Here is the link:

 The Womens Village is so much more than a Shelter



Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00005 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.95 AUD


Contradictions "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The breakdown of the market liberal right, and the accompanying rise of tribalist politics, is producing some interesting contradictions, most of which are embodied in the Institute of Public Affairs. David Leyonjhelm, a longterm IPA member has staged a provocation by inviting racist troll Milo Yiannopoulos to Australia under the banner of free speech. The Senate condemned him for providing a platform to someone who incites abuse and harassment of women, jews, and members of the LBGTIQ and multicultural communities. When the words of the motion were quoted back at him, Leyonjhelm threatened legal action, and stated his general willingness to use defamation law against his political opponents.

Meanwhile, at the same time as backing an IPA campaign to remove charity status from environmental groups that engage in political advocacy, Malcolm Turnbull is supporting amendments to the equal marriage bill, pushed by IPA alumnnus James Paterson to preserve the charitable status of groups that oppose the law.

Whats happening here, I think, is that a group that has always assumed itself to be part of the silent majority of real Australians is being faced with evidence that it is actually a shrinking minority, regarded by the majority as a set of noisy and unpleasant bigots. One reaction is to double down on aggressive assertion of its views, treating things like the outcome of the marriage survey as a temporary aberration. The other is to seek the protections traditionally accorded to minorities, appealing to the rhetoric of tolerance and diversity.

This contradiction cant be sustained for long, although that wont stop them trying. But how should the decent majority deal with this problem. The answer is to remember that everyone will be in the minority some time. We should reject the attempt to stop charitable groups from engaging in advocacy, even if we dont always like what is being advocated. As regards free speech, we should resist the temptation to use legal bludgeons, but make it clear to the promoters of racism, and those willing to line up with them, that they will be called out for what they are. This has already happened to the LNP in Queensland and WA following disgraceful alliances with One Nation. One of the few encouraging signs from the right was Turnbulls recent declaration (motivated by fear rather than principle) that the Federal LNP would do no preference deals with Hanson.


The postal survey asked about same sex marriage - you'll be amazed at how much further The Bill goes "IndyWatch Feed National"

The so-called same sex marriage bill goes a lot further than we've been told. The postal survey asked one question: The Bill to change the law is here. The Bill has already passed through The Senate. Following are some direct quotes copied and pasted from the Parliament's Explanatory...


Nurse Supervisor Coordinator "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program


Curriculum Coordinator "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program


High Court judgement on the replacement of Fiona Nash in the Senate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Jim Molan is one step closer to a seat in The Senate. On 27 October this year Fiona Nash was referred to the High Court by the Senate over questions about her citizenship - the Court found she was ineligible to sit and so a Senate vacancy arose. On 2...


Final Straw: Prison Audio Roundtable and Manus Island Update "IndyWatch Feed National"

The post Final Straw: Prison Audio Roundtable and Manus Island Update appeared first on It's Going Down.

Listen and Download Here

Prison-Related Audio Roundtable

This week we feature two segments. The first is a roundtable discussion with producers from various audio projects around North America that focus on prisoner struggles and amplifying incarcerated voices. In the chat youll hear from me, two producers of The Prison Radio show on CFRC radio in Kingston, Ontario, a producer of the Prison Radio Show on CKUT from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and a producer of the June11 audio  series released this last year and revving to mark the day in solidarity with Marius Mason and other long term anarchist and ecological prisoners.

Follow-Up with Walid Zazai on Manus Island

The second conversation is an update from Walid Zazai, the 24 year old Afghani man being held on Manus Island off of the coast of Papua New Guinea. Walid has been in detention for 4 years now awaiting resettlement at the pleasure of the government of Australia. We spoke with Walid two weeks ago after the Manus Regional Processing Centre in which he was living had been closed and he and roughly 450 other refugees stayed in protest of their longtime lack of freedom of movement and the violence they feared from PNG security forces and locals on the island. More coverage of the struggle immigrants against the Australian border authorities and other updates from the Oceania can be found on the long running Anarchist radio show based there, Subversion1312. Subversion1312 is also a recently added member of the Channel Zero Network of anarchist podcasts.

Now For Some Fun Events

If youre in the Asheville area today (December 3rd 2017), at 5pm at...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Victory Is in Store for DPRK
The successful test-fire of the new-type ICBM Hwasong 15 is another demonstration of the invincible might of Juche Korea to reliably safeguard the dignity, sovereignty and supreme interests of the Korean nation.

Kim Kon Chol, department director of the Ministry of Railways, said:

The exciting peal of ICBM test-fire is a clear answer of the Korean army and people to the US that re-listed the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism", and an echo of jubilation that guarantees the sounds of creation and construction and happy laughter reverberating through the country.

And it comes to be a stern warning to the arrogant US turning a blind eye to the strategic position of the Juche nuclear power both in name and reality.

The US should keep in mind that the initiative in bringing about changes in the situation and the treasured sword for preserving peace and stability are seized by the DPRK, the possessor of the strategic weapons of justice.

Kim Song Won, dean of a faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology, said:

The successful test-fire of ICBM Hwasong 15 showed all over the world the might of the DPRK as a world-class military power.

At a time when the US is making a foolish daydream that its harsh sanctions might wring our windpipe, we have possessed of another new-type powerful ICBM weapon system that frightened our enemies.

This is a great event that showed to the world once again the validity and vitality of the line of simultaneously pushing forward the economic construction and the upbuilding of the nuclear forces set forth by the Workers' Party of Korea.

As long as we are led by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, our army and people will, in the future, too, bolster the self-defensive war deterrent in every way under the uplifted banner of the line of simultaneously developing the two fronts.



Monday night in Flemington "IndyWatch Feed National"

If anti-fascist activists had heeded the call to stay at home while Milo was in town, what would the situation have looked like?


Does the Push for Mass Vaccination Point Toward a Staged Bioterror Event? "IndyWatch Feed National"

 Does the Push for Mass Vaccination Point Toward a Staged Bioterror Event? | ampoules-vaccines | Medical & Health Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News Vaccines

By Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News

Weve seen the signs. Ive been highlighting them. The infamous childhood mandatory vaccination law in California. Other states that are considering similar bills. The lunatic push in Australia to outlaw medical exemptions from vaccination. The all-out campaign in the press, in various countries, to stigmatize people who defect from official truth about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

On a larger stage, over the past 20 years, weve seen the promotion of fake pandemics demanding universal vaccination to ward off millions of deaths: SARS, West Nile, Swine Flu, smallpox, etc. All duds.

Now we have the boggling case of the University of Massachusetts, where two supposed instances of meningitis have triggered an immediate campaign to vaccinate all 20,000 students against meningococcal B meningitis.

Its clear that the logistics of carrying out such an extensive program have been in place for some time. The University just needed an occasion for a test launch of the system. Now they have it.

Yet USA Today reports: Sarah Van Orman, a physician and executive director of University Health Services at UW-Madison, saidthe new [meningitis] B vaccinemay not be as effective as the routinely given vaccine against the four other major bacteria strains.

In a study of 499 Princeton University students who received the new B vaccine during an outbreak there, up to a third did not show a good immune response eight weeks after the second dose, Van Orman said.

Some research suggests the vaccine also may provide immunity only for six to 12 months, she said.

But its full steam ahead for the U of Massachusetts. Other colleges have...


Why Do CEOs Make So Much? "IndyWatch Feed National"

(TFC)  Over the past four decades, the average salary for CEOs has increased 90 times faster than the pay for the average worker. This begs the question: why are CEOs making that much income, especially when the average wage for everyday workers has more or less stagnated since 1972?

Its not a matter of productivity. According to the Economic Policy Institute, since 1973 through 2016, productivity has increased 73.7%. In contrast, the average wage has increased only by 12.3%. The average worker is working harder, working longer hours and not being compensated accordingly.

Workers are the backbone of any company. Without them, the business simply can not exist.How, then, can companies justify doubling, tripling, even quadrupling CEO compensation on an annual basis when the workers responsible for creating their wealth are struggling to survive?

The simple answer? Because they can.

Growing Wealth Inequality

A large part of the problem is the slow growth in the hourly wage. Between 1979 and 2016, the average hourly wage increased by only .2%. Contrast this with inflation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices for everyday household items such as groceries have gone up by 1.6%. This means that while a worker earning $15 per hour now makes an average of $18 per hour, the same groceries that cost them $20 in 1979 now cost $32.

Contrast this with CEO wages. The average CEO in America now makes 354 times what the average worker earns. And the gap continues to widen.

Part of the issue is that the very people who determine what CEOs should earn are, in fact, CEOs. In a corporation, the board members, including the CEOs, decide what their reasonable compensation should be. And, especially in the United States, where CEO pay is basically unregulated, there is nothing keeping CEOs from increasing their pay as much as they like.

Another factor is the gap in educational levels between CEOs and low- to median-income workers. However, this in no way is an accurate reflection of reality. While it is true that less educated workers tend to earn less, even those with a college degree have seen their wages increase by only 5.1% over the past decade.

On average, those with degrees earn approximately $53,000 per year. Compare this....


On polite Nazis and the violence of speech "IndyWatch Feed National"

It was, in the words of far-right parliamentarian and former minister of youth policy Giorgia Meloni, intimidation at worst, and nothing compared to the actual violence of far-left demonstrators who destroy entire cities and burn down our cars.


North Coast MP arrested at Adani mine site "IndyWatch Feed National"

Under arrest, NSW MPs Jeremy Buckingha (left) and Dawn Walker (centre) among other demonstrators at todays protest. Photo NSW Greens

North Coast Greens MLC Dawn Walker and NSW Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham were arrested yesterday by Queensland police after taking part in a blockade of the Adani Carmichael coal mine rail construction site at Belyando, 270km west of Bowen.

The MPs were arrested at 6:35am along with a dozen other climate activists and charged with trespass unlawfully on a place of business.

Ms Walker said, It was a very important day for me, stopping work on the Adani mine and being arrested with climate activists who understand the importance of preventing this destructive project from going ahead, said Greens MP Dawn Walker.

I was proud to stand with traditional owners who have said no means no to Adani, and made it clear they will not be surrendering their land and water to this coal corporation.

Although this mine is miles from anywhere, the eyes of all Australia are on it. We have travelled days to get here but believe many more will follow.

Im appalled by the way this project is tearing indigenous communities apart and offering a sub standard agreement to traditional owners for their land, with little economic opportunity. On every level Adanis controversial mine does not stack up, she said.

Mr Buckingham said, Im proud to stand with activists in defence of climate and country, and represent all those people around Australia and internationally who want to stop the Adani coal project, said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham

Although we are MPs from NSW this is an issue of national and international significance. Adani represents a line in the sand for all those concerned about climate change who do not want to see a new coal precinct opened up in Australia.

Green MPs have a proud tradition of participating in peaceful, non-violent direct action and we stand with all those opposed to this crazy coal mine, said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham



Somebody else had it worse "IndyWatch Feed National"

[cn: Non-explicit discussion of sexual violence.]

Last month, I mentioned my past experience with sexual assault and rape. And I said I was fortunate to have never suffered from PTSD, unlike many other victims who have suffered from PTSD. This is my way of saying that other people had it worse than me.

If youve heard any number of accounts of victims of sexual harassment or sexual violence, you know that somebody else had it worse is a common trope. Saying, I dont want to take up space from other people with more extreme stories. Or, I dont want anyone to think Im making a huge deal over something so little. Or, Im not sure this even belongs in the category of sexual assault.

In the other extreme, some people argue that we shouldnt ever compare different experiences of sexual violence at all. Were told that there is only one kind of rape, all sexual violence is bad, end of story.

I have issues with both of these sides, and wish to find a happy medium.

My issue with the somebody else had it worse trope is that it feels gracious to a fault.  Its like an unwarranted apology. Its like walking funny in order to avoid stepping on my toes, when youre ten feet away. If we were all talking about any other type of personal experiencesay, the experience of reading a bookI wouldnt go out of my way to mention all the people who hated the book even more than I did. And I wouldnt apologize for how much space my review is taking up. I mean, were more careful when talking about sexual violence than when talking about books, because of the greater potential to hurt people. But if someone talks about a less intense experience than my own, that doesnt hurt me in any way.  In fact Im glad for people to find a voice to talk about such things.

Although, the comparison to an unwarranted apology raises a lot of questions. According to many op-eds, women are socialized to apologize more often than men. According to other writers, telling women to apologize less is unhelpful because it just polices their language and puts them in a double bind.

So now Im wondering, is this more common among women than men? Is it helpful to tell victims to avoid the somebody else had it worse trope? Or does that just put people in a double bind, where they get punished no matter what they say? I dont know the answers! Let me know...


YouTube Censorship, Elsagate And The Future Of Net Neutrality "IndyWatch Feed National"

YouTube will begin purging unwanted accounts with artificial intelligence algorithms that have been designed to remove harmful content. But what is stopping the largest video sharing platform in the world from profiling the political opinions of their users in an effort to silence them? The answer is nothing and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why we must do everything we can to maintain net neutrality now more than ever so that free market alternative solutions like DTube can thrive.


Long Tan cross repatriated to sacred ground in the Australian War Memorial - Lest We Forget "IndyWatch Feed National"

#LongTanCross : Vietnamese Gov has handed original cross to @AWMemorial today. So honoured to have been in Vietnam for 50th anniversary of the battle last year #VietnamWar #longtan #1ATF #7news Paul Walker (@pdwnews) December 6, 2017 When youre over there at Parliament House, exercising your democratic right; remember...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why Doesnt the Soviet Union Exist Anymore? Part 1: Introduction
Posted by Carlos Martinez
Sunday, November 19, 2017

Over the coming weeks, I will be publishing a series of articles regarding the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR, or Soviet Union). Although a distance of more than 25 years separates us from that fateful day in 1991 when the USSR ceased to exist, the lefts understanding of the Soviet collapse is still limited and many of the important themes are poorly understood.

Why dig up these particular old bones? Because we must reflect on, and learn from, history. The worlds first socialist state no longer exists, and nor do the European peoples democracies that were its close allies. If mistakes were made, its crucial that they arent made again. Existing socialist states face many of the same external pressures that the Soviet Union faced; future socialist states almost certainly will too. Additionally, socialist states so far have had great difficulty maintaining revolutionary momentum through the second, third and fourth generations of the revolution; this is as true of contemporary Cuba or China as it was of the USSR. Addressing these problems is obviously essential, and the details of the Soviet collapse constitute some of the most important raw data for any such analysis. The more our movement can learn about the Soviet collapse, the better prepared we will be to prevent historic reverses and defeats in future, and the better equipped we will be to develop a compelling, convincing vision of socialism that is relevant to the here and now.

Needless to say, I dont claim to have definitive answers. The disappearance of the USSR is a vastly complex subject, incorporating history, politics, economics, sociology, philosophy, military science, social psychology and more. Others know more and have done more thorough research than I have. The idea here is simply to present the historical outline, raise some questions, put forward a couple of hypotheses, and contribute to the ongoing debate. In terms of digging deeper into the subject, Id point the reader towards the following very useful books. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all contain valuable insight on the topic of the Soviet collapse and have been of inestimable help in terms of forming my own opin.........


POLITICAL NOTES: Religion and state affairs "IndyWatch Feed National"

Should religious leaders play active role in politics or refrain from stepping into the political sphere? This is one question that has defied a definite answer over the years, perhaps, because Nigeria is a country made up of diverse religions. While it is the right of every citizen as provided in Section 40 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) that: Every person shall be entitled to assemble freely and associate with other persons, and in particular he may form or belong to any political party, trade union or any other...

The post POLITICAL NOTES: Religion and state affairs appeared first on Newtelegraph.


Critical voices on the TPP from Malaysia and Canada "IndyWatch Feed National"

6 December, 2017: Professor Jomo Kwame Sundaram, a former UN Assistant Secretary-General and co-author of this critical study measuring the employment costs of the  original TPP, has written an article debunking some of the main myths about the newly named Comprehensive Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTTP). He explains that the deal is about the promotion of corporate-friendly rules for foreign investors (like ISDS), rather than trade gains. Strengthening intellectual property monopolies for transnational corporations would undoubtedly increase prices, not generate more goods and services.

Australia and Japan are doing their best to clinch the deal as quickly as possible, with minimal changes. But Canada has flagged further changes on cultural issues, and former IP company CEO Jim Basili has said Canada must protect its national interests on both the PCTPP and NAFTA, and that no deal is better than a bad deal.

Another recent article, by Dr Shankaran Nambiar in the Sun Daily, explains the position of the Malaysian government towards the CPTPP and argues that even when dealing with the powerful, there is absolutely no need to be in agreement when circumstances do not suit us.


SDN Annual Workshop Uralla 1721 Jan 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Wednesday, 17 Jan to Sunday, 21 Jan. ] We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop. The 2018 annual Social Developers' Network (SDN) workshop will be held at Uralla, New England NSW, from the evening of Wednesday the 17th to Sunday night the 21st of January 2018. Since Ned died in 2015, SDN workshops have taken on a new invigoration, which is exactly [...] full article 


Sustainable Shopping: the eco-friendly guide to online Christmas shopping "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Online shopping has recently smashed retail records worldwide, while its growth has continued significantly in Australia. With Christmas just around the corner, Australia Post expects this to be the busiest year it has ever seen. December is the largest buying month in Australia, with online shopping hitting its peak during the Christmas period. In 2016, total online spending hit a [...] full article 


Theyre Trying To Change Our Holidays: What Drew Young Australians To Milo Yiannopoulos? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Max Koslowski spoke to supporters of neo-Nazi booster Milo Yiannopoulos outside his recent Melbourne talk. Brace yourself.

Lauren has just left Milo Yiannopoulos show, and is still buzzing when her Mum texts. She turns her phone to me:

Dont post anything about tonight on Facebook if youre looking for a job.

Lauren laughs.

Its true. We are afraid of what to say because of these people, Lauren waves to protesters on the other side of the road.

I just went and saw a show, and Ive been told that Ive gotta be careful because of these people. And that really annoys me.

The 22-year-old bartender has just finished watching Yiannopoulos, right-wing British-born provoker, perform in front of around 800 supporters.

Ive been called a Nazi. I sat down to listen to a dude speak and now Im a Nazi. I honestly want to know why!

Lauren, from Wodonga, 300 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, has come to the Milo show with her boyfriend David. Her main political worries stem from modern day feminism, Australias lack of free speech, and the increased power that Sharia law has in her country.

I ask how Sharia law is rising in Australia.

Theyre trying to. she turns to her partner. What are they trying to do?

I dont really know what Sharia law is, David replies.

Theyre trying to change our holidays yeah, like Australia Day which is ridiculous. And I dont like the fact that they are trying to say their culture is very feminist their law basically shuns women. Maybe Im wrong, maybe they dont. But thats how I see it.

David fits the profile of a typical attendee at Milos show hes a 23-year-old who works at a McDonalds in Geelong while finishing his degree. Most of Milos supporters here are young and male, and some have turned up as couples, or as part of a whole family. But most rock up in small friendship groups.

Like Harry and Simon two 19-year-old high school leavers, who first got into Milo after seeing videos online. They tell me about how they lost friends when they started to support the controversial figure.

Most of my guy friends are pretty fine with it. A few of my girl friends, I feel like they misunderstand what views on the right of politics are, Harry explains to me. Because theyve got such an agenda being pushed down their throats, the minute you say something against feminism, all of a sudden youre against all of women.

But he was hopeful that his strong beliefs werent for nothing.

The pol...


Two sea turtles to taste freedom at Byron tomorrow "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Thurston will be released tomorrow. (supplied)

Two Green Sea Turtles that have been in care at the Australian Seabird Rescue facility in Ballina will be released tomorrow at Byron Bay.

The turtles, Thurston and Will Smith, were rescued within a day of each other in mid October, and after careful care, are now ready to be returned to the ocean.

Australian Seabird Rescue general manager Kathrina Southwell Thurston was stranded at South Golden Beach, covered in barnacles, and auffering from float syndrome which can be caused by plastic ingestion, stress or internal infections.

His skin was very pink for a Green sea turtle which can be an indication of septicemia, she said.

On Thurstons second day in care he ate a very small amount of red seaweed, then the next day he ate some squid.

After a week of antibiotics and worming treatment, his float dissipated and he is now eating close to 700 grams of a variety of seafood every day.

Ms Southwell said Thurston was an interesting rescue as he had one tag on his left front flipper.

We discovered that he had been caught in a shark net on the Gold Coast in November last year. He had been released and tagged as part of the Queensland shark control program, she said.

We have tagged his right front flipper so if he ever strands again, people will know that he has been rehabilitated by Australian Seabird Rescues Ballina Byron Sea Turtle Hospital.

Will Smith the turtle will be released on Thursday. (supplied)

Ms Southwell said the second turtle, Will Smith, was stranded at Casuarina Beach on the 19th October.

He had 80 per cent barnacle cover on his skin and only a few barnacles on his carapace, she said.

Will was very lethargic and started eating five days after his admission.

Will has recovered quite quickly and is looking extremely healthy. He has been the boss of our pre-release tank, always trying to steal food from the other four turtles that are housed there until they are ready for release.



Video: Top 10 brands polluting our beaches "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Every September, millions of people around the world participate in International Coastal Cleanup Day to take part in a larger effort to protect our ocean. Cleanups alone, however, will never solve the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean or on its shores. This year, the Break Free From Plastic global movement tried things a [...] full article 

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