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Thursday, 19 April


Cryptocurrency exchanges probed by New York attorney general "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thirteen cryptocurrency exchanges are now under the microscope of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who has launched an inquiry into their policies and practices, according to a statement released by his office. Schneidermans office sent letters to Coinbase, []

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None of the financial institutions are coming away from this Royal Commission covered in glory "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry was established on 14 December 2017, is due to hand down an interim report no later than 30 September 2018 followed by a final report by 1 February 2019.

As of 13 April 2018 the royal commission has received 3,433 public submissions - 69% of these were Banking, 8% Superannuation 8% and 7% Financial Advice.

Round 2 public hearings finish on 27 April 2018.

View the live webcast or previous hearings.

Yesterday was the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's turn to reluctantly admit systemic fraud ....

The Guardian18 April 2018:

Counsel assisting the royal commission, Mark Costello, asked Linda Elkins, from CBAs wealth management arm Colonial First State, to confirm CBAs poor record of charging fees for no service.


Institute of Public Affairs Limited (IPA) has a single broad focus - to infiltrate government in order to reduce workers to a powerless underclass "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Given representatives of the Institute of Public Affairs Limited (IPA) turn up as guest commentators so frequently these days on television, radio and in newsprint - usually without mention of who they actually represent - perhaps it's time to update deatils of the corporate structure, finances and aims of this group.

This highly partisan, conservative political pressure group thinly disguised as an independent research group-cum-think tank was registered in Melbourne Victoria in 1987 and its legal owner appears to be The Trustee For Institute Of Public Affairs Research Trust. This trust was created on 10 July 2007.

In the 1990s it appears to have merged with the the Australian Institute of Public Policy.

IPA became a&nbsp...

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IndyWatch Bellingen NSW All Topics Summary Today.

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Wednesday, 18 April


PERTH WA man pleads guilty to child sex abuse charges "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

WA man pleads guilty to child sex abuse charges .

April 18, 2018 at 01:56PM .

The father entered guilty pleas when he appeared today in Perth Magistrates Court via video link from Casuarina Prison. His partner, a 39-year-old woman, also appeared in court from Perths Bandyup womens prison, and was remanded in prison until May 11 while she seeks legal advice. The woman .



PERTH Child sex ring: Perth father pleads guilty to abuse charges "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Child sex ring: Perth father pleads guilty to abuse charges .

April 18, 2018 at 05:18PM .

The stepfather, who appeared in Perth Magistrates Court this morning, pleaded guilty to three charges of sexually penetrating a child who was a de facto relative, and one count of encouraging a child who was a relate to engage in sexual behaviour. Yesterday, the man was charged with a further 65 .


PERTH Father charged over alleged child sex abuse ring admits abusing stepdaughter "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Father charged over alleged child sex abuse ring admits abusing stepdaughter .

April 18, 2018 at 02:28PM .

The stepfather pleaded guilty in the Perth Magistrates court to three charges of sexually penetrating a child who was a de facto relative, and one count of encouraging a child who was a relative to engage in sexual behaviour. The man was charged on Tuesday with a further 70 offences alleging other .



PERTH Swingers child sex abuse club: father pleads guilty to four counts of abusing stepdaughter "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Swingers child sex abuse club: father pleads guilty to four counts of abusing stepdaughter .

April 18, 2018 at 01:45PM .

A MAN alleged to have been part of a swingers club which sexually abused a string of children in Perths northern suburbs has pleaded guilty to four counts of abusing his stepdaughter. The 45-year-old man, who appeared in Perth Magistrates Court this morning, admitted that three days after Christmas .


PERTH Swingers club paedophile dad, 45, admits to abusing his stepdaughter and faces another 75 "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Swingers club paedophile dad, 45, admits to abusing his stepdaughter and faces another 75 .

April 18, 2018 at 06:28PM .

A 45-year-old man accused of sexually abusing children during swinging sex parties in Western Australia has pleaded guilty to four of his 83 charges. The man appeared in Perth Magistrates Court via video link from Casuarina Prison on Wednesday and admitted sexually penetrating one of his .



MACKAY Sarina man who ran stop sign caused fiery intersection smash "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 18, 2018 at 05:30AM ,

Sarina man who ran stop sign caused fiery intersection smash

April 18, 2018 at 05:30AM ,

A SARINA father of four who drove through a stop sign and t-boned another car, causing his ute to burst into flames, has described himself as a little old woman driver. David Ian Glendinning, of Sarina, faced Mackay Magistrates Court more than three years after a collision at Palmyra on February 21,

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Drug trafficker faces sentence for ice driving "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 18, 2018 at 07:11AM ,

Drug trafficker faces sentence for ice driving

April 18, 2018 at 07:11AM ,

A GLENELLA woman convicted of drug trafficking has faced court from prison to be sentenced for an outstanding drug-driving offence. Allana Reumer appeared before Mackay Magistrates Court via videolink on Monday, without a lawyer. The 33-year-old pleaded guilty to driving with methamphetamines

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Philippine President says he ordered the Bureau of Immigration to detain, investigate Australian nun, advocate for the poor "IndyWatch Feed National"


President Duterte said that he ordered the detention of Patricia Fox, 71, for her supposed vocal criticism of the government.

The STAR/Miguel De Guzman


( April 18, 2018 6:40pm

MANILA, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday blasted an Australian nun for her supposed vocal criticism of the government and said that he was the one who ordered the Bureau of Immigration to detain her.

Particia Fox, 71, an Australian nun who has been advocating land reform and rights of farmers in the Philippines, was detained from Monday to Tuesday for her supposed violations of an immigration order banning the involvement of foreign nationals in the partisan activities and political assemblies.

Duterte said that the only reason Fox was released was she was not caught in the act of berating the government.

Bureau of Immigration lawyers, in a two-page note with recommendation to Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente prior to her release, said that while Fox was alleged to have taken part in protest actions by farmers in the past, she was not doing so at the time when BI operatives served her the mission order.

The Philippine leader made the statement after Fox, in a television interview, said that the military might be behind her detention at the office of the Bureau of Immigration.

It was not the military who arrested the Catholic nun. It was upon my orders implemented by the Bureau of Immigration, and I take full responsibility, legal or otherwise, for this incident, Duterte said during his remarks at the turnover ceremony at the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Camp Aguinaldo.

I ordered her investigated not arrested, for a disorderly conduct, the president said.

According to a Law professor who agreed to give input on condition of anonymity, as a general rule, arrests can only be made if a judge has issued a warrant after a criminal case has been filed or if a crime is committed in the presence of law enforcement. In which case, an inquest proceeding must be held immediately to determine if charges sh...


Raw And Uncut: Inside Australias live, Long-Haul Animal Exports "IndyWatch Feed National"

Days after a whistleblower exposed the extreme suffering of sheep on-board live export ships new footage reveals what happens to the animals who survive.
Read More


Flesh-eating disease Buruli ulcer increasing at alarming rate in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

A flesh-eating disease known as the Buruli ulcer, which is usually found in West and Central Africa, has been increasing at an alarming rate in Australia over the past two years, especially in the state of Victoria. A report published Tuesday in the Medical Journal of Australia describes the disease as a "worsening epidemic, defined by cases rapidly increasing in number, becoming more severe in nature and occurring in new geographic areas."


Brian C Houston of Hillsong on Twitter: Good morning @hillsong Australia. Im missing you all "IndyWatch Feed National"


Sketches found from a 1956 Australian abduction case "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi all,

I have been continuing my examination of the electronic files of former US researcher Dr. Michael Swords, who kindly provided me with a copy of these extensive files. There are numerous Australian cases amongst this material, which I have slowly been going through.

This post examines an apparent abduction experience, one of the reported earliest for this country. For a comprehensive catalogue of Australian abduction accounts, take a look here.

The source for this particular early Australian abduction account comes from Sydney researcher Bill Chalker, who included it in a piece he wrote for Australian "Penthouse" magazine of November 1989, page 37.

The account

The event took place near Hughenden in Queensland, see the Google map below.

It involved a then twelve year old girl, given the alias of Miss L. She was crossing a paddock on the family farm when she felt a strange force upon her, and she heard a "humming" sound. She felt as if she was being lifted off the ground and fainted.

She awoke to find herself in a large, strange room. The room was not furnished. She noticed an arched doorway leading into a corridor; that there were porthole-like windows along one wall, and that the room had no joins or seams.

After surveying the room, which featured a coloured galaxy display on one wall, the girl felt enormous pressure and again lost consciousness.

She found herself back on the farm, but in a different paddock, with a huge saucer shaped object j=hovering above her, before it rapidly ascended to the west. The girl believed that two hours had elapsed since she initially lost consciousness.

VUFORS material

It was therefore with some surprise that I found that amongst the Swords' material were three pages of documents related to this case.

Document one was headed "UFO 1956 Cressy Station, Hughenden, Australia" and a signature which looks like "F Jedlicko." This appears to be a plan of the object as seen from above.



Climate change unseasonably hot weather made bushfires near Lucas Heights nuclear reactor become apocalyptic blazes "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Apocalyptic blaze surrounding nuclear reactor sets off emergency

AUSTRALIA is struggling to contain a growing bushfire that is racing towards a nuclear reactor, amid fears that the blaze could expand beyond their control. By OLI SMITH Apr 16, 2018 

More than 500 Australia firefighters are struggling to tackle a massive bushfire, with several residents urged to seek shelters as evacuation is now too late.

Scenes of the blaze, which started yesterday, have been described as apocalyptic after the fire ripped through nearly 2,500 hectares of land close to the suburbs of Sydney.

Firefighters failed to stop the out-of-control blaze from burning through a major military base and a nuclear reactor is the next at-risk location.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) said it was concerned that flying embers could spark even more blazes

The unseasonably hot Autumn in south-eastern Australia has been blamed for worsening the bushfire after record temperatures for April.

Shane Fitzsimmons, of the RFS, warned that strong 60km per hour winds are expected to push towards residential homes.

He said that the countrys largest army barracks at Holsworthy, where stockpiles of fuel, ammunition and explosive materials are kept, had been hit by the fire.


Bushfires near Lucas Heights nuclear reactor are still hazardous "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Firefighters Warn NSW Is Not Out Of The Woods On Third Day Of Bushfires, Pedestrian. 16 Apr 18   More than 250 firefighters continue to battle bushfires in NSWs southwest, which has spread more than 2,400 hectares since Saturday afternoon.

The blaze, which is believed to have originated in the vicinity of Casula, was fanned further by strong winds on Sunday.

More than 500 firefighters from the Rural Fire ServiceFire & Rescue NSW and the Australian Defence Force attempted to contain the blaze over the weekend with help from volunteers and 11 water-bombing helicopters.

The fire tore trough Holsworthy military range, and while approaching suburban areas, has been staved off. Several residents report fighting off embers with hoses and water buckets.

The fire was downgraded from emergency level to watch and act on 5.30pm Sunday, then again downgraded to advice around 2am Monday.

While lower wind conditions are expected to help with containing the fire, RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers warned that the high temperatures remain an issue.

Still q...


New South Wales National Party leader- nuclear power nevitablefor Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Comment by Steve Dale There is something really rotten about the Nationals lately. Four Corners (4corners, fourcorners) can you please follow the stink/money trail and find out who is pulling the strings on these politicians? We have had a Royal Conmission into nuclear, I think what we really need is a Royal Commission into Nuclear lobbying and its corrupting influence on our political system.

John Barilaro to push the nuclear power button The Australian, April 17, 2018  Acting NSW Premier John Barilaro will declare nuclear power inevitable in a speech that slams ignorant, 1970s thinking for preventing development of the nations uranium reserves and condemning residents to blackouts.

The speech by the state Nationals party leader, seen by The Australian and to be delivered on Wednesday night at an energy policy forum in Sydney, calls for small modular reactors, likely imported from the US, to reduce dependence on high-emission coal and gas-fired power over the next five to 10 years  



Dad "IndyWatch Feed National"

It's coming up to Dad's 7th anniversary of shedding his husk and flitting off into the aether.
I'm a tad teary.
Having a few G & T's to toast the old bugger, wishing I'd asked some more direct questions about his fathers Aboriginal mother, ignoring his firm "do not pass go, do not collect $200 " tone of voice which always ALWAYS slammed that door closed on further queries.
Still missing his humour, knowing he'd have loved Think Tank quiz show, he'd be hankering for the new Doctor Who series, he'd be looking forward to the new Miss Phryne Fisher Murder Mystery movies and books, watching The Drum and arguing with the idiots or telling Shaun Micallef how brilliant he is, each week.


Yoga Leggings Localish Surf Apparel "IndyWatch Feed National"

Localish represents the feeling of belonging to the areas and communities, whether youre a native, part-time resident, or just visiting by. Inspired by this idea, Localish apparel is made with original designs made somewhere between Hawaii and California. Localish offers wide range of surf apparel including surf leggings, womens surf t-shirts, mens surfing t shirts, mens surf apparel, womens surf apparel, mens sweatshirt hoodie, surf tank tops for men, surf tank tops for women, and many more. Yoga and Surfing leggings of Localish include the following: ocean camo leggings hibiscus leggings sup leggings women's surf leggings digi camo leggings sunset leggings camouflage legging / camo leggings surf capri digi camo leggings sup yoga leggings blue camo leggings upf leggings mens surf tank tops surfing t shirts surf tank top men's tanks surf capris Visit the website to see all products. Order now!


Australia to join global health and climate change initiative "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"   UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY

The Lancet Countdown report on health and climate change was published in October 2017 by The Lancet and will be updated annually through to 2030.

It tracks progress on health and climate change across 40 indicators divided into five categories: climate change impacts, exposures and vulnerability; adaptation planning and resilience for health; mitigation actions and health co-benefits; economics and finance; and public and political engagement.

Dr Ying Zhang, a senior lecturer in the University of Sydneys School of Public Health, and Associate Professor Paul Beggs, from Macquarie University, wrote in the MJA that, from an Australian perspective, with our high level of carbon emissions per capita, it will be important to reflect on our progress and how it compares with that of other countries, especially high-income countries.

A group of Australian experts from multiple disciplines is commencing work on our first national countdown report, Zhang and Beggs wrote.

The project recognises the importance of the climate change challenge in Australia, including its relevance to human health, and also the unique breadth and depth of the Australian expertise in climate change and human health.

The Australian countdown will mirror the five domain sections of the Lancet Countdown, adopt the indicators usedwhere feasible and relevant to Australiaand include any useful additional indicators.

The inaugural A...


Volunteer Times: Armidale Aboriginal Community Garden, April & May "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Wednesday afternoons: 4pm 5.30pm Sunday afternoons: 3pm 4.30pm Come along to help with weekly weeding, planting and general community garden upkeep. All helpers of all ages are very welcome, and greatly appreciated! Contact: Kate Wright Note: In the case of inclement weather, the volunteer sessions will be cancelled. full article 



Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE

 Listing of the Coastal Emu as an Endangered Population in 2002 raised hopes that extra protection would be provided, thus halting, or preferably reversing, their steadily declining numbers. Sadly it was not. The 2017 census recorded just 33 birds, down from 47 a year earlier.

The census records more than bird sightings, and includes feathers, tracks, and scats. Of course not all birds are located, but numbers have likely reached the point where the population is no longer viable.

Emus face many threats. Wild dogs, dingoes, feral cats and foxes, all pose a real threat to chicks and juveniles, while feral pigs are suspected of raiding nests and eating their eggs.

Humans pose an even greater threat, with vehicle strike historically taking an enormous toll, something authorities will not take seriously. An example of that negligence was the decision to increase the speed limit to 100km/hour along Iluka Road through Bundjalung National Park, and a ref...


Antifa is liberalism, feminism is cancer, and Im a monkeys uncle "IndyWatch Feed National"

My first reaction on reading Marianne Garneaus essay Antifa is liberalism (Ritual, April 11, 2018) was: lolwut. The second was to be reminded of Ward Churchills essay Pacifism As Pathology: in particular, his being at pains to distinguish between, on Continue reading


BYS gives young peeps a voice for Youth Week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Hayley and Ivy pictured front; in the back, from left are Ariel, Tyger and Shiri. Photo Deb Pearse

As a part of National Youth Week (NYW) 2018, Byron Youth Service (BYS) consulted with 28 young people from around the Shire, representing three of the main high schools.

Our purpose was to connect with local youth in this very specific way, to find out what its like for them living in this area, what their issues are, their hopes and their worries, said Berri, who organised the forum in collaboration with Byron Shire Council and the BYS team.

This will help shape our strategic plan and services, to make sure we are aware of emerging trends and to help keep our programs relevant, she said. The young people were open, articulate and informative, she said.

They spoke about the challenges of drug use, personal safety in Byron CBD at night, pressure to perform in school and how it affected their mental health due to lack of sleep and addiction to social media. BYS also invited these young people to come up with ideas about how the BYS could raise the awareness of BYS and its services and also attract funds to support more valuable and effective youth initiatives in this area youth initiatives that arise from young people for young people, said Berri.

Young people always come up with the best ideas, said Deb Pearse, who has been working for BYS for 19 years.

The day was topped off with a vibrant art installation, led by local art facilitator Karma Barnes of the In.scribe Youth Arts Mentorship project.

The Youth Week event to look out for is the Battle@Bruns skate comp at the Brunswick Heads skatepark, Deb said. Registrations start from 10am and comp starts at noon on April 22.

The post BYS gives young peeps a voice for Youth Week  appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Bike path projects need public support "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Bike paths, such as this one have proven health benefits, supporters say. Photo supplied.

Aslan Shand

Bike tracks fanning out from Mullumbimby is one of the key ideas put forward for the Stronger Country Communities fund that Byron Shire Council is currently seeking applications for.

And your submissions count! Three groups were considering applying for the grant money these were from Tuckeroo Avenue to Shearwater School, Mullumbimby to Main Arm Village and from the Mullumbimby Co-op to the Mullumbimby Golf Club.

Owing to the short time in which to get the grant application together, the track from the Co-op to the Golf Club has been put on hold; however, Council are looking at creating a Shirewide bike plan later in the year.

Both bike paths have been recommended in the past; the one to Shearwater was part of the Byron Shire bike plan in 2005 and the first part of the Main Arm bike track as early as 2001.

Lainie Anderson, spokesperson for the proposed Mullumbimby cycleway out to Shearwater, pointed out the school has 700 students and, there is a range of evidence that demonstrated the health benefits for children who ride and walk to school.

The plans for the 8km bike track to Shearwater are being developed on a pro-bono basis by the engineering company who developed the bike track at Lennox Head.

Spokesperson for the Main Arm bike track, Sophia Marles, said, Having a number of bike tracks will really create the opportunity for people to get out of their cars and enjoy the wonderful natural environment we live in.

There are a number of projects that are being proposed throughout the Shire that can be found on Councils website:

To get involved in supporting the Main Arm bike track, email To get involved in supporting the Mullum to Shearwater bike track, email

Multiple projects can be supported.

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Chemical agents, flash grenades and laser-sighted shot guns unleashed on children in Western Australias youth jail "IndyWatch Feed National"

A report released by the Independent Inspector of Custodial Services has detailed horrific conditions and treatment in Western Australias only youth jail, Banksia Hill. The Inspector has called on the McGowan Government to take urgent action.

The report shows that in 2016 and 2017 children in Banksia Hill were:

  • Subjected to chemical agents, flash grenades and laser-sighted shot guns;
  • On an average day, forced to spend more time locked in their cells than outside;
  • Forced to undergo thousands of strip searches;
  • Exposed to prolonged solitary confinement;
  • Denied proper education; and
  • Denied proper health care.

Ruth Barson, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that the findings were jaw-dropping and that the McGowan Government must overhaul Western Australias decaying youth justice system.

Its mind boggling to think that while the Northern Territory Royal Commission into the abuses in Don Dale was turning over every stone to make sure such cruelty never happened again, just across the border in Western Australia, children were being subjected to similar brutality, said Ms Barson.

In the report, the Inspector says that he has a depressing sense of dj vu and that for the nine years he has been in the job Banksia Hill has lurched from crises to partial recovery and then back into crisis. 

The Inspectors report builds on five previous reports which have shown a pattern of abuse and neglect in Banksia Hill. The Inspector has previously called Banksia Hill a failure and recommended it be closed, in favour of smaller, home-like facilities.

Banksia Hill is Western Australias only youth jail and is over-capacity due to Western Australias excessive and punitive laws. There are currently around 170 children in Banksia Hill, some as young as ten, including young girls and children on remand who have not been found guilty of an offence.

Ms Barson said that Western Australias youth justice system is cruel and antiquated and in desperate need of repair. 

Like Don Dale, Banksia Hill is a sinking ship that should be abandoned and replaced with small, home-like facilities. Premier McGowan must heed the Inspectors warnings and the Northern Territory Royal Commissions recommendations and close its super-max youth jail, raise the age of criminal responsibility and categorically prohibit solitary confinement, said Ms Barson.

The Western Australian Government imprisons Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children at a rate outpacing all other Australian states and territories. Approximately 70 percent of children in Banksia Hill are Aboriginal or Torres St...


Man killed loading road working equipment onto truck "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A road worker has died while attempting to load a road compactor onto a truck at a worksite south-west of Lismore this morning.

The incident occurred about 11.10am today (Wednesday, April 18) near the intersection of the Bruxner Highway and Barker Street, Gundurimba.

As the 49-year-old man was loading the equipment it rolled into a table drain.

The man died at the scene.

Officers from the Richmond Police District will be investigating the events leading up to the mans death. SafeWork NSW have been notified.

Diversions in place

Westbound light vehicles are being diverted off the highway into Caniaba Road, while eastbound vehicles are being diverted via Coraki Road to Wyrallah Road to return to the highway.

Heavy vehicles are being escorted past the incident.

Motorists are advised to allow extra travel time.

Emergency services and traffic crews are on site.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page:

For the latest on road conditions motorists are advised to check

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CBA gets gold medal for charging fees for no service "IndyWatch Feed National"

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). Image contributed

The Commonwealth Bank wins the gold medal for charging customers fees for financial advice they never received, the banking royal commission has heard.

Australias largest bank has charged more fees for no service than other other financial services entity in the country, counsel assisting the royal commission Mark Costello said.

It would be the gold medallist if ASIC was handing out medals for fees for no service, wouldnt it, the barrister asked on Wednesday.

Linda Elkins, the executive general manager of the banks wealth management arm Colonial First State, replied yes.

Commonwealth Bank has refunded $118.5 million to customers who were charged fees for advice they did not receive.

Thats more than half the $219 million compensation paid by the big four banks and Australias largest wealth manager AMP over the last decade to more than 310,000 financial advice customers charged fees for no service.

Clients of CBAs Commonwealth Financial Planning, BW Financial Planning and Count Financial businesses were charged ongoing fees for financial advice where no advice services were provided, mainly during the period July 2007 to June 2015.

Mr Costello questioned whether Colonial First State had taken any action over fees deducted from client accounts it managed where no advice service was provided by the CBA entities.

Ms Elkins said Colonial was satisfied with the investigations and remediation undertaken by the advice businesses and CBA.

I can certainly assure you, as the product issuer, I was very unhappy with what was happening, but I did believe that allowing Commonwealth Financial Planning to investigate and carry out their remediation was going to get the best outcome for customers, she told the commission.

Ahead of this weeks royal commission hearing, CBA and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission announced an agreement over an advice refund program involving two bank subsidiaries.

Commonwealth Financial Planning and the now-closed BW Financial Advice have paid $88.6 million in compensation to 31,500 customers who did not receive an annual review as part of their financial advice service pa...


Lines of disorder "IndyWatch Feed National"

The woman I knew best, of course, was my own mother. I could see my hips, legs and breasts becoming hers, and I heard her every self-abasement as my own. Shed take up walking regimes, or cut out bread for a month, and then on weeknights Id come into the kitchen to find shed caved and drunk an entire bottle of white wine. It was a cliche, a stock-standard Electra complex, but there was no way in hell I was going to become her.


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00010 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.05 AUD


Cancer in adolescents and young adults in Australia [AIHW] "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Cancer in adolescents and young adults in Australia is the second national report to present key data specific to cancer in adolescents and young adults. While cancer in young Australians is rare, it has a substantial social and economic impact on individuals, families and the community. Surveillance of this population is also important as adolescent and young adult cancer survivors are at an increased risk of developing a second cancer.

1. In 2010-2014, 4,843 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in adolescents and young adults.

2. In 2011-2015, 499 adolescents and young adults died from cancer.

3. In 2010-2014, 5-year relative survival from all cancers combined for adolescents and young adults was 89%.

4. Adolescent and young adult cancer survivors had a 1.9 times increased risk of developing a second cancer

Cancer in adolescents and young adults in Australia

Media release: More cases of cancer diagnosed in young Australians, but survival has improved.


The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Robertson, New South Wales, Australia. Thanks for stopping by!


No assurance beach will remain if Belongil rock walls approved "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Manfred Street beach after the 2016 storm. Public submissions for five rock wall DAs close on April 20. Photo Paul Spooner

Hans Lovejoy

According to a former councillor and civil engineer specialising in hydrology, rock wall development applications (DAs) submitted by wealthy Belongil landowners will transfer public land to private ownership and eventually result in the loss of the iconic beach.

Both the NSW office of environment and heritage (OEH) and Council have yet to explain how the five rock walls DAs, which cover both public and private lands, will not result in beach loss.

As previously reported, the DAs were submitted by the landowners almost all of whom are non-residents to the NSW Coastal Panel.

The DAs close for public submission with the independently appointed panel on April 20.

There was also no reply to The Echos question as to whether the OEH website provided sufficient information, given the DAs are not visible or easy to navigate to.

OEH staff replied briefly when asked to confirm that the Belongil rock wall DAs were on Crown/Council land.

The Echo asked, If correct, would that mean that all liability is unclear?

A OEH spokesperson replied, Notification of development applications is undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and it is the responsibility of proponents to seek consent from any relevant landowners where development is proposed. The NSW Coastal Panel welcomes public submissions during the submission period.

Comment was sought from Council staff, but no reply was given by deadline.

Unanswered questions

Other questions not answered by OEH and Council were: Will there be a sand mitigation requirement, given these DAs may well lead to further beach erosion? The Echo understands that these DAs are being assessed under the now-repealed Coastal Protection Act 1979, which requires sand mitigation under these types of circumstances. What guarantee is there that these walls will not result in Belongil beach beco...


Meet Our New National Director! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hello ANTaR friends!

It is an honour for me to have joined ANTaR,  a respected and important advocacy organisation for the rights of First Peoples, and I look forward to joining with you all to continuing fighting for the justice, rights and respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Australia.

I come, most recently, from helping run the Close the Gap Campaign and also managing the secretariat support for the National Health Leadership Forum which sees the peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisations collaborate together.

At the Close the Gap Campaign, I saw first hand the value, dedication and commitment of ANTaR in helping to support the pursuit of justice and self-determination for Australias First Peoples. So it gives me a lot of pride to be given the opportunity to help continue to build the legacy of ANTaR into the future.

The reality is, organisations like ANTaR and the campaigns it supports such as Close the Gap, Change the Record and the Redfern Statement Alliance (amongst others) are still necessary to hold governments to account for their obligations to First Peoples.

Persistent gaps in life expectancy and health outcomes, world-beating (and shameful) rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander incarceration, and rates of child-removal that are greater now than at the time of the Bringing Them Home Report (LINK). We must do better to support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family, friends, colleagues and fellow citizens to enjoy full, free and healthy lives in one of the richest nations on Earth.

We are entering another crucial period for advocacy and we need your help now more than ever. (LINK)

A Federal Election will be held within 12 months, the latest government process (LINK) to establish another Joint Select Committee in Parliament on Constitutional Recognition Relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples we must make it clear to the next Federal Government that Constitutional Recognition can no longer be put off.

In Uluru last year, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples from across Australia made a direct and powerful statement on their aspirations for true recognition in Australias Constitution.
In calling for a Voice in the Consti...


Scientists march for science and action on global warming "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ben Wilson

On Sunday 15 April, protectors of the critical role of science in our lives gathered in eight cities across Australia, to call on the government to support evidence-based decision making, and to support the bringing back of a ministry of science.

It was the second annual March for Science, and this years rally featured speeches by a range of experts.

Vivien Thomson is a farmer and a firefighter, and one of the only women to win the Australian Fire Service Medal for distinguished service. She says science underpins all her work, not only on the farm but also fighting fires.

Ive never seen fires be so hard and so fast and harder to put out the climate surrounding our firefighting capacity is really affecting our ability to put those fires out, she said.

Its like the natural phenomenon are on steroids.

Science based evidence tells us that human activity is resulting in a greenhouse effect that is causing global warming. Vested interests and those who are misled by them, are waging a ceaseless campaign against science to discredit the overwhelming evidence, and this has encouraged a rise in disrespect for science.

Nevertheless, everyone is experiencing the increasing intensity of heatwaves, floods and droughts. These effects are being felt in Australia.

As Australia experiences one of its hottest Aprils on record, demonstrators called on the government to give greater support to scientific research to tackle climate warming.

The jury is in, its indisputable human impact on the current warming climate and also the jury is in on how quickly we need to act, said Spencer, Sydney University Ambassador for mathematics and science.

The denigration of science holds back urgent action on the threat of global warming. This is bad enough on its own and underlines the importance of defending it. But it doesnt stop here. Science and its growth are essential to civilisation. Our standard of living, health and many other important aspects of our lives depend on it.

Science has from time to time been used for purposes that have resulted in negative consequences. But its positive contribution has been overwhelming and changed the way we look at ourselves and the world we live in. Our understanding of how nature works, capacity to find solutions to problems is enhanced with it. The application of scientific method, that is relying on observation, testing, drawing up an understanding of what is going on, observing and testing again, on an ever-going cycle, provides the means to new discoveries.

The war against science denies all this and threatens to plunge us into an age of ignorance. Science needs to be defended, and an important part of this is th...


Meet Our New National Director "IndyWatch Feed National"

Meet Our New National Director
Hello ANTaR friends!
It is an honour for me to have
joined ANTaR, a respected and
important advocacy organisation!
Background image: 


we bought a caravan "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Our new home is sitting out the front of our (current) house, patiently waiting for adventures.

We did it! And I know it was the plan all along but after months (and months!) of research we decided on a make and model and found the right one at the right price. Then we took the leap and spend a big chunk of our savings on it.

It feels really good. And right so right!

I promised that I would share this journey in its entirety but I admit that the past few months have been fairly uneventful. Its been a slow process; literally sifting through the many caravans on the market to find a size and layout that works for us.

Thankfully there arent many caravans fit for six people so we didnt have to search too far. But when it came to the layout, we were adamant that we didnt want the main bed at the front of the van (next to the door) and interestingly, this layout is one of the more popular ones.

We wanted our bed to be at the far end of the van so we felt like we had our own space, albeit small. Practically speaking we also knew it would be a blessing for Marigolds day naps. And for my sanity.

Eventually we discovered the Jayco Stirling and on Saturday evening our new home arrived. Its a 2009 model and all 24ft of it is fantastic (yes, its huge). Its not going to win any pinterest awards but it has everything we want for comfortable, practical living on the road.

Originally it had 3 bunk beds but the previous owners took two out. Were going to transform it into a double bunk so theres enough room for Che to sit up in bed (and for him to feel like hes got his own space; essential for a tween). Thankfully the mattresses are quite long so Poet and Percy will top-and-tail on the bottom bunk. As for Marigold, shell be tucked into bed with Daniel and I for the year-long journey.

It comes with a full bathroom including a washing machine and the kitchen has a stovetop, oven and decent-sized fridge and freezer. These were all non-negotiables for me; I wanted a big fridge so I didnt have to go to the supermarket every day and an oven will make baking and cooking so much easier and cost effective (store bought banana bread is expensive!).

The plan for now? Buy a Land Cruiser, sell our cars, pack up the house and hopefully be on the road by mid-late June. Its all sorts of overwhelming but on the flipside its thoroughly enjoyable. The possibilities!

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Little Girl Spots Something Unusual While Out For A Walk "IndyWatch Feed National"

Anja Boot, her daughter and a few friends were hiking through Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania, Australia, a couple weeks ago when they encountered something quite unusual a baby wombat hitching a ride on his moms back.

It was actually Boots 11-year-old daughter, Ruby, who first spotted the wombat duo.

Ruby called out to me, Mum, there's a wombat here on top of another one, Boot told The Dodo. I must admit, I had no idea what she could have been meaning as I had never seen this before.

Credit: Anja Boot

When Boot went to have a look, she was pretty surprised.

"I saw Mama wombat about 10 meters [32 feet] away from us, with her baby trying to keep its balance on her back, Boot said. I had one of those overwhelming feelings of the wonder of nature. It was just so special  I've never seen anything like that before.

From a safe distance, they watched the wombat pair crawl through tufts of grass for several minutes while Boot snapped a few photos. Mama wombat would take a few steps to a new patch of grass and the baby would just manage to stay on, Boot said.

Credit: Anja Boot

But when the mother wombat decided to leap over a stream, the baby wombat ran into a touch of trouble.

There had been a huge amount of rain the week before, and the baby literally did a somersault in the air and landed down in the water, Boot said. I stood anxiously on the track waiting to see baby reemerge. The mama in me needed to see that baby back with its own mama.

The mother wombat didnt seem overly concerned about her baby she was too busy munching on grass. But perhaps the mother knew she didnt have to worry.



Vandals trash Kingscliff park "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Scooters were used to smash off anti-skate lugs at Kingscliffs new Rowan Robinson Park. Photo supplied

Vandals have smashed seating, feature walls and an existing Anzac memorial in Kingscliffs Rowan Robinson Park just days before its official opening.

On Monday, a resident saw scooter riders using their scooters like hammers to smash anti-skating lugs off one of the blue tiled feature walls in the park in broad daylight.

The park, on the Marine Parade foreshore, was recently refurbished at a cost of $22 million and is set to have its official opening on Saturday (April 21) .

When the hoodlums ignored the residents requests to stop the destruction, he took photos of them smashing the wall, which he has passed on to police.

Council has also requested police to step up patrols of the park.

Damage to the tiles on Kingscliffs cenotaph from skating. Photo TSC

Cenotaph damaged

Councils Recreation Services Manager, Stewart Brawley, said. Sadly, tiles on the Cenotaph were also damaged by bring skated on.

This is not something many in the community would find acceptable in the lead-up to the opening and Anzac Day next week, he added.

Apart from the disrespect, this vandalism is disappointing as it may affect the type of community infrastructure we install across the Tweed in the fu...


Janet Albrechtsen on the Turnbull Government's determination to let the ACTU get away with whatever it wants "IndyWatch Feed National"

Janet Albrechtsen brings us a stunning expose of ACTU chief Sally McManus and her fantasy world in The Australian today. The Australian's headline and promotion of the article don't really do Janet's content and research justice: In fact the article is aimed squarely at the Turnbull Government which should have...


PERTH Father involved in alleged child sex abuse ring charged with 79 more offences "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Father involved in alleged child sex abuse ring charged with 79 more offences .

April 17, 2018 at 03:22PM .

Consensual sex, group sex between consenting adults is not a crime and this is all about protecting our most vulnerable in the community, so I would say they can give us this information anonymously, they can ring Crime Stoppers. The two men are due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on .



PERTH Father accused of sexually abusing young daughters and stepchildren "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Father accused of sexually abusing young daughters and stepchildren .

April 17, 2018 at 10:45PM .

Both men are scheduled to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Wednesday. Taskforce Mirzam was launched to investigate an alleged child sex ring in WA. Source: File/AAP. A woman, who is in a relationship with the 45-year-old man, is accused of abusing her son, eight-year-old daughter and a .



Is Brunswick Valley STP overloaded? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Wastewater spills out of the Brunswick Valley STP during an overflow incident on January 1, 2015. Photo supplied

Paul Bibby

Its the morning of January 1, 2015, and locals are welcoming in the new year with strong coffees and sun salutations.

But down the end of Vallances Road, just outside Mullumbimby, something very unwelcome is bubbling up from the depths.

At the Brunswick Valley Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP), raw or partially treated sewage is flowing out of a processing unit.

Photographs of the incident obtained by The Echo show the wastewater bubbling up into a large, brown pool that is spilling out onto the grass surrounding the unit.

Council officers are sent to the site to clean up the mess, and a few days later the NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is informed of a rainfall event and a contained overflow incident.

There is no public announcement to report that an overflow incident has occurred.

Nor, according to one former councillor, were councillors given a clear and informed report about the incident.

In a statement to The Echo, Byron Shire Council staff said that all of the wastewater was contained in the site rather than flowing into the Brunswick River and that it met its reporting obligations by informing the EPA.

The statement said the alleged overflow occurred owing to the combination of a design flaw in one of the processing units, and a rainfall event where the area received some 250mm in a very short time.

Council staff immediately responded to the incident [and] resolved the issue in the process unit, while allowing the treatment plant to remain in service for the residents of Brunswick Heads and Mullumbimby.

The event highlighted a design deficiency in the process unit. This deficiency was rectified through modification of the treatment unit and there have been no overflow/bypass incidents since the 2015 modification works.

One-off incident

So was this just a one-off incident with no implications for the sewerage system in this part of the shire?

When contacted by The Echo in relation to the incident, forme...


HARDER- a short film about domestic abuse "IndyWatch Feed National"

Domestic abuse is rife in Australia, please help STOP domestic violence.


Cyclones effects still rippling through community "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Billinudgel gathered on Friday at the pub to celebrate the towns flood resilience and recovery, one year after. While the adults mingled, the kids couldnt keep out of the jumping castle. A website has launched to keep residents informed: Photo Jeff Dawson

Aslan Shand

A year on from ex-Cyclone Debbie there are still eleven of the 41 client groups, including families and single people, that Social Futures are helping to re-home from Byron, Lismore, Ballina and Tweed.

There are still people coming forward who are only now recognising how the flood event has impacted on them emotionally and psychologically, as well as the loss of possessions, said Julie Williams, manager of the Mullumbimby District Neighbourhood Centre (MDNC).

For one local man displaced from his home after the cyclone, it has taken seven and a half months to find a new home. Even though he has a three-year rent guarantee from the government, he has still struggled to even have a chance to look at possible rental properties. The key stumbling blocks are the fact that he is looking for a one- to two-bedroom home and has a dog.

I have only been able to get to see five possible rentals in that time and one place kept me in limbo for over a month, he said.

Lucie White, a flood project outreach worker at Social Futures, said the key challenges to re-housing people in this region are Affordability, lack of smaller one- and two-bedroom dwellings and resistance from agents to housing vulnerable people.

Another key issue that she raised is the impact of the black market in the local housing market.

All of the illegal rentals wont take me because it has to be on the books and legitimate and then there are things like the funding body wont fund anything with a compositing toilet.

Julie Williams from MDNC agreed, saying, There is absolutely a black market in rental.

MDNC has, and continues to support, community members who are unable to get Centrelink rental assistance as their landlord wont provide any evidence of tenancy. In addition, there may be an electricity debt to the landlord, but the tenant is unable to get assistance through the Electricity Assistance Program as the account is in the landlords name and...


Melbourne Town Hall meeting launches battle to take on industrial relations system and more "IndyWatch Feed National"


Contributed by Joe Montero

By any account, yesterdays (17 April) meeting of union delegates at the Melbourne Town Hall, was an impressive launch to an active major campaign to bring about an end to what is now widely regarded as an unfair industrial regime in Australia.

The official seating capacity of the hall is 1,500. But many more squeezed in.

Representatives from the Longford Esso-Exxon picket were there. The event marked 300 days they have been out of work, because management is trying to cut their wages by almost 50 percent. Troy, one of the union delegates spoke to the delegates and received a standing ovation.

The main thrust of the meeting was to gain the support of delegates for the Change the Rules campaign and participation to move it forward.

A section of the delegates at the meeting and some of the union banners displayed

Determination to win overwhelming public support and willingness to fight hard, spells serious trouble for the Turnbull government was evident. The emerging battle was expressed in terms of not only bringing an end to this government. But to ensure that the existing industrial relations regime will be replaced by one that is much fairer to all workers, whether they are members of unions or not.

One part of the strategy is to win over the support of the Labor Party, the Greens and other members of parliament. At the same time, it was understood that victory will depend on the ongoing activity on the ground.

Mention was made of the fact that the problem is not one just made by the current government, but one that has been gradually unrolled over at least 30 years. There is an implied criticism of Labor for having played a part in it, although it was acknowledged that the Howard and now Turnbull government have taken it much further.

Speakers referred to the need to confront and ensure the greed of big business is taken on. Big business avoids paying tax with government assistance, while the wages share of the wealth of Australia is reduced, and the richest one percent hold nearly three quarters of it all.

It was also said that this is a political battle, which must be won in the workplaces, in the streets and the neighbourhoods.

Nor was it left at saying that the rules are broken. Solutions were put forward, such as, the n...


Correspondence: Institute of Public Affairs "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dear Mr Mulholland

In 2003, Mike Nahan stated in the SMH that the IPA would publish your list of your financial supporters in your next annual report:

Accountability should be important for think tanks, says Nahan, which is why he says the IPA intends for the first time to publish a full list of sponsors and contributions in next years annual report.

I have viewed both the annual reports from 2003/4 and 2004/5 and can not see any such list. I have also done a search of the IPA website but have not found this list. Can you please point me to the url or send it to me via email.

Thank you
Rosie Williams


Plan to raise awareness of cultural appropriation "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Gerard Williams, BBCC GM Paul Spooner, Delta Kay and Jason Campbell. Photo Byron Bay Gallery

Hans Lovejoy

A newly formed organisation focused on supporting Indigenous elders to bring awareness of cultural appropriation through an event protocol was launched last Friday at the Byron Bay Community Centre (BBCC).

Culture Aware is supported by local Arakwal representative Delta Kay, Kays friend Jason Campbell and Chief Arvol Looking Horse (of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations).

Chief Arvol is 19th-generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Ceremonial Pipe Bundle and spiritual leader of the Great Sioux Nation.

Kay told the gathering that while she doesnt speak for all mobs, Culture Aware is an important step forward in respecting and recognising Indigenous traditions and ceremonies. She said she felt empowered after reading Chief Arvols 2003 Proclamation, which calls for an end to the cultural appropriation of the Sioux, Northern Cheyenne and Arapahoe Nations, and for an end to the abuse and exploitation of their ceremonial ways.

Taking from culture

I hope this conversation will lead to more awareness, Kay said. Appropriation is taking from culture.

My mum was removed from her land and we suffered and now our culture is abused for financial gain.

Its not okay.

I congratulate the community centre for being the first venue to adopt Culture Awares code.

Mr Spooner paid tribute to Kay and said there have been events that have raised flags for us.

This shouldnt be difficult it helps towards guaranteeing non-exploitation and acknowledges culture, he said.

Delta added that after she moved home 15 years ago, some festivals began using words like ceremony, sacred and shamanic.

These words are very special, she said. An elder once told me [Being] sacred is not meant for everyone.

Gerard Williams, who is the Chiefs authorised representative for Culture Aware in Australia, said Culture Aware may well be the first of its kind to address the issue of cultural appropriation within venues and events.

The post...


hello "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sorry I don't chatter much these days on here, or on Facebook lately, but I've been madly crocheting rugs and ponchos and beanies (oh, my!) for remote Indigenous communities.
The temps drop below freezing in the desert areas and many of our Elders need warm clothing, blankets, the usual Winter basics to survive.
I won't go into detail about the shockingly over-priced "shops" in some towns but there are Indigenous communities who have started up their own op shops, domestic abuse refuges, fabric making/printing workshops, children's libraries, etc, with a little help from peeps around Oz donating items.
No, I won't share any postage details on here as some ultra-right wing arseholes send abusive crap through the post and we won't be encouraging any of those twat-waffling scum.
One thing that has pissed me off this week - and last week - was the police targetting Dylan Voller at the Commonwealth Games.
They managed to seriously injure a female Elder, also, during a peaceful protest.
Police in Victoria are under the spotlight, too, for some really questionable tactics.
Fellas, do yourselves some favours and boot the bastards out of the force, they are giving the rest of you cops a bad name.
There are some decent police, I've engaged with them in the past, but the mongrels who think the uniform gives them carte blanche to savage people in any situation need to be treated like any person breaking the law.
Well, I'm off now, like a bucket of prawns in the noonday sun, to continue crocheting winter woollies.
By the by, Victoria Parliament Library - PLEASE update your "On this day" site; shit tonnes happened in the Colony of Vic, find it !
Also, NSW, QLD, WA, SA, NT & Tassie parliaments?
Create an On This Day searchable database on your parliament websites, ffs.
Hello to the City of Melbourne person who pops over for a regular read!


Terra Firma seeks premium for 'Project Ribeye' Australian farm sale "IndyWatch Feed National"

13 Apr 2018 | ReutersWith first round bids due imminently, the high expectations could leave foreign bidders in the box seat, testing the government's appetite for foreign ownership of sensitive assets less than two years after it rejected China-led bids for a major energy grid and agricultural company.


Karen Wyld: Aboriginal health services have been around since the 1970s, and the sky hasnt fallen yet "IndyWatch Feed National"

Over the past few months, some mainstream media outlets have attempted to stir up a hornets nest about health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; Karen Wyld explains.


Many pink octopuses discovered in deep sea "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video says about itself:

7 April 2017

Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) discovered a rare sight in the deep ocean a giant octopus eating a jellyfish and possibly using the stingers as a tool. The species, Haliphron atlanticus, is rarely seen alive and most of its life is a mystery to researchers. Females can be up to 13 feet in length and 165 pounds, while the males only grow to about 12 inches. Researchers think the octopus might use the jellyfishs poisonous stingers as a tool for defense or to capture other prey.

From the Field Museum in the USA:

Giant group of octopus moms discovered in the deep sea

April 17, 2018

Summary: At the bottom of the ocean, scientists discovered hundreds of small pink octopuses and their eggs. The colonies were in warmer water than is healthy for octopuses, which means that they probably wont survive. That makes the scientists think there are probably even bigger colonies thriving in the cool rock crevices nearby.

We know more about the surface of the moon that we do about the bottom of the ocean. The sea floor is an alien landscape, with crushing pressure, near-total darkness, and fluids wafting from cracks in the Earths crust. Its also home to some weird animals that scientists are only just getting to know. Case in point: deep-sea expeditions and drones have revealed a giant group of octopuses and their eggs in a place where they shouldnt be able to survive.

When I first saw the photos, I was like No, they shouldnt be there! Not that deep and not that many of them, says Janet Voight, associate curator of zoology at the Field Museum and an author of a new study on the octopuses published in Deep Sea Research Part I.

Nearly two miles deep in the ocean, a hundred miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, scientists during two cruises a year apart used subsea vehicles to explore the Dorado Outcrop, a rocky patch of sea floor made o...


Sir John Monash Centre - "Tony Abbott's finest vision for Australia" - to be opened next week. Lest We Forget "IndyWatch Feed National"

Paul Kelly was a member of the panel advising Prime Minister Abbott on how best to commemorate the centenary of Australia's engagements on The Western Front during WW1. He's written a great piece on the opening of The Sir John Monash Centre next week - "one of Tony Abbott's finest...


Telecom, internet complaints soar nearly 30% "IndyWatch Feed National"

Complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman in the last six months of 2017 soared almost 30 per cent compared to the same period the previous year, the ombudsmans report reveals.

Australian residential consumers and small businesses made 84,914 complaints to the ombudsman between July 1 to December 31, 2017.

Ccomplaints about landline, mobile and internet services, increased by 28.7 per cent compared to the same six month period in 2016.

Publishing the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsmans Six Monthly Update today (Ombudsman Judi Jones said The telecommunications industry in Australia continues to experience significant change. An increasing range of products and services are being offered to consumers, expectations for the quality of phone and internet services are high, and the rollout of the National Broadband Network is changing the way we use telecommunications services.

However, consumers still seem to be facing the same problems, particularly with their bills and the customer service they receive. Confidence in services being updated or transferred reliably, faulty equipment, and poor service quality were also recorded as key issues. Additionally, the wider issues relating to phone or internet problems such as debt management are concerning.

Jones added, Complaints about services delivered over the National Broadband Network continued to increase compared to the same six month period in 2016. This indicates the consumer experience is still not meeting expectations for all. Recent changes to regulation and an increase in our powers to resolve complaints are positive steps that will help improve the consumer experience.


  • 84,914 total complaints were received
  • 74,729 complaints (88 per cent) were from residential consumers
  • 9,947 complaints (11.7 per cent) were from small businesses
  • 9,447 complaints (11.1 per cent) were recorded about landline phone services
  • 24,923 complaints (29.4 per cent) were recorded about mobile phone services
  • 23,785 complaints (28 per cent) were recorded about internet services
  • 26,112 complaints (30.8 per cent) were recorded about multiple services*
  • 647 complaints (0.8 per cent) were recorded about property*
  • Charges and fees, unsatisfactory response from the provider (provider response), and poor service quality were the most common issues

Small Businesses

Between 1 July and 31 December 2017 complaints from small businesses increased 15.6 per cent to 9,947 compared to the same period in 2016.

  • Complaints from S...


Byron treehouse gets a lifeline "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Mellanie Coppins treehouse may be saved if a forthcoming motion by Cr Paul Spooner is carried. Photo Jeff Dawson

Byrons much-loved Massinger Street treehouse could be saved from demolition under a motion to be voted on at Byron Shire Councils upcoming meeting on April 19.

The timber and corrugated-iron structure has long been a popular spot both for local kids and curious passers-by, many of whom stop to take pictures.

But the unofficial caretaker of the house, local resident Mel Coppin, was told by Council last year that it was an unauthorised development and an insurance liability and would have to be removed.

Labor councillor Paul Spooner has proposed a notice of motion for the next council meeting that would see the treehouse preserved.

The motion proposes that Ms Coppin obtain public liability insurance.

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April 18 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1623 - Dutch sailors from the ship Pera, with instructions to kidnap "full-grown persons, or better still,
. . . boys and girls, to the end that the latter may be brought up here and be turned to useful purpose in the said quarters when occasion shall serve " , landed in North Queensland where a large number of Aborigines approached them with no sign of fear, handling the muskets and showing interest in iron and beads. The Dutch took this opportunity and 'seized one of the blacks by a string which he
wore round his neck, and carried him off to the pinnace'.

1831 - Australias oldest newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, was launched.

1834 - Hobart had it's knickers in a right Royal twist when Messrs. Attorney and Solicitor General Stephen and M'Dowall avowed that they have prepared an Act of Council limiting the number, and restricting the qualifications of juries here.

1843 - The Southern Australian newspaper was bemoaning the fact that "...The simplicity of their wants, and of their lives, is another great barrier : their whole attention seems devoted to the providing of food, and other animal enjoyments : their motto literally is, eat, drink, and be merry, for to-morrow we die ; and any principle beyond that, they, and their fathers, have not known or regarded...."
qualifications of juries.

1864 - Sharpen those fish knives and flush out the fish kettles, ladies, the HMAS Victoria parked its bow in Hobart, having on board 100,000 salmon and 3,000 trout googie eggs bound for Tassie's first fish hatchery.

1872 - Oh you great sodding bastards.
To think ... we've been deprived of the chance to catch a train from the oh-so-gorgeously titled Schoolhouse Lane train station, which happened to open on this day as the terminus of the North East Railway line from Essendon.
May your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny door down.

1875 - Fire destroyed the photographic studio of Townsend Duryea. His entire collection of 50,000 negatives was destroyed - a tragic loss for him and for South Australia.

1882 - Tenders for the construction of the Port Milang Railway lines (SA) were called on this day and Walke and Swann were successful in obtaining the joint contract for a price of 143,678.

1890 - The West Melbourne Cable Tram Line (VIC) began trundling about the streets via Spencer St and Flemington Rd, with the powerhouse located at the south-west corner of Queensberry Street and Abbotsford Street.

1902 - One-time hubby of the aforementioned Dame Daisy Bates, Breaker Harry Morant, had been court martialed in secret (against regulations) and shot in February, but despite the court transcripts conveniently going missing a summary of the trumped up nonsense appeared in the London Times today.


Chopper searches for surfer missing off Cape Byron "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called to search for a surfer off Cape Byron on Tuesday (April 17). Photo supplied

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter was tasked late Tuesday afternoon to assist in the search for a surfer reported missing south of Cape Byron on Tallow Beach.

Local Lifeguards and police conducted a ground and water search whilst the helicopter conducted a number of flights along the beach area and out to sea.

Nothing was located and with fading light the search was called off.

Police told local media they believe the surfer had most likely made it back to land under his own steam and would not be resuming an active search today

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Jo Riley Cairns North DoCS Manager Corrupt - Another Staff Member Speaks Out "IndyWatch Feed National"

Now it's not every day that I talk to a DoCS worker and on this occassion I could not resist the temptation to press record on my phone. We spoke about his position at Cairns North Department of Community Services (DoCS), about how many children he removes from their homes a week, what the main problems were with parenting up in the North of Australia where he conducts his line of profession.... Removing children. I also had to touch onto the subject of Jo Riley who I know to be a corrupt DoCS manager down at Cairns North.

I have dealt with Jo Riley, now a manager at DoCS Cairs North, and I found her to be the worst DoCS worker I have ever dealt with. She was rude, condescending, impudent and she had a look of evil permanently etched into her face. I begged her to give my son back. A visit supervisor went straight back to her after supervising one of my visits and demanded that my child be returned to me, it was obvious I was a great father and the love that my son and I shared was immeasurable.

I begged her and the then manager of  DoCS Cairns North Pat Anderson to get him out of that house where he was in obvious danger and where he would come to his demise. A house with a 74 year old carer who already had five foster children in her care. It was obvious to everyone I rang desperately trying to get him out of that house that this was not a good situation but it all came down to corrupt team leader Jo Riley, and she would rather my son be dead than with his loving father.

The video can be viewed at the link below....

Or you can listen to the mp3 which is attached to this blog.

Above is the recording of the conversation between myself and t...


Politics in the Pub talks peace on Anzac Day "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Henry Reynolds.
Photo Tasmanian Arts Guide

On Anzac Day, Wednesday April 25, the Ngara Institute is partnering with IPAN, the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, to present a special Politics in the Pub focusing on peace.

Bobbi Allan of Ngara, says, Anzac Day is an excellent day to focus on peace. I say that with all respect to anyone who has fought in a war, including my grandfather and father, veterans of World War I and II. Both of them thought they were fighting the war to end all wars, and in their quiet ways, both became peace activists afterwards.

We are very fortunate our speakers for this night are two of Australias most respected scholar activists: historian and author, professor Henry Reynolds, and the founder of the Sydney Peace Institute, professor Stuart Rees.

Henry Reynolds is a pioneering historian, one of Australias leading authorities on the history of Aboriginal people. Henry revealed history from an Aboriginal perspective when he published The Other Side of the Frontier in 1981. He has been a champion of Aboriginal land rights, fighting for reconciliation at a time when it was hugely unpopular and the backlash vicious. His courage, tenacity and commitment inspired a generation of Aboriginal and white Australian activists to persevere in their campaigns; his 1970s oral history project connected him with Eddie Mabo and greatly contributed to the High Courts recognition of land rights.

Wars questioned

Henry Reynoldss latest work focuses on Australias Unnecessary Wars. He dares to ask unaskable questions about why war is such a central, active force in our national story.

Professor Stuart Rees will join the conversation, focusing on his latest work on the issue of Cruelty as Public Policy from the treatment of asylum seekers to the Israeli governments treatment of Palestinians.

Anzac Day is a solemn day to have respectful conversations about what we can do to achieve peace, justice and stability with human rights, in an increasingly damaged, fractured and polarised world. Politics in the Pub is held at the The Court House Hotel from 6.30pm, April 25.

Breakfast event

Hear more from Henry Reynolds at a special breakfast event on Thursday April 26, at the Rock & Roll Coffee Company, Mullumbimby, 89.30 am. Numbers are lim...


Headliner drops for Renew Fest "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Hugo and Treats will be headlining this years Renew Fest.

Conscious independent hip- hop outfit Hugo and Treats will be headlining this years Renew festival.

The MC and DJ team describe their sound as visionary spoken word and creative crowd choreography, mixed with earthshakingly intricate beats and bass, which combine in a show that is inspiring minds, shaking butts and opening hearts around the world.

Many also know Hugo Farrant as the lead voice of Juice Rap News the satirical news phenomenon, whose guests have included Julian Assange, Noam Chomsky and Scott Ludlum.

As well as rocking the Radicle stage at Renew Fest with his incredible hip-hop, Hugo will be joining a panel discussion on fake news a session introduced by Echo editor Hans Lovejoy.

Festival director Ella Rose Goninan said, What I love about Renew Fest is that we get to bring together amazing and inspired people, and really get an insight into their processes and see what motivates and drives them.

Its so exciting that Hugo has agreed to talk on a panel about something that is really challenging the way we think about the role of media in politics, in addition to lighting up the festival with his sensational hip-hop!

Renew Fest have also announced that Greens senator Lee Rhiannon will be joining the bill, in possibly one of her last appearances as a federal senator.

She will join economist Thomas Keily in conversation to explore what it would mean to really treat housing as a fundamental human right.

The international lineup includes Jillian Hovey from Canada a renowned expert in social permaculture, and Helena Norberg-Hodge (though we might claim her as a local!), while the diverse workshop program includes bamboo sculptures, the wonder of mushrooms and their cultivation, and shamanic womancraf...


Progressive cause in Australia seriously undermined by progressives "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

I am travelling most of today with heavy commitments at the other end so only a short blog today with some great music to calm the soul. Yesterday, a group of high-profile, so-called progressives in Australia placed a paid-for advertisement in the leading daily newspapers as part of a new campaign for the government to increase taxes to get back into surplus so that (as their narrative goes) it can afford to maintain services for the needy. Yes, it was not the Right voices in our debate articulating this. The campaign is being led by a group that is often referred to as left-leaning and calls itself the most influential progressive think tank in Australia. Modesty doesnt exist it seems. But these sorts of descriptors are when the English language loses all meaning. The advertisement and subsequent follow-up interviews in the media yesterday by signatories and supporters of the Letter articulate a pure neoliberal line of deception about fiscal positions, the role of taxes and the virtuousness of fiscal surpluses. From my assessment, this headline-grabbing display of stupidity will set back the progressive debate in Australia even further. A total disgrace.

A sad day for progressive debate in Australia

I dont want to write much on this. I personally know many of the signatories to the Open Letter that was included as a full-paid advertisement in the major Australian newspapers yesterday (April 17, 2018).

Some of the signatories are leading members of the Society of Heterodox Economists (SHE) in Australia.

Others are from the Political Economy program at Sydney University.

Others are from leading social policy agencies.

Some have previously held high political office under Labor governments.

Others are from a think tank, which the press calls left-leaning, and, which it bestows upon itself the (inflated) title of being Australias most influential progressive think tank and claims its work it to inform public debate and bring greater accountability to the democratic process.

Those sort of descriptors are when the English language loses all meaning.

I heard interviews on the radio from some of the signatories yesterday who would claim to be leading progressive voices in the economics debate here.

They basically laid out a neoliberal narrative as pure as you would find dressed up as a concern for equity and fairness.

Here is the original Full-page advertisement with all the signatories.

The text of the Open Letter read:



Save Our Sons Easter and the Fairlea Five in 1971 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Glen Davis
Due to accident, this short article turned up a little late. It recalls an event that occurred during Easter, nearly 50 years ago. The Vietnam War was still going on and the massive movement to put an end to it was reaching its peak. This is an important part of our history, worth recalling and learning from its lessons.

As we move on from another Easter lets cast our minds back to this time in 1971, when five members of Save Our Sons, were jailed for 14 days during the Easter.

Their heinous offence was sitting in the offices of the then Federal Department of Labour and National Service, handing out leaflets opposing conscription for the unjust,

undeclared war in Vietnam.

Just to recall who they were; Save Our Sons was formed back in 1965 to oppose the conscription of young men to fight and die in war. Throughout the next few years they were active and prominent in the anti-conscription and anti-war campaigns.

When arrested they were charged under the Summary Offences Act; legislation put in place by the Bolte state Government (Victoria). Their court case was finally heard late in the afternoon of Holy Thursday.

The presiding magistrate jailed them for 14 days, with no option of paying a fine. Thus Jean McLean, Joan Coxsedge, Irene Miller, Chris Cathie and Jo Maclaine-Cross, were locked away.

As we know, the Easter long week end is a quiet time, people go away, services close down, it can be very isolating.  Nonetheless, support for them was quick and strong.

They became known as the Fairlea Five. Large demonstrations were arranged outside the Womens prison, and around 800 people attended the ongoing vigil outside.

Maritime workers stopped work in support of the Fairlea Five. After 11 days of organised support for them, they were released, to reacquaint with their families.

Their fight was part of the broader peoples struggle against the unjust, undeclared war in Vietnam.


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MACKAY Meat thief tosses loot when cops catch up with him "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 17, 2018 at 02:36PM ,

Meat thief tosses loot when cops catch up with him

April 17, 2018 at 02:36PM ,

A MACKAY meat thief with a shocking criminal record stole meat from Coles and pitched his haul over a fence when confronted by police. James Joseph Percival Cotton, 32, was sentenced by Magistrate Damien Dwyer in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday. He pleaded guilty to stealing meat from

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Mackay Sugar facing charges "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 18, 2018 at 04:30AM ,

Mackay Sugar facing charges

April 18, 2018 at 04:30AM ,

MACKAY Sugar Limited, the countrys second largest sugar milling company, has been hit with a string of charges it caused environmental harm and breached conditions. The company faces four charges before Mackay Magistrates Court. That includes three counts of wilfully contravening a condition of

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Trump Welcomes Abe, Gives Blessing to Koreas Peace Talks "IndyWatch Feed National"

PALM BEACH, Fla. President Trump on Tuesday gave his blessing for North and South Korea to discuss ending their decadeslong war and said that without his help, the two countries wouldnt be discussing anything.

At Mar-a-Lago with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump confirmed that the two Koreas are negotiating an end to hostilities ahead of a meeting between the Norths Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in next week. The meeting will be the third inter-Korean summit since the Koreas 1945 division.

They do have my blessing to discuss the end of the war, said Trump, who welcomed Abe to his Florida resort on Tuesday.

The White House has said Abes visit will give the leaders an opportunity to discuss Trumps own upcoming summit with Kim, which the president is looking to hold in the next two months. Trump said the U.S. and Japan are very unified on the subject of North Korea, though privately Abe is expected to raise Japans concerns about the potential summit.

Trump said five locations are under consideration for the summit but offered no further details.

Trump took credit for the inter-Korean talks, saying, Without us and without me, in particular, I guess you would have to say, they wouldnt be discussing anything.

The Abe summit will also serve as a test of whether the fond personal relationship the two leaders have forged on the golf course and over meetings and phone calls has chilled following Trumps recent moves, including his decision not to exempt Japan from new steel and aluminum tariffs.

White House officials suggested that Trump was open to acceding to Abes hopes to obtain a waiver to the protectionist measure, which went into effect last month. Most other key U.S. allies, including Australia, Canada, the European Union, and Mexico, have been granted exemptions.

Issuing Japan the waiver to the Trump-ordered sanctions or opening negotiations on a new trade agreement with Japan are all on the table, Larry Kudlow, the director of the National Economic Council, said Tuesday. Thats why this is such an important meeting.

The official visit began Tuesday afternoon as an honor cordon of uniformed service-members lined the palm-fringed drive to the club. Trump greeted Abe at the red-carpeted door of the mansion as the pair posed for photos ahead of a planned one-on-one meeting. It will be followed by a small group discussion with top national security officials focused on the Kim summit. The president and first lady Melania Trump will also have dinner with Abe and his wife.

Trump welcomed the two days of meetings at his Mar-a-Lago club. Its an honor to have you in Florida with us, Trump said.

On Wednesday, the agenda will broaden to include other....


Vegan menu a feature of food co-op fundraiser "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Armando and Rob with the co-ops Gabbi Bohnet and Andy Lynden-Bell. Photo Jeff Dawson

A fundraiser will be held on April 29 for a recently established food co-op, located in the Mullumbimby Community Gardens.

Organisers say a fully vegan and organic menu will be on offer, along with Tao of Sound, comprising Rob on harp and Armando on flute.

The aim is to finance a solar-powered coolroom, estimated to cost close to $10,000, and as such this event will be the first of a series of fundraising events. Limited tickets are available at the co-op, the Mullum bookshop and online via the events tab at

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MACKAY Meat thief tosses loot when cops catch up with him "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 17, 2018 at 01:22PM ,

Meat thief tosses loot when cops catch up with him

April 17, 2018 at 01:22PM ,

A MACKAY meat thief with a shocking criminal record stole meat from Coles and pitched his haul over a fence when confronted by police. James Joseph Percival Cotton, 32, was sentenced by Magistrate Damien Dwyer in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday. He pleaded guilty to stealing meat from

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Woman allegedly kidnapped and beaten in Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 17, 2018 at 01:19PM ,

Woman allegedly kidnapped and beaten in Mackay

April 17, 2018 at 01:19PM ,

He is due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court today. EARLIER 12PM: A WOMAN was allegedly dragged from her home and assaulted with a metal pole by a gang of five men in a kidnapping in Mackay Sunday night. A 40-year-old Mackay man facing charges in relation to the incident is due to

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Dad bashes face on cell walls, smears bloody plea for help "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 17, 2018 at 01:22PM ,

Dad bashes face on cell walls, smears bloody plea for help

April 17, 2018 at 01:22PM ,

Facing Mackay Magistrates Court via video from prison on April 13, the man pleaded guilty to wilful damage and contravening the order on February 28, as well as breaching community orders. We cant legally name the man. While the man waited for his sentencing before Magistrate Damien Dwyer,

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Liberals continue to behave badly in 2018 - Part Four "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Just five months after Australian voters signalled their widespread acceptance of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) members of the community by voting for the introduction of same sex marriage, a number people in the Victorian Liberal Party want to turn back the clock in the name of sheer bigotry.

The Age, 14 April 2018:

A motion by a conservative Liberal branch linked to Federal MP Kevin Andrews has called for state legislation allowing health practitioners to offer counselling out of same sex attraction or gender transitioning to patients who request it''.

With seven months before the Victorian election, it also urges Mr Guy to advocate for laws ensuring parents and young people are all given full information about the psychological harms of social, medical and surgical gender transitioning.

It further states that any claims supporting prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and g...


Australian TV Host Peta Credlin Goes Off On Transgender Birth Certificates "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian TV host Peta Credlin gave a short monologue yesterday against a proposal to let people at whim call themselves or their newborns male, female, intersex, unspecified, or indeterminate on their birth certificates. She notes this ideas proponents say its the next step after government affirmation of same-sex relationships, although at the time that was not publicly sold as an entrance point for transsexual politics.

Trust us, they said, didnt they? Love is love,' she recalls.

Children are born a boy or a girl, [for] the vast bulk of humanity, Credlin says, because stating the obvious is now not only necessary, it even requires courage. That is a biological fact, and laws must reflect reality.

Credlin noted an exception is logical for the approximately 1.5 percent of humans who are discovered, usually at puberty, to have both male and female reproductive organs due to chromosomal abnormalities. But then and only then is the time right to alter a birth certificate, armed with medical fact, but not in a birthing suite due to the whim of a parent who wants to record [her] child as nonbinary, Credlin continued.

This is nothing more than a dangerous push by the Left into records we have kept as civilizations since almost as long as we have had the written word. Assuming change from the outset is designed to disrupt social norms and it must be resisted.

The Australian News Weekly notes the Victorian Upper House voted down transgendering Victorian birth certificates in 2016. When Victorian opposition parliamentarians asked, if a person can change their sex, can they also change their age or change their race? Labor members had no answer.

The proposal would require no physical alterations to a persons body before retconning his or her birth certificate. Transgender activists claim that would discriminate against trans people or those who identify as something other than transgender, male, or female (such as  visual trigger warning ...


Verge accepted as form of payment by worlds biggest porn site "IndyWatch Feed National"

Three weeks after Verge asked the cryptocurrency community for $3 million in donations to fund a mystery partnership, the cryptocurrency has come through on its promise. An announcement by Pornhub  the worlds biggest porn site revealed that it will now accept []

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Hashgraph: A Starters Guide "IndyWatch Feed National"

While blockchain technology has been around for close to a decade now and has piqued the interest of several large corporations and governments across the world, it is not without its problems. While it does bring the benefits of security []

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Mysterious Flesh-Eating Ulcer Epidemic Cases Have Increased by 50 Percent "IndyWatch Feed National"

Something quite strange and yet terrifying is happening in Australia at the moment and it has doctors of all kinds baffled. As this epidemic grows, many are wondering: What can be done?

Cases of Buruli ulcer, a skin disease most commonly found in Africa have literally surged by four hundred percent in the last four years. Doctors do not have a clue how to prevent this disease which is caused by bacteria that basically breaks down tissue. Last year there was a 51 percent increase in cases of this infection when compared to 2016.

This skin disease is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium ulcerans. It emits toxins that work to destroy skin cells, fat, and blood vessels. This eventually forms ulcers and causes skin loss. It tends to affect the arms and legs, but depending on the person and severity, it can also be found on other parts of the body including the face.

One of the most terrifying things about this skin disease is that no one knows how it is transmitted to humans and some believe it is possible that mosquitoes can carry the bacteria. Please prepare yourself for the image below as this is not a pretty sight at all and is still even a more mild case.

Ella Crofts/BBC


Dr. OBrien co-author of the call for government funding to research this disease told BBC as follows:

No one understands whats happening and whats driving this epidemic. We can offer clues but not definitive advice. Its a mystery.

The problem is, we dont have the time to sit around and pontificate about it the epidemic has reached frightening proportions.

These ulcers are not easy to deal with and come with a recovery period of anywhere between six months to one whole year. Many people who come down with this skin disease end up having to undergo reconstructive surgery as it literally eats away the skin.

A study published just days ago in the Medical Journal of Australia cautions of thi...


Cardinal George Pell allegations a product of fantasy to punish him, court told "IndyWatch Feed National"

I realise a defence lawyers duty is to place his client, no matter how good or bad they are, in the best possible light. However, in child sex abuse cases, there should be the greatest respect for the victims.

This is clearly not the case in the trial of Australian Cardinal George Pell, no 2 equal Roman Catholic in the world.

I think George Pell will go down, and go to jail.

ABC Australia

Cardinal George Pell allegations a product of fantasy to punish him, court told

Updated about 7 hours ago

Cardinal George Pell may have become the target of false sexual offence allegations to punish him for not having prevented the sexual abuse of children, his defence barrister has told a court.

Robert Richter QC has described complaints made against Cardinal Pell as impossible and the complainants behind them as unreliable as he tried to persuade a magistrate not to commit Australias most senior Catholic cleric to stand trial.

Instead, Mr Richter told the hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates Court that all the charges faced by the 76-year-old should be thrown out.

Whether the allegations are the product of fantasy, the product of some mental problems or just pure invention in order to punish the representative of the Catholic Church in this country for not stopping abuse by others of children, he said.

Mr Richter said some of the complainants had been sexually abused by other priests who had since died, therefore offering them no recourse.

Cardinal Pell representing the face of the Catholic Church had been the obvious target of allegations that are not true, but are designed to punish him for not having prevented sexual...


The Majority of Your Garlic Probably Comes From China, Where They Drench It in Deadly Chemicals that Can Destroy Your Health "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sure, garlic is said to be one of the healthiest foods there is, but is it really? I guess that depends on where your garlic is coming from.

Most of our garlic here in the US comes from China. Sure, some of our garlic is grown here in the US, but at least 60-80 percent of it comes elsewhere and elsewhere is China. Even organic garlic tends to come from China for the most part. Chinese garlic is heavily sprayed with methyl bromide to kill off bugs and this chemical is highly toxic. According to the UN, it is at least 60 times more damaging than chlorine.

As a matter of fact, the Australian Garlic Producers even go so far as to mention how China uses chemicals that are banned there despite laws against it. They wrote as follows:

In China, chemicals banned in Australia are still being used to grow garlic. Australia imports 95% of our garlic from China Chinese garlic is gamma irradiated to prevent sprouting and is also sprayed with Maleic Hydrazide to extend shelf life. All imported garlic is fumigated with Methyl Bromide by AQIS on arrival in Australia.

When it comes to food, in general, we already know Chinas track record kind of sucks. From plastic rice to chemical drenched produce- they really havent given us much to work with.  Chinas weak enforcement of food safety standards and heavy use of agricultural chemicals is more than enough reason to stay away from their products and yet we still get most things from there.

Famous chef Marcus Guiliano has been urging people to ensure that they are avoiding Chinese garlic for quite some time and has made many videos going over the things he has learned through his time researching the topic itself. He says that more restaurants use this tainted garlic than you would think and that it is not as easy to spot as most assume.

Now on the human feces side of things, it is important to note that nearly 200 million farmers in China, India, Vietnam and a few other countries harvest their vegetables from fields that use untreated human waste as fertilizer. Basically, some of them are using raw sewage to irrigate and fertilize their croplands. Sounds a bit disgusting now doesnt it?

Consumers who eat these products run the risk of absorbing disease-causing bacteria. There is a lot more going on in the world of food than you could ever imagine. Be aware of where the things you ingest are coming from.



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mozambique Leader Heads to UK for CHOGM
16.04.2018 15h21
by APA News

President Filipe Nyusi of Mozambique is expected in the United Kingdom this week to join other leaders at the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), which opens on Thursday, APA can report on Monday.The summit will focus on increasing intra-Commonwealth trade, which is projected to increase to $1 trillion by 2020.

This is seen by some analysts as being particularly important in the context of Britains planned exit from the European Union and its desire to secure new trade deals.

Currently, almost half of Britains trade is within the European Union, while trade with Commonwealth partners accounts for only ten per cent.

Australias Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, said in a media statement on Monday that the Commonwealth is looking at expanding its membership beyond English-speaking nations.

There is a big push to extend the Commonwealth beyond its old colonial image with a campaign to include new members which were not under British control, he said.

 In another development, Zimbabwe has been invited to attend the summit as an observer for the first time since the country was suspended from the Commonwealth over accusations of human rights abuses and election rigging.

In 2003, President Robert Mugabe withdrew the country from the Commonwealth, and it now looks likely that moves will be underway to repair relations, with Zimbabwes Foreign Minister Sibusiso Moyo attending the summit.

The Commonwealth is made up of 53 countries with 2.4 billion citizens, and Mozambique joined in 1995.


Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash "IndyWatch Feed National"

From our technical interactive charts, Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies under our focus might be bottoming up. We can"t be sure of resurgence unless there is a strong follow through in the course of the week. thats just the nature of []

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IndyWatch Bellingen NSW All Topics Summary Today.

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Tuesday, 17 April


PERTH Swinging father charged with 79 more sex abuse offences against five children "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Swinging father charged with 79 more sex abuse offences against five children .

April 17, 2018 at 03:03PM .

A 45-year-old man accused of abusing young children during organised swinging group sex parties in Perth has been charged with a further 79 offences against five children, including his two daughters and two step-children. Police allege between 2001 and 2006, the man sexually assaulted his two .



PERTH WA child porn ring investigation: Father accused of raping children "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

WA child porn ring investigation: Father accused of raping children .

April 17, 2018 at 01:02PM .

Both men will appear before the Perth Magistrates Court on Wednesday, April 18. The charges come as detectives continue to unravel the alleged child porn ring, with charges being laid against a 39-year-old Perth mother relating to the alleged abuse of her own children. Anyone with information .



PERTH Cyclist and motorist charged after Kings Park incident "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Cyclist and motorist charged after Kings Park incident .

April 17, 2018 at 02:41PM .

However, last weekpolice charged the cyclist (52) by summons with aggravated common assault, and he will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on May 25. The motorist (76) went to Warwick Police Station on January 22, before he was charged by summons with allegedly assaulting the cyclist and a .



PERTH Father at centre of alleged child sex ring charged with 79 offences relating to daughters and "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Father at centre of alleged child sex ring charged with 79 offences relating to daughters and .

April 17, 2018 at 01:22PM .

Both men are due to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow. Their arrests are part of the ongoing Taskforce Mirzam investigation in WA into child sex offences that saw the arrest of a Perth mum accused of raping her daughter. Detectives are still investigating allegations the woman took .



PERTH More sex charges in WA swinging case "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

More sex charges in WA swinging case .

April 17, 2018 at 01:22PM .

a child, sexual penetration of a child and stupefying. A 56-year-old man is now facing a total of 29 charges and has been accused of abusing a girl and boy, who were aged five and six at the time of the first offence, between 2011 and 2015. Both men are scheduled to appear in Perth Magistrates Court .



PERTH More sex charges stem from swinging case "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

More sex charges stem from swinging case .

April 17, 2018 at 01:22PM .

Both men are scheduled to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Wednesday. A woman, who is in a relationship with the 45-year-old man, is accused of abusing her son, eight-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old girl. The 39-year-old mother was previously charged with a total of 93 offences. Taskforce .



PERTH Further charges laid over alleged Perth paedophile swingers ring "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Further charges laid over alleged Perth paedophile swingers ring .

April 17, 2018 at 12:31PM .

Both men are due to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow, Wednesday, 18 April 2018. Taskforce Mirzam detectives urge anyone with any information regarding child sexual abuse to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make report online at .


PERTH Further charges laid by Taskforce Mirzam detectives, WA "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Further charges laid by Taskforce Mirzam detectives, WA .

April 17, 2018 at 12:26PM .

Taskforce Mirzam detectives have further charged two men aged 45 and 56 years, with a total of 101 additional offences as a result of their ongoing and extensive investigation into child sexual abuse. The 45 year old man has been charged with a total of 79 offences and the 56 year old man has been .


PERTH Father & other man face over 100 charges of child sex abuse "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Father & other man face over 100 charges of child sex abuse .

April 17, 2018 at 12:26PM .

Both men are due to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow. Taskforce Mirzam detectives urge anyone with any information regarding child sexual abuse to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make report online at Callers may remain anonymous if they .



WD Purple microSD or the SanDisk High Endurance card? "IndyWatch Feed National"

On the 11th day of April 2018 the corporation Western Digital announced a new line of surveillance storage microSD cards that being the WD Purple, of capacities 32GB and 64GB, in line with the nomenclature used with their hard disk storage solutions.

Following that announcement it would be a great idea to bring a detailed test report to our readers, so off we go to the local technology wholesaler, but alas no stock, as they have not made it down to the British penal colony called Australia.

So the next best thing would be to do a product comparison from factory specifications, for the mathematically challenged.

According to their microSD card is rated at 80MB/s read and 50MB/s write performance.

The endurance rating of the 64GB card is up to 64 TBW (Terabytes Written).


According to their High Endurance video monitoring microSD card of 64GB capacity is good for 10,000 (ten thousand) hours of recording at Full HD, in line with their nomenclature used in their hard disk line of storage solutions.

The read and write speed of the card is rated at 20MBps.

SanDisk defined Full HD video at 1920 x 1080 resolution at 26Mbps (Megabits per second)

26Mbps = 3.25MBps (Mega Bytes per second) = 195MB per minute = 11.7GB per hour.

Since the above white micr...


Agriculture and the Production of Fictitious Foods "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Monsanto triggered massive crop losses illegal herbicide spraying to introduce new GMO crop. (R) Flower strips along crop fields attract pollinators. A honey bee approaches a lacy phacelia in bloom (photo credits &

by G5

Hardly any food products are as believed. Apart from, for example: Monsanto-Bayer destroying most of the worlds frog and bee populations for the delivery of fictitious foods. This is part of the manic American fixation to control the worlds food and fresh water.

China and some other Eastern Bloc players also chimed in but interestingly, NOT RUSSIA.

Meat products, even steaks (chemically treated and glued), and chicken breasts are not as believed with the a...


Philippines: If Duterte has nothing to hide, why the crackdown on foreign activists? Arrest of Australian activist Nun, 71, raises eyebrows in Manila "IndyWatch Feed National"


Sister Patricia Fox was released Tuesday afternoon, nearly a day after she was arrested by the Bureau of Immigration for her reported violation of the countrys law banning political assembly.
Twitter/Rep. Carlos Zarate

By Gaea Katreena Cabico ( April 17, 2018 3:46pm

MANILA, Philippines Critics of the government slammed the detention of two foreigners who were nabbed by immigration officials, saying it raises questions about what the government is trying to conceal.

The Liberal Party stressed that the incidents involving rights and land reform advocate Patricia Sister Pat Fox and Party of European Socialists official Giacomo Filibeck debunk the claim of the current government that it has nothing to hide.

The emerging trend on crackdown against foreign activists in the country is alarming as exhibited by the harassment and casual arrests of the two human right advocates who were not even in protest activities or rallies when taken into custody, LP, the erstwhile ruling party said.

Karapatan also stressed that the illegal arrest of Fox and other cases of threats and harassment against delegates of fact-finding missions in the Philippines are clear signs that President Rodrigo Duterte is guilty as hell of rights violations.

If indeed Duterte is as innocent as his sycophants say, there would be no reason for blocking any form of independent inquiries into the cases of extrajudicial killings and other rights violations against peasants and other poor sectors in the Philippines, Karapatan said.

READImmigration releases partisan Australian nun a day after apprehension

Fox was released Tuesday afternoon, nearly a day after she was arrested by the Bureau of Immigration for her reported violation of the countrys law banning political assembly.

Groups condemned her arrest and detention, saying it lacks due process and respect for her rights as a church person.

The arrest of the 71-year old Australian lay missionary came only a day after BI deported Filibeck....


Google still searching for Australian headquarters as deal falls through Ambitious plan to create Sydneys Silicon Valley "IndyWatch Feed National"

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By Alexandra Smith & Lisa Visentin

The state government has rejected a plan to create a Silicon Valley-style technology hub on the old rail yards near Redfern, leaving tech giant Google once again searching for Australian headquarters.

The hub, which would have created as many as 19,000 jobs, would have been Googles new base but cabinets infrastructure committee last week rejected the proposal because it did not meet a uniqueness test.

Redfern Google HQ plans rejected by state government

Redfern Google HQ plans rejected by state government

Google is still searching for its Australian headquarters after the NSW government rejected plans for a tech hub in Redfern.

Developer Mirvac submitted a plan through the governments unsolicited proposal process to redevelop the site next to Carriageworks at Eveleigh into a tech hub with Google as the anchor tenant, the Herald revealed last month.

However, the proposal failed at the first hurdle after the government stated its preference for the land, which is owned by Transport for NSW, to be developed through a competitive open process.

Despite the decision of the cabinet committee, a senior government source said some ministers were working to salvage the deal amid concerns that Google could abandon Sydney.

Responding to the decision on Tuesday, Mirvac said its pr...


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Algeria tornado, USA blizzards & lake waves, Polar ice temps recover "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tornado, massive hail storm and flooding in Algeria, gigantic waves Lake Superior USA freezes the shoreline, Arctic temperatures recover to the 1958-2002 baseline, Antarctic sea ice recovers and Australia flips from record heat to cold.


Indigenous and Remote Health Conference "IndyWatch Feed National"

Seven million Australians live in rural and remote Australia. There are also 1,000 remote communities, the majority with few or no services. Australians living rural and remote have shorter lives, with more than half of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders in the remote not living past a half century of years. Remote living Australians have []


James E McDonald's interest in Project Blue Book cases - Pueblo, Colorado "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi all,


The late Dr. James E McDonald visited the former USAF's Project Blue Book on a number of occasions and gathered together a collection of sightings, which interested him. I published a blog back in February 2017,  about this aspect of his UAP work. As one of my 2018 projects, I am revisiting my earlier work on these selected Blue Book files.


This blog post concerns one of the cases McDonald saw some value in, namely an observation by a weather observer, at a place called Pueblo, Colorado in the USA, which is near Colorado Springs.

Why bother re-examining these old cases? Well, they generally provide  me with data based observations, as opposed to sightings mentioned on Face Book pages, which provide hardly any data points. Secondly, it is always good to revisit/reanalyse cases, to see if a potential mundane explanation has been missed.

Case details

At 10:46am Mountain Standard Time (1746UTC), on 14 June 1958, a Pueblo, Colorado [latitude 38.28 deg N; longitude 104.6 deg W], airport weather observer, Orville R. Foster, aged 51 years, was observing a pilot balloon through a theodolite. He noticed an object enter the field of view at elevation 24.2 degrees,and azimuth 67 degrees (ENE.) He tracked the object across the northern sky (maximum elevation estimated as 50 degrees) on into the SW sky. Here he lost it in atmospheric haze at elevation 8.1 degrees, azimuth 237.2 degrees. The duration of the event was between 4-6 minutes.

The path of the object across the sky

The shape of the object at highest elevation was circular, with an apparently flat ring around the object, and...


Australia flesh-eating ulcer 'epidemic' a mystery, say doctors "IndyWatch Feed National"

Doctors in Australia have called for urgent research into why a flesh-eating ulcer has become a "worsening epidemic" in the state of Victoria. Local cases of Buruli ulcer, a skin disease most commonly found in Africa, have surged by 400% in the last four years, experts say. Infections have also become more severe and spread to new areas. Doctors do not know how to prevent the disease, which is caused by bacteria that breaks down tissue. WARNING: Graphic image below A record 275 new infections were recorded the state last year, marking a 51% increase on 2016. Infectious diseases expert Dr Daniel O'Brien said cases of the Buruli ulcer, or Mycobacterium ulcerans disease, had become "frighteningly more common and also more severe" in the region. It was unclear why the ulcer, typically found in tropical areas, had emerged in the temperate climate of Victoria, he said.


HandsUp NRW Promo "IndyWatch Feed National"

Book the Sea of Hands
to visit your school
or community for
National Reconciliation Week
or NAIDOC week 2018
Background image: 
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International Revolution for Choice Rally Brisbane Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Allona Lahn

Lock in the date
Brisbane June 2nd time for the World and people to Unite

Over the last few weeks, I and others have been busy communicating and planning with people from Countries around the World to Unite for an International Revolution for Choice Rally. Read More


Syria, in a world of lies "IndyWatch Feed National"

There have been millions of casualties as a result of the catastrophes in Syria, with a half million dead, with millions of refugees, with collective human consciousness diminished and reduced to the aberrant. It is said that no lie lives forever but some do while the majority of lies outlive generations. The ability to discover []


Coal mine extension challenged on climate-change grounds "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Wallarah 2 coal mine extension approval has been challenged in the Land and Environment Court. Image

In an Australian first, the NSW Land and Environment court will hear arguments about the consideration of the ecologically sustainable development (ESD) principle of intergenerational equity in the context of climate change.

EDO NSW, on behalf of the Australian Coal Alliance (ACA), filed proceedings late Monday (April 16) challenging the validity of the January 2018 Planning Assessment Committee (PAC) approval of the Wallarah 2 longwall coal mine on the Central Coast.

EDO NSW CEO David Morris said, The decision-maker in this case was required by law to consider the public interest in approving the project. In 2018, we say that requires them to turn their mind to the impacts decisions of today will have on future generations, and also to consider what we dont yet know by applying the precautionary principle.

Our client will argue that the PAC, when considering the Wallarah 2 project, considered neither and in doing so acted unlawfully, rendering the approval of this large coal project invalid, he said.

Wallarah 2 will make a substantial contribution to greenhouse gas emissions  264+ million tonnes of CO2 over the 28-year life of the mine. The PAC chose not to take into account emissions from the burning of coal mined at Wallarah 2. Our client will argue that the law, correctly applied, mandates a consideration of those impacts.

This type of legal action is at the very heart of our democracy, Mr Morris stated, aiming to ensure that our elected officials and their delegates follow the law.

Were arguing that the law in this case wasnt followed with respect to climate change impacts and the ESD principle of intergenerational equity. This case is by its very nature climate change litigation and were seeing more and more of that in Australia.

The science is unequivocal: continuing to approve coal mines in NSW absent some other major change threatens the goal of avoiding dangerous climate change under the Paris Agreement, he said.

The Wallarah 2 case

  • The case will be fought on 10 grounds, concerning greenhouse gas emissions, flooding impacts and compensation and risks to water supply.
  • Climate chan...


MACKAY Kidnapping and torture charge in Mackay, QLD "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 17, 2018 at 12:03PM ,

Kidnapping and torture charge in Mackay, QLD

April 17, 2018 at 12:03PM ,

A 40-year-old man has been charged following the alleged kidnapping and torture of a woman in Mackay on Sunday evening, Queensland Police say. It will be alleged on April 15 a group of up to five men and women confronted the 39-year-old woman at an apartment complex on Gregory Street.

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user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Man arrested over Mackay kidnapping "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 17, 2018 at 12:37PM ,

Man arrested over Mackay kidnapping

April 17, 2018 at 12:37PM ,

Mackay apartment complex on Sunday, before escaping with a suspected broken arm, police say. A man, 40, has been charged with one count each of kidnapping and torture and three counts of assault occasioning bodily harm whilst armed in company and will appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on

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MACKAY Woman allegedly kidnapped, tortured by group "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 17, 2018 at 12:37PM ,

Woman allegedly kidnapped, tortured by group

April 17, 2018 at 12:37PM ,

A 40-year-old Mackay man has been arrested and charged with one count each of kidnapping and torture and three counts of assault occasioning bodily harm whilst armed in company. He is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court today. Investigations are continuing. Share this on Facebook Share

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MACKAY Kidnapping and torture charge, Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY April 17, 2018 at 12:03PM ,

Kidnapping and torture charge, Mackay

April 17, 2018 at 12:03PM ,

A 40-year-old Mackay man has since been arrested in relation to the matter and charged with one count each of kidnapping and torture and three counts of assault occasioning bodily harm whilst armed in company. He is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court today. Investigations are continuing.

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May Forum: Melbourne to Armidale Bill McKibben Livestream "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Thursday, 3 May; 6:30 pm; ] It is by sheer luck that our usual monthly forum is on at exactly the same time as this important broadcast by founder and world-renowned climate defender Bill McKibben. Bill McKibben will be in Australia as a part of 350 Australias Fossil Free campaign to talk to people about what we need to do to [...] full article 


A dark truth behind the scariest film on Netflix "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is something sinister about Vernicas assertion that the film is based on reality. It seems it was inspired by events that occurred in Madrid in 1991 its major claim to truth is that it uses an actual police report from the incident, in which an officer reports something to the effect that inexplicable phenomena occurred at the house where events occurred. Apparently, residents of the house were equally convinced of the supernatural.


Compare the pair 1 month at Elfin Crossing "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Elfin Crossing Northern Pool taken 23.3.2018

Elfin Crossing Northern Pool taken 16.4.2018


Tweed Hospital site selection cloaked in secrecy "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The red soils of the Cudgen plateau are too precious to be subdivided, say Labor and local opponents of the new Tweed Hospital site. Photo Tweed Shire Council

Labors Justine Elliot and Walt Secord, together with Tweed councillor Reece Byrnes, have called on the state government to release a full list of the alternative sites considered for a new Tweed Hospital, saying while they supported better health outcomes, they were alarmed by the cloak of secrecy surrounding the selection of the location.

And a local activist has described the move as the most cynical act of political hypocrisy visited upon the shire in the last 20 years.

As reported last week, Health Minister Brad Hazzard and Tweed National MP Geoff Provest have announced a new Tweed Hospital will be built on a 23-hectare site on prime agricultural land at Cudgen.

Labor wants to know why the Cudgen agricultural site was selected from 29 possible sites on NSW Health Infrastructures list.

In 2002, the land was designated and classified as land of state significance due to its rich, red volcanic soil. Property developers have been seeking its re-zoning since the 1980s.

NSW Shadow Minister for the North Coast Walt Secord, Federal MP for Richmond Justine Elliot said while they support better health outcomes in the Tweed but questioned why the Berejiklian government picked the controversial site.

Lack of transparency

More than 200 local residents have attended a community meeting about the selection of the site and Mr Secord said his office had been inundated with emails about the location and lack of transparency.

People were also very anxious about the decision-making processes, he said.

Like so many decisions by the Berejiklian government, the Tweed Hospital announcement is made without proper consultation. They just drop it on the community without giving them proper input.

Tweed Hospital is under enormous pressure and better hospital services are needed, but few people were consulted, he said.

Ms Elliot attacked Tweed MP Geoff Provest, who she said had ignored the local community.

The community has a right to be involved in the decision-making process.



Youth theatre give treats the treatment "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron Youth Theatre tackles the question of how we treat ourselves. Photo Jeff Dawson.

How do you treat yourself? 

It isnt often that we stop and take stock of how we treat ourselves, how this influences us and the outcomes it has. 

But this is the question that is being looked at as part of the Byron Youth Theatres (BYT) new production that will be shown to local high school students next term and the screening of That Sugar Film on April 27 at the Byron Theatre starting at 6.30pm.

Young people are curious to find out about the body, mind and spirit, as I think we all are, said BYT director Lisa Apostolides.

That Sugar Film screening April 27

We can all do with helpful reminders about our health and well being. That Sugar Film is one great reminder and an eye opener to the fact that not everything we have been sold as healthy is.

Damon Gameau, who wrote and starred in That Sugar Film, will conduct a Q&A following the screening in Byron. 

His first hand experience is remarkable and he will be able to share this with us as well as shedding light on other aspects of the film and his future production, said Lisa.

As a husband and father, he is perfectly placed to share about the challenges and demands of a busy work sche...


US e-commerce proposal for WTO ignores Facebook data scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

April 17, 2018: In a communication to other WTO members on April 12, the US government has outlined its seven areas for a possible WTO work program on e-commerce.

  • free flow of information
  • fair treatment of digital products
  • protection of proprietary information
  • digital security
  • facilitating internet services
  • competitive telecommunications markets, and
  • trade facilitation.

Despite the recent scandals with Facebooks mass cross-border data theft and numerous fake accounts, the US position insists on the free free exchange of cross-border data, prevents data localization and prohibits web blocking. This deregulatory push flies in the face of calls for effective regulation.

Mark Zuckerberg himself agreed in Congressional hearings to greater regulation and genuine penalties for failing to protect user data and for fake news, one example being an Honest Ads Bill.

The US also wants future rules on e-commerce to address several areas highlighted in its recently concluded Section 301 investigation into Chinese trade practices. To protect proprietary information, the US says new rules should protect source code, bar forced technology transfers and prohibit discriminatory technology requirements. These provisions enhance monopoly and slow digital technology development.

On the issue of customs duties on e-commerce, WTO Members have agreed to renew a moratorium on e-commerce duties at every WTO ministerial since 1998.

The US and 76 other WTO members committed at the Buenos Aires ministerial last December to initiate exploratory work together toward future WTO negotiations on trade-related aspects of electronic commerce. There is no consensus among WTO members on launching e-commerce negotiations, but Australia has chaired the first informal meeting of this coalition of the willing to consider the US and other proposals.



UQ medical researchers UM connections "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Christoph Schnelle addresses the audience at a Universal Medicine seminar. Photo Universal Medicine

A University of Queensland medical researcher and up to eight of his co-authors are now under scrutiny following an ABC report into an alleged failure to disclose links to controversial North Coast-based group Universal Medicine.

According to the ABC, the UQ ethics committee approved the studies but researchers must fully disclose conflicts of interest. UQ and international journals that published articles by the researchers are now investigating allegations that there were undeclared conflicts of interest by some researchers.

According to the report, which ran on the ABCs flagship The World Today program on Monday (April 16), four of the researchers have publicly advocated for UM practices, two are presenters at the UMs College of Universal Medicine, while two others are a naturopath and a psychologist who practice at UMs Brisbane clinic

The ABC program named Christoph Schnelle, a UQ faculty of medicine researcher who was the lead author of three articles on UM health practices, and a second public advocate of UM within UQs faculty of medicine, Clayfield GP and associate lecturer Amelia Stephens.

Vietnam research project

According to the report, the team plan to run trials into UMs unconventional treatment for back pain, and are running a $40,000 fundraising appeal in Australia and the UK to back it.

But, the program said, a study last year showed the lack of high-quality evidence for the effectiveness of the UM treatment meant it was not possible to conduct the trials in Australian hospitals.

Instead they will be run in Vietnam, where the group recently ran a retreat.

University let down

Eminent medical educator Professor John Dwyer of University of NSW attacked the plan, and the group, telling the ABC program that the researchers had let the university down badly in their fervour for promoting the benefits of Universal Medicines approach to treatments, which have no basis in science [and] couldnt possibly be effective.

These people are in a position of giving undeserved credibility to the nonsense thats coming out of Universa...


Vacancy rates tighten in Canberra "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Canberra tightens

Vacancy rates tightened slightly to 2.1 per cent in March 2018, down from 2.3 per cent a year earlier (and 2.2 per cent in February 2018) according to SQM Research. 

In the month of March vacancy rates fell in Brisbane from 3.4 per cent to 3.2 per cent, and in Canberra from 0.8 per cent to just 0.6 per cent.

The vacancy rate for Canberra has fallen from 2.5 per cent in mid-2015 when it was announced in the Barr Budget that there would be significant rate rise and land taxes imposed in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

While there are rentals on the market, the methodology picks up rental properties vacant between leases for a period of time and acts a viable leading indicator for markets that are tightening or easing. 

With investors looking elsewhere, SQM reports that median asking rents for houses in the ACT have increased by +29 per cent over the past 3 years to $617/week.

That makes Canberra the second most expensive capital city after Sydney at a $738/week median asking rent for houses. 

In Hobart the chronic shortage of rentals has eased a little over the past two months, if only a little. 

Melbourne has a relatively tight vacancy rate at 1.4 per cent, while in Sydney the vacancy rate of 2.3 per cent is being reflected in relatively flat rents overall, including a slight decline for median house asking rents. 

The Perth market continues to pick up steadily from its nadir. 



PERTH Former broker in court over false information "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Former broker in court over false information .

April 17, 2018 at 01:56AM .

A former broker has appeared before Perth Magistrates Court charged with seven counts of giving false information and one fraud charge following an investigation by ASIC. Peter Lachlan McDonald previously worked at Get Approved Finance, but was permanently banned in 2015 alongside another .



Paula Giles DoCS Worker known By DoCS Staff as "THE GRIM REAPER" "IndyWatch Feed National"

There are many, many very good people in DoCS who do a job that is soul destroying, so I hate to tar the entire department with the same brush. The following story is revealed by a DoCS worker disgusted with the corrupt senior management, a victim of bullying from DoCS senior Banshees such as Paula Giles.

Commendable DoCS workers who speak out deserve a medal, but instead are dismissed leaving the way clear for unethical staff prepared to sacrifice families for their immoral thirst for power or personal biases and prejudices over innocent families misfortunate enough to experience the terrifying presence of these merciless government mercenaries encroaching upon their family home which was once a sanctuary.

DoCS managers who bully their staff deserve to be prosecuted. Instead they hide behind their powerful positions, telling lies to hide the disgusting truth.

People like Paula Giles will never step aside to let decent minded managers take over as it will reveal the abominations they have easily enacted upon the families they terrorise, keeping the truth about their victims hidden... up until now, with her position of unquestionable power.

Paula Giles answers to no one, she has no accountablity, and exudes arrogance, with the knowledge she is one of the untouchable banshees running DoCS.

She also worked at the Caboolture DOCS office, and in the far north qld docs office, Mackay docs office, currently working her evil from qld DoCS. This woman is a senior DoCS manager, and hates men.

This woman removed a 13 yo child who had been with the same foster parents sin...


George Pell case returns to Vic court "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cardinal George Pell is back in court today. AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia

MELBOURNE, AAP Cardinal George Pells legal team and the prosecution are due to appear before a Melbourne court for legal arguments about whether Australias most senior Catholic will stand trial on historical sex offence charges.

Pell, 76, has been excused from attending Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday, when the defence and prosecution return for legal arguments following a four-week pre-trial committal hearing in March.

During the hearing, the defence repeatedly attacked the police investigation into Pell, with high-profile barrister Robert Richter QC accusing police of having tunnel vision and running a get Pell operation.

The investigation, code named Operation Tethering, began in March 2013 before any crime had been reported.

Pell was charged some four years later with historical sex offences involving multiple complainants, who gave evidence before a closed court at the committal hearing, as required by law in sex offence cases.

Pell denies all the charges.

Its unclear when magistrate Belinda Wallington will hand down her decision on whether Pell will stand trial.

The defence and prosecution have already made written submissions about the case ahead of Tuesdays hearing.

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Drones go up as nets again fail to catch sharks "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A ray found by Sea Shepherd volunteers trapped in a Ballina shark net on Sunday January 7, 2018. Photo Sea Shepherd Australia

Chris Dobney

The NSW Government has turned to drones after a second controversial trial of shark nets on the North Coast caught even fewer sharks than the previous trial in 2016-17.

But it has still failed to rule out returning nets to North Coast beaches again next year, despite their overwhelming failure to protect bathers and an increase in so-called bycatch (by far the majority of sea creatures caught).

In last years trial, conducted by DPI Fisheries, the nets caught six target species out of 244 animals caught. The result this year (23 November to 31 March) was even less effective: with just one live and one dead bull shark netted.

Meanwhile a total of 264 of non target sea creatures were caught, of which 83 were found dead.

The most common species netted were rays, with a total of 41 Australian cownose rays caught (including 9 found dead) and 41 whitespotted eagle rays (including four found dead) trapped in the nets.

Other species found trapped included a green turtle, a hawksbill turtle and a grey nurse shark, all of which are endangered, and three dolphins, one of which was found dead.

The nets were deployed for 28 days during March but only checked 14 times. DPI claims this was due to weather conditions.

North Coast-based Nationals MLC Ben Franklin in the obligatory photo op with North...


April 17 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1770 - Captain Cook landed at Botany Bay.
And there went the neighbourhood.

1790 - Things were more than a bit crook with the Colony when the ship Sirius slipped down the plug hole near Norfolk Island in March taking most of the food with her; this led to two major things...that Lieut-Gov King swanned off to Britain which left a nasty bully in charge of Norfolk Island who proclaimed martial law for 4 months, and that Gov Phillip dispatched the ONLY remaining ship HMAS Supply to Batavia on this day for emergency food stores.

1801 - The ship Ocean arrived at Sydney from whaling off the south coast.

1813 - The Sydney Gazette on this day described an excursion from the Beecroft area made by 12 explorers, assisted by three friendly local Aboriginal guides to Lake Wollumboola and crossing the Lake Wollumboola entry to the sea.

1816 - . Appin massacre. New South Wales Governor Macquarie sent parties against the Gundungurra and Dharawal people on their lands along the Cataract River, a tributary of the Nepean River (south of Sydney), in reprisal for violent conflicts with white settlers (in which several died) in the adjoining Nepean and Cowpastures districts, during a time of drought.The punitive expedition split in two at Bent's Basin, with one group moving south-west against the Gundungurra, and the other moving south-east against the Dharawal. This latter group came upon Cataract Gorge, where the soldiers used their horses to force men, women and children to fall from the cliffs of the gorge, to their deaths below. On April 17, around 1 am soldiers arrived at a camp of Dharawal people at Appin. Captain Willis from the party of soldiers wrote: "The fires were burning but deserted. A few of my men heard a child cry ....The dogs gave the alarm and the natives fled over the cliffs. It was moonlight. I regret to say some (were) shot and others met their fate by rushing in despair over the precipice. Fourteen dead bodies were counted in different directions."
The massacre is remembered in April each year, when Winga Myamly Reconciliation Group and the local Aboriginal community meet to remember the loss of lives.

1819 - Maria Lock was one classy, clever chickybabe; she was born the daughter of Yarramundi the 'Chief of the Richmond Tribes', sister to Colbee, wife of Bennelong's son, the first sanctioned Aboriginal lady to marry a convict, probably the first Aboriginal gal to be assigned the same convict and she became a landowner in her own right.
But today, in 1819, the Sydney Gazette reported her talents in the schoolroom when the 14 year old Maria took the major first prize in the school anniversary exams having beaten over 100 'European' kids,
"Prizes were prepared for distribution among such children as should be found to excel in the early rudiments of education, moral and religious and i...


Thoughts For The Week. Gun Control! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Well the Port Arthur Massacre certainly worked, & it is the belief of many, including some high ranking qualified people, that the massacre was orchestrated with government knowledge, & Martin Bryant has been falsely accused & imprisoned without any evidence of his guilt & without a coronal enquirie. The word is Bryant has been held in solitary confinement all this time to stop him talking to anyone. Certainly no news has been forthcoming from ex prisoners or the press!
For those that don't WANT to believe this, ask yourself this question: If the powers that be want the rest of our guns, when & where will the next shooting be?

Thoughts For the Week.
Another Symptom.
This week we had another pin prick that shows the contempt that the tyranny has for the 2 million plus law abiding licenced firearm owners in Australia. Page 132 ACIC Annual Report


How the US Occupied the 30 percent of Syria Containing Most of its Oil, Water and Gas "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article by Whitney Webb  (MPN News 16 April 2018) provides an insight into reasons why the United states wants to continue a presence in Syria, and this is not about humanitarianism. According to the author, the motives are securing economic interests for American corporations, confronting the Russians, partitioning the country and aiming at Iran.

After the U.S. launched limited airstrikes on Friday against Syria, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley announced that the U.S. will maintain its illegal presence in Syria until U.S. goals in the area are fulfilled, opening the door for the U.S. occupation to continue indefinitely.

While the U.S. military presence in Syria has been ongoing since 2015 justified as a means of countering Daesh (ISIS) U.S. troops have since turned into an occupying force with their failure to pull out following Daeshs defeat in north-eastern Syria. Currently, the U.S. occupies nearly a third of Syrian territory around 30 percent including much of the area east of the Euphrates River, encompassing large swaths of the Deir Ezzor, Al-Hasakah and Raqqa regions.

Though the U.S. currently has between 2,000 to 4,000 troops stationed in Syria, it announced the training of a 30,000-person-strong border force composed of U.S.-allied Kurds and Arabs in the area, which would be used to prevent north-eastern Syria from coming under the control of Syrias legitimate government. Though it backtracked somewhat after backlash from Turkey, the U.S. has continued to train local forces in the area. Russian military sources have asserted that former members of Daesh who were allowed to leave cities attacked by the U.S. and their proxies, as was the case in battle for Raqqa are to be included among the forces ranks.

This, along with the U.S. governments insistence on maintaining the occupation until Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is removed from power, shows that the U.S. government has no intention of permitting the reunification of Syria and will continue to occupy the region over the long term.



Resources for the world, not war "IndyWatch Feed National"

This morning, warmongers awoke to some great news: Raytheon stock shares surged to an all-time high following Friday nights tomahawk missile strikes on Syria.

This shouldnt come as a shock. As the U.S. leads the world in military spending - $727 billion or 67% of our federal budget - with rich countries like Australia, France, the UK, Germany, and Spain following suit, the world has opted-in to $1.68 trillion to be spent on war annually. Many governments are planning increases in military budgets together with cuts in health, education and development cooperation this year. And despite international efforts towards a nuclear treaty ban, the Great Powers are continuing their research and development of nuclear weapons, and coupled with hasty threats of nuclear war, we are seeing the ever-increasing likelihood of global catastrophe.

And whats worse? Our tax dollars pay for militarism. That's why, in partnership with  NWTRCC, we produce the Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes flyer, a political education resource we use to break down the bloated military budget. It's part of our commitment to antimilitarism and the Global Campaign on Military Spending (GDAMS), an international campaign of peace and justice organizations committed to demilitarization and disarmament across the world. 

This year, GDAMS has a rather small ask: a reduction in global military spending by just 10%.



Factom and its FCT coin: A starters guide "IndyWatch Feed National"

In this era of data manipulation and concerns over the accuracy of information, a flawless verification mechanism is invaluable and this is where Factom comes in. What is Factom? Factom is a platform built on top of blockchain networks such as []

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Yet another Ralph Blewitt conveyance file - the 4th - emerges from Slater and Gordon "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 14 August 1995 - the same day Nick Styant Browne interviewed GILLARD, her last day working as a lawyer for the firm - this search was made of the firm's LOCUS file management system. It shows 3 files related to Ralph Blewitt's property purchase. When BLEWITT's lawyers requested his...


Australia: Sleeping man feels sharp pain in his neck, wakes to see knife-wielding Muslima screaming Allahu akbar "IndyWatch Feed National"

When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks (Quran 47:4) Not that this has anything to do with An update on this story. Father recounts the terrifying moment a burqa-clad Bangladeshi student staying at his house and inspired by ISIS screamed Allahu Akbar as she stabbed him in the neck while he slept and his []


Collaboration with Dr Greg "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

After the Crossing Streams exhibition last year, I asked Dr Greg Pritchard if he'd be interested in collaborating on a Renga

Renga predates haiku as a form of verse and uses a similar format with the addition of two seven-syllable lines forming a response.

For a while I'd been stumped trying to decide which of my haiku to offer to Greg.

In the lead-up to the recent poetry reading in Narrandera, I decided to share one I'd written for that event while camping by the Goulburn River:
Ripples reflecting
streaming autumnal light
each moment passing

On the mountain, clouds come in
it is like a ship at sea


"IndyWatch Feed National"

There is no denying that in the past couple of years bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency market in general, has attained critical mass. Consequently, communities dedicated to digital currency-related discussion on social media multiplied several times, as is the case with []


More reports showing that 'trickle up' economics is at work in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Here is just a little of what Liberal & National party members - and their governments - refuse to understand as they support a far-right economic platform which is built on a reduction in corporate tax rates, high business profits and large management salaries in conjunction with employee wage supression, erosion of workers' rights, an increase in employment insecurity based on casual, part-time and/or employees as sham contractors and, further restrictions on eligibility for a number of basic welfare payments.

Last year, as the government prepared another round of welfare crackdowns, Minister Michaelia Cash said she expects that those who can work should work and our welfare system should be there as a genuine safety net, not as something that people can choose to fund their lifestyle.

The subtext was clear those who need help are a drain on the rest of us.
This rhetoric is familiar, but it is wrong. It is the wealthiest Australians who enjoy the most support.

Research commissioned by Anglicare Australia shows that each year, a staggering $68 billion is spent keeping the wealthiest households wealthy. That...


Fair Work Ombudsman begins another weary audit which will inevitably discover more employers behaving like criminals "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Despite wage growth falling to record lows last year, the Australian Minister for Jobs and Innovation WA Liberal Senator Michaelia Cash continues to talk down any need for a substantial national minimum wage increase and praises the good will of employers big and small.

It seems she just refuses to accpet the evidence of her own eyes.......

The Guardian, 11 April 2018:

On Wednesday the Fair Work Ombudsman announced an audit targeting the fast food, restaurant and cafe sector which will penalise businesses exploiting vulnerable workers, including students, casual staff and immigrants.

It follows numerous high-profile cases of workers being exploited, including a cook who was employed by Bar Coluzzi in Sydney on a 457 skilled worker visa who was told by her boss to repay $13,952 of her wages to cover tax and superannuation contributions. She was also working excessive unpaid overtime.

The convenience story chain 7-Eleven was ...

Monday, 16 April


Second shark attack at Gracetown, Western Australia after 41-year-old man bitten "IndyWatch Feed National"

A second man has been attacked by a shark off Gracetown on Monday just hours after a surfer was mauled in the same area. Jason Longrass was bitten by a shark just hours after Alejandro Travaglini, a father of two from Margaret River, was attacked by a great white at Cobblestones surf break. Channel 9 reporter Michael Stamp told 6PR a the 41-year-old Denmark man was mauled at Lefthanders break about 2.40pm, just two kilometres south of the first attack. Mr Longrass said he had not realised the beach was closed, and said he saw a four-metre white pointer coming towards him. Paramedics were treating him at the beach for reported minor leg injuries.


Esoteric: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest "IndyWatch Feed National"

Even a small cult can be incredibly profitable. Theres this freaky alternative medicine quack in Australia who runs a scam called Universal Medicine his specialties are esoteric breast massage, esoteric ovary massage, and connective tissue therapy. My first objection has to be that he doesnt understand what esoteric means.

The esoteric principle is that we are love innately and, unchangeably. The principles of the esoteric way of life date back to the oldest forms of knowledge and wisdom. Whilst ancient in their heritage, the principles of the esoteric life in human form have not out-dated themselves in relation to what is required of mankind to live in harmony and thus arrest any wayward conduct that does not build brotherhood within and amongst our communities everywhere.

The esoteric means that which comes from our inner-most. It is the livingness of love that we all carry equally deep within and it is this livingness that restores each and every individual back into the rhythms of their inner-harmony and thus from there, the love is lived with all others.

You want to know more? Heres a short documentary on Serge Benhayon, the guy who founded it. Hes a bankrupted ex-tennis coach with no medical degree, not even the slightest training, and he came up with the idea for his therapy while sitting on the toilet. But hes also the reincarnated spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, so you can trust him. Right.

Hes raking in $2 million a year, and he has 700 followers. Ive got more followers than that! You slackers have not been sending me a sufficient fraction of your income. All you have to do is go to my donation page and type in the amount of $3000 and click send, and if 700 of you do that, Ill have made somewhat more than Serge Benhayon. Even better, unlike Serge, I promise not to fondle your breasts and groin or stick you with acupuncture needles.

Ick. That sounds like a threat. Even if you dont send me any money, I promise not to do that. I think I just realized why Im not getting rich. Im not extortionate enough.

Anyway, one of his many laughable comments in that video is this one:

I cant be brainwashing intelligent people and educated people.

Ha. Intelligent and educated people are just as easy to fool as anyone else. You just need the right hook, and you can sucker em right in. (Damn, again just realized another reason...


Debt Accumulated During A Domestic Violent Relationship "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Monday, 16 April 2018
Period debt occurred: 
June 2015
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Youth Allowance
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes in process
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

During the periods of 2015-2016 I was in a domestic violent relationship with my then partner who controlled all my finances and put me in a lot of debt over the 18 months I was with him.
I contacted centrelink in 2016 about the DVO I had placed against him as well as them providing me with a crisis payment.

Today, in 2018 I have received a letter claiming I owe them 10k during that period.
They are fully aware of my circumstances and when I tried to bring this up with the compliance officer he said he wasn't trained to "handle this type of circumstance and to call a social worker when I recieved the debt letter"



Originally over 10k now down to 3.5K "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Saturday, 31 March 2018
Period debt occurred: 
November 2011 to January 2015
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes in process
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

This has had the same effect on me as everyone else.
I was originally told I owe over $10,000 before they reduced that to the current total of $3592.87, which I still can't believe to be correct.
I am still studying now and living on a paltry salary.
This is seriously going to affect the rest of my year in a negative manner and could potentially cause problems with my Master's degree.

Not to mention... I am not the type of person to run from debts.
I have always paid back credit cards, I have...

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