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Thursday, 17 May


Liberals continue to behave badly in 2018 - Part Five "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Age, 8 May 2018:

A branch of the NSW Liberal Party is set to debate the merits of Sharia-style corporal punishment and a radical proposal to make citizens responsible for sentencing criminals rather than judges.

The notoriously hard-right Carlingford branch, under its colourful president George Popowski, will discuss a push to "straighten out the law and order system" by handing sentencing powers to a panel of 20 members of the public, with no more than 30 per cent from the legal fraternity.

Mr Popowski, who authored the motion, also urged the reintroduction of corporal punishment, arguing it was the "fairest" form of retribution because "we all feel the same pain".

He proposed 10 lashes for theft of a T-shirt, 1000 lashes for stealing a car (2000 if the vehicle is damaged), 5000 lashes for punching a police officer and 20,000 lashes for murder.


Scientific Study Claims Alien Life Could Exist in a Parallel Universe "IndyWatch Feed National"

Could a multiverse be hospitable to life?


Source: Eurek Alert

A Multiverse - where our Universe is only one of many - might not be as inhospitable to life as previously thought, according to new research.

Questions about whether other universes might exist as part of a larger Multiverse, and if they could harbour life, are burning issues in modern cosmology.

Now new research led by Durham University, UK, and Australia's University of Sydney, Western Sydney University and the University of Western Australia, has shown that life could potentially be common throughout the Multiverse, if it exists.

The key to this, the researchers say, is dark energy, a mysterious "force" that is accelerating the expansion of the Universe.

Scientists say that current theories of the origin of the Universe predict much more dark energy in our Universe than is observed. Adding larger amounts would cause such a rapid expansion that it would dilute matter before any stars, planets or life could form.

The Multiverse theory, introduced in the 1980s, can explain the "luckily small" amount of dark energy in our Universe that enabled it to host life, among many universes that could not.

Using huge computer simulations of the cosmos, the new research has found that adding dark energy, up to a few hundred times the amount observed in our Universe, would actually have a modest impact upon star and planet formation.

This opens up the prospect that life could be possible throughout a wider range of other universes, if they exist, the researchers said.

The findings are to be published in two related papers in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The simulations were produced under the EAGLE (Evolution and Assembly of GaLaxies and their Environments) proje...

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Wednesday, 16 May


Facebook block post exposing Capilano selling imported Honey while the ACCC investigate Facebook and Google etc "IndyWatch Feed National"

On the 15th of May 2018 Facebook blocked a post I published on the 3rd of April exposing Capilano Honey selling imported Honey while the federal government agency, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), is currently investigating Facebook, Google and other new media companies on the impact they are having on journalism and old []



Did the AAWSA program/AATIP really start in 2007? "IndyWatch Feed National"

One of the aspects of the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications (AAWSA) program/Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program(AATIP), which has aroused my interest is, if the project was not funded by Federal contract until sometime after 5 September 2008, why does almost everyone state that the program started in 2007? I decided to undertake some research based on the available public information.

Senator Harry Reid

I started off by reading material which made mention of Senator Harry Reid.

Source: New York Times 16 December 2017

The  New York Magazine, edition dated 19 March 2018, contains an interview between Eric Benson and Senator Reid, and quotes Reid at length, about how the program started.

"I'm in Washington in the Senate and Bob Bigelow called me - I kept in touch with him over the years. He called me and said, "I got the strangest letter here. Could I have a courier bring it to you?" I said, "Sure." He didn't want to send it to me over the lines for obvious reasons. I read the letter. The letter was from a federal national security agency. Okay. The letter said, "I am a senior, long-time member of this security agency, and have a PhD," - I can't remember in what, in physics for sure, maybe math also." And  the letter said "I'm interested. I'm interested in talking to you, Mr Bigelow. I have an interest in what you've been working on. I want to go to your ranch in Utah."

"...I called Bigelow back and said, "Hey, I'll meet with the guy." I called the guy. He said, "I don't want to meet at my office. I don't want to meet at your office. Where can we meet?" I said, "Come to my home." The two of us met and I was terribly impressed with him. Very low key scientist. He told me of his interest. I called Bigelow and I said, "This guy, I've checked him out and he seems like a pretty nice guy and his credentials are as he says."

He went, met Bigelow, and after I don't know how...


The lies of the British government to its people re: EU Integration "IndyWatch Feed National"

See how the British government lied to its people with regards to the European Union integration within the CONFIDENTIAL document (202MB, 224 pages):


Predictions of the Namoi Water Study will they come to pass? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

In 2012 the Namoi Water Study handed down its final report. The analysis was sobering for anyone living at Maules Creek and near the Narrabri Gas Field.




MACKAY Assault and weapons charges, Mount Pleasant "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY May 16, 2018 at 10:42AM ,

Assault and weapons charges, Mount Pleasant

May 16, 2018 at 10:42AM ,

He is scheduled to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court this afternoon. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Assault and weapons charges in Mount Pleasant, QLD "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY May 16, 2018 at 10:22AM ,

Assault and weapons charges in Mount Pleasant, QLD

May 16, 2018 at 10:22AM ,

Police have charged a 22-year-old man following an alleged incident involving a firearm in Mount Pleasant early this morning, Queensland Police say.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Hillsong Church. Pastor Joel ABell Head of Hillsong Australia is openly dialoguing with the gay activist and former Hillsong evangelist Tony Venn-Brown "IndyWatch Feed National"


Joel A'Bell c1

Pastor Joel ABell Head of Hillsong Australia. Dialoguing with gay Christian activist Tony Venn-Brown about gay issues.


tony venn-brown b1

Tony Venn-Brown. Gay evangelist talking with Pastor Joel ABell Head of Hillsong Australia about how Hillsong can become more gay.


The following is a Facebook dialogue a week ago on 10 April 2016 between Pastor Joel ABell, Head of Hillsong Australia, and Tony Venn-Brown, a leading Australian Assemblies of God (AOG) evangelist from the 1980s who came out as gay, abandoned his family and Christian ministry circa 1990.

Pastor Pat Mesiti was Tony Venn-Browns assistant evangelist.

Then in 1990 when Tony Venn-Brown came out as a homosexual, Pastor Pat Mesiti took on Tony Venn- Browns mantle as the leading Australian AOG evang...


Pastor Neville Johnson. Liked blow jobs from his three young AOG church secretaries. Academy of Light Maleny, Queensland, Australia. Bobbie Houston of Hillsongs pastor in New Zealand. Former head pastor at Queen St Assemblies of God Church in Auckland New Zealand. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Neville Johnson

Pastor Neville Johnson today. Still an errant false prophet, liar and con-artist. Neville Johnson has conned many people out of large sums of money in Ponzi schemes in recent times. Angry victims are looking for his home address to recover their lost savings even asking me if I know where he lives. He lives in Maleny, Queensland. Its a small town so youll easily find him.

Neville Johnson

Pastor Neville Johnson. Academy of Light Ministries, Maleny, Queensland, Australia. Liked blow-jobs from his three young church secretaries while praying to the Lord and fasting in Auckland, New Zealand motel rooms with them.



Senator Michaelia Cash and protecting Ms GILLARD "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tomorrow marks a fortnight since we published this story Shorten "promises better" on stopping corruption, where's the Government of Turnbull? Thursday, 03 May 2018 On Friday, 25 May 2018 Ralph Blewitt will make his first appearance in the Perth District Court to answer charges that he alone tricked Thiess into...


The Wire interview on Gaza death toll and US role in the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed National"

I was interviewed by The Wire news radio program yesterday:

The already fragile stability in the Middle East has been further affected in recent weeks, with the US Embassy move to Jerusalem and President Donald Trumps withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

Overnight 55 Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish state. This is the highest protest casualty rate in the region since 2014, and has some experts feeling that the USs increased backing of Israel will lead to a more aggressive stance on neighbours such as Palestine and Syria.


Protected: Rosie the Job Snob "IndyWatch Feed National"

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


Australias Julie Bishop defends record on China after former ambassadors call for her to be sacked "IndyWatch Feed National"

Foreign affairs minister commits to donating to a fighting fund to increase representation of women in Liberal party

Image may contain: 2 people, suit

Julie Bishop and Wang Yi. The Australian foreign affairs minister labelled comments by former ambassador Geoff Raby ill-informed. Photograph: Wu Hong/AP

Julie Bishop has defended her record on engagement with China and committed to donating to a fighting fund to increase representation of women in the Liberal party.

In an interview on ABCs 7.30 on Tuesday, the foreign affairs minister labelled comments by Geoff Raby, a former Australian ambassador to China, one of the most ill-informed pieces on the China-Australia relationship she has read.

In an opinion piece, Raby suggested sacking Bishop would improve relations with China, attacking her for not having visited in more than two years while angering Beijing with strident public comments on the South China Sea.

Bishop said the article was clearly not impartial and criticised Raby for being profoundly ignorant about the level of engagement between China and Australia.

She cited the fact that she is due to meet her Chinese counterpart very shortly to discuss North Korea, in addition to having conducted personal phone calls with the Japanese and South Korean foreign affairs ministers and the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo.

Asked about failing to visit China in more than two years, Bishop said it was not correct because she had visited in 2016 and is due to go back this year. She also cited visits to Australia by the Chinese foreign affairs minister, Wang Yi, and businessman Li Ka-shing, and side meetings at the UN general assembly, the east Asia summit and Asean forum.




A Month at Moria Refugee Camp "IndyWatch Feed National"

They put you on a night for your second shift? Bit harsh, but dont worry: nights are generally quiet. Mostly we sleep unless someone comes knocking.

Moria Refugee Camp is situated on the Greek island of Lesvos, the closest European island from Turkey. Its the biggest camp on the island, and an estimated 6000 asylum seekers were awaiting processing during my month there, volunteering as a nurse in the medical clinic.

I had been at Moria for a total of two of the 30 days I had signed myself up for, and had just finished my first shift. I didnt know what to expect before arriving, and always being known for my dramatic imagination, had visions of patient after patient on the brink of death from famine, disease and the effects of the wars they had fled.

The reality of my first shift was vastly different. Most of the asylum seekers had already been at the camp for a few months, some even a year, and the newly arrived refugees were given any medical care they required before they even reached us. So I spent the majority of my first shift giving out vapour rub and paracetamol for colds and runny noses. After seriously doubting the value of contribution here, I was ready for my second shift: the night shift.

It started out quiet enough, and at midnight, we decided to lay out the beds and try to get some sleep. Just as I was beginning to drift off, I heard a tap-tap-tap on the door. I wondered if I had imagined it it was so soft. A whole minute passed before we heard it again, this time slightly louder and undeniably a knock. Quickly rolling up the beds, I opened the door to a man with his back to me, leaning heavily on the wall.

Can I help you?

No reaction or movement.

 Sir, are you okay?

I walked around to his front, and thats when I saw the problem. He was obviously very drunk, too drunk to make the effort to fully stand, and bleeding profusely from his left arm from his elbow down to his wrist.

 Fucking hell! Come inside inside? Okay?

 Although it was obvious his English was nonexistent, he let me lead him inside whilst he dripped blood all over the linoleum floor.

We got to work assessing and cleaning his self-inflicted cuts. The antiseptic was obviously hurting him and he winced. As he did he reached out for my hand, I instinctively reached back and held him....


When Your Travels Are a Shit Storm "IndyWatch Feed National"

They say that opposites attract, but every day, Im realising that shit attracts shit. For example, Im using Notepad to write this because Word isnt working on my computer funny how life seems to enjoy aligning every aspect, right down to even the most irrelevant.

I had my day planned, and for it to flow well, I had to catch a ferry at 8:40AM. It was simple: 7:30 wake up; 8:15 buy breakfast at the supermarket; 8:25 walk to 7/11 to take out cash; 8:35 buy ferry ticket; 8:40 board said ferry; 9:00 have a fucking wonderful day.

Instead, the supermarket was closed. Shit. I moved onto the 7/11, ready to buy breakfast there instead and withdraw cash I didnt have (literally my account was in the negatives thanks to me transferring money to another account Id also overdrawn, but I figured more overdrawing couldnt hurt).

After four attempts 20 000 the first time; 10 000 the next, then alternating between savings; and check I came to the damning conclusion that I had 977 yen to last me seven days, the equivalent of $12AUD. Shit. It was 987, but 10 escaped into a crack in the table just as Id started to count it.

From there, the domino effect of zero cash meant no ferry catching, no soul finding, and no gallery hopping, bicycle riding nor Julia Roberts emulating a la Eat Pray Love.


Maybe I was being too cynical, and life hadnt led me into a shit storm, but instead to the eye, where I could watch it fall apart around me. In my last Air BnB, there was a poster in the toilet with a quote from Marilyn Monroe that went something along the lines of, Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can come together.

Yes, I really wished I was on a ferry to Teshima and yes, I wished I wasnt stressed out of my mind over money every waking minute of the day. But after all that complaining and whinging, I was still in goddamn Japan. The sun was out, the wind was calm, the sea was blue; I was sitting on a dusty, black leather couch on the roof of an a...


Women in NSW a step closer to safe access to reproductive healthcare "IndyWatch Feed National"

The safety, wellbeing and dignity of women seeking reproductive health services is a step closer to being protected in New South Wales through a bill that would guarantee safe access zones around abortion clinics.

Labor MLC, Penny Sharpe, and Nationals MLC, Trevor Khan, are co-sponsoring the Public Health Amendment (Safe Access to Reproductive Health Clinics) Bill, which will come before the Legislative Council tomorrow.

Adrianne Walters, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said the bill was absolutely vital to protecting a womans right to safely access health services.

"For far too long, women in NSW have had to run a gauntlet of intimidation and abuse just to see their doctor. Safe access zones are a straightforward and sensible solution. It's mind-boggling that in 2018 women are harassed, blocked and filmed when trying to get to the clinic doors," said Walters.

The bill would create 150 metre zones around medical clinics that provide abortions, where it will be unlawful to harass, intimidate or film people without consent, or to communicate about abortions in a manner likely to cause anxiety or distress.

Tasmania, Victoria, the ACT and Northern Territory already have safe access zones around abortion clinics.

Paul Nattrass, Practice Manager at The Private Clinic, a reproductive healthcare service in Sydney, said ensuring women have safe passage to reproductive healthcare will be a huge step forward in NSW.

"The creation of safe zones outside clinic entrances is vital to counter the aggressive and intimidating tactics used by anti-abortionists. No one should have to suffer the forceful, intrusive questioning of their medical treatment from a stranger in the street under any circumstances. The right to access health services safely and privately is fundamental to our society," said Mr Nattrass.

Abortion remains in the criminal statute books of New South Wales, with exceptions that enable women to access abortion services but place decision-making power in the hands of doctors. The bill does not seek to decriminalise abortion.

Walters said it was also time for the NSW Government to decriminalise abortion and respect women as competent decision-makers over their own bodies and lives.

"It is simply unacceptable that women and their doctors still run the risk of prosecution for undertaking a safe medical procedure; a procedure that takes place every week in NSW and across Australia. The law is hopelessly out of step with modern clinical practice, community standards and womens basic rights," said Walters.

For interviews Adrianne Walters and Paul Nattrass or further information please call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights...


CVCC History in the news "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The history of the CVCC and the upcoming ReWeavers Dinner made the local news today. Its not too late to book your seat for what will be an inspiring night. See Invitation in the previous post for details. Or CLICK HERE for info.
Article by Daily Examiner



Beyond antidepressants "IndyWatch Feed National"

Antidepressants work. For me, they have helped lift me out of a deep slump, but had I been prescribed them alone, I would not have sought with the help of a fantastic psychologist a deeper understanding of myself; one that acknowledged that my depression was partly existential anguish at the direction my life had taken. An unpromising job market had made me desperate for work, which compounded my own personal anxieties about pleasing people, making it harder to leave a job I hated.


Advance care planning in aged care: a guide to support implementation in community and residential settings "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Advance care planning is the process of planning for future health and personal care needs. It provides a way for a person to make their values and preferences known so that they can guide decision-making at a future time when they cannot make or communicate their decisions.

Engaging in advance care planning helps people to determine their healthcare priorities, and thereby to align their health and care preferences with the actual care they receive.

Advance care planning is not a single event but an ongoing process, which should be revisited regularly. This is especially important when a person's health or social situation changes.

Key components of advance care planning are:

  • having a conversation about the person's values, beliefs and goals and how these influence preferences for care this may include specific care and treatment preferences
  • selecting and appointing a substitute decision-maker
  • documenting a person's preferences in an Advance Care Directive or Advance Care Plan
  • regularly reviewing and updating the plan or directive.

Media release

Advance care planning in aged care: a guide to support implementation in community and residential settings


4 new AIHW injury reports from the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Trends in hospitalised injury due to falls in older people 2002-03 to 2014-15 This report focuses on trends in fall-related hospital care for people aged 65 and over from 2002-03 to 2014-15. Age-standardised rates of hospitalised fall injury cases increased over the period 2002-03 to 2014-15 for both men (3% per year) and women (2%). There was a decrease in the rate of hip fractures due to falls (-2% per year) between 2002-03 and 2014-15. In contrast, falls resulting in head injuries increased at a particularly high rate (7% per year).

Eye injuries in Australia 2010-11 to 201415 This report shows 51,778 people were hospitalised as a result of an eye injury in the 5-year period, 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2015; two-thirds of these were males. Falls (35%) and assaults (23%) were the most common causes of eye injuries. The most common type of eye injury was an open wound of the eyelid and periocular area (27%). Some 86,602 presentations were made to an emergency department due to an eye injury in the 2-year period, 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2015; 1% of these presentations were admitted to hospital.

Trends in hospitalised injury, Australia 1999-00 to 2014-15 This report shows that the rate of hospitalised injury cases in Australia rose between 1999-00 and 2014-15 by an average of 1% per year. In 2014-15, case numbers and rates were higher for males than females for all age groups up to 60-64, and higher for females for those aged 65-69 and older.

Spinal cord injury, Australia 2014-15In 2014-15, 264 newly incident cases of traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) due to external causes were reported to the Australian Spinal Cord Injury Register. Males accounted for 4 in 5 (80%) of traumatic SCI cases. Land transport crashes(42%) were the leading mechanism of injury for cases of traumatic SCI sustained in 2014-15, followed by falls (40%). Around one-third (35%) were sustained during sports or leisure activities.

Please click on the link below to download a free PDF copy of the reports

Trends in hospitalised injury due to falls in older people 2002-03 to 2014-15

Eye injuries in Australia 2010-11 to 2014-15

Trends in hospitalised injury, Australia 1999-00 to 2014-15

Spinal cord injury, Australia...


How architects exorcise their demons "IndyWatch Feed National"


One of our favourite bars is Helvetica, in a laneway off Howard Street. If youre a whisky fan there is no better place to be. Before heading in for a dram (or two) pause on Howard Street to look at a very fine piece of Gothic architecture, the Haynes, Robinson & Cox Building, which opened in 1907.

The history of Gothic Revival architecture is complex, but it basically boils down to a rejection of industrialisation and a longing for a time when objects were not mass produced. Its leading supporters saw Medieval cathedrals as the greatest buildings ever, whose every stone told a story of an individual skilled artisan taking pride in their work. And now for a brief digression on pubic hair. Seriously.

A significant figure in promoting Gothicism was the English art critic John Ruskin, and the story goes that he was unable to consummate his marriage to Effie Gray because his entire knowledge of the female body came from Greek statues, which dont have much going on down below. As a result, on their wedding night the sight of her lady parts revolted him, or as Effie put it: He had imagined women were quite different to what he saw I was. Eventually she left Ruskin for his protege, John Millais, with whom she had eight children. So somebody appreciated her body, anyway.

Anyway, back to the Howard Street building. Designed by Charles Oldham to be used as offices...


Charges against CFMMEU leaders go to water "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria

Blackmail charges leveled against John Setka and Shaun Reardon, the two leaders of the Construction Forestry Mining Maritime and Energy Union (CFMMEU) in Victoria, have been dismissed at the Magistrates Court in Melbourne.

The charges emerged from a Caf meeting with two Boral managers, Paul Dalton and Peter Head, back in 2013. It was alleged that the union officials had threatened to blockage the company and its trucks, if it dis not meet demands.

There was already a ban of the delivery of the companys cement, and management had called a meeting to have this lifted. Nothing was offered in return and the rest is history.

Critics have pointed out that this is normal in negotiations between unions and employers that cuts both ways.  Unions mention industrial action. Employers mention sackings and legal actions against the concerned union if it doesnt comply.

This is a fact of life that is generally accepted and worked around.

But in stepped zealous officials, acting on policy born out of the Coalitions Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption, and took it on themselves to proceed to get rid of percieved political enemies.

The Commission referred the matter to the police, who were in turn obliged to act and make the charges in 2015.

The two officials have gained a groundswell of support from the union movement and beyond. By The time the two were brought up before the court, it had become obvious that this was likely to develop into a major political issue for the government. This and the lack of serious evidence of unusual and serious criminal behaviour, meant that the capacity to make the charges stick was weak.

Prosecutor Ray Gibson told the court, After a careful assessment of the evidence weve heard, I have instructions to withdraw the charges against both accused.

Speaking outside, where supporters had gathered, John Setka proclaimed his innocence again and said: Our job is to make sure that workers go home to their families. Thats what we were trying to do.

The governments jobs minister Michaelia Cash remains unrepentant.  And denies that the result is an embarrassment to the government, which has been pursuing he union directly, and hoped that by making the charges stick, they could be prevented from holding office.




The post Charges against CFMMEU leaders go to water appeared first on The Pen.


El Salvador to regulate for clean water in the wake of mining ban and ISDS case "IndyWatch Feed National"

16 May 2018: The Salvadoran Churchs vocal support of a law to regulate access to clean water is good news for all Salvadorans fighting to protect their right to water and public services.

In 2016, El Salvador declared a national water shortage emergency. The country is still facing a water scarcity crisis, and government data shows nearly 1.5 million Salvadorans cannot access potable water. 90 per cent of El Salvadors water supply is contaminated, and undrinkable.

Salvadorans have a long history of fighting to protect their water supply from contamination through mining. The Law against Metallic Mining, approved last year, was the result of over a decade of community and civil society struggle.

AFTINET has previously  reported the ISDS case of OceanaGold (or Pacific Rim), a Canadian-Australian mining company that tried to sue the El Salvador government for US $301 million before a World Bank tribunal, because it refused a permit for a gold mine that would have contaminated 60 per cent of the populations drinking water.

Although OceanaGold lost the case, El Salvador had to spend over $12 million defending themselves. This shows how ISDS can be used to undermine public health policies like access to clean water.


Lennox fig tree must go, says council "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Moreton Bay Fig tree on Castle Drive, Lennox Head that is slated for demolition. Photo Jenny Grinlington

Ballina Shire Council last night reaffirmed its decision to remove a possibly 200-year-old Moreton Bay Fig Tree in Castle Drive, Lennox Head in a move that is destined to divide the community.

While the tree stands on council land its roots have been blamed for disruption and cracking in a neighbouring home.

Mayor David Wright told Echonetdaily that while he was desperately disappointed to see the fig tree go, the council had exhausted all other options.

In a Catch22-type situation, the councils insurance company said that if a root barrier was installed it would no longer cover councils public liability over the tree; if the tree was left as it is, the company would not meet any further damages claims from the neighbouring property.

Cr Wright said while the council had commissioned various reports into the causes of cracking and damage, including ground-penetrating x-rays, the smoking gun was revealed when the driveway was dug up.

There were massive roots under there, some measuring as much as 10 centimetres, he said. Thats as thick as someones thigh.

He added that established caselaw did not go in councils favour either.

We could have bought two houses thats about $1.7-$1.8 million thats about the only way you could do it, he said.

Hes hopeful its a decision he may never have to take again.

Since 1980, developer with a fig tree on their property has to put a 50-metre buffer around it, thats how much we want to protect fig trees but this one of course didnt have that.

Cr Wright said a date had yet to be set for the axing of the tree but local residents will be out in force whenever that is.

A local opponent of the decision, Sherrie Yeomans, told Echonetdaily there were feelings of disbelief last night that the council have still voted to cut the stunning Castle drive fig down.

Thank you to the councillors who spoke so well in her favour Phil Meehan, Keith Williams, Sharon Parry and Jeff Johnson, she said.

Ms Yeomans added she was astounded that of the evidence and solutions as given to council on April 29, not one of t...


TRUE OPINION: Discrimination the legal, illegal, and acceptable forms "IndyWatch Feed National"

TRUE OPINION: What is discrimination? Our True Crime News Weekly columnist, Miles Hunt, gives us his view as a white middle-class male who attended a private school. [READ MORE]


Sewage poured into Brunswick River for weeks "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Screen shot from a video of the overflow incident at the Brunswick Valley Sewage Treatment Plant on January 25, 2012

Paul Bibby

Partially treated sewage containing dangerous bacteria flowed into the Brunswick River for weeks while Byron Council argued over the cost of repairing the Brunswick Valley Sewage Treatment Plant (BVSTP), a former Council employee says.

And while Council staff deny the claims, saying instead the plant was repaired promptly and that bacteria remained at safe levels throughout the incident, its emerged the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) were not aware.

The former employee told The Echo that Council allowed the bacteria-laden effluent to flow into the river for at least a month after a crucial disinfection unit at the plant broke down during an overflow event in January 2012.

It took weeks while they quibbled over who was going to pay to fix the UV disinfection unit after it shorted out, said the former employee, who asked to remain anonymous. So you had all that effluent going out. It was easily a month probably longer.

The Echo obtained a video showing a significant overflow event taking place at the BVSTP on January 25, 2012.

The video, which is time and date stamped, shows effluent flowing out of the plants UV inlet pit and onto the surrounding grass. At one point it can be seen flowing down an access road toward the river.

According to the former Council employee, water inundated the electronics of the UV treatment plant during this incident causing it to short out. This meant that the effluent flowing through the plant was no longer subjected to UV treatment a process by which sewage is blasted with UV light to kill a certain type of bacteria known as faecal coliforms.

There is a demonstrated relationship between the presence of faecal coliform bacteria and illness-causing bacteria including E-coli, hepatitis, and salmonella.

In a statement to The Echo, Council staff confirmed that an overflow incident had occurred at the plant on the day in question as a result of high rainfall and a design defect.

It said that the incident had been managed, and that the overflow was conta...


Traffic, height issues mar Ewingsdale medical centre plan "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Hans Lovejoy

With the Northern Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) considering a large medical centre on McGettigans Lane/Ewingsdale Rd, The Echo has a peek at what is proposed.

The JRPP meet May 17 at the Mullum Council Chambers from 1.30pm and the public are welcome to attend.

Medical and specialist consulting rooms, a day theatre, pharmacy, 12 overnight stay units, cafe and basement and ground-level parking are all estimated to cost $8m.

An ASIC search reveals the owners of applicant Brunsmed Pty Ltd are Victorian-based Joel, Gary and John Wertheimer.

As with anything large proposed for Ewingsdale Rd, added traffic will be an issue. Its not uncommon for the road to be clogged up to the highway, daily, for example.

Thankfully Council staff asked for an updated traffic report according to consultants RoadNets report, the request was owing to concerns that the 2015 survey data provided previously would show lower traffic movements than experienced in previous years.

Yet the traffic report says, The date of the [current] traffic survey places it outside of school holidays or public holidays and is expected to be representative of a typical weekday for the purpose of examining peak-hour operating conditions at the subject intersection.

In justifying this, the traffic consultants say peak activity on McGettigans Lane currently occurs on weekdays and coincides with the traffic generated by the existing Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School located to the south of McGettigans Lane on Balraith Lane.

In summary, the traffic consultants say this development could generate 686 new traffic movements on an already overburdened road.

Expert advice 

They also admit their report does include the caveat that there is widespread variation observed in the base data, and consequently the average rates cannot be relied upon for accurately predicting the trip generation at a particular facility.

Now thats expert advice!

To mitigate unmanageable traffic, the proponents say restrictions to hours of operation will limit traffic impacts.

It reads, The proposed restrictions would see the consultation rooms and pharmacy not opening until 9.30am on weekdays to avoid the am peak (8.159.15am) on the adjacent road network, while these same land...


The Israeli attacks on Palestinians are a crime against humanity "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The deliberate murder of Palestinians by the Israeli state is being sanitised and those who take part in this, condone or turn a blind eye to it, might as well be pulling the trigger themselves.

To overlook the snipers shooting unarmed civilians, the rain of tear gas canisters from vehicles and overhead drones, to treat the human toll as something of little consequence, is an exercise in moral bankruptcy and disregard for the suffering of fellow human beings. It is even worse, when those at the receiving end are blamed for it. Sadly, we are seeing a lot of this sort of behaviour.

At one time, the sending of Jewish people into prison camps and the gas chambers was made light of in the same way by a similar politicians and controllers of media. The sins of the past are being repeated today.

What do we get? Brazen images of a smiling Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulating the military for a job well done. American president Donald Trump the  nabler of the massacre, callously comments when pressed, if some Palestinians are injured and even killed, they had it coming to them and its their fault.  At the same time, he claims that he is working for peace.  The line is lapped up by the tabloids and presenting on the screens.

Yesterday. On the day of the embassy move ceremony, 58 Palestinians died and at least 1.350 were injured, mostly by rifle fire. And these are Israeli figures.

On the scene report during the earlier part of the killings on 15 May.
Video from Democracy Now!

The one thing that is never mentioned, is that what has been happening on the ground at Gaza is not random. The attacks are systematic. They are not random and  can only occur if this is a planned strategy, devised at the highest levels, then  ordered to be carried out. To pass this off as a defensive action carried out by the Israeli military is an act of dishonesty. If it had been, there would be casualties on the Israeli side.There were none.

Only one conclusion makes sense. The chilling reality is that this is a military strategy used by the Israeli leadership, backed by its supporters and cruelly delivered from a distance. The purpose is to create a major provocation. Moving the embassy on the very day that marks the anniversary that marks the anniversary of Palestinians dispossession from their land is no accident and deliberately engineered to insult and inflame passions.

The Gazans, who have been confined in what is really a giant concentration camp, have reason to be angry about their situation. Who wouldnt be in similar circumstances?

As the the dead are bur...


Mental health check put forward in 2016 WA gun law inquiry !!! "IndyWatch Feed National"

NOTICE: Pay attention people! This is subject to interpretation and misuse! Do you have any idea how many people in Australia are being treated for "Depression"???!!! This is NOT good. This could be the government's big foot in the door for more gun confiscation.
Is your doctor anti-gun???


Agriculture gets a voice in Byron Council "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Paul Bibby

Byron Shire Council is set to employ an officer to represent the local agriculture industry.

Following months of lobbying by local farmers and industry representatives, Council staff told a meeting of representatives last Wednesday night that the position would finally be filled.

The executive officer of sustainable and localised farming co-op Future Feeders Joel Orchard said he and others at the meeting were told the position would be three days a week initially, but could later be increased to full time.

They said they had put in an application for state government funding to make the position full time, Mr Orchard said.

We were very pleased about the result getting a designated agriculture officer had been on standby for too long.

It indicates that the council is open to agriculture as an industry in the Shire and to giving that industry a voice.

The promise from staff came after a petition with 150 signatures was delivered to the council, along with a letter signed by 25 local farmers and agriculture industry representatives.

Consultants hired

Council had also hired two consultants to investigate the state of agriculture in the Shire and how it could be assisted.

Mr Orchard said he expected the officer would help to address ongoing conflicts between agricultural and residential land use such as noise, the use of sprays and livestock.

He also expressed the hope that the officer would also help to support the concept of a local food system a model in which the community generates its own sustainable food sources rather than relying on the traditional unsustainable supermarket supply chain.

As we have seen in the last couple of years, our food system is basically dependant on long supply chain logistics and wholesale distribution out of the centralised markets, he said.

Any break in the line creates huge food supply and security issues as we have seen in the last couple of years during cyclone season when the supermarket shelves are emptied in a matter of days.

We have a huge opportunity in the northern rivers with perfectly suited conditions, soil and rainfall to grow a wide variety of crops all...


Demand spiking for co-working spaces in Byron "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Frazer Williams-Martin, architect with DFJ Architects and Miranda Cummings, who handled the interior design at Habitat Workspace. Photo Jeff Shared Space Since 1986 Dawson

Paul Bibby

The Byron Shire is bursting out of its entrepreneurial britches.

As a growing number of locals look for creative ways to make a living, there has been a spike in demand for spaces where freelancers and small-business owners can work.

Some of the available co-working spaces have become harder to squeeze into than a pair of skinny jeans on Boxing Day, creating new opportunities for those with a bit of suitable space in and around the Byron Bay CBD.

Byron Bay Business Chamber president Todd Sotheren said he had been watching with interest as the demand for co-working spaces in the Shire increased in recent years.

Theres been an explosion of entrepreneurship as people who arent involved in tourism or hospitality find a way to make a living using the creativity this area is famous for, Mr Sotheren said.

If youre doing this kind of work, working all day in a home office can be nice, but it can also be quite isolating.


In co-working spaces, youre picking up ideas and ways to do things. The collaborative and networking side of things is huge.

Some of this growing demand will be met by the opening of a new shared office space at the Habitat development at North Beach.

Unlike some of the other work spaces, Habitats offering includes 36 micro offices as well as a number of open-plan desks for one or two people.

Habitats access to the NBN is likely to attract those with a digital focus, and the company is also offering a free two-week trial for those wanting to dip their toes in the water...


In Vanessa Goodwins Memory Something New at Risdon Prison "IndyWatch Feed National"

Goodwins funeral at St Davids Cathedral, Hobart.  (Photo by Sam Rosewarne)

by Mary W Maxwell

Vanessa Goodwin passed away at age 48 on March 3, 2018. That was a sad day for GumshoeNews, as Vanessa had helped us get information on the Martin Bryant case.

She was Tasmanias Attorney General.

After graduating from University of Tasmania Law School, Vanessa did a degree in criminology at Cambridge University, and later a PhD in Hobart.  She became interested in the family life of prisoners. I imagine she was the only Attorney General in the world who ran Kids Days at the prison.

This week the government of Tasmania announced that a new facility at Risdon would be built for women prisoners to help them bond with their babies. It will have five bedrooms for mothers with children up to two years of age.

The facility will be named after Vanessa Goodwin.  As reported by ABC News, Vanessas cousin Maggie Saunders...


Jihadis from AUS Aid Recipient Gaza attack Israel but Bishop urges Israel to refrain from excessive use of force "IndyWatch Feed National"

This from Australia Jewish Association JIHADISTS THREATS ON THE BORDER BUT FM JULIE BISHOP CALLS ON ISRAEL TO "REFRAIN FROM EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE" Hamas has organised 1000s of violent jihadists in Gaza to rush the security fence. They have knives, guns, Molotovs etc. In defense from the violent riots,...


Terra Firma seeks premium for "Project Ribeye" Australian farm sale "IndyWatch Feed National"

15 May 2018 | ReutersThe hefty mark-up for the 5.5 million ha property could leave foreign bidders in the box seat, testing the government's appetite for foreign ownership less than two years after it rejected China-led bids for an energy grid and agricultural company. energy grid and agricultural company.


Pell trial may not be able to be reported "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cardinal George Pell arrives at the County Court of Victoria in Melbourne, Wednesday, May 2, 2018. Photo AAP Image/James Ross

The first of two trials on pedophilia charges of the worlds third most senior Catholic priest, Cardinal George Pell, may not be allowed to be reported until after a second trial concludes.

The publication New Matilda reported on Tuesday (May 15) that the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions (DRPP) is seeking an injunction to have all mention of both trials quashed until after their completion.

But in a follow-up report today (Wednesday, May 16) New Matilda stated the DRPP has modified this to enable the proceedings of the first trial only to be subject to the injunction, and for it to be lifted once the second trial is complete.

Cardinal Pell is facing two separate trials related to allegations of a number of historical sexual offences.

The intent of the injunction would be to avoid a mistrial in either case as a result of prejudicial reporting.

Media may be able to report some of the second trial as it proceeds, provided the DPP does not seek a fresh suppression order.

The application is to be heard in the Melbourne County Court tomorrow morning before Chief Judge Peter Kidd.

It precludes even mentioning the injunction in the press, so reports such as this would have to be removed.

Improper access

In other news relating to the Pell trial, a Victorian County Court employee has reportedly been sacked for looking up information relating to Australias most senior Catholic, whos been charged with historical sexual offences.

The staffer had improperly accessed restricted information on Cardinal George Pell through the courts computer system, the Herald-Sun reported on Wednesday.

When improper access to information is found to occur, the court takes decisive action. This is exactly what has occurred in this case, it quoted a court spokeswoman as saying.

Cardinal Pell has denied all of the allegations made against him.

His case r...


The Secret History Of Australia Conference: And the End Of Days "IndyWatch Feed National"

9-10 June 2018

It has begun the signs are in place
In late 2017 Aboriginal Elders started speaking of
The End of Days 
a prophecy that spans epochs,
and which is now about to unfold

SThe End of Days is a prophecy that has been long awaited by the Origine people it is the end of the darkness and a return of the spirit of the Dreaming It used to be global but the northern cultures wiped out their knowledge holders in successive wars. We were an isolated island the lore survived The prophecy is that the one will come to restore the lore when the world needs it most that the Origine peoples with the old knowledge have to be ready to be Burram Yanbuhyn to be teachers, and not project fear in the coming changes but to hold it straight just as it was in the Alcheringa the beginning

Stella Wheildon (speaker)

Thousands of Australians have had the tidal wave dream, where a massive tsunami hits our east coast. It is always higher than the highest buildings, and leaves a completely new coastli...


Rosies big brass sound goes global "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Rosie King has completed her personal goal of winning all three major international brass championship titles. Photo Jeff Brassed Dawson

Aslan Shand

Playing brass was something Rosie King began as a young child in Sydney along with her three older brothers and it has become a lifelong passion.

Byron Shire-based Rosie has recently been rewarded for her commitment to brass by becoming the first solo brass champion in three major countries, the United Kingdom, Australia and recently the United States. 

Winning the North American Brass Solo Championship in April meant so much more because it completed my personal goal of winning all three major international titles. I won in Australia in 2002, Great Britain in 2002 and 2005 and the USA in April this year, said Rosie.

Over 180 of North Americas finest brass musicians took part in the largest amateur musicmaking festival of brass music held in the USA, April 5 till 8 this year.

Invited by US uni

Rosie was invited by Dr Lee Harrelson (head of Music at the Missouri Western State University) to attend the festival and to perform as a horn player with the City of Kansas organisation known as Fountain City Brass.

Prior to the festival, she spent a week performing in both Kansas City and St Louis, Missouri, preparing for the competitive stage performance that took place at the National Brass Festival held in the Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she also competed as a soloist.

Rosies son, Oscar Crosara, highlighted that Not only was Rosie a finalist in the USA senior solo championships, she was in fact declared open winner of the coveted international award with her performance of Concert Fantasy that literally blew the judges and the international audience away.

Rosie has worked very hard and broken boundaries to achieve this. As well as being an accomplished solo artist, Rosie also pioneered Australias first all-female brass band, the Belles of Brass....


More bums on seats "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sydney headcount surges

I was down in Sydney this morning for a meeting.

Now first up let's say that there are more than enough people hooting about Sydney's transport challenges right now, without me adding to this rapidly growing chorus! 

But the truth is that the blinkin' light rail project can't be finalised soon enough.

The construction itself is causing traffic disruption all along the route, and the bus routes out to Uni-land and beyond are, shall we say, well patronised.

And yet, Sydney, we just can't stay mad at you.

It seems I'm not alone in this dilemma, as Australia becomes more and more popular with permanent & long term migrants and tourists from Asia. 

There was a bear case for Australian housing that predicted immigration would fall precipitously into the peak of a construction boom due to a weakening economy, but you can forget all that now.

Rolling annual permanent and long term arrivals blasted out to a new high of 795,600 over the year to March 2018. 

Most permanent migrants to Australia are heading to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, in that order, and overwhelmingly they are opting to remain in the capital citie...


Vale muscial educator, Malcolm Garth "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Malcolm Garth.

The funeral of well-known and respected music tutor Malcolm Garth was held last Friday he died after a short battle with luekemia. 

Malcolms brother in law Ian Baskin told The Echo that Malcom taught Byron Bays primary and secondary students for over ten years. 

Baskin said, He also taught at Brunswick Heads. During that time, musicians under Mals tutelage played one of his own compositions in the Sydney Opera House. 

He co-ordinated the bridging program for years six and seven, so that there was a much smoother transition from primary to high school.

Mals smiling face helped many a new high school student feel more quickly at home and he supported music students at Byron High through to their HSC exams.

Original music

During his time at Byron High he taught Donavan Miller, who went on to become the drummer for the Butcher Birds. Other bands Mal inspired include Jessibel, Parkway Drive and Stan Walker, winner of Australian Idol 2009. He taught a broad range of musical instruments from sax to guitar, and inspired many to write their own music.

In the last couple of years, Malcolm taught a number of the local Byron Bay High music students as a volunteer, helping disadvantaged students to achieve outstanding results.

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Tree frog ceremony defended "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

According to the International Association of Kambo Practitioners, the frogs used in ceremony by acredited practitioners are treated humanly. Photo

The International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP) has reacted strongly to last weeks Echo story, saying that the ceremonies and practices described by author Heidi Greaves are not taught by us or used by our practitioners.

As Greavess story explained, a Kambo ceremony is where a secretion of the South American tree frog is extracted, dried and administered to shallow burns on those seeking to lift panema, an indigenous word for dark or negative energy. The tradition is also used by Amazonian tribes to heighten senses when hunting and as a remedy for numerous ills.

Greaves explained that when signing up for the ceremony, she was asked a few basic questions on physical and mental health, yet was not asked for her full medical history. The life change I was hoping to trigger has not yet manifested, she added.

And while claiming her Kambo practitioners were lovely people, she was critical of them as facilitators. She wrote, I feel it was no fault of their own, but something that needs to be addressed by IAKP through more guidelines and training.  

Greaves also questioned how the ceremony can be conducted without harming the frog.

A representative of the IAKP, which is a not-for-profit foundation based in the Netherlands, told The Echo, In this case, we have not been able to confirm that Greaves attended a ceremony with one of our practitioners and we do not believe it to be the case. Had she truly thought that she was dealing with one of our practitioners, then a quick email to us could have confirmed that.

We hold ourselves accountable, and we have a full and open complaints procedure if she or anyone else had any genuine issue with one of our people. The IAKP can only lay down the guidelines. We cannot watch every practitioner in every moment so we are happy for people to contact us if they have concerns about our members. Unfortunately, we cannot deal with complaints or feedback regarding practitioners who are not members of our association. Greaves has completely misinterpreted our organisation in this sense...


May 16 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1770 - Cap. Jimmy Cook (Sir to his mates) sailed merrily past the Gold Coast on this day.

1806 - James Dabbs was hanged at Sydney for burglary from the home of Rowland Hassall at Parramatta.

1820 - Gosh, Lachlan Macquarie had a harsh working life. I really felt for him when I read his diary entry for today....
"I went down to Sydney this morning after Breakfast to transact Business, returning to Parramatta to Dinner.
I dispatched the Govt. Brig, Princess Charlotte, for Van Diemen's Land with 70 Female Convicts for the two Settlements."

1822 - First Fleeter James Squire, who is credited with the first successful cultivation of hops in Australia (think James Squire Beer)  popped his clogs at Kissing Point, and was buried in the Devonshire Street Cemetery Altar Tomb, which today is at the Botany Pioneer Park.

1823 - That Magik Fairy was out and about again in the Illawarra when Mr. John Paul was granted 600 acres.

1836 - James Tobin was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Patrick Fox at Marks' Farm, Illawarra.

1836 - Surveyor-General of New South Wales Major Thomas Livingstone Mitchell parked his posterior at what later became the town of Balranald.

1860 - William Goodson was hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of his wife Mary Goodson at Kissing Point.

1860 - Explorer John Mackay stumbled upon an area in QLD between the Burdekin and the watershed of the Isaacs River which was dubbed the Mackay District.

1861 - Rt. Hon. Sir John Young, Bt, KCB, GCMG, PC, (later 1st Baron Lisgar) donned the frilly drawers of Governor of NSW.

1863 - Mr. Barnes, of Cootamundra, should have stayed in bed today as bushranger Ben Hall robbed his store then tried to use it as a campfire to keep warm.

1868 - The first Australian cricket team arrived in England for a series of matches.
The team consisted of 13 Aboriginal men from the Western District of Victoria. The Jardwadjali, Gunditjmara and Wotjobaluk men were coached and captained by an ex all-England cricketer, Charles Lawrence. The team played 47 matches against intermediate-level English amateur teams between May and October 1868.
This Sporting Life reported,
"They are the first native Australians to have visited this country on such a novel expedition, but it must not be inferred that they are savages; on the contrary They are perfectly civilized, having been brought up in the bush to agricultural pursuits With respect to their prowess as cricketers that will be conclusively determined by their first public match."
The players were;
Johnny Mullagh traditional name: Unaarrimin
Bullocky traditional name: Bullchanach. A wicketkeeper, Bullocky was referred to as "at once the black Bannerma...


Trees for habitat and mums "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Photo Jeff Dawson

A steady stream of enthusiastic tree planters came to plant natives at a Mullumbimby Creek property on Sunday.

The annual Mothers Day event saw the eight thousandth tree planted, according to organisers. Along with food and drinks, participants were entertained by Maisey Taylor, Blindmouth and Chris Mallory.

The tree plantings happen because of the support of the Brunswick Valley Landcare, Byron Shire Council, Jim Olivier, Byron Habitat Corridors, Mullum Chamber of Commerce, Mullum Creek Native Nursery, The Echo, The Tree Hugger, Mullum Ex-Services Club, Jim Beatson, and oh yes, the Mullum Music Festival.

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A matter of trust - Australia's Z special forces and Borneo's Dayak people "IndyWatch Feed National"

The exhibition is on now at the Australian War Memorial. 'You were never told what you were going to do' 11 May 2018 by Claire Hunter Jack Tredrea: "The operation would never have been the success it was without those people." Jack Tredrea was just 24 years old when...


Courting Suspicion: When Justice Isnt Being Seen To Be Done, Or Seen At All "IndyWatch Feed National"

For the past few months, New Matilda and Marque Lawyers have been quietly reviewing the daily flood of suppression orders issued from various legal jurisdictions around the country. Were on a list, you might say, which alerts us every time a court issues a suppression order on a trial. It makes for illuminating (and frequently frustrating) reading. Marques Hannah Marshall and Michael Bradley weigh in on an increasing and unfortunate trend in Australias justice system.

What is more important open justice, or the accuseds right to a fair trial? Justice being seen to be done, or justice being done? In some cases, we cant have both. Increasingly, when a big criminal trial of clear public interest is afoot, this tension is being strained way past what wed call breaking point.

Suppression orders (court orders preventing the media from reporting on a case) are just one way to protect a fair trial. There are a bunch of reasons why suppressing information in a court case might be a better idea than having open justice. Witness protection, national security and avoiding unnecessary distress to victims are a few examples.

But what about when the trial is controversial, the crime is horrible, or the accused is well known? This will always attract the media. Pretty often though it seems, news coverage is being dressed up as a risk so substantial that open justice must be overridden. In these cases, broad suppression is being granted on the basis that it is necessary to give the accused their best shot at getting a fair trial.


The rules governing suppression orders say that there is a presumption in favour of non-suppression, that the first consideration must be open justice. They also say that the order has to be necessary. That should mean that suppression isnt ordered unless there is no viable alternative.

The traditional alternative to suppression is instructions to the jury i.e. the judge telling them not to read about the case.

In the Anita Cobby murder trial, the first jury was discharged after news reports described one of the accused as an unemployed prison escapee. Then, more news outlets reported that the jury was discharged because of a report describing one of the men as a prison escapee. After that the accused sought a 6-month adjournment, basically until some of the heat died down and hed have a better chance of a fair trial. This was denied. The reasoning was that the trial would always attract a lot of media att...


Vacancy rates a big tighter in several capital cities "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Brighter in Brisbane for landlords

Brighter news for Brisbane landlords as the vacancy rate declined to 3 per cent from 3.7 per cent a year earlier, according to SQM Research figures reported yesterday. 

Asking rents for Brisbane units increased by +0.4 per cent in the month, too, mainly driven by the upper end of the market (renting good quality property in inner Brisbane still doesn't come cheap, despite the soft market overall). 

Brisbane appears to have a turned a corner as population growth picks up and dwelling commencements now decline sharply. 

The 6mMA figures attempt to capture the latest trends, but do incorporate the Christmas period, when vacancy rates tend to be high. 

Hobart appears to be through the worst for renters with vacancy rates rising slightly to 0.7 per cent.

Adelaide is building plenty of houses, but hasn't experienced the surge in investors seen in the larger cities, and accordingly vacancy rates keep tightening, now down to 1.3 per cent.

Melbourne was also tighter again on strong population growth at 1.3 per cent. 

Sydney's vacancy rates was flat at 2.3 per cent in the month, but plenty higher than a year earlier when it was 1.7 per cent, while Perth continues to turn the corner. 



Infrastructure boom swings north as Queensland hits 5 million "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Infrastructure deficit tackled

An interesting graphic from BIS Oxford Economics charts Australia's infrastructure boom through looking at public sector funded transport projects of $2 billion or more in value.

If you live in Sydney you couldn't help but notice the ramp up in projects since 2015, with the jackhammers rampaging practically around the clock in the harbour city.

And some of those projects have years to run, particularly the massive West Connex, the real cost of which has been estimated at being anywhere from $17 billion to $45 billion, depending on who is controlling the narrative.

Looking forward the infrastructure boom is set to swing elsewhere as the record stamp duty take in Sydney finally begins its long descent. 

In absolute dollar terms, Victoria is set to experience a significant boost, particularly from the forthcoming $16.5 billion northeast link.

But with Melbourne's construction sector booming anyway, the shift will be most noticeable in Queensland as a range of transport projects kick off.

These will be supported by other inner Brisbane projects such as the flagship $3 billion plus Queen's Wharf project, and a number of others.

Brisbane boost

Brisbane is attracting interstate migrants and tourists in serious numbers, so these projects will definitely help to give the labour market an overdue boost.

Indeed, Queensland's official population count passed 5 million earlier today, so this is time...


Shadow Minister for Dimples Mark Butler worries that the economy hasn't suffered enough "IndyWatch Feed National"

The science is settled - Australia's contribution to anthropogenic carbon dioxide production is as a hair is to the harbour bridge. But Labor's still out there fighting those invisible enemies. For the third consecutive year, the Turnbull Government have overseen an increase in Australias pollution levels. Acting on climate change...


26 killed, 45 wounded in Indo family-based Ramadan bomb-a-thon "IndyWatch Feed National"

From The Australian today Surabaya police hunt for sleeper family terror units Members of Indonesia's Densus 88 counter-terror police squad raid a suspects residence in Surabaya yesterday. Picture: AFP AMANDA HODGE,NIVELL RAYDA The Australian 12:00AM May 16, 2018 Every Sunday the three Surabaya families behind Indonesias deadliest terror attacks in...


Resistance Continues Against Opening of Great Australian Bight to Oil Infrastructure "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Lisa Cox / The Guardian

The government has released a new acreage for offshore oil and gas exploration in the Great Australian Bight that green groups says should have been kept off limits after it was cancelled by BP.

The permit is one of two that BP cancelled after the company abandoned its plans for oil and gas drilling in the bight in 2016. Its remaining two permits were sold to the Norwegian oil and gas multinational Statoil.

On Tuesday the government released 21 new acreages that petroleum companies will be able to bid for across six basins off Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and the Ashmore and Cartier Islands.

The announcement came as protesters gathered outside the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Associations annual conference in Adelaide to oppose new oil and gas drilling in the bight. Later on Tuesday, Kangaroo Islands mayor, Peter Clements, was speaking at Statoils annual general meeting in Norway to highlight community opposition to the project.

The Wilderness Society said on Tuesday that the government was acting insanely in trying to push oil and gas exploration in the Great Australian Bight in waters that were pristine and where development was risky.

The pristine, treacherous waters of the Great Australian Bight are a completely inappropriate place for risky deep-sea oil drilling, especially as we hurtle towards c...


Hillary Clinton: I Lost Because Im Ugly "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hillary Clinton claims that she lost the election because a very large proportion of the population decided she was too ugly to be the leader of the free world.  During an interview in Australia with [...]

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Solidarity with Anarchists in #Yogyakarta, so-called Indonesia from #Narrm / #Melbourne (so-called Australia) Anarchists "IndyWatch Feed National"

Short statement, fundraiser adress and banner action in solidarity with anarchists in Yogyakarta in Narrm / Melbourne. 

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Solidarity with Anarchists in Yogyakarta, so-called Indonesia from Narrm / Melbourne (so-called Australia) Anarchists

Banner reads Solidarity with Yogja Comrades

May Day Setiap Hari ( May Day Every Day )

On May Day in Yogyakarta 69 comrades were arrested. There has since been a huge crackdown involving raids and more arrests based on flimsy evidence. At present there are 11 comrades still locked up in Yogyakarta Police Prison, they are isolated and not allowed any contact with comrades outside.

This has only strengthened the resolve of the comrades to keep up the fight against the feudal system ruling Yogja and the Kraton (palace) of the so called sultan.

There is a fundraising drive to raise money for legal assistance which has been largely local however there is a paypal account here for donations outside Indonsia.

We want to continue and even expand our from the ground reporting across Europe. But we need your support to be able do that. We need your support to finance it. Support our on the ground reporting across Europe. Later this year we plan to report from so-called Bosnia, so-called France, so-called Greece, so-called Germany, so-called Sweden and other territiores to produce independent on the ground reporting. But we need your support to cover at least...


Audio: Sylvia Earle on why we must act now to save the oceans "IndyWatch Feed National"

On todays episode, renowned marine biologist Sylvia Earle joins us for an in-depth conversation about marine conservation. Listen here:   Legendary oceanographer, marine biologist, and environmentalist Sylvia Earle, sometimes known as Her Deepness or The Sturgeon General, is a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and former chief scientist at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). A documentary film about her work called Mission Blue won a 2015 News & Documentary Emmy. She joins us today to discuss how effective marine protected areas are at conserving the oceans and their inhabitants, her Hope Spots program that is identifying some of the most valuable marine environments on the planet, and the latest advances in marine conservation that she is most hopeful about. Heres this episodes top news: Australia to invest $379 million to protect the Great Barrier Reef More than 800 totoaba swim bladders confiscated by Mexican authorities in smuggling busts Wildlife decimated by the surge in conflicts in the Sahara and the Sahel Deforestation leads to big hikes in local temperature, study finds Indonesian activists protest China-funded dam in orangutan habitat Colombias supreme court orders government to stop Amazon deforestation Humpback whales near Antarctica making a comeback, study finds Mongabay now has a free news app for Android users available in the Google Play Store. The app makes it easy to read and share Mongabay news features on Android devices. Just look for Mongabay Environmental News inside the Google Play store. Apple customers can also now receive Mongabay stories on iPhones

A beginners guide to PowerLedger and its POWR coin "IndyWatch Feed National"

All over the world, civilians rely on utility companies to provide electricity and other power solutions. Currently, solar power is a small but promising solution to that, but the world needs to move faster. PowerLedger is a blockchain-based solution that []

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Cambodia: Coerced Sale of Last Independent Newspaper "IndyWatch Feed National"


(HRW) The government-coerced sale of Cambodias oldest English-language newspaper to a Malaysian businessman whose company has ties to Prime Minister Hun Sen marks the end of independent local newspapers in Cambodia, Human Rights Watch said today. The sale of the highly respected Phnom Penh Post was precipitated by a seemingly concocted tax bill of US$3.9 million levied against the paper, which was settled as part of the sale. A similarly vague tax forced the countrys other independent newspaper, the Cambodia Daily, to close in 2017.

The Cambodian government imposed a bogus tax on the Phnom Penh Post to force its sale to a company that fired its top editor for defending the papers journalistic independence, said Brad Adams, Asia director. This is a transparent misuse of power intended to choke off independent media and reporting in the run-up to Julys national elections.

The Phnom Penh Post was founded in 1992 by Michael and Kathleen Hayes during the United Nations peacekeeping mission as Cambodias first independent, nonpartisan newspaper since the Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975. The Post was sold in 2008 to Australian Bill Clough. On May 5, 2018, Clough confirmed the sale of the paper to Malaysian investor Sivakumar S. Ganapathy, owner of the public relations firm Asia PR. Clough announced that the $3.9 million tax bill was settled as part of the sale to Sivakumar.

On its website, Asia PR lists Cambodia and Hun Sens entry into the Government seat as one of its former clients. Asia PR also ran the pro-government Cambodia Times newspaper in the early 1990s.

Within hours of publication of a cover story about the newspapers new owner in the Posts May 7 edition, Sivakumar ordered the removal of the article from the papers website. The same day, more than 20 current and former staff members issued a statement condemning the new owners demands to take down the front-page article, asserting that it had been written in an attempt to maintain the transparency and integrity of the paper, while also expressing disgust for this decision made in contradiction to the values of a free press that the paper had upheld since 1992.

The editor-in-chief, Kay Kimsong,...


A Turnbull Government Minister Gets The Dig In - then tries to remove the evidence "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This was Australian Treasurer and Liberal MP for Cook Scott Morrison having second thoughts....

This was the tweeted video Morrison was attempting to hide....
The video still lives on Twitter because although Morrison could be incredibly childish he couldn't be all that original....
Journalist Alice Workman tweeting @nickwray's creation, 11 May 2018

 Even the UnbelievaBill has tag is not original - see Instragram hash tag - and then there is poor Bill D who as @unbelievabill must wonder what is happening to his Twitter mentions.


Watch a Tesla Model X tow a giant Qantas Airways Dreamliner for a good cause "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tesla just earned a Guinness World Record.

Tesla just entered the Guinness World Record book. The electric automaker teamed up with Qantas for a publicity stunt in which a Tesla Model X P100D pulled a 287,000-pound Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner nearly 1,000 feet down the tarmac at the Melbourne Airport in Australia. The electric SUV drove into the history books for setting the very specific record of heaviest tow by an electric production passenger vehicle.

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An insider has finally admitted what any digital native would be well aware of - your personal health information entered into a national database will be no safer that having it up on Facebook "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Remembering that a federal government national screening program, working with with a private entity, has already accessed personal information from Medicare without consent of registered individuals and entered these persons into a research program - again without consent - and these individuals apparently could not easily opt out of being listed as a research subject but were often only verbally offered  the option of declining to take part in testing, which presumably meant that health data from other sources was still capable of being collected about them by the program. One has to wonder what the Turnbull Government and medical establishment actually consider patient rights to be in practice when it comes to "My Health Record".

Healthcare IT News, 4 May 2018:

Weeks before the anticipated announcement of the My Health Record opt out period, an insiders leak has claimed the Australian Digital Health Agency has decided associated risks for consumers will not be explicitly discussed on the website.

As the ADHA heads towards the imminent announcement of the three-month window in which Australians will be able to opt out of My Health Record before being signed up to the online health information repository, the agency was caught by surprise today when details emerged in a blog post by GP and member of the steering group for the national expansion of MHR, Dr Edwin Kruys....

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Tuesday, 15 May


Google probed in Australia for allegedly tracking phone users at their expense "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian authorities launched an investigation into Googles massive data harvest from smartphones, which reportedly allows the search giant to track users movements even with location services turned off.

The investigations stem from findings made by the California-based software company Oracle, which revealed that Google was collecting up to one gigabyte of each users monthly phone data to secretly trace their location.

Image may contain: one or more people


MH370 Solved? Experts Call It Suicide And Premeditated Mass Murder By Pilot "IndyWatch Feed National"

While there has been no official government explanation to the MH370 flight mystery that dominated the news for months after it occurred, experts on Australias 60 Minutes have put together what seems to be the most sensible re-creation of events that could explain the mystery of the missing plane.

Stunningly, experts agree that flight MH370 may have come down as an intentional act of mass suicide. The report was picked up by the Washington Post on Monday, who explained that the planes 2014 disappearance and apparent crash were a suicide by the 53-year-old [pilot] Zaharie and a premeditated act of mass murder.

The thing that gets discussed the most is that at the point where the pilot turned the transponder off, that he depressurized the airplane, which would disable the passengers, said Larry Vance, a veteran aircraft investigator from Canada. He was killing himself. Unfortunately, he was killing everyone else onboard. And he did it deliberately.

Two of the most prominent mysteries of the flight were the lack of communication from the plane and a mysterious left turn that had yet to be explained. As the Washington Post describes, the planes communication was likely turned off on purpose

But the 60 Minutes experts tried to answer one of the biggest questions surrounding the flight: How could a modern aircraft tracked by radar and satellites simply disappear?

Because, they say, Zaharie wanted it to. And the veteran pilot, who had nearly 20,000 hours of flight experience and had built a flight simulator in his home, knew exactly how to do it.

For example, at one point, he flew near the border of Malaysia and Thailand, crisscrossing into the airspace of both, Hardy said. But neither country was likely to see the plane as a threat because it was on the edge of their airspace.

and the unexplained left turn could have been the pilot looking to take one last glance of his hometown:

Zaharies suspe...


Analysis: The gender, nationality and institution of IPCC AR6 scientists "IndyWatch Feed National"

Since being founded in 1988, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published five sets of assessment reports on the state of climate science, involving hundreds of scientists from across the world.

A sixth set (AR6) is slated for completion in 2022, with the IPCC issuing a call for nominations for authors in September last year. The final lists of authors for all three working groups have now been confirmed.

For AR6, the IPCC has selected 721 authors, representing 90 different nationalities. This is a slight reduction on the 829 authors for the fifth assessment report (AR5) published in 2013-14.

Using the information provided by the IPCC, Carbon Brief reveals the mix of nationalities and genders across the authors, as well as the institutions they represent.


The IPCC lists authors under its three working groups: Working Group I (WG1), The Physical Science Basis; Working Group II (WG2), Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability; and Working Group III (WG3), Mitigation of Climate Change.

Leading the pack with 74 authors across all three working groups is the US. Followed by the UK and Germany in joint second place with 45 authors each. Making up the rest of the Top 5 is Australia and China both with 37.

For South America, the country with the largest number of authors is Brazil with 21, followed by Argentina with 11 and Chile with eight.

The highest placed African country is South Africa with 14 authors. It is followed by Morocco and Nigeria with seven, and Algeria, Senegal and Tanzania on six.

Overall, the most-represented continent is Europe with 229 authors, with Asia in second with 173 and North America in third with 128. Africa, Oceania and South America follow with 82, 55 and 54 authors, respectively.

Looking at the working groups individually, the US comes out with the most authors in all three, following by the UK and China for WG1, Australia and Germany for WG2, and Germany and Japan for WG3.

The map below shows the number of authors per country and continent the bigger the bubble, the more authors that country has. Toggle between working groups and all authors using the dropdown selector in the top left-hand corner.

Data visualisation by Rosamund Pearce for Carbon Brief.

According to the...


Israeli forces kill dozens in Gaza protests as anger mounts over US embassy move to Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed National"

ABC New Australia

Israeli forces kill dozens in Gaza protests as anger mounts over US embassy move to Jerusalem

15 May 2018

Israeli troops shot dead dozens of Palestinians on the Gaza border as the United States opened its embassy to Israel in Jerusalem, a move that has fuelled Palestinian anger and drawn foreign criticism for undermining peace efforts.

Key points:

  • Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Donald Trump for having the courage to keep his promises
  • Mahmoud Abbas announced a general strike on Tuesday
  • Israel dropped leaflets warning Palestinians they will defend our citizens with all measures

It was the bloodiest single day for Palestinians since the Gaza conflict in 2014.

Palestinian Health Ministry officials said at least 58 people were killed and more than 2,700 injured either by live gunfire, tear gas or other means during protests on the border.

The bloodshed drew calls for restraint from some countries including France and Britain and stronger criticism from others, with Turkey calling it a massacre and withdrawing its ambassadors to the US and Israel.

The Israeli military said it was responding to violence from the protesters to defend Israels border.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Hamas was being deliberately provocative.

Theyre pushing people to the border, in an area, in that con...


Jon Rappoport: Two Huge Vaccine Scandals the Press is Ignoring "IndyWatch Feed National"

Two huge vaccine scandals the press is ignoring

By Jon Rappoport

Some lies are so big, many people can't accept the fact that they're lies. Their minds are boggled. "No," they say, "that couldn't be." But yes, that could be, and is.

Two giant vaccine scandals are in progress at the moment.

The mainstream press is mentioning them, here and there, but without any intent to raise alarms, dig in, investigate, and get down to the core of the problem.

So I'll get to the core.

The first scandal revolves around the flu vaccine for the current year. The CDC and other "experts" have admitted the vaccine has a very low effectiveness rate.

Why is it a dud?

Because the vaccine is produced using chicken eggs, and in that medium, the flu virus---which is intentionally placed in the eggs---mutates. Therefore, it isn't the same virus which is causing flu this year. Therefore, no protection against the flu.

FiercePharma reports: "Based on data from Australia, which already had its flu season, scientists warn that this season's flu shot might be only 10% effective. And the reason for such a low level of protection might lie in the method by which the majority of flu vaccines are made: in eggs."

Ten percent effectiveness. Now that's ridiculous. And it's assuming you accept the whole model of how vaccines work---that they actually do protect (safely) against disease, rather than, at best, repressing the visible symptoms of the disease.

Amidst their spotty coverage of this scandal, here is what the press is failing to mention: the problem with the flu vaccine isn't just a 2017-2018 flaw.

It would be the same problem ever since chicken eggs have been used to manufacture the vaccine.

Are you ready?


BREAKING NEWS: Prosecutors Narrow Application For Media Ban On Cardinal George Pell Trial "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Victorian Department of Public Prosecutions has narrowed its application for a complete ban on media reporting of the trials of Cardinal George Pell, but is still seeking an order that will have the effect of a super injunction.

Yesterday, New Matilda reported than the DPP was seeking a complete ban on any media reportage of Cardinal Pells upcoming trial related to a number of offences. The application was so broad that if granted, it would also have the affect of banning any reporting of the ban itself known legally as a super injunction.

However late this afternoon, the DPP submitted an amended application, which narrowed the ban on media.

Cardinal Pell is facing two separate trials related to allegations of a number of historical sexual offences.

The DPP is currently only seeking to ban media coverage of the first trial, although if granted tomorrow morning, it will still have the effect of banning reporting of the trial and the injunction until the second trial concludes.


At this stage, media may be able to report some of the second trial as it proceeds, provided the DPP does not seek a fresh suppression order.

The application, to be heard in the Melbourne County Court tomorrow morning before Chief Judge Peter Kidd, requests that:

Publication is prohibited of any report of the whole or any part of these proceedings and any information derived from this proceeding and any court documents associated with this proceeding.

The order will expire upon commencement of the final trial save that publication of any report of the whole or any part of previous proceedings and any information derived from previous proceedings and any court documents associated with previous proceedings will be prohibited until verdict in the final trial.

For the avoidance of doubt, publication is prohibited of the number of complainants, the number of charges, the nature of the charges and the fact of multiple trials.



! 19 MEGA002 "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Two huge vaccine scandals the press is ignoring "IndyWatch Feed National"

Two huge vaccine scandals the press is ignoring

by Jon Rappoport

May 15, 2018

Some lies are so big, many people cant accept the fact that theyre lies. Their minds are boggled. No, they say, that couldnt be. But yes, that could be, and is.

Two giant vaccine scandals are in progress at the moment.

The mainstream press is mentioning them, here and there, but without any intent to raise alarms, dig in, investigate, and get down to the core of the problem.

So Ill get to the core.

The first scandal revolves around the flu vaccine for the current year. The CDC and other experts have admitted the vaccine has a very low effectiveness rate.

Why is it a dud?

Because the vaccine is produced using chicken eggs, and in that medium, the flu viruswhich is intentionally placed in the eggsmutates. Therefore, it isnt the same virus which is causing flu this year. Therefore, no protection against the flu.

FiercePharma reports: Based on data from Australia, which already had its flu season, scientists warn that this seasons flu shot might be only 10% effective. And the reason for such a low level of protection might lie in the method by which the majority of flu vaccines are made: in eggs.

Ten percent effectiveness. Now thats ridiculous. And its assuming you accept the whole model of how vaccines workthat they actually do protect (safely) against disease, rather than, at best, repressing the visible symptoms of the disease.

Amidst their spotty coverage of this scandal, here is what the press is failing to mention: the problem with the flu vaccine isnt just a 2017-2018 flaw.

It would be the same problem ever since chicken eggs have been used to manufacture the vaccine.

Are you ready? The majority of flu vaccines are grown in chicken eggs, a method of vaccine development thats been used for 70 years.

Hello? Anyone home?

Seventy years. The same problem.

The same low effectiveness problem.......


Australian PM: Hamas to blame for Gaza deaths "IndyWatch Feed National"

Terror group pushing people to the border, Turnbull says; Canberra also calls on Israel to avoid excessive use of force

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks during a press conference in Sydney, Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017. (Joel Carrett/AAP Image via AP)
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks during a press conference in Sydney, Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017. (Joel Carrett/AAP Image via AP)

Australias prime minister on Tuesday blamed Hamas for the dozens of deaths in Gaza in violent clashes the previous day between Palestinians protesters and Israeli forces along the border.

It was the bloodiest day in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since a 2014 Gaza war, with at least 58 Palestinians killed and more than 2,700 Palestinians wounded, according to figures from the Hamas-run Gazan health ministry. The dead included six minors, the health ministry said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told Melbourne Radio 3AW the loss of life was tragic but that Hamass conduct is confrontational. Theyre seeking to provoke the Israeli Defense Forces.

Turnbull said the terror group was pushing people to the border. In that conflict zone, youre basically pushing people into circumstances where they are very likely to be shot at.

Meanwhile Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop called on Israel to be proportionate in its response and refrain from excessive use of force. She added in a statement that Israel had the right to protect it population and called on Palestinians to refrain from violence and attempting to enter into Israeli territory.

The clashes began before Israeli officials and a White House delegation including US President Donald Trumps daughter Ivanka formally opened the embassy in Jerusalem, and continued throughout the day. Mondays demonstrations, which were timed to coincide with the move, were also part of the weeks-long March of Return campaign marking the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Israel, or the Nakba (catastrophe), as Palestinians call it.



The Hobo Guide to WTF is Going On in Israel and Palestine Right Now "IndyWatch Feed National"

Unless youve been living under a rock, youve more than likely seen reports coming out of the Middle East showing violence and bloodshed from the holy land. While theres nothing particularly new about this, 2018 is set to be one of the deadliest years in history for Palestinians for a plethora and ever-expanding number of reasons.


The Nakba Nightmare

The Nakba, otherwise known as catastrophe, marks the formation of the current Israeli state in 1948, which saw more than 700,000 Palestinians displaced from their land by force. Its the most poignant day in the Palestinian calendar, and is more colloquially known as the Day of Rage. It is held on May 15, but in a break from tradition, Palestinian leaders called for two days of rage this year, in protest of the relocation of the U.S. embassy and subsequent recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Early estimates tell a tale of 55 dead and 2700 injured in a single day of protests in the Gaza Strip: the deadliest single day of cross-border violence since 2014. The official day of Nakba begins today, May 15, which acts as a call to protest for many Palestinians who feel anger toward the Israelis for their current state of occupation, and the living conditions of their brothers and sisters in the Gaza Strip.


The Gaza strip is a small but densely populated hermit city, currently under Israeli blockade since the withdrawal of its military in 2005. When you read of deaths in this region, they will almost certainly be on the southern Gaza-Israel border.

Gaza is governed not by the Palestinian Authority which oversees the remainder of what is known as Palestine ...


Ballina, Lismore rate variation decision "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) today released decisions on applications made by 13 councils to increase general income above the 2.3 per cent rate peg from 1 July 2018, including Ballina and Lismore.

The applications made by nine councils including Ballina and Lismore were approved in full.

Ballina applied for a 15.0 per cent cumulative increase over two years to be retained permanently in the rate base.

Lismore applied for a 0.41 per cent single year increase to be retained in the rate base for five years (applies only to business rates).

Also approved were applications from Bellingen Shire, Balranald Shire, Clarence Valley, Hawkesbury City, Kempsey Shire, Randwick City and Shoalhaven City.

Increases requested by Kiama Municipal and Muswellbrook Shire councils have been partially approved, while the applications from Upper Hunter Shire and Willoughby City were not approved.

IPART Chair Dr Peter Boxall said special variations are designed to give councils the flexibility to generate additional income above the rate peg to meet their specific needs, and have a direct impact on the rates paid by land owners.

The rate peg is calculated each year to reflect changes in the standard operating costs of local government such as labour, electricity and construction works, Dr Boxall said.

Councils requiring additional funds to improve services, financial sustainability or to fund new capital works can apply for a special rate variation after consulting with their communities and meeting other criteria set by the Office of Local Government (OLG).

The OLG criteria emphasize the importance of councils communicating their proposed special variations to enable ratepayers to understand and provide feedback to councils on their proposals, Dr Boxall said.

It is a mater for each individual council to determine how it collects rate revenue across different categories of ratepayer, and how the special variation increase is distributed amongst ratepayers.

The impacts on individual ratepayers will also vary due to land re-valuations and the decisions made by councils about how to allocate rate changes amongst their communities.

IPART has attached conditions to the approvals requiring the additional income to be used for the purposes outline...


Victoria Police sets up task force to monitor young criminals - a good monitorin', that'll fix 'em. "IndyWatch Feed National"

This development sounds a bit ageist to me. Targeting young people. Imagine if they targeted say black people.


The singularly unpleasant Clementine Ford removed from Lifeline speech gig "IndyWatch Feed National" Hardline feminist Clementine Ford's Lifeline speech is CANCELLED after thousands demanded the charity remove her as keynote speaker for tweeting 'all men must die' Feminist Clementine Ford was to address a Lifeline event on domestic violence A petition had circulated arguing her anti-male tweets made her unsuitable petition...


EOS Price Watch: Bulls Defending Long-Term Area of Interest "IndyWatch Feed National"

EOS Price Key Highlights

  • EOS is correcting from its recent rally but appears to be finding support at current levels.
  • This 50% retracement level is within an area of interest where plenty of buy orders are likely located.
  • A bounce off this level could take EOS back to the swing high and beyond.

EOS looks ready to resume its climb as it is encountering some bullish pressure at the current area of interest.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA to confirm that the path of least resistance is to the upside. This suggests that the rally is still likely to resume at this point. EOS price is also nearing the 100 SMA dynamic support near the 61.8% retracement level.

The moving averages avoided a downward crossover on the latest convergence, signaling that buyers are putting up a fight. In that case, EOS could be ready to retest the swing high at 23.00 or create new highs.

RSI is heading lower to show that sellers still have some energy to take price down, but the oscillator is approaching oversold levels to reflect exhaustion. Stochastic is also on the move down but is starting to pull up without even hitting oversold territory.

EOS/USD Daily Chart from TradingView

Market Factors

Just last week, the the Chief Financial Officer of Commonwealth Bank of Australia Rob Jesudason reportedly signed on with the firm of the founders of the worlds fifth largest cryptocurrency in the market today, This is the private firm which has developed both the EOS token and the blockchain technology behind it.

According to Brendan Blumer, CEO of

Rob Jesudason had ideal skills for the tech-related role in the firm. He has a proven track record of success in global financial services, he also...


2018 Walk registrations filling fast "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi everyone.

We have had a massive response for the 2018 Walkatjurra Walkabout.

Spots are filling up fast and if you are keen to come you should register as soon as possible to secure you place on the walk.

You can register here
More info at

For those of you that have been on the walks over the last 7 years, or have been on one of the many road trips that the Bardi Bus has taken, we are reaching out to you to GIVE SOME LOVE TO THE BARDI BUS.

We have just got back from Western Australias first radioactive exposure tour and the Bardi Bus needed some new bearings, Tyres and a few minor repairs. We also had to put her in for an inspection and pay the insurance and registration. This all came to around $4,000 and we are a little bit short!!!

Click here make a donation to the Bardi Bus



Govt accused of creating phoney forest reserves "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The North Coast Environment Council says the NSW Governments new so-called forest reserves are a trick. Photo Ta Ann Truths/

So-called forest reserves recently declared by the state government are no more than window-dressing, according to a local conservation group, and could potentially pave the way for more serious and intensive logging in other areas.

Many of the areas chosen are already devastated and no longer suitable for logging, the group says.

And it goes further, accusing the government of throwing money from the Environmental Trust at loggers to subsidise their transport costs.

The North Coast Environment Council (NCEC) said it was alarmed that the NSW Government had recently declared that another 18,000 hectares of State Forest will become reserves, and has called on Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton to immediately rule out opening up areas currently protected for logging in exchange.


NCEC Vice-President Susie Russell said, If it was any other government, wed be over the moon but we know this is a trick.

What hasnt been announced are which areas of [currently] protected forest will be made available for logging, what new logging rules [will apply], and how much money from the environment funds will be thrown at logging companies to sweeten the deal, she said.

The group says that when the government created 11,000 hectares of reserves near Bega, on the south coast, in 2016 it lead to more intensive logging in other parts of the region and $2.5 million in handouts to the logging industry from the Environmental Trust.

$10m for loggers?

So if the government has announced 42,000 hectares of reserves we can expect at least $10 million to be announced for the logging industry and the same volume of timber to be supplied from areas that are currently protected but still have good timber volumes.

Stream protection buffers have large, older trees the Forestry Corporation has been trying to get its hands on for the last 20 years since they were put off-limits. The draft cabinet documents we obtained last year show these are on the chopping block.

Besides, most of these reserves are like what the Tasmanian Government calls potential production forests. They are not secure reserves like national parks. They will still be State Forest and can be m...


The stunning numbers behind success of the Tesla big battery "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article by Sophie Vorrath & Giles Parkinson (RE New Economy 11 May 2018), answers the critics to the Tesla battery in South Australia, and shows that it contributes to cheaper sustainable energy.

The Tesla big battery in South Australia has already taken a 55 per cent share in the states frequency and ancillary services market, and lowered prices in that market by 90 per cent, new data has shown.

The stunning numbers on the economics of the countrys first utility-scale battery were presented at the Australian Energy Week conference in Melbourne on Thursday by McKinsey and Co-partner Godart van Gendt.

Speaking as part of a panel on the leading technologies and strategies that will help manage the transition to renewables in Australia, van Gendt said the data was more evidence that battery storage would play a very big role.

He said that a lot of discussion around the success of the big battery the biggest of its kind in the world and delivered at break-neck speed had focused on the fact that we did it, and not on the economics.

So, I thought Id give you a few numbers from the market data, van Gendt said.

In the first four months of operations of the Hornsdale Power Reserve (the official name of the Tesla big battery, owned and operated by Neoen), the frequency ancillary services prices went down by 90 per cent, so thats 9-0 per cent.

And the 100MW battery has achieved over 55 per cent of the FCAS revenues in South Australia. So its 2 per cent of the capacity in South Australia achieving 55 per cent of the revenues in South Australia.

So thats great for the first battery in the market, he added, but if youve already had 55 per cent of the FCAS that are now gone, right and a 90 per cent drop in price, then the business case for the second battery, of course, is a bit less attractive.

So I wish the second battery in South Australia a lot of luck!

Van Gendts calculations are just the latest in a series of assessments that show how the Tesla battery despite being mocked by detractors for its small size compared to the overall grid is having an impact on the market.

Various estimates have put the cost savings to consumers from the FCAS market alone at around $35 million, just in the first four months of its operation.

Thats a pretty good bang for the buck for the estimated $50 million investment by the South Australia government. South Australia is the only state that has experienced a decline in FCAS prices over the past few months.

The fact that the Tesla big battery...


Time for fun with the Brunswick Scouts "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Brunswick Scouts always enjoy a good camping trip and a fire lighting lesson. Photo supplied.

This Saturday head to Brunswick for a fun family afternoon. Brunswick Heads Scouts are hosting a free, family friendly and community event at the Terrace Reserve from 11am till 4pm called Friends for Life. The day will be full of live music, activities and great prizes to delight the young and the young at heart.

Friends For Life is the theme of next years Australian Scouts Jamboree in January 2019, and I think epitomises the significance of the Brunswick Scouts in our community. Its a place for young people to celebrate diversity, culture and most of all friendship, said event coordinator and parent volunteer Sean Tonnet.

The Australian Jamboree is the biggest gathering of Scouts in Australia and is held once every three years. In 2019 it will be held in South Australia.

Having not come from a scouting family, Ive been delighted to see the importance of scouts to our children. They are learning a life span of skills and camaraderie. For most scouts the attendance at the jamboree is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a highlight of their scouting experience, said Scott enthusiastically.

Its been incredible seeing the support of business behind this event and we have amazing support with donations and vouchers; right through to beautifying the Sound Shell stage for us. Really wonderful!

Whether blissed out by the river or more actively involved, come and enjoy some of the highlights including the attendance of the State Emergency Service, the Brunswick Heads Fire Brigade and the Volunteer Rescue Association.

We are so delighted to have the support from the local volunteer emergency services. Its going to be a terrific part of the family activities we have on during the day, complimenting our raffles, prizes and music perfectly.

Families are encourage to bring a picnic lunch or enjoy the fabulous treats, meals and shopping from local Brunswick businesses.

The post Time for fun with the Br...


More than $300k available for Ballina community groups "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Applications are now open for the 2018 Community Building Partnership Program and this year $330,000 is available for projects in the Ballina electorate.

Ballina MP Tamara Smith (centre) with members of the Richmond Valley Woodcrafters Club at their club workshop which $20,000 in the 2017 round of Community Building Partnership grants.

According to Ballina MP Tamara Smith (Greens) this is an increase of $30,000 on 2017.

I encourage local councils and not-for-profit groups to apply for the funds they need to deliver projects with social, environmental and recreational outcomes, Ms Smith said.

A great example of a successful applicant from 2017 is the Richmond Valley Woodcrafters Club, which received funding to complete their club workshop at Summerland House Farm and also got funding to buy and install solar panels on the club building. Their club supports House with No Steps and assists with community projects such as renovating park seats.

Ms Smith said local sports clubs, school P&C committees, charities, Mens Sheds, Scouts and Girl Guides are among the groups that benefit from this program.

If your organisation or club needs extra funding for the building, refurbishment or enhancement of facilities, then Id strongly encourage you to apply.

This is a great opportunity to get the support your community group needs to make real improvements in the places where you meet, train or create.

Take the time to have a look at the program guidelines and examples of past successful grants on the Community Building Partnership webpage, see if your organisation is eligible, then get cracking on preparing your application so you dont miss out, said Ms Smith.

The Community Building Partnership program has awarded $275 million in funding to 12,000 community projects since it commenced in 2009.

Applications opened Monday 7 May at 9am, and close at 5pm on Friday 15 June 2018. No late applications will be accepted.

For more information about the NSW Governments 2018 Community Building Partnership Program, visit:

The post More than $300k available for Ballina community groups appeared first on...


Brave New World: #NappyConsent Woman Deanne Carson On What She Meant, And Why She So Passionately Believes It "IndyWatch Feed National"

Late last week, sexuality expert Deanne Carson became the centre of an international media (and social media) storm. Hundreds of outlets around the world from the UK, Canada, America, Europe New Zealand beyond unleashed a torrent of criticism after an interview Carson gave ABC Melbourne last week about creating a culture of consent.  Here, in her own words, Deanne Carson explains what she meant, and what its like to be in the middle of an international social media pile-on.

Im Deanne Carson, the crazy, pink-haired #nappyconsent woman.

Theres a lot of things I want for this world. One of them isnt babies sitting around in dirty nappies all day. The idea of that is ludicrous.

I was recently asked by the ABC to comment on how we teach consent to children. The request came off the back of the Four Corners episode on incredibly courageous rape survivor Saxon Mullins, and the subsequent announcement by New South Wales Attorney-General Mark Speakman that there would be a review of the consent laws.

I speak for a living but TV isnt my home.

For my television interview I was given a little bit of information before being rushed into a booth minutes before going to air, cabled up with a mic and earpiece by a really lovely tech guy, and told to stare at the light on top of a very large and intimidating camera.

Was I nervous? Yup.

Was my explanation a little clumsy? Probably.

Frankly, I havent watched the interview and probably never will.

When Nappygate hit social media, the reaction was overwhelming. I was ridiculed and harassed. People mostly men inboxed me on Twitter, Facebook and two social media accounts. They wanted to know if I had children, if I was a man, a woman or an it, and whether I would do the world a favour and kill myself.

I wanted to keep my socials open because I was also receiving messages from survivors of sexual trauma who wished they had grown up in a culture of consent. But I couldnt. It just wasnt physically possible to delete the vile messages faster than they came in.


A final message telling me I needed a bullet between the eyes was enough for me to pull the pi...


Indonesia's BriMob special operations police in a hurry post bombings "IndyWatch Feed National"

5 police from this unit had their throats slit by Islamic terrorists last week. Several other Indonesian police have been killed since in targeted attacks. I was walking to a meeting this morning when this convoy started down my street. I would not like to be the "persons of interest"...


Some Norco milk comes from Qld: minister "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Unlike the new supplier of milk to NSW hospitals, Norco is 100% Australian owned.

In the ongoing battle about whether North Coast hospitals should receive their milk from a local supplier, Health Minister Brad Hazzard has announced that some Norco milk comes from Queensland.

Shadow health spokesperson Walt Secord said yesterday, I never thought I would see the day when Lismore Base Hospital gets its milk from interstate that is the way of the NSW National Party. They just do what their Liberal masters in Sydney tell them to do.

In a statement released yesterday Minister Hazzard responded, I am advised by NSW Health that the tender for milk was statewide and Norco was unsuccessful.

I am further advised that Norco did not offer the most economical price for taxpayers.

I also understand that whilst it wasnt a specific request in the tender, Norco didnt state that the milk would be solely from NSW.

NSW Health advises that Norco also has dairy farms in Queensland, Mr Hazzard said.

A spokesperson for the minister told Echonetdaily that tender process was necessary so that theres no suggestion of corruption.

Asked whether she was aware that the successful tenderer was part of a Japanese conglomerate while Norco was owned by local farmers, she responded I dont know about that.

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Queensland Forest Clearings Spell Bad News For Great Barrier Reef "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

After huge amounts of coral bleaching and rising carbon emissions, the Great Barrier Reef could really use some good news. Sadly, that's not what it got this weekend.

A draft report from the Department of Environment and Energy recommends forest clearing should go ahead at northern Queensland's Kingvale Station, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Prospective clearing was first authorised in 2014, and its purpose would be to make way for cropping and other activities.

Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg will rule on the matter, and if it goes forward it'll mean 2,000 hectares of forest areas right next to the Reef will be cleared. And that would almost certainly mean a soil pollution problem for the Reef.

[...] Not only is too much heat and light a problem, so is lack of sunlight. Sediment washed from the land into the Reef blocks sunlight onto the coral, restricting the necessary process of photosynthesis. It can also damage or kill some of the fauna supporting the ecosystem.

"Declining marine water quality, influenced by land-based run-off, is one of the most significant threats to the long-term health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef." Ironically, that's a quote from the Queensland Government's State of the Environment page.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Bangalow gets its heritage recycling bins "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The beautiful hinterland town of Bangalow and, in the background, one of its heritage rubbish bins. File photo

Readers who have noticed workmen on Byron Street, Bangalow, this morning and jumped to the conclusion that they were installing parking meters can rest assured this is not the case.

Echonetdaily spoke to one of the men laying concrete foundations in several spots around town who assured us that they were preparing the spaces for the installation of new heritage recycling bins.

As reported last month, while other major towns in the shire recently received smart, modern recycling (and in some cases also green waste) bins, Bangalow did not.

A council spokesperson said at the time, The original heritage-style bins are not manufactured anymore.  Council will be installing dual waste and recycling enclosures that match, as best as possible, the original style of bins.

We have gone so far as to recast the Bangalow Palm emblem on the side of the bins, the spokesperson added.

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ROCK & ROLL ROYAL FAMILY HIT BYRON Free Entry Friday 18, 8:00pm "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Port Royal Brisbanes rock & roll royal family are debunking any preconceptions about rock & roll in this modern era with their new antithetical single Rock & Roll Is Dead (out April 30th)

It is safe to say that Port Royal are quickly becoming one of most demanded emerging rock acts from Brisbane. The band made huge waves in 2017 with their two single releases. Get Heavy, released March 17 came in at number #2 on the 4ZZZ Hot 100 of 2017, smack bang in between Flangipanis at #1 and WAAX at #3.

Pinch-Hit followed in September which had them receive further praise as they toured interstate for the first time, that was quickly followed up by an 11 date tour fittingly entitled the Dont Stop Movin Tour that stretched from December to February 2018.

Now with their new single Rock & Roll Is Dead, these royals give a nod to everything that was loved about the likes of Jet, the Hives and the Vines in the early 2000s rock revival while never straying far away from the iconic blues formula of the 70s golden age of rock.

In regal form with bustling anthemic choruses, beseeching rock & roll licks and a barrage of hits, Rock & Roll Is Dead is their most comprehensive, fetching and accessible release to date.

The track while being a fun and optimistic anthem it ferments a talking point for todays music industry with the leading chorus lines stating, They say, Rock & Roll is Dead, created to be a completely ironic and ballsy statement to the cynical haters of the genre which theyve confronted.

In contrast to this, the track touches on throwing away their money on something that poses a risk and never switching off from what they truly desire. The lengths in which the band went to to get this new single together is a clear example of this. In the recent month, a conflict surfaced which delayed the release of the track initially to be released in March between Lawson Doyle and an outside co-writer, where the two parties were arguing their own direction of the song.

Fortunately for the band, this song-writing attribute has been resolved before it could elevate into a legal battle which was threatened. Regardless, the matter has highlighted a deeper and darker element of the music industry where Port Royal, feeling burnt and sapped, are now extremely cautious of outsiders, the importance of contracts vs friendships, and the obstacles that will challenge them as a collective throughout their careers.

Port Royal have undoubtedly faced struggles but will continuously, like any hard-working team, hurdle these brick walls that get in their way of releasing rock & roll. Moving forward, they are excited to be finally be releasing Rock & Roll Is Dead and announce their 15-date tour through May and June. You can catch Port Royal at Byron Bay Brewery on Ma...


A FUNKY SATURDAY NIGHT WITH NOMIKA Free Entry Sat 19, 7:00pm "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Riding high on the success of a mountain-fresh rebrand and banging new single, Nomika is proud to announce the launch of their debut EP, Motion. The Brisbane band, formerly His Merry Men, have produced a five track EP that they are taking on tour through May and June of this year.

Nomika frolics through the sonic gardens of soul and funk and picnics on the stately grounds of technicolour jazz. The band draws inspiration from the likes of Hiatus Kaiyote, Vulfpeck, Snarky Puppy and Anderson .Paak. In the last year, under their former name, they have played at Caloundra Music Festival, Mullum Music Festival and Concrete Jungle.

Drink deep from the funky well with Nomika and their partner in crime, Jabberwocky Down, at Byron Bay Brewery this Saturday from 7:00pm. Free Entry.

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Times of Israel reports Australia boycotted official US Embassy opening in Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed National"

Notably absent from the list are some of Israels allies and staunchest friends, such as Canada, Australia and Germany. Other important countries such as China, Russia, Argentina and India are also boycotting the event. Thirty-three ambassadors and chargs daffaires confirmed their participation in the Foreign Ministrys event Sunday...


Lismore Basketball Stadium goes green "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Federal Page MP Kevin Hogan (right) with members of Lismore Basketball. Photo supplied

Federal Page MP Kevin Hogan (Nationals) today announced the official opening of the Greening of the Stadium project at Lismore Basketball Stadium.

Our community is very aware of the need to be environmentally friendly. This is why I was very happy to provide a $12,000 grant to Lismore Basketball Association, he said.

The state government ($20,000), Lismore City Council ($25,000) and the Lismore Basketball Association ($13,000) also contributed to the project

This allowed them to install a grid-connected solar system with 40 panels, new efficient gas hot water and drop hammer fans at either end of the stadium.

Every light at the stadium totalling 195 lights inside and out has also been replaced with low-energy lighting, which will reduce the associations power bill.

My congratulations to Cheryl Amor and her hard-working team at the stadium they have done a terrific job, Mr Hogan said.

Projects under the Stronger Communities Programme, like this one, are selected by a community consultation committee that assist with identifying potential projects.

The greening and cooling of the popular Basketball stadium will provide an important boost for our local community, delivering lower operating costs and a healthier environment, he said.


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Judicial Watch Sues When Freedom of Information Requests Ignored "IndyWatch Feed National"

President Bill Clinton with panelists at the Clinton Global Initiative University opening the plenary session in March 2015. (photo

By Tom Fitton

[Editors Note: The Freedom of Information Act makes the pathway to lawsuit easy.  If you dont get the material you request you can enter federal court to demand it.]

It is outrageous that the Justice Department is covering up key FISA court transcripts that would shed light on how the Clinton-DNC dossier was used to obtain surveillance of the Trump team. Frankly, President Trump should order that the DOJ and FB...


More Indonesian family-pack bombings in Ramadan ramp-up "IndyWatch Feed National"

Madness. No, Islam. Same same. Latest advice from DFAT, 14 May 2018 On Monday 14 May 2018, a suicide attack was carried out at the Surabaya Police Headquarters causing the death of the four suicide bombers, injuring four police officers and six members of the public. More explosives were found...


Leslie Dingo: First we get the money, then we get the Power "IndyWatch Feed National"

Leslie Dingo Photo: Supplied Leslie Dingo Photo: Supplied Share this Post Isnt Trading just gambling, isnt that risky? is generally the comment I receive when I tell people I trade stocks and the financial markets. Over the last 10 years, my twin brother Kelvin Dingo and I have been on a journey as Investors and Traders of the Australian Stock ...


As Google steals your data Australia's 'watchdog' does nothing? "IndyWatch Feed National"

To some people it may seem that the 'authority' in this colony is in the wrong place, but we say it's 'deliberate by design'.

When it comes to the plebs being screwed over by the corporations, the people in government are slow to act or apparently have no authority.

But, when it comes to the example in Victoria where the (alleged) sheriff  Mr. Brendan Facey or his deputies run around the state (with no authority) confiscating people's possessions or even taking away their livelihood they do it by force, intimidation and fear with the help of Victoria Police.

Too many times the Australian consumer watchdog the ACCC has been accused of having no teeth, no bite, or whatever other analogy you'd like to use to describe a 'useless eater' canine.

In this case once again the good people of Australia are being screwed over with  the 'common law' crime of theft by a global tech giant called Google and the Australian 'authorities' (in this case the ACCC) have been doing nothing about it for quite some time.

What will they do now, that the 'cat's out of the bag'?

We do not recommend the purchase or use of Android products.

See article from the Herald Sun publication:


Tamworth attracts migrants "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Interesting piece in the Northern Daily Leader (1 May 2018) by Jamieson Murphy and Grace Ryan Tamworth growth trends revealed by Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The overall growth in population for the Tamworth Local Government Area in 2017 was positive  at just under one per cent, although this is too low to allow the City to easily achieve its 100,000 growth target.  However, what was positive and quite important was that of the net increase of  556 people, 379 (68%) came from overseas migration.

The propensity of Australia's new settlers to flock especially to Sydney and Melbourne has been one of the drivers of Australia's growing population imbalance. While the movement of migrants to Tamworth is still small in absolute numbers, the positive ratio means that international migration is now making a positive contribution.  .

Outside Tamworth, Armidale LGA grew 0.8 per cent to 30,552, while Gunnedah Shire grew by 0.6 per cent. Walcha Shire increased by 0.4 and the Liverpool Plains grew by just 0.2 per cent. Inverell showed no growth, with Moree down 1.3% over 2017, Narrabri and Uralla down 0.7%, Tenterfield down 0.6% and Gwydir Shire and Glen Innes Severn down 0.2%.

One of the things that we need to be thinking about in inland New England is how we get a better population balance across areas. This requires the bigger centres to support the smaller centres. It also requires us to put aside the parochial competition that so bedevils cooperative action.


MACKAY Boozy night leads to trouble for travelling boilermaker "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY May 15, 2018 at 05:30AM ,

Boozy night leads to trouble for travelling boilermaker

May 15, 2018 at 05:30AM ,

Bell had been driving to a work camp in Gladstone and didnt think he was over, prosecutor Nathaniel Gillis told Mackay Magistrates Court.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Power companies overcharging by $400m a year "IndyWatch Feed National"

CANBERRA, AAP Allegations electricity networks and gas companies are gouging customers hundreds of millions of dollars to pay their corporate tax bills will be investigated by the energy regulator.

Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has announced the Australian Energy Regulator probe amid suspicion energy companies are overcharging customers by as much as $400 million a year.

He said tax office analysis between 2013 and 2016 has revealed a discrepancy between the tax allowances the regulator previously set for network businesses and the amount they actually pay.

It is totally unacceptable for consumers to be charged for corporate tax liabilities that are not actually incurred, Mr Frydenberg said on Tuesday.

The Turnbull Government wants to ensure consumers are paying no more for their energy than they have to.

An initial report from the regulator is expected mid-year, with a final report to go to COAG energy ministers by December.

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Julie Bishop with another "up yours" to President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Remember this moment. This is history" - Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at opening of US embassy in Jerusalem BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) May 14, 2018 America and Israel will remember. Ms Bishop could have mustered up something a little more substantial than her flippant, dismissive effort...


Nakba Day: Hopes Of Return Burn Bright For Young Palestinians "IndyWatch Feed National"

The dreams of young Palestinians to return to their homelands have not faded, despite generations of forced displacement, writes Senator Lee Rhiannon.

On a Tuesday afternoon in March, I found myself in the middle of the noise and bustle of one of Beiruts many busy suburbs. Surrounded by the traffic of people and cars, I couldnt help but wonder exactly what I should do if I was stood up. I was alternating between the hope the group of young people I was waiting for would be able to find me, and the hope that they felt interrupting their day to meet me would be worth their while.

The aroma of pistachios from the nut roaster behind me had almost won me over when I was greeted with hugs and three kisses (as is the local style) by four smiling young Palestinians who were to be my tour guides through one of Beiruts larger refugee camps Bourj el-Barajneh. My pronunciation is far from accurate but I am told it means tower of towers, the name of the Beirut suburb next to where the camp is located.

As the five of us walked through the camp, I couldnt help but be struck by the sheer chaos. I have previously visited other refugee camps in Lebanon and Palestine. But the Bourj el-Barajneh camp or simply Bourj as it is known is extraordinary. This camp, one of the poorest of the Palestinian refugee camps, houses a very large population that live in tiny rooms packed on top of each other.

A tangled web of electricity cables droop across the narrow alleys. In recent years over 50 people have died here from electrocution. The dangers are ever present, but still life goes on. Children play on their bicycles, street vendors sell their wares and people stop and chat.

Electricity cables, strewn across an intersection at the Bourj Al Barajneh camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Its home to tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees.

The Bourj el-Barajneh camp was established in 1948 on one square kilometre of land. It was one of several sites the Lebanese government provided to accommodate the thousands of Palestinian refugees who poured into this country when they fled or were forced to leave their homes first by armed Zionist forces, and later by the Israeli army.

Bourj was never intended to house more than 10,000 Palestinian refugees. The current estimate of people living in this camp is at least five times that number.

The de...


Man arrested with drugs, ice pipes and stolen goods "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police searched the car of a qualified driver in Casino on Monday, revealing ice pipes, drugs, a large knife and stolen goods.

They allege that about 9.30am they police stopped the car on Hotham Street, knowing that the driver was disqualified.

While speaking to 28-year-old Casino man, police observed drugs, an ice pipe and a large machete-style knife on the passenger seat of the car. A search of the vehicle revealed another large knife, a further seven ice pipes, a laser pointer and cannabis.

Police then raided the mans a Canterbury Street address, seizing 25 brand new leather jackets and vests, another laser pointer, two deep cell batteries, an inverter and an oxy-acetylene welding kit with a total value of about $10,000 all of which they allege to have been stolen.

The man has been charged with driving while disqualified, possessing a prohibited weapon, having a knife in a public place, possessing a prohibited drug, possession of equipment to administer a prohibited drug and goods in custody suspected of being stolen.

He has been bail refused and will appear in Lismore Local Court Tuesday, May 15.


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From the Australian War Memorial - Vale: Brigadier Jeffrey James JJ Shelton DSO MC "IndyWatch Feed National"

Jim Shelton was a great man and a good friend to me and many of my mates. I hope you enjoy learning more about him in this tribute put together by Bendan Nelson's staff at the Australian War Memorial. Vale: Brigadier Jeffrey James JJ Shelton DSO MC 14 May 2018...


May 15 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1788 - The foundation stone for Government House was laid, not on the Hell Mouth as some in the UK would have us believe but in Sydney.
The convict builder James Bloodworth laid the foundations for a two-storied, six-roomed brick house destined to become the residence of all the early Governors of New South Wales, and the first permanent building to be erected in Australia.

1803 - The first public Mass under the new regulations was celebrated in Sydney, taken by Father James Dixon .

1804 - Lt-Colonel David Collins wrote to Gov King saying that in his view, 'there certainly can be no longer any advantage in maintaining an Establishment at Risdon Creek, as I am in a much more eligible situation'. Still Navy Lieutenant John Bowen continued to linger on in Hobart, and apparently rather enjoyed his last weeks there. In fact Knopwood, says that Bowen spent his time exploring, hunting and staying overnight with Martha Hayes his mistress at her farm at New Town.

1808 - Convicts seized the Harrington during the evening while the vessel lay at anchor in Port Jackson. The convicts numbered about fifty. The vessel was boarded whilst the master was on shore and the mate and twenty three of the crew were made prisoners. The ship's cables were cut, and passing the fort in the darkness the convicts cleared the harbour successfully.The Pegasus was sent in pursuit but failed to secure the pirates and returned to Sydney after an exhausting search. The names of the Harrington pirates seem never to have been identified nor the final number of those who escaped.

1809 - The Sydney Gazette resumed publication (lack of paper; no Gazette during Rum Rebellion on which overthrew Governor Bligh).

1815 - The Supreme Court unanimously adopted a rule that no attorney who had been struck off the roll should be admitted to practise before it.

1818 - Poor old Father Jeremiah O'Flynn got flung into gaol for not having the correct credentials for a priest.
Hmmph, his robes mustn't have flowed the right way or he liked the altar wine a little too much.

1819 - Lachlan Macquarie was getting his knickers in a twist when he penned;
It having been reported to me that a Banditti of about Twenty Armed Runaway Convicts had within the last two days made their appearance near the Stone-Quarry-Creek in the Cow-Pastures, I this day at 1. P.M. Sent off a Detachment of 22 Soldiers of the 48th. Regt., Commanded by Lieut. Close, with 7 days Provisons in pursuit of this Banditti, with Instructions to scour every part of the Cow Pastures, and to apprehend or destroy these Violators of the Public Peace.

1820 - Rev. John Joseph Therry wrote to Guv'ner Macquarie;
As I intend with your permission to celebrate Divine Service in Parramatta on Sunday next, and as I am...


CFO of Australias Commonwealth Bank Quits Role To Join EOS Token Developer Block.One "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rob Jesudason, the CFO of Australias Commonwealth Bank has resigned with immediate effect in order to join EOS token developer as group president and COO


Police catch up with crim who removed ankle bracelet "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police have arrested and charged a man wanted on outstanding warrants, who had allegedly cut off an ankle bracelet and moved interstate.

About 9am on Monday (May14), police were called to Marine Parade, Kingscliff, after reports of persons attempting to gain access to several mail boxes in unit blocks along the street.

Police attended and spoke to two men, including a 37-year-old man, who allegedly provided false details to police.

Officers searched the man and located a knife and Queensland drivers licence in a different name.

He was arrested and taken to Tweed Heads Police Station, where after further inquiries, his true identity was discovered.

Police discovered the man had two outstanding warrants, relating to domestic violence offences. The man had allegedly removed his ankle bracelet and relocated to Queensland.

The mans two outstanding warrants were executed and he was also charged with goods in custody and custody of knife in public place.

He was refused bail to appear at Tweed Heads Local Court today (Tuesday, May 15).

Superintendent Wayne Humphrey, Operations Manager for the Northern Region, says the arrest shows police will eventually catch up to anyone who tries to avoid detection by using false details.

Someone who removes a monitoring device and tries to use a false identity is clearly of high risk to the community and police will take all steps to locate and arrest them.

We will ensure your past will catch up with you eventually, Superintendent Humphrey said.

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Hanson plays Trojan Horse to curtail freedom of speech "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Pauline Hanson has a flair for bizarre moments. The two latest is that she has made herself president of One Nation for life and that she is telling the Australian government that it will not enjoy One Nation support, unless it effectively destroys the ABC.

What the most bizarre about these episodes, is that the existing political leadership of this country and big media have not uttered a word of criticism. This should be noted. Both present themselves as the protectors of democracy.

Consider this. Pauline has established what passes as a political party, and is registered as a political party, but is in truth a private company operating for her personal profit. She dictates, and the members have no voice.

This says a lot about where Hanson is coming from. Before continuing with this, it should be observed, that it also speaks volumes about our political leaders and media bias.

This takes us to the campaign against the ABC. Is this a crusade or free speech? No. It is waged against that has been described by one of its leading champions, Andrew Bolt, as a campaign to clean out the collective of leftists.

You see, any opinion not sanctioned by Rupert Murdoch is intolerable and must be presented as having no legitimacy. This is an ideological war, aimed at effectively outlawing anything, but support for Murdoch style corny politics. The political process is turned into a controlled business interest.

There is also the very important point that the ABC is a business competitor of commercial media. The less ABC, the more profitable potential for the commercial media.

Pauline Hanson has made herself available as a convenient tool. Her antics are used. She in return is made untouchable, at least for now. Her personal interests, sectional business interests, and those of our political leaders intersect.

Last week, the government cut funding by $84 million. Pauline, no doubt looking for a headline, cried out that this is not nearly enough. She wants so far as to threaten Malcolm Turnbull that she would not support his government, if he didnt comply. She upped the ante, and by doing so, at once made the cut appear more reasonable and set the stage for a further cut.

It is no accident that the war on the ABC comes at the same time as the extension of the restrictions on what journalists can say and the erosion of the protection of sources.  Nor is it an accident that this same alliance champions the rise of autocratic government and the slow restriction of...


Follow coin: A starters guide "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dont know how to get started investing in cryptocurrency? With over 1,600 cryptocurrencies, it can definitely be hard to choose. Recognizing the need for cryptocurrency investment guidance, the team behind Follow Coin has launched a project letting you follow top []

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Nakba Day: The Palestinian Slaughter Goes On But A Path To Peace Is Still Possible "IndyWatch Feed National"

We need to hear less from liberal Zionists about how pessimistic they are, and more about the urgency of justice for Palestine, says Nick Riemer.

Today is Nakba (catastrophe) Day, when Palestinians commemorate the cataclysm of their expulsion from their homes in 1948. The most important voices to hear today are theirs: before they read Western commentators, anyone who cares about the tragedy of the Middle East should read Palestinian ones. There could be few better places to start than this powerful meditation by Randa Abdel-Fattah on loss, rage and hope.

But it is also important for those of us not directly affected by the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine to show that we will not be silent: attending the demonstrations taking place around the country (in Sydney and Brisbane tonight, in Melbourne and Canberra on the weekend) are one obvious way to do so.

Protests are necessary, but they can seem a weak gesture in the face of the carnage on the Gaza boundary. Since the first Great Return March a month and a half ago, around ninety people have been killed by IDF snipers. The victims include at least two journalists and five children. As of midnight Sydney time on Monday, no less than 40 protesters had been killed, and over 900 injured in Gaza on that day alone.

As well as these assassinations, thousands of overwhelmingly peaceful Palestinian protesters have been deliberately shot, often causing devastating injuries, by members of the most moral army in the world. In at least 17 cases, amputations have been necessary. With mass crossings of the Gaza fence expected this week, the death toll can only mount tragically higher.


Israels actions have been documented and denounced by organisations like Medicins Sans Frontiere and Human Rights Watch. Yet, true to form, Western leaders, Australias included, ha...


6 Childrens Toys that Need to Be Recalled Immediately "IndyWatch Feed National"

We all know to keep sharp objects and meds out of reach of our kids, but seemingly harmless toys can turn deadly fast. Is your kid playing with one of those toys right now?

Its the kind of story that makes every parents heart race: On Monday, March 5, a 3-year-old boy in Australia choked to death on a small plastic ball as his mom desperately tried to save him. We all know to keep knives, sharp scissors, and medications out of reach of our kids, but how can something as innocent as a plastic ball turn so deadly?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), toys such as small balls cause a handful of child deaths each year in the United States. Many of these injuries occur when there is a child over age 3 in the house, with a sibling under age 3, says Neal Cohen, a consumer safety lawyer in Washington, DC. Be careful to keep the smaller toys away from the younger child, and never assume that all the toys in your house are in the same condition they were when you bought them. You should regularly go through the deepest, darkest corners of the playroom and get rid of any small pieces that may have broken off.

Here are 6 common toys that are shockingly dangerous to younger kidsand even some older ones.

Bouncy Balls and Marbles

Babies and toddlers are notorious for putting anything within reach into their mouth, which is why the CPSC strictly regulates what size toys can be marketed for children under age three (anything with parts smaller than 1.5-inches in diameter is a no-go). Marbles and small rubber balls are particularly dangerous, as a child can pop them in his mouth, causing choking or asphyxiation, which is what happened when that little Australian boy played with a rubber bouncy ball.

High-powered Magnets

These extra-strong magnets, which usually come in sets for creating shapes and sculptures, are a major hazardespecially if your child swallows two or more. The magnets can be attracted to each other through intestinal walls, trapping them in place and causing severe pain, intestinal damage, and even death. In many cases, they need to be removed by surgery. These injuries tend to happen with older tweens and even teens, says Cohen. They might be joking around that the magnet is a tongue piercing, and then accidentally swallow it but are too embarrassed to say anything.




Trickle Down economics in Australia, satire "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video says about itself:

Honest Government Ad | Trickle Down Economics

9 May 2018

Help us make government ads honest

The Australian Government has made an ad about Trickle Down Economics and its surprisingly honest and informative

Produced by Patrons of the Juice Media


Where the Heck is Nauru? "IndyWatch Feed National"

...and why should you care?

Essentially, it's an island near Australia which declared its independence. The island was covered in guano (bird crap) which was strip mined. Nauru boasted the highest per-capita income enjoyed by any sovereign state in the world during the late 1960s and early 1970s. When the phosphate reserves were exhausted, and the island's environment had been seriously harmed by mining, the trust that had been established to manage the island's wealth diminished in value. The birds shat elsewhere and it would take 10,000 years or so of flocking there to restore what had been removed. 

To earn income, Nauru became a tax haven and allowed money laundering activities. Banks popped up along the main street in Meneng.  Between 2001 to 2008, and again from 2012, it accepted aid from Australia in exchange for hosting the Nauru Regional Processing Centre. In essence, that's where Australia ships the illegal aliens that show up on its shores. Not a bad solution but the place can only host so many Iranians, Somalis and other Mohammedans. 

President Obama generously offered to take them all. President Trump put the brakes on that (more about that here), and Australia doesn't know what to do.

... ...


MH370: Heres the key exchange that suggests the mystery still isnt solved "IndyWatch Feed National"

Some aviation experts now believe that the mysterious plane crash was the result of a murder-suicide. Others want better evidence.

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Alteration of paraoxonase, arylesterase and lactonase activities in people around fluoride endemic area of Tamil Nadu, India. "IndyWatch Feed National"


.. High fluoride content in ground and surface water is a serious ecological problem for many countries including Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, Libya, Turkey, South Africa, Srilanka, Thailand and the United States [1].

In this study, 3 districts of Tamil Nadu namely (i) Salem, (ii) Dharmapuri and (iii) Krishnagiri were selected based on the prevalence of high fluoride contaminated water in order to assess its toxicity in fluorosis patients.

As blood plays a major role for the circulation of fluoride in human and animals, it has been reported that blood enzymes profile is altered in fluorosis conditions which in turn provoke other consequences [6,7]. Paraoxonase (PON1) is an important anti-atherogenic and antioxidant enzyme, closely bound with high-density lipoproteins (HDL) that inactivates numerous toxic pollutants [8]. Thus, PON1 has been considered as a significant biomarker for complications caused by toxic pollutants in human as well as aided to predict the intensity of exposure [8,9].

Apart from this, many blood enzymes have been reported as biomarkers for different pathological conditions caused by toxic pollutants. However, there is no detailed report on blood enzymes including PON1 as biomarkers and their altered concentrations in fluorosis conditions.

The study subjects were categorized into 4 groups namely, group I (control), group II (mild), group III (moderate) and group IV (severe). Cases ailing from both skeletal and dental fluorosis were selected in this study. The personal characteristics, duration of fluoride exposure, medical history, family socioeconomic status and lifestyle information of the individual were collected using a predetermined questionnaire.

Of total 508 volunteers, 52 subjects were segregated into group I (28 males and 24 females; age 29 11 y), 112 subjects into group II (76 males and 36 females; age 28 7 y), 136 subjects into group III (78 males and 58 females; age 28 7 y) and 208 subjects into group IV (112 males and 96 females; age 30 11 y). Exclusion criteria were smoking, heart, liver / kidney disease, cancer, chronic inflammation, autoimmune and hematological disorders.

Furthermore, the decreased activity of the membrane bound enzymes, AChE and ATPase indicates that prevalence of memory loss with lower IQ scores as well as defect in signaling and energy metabolism in fluorosis patients. ROC-AUC helped to predict the severity of the fluorosis and significant cutoff values as diagnostic parameters in fluorosis patients.

TABLE 1 Effect of fluoride on biochemical parameters and enzymes. The concentration of serum fluoride in co...

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Fungi and conservation in the USA "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 2016 video says about itself:

You might see some of these 11 bizarre and creepy looking fungi around the world; here are what theyre called and if they are edible.

6. The Bitter Oyster Mushroom. This mushroom is found in the local regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia where it grows in clusters located mostly on oak, birch, and beech trees. Bitter oysters happen to be one of the manly bioluminescent mushrooms that exist and its only the eastern North American strain that is able to glow, unlike the Pacific strain. Its thanks to this species of mushroom that the term foxfire was coined by the early settlers. Fun fact: This mushroom is classified as being bioremediation as it has the power to absorb the toxins from environmental pollutants and is able to break down lignin.

5. Stemonitis fusca. This is a species of slime mold that isnt actually a fungus, however, it was at one point classified in the same kingdom. Sometimes theyre still grouped together as a means of convenience. These eukaryotic organisms are able to live as single cells but combine into multicellular reproductive structures. This type of slime mold can be found in small groups forming on dead wood. Its recognized by its slender stalks that hold up the sporangia that only grows to a height of around 6 to 20 millimeters tall. Theres over 900 documented species of slime mold that exist all over the world.

4. The Blue Milk Mushroom. The more common name for this edible mushroom is the indigo milk cap and it can be found in several different areas of the world including East Asia, Central America, and eastern North America, which is why theyre most often found in Chinese, Mexican, and Guatemalan food dishes. When the mushroom is cut open or broken it leaks an indigo milk or as its referred to latex and the mushroom begins to change into a green color once exposed to oxygen. This species of mushroom is definitely considered to be one of the most beautiful, yet, weird species in the world.

3. The False Morel...


Aviation experts think Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crash was a murder-suicide "IndyWatch Feed National"

A panel of experts presented a new theory about MH370, which disappeared in the air nearly five years ago.

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Facebook Might Ban Your Account If You "IndyWatch Feed National"

Facebook is so annoying. How many times have you heard that sentiment this past year? We bet a lot, because more and more people seem to be getting tired of the social media platform, especially young people. Show Yourself Breastfeeding This mommy controversy has long plagued Facebook, as the company states there can be no nudity in its terms []


Newsweek: Ask your babys permission before changing diaper, says sexual consent expert "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week Australian sex education expert Deanne Carson sparked a debate on the topic of sexual consent after she suggested parents ask their children for permission before changing their diapers. Carson, who works for an organization which teaches children about consent (something they aim to do as early as possible) appeared on Australias ABC news network []

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