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Wednesday, 06 June


Unseasonal heavy rain and strong cold front hit Western Australia, leaving 40 000 properties without power "IndyWatch Feed National"

Unseasonal rain, in parts record-breaking, and a strong cold front hit Western Australia on June 4 and 5, 2018, leaving more than 40 000 properties without power. On average, this region sees fronts like this about five times per year. Damaging wind gusts up to 109...... Read more


Australian climate change denying journalists are at it again "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This was @SkyNewsAust, tweeting on 3 June 2018:

.@chriskkenny: Australias total carbon emissions is around 550 million tonnes. That is lower than the annual emissions from volcanoes. If our emissions go up or down, it will make precisely no difference to the planet. #kennyonsunday

News Corp journalist, author, former Liberal Party political adviser and Sky News host of "Kenny on Sunday", Chris Kenny is toying with comparisons in an attempt to downplay climate change facts and figures.

According to the Dept. of Environment and Energy Quarterly Update of Australias National Greenhouse Gas Inventory annual greenhouse gas emissions for 2017 stood at 531.9 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt CO2-e) by September that year.

That represents a 1.1 per cent increase in Australias annual emissions.

While according to U.S. Na...


Is there growing emphasis on religious faith in Australian politics? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

On 22 November 2017, the Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull announced the appointment of an Expert Panel to examine whether Commonwealth, state and territories law adequately protects the human right to freedom of religion.

The Panel accepted submissions, but held no public hearings and published no list of witnesses.

The Panel delivered its report on 18 May 2018 and on that same day the Prime Minster made it clear that he had no intention of making the reports findings public in the near future.

As we wait to find out whether the religious far-right has captured the castle here is a brief look back at comment on religion in politics ......

God is appearing in more and more places around the Federal Parliament, and among all sorts of people.

God moves in mysterious ways, and never more so than when He moves into politics. On Thursday, for example, the Liberal Party announced that its candidate for the seat of Greenway, centred around Blacktown, would be Louise Markus, a prominent member of Hillsong, Australia's largest church.

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IndyWatch Bellingen NSW All Topics Summary Today.

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Tuesday, 05 June


PERTH Man further charged with indecent assault offences, WA "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man further charged with indecent assault offences, WA .

June 05, 2018 at 12:04PM .

He is due to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court today, 1 June 2018. The investigation is ongoing and anyone with any information is urged to .


PERTH Perth dine-and-dash accused also linked to PayPass fraud offences "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth dine-and-dash accused also linked to PayPass fraud offences .

June 05, 2018 at 04:53PM .

Today she appeared again in the Perth Magistrates Court where it was revealed she is also facing charges of PayPass fraud. Her lawyer suggested .



Fish stocks in Australian waters down by one-third in 10 years "IndyWatch Feed National"

Wild fish stocks in Australian waters shrank by about a third in the decade to 2015, declining in all regions except strictly protected marine zones, according to data collected by scientists and public divers.

The research, based on underwater reef monitoring at 533 sites around the nation and published in the Aquatic Conservation journal, claims to be the first large-scale independent survey of fisheries. It found declining numbers tracked the drop in total reported catch for 213 Australian fisheries for the 1992-2014 period.

By Peter Hannam
Sydney Morning Merald

The biomass of larger fish fell 36 per cent on fished reefs during 2005-15 and dropped 18 per cent in marine park zones allowing limited fishing, the researchers said. There was a small increase in targeted fish species in zones that barred fishing altogether.

Most of the numbers are pretty shocking, said David Booth, a marine ecologist at the University of Technology Sydney. This paper really nails down the fact that fishing or the removal of large fish is one of the causes of their decline.

Image result for fish stocks decline, photos

Over-fished stocks include the eastern jackass morwong, eastern gemfish, greenlip abalone, school shark, warehou and the grey nurse shark. The morwong catch, once as common as flathead in the trawl fishery, dived about 95 per cent from the 1960s to 109 tonnes in the 2015-16 year to become basically a bycatch species.

The paper also considered the impact of climate change. The biggest declines in fish stocks occurred in regions where the strengthening East Australian Current had lifted sea temperatures, adding to pressures on fish populations.

Water temperatures have gone up by about 1.5 degrees in the south-east [of Australia] over the last 40 years, said Graham Edgar, a professor at the University of Tasmanias Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies and lead author of the paper.

Many native species only found in that region now have nowhere further south to retreat to, Professor Edgar said.

That points to high losses going forward in endemic biodiversity for our children, he said, noting that as much as 80 per cent of southern species were f...


Daniel James: Reconciliation the new safe word "IndyWatch Feed National"

It is each year, during reconciliation week, that we see politicians make public pronouncements about reconciliation, equal partnership and respect in an attempt to out-Mandela each other.


MACKAY Man charged with murdering baby "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 04, 2018 at 05:52PM ,

Man charged with murdering baby

June 04, 2018 at 05:52PM ,

A QUEENSLAND man has been arrested and charged with murder more than a year after the death of a five-month old boy. Police and emergency

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Sydney woman accused of illegal sex work in Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 04, 2018 at 06:26PM ,

Sydney woman accused of illegal sex work in Mackay

June 04, 2018 at 06:26PM ,

Ruyun Zhen, 41, of Campsie in New South Wales fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday. She faces two charges linked to an illegal prostitution

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


South Australian Government set to repeal gay panic defence "IndyWatch Feed National"

A legal defence that discriminates against gay and bisexual men may soon be repealed after South Australian Attorney-General Vickie Chapman expressed support for the removal of the so-called gay panic defence.

The comments were in response to a report by the South Australian Law Reform Institute released today.

Lee Carnie, lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said it was welcome that South Australia, the last jurisdiction in Australia with the defence, was one step closer to removing this discrimination from the law.

"This is a law that is clearly rooted in discrimination, completely out of step with community standards and has absolutely no justification today. It is well past time that this defence be removed from our laws once and for all," said Lee Carnie.

The partial defence of provocation is used in situations where a heterosexual man claims that he was provoked to kill another man following a nonviolent homosexual advance.

"The so called gay panic defence leads to grave injustice in individual cases but also perpetuates the dangerous idea that homophobia justifies murder. Our laws should be directed at preventing and reducing the harm caused by homophobia, rather than condoning or justifying prejudice.

"This discrimination has not just been used historically it was considered relevant in a case before the South Australian courts less than a year ago. This outdated and unjust defence has no place in Australian law," added Lee Carnie.

The South Australian Law Reform Institute was tasked with investigating whether repealing the broader defence of provocation of which the gay panic defence is one part may have an adverse effect in unrelated cases.

The report also recommends that the defence of provocation be abolished, that greater flexibility in sentencing be introduced, and that statutory defences of duress and necessity be introduced to provide greater recognition of the situation of victims of family violence.

A copy of the SALRI report can be found here.

For interviews or further information please call:

Alycia Gawthorne, Communications Officer, Human Rights Law Centre, 0425 016 380

(Photo source: Flickr @CSIcafe)


Exclusive: Tesla has installed a truly huge amount of energy storage "IndyWatch Feed National"

You might think of it as a car company, but from Australia to Puerto Rico the company is also changing the worlds power gridsand making renewable energy more reliable.

Tesla, its been said, is less a car company than a battery company that sells cars. Today, the company is announcing a new milestone: Since 2015, it has installed a worldwide total of a gigawatt-hour of energy storagetechnology that is critical for using renewable energy at scale. For comparison, thats nearly half of the entire amount of energy storage installed globally last year. As the companys electric car business quickly grows, the energy side of its business is growing even faster.

Read Full Story


Jack Latimore: Meet Robert Young, the Koori artist designing gear for PUMA "IndyWatch Feed National"

Aboriginal artist Robert Young explains the designs of his Dreamtime Borra round range to Indigenous football stars inside the MCG. Photo supplied by Puma. Aboriginal artist Robert Young explains the designs of his Dreamtime Borra round range to Indigenous football stars inside the MCG. Photo supplied by Puma. Share this Post International sports brand PUMA has teamed up with a ...


Fighting coal mine expansion: anti-protest charges against Australias Wollar Three are dismissed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Controversial charges brought against the Wollar Three, who were arrested for protesting against coal mine expansion in Australias Hunter Valley, were dismissed today (Tuesday) at a court in Mudgee.

Environmentalists have called for the anti-protest laws under which the three were charged to be repealed.

Bev Smiles, Bruce Hughes, and Stephanie Luke, who are known as the Wollar Three, were arrested on April 12 last year and were the first people to be charged under the anti-protest laws introduced by the New South Wales government in March 2016. They had faced a possible seven years in jail.

The three were in a group of about thirty people who gathered outside the entrance to the Wilpinjong mine and stopped incoming traffic during a shift change.

They were protesting against the expansion of Wilpinjong, which would bring the mining operation to just 1.5 kilometres from the village of Wollar.

Wilpinjong is owned and operated by Wilpinjong Coal Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Peabody Energy Australia Ltd. The Peabody parent company, which is based in the United States, is the worlds biggest private sector coal producer.

Smiles and Hughes live on properties on the edge o...


Royal Commission into banking, ASIC offers no protection from banks committing fraud against their customers "IndyWatch Feed National"

While Westpac may have been the first bank to commit fraud against their customers, today in Australia it seems that the Commonwealth Bank is at the forefront of criminal activity.

If a member of the (tax) slave population robs a bank, then there is a real possibility that the person will be imprisoned.

What happens in Australia when a person from a bank commits a criminal activity (e.g. fraud, theft) against a (tax) slave member of the general population?

Well, according to the law, it seems that very little happens to the criminal employed by the business called a bank.

It seems that the law is deliberately stacked up against the poor tax slave in Australia.

"I, like so many have no protection under ASIC despite the provisions in the ASIC Act (for example, unconscionable conduct in s 12DA(1), s 12CB(1) and s 12CC(1) of the Act..."

See document:


Eureka flag allowed back on building sites "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ugly

The Victorian branch of the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU) has just won the right for its members to fly the Eureka flag on building sites.

Fair Work Commissioner Bernie Riordan has ruled that flags did not breach the governments building industry code.

This is a significant setback for the federal government and its Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), which have held that the existence of the flag on building sites, amounts to coercion and the denial of the individual right not to be a member of the union, an interpretation that has hotly been disputed.

Commissioner Riordan agrees that it does not convey that union membership is not voluntary. He said, the display of a Eureka flag over the course of Australias history has been associated with a variety of causes and campaigns.

I am not aware of the CFMMEU having an intellectual property right over its use and meaning.

According to Wikipedia, the Eureka flag has been used as a symbol by bikie gangs, the right-wing Australian First Party, the Neo Nazi movement and sporting clubs such as Melbourne Victory.

It was also used extensively in the 1975 federal election campaign following the dismissal of the Whitlam government.

Dave Noonan, the national secretary of the CFMMEUs construction division, said that the Eureka flag commemorated rebellion and the struggle for Australian democracy.

The ABCC cant kill it, the Neo Nazis cant steal it, he said. It belongs to Australia and working people, he added.

The matter had come up in relation to a case involving the union and building company Watpac, which was ordered to refrain from asking employees to remove the flag from cranes and not take disciplinary action against workers previously asked to remove the flags.

The ABCCs only response is that employers faced bans in acquiring government contracts, if employees showed the Eureka flag image.

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This Chart Exposes How the Bilderberg Group Controls the Entire World "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you havent already heard by now, yes, a small group of people and the corporations they run completely control all aspects of human life, whether it be health, food, or finance, media and education, each major area and the resources that go into it are dictated and selected by this group.

The crazy thing about it is the fact that nobody really knows who these people are, but its becoming more clear that our political system, and those who make decisions and set global policy every year, are always in attendance.

This group is extremely secretive, and has been meeting for decades while the public had little knowledge of what was going on and who was in attendance.

The world did not really become aware of this group until only a few short years ago, and since then, alternative media and multiple journalists have been swarming attendees and seeking out where these meetings are held each year, while mainstream media completely ignores it.

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Vaccinated Children Have 500% More Diseases Than Unvaccinated Children "IndyWatch Feed National"

A recent and still ongoing study has shown and is continuing to show something most people might not want to hear. Vaccines are not as effective as most people think.

This study/survey is one that compares unvaccinated children to those who were vaccinated by placing them against a German national health survey conducted by KiGGS. Over 17,000 surveys have been filled out thus far. The survey was done in English and German, almost 80 percent of the forms though were filled out on the English site.

According to Andreas Bachmairs website, most of the participants came from the USA or the UK followed by Canada and Australia. The majority of those who participated in this study breastfed for longer than 6 months and named naturopathic or homeopathic as their preferred treatment. While the reasons for not vaccinating varied over 99 percent of those who participated were happy with their decisions to not vaccinate.

In regards to atopic diseases their results were as follows:

Asthma, hayfever, and neurodermatitis are seen very frequently today. A recent German study with 17461 children between 0-17 years of age (KIGGS) showed that 4.7% of these children suffer from asthma, 10.7% of these children from hayfever and 13.2% from neurodermatitis. These numbers differ in western countries, i.e. the prevalence of asthma among children in the US is 6% whereas it is 14-16% in Australia (Australias Health 2004, AIHW)
The prevalence of asthma among unvaccinated children in our study is around 2.5%, hayfever 3% and neurodermatitis 7%.
According to the KIGGS study, more than 40% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 years were sensitized against at least one allergen tested (20 common allergens were tested) and 22.9% had an allergic disease. Although we did not perform a blood test, around 10% stated that their children had an allergy.

Not too bad at all, surely not what you would expect, right? They also found hyperactivity to be merely in the one or two percent range. While there were autism cases among all participants the study claims there were only 4 severe cases and that one of those children ended up testing high for toxic metals. With 1 in 88 children, according to the CDC, being identified with autism, these numbers are not bad at all. To see the rest of their results so far click here.

If you want to learn more about this feel free to check out the video below. While there are flaws in some places and mor...


Crowdfund film on Oz population taboo - Rod Quantok & Michael Bayliss "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi, we are Michael Bayliss and Rod Quantock from Sustainable Population Australia & our mission is to create a web series called 'Tough Crowd'.  This first of its kind project will be made for Australians from all walks of life, especially those who are keen in participating in an open dialogue around one of the most interesting, complex and often controversial of issues: POPULATION.

Rod Quantock is a comedian of 50 years standing as well as a tireless front line environmental warrior.  Off the heels of the East West Link, campaign he has just finished his sold out stand up comedy show 'Happy Birthday To Me' for the Melbourne Comedy Festival. His many contributions to society have earned him a Medal of the Order of Australia.

Michael Bayliss is an environmental and social justice campaigner with a background in post growth economics and sustainable town planning.  He is also Communications Manager for Sustainable Population Australia  (SPA), a member driven environmental organization which works on many fronts to encourage informed public debate about how Australia and the world can achieve an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable population.

Population is an issue that affects each and every one of us, but it can be a thorny subject to talk about over the dinner table!  Many people have different opinions on the issue.  For example, should we be having small or large families?  How many people can Australia and our capital cities support?  Could we solve the problem by moving to the country or building more high rises in our cities?  Should we have ope...


Hunter Valley farmer concerned about selling beef after toxic spill "IndyWatch Feed National"

SYDNEY, AAP A NSW beef farmer is questioning the morality of selling cattle shes been advised not to eat in case they were exposed to toxic chemicals spilled into a nearby creek.

Michelle Violas beef and hay farm in Maitland in the NSW Hunter Valley region sits along Swamp Creek, which was exposed to the contaminant PFAS after heavy rainfall in March.

The chemical is believed to have washed into Swamp and Stony Creek from a nearby derelict industrial site.

Ms Viola says she didnt find out until a week ago, on May 30, and as a result hasnt been diligent about keeping her 20 or so cattle away from the creek.

It should have been an instant notification so we can make arrangements to protect ourselves we feel weve been exposed and we dont know to what level, she told AAP.

During the warmer months, Ms Viola sells lucerne hay and in winter the mother-of-three relies on selling cattle to keep her farm going.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority last month warned residents to avoid using water from Stony and Swamp Creeks for domestic and livestock use and issued precautionary advice for residents near Stony, Fishery and Wallis creeks to avoid eating home-slaughtered livestock.

Ms Viola questioned how she can sell cattle that shes been advised not to eat.

They (the EPA) said they can go to market, through the industry because it gets dispersed which is a whole other moral obligation Im not comfortable with, she said.

We have to sign product-disclosure information when we sell cattle to say theyre fit for market now I cant really say that.

Shes urged the NSW government to install a temporary fence around the creeks and to test the livestock to see if they have been exposed.

The state government, however, told AAP on Tuesday it wont erect barriers.

PFAS was detected at the now-derelict refinery, previously owned by Truegain, at Rutherford two years ago, with the government issuing precautionary advice to residents at the time, the EPA said.

The EPA is working with the owners of the site to ensure future discharges dont occur and has started a tender process for the sites clean up.

PFAS is a group of chemicals used in firefighting foam, which at least one US health agency says may increase the risk of cancer.

The NSW government says there is no conclusive link.

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Best of last week: Flux capacitor invented, a better 3D printer and the true benefits of vitamins "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

It was a good week for physics as a team with members from Australia and Switzerland invented a flux capacitor able to break time-reversal symmetry. They proposed a device based on quantum tunneling of magnetic flux around a capacitor. And another team with members from across the U.S. reported on a gravitational wave event that likely signaled the creation of a black holethe merger of two neutron stars.

In biology news, a team of engineers led by Sinisa Vukelic invented a noninvasive technique to correct vision. Like LASIK, it uses lasers but is non-surgical and has few side-effects. And an international team of researchers found what they describe as the mother of all lizards in the Italian Alps, the oldest known lizard fossil, from approximately 240 million years ago. Also, a team at the University of Sydney found that walking faster could make you live longer. People do not even need to walk more, the team reported, they just need to pick up the pace of their normal stride to see an improvement in several health factors. And a team from Cal Poly Pomona discovered how microbes survive clean rooms and contaminate spacecraftand it involved the cleaning agents themselves.

In other news, a team of researchers from the University of California and the University of Southern Queensland announced that they had identified 121 giant planets that may have habitable moons. And a team at Stanford University found that wars and clan structure might explain a strange biological event that occurred 7,000 years agomale genetic diversity appeared to collapse for a time. Also, a team of researchers from MIT and Harvard University report the development of a 3D printer that can print data sets as physical objectsoffering far more realistic, nearly true-color renderings.



Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00010 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.00 AUD

Citibank, Deutsche Bank, ANZ to Fight Possible Criminal Cartel Charges in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Amid an ongoing investigation in Australian banks, insurers, financial service providers and pensions funds for everything from rate-rigging to mistreating customers and questionable consumer lending practices, two major global banks are now facing criminal charges in the country. Prosecutors are now expected to lays criminal cartel charges against Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and the Australian bank (ANZ) over a $1.9-billion share of ANZs stock, according to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)


Woman injured in Wadeville rollover "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A woman has been airlifted to Gold Coast University Hospital after a car rolled at Wadeville, between Nimbin and Kyogle, around lunchtime Tuesday (June 5).

Westpac Rescue Helicopter attended the scene at around midday and treated a 27-year-old woman for limb injuries onsite.

She was transported to hospital in a stable condition.

Grafton smash

Overnight the helicopter was tasked to a single motor vehicle collision near South Grafton Airfield.

A 27-year-old woman was treated by the helicopter medical team and transported to the Gold Coast University Hospital with head injuries.

Two other occupants of the vehicle were treated and transported by local Ambulance paramedics to Grafton Base Hospital


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One of these countries is serious. The other has a school ma'am as minister for defence. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Exhibit One. Australia sends a stern message to China. Any further misbehaviour and it's the naughty corner for you Choong Wah. Exhibit Two Thanks for that Madam Oz.


LexisNexis Partners With Australian Crypto Exchange Blockbid to Increase Security "IndyWatch Feed National"

Risk management giant LexisNexis has partnered with Australian crypto exchange Blockbid to make trading more secure


Hunger (or what I inherited from my grandmother) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Maybe I cant blame Stalin for my disordered eating, but I think we must allow for unexpected ways that trauma persists the cycles and resonances following the wandering migrant; the lost community, incoherent and unpredictable.


Supreme Court upholds Alcohol Protection Orders "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Northern Territory Supreme Court has today held that the now repealed Alcohol Protection Order (APO) regime was valid and not in breach of the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act.

The case was bought in June 2016 by the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA) on behalf of Dennis Munkara. Mr Munkara was issued with an APO in July 2014 after he allegedly stole a bread roll, some sandwich meat and an orange juice, totalling $4.20, from a supermarket while allegedly intoxicated.

An APO prevented a person from possessing or consuming alcohol, or going to licensed premises which includes a number of supermarkets, restaurants, sporting venues and airport facilities. Police were able to stop, search and arrest people subject to an Order. Breaching an APO was a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment.

Aboriginal people constitute close to 30 percent of the NTs population, yet the NT Police issued over 85 percent of APOs against Aboriginal people. APO laws were introduced by the former Giles Government and repealed by the Gunner Government in 2017.

Priscilla Atkins, CEO of NAAJA, said that while shes disappointed with the Supreme Courts decision, shes pleased the Gunner Government had already repealed these draconian laws.

"Its fantastic that APOs are a thing of the past in the Territory. Too many Aboriginal people are caught in the quicksand of the criminal justice system because of punitive and damaging laws. The Government should be doing everything it can to ensure Aboriginal people are spared the trauma and harm of being locked away behind bars," said Ms Atkins

Ruth Barson, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, who was part of Mr Munkaras legal team, said that while APOs had been repealed there were a range of heavy handed NT laws that unfairly target Aboriginal people, which the Gunner Government previously promised to abolish.

When in opposition, Michael Gunner called paperless arrests bad laws and said, in response to the Coroners finding into the death in police custody of Mr Kumanjayi Langdon, who was arrested under paperless arrest laws, that:

"We will repeal paperless arrest laws and we will bring forward a better regime that takes pressure off police."

"Two years on from the Gunner Governments election, thousands of Aboriginal people are being unfairly locked away in police cells because the Chief Minister has failed to deliver on his promise to bin paperless arrest laws once and for all. The lives and liberty of Aboriginal people are being jeopardised by the Gunner Governments inaction," said Ms Barson. 

Paperless arrest powers allow police to arrest people on the belief that they may commit trivial offences such as undue noise, singing an obscene song...


The Silent Boom in Aussie Resources "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Thats the sound of billions rattling into the tills of Aussie resource companies.

The Australian reports this morning that miners as well as oil and gas firms just had their best quarterly operating profit ever.

Exports are surging and, due to the mining downturn, companies have spent years slashing costs and investing in higher productivity.

Its now showing up in great revenue figures.

And yet all you hear are negative stories on Australia.

Newsflash: Mining is having a silent boom.

This is bullish for the ASX. And if commodity prices get stronger, as I expect, we could really get a big lift in the market over 2018 and 2019.

I keep saying the same thingnow is not the time to be cowering in fear expecting a crash.

Its a time to be hunting down great opportunities

Australian businessman Andrew Twiggy Forrest isnt resting on his laurels.

Hes part of a group that wants to put a floating LNG import terminal on the NSW coast at Port Kembla.

If all goes to plan, it will be operational by 2020.

The development cost is in the range of $200300 million.

This cant come soon enough, as something needs to be done about Australias high cost of energy.

The irony is that some of the gas to supply NSW via this terminal could be coming from the United States. This is while Australias domestic gas supply gets exported from Western Australia and Queensland.

Still, its more infrastructure spending for an already hot market on the eastern seaboard.

Now all eyes will be focused on the major miners. After all, free cashflow is pouring into their coffers, but nobody trusts them to allocate the money appropriately.

The poor decisions at the top of the last mining boom haunt the industry.

This could be setting us up for a sustained period of higher commodity prices because a lot of new supply isnt due to come to market at the same time.

Research from PricewaterhouseCoopers says capital spending from the worlds top 40 miners remains anchored at a 10-year low. This is despite the fact that profits and revenues are surging.

Higher commodity prices have other positive flow-on effects too.

A lot of weak real estate markets around the country are mining towns. These could see a lift if the resource industry comes back in a big way.

Keep your eye on the Perth real estate market as another way to play this.

But were mainly focused on the st...


Look whos set to get Unearthed at Mullum High gig "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Mullum Unearthed co-ordinator Oliver Arthur-Andrews with band, The Rat Mongers: Adel Pheloung, Kolin OHalloran, Jessop Clapp and Briana Foster. Photo Jeff Re-earthed Dawson

Mullum High School students have organised a big lineup of bands to play on June 15 at the schools hall.

Mullum Unearthed will feature eight bands from three local high schools who will compete for prizes with a total value of $2,000.

The winning band will score two days of recording and mastering at SAE.

Campus manager Ben Funnell said, SAE embraces the opportunity to foster creative relationships with the regions local schools. Byron Shire is a hive of creativity, and this includes the districts talented high school students. Our studio spaces are the perfect outlet for their artistry.


The night will also be a fundraiser for the Chrysalis program, which is a prevention-based youth development and support group for young women in local high schools.

Tickets are available at Byron Music, Mullumbimby Santos and Valiant Music in Brunswick Heads. For more info visit


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Council inspectors visit Limpinwood logging site "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Hewittville Holdings had no consent for the logging or roading within these Environmental Protection Zones near Limpinwood. Photo supplied.

Tweed Shire Council inspectors yesterday inspected the controversial Hewittville private forestry site at Limpinwood and have given assurances that logging has not resumed despite the concerns of some locals.

Hewittville has a history of unauthorised logging at its Boormans Road property and building unauthorised roads in areas of koala habitat.

North East Forestry Alliance spokesperson Dailan Pugh said there was a high likelihood that koala habitat had been destroyed in the course of the operations.

And Menkit Prince from Northern Rivers Guardians said the works had created soil erosion sending sediment into Oxley and Rous Rivers impacting platypus habitat.

Last September, following ongoing resident concerns and protests outside the property, both the EPA and Tweed Shire Council undertook inspections of the site.

The EPA noted five breaches of the companys Private Native Forestry Agreement, mostly relating to erosion, but despite issuing a formal warning it resolved to take no further action as it had worked closely with Hewittville Pty Ltd to ensure future compliance with the code.

Tweed Council meanwhile resolved to conduct ongoing inspections to ensure that the company met its obligations in avoiding the logging of important Environmental Protection Zones.

But on Monday (June 4) local networks were abuzz with comments including this one from a concerned neighbour.

Small logging truck and a tractor going up the hill with repeated honks of the horn at 7.05am today.

There was also one truck last week so it seems hes back at work.

But in response to Echonetdailys inquiries, Tweed Shire Councils Manager Development Assessment and Compliance, Lindsay McGavin said that was not the case.

I was at the site this morning for Councils investigation purposes, there was no forestry works being undertaken in the ar...


Business ideas welcome "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Sourdough Innovation Hub (SIH) in Mullumbimby and are now inviting new applications from prospective businesses. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Do you have a business or a business idea that you would like to grow or develop? The Sourdough Innovation Hub, located within the Byron Community College complex in Mullumbimby, is now refurbished and ready to help you get your innovative business ideas up and running.

We are creating an dynamic business space to support business development and innovation. We are ready to support businesses who are looking to move into their next phase of expansion with a current product or service , this could be expanding to interstate or international distribution, said Paul Jameson has been involved in setting up an alternative business innovation hub following NORTECs withdrawal from the site.

They are also keen to hear about new business ideas that people are wanting to develop.

The innovation hub will be providing businesses with a range of possible options from hot-desking to subsidised business space. Businesses can also access a range of other services including mentoring, marketing and legal advice as well as advice on accounting, IT and human resources among others.

We are creating a business cluster where there are opportunities for developing businesses to potentially share supply chains, network and collaborate, said Paul.

The cluster of businesses will create a whole that is greater than its parts.

They are interested in hearing from businesses that are in a growth phase and have aspects of innovation, sustainability and employment outcomes as part of their strategy.

We will be providing mentoring through a structured plan to help them meet their objectives and provide them with a range of tools to help them grow, said Stuart Picken, who is co-ordinating the incubator site.

Opportunities for offsite businesses are also available through workshops, business engagement and networking with public events that will focus on business development.

For a confidential discussion about your business idea and ho...


ABC 4 Corners 3 part hatchet job on sitting US President "IndyWatch Feed National"

Was the Trump Organisation targeting Russian investors? You betcha, says @realDonaldTrumps long-time business partner @felixsater. Part one of #Trump/Russia starts tonight on #4Corners 4corners (@4corners) June 4, 2018 There will be consequences. The $1Bn per annum Australian taxpayer funded ABC going after a sitting US president won't...


Mullum Music Festival 2018 First Line-Up Announcement "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Celebrating its 11th year the small but mighty Mullum Music Festival (November 15-18) is giving music lovers a taste of the wonders to come with its first artist announcement. Travelling from all corners of the world to rock the NSW North Coast town of Mullumbimby, the line-up includes the electrifying Nigerian Tuareg guitarist and songwriter, The Sultan of Shred, Bombino with his band.

Bombino, Mad Professor, Jah9, Gordi,
Osaka Monaurail, Kaiit, Jordie Lane, Saint Sister,
Hat Fitz & Cara, The Turner Brown Band

North African desert blues has become arguably the most successful world music genre to break through since reggae, and few have wielded the guitar with such mastery and majesty as Bombino. Mike Rubin May 17, 2018 The New York Times

Also Afro-Caribbean dub maestro Mad Professor, Jamaican jazz-on-dub soulstress Jah9, Australian folk/electronica singer songwriter Gordi, Japans ministers of superheavy funk Osaka Monaurail, Irish electro-folk duo Saint Sister, uplifting gospel-blues Sacred Steel outfit the Turner Brown Band, New Guinea born hip-hop neo soul artist Kaiit along with Mullum favourites the indomitable roots duo Hat Fitz & Cara and beloved troubadour Jordie Lane are touching down in Mullum town, making for one cracking line-up with more to come!

Taking place over four nights and 3 days (November 15-18) Mullum Music Festival is a whole-town event spreading throughout the halls, pubs, clubs and streets of the beautiful coastal town of Mullumbimby, 15 mins north of Byron Bay. Revered by musicians and music lovers alike for its impeccable programming and laid-back atmosphere, Mullum Music Festival is as much an experience as it is an opportunity to hear incredible musicians from across the world up close and intimate. Recently named as a Flagship Event by Destination NSW and scoring an official acknowledgement in NSW State Parliament, Mullum Music Festival is a grassroots success story that has its dancing feet firmly planted in the local community.



Ms GILLARD was admitted to practice law in WA on 4 May, 1992 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thanks to Seeker of Truth for this important find. GILLARD was only admitted to practice law in Western Australia on 4 May, 1992. That is around the time that the AWU Workplace Reform Association application for incorporation was refused on the grounds it was ineligible. Here' Seeker of Truth: Now...


Hannah found but Leon still on the run "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Missing man Leon Edward King, whom police describe as dangerous, may still be on the run in the Northern Rivers. Photo NSW Police

Dunoon woman Hannah Scofield, who was reported missing with warrant absconder Leon King on Friday, was found by police last night.

The 23-year-old mother is reported to be safe and well.

Leon King, who is still wanted by police, was last seen in the East Ballina area at about 2am this morning (Tuesday June 5).

Mr King is wanted by police on two outstanding warrants, including one for an alleged assault at Goonellabah the day he went missing.

Anyone who knows of his whereabouts is advised not to approach him but to call local police or 000 immediately.

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Nats MP used weasel words to disguise job losses: ALP "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Craig Elliot, ALP candidate for the seat of Tweed at the 2019 state election. Photo supplied

Chris Dobney

A vicious war of words has erupted between Labors candidate for the state seat of Tweed, Craig Elliot, and the National Party MP for Lismore, Thomas George, over claims 30 jobs are set to go at the Murwillumbah Firearms Registry.

Last week NSW Labor demanded the Nationals come clean on plans they claimed would slash a third of the jobs at the facility.

Labor said some 30 staff had been told that their jobs would be abolished with little consultation.

Mr Elliot, who is a former police officer, joined ALP Lismore candidate, Janelle Saffin and Shadow North Coast Minister Walt Secord to make the announcement last Thursday.

They said that at a meeting in Murwillumbah the previous Thursday (May 24), 15 workers were given notice and told their jobs would finish at the end of June.

Staff were also told that a further 15 ongoing positions were to be cut in the immediate future, they said.

The trio slammed the secrecy and arrogance of the Berejiklian Government over the move and expressed concern about community safety as a result of the reduction in staff.

Lismore Nationals MP Thomas George.

Nats deny claims

But yesterday Lismore MP Thomas George hit back at the comments, saying there was no way have there been 30 jobs shed from the organisation, as the Labor Party has alleged.

Once again the Labor Party is adopting fear tactics, without seeking clarification of the facts, Mr George said.

The NSW Police Force has confirmed NO jobs have been lost at the Firearms Registry in Murwillumba...


NSW eating disorders toolkit "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The NSW eating disorders toolkit aims to assist health professionals in applying best-practice principles in non-specialist inpatient settings in NSW. The Toolkit aims to assist with improving access to practical information, to facilitate consultation with specialist staff and to improve consistency of care for children and adolescents with eating disorders across NSW.

The Toolkit has been developed to provide practical information on key components of care for children and adolescents admitted with an eating disorder including:

Triage in the Emergency Department;


Identifying those in need of admission;

Admitting the patient;

Accessing specialist assistance;

Treatment planning;

Implementing treatment (primarily medical, nutritional and psychological aspects);

Involving the family and other health professionals;

Transition from inpatient care; and

Accessing further information and support.

The NSW eating disorders toolkit


Green light for $1 billion Queensland wind farm "IndyWatch Feed National"

BRISBANE, AAP The Queensland government has given the green light to a $1 billion wind farm that will be one of the largest in Australia.

Lacour Energy has been granted development approval for up to 195 wind turbines at Clarke Creek, 150km northwest of Rockhampton.

The project is expected to create about 350 jobs during the three-year construction phase.

Lacour Energy director Mark Rayner says the company is still completing a feasibility study, but he hopes construction can begin early next year.

The farm will produce more than 800 megawatts of electricity to be fed into Powerlinks high voltage transmission network.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham says the farm is one of many renewable power projects that will help Queensland achieve its 50 per cent renewable energy target by 2030.

Lacour has been working with government departments to assess noise impacts from the wind farm, and how the project will affect fauna and vegetation, Dr Lynham said.

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U.N. Expert Calls U.S. Income Inequality a Political Choice "IndyWatch Feed National"

GENEVA A U.N.-supported human rights expert has blasted the yawning gap between rich and poor in the United States, insisting in a new report that the worlds richest country is now moving full steam ahead to make itself even more unequal.

The United Nations human rights office said Monday that Philip Alston, an independent expert commissioned to examine extreme poverty, prepared a report on the U.S. that faults successive administrations in Washington for failing to uphold treaty commitments to economic and social rights.

The Australian-born New York University law professor specifically criticized the $1.5 trillion worth of income tax cuts that President Donald Trump has trumpeted as a key accomplishment of his administration, saying the plan approved in December benefited the wealthy and worsened inequality.

Alston, who was commissioned by the U.N.-backed Human Rights Council, built the report around a two-week trip to Alabama, California, Georgia, Puerto Rico, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. He acknowledged that no magic recipe exists to end acute poverty.

At the end of the day, however, particularly in a rich country like the United States, the persistence of extreme poverty is a political choice made by those in power, Alston wrote. With political will, it could readily be eliminated.

Ultimately, he concluded that American democracy is being steadily undermined by power-wielders and other vested interests. He decried caricatured narratives that elevate the rich to the drivers of economic progress, and stereotypes that paint the poor as wasters, losers and scammers.

An official at the U.S. mission to the United Nations in Geneva said Monday that diplomatic staff there had not yet reviewed Alstons report in full, but that the Trump Administration has made it a priority to create economic opportunities for all Americans. The official said the U.S. values the work of U.N. experts to raise attention to important issues around the globe.

The Alston report is short on recommendations, mentioning only five. One, entitled Get real about taxes, insists that most Americans should recognize that taxes are not only in their interest, but also perfectly reconcilable with a growth agenda.

Alston also called on the United States to decriminalize the poor. He cited the American Civil Liberties Unions findings that judges in 26 states had issued arrest warrants for alleged debtors at the request of private debt collectors, saying such moves were illegal and violated human rights standards.

Above all, the reports subtext was how the worlds biggest economic powerhouse neglects its poor.

The United States already leads the develope...


AUSTRALIAS OLDEST PEDO? 95yo pervert to be sentenced for sexually abusing 10yo child "IndyWatch Feed National"

EXCLUSIVE: Only a few years shy of his 100th birthday, a man now considered to perhaps be Australia's most elderly known convicted paedophile will face sentencing later this year over the sexual abuse of a 10-year-old-child. True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk, reports. [READ MORE]


Remains of an Ancient Civilization on Mars by NASAs Planet Surveyor "IndyWatch Feed National"

Outlines of a House, Church and Graveyard, Helmet and Statue of a Giant Frog.

By Stan Greene, Santa Monica Observer

Photographs released by NASAs Australian Deep Space Monitoring facility, reveal the presence of an ancient settlement on Mars.

Looking much like Roman ruins, the settlement on Cydonia Plains comes complete with outbuildings, a statue of a giant frog, and a discarded helmet.

Statue of a giant frog on Mars

Mars is the Red Planet for a very good reason: its surface is made of a thick layer of oxidized iron dust and rocks of the same color. Maybe another name for Mars could be Rusty. But the ruddy surface does not tell the whole story of the composition of this world.

The Red Planet has of course been the frequent setting for fictional civilizations.

Semper Mars (1998) by Ian Douglas depicts the Cydonia region of Mars as home to ancient alien ruins where mummified early humans are found in 2040. This is fiction imitating life, or very possibly the reverse.

The Martian Chronicles is a 1950 science fiction short story fixup by Ray Bradbury that chronicles the colonization of Mars by humans fleeing from a troubled and eventually atomically devastated Earth, and the conflict between aboriginal Martians and the new colonists. The book lies somewhere in between a short story collection and an episodic novel, containing stories Bradbury originally published in the late 1940s in science fiction magazines. The stories were loosely woven together with a series of short, interstitial vignettes for publication.

Ironically, Bradbury foretold the finding of an ancient, dead civilization on Mars.


London Grenfell Tower disaster, because of greed "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from London, England says about itself:

New video timeline shows how the Grenfell Tower fire unfolded

5 June 2018

A video shown at the Grenfell Tower fire inquiry, on the first day in which evidence was heard, shows the sequence of events captured by mobile phone footage taken on the 14 June 2017. It begins with the first emergency call reporting flames inside a fourth floor flat at 00.5.

Grenfell inquiry video shows speed at which fire spread to cladding.

By Sam Tobin in London, England:

Monday, June 4, 2018

Obvious dangers introduced into Grenfell Towers design, experts say

Grenfell recladding helped fire spread but was never tested properly, inquiry hears on first day of evidence

OBVIOUS dangers were introduced into the design of Grenfell Tower without any proper regulatory oversight, experts declared today as the public inquiry into the deadly inferno started hearing evidence.

In reports published by the inquiry, several experts were highly critical of the blocks refurbishment, the regulatory system which was meant to ensure the buildings safety and the testing of material used in the cladding.

Dr Barbara Lane said there was...


West Byron public hearings, June 19 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Harvest estate landscape master plan, supplied by Villa World.

Public submissions for two contentious and large West Byron developments will be held before the Northern Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) at the Mullumbimby Council chambers on June 19 from 3.30pm.

The panel will hear submissions for the two separate development applications (DAs) on a large parcel of land opposite the Arts Industry Estate on Ewingsdale Road.

One DA is being put forward by a collective of locals, while the other is by Sydney based developer Terry Agnew and Queensland based construction company Villa World.

In total, the proposal suggests 668 residential blocks, two business lots, two industrial lots, one recreation lot and four residue lots.

In May 2017, The NSW Department of Planning and Environment issued a press release spruiking the largest urban and commercial land release on sensitive wetlands in generations. The intervention overrode Byron Shire Councils Local Environment Plan (LEP) and came without the councils support. And according to the last council election, the proposal does not reflect the wishes of the majority of the community. The previous slim council majority was only possible after Greens councillor Rose Wanchap defected and voted to ask the then-planning minister to approve West Byron to her satisfaction.

5,000 submissions

In April this year, Byron Shire Council said it had received more than 5,000 submissions in response to the DAs, which council staff say was the most ever received. Issues raised, staff said, included: traffic, environmental impacts, koalas, stormwater, flooding, earthworks and design.


A global coral reef monitoring system is coming soon "IndyWatch Feed National"

Coral reef conservation efforts will soon get a major boost with a global monitoring system that will detect physical changes in coral cover at high resolution on a daily basis, enabling researchers, policy makers, and environmentalists to track severe bleaching events, reef dynamiting, and coastal development in near-real time. The satellite-based system which is the product of a partnership between Paul G. Allen Philanthropies, Planet, Carnegie Institution of Science, University of Queensland, and the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology will launch at five pilot sites this fall, before rolling out globally in 2020. This system could be a game-changer for coral reef conservation, Carnegie scientist Greg Asner, told Mongabay. It will be the first large-scale monitoring system that can detect where reefs are changing thereby enabling direct action to mitigate losses. Planet satellite image of reef off Moorea Island in Tahiti. The worlds coral reefs have been hard hit by a combination of rising sea temperatures, which trigger bleaching; coastal development that damages reefs directly and indirectly; unsustainable fishing practices, including overexploitation of key species and fish bombing; and run-off and sedimentation from agriculture, aquaculture, deforestation, and other forms of land use. Ocean acidification is another looming danger, threatening to undermine the very structural basis of reefs. Given the importance of coral reef ecosystems in supporting local livelihoods through fishing and tourism, mitigating coastal erosion, and housing up to a quarter of ocean biodiversity, there are deep concerns about these trends. But current systems for monitoring coral health


Italy has a new and unlikely government of two directions "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria

It took only two days for the president of that country, Sergio Mattarella, to back down on appointing a former banker form the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Italy breathed a sigh of relief.  Bankers are not in high regard and the fallout from the appointment, was so strong that it could go ahead.

The two parties that had scored the highest votes in this years March election, are forming the government.

One is the new Five Star Movement (M5S), which among other things, favours direct democracy, opposes austerity, champions a guaranteed income for all Italians and is pro-environment. The other is the Northern League (Liga Nord), which is in many ways the antithesis of M5M and has a relationship with Frances National Front, the Dutch Party for Freedom and other similar parties through Europe.

The only thing they have in common, is antipathy to the European Union and the Euro currency.

It is hard to see how they can work together. The strange turn of events is the result of their rise and the decline of the traditional political parties. This is a feature that is becoming more common around the world and in Europe, and it has hit Italy.

Those who suggest that these events are not serious and represent doing politics the traditional Italian style, cannot see the wood for the trees. True, unstable and sort-term government have been a ritual for most of the time since World Wart Two. It is not the same now. Italy was in a period of economic growth then. It is not now. People had much more faith in the essentially two-party system that saw, more or less, the same government come up again and again, except with new faces at the head.

Now the economy is much bleaker, faith in the traditional parties and politicians has dwindled, there is a reaction against what is seen as the greed of big business, especially the banks, and Italians want something else.

It is this new mood that gave rise to M5S in the south and the Liga in the north. They offer different choices. M5S offers its form of people power and sharing the wealth of the country. The Liga offers some restriction on the excesses of big business, but also more austerity and the expulsion of immigrants.

The replacement prime minister is Giuseppi Conte, who is a law professor. The deputy prime ministers of the new government are M5S leader Luigi De Maio and Liga leader Matteo Salvini. Di Maio has also taken the key economic development and labour portfolios and another M5S member (Elizabetta Trenta) will get defence. Sabini will become interior minister. Independents (Paolo Savona and Giovani Tria) will be the Finance and foreign affairs ministers.

This will be a government that promises to lift spending on social services, while at...


June 5 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1788 - All the bovine meals-on-the-hoof strayed from the settlement, leaving the colony without fresh milk, cheese, chops, the Sunday roast and manure for the Moo Poo Tea.
So...they packed up their bags and went back to Mother England, leaving Oz to be populated by aliens.
Who craved bovine-flavoured snacks.

1791 - Mary Bryant's nicking-off-from-the-colony convict party reached Timor where they posed as survivors of a shipwreck...but without Gilligan.

1811 - George Johnston, who led the Rum Rebellion against poor old Billy Bligh, was found guilty of mutiny, cashiered from the army but allowed to return his sad and sorry self to NSW. Macarthur, the other major trouble-maker of the plot, was ordered to park his sad and sorry self in England for awhile.

1819 - Macquarie chaired a public meeting where it was decided to open a savings bank rather than a cake stall, as was first suggested by the colony cooks.

1823 A path through the Liverpool Range, now known as Pandoras Pass, was found by Allan Cunningham.

1828 - Scone settler Francis Little wrote a letter to the Governors Colonial Secretary, Alexander Macleay, which provides the earliest local records of the Aboriginal population:
There are two Tribes or Families who inhabit this district the Tullong and Murrain. The former chiefly resides in the neighbourhood of Dart Brook the latter on Pages River. The Tullong Tribe consists of 19 men, 11 women, 9 children Total 39. The Murrawin Tribe consists of 16 men, 8 women, 5 children: Total 29.There is besides these two Tribes or Families a very strong Tribe which we sometimes see belonging to Liverpool Plains. Upon one occasion I saw about 50 men with a number of women and children.I should think about 30 or 40 blankets would be enough to issue. And a few Tomahawks would be of great value to them.

1831 -  Tasmanian Aboriginal leader and warrior Tarenorerer, known as Walyer by the sealers of Bass Strait, who had fought savagely and bravely for her people, passed to the stars at Gun Carriage (Vansittart) Island.

1854 - The commanding officer of the Western Australian native police, John Nicol Drummond, with a large group of station hands from nearby properties conducted a massacre of the resisting Aboriginals from the Greenough area, with Drummond and his force attacking their refuge at Bootenal swamp. Follow up raids occurred on the Aboriginals living on the Irwin, Bowes and Chapman Rivers around Geraldton.

1866 John McDouall Stuart, the most accomplished and most famous of all Australia's inland explorers, popped his clogs.

1869 - The first reported rugby match in Country New South Wales, in Newcastle between the Volunteer Artillery Team and the United Cricket Club.

1870 - Jeannie Taylor, who became...


Recent Study Finds that Couples Who Love Each Other Get Fat Together "IndyWatch Feed National"

Does being happy in love make you earn love handles?

A new research suggests that being satisfied in a relationship makes a couple susceptible to weight increase.

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia followed 6,458 women for 10 years. So they discovered that women aged 20 to 30 years old, without children, who were married or living in a stable relationship with their partner, were fattened more than singles. Apparently, stable and happy relationships made earn an average of 13 pounds, 30% more than singles. Some even came to gain an average of 4 pounds per year.

But women are not the only ones to gain weight in stable relationships. Another study by the Southern Methodist University in Dallas followed 169 newlywed couples for a period of four years and reached the same conclusions: both women and men increased weight. Also, another research conducted at the University of New York found no significant differences between men and women regarding weight gain during the relationship.

In fact, researchers agree that are the most satisfying and happy relationships that promote greater weight gain, because marital problems and divorces around the corner often result in weight loss.

Why love makes you get fat?

The reasons for this weight gain are different. The researchers point out that in many cases this is because people adapt to the others living habits, which are not always the healthiest.

In the case of women, it was seen that tend to eat more foods high in fat and sugars, developing a distortion in the perception of portion sizes, which leads them to eat the same amount of male partners, not realizing that the caloric requirements of men it is not the same for women. In fact, some of the women surveyed admitted to having eaten the same amount of their male partners or even more.

It was also noted that couples tend to spend more time and effort to the preparation of meals. If we live alone it is likely we skip a few meals or snack something quick, but living in pairs we tend to prepare more abundant dinners, with dessert or alcohol included. In married life, meals have a more important role because are also the moments when we get together.

In addition, it is normal that we want to spend more time with each other in a relationship, which can cause some people to abandon or...


The Commonwealth Bank fined for what should be regarded as criminal acts "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

After facing accusations form the Federal Governments financial intelligence agency AUSTRAC, involving serious breaches of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws, the Commonwealth Bank has agreed to pay a $700 million fine. It will also pay AUSTRACs $2.5 million legal costs.

The bank has also admitted to the late filing of 53,506 reports of transactions above $10,000 through its intelligent deposit machines (IDMs), 149 suspicious matter reports were filed late, or not filed at all, failure to perform proper checks on 80 suspicious customers and transactions, and 14 occasions where the bank failed to adequately assess risks related to its IDMs.

A fine is justified, but it is not nearly enough, given the scale of the misdeeds. The Commonwealth has been caught out deliberately engaged in organised criminal activity. Doing it on this scale is no accident. Criminal charges are appropriate and none have been laid.

If it had of been anyone else, they would be personally brought before the court and face the prospect of jail time. The Commonwealth Bank and those making the decisions got punishment light.

A deal has been cut instead of imposing criminal charges. The reason is that the governments persistence on continuing to allow the industry to self-regulate, rather than the alternative of compulsion.

This is especially important, given the revelations from the Royal Commission and other places, which show the banks have been behaving as a cartel for dishonest behaviour, and ripping off the customer at every opportunity.

One would think that in these circumstances, a strong message would be called for

The deal struck with the Commonwealth Bank hardly suggests that wrongdoers will be punished on a scale that matches the extent of their wrongdoing.

That it is precisely the banks inability to regulate themselves according to community standards that has been a big part of the problem, is conveniently forgotten.

Consequently, rather than prosecution, there have been negotiations, to see how to get over a public scandal, while masking it look like something has been done. No wonder the Commonwealth Bank is happy to go down this road.

Taking the self-regulation option, allows the banks to escape serious consequences, by calling deliberate breaches a mistake that warrants a lesser punishment.

The message that this sends out is that the banks can continue what they are doing, and if they do it so clumsily that they get caught out in the end, the punishment will still not be enough to force them to change their ways.

Only when enough external regulation is imposed on the banks, will there be a chance for mi...


Flat Earth Believers Claim Australia Doesnt Actually Exist, And That NASA Made It Up "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sure, the idea that the world was flat was already a stretch as far as getting behind it but somehow now people actually believe that Australia doesnt exist. Apparently, NASA simply pays actors to pretend to live there, according to flat Earthers. (Let the eye-rolling commence.)

While this theory was formed on Reddit back in 2017, it has recently been making its rounds once again. It has been viral off and on ever since and continues to make its rounds on Facebook, this time being claimed by the Flat Earth Believers. While their page in itself makes it hard to tell if they are just making jokes and trolling or if they are actually serious people somehow a lot of people do believe this theory.

This just goes to show that people will literally believe anything. You can basically say whatever you want with no backing and have plenty of people chasing you along your way. In this day and age fact checking and looking into the sources will really benefit you greatly. That being said, things like this are overwhelmingly disappointing, people actually believe this? WOW!

Below you will see an image of one of the more viral posts from back in October. It claims that Australia doesnt exist and the idea of it, in general, was a coverup for one of the greatest mass murders in history. The writer continues to say that if you think you have been to Australia you are mistaken and that you were merely flown to islands nearby or in South America. Their post is a mere repost of something someone named Shelley Floyd posted some time ago.

The Earth being round has been proved time and time again in many ways, one of those ways being satellite images from space and so forth but that is a rant for another day. I guess the point of this article is to let you know that just because you see something online doesnt mean it is the truth. In this day and age, fake news and lies are being pushed on us in many ways. It is up to us to fact check and do our best to only believe in the truth.

What do you think about all of this? No, those roughly twenty-four million people living in Australia are not all paid actors hired by NASA.



Ripple Pumps $50 Million Into Academic Research on Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ripple has announced its setting aside millions of dollars to fund university based research on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Based on A news statement published Monday, the University Blockchain Research Initiative will see the distributed ledger payments startup collaborate with 17 universities from across the world to boost academic research inside the industry. Ripple says itll put over $50 million, and also its own experience and technical resources, into financing the initiatives first group of university partners. The institutions will be capable to set their research topics independently, in accordance with the announcement. The payments firm, which offers several blockchain based products that are seeing growing adoption within the banking and money transfer industries, aims as part of the effort to collaborate on R&D that will stimulate understanding and innovation around blockchain, and also to help set up new curriculums to open up the technology to students.

The initiative is already getting off the ground at some universities, with the Center for Information Technology Policy in Princeton creating a program to study the policy impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain from the U.S. And globally. And, among others, UBRI is also participating in the Fintech initiative at MITs Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to work with researchers on subjects including locking, cryptoconversion, cybersecurity and international payments. Outside the U.S., 17 universities of the project include institutions in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, India and South Korea. Students image via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

news announcement
growing adoption
strict set of editorial policies


Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and NEO "IndyWatch Feed National"

Overall, prices are on the rise. As we can see from the charts, Bitcoin prices are appreciating hauling with it other coins as Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and NEO. At the same time, Ethereum is also rising and keeping up with []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and NEO appeared first on The Global Mail.


Health Expert & Vaccine Proponent: Flu Shots Do Little To Protect Against Virus "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A public health expert is warning that this years ineffective flu shot could be even more of a risk to health than previously thought, and for entirely different reasons than we might suspect.  Since the flu vaccination will do little to prevent the virus, the expert is warning that masks should be worn instead as a more effective way to prevent the spread of the disease.

Dr. Chris Del Mar, Professor of Public Health at Bond University has challenged the value of influenza vaccinations while speaking at the GPs Down Under Conference on the Gold Coast. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Del Mar states that the influenza vaccine has been oversold in Australia and said hand- washing, and mask-wearing should instead be the focus of flu prevention campaigns.

Del Mar pointed to a review that found seasonal flu vaccines only reduced the rate of laboratory-confirmed influenza cases by between 1 to 2 percent. Influenza is indeed a true threat to public health and I am not a vaccine skeptic in general, but annual influenza vaccinations do little to protect against serious illness, Professor Del Mar said. My viewing of the evidence is that the amount of benefit for influenza vaccine is very, very weak and it makes me think that this is not a great use of our effort in trying to immunize large swaths of the population when there are other opportunities that may be more effective, he said.

In fact, studies have even been done to confirm that the flu vaccine not only is ineffective at flu prevention, but it spreads the virus as well.


Flu Vaccine Bombshell: 630% More Aerosolized Flu Virus Particles Emitted By People Who Received Flu Shots, Flu Vaccines Actually SPREAD The Flu



Successful deal: India welcomes first-ever shipment of Russian liquefied natural gas "IndyWatch Feed National"

Russia's energy giant Gazprom has started supplying liquefied natural gas (LNG) to India. The first cargo docked on Monday at the Petronet LNG terminal in India's westernmost state Gujarat. India's Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said his country will import LNG from Russia worth an estimated $25 billion over the contract period of 20 years. Supplies will come from Gazprom's Yamal LNG project in the Arctic. "Today will be considered as Golden Day in India's energy roadmap," Pradhan told reporters. "Four years back, we were importing LNG only from Qatar. Today we are getting LNG from Australia, US and now Russia." The minister called the Russia-India deal very successful, saying the shipment of Russia's LNG was a "big achievement."He detailed that $1.5 billion worth LNG will be bought from Russia every year, adding that "Gazprom's price is very competitive."


New gun amnesty period for unregistered firearms underway in NSW until 30 September 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

In 2016 there were est. 872,662 registered and unregistered firearms in New South Wales.

Although that is a much lower number than the 1.09 million that were in the community in 1999, it still represents 11.42 firearms for every 100 people in the state.

The highest number of guns were in rural and regional NSW.

Of which est. 7,829  were held by residents in the Grafton post code area along with 5,958 in Lismore, 3,916 in Kyogle, 1,378 in Ballina, 396 in Byron Bay, 376 in Tweed Heads, post code areas. 

That's an awful lot of guns in major towns in the Northern Rivers region.

Perhaps now is the time to consider whether gun ownership (or the number of guns owned)...


Where the Trump Regime goes the far-right in Australia's Turnbull Government are sure to follow "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Emboldened by the Heartland Institute's capture of the US Trump Government, I suspect that Australia will see a renewed push by one of the compatriots of this American lobby group  - the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) - to further wind back federal and state environmental protections.

The IPA already has an uncomfortably close relationship with the Turnbull Government as a number of its members are within its ranks.

This is the current state of play in the United States.

DeSmog Blog, 29 May 2018:

A lawsuit filed in March by the Southern Environmental Law Center and Environmental Defense Fund has revealed new levels of coordination between Scott Pruitt's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the climate science-denying think tank the Heartland Institute.

The EPA had repeatedly failed to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests by the two groups, which resulted in the lawsuit and subsequent release of the email communications....

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Monday, 04 June


A Royally Good Time: Patrick Topping & Guests $15.00 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Now the royal formalities are out of the way, its time to send it for the Queens Birthday. And who better to lead proceedings than the UKs greatest tech haus lord Patrick Topping! 

One of the most in-demand names in dance music right now, Patrick Topping has carved a reputation for himself as a figurehead for a wave of exciting and diverse artists from the U.K. A prolific producer, whos released on labels such as Hot Creations, Truesoul & Relief Records and remixed the likes of Booka Shade, Tiga and Matador, whilst securing 11 Beatport #1s, such as Be Sharp Say Nowt, Forget and Voicemail a collaboration with the legendary Green Velvet.

Resident for Jamie Joness Paradise night at DC10 since 2014, Patricks far reaching appeal has seen him play festivals including Coachella, Awakenings, Ultra & Tomorrowland, complete 5 tours of Australia, as well as countless shows in Europe, South America, Asia and recently festivals in South Africa.

In 2017 the Newcastle native became a Mixmag cover star and his City Takeovers were the subject of widespread acclaim, with Patrick playing a series of pop-up venues in Edinburgh, Dublin and Birmingham. He has also landed two DJ Awards, one DJ MAG Best of British Award and was voted 11th in Resident Advisors Top DJs of 2016 poll.

Buy tickets here.

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Kerry Stokes Capilano Honey have their dirty legal tactics against Simon Mulvany exposed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Kerry Stokes Capilano Honey and their dodgy lawyers have had a major tactical defeat in their honey laundering operation in the Supreme Court of NSW against beekeeper and journalist Simon Mulvany. In February 2016 Capilano Honey and their CEO Ben McKee instituted injurious falsehood and defamation proceedings against Simon Mulvany at the Supreme Court of NSW []


Seven time over the limit "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


A MAN has been charged with high range PCA after allegedly being seven times over the legal limit, following a crash in Corrimal over the weekend.

Police were called to the intersection of Memorial Drive and Rothery Road following reports a car had crashed into the rear of a parked vehicle about 2pm on Saturday.

No one was injured. Police attended and the driver, a 45-year-old man, was subjected to a breath test which was positive.

The man was arrested and taken to Wollongong Police Station for a breath analysis where he returned a reading of 0.356.

The man was issued with a court attendance notice for high range PCA and is expected to appear in Wollongong Local Court on 26 June 2018. The mans licence was also suspended.


Calling ex students of the Armidale Teacher's College and Armidale College of Advanced Education - can you support the New England Regional Art Museum? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Mary Edwards, The Orchid 1935, Hinton Collection, New England regional Art Museum. 
Many students who went to the Armidale Teacher's College or the Armidale College of Advanced Education will remember the paintings from the Howard Hinton Collection that graced the College walls. Those paintings now form part of the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) collection along with the Coventry Collection plus other bequests. 

NERAM now needs your help to maintain and extend both the collections and its extension activities through the region and beyond via a bequest program. Bequests can include donations of funds, artworks, property, assets or shares and can be made through wills, estates and deeds of gift..

Why you should give

Many of the great art museums of the world have been built around the foresight of people who have made significant donations, bequests or endowments to ensure the artworks, programs and buildings that they love are looked after properly well into the future, said Robert Heather, Art Museum Director.

The New England Regional Art Museum was founded around one of the most significant acts of philanthropy in Australian art history, the generous gift of over 1000 artworks to the Armidale Teachers College by Howard Hinton.

Acts like this create a lasting legacy and are a tribute to the donor who gives them, he said.  The New England Regional Art Museum has been treasured by the many people in our community who have generously supported it over the years and we invite them to consider planning ahead to make a bequest to support the art museum after their lifetime.


Survivors of MK-Ultra: Carol Rutz and Kathleen A Sullivan "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Carol Rutz, and (R) Kathleen A Sullivan

by Mary W Maxwell

The 2018 Adelaide Fringe Play My Best False Memories had, as its audience, about 30 survivors (Im guessing), and one retired judge. And a couple of ladies who misunderstood the ad in the Fringe catalogue but enjoyed the play anyway.

The article below is basically Scenes 1 and 2  of  Act I of the Fringe play. It is aimed at mocking the crowd of naysayers who do business under the name False Memory Syndrome Foundation.  There is an FMS group in Oz as well as in US.

I know these two gals, Carol...



As most regular readers of this website are aware, Im fascinated by the story of Malaysia Air Flight 370, the flight that for all intents and purposes disappeared in March, 2014 under circumstances that can only to this day be described as bizarre. Read More


The Australian dream is dying: How skyrocketing real estate prices and changing tastes are killing off a staple of life Down Under "IndyWatch Feed National"

The great Australian dream of a house with a backyard is increasingly under threat as high population pressures force the demolition of homes to make way for apartment blocks. Read More


Australias First Digital Currency Town Accepts Bitcoin to Boost Tourism "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian beach town Agnes Water is billing itself the countrys first digital currency town in an effort to attract international digital-savvy travelers to boost its primary industry, tourism. Over 30 local businesses including accommodation providers, tour operators, restaurants and even the local pub in Agnes Water are now accepting cryptocurrencies, despite being a town of

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Neighbours from Hell Blasting chaos at Maules Creek "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Here is a sequence of 4  photos from the blast at the Maules Creek coal mine on Friday 1st of June 2018 at 1.45 pm. A complaint has been filed with NSW Planning Compliance.

Despite the dust and fumes from the blast leaving the site due to the strong winds, the weather monitoring at the site says No Action required monitoring compliant and weather conditions favourable



Mullum Library of Stuff set to come to life "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

After more than 12 months looking for a home for their new project, Mullum Cares has been offered a large shed for the Mullum Library of Stuff, courtesy of Chincogan Real Estate.

The group is now busily searching for quality items that it will then offer on loan to families and not-for-profit groups.

They are starting with four key categories and are asking local residents to start peering the back of cupboards, boxes and garages to see what they can find to contribute.

1 Tool library items in partnership with the Repair Cafe they are seeking a broad range of tools for home use.

2 Screen-free family fun quality board games, sporting equipment, musical instruments and camping gear.

3 NFP fundraising assets marquees, trestle tables, large pots for cooking, popcorn making machine, laminator, what else do you need??

4 Waste-free catering equipment minimum 250 bamboo dinner plates, side plates and bowls plus 500 12 oz cups for both hot/cold use they are opting to collect cutlery from op shops rather than purchase these new.

The group is also looking for feedback and letters of support. The first grant is to Australian Ethical and it must be submitted by this Wednesday, June 6.


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As most regular readers of this website are aware, I'm fascinated by the story of Malaysia Air Flight 370, the flight that for all []



Nominations open for Tweeds Access and Inclusion Awards "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

From left, back: EAAC members Nate Quinell and Wendy Gilbett (chair), Cr Chris Cherry, Suzy Hudson (EAAC), 2017 winner Bev Larsson, Chris Vannucci (EAAC), Cr Warren Polglase and Drew Stevenson, from the Pottsville Beach Community Centre. Front: Patron Bill Chaffey, Una Cowdroy (EAAC) and Tracey Stinson and Karen Collins from TSC.

World champion triathlete Bill Chaffey recently highlighted the recent Gold Coast Commonwealth Games as a positive example of access and inclusion at an event.

He was speaking at the official launch of the sixth annual Tweed Shire Access and Inclusion Awards.

Can the Tweed Shire go one better?

No doubt attendees at this years nomination launch, held last week at Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre, are hoping so.

Indeed the centre itself is a previous winner of two major access and inclusion awards.

Mr Chaffey, who is the awards patron, told the audience that this years Games were a great example of inclusion and one of his best sporting experiences.

I hope my profile as an athlete will gain the attention of the community and make people think about making a nomination, he said.

Tweed Shire Councils Ageing and Disability Community Development Officer, Karen Collins, said she encouraged people to nominate to show the community who is doing a great job for access and inclusion in the Tweed Shire.

The awards have grown since they started in 2013 with more of the community becoming aware that being included is a basic right no matter who you are, Ms Collins said.

Access means you can go where you want to in the community and inclusion means when you go out you feel welcome and are treated with respect. Everyone is responsible for making this happen. Your nomination sends a message that access and inclusion is important for the whole community.

Councillor Warren Polglase, who is also a member of Councils Equal Access Advisory Committee (EAAC), was also at the launch event.

These awards are an important event that has grown in prestige since they started in 2013. They have really made a difference in the way the community thinks about being inclusive, Cr Polglas...


EROC Releases College Bingo: Rape And Hazing Edition As Fall Out From Latest St Marks Scandal Grows "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last night 60 Minutes aired damning allegations against the elite St Marks residential college which houses students from the University of Adelaide and other South Australian universities.

The segment included footage of a naked male student giving a grinding lap dance to a person alleged to be a member of staff; multiple allegations of sexual assault; and claims of serious hazing, including revelations that in February, first year female students were taken on a sex tour of the college before being required to strip in front of drunk, older male students.

Earlier this year, New Matilda gained a copy of the 2013 Orientation Manual for St Marks College which included poems such as:

Have you ever choked on 10 inches of rod?
Just one of the reasons why this man is God
A [sporting]legend, you fresher girls quiver
As he rams his hard dick up into your liver
And while you lie yelping and bleeding in pain
You find yourself shouting and screaming his name.

And then this:

The beast from the river makes Lochness look tame
He puts girls in wheelchairs without knowing their name
Your axe-wounds will grow and flow like the Nile
His conquests he nails and throws in a pile
Fresher boys stop and pay homage to this demon
He makes you look like unwanted sprays of semen.

Predictably, the college has gone into damage control. Last night the website was temporarily pulled down but not before a statement was issued on Facebook which said: The College is shocked and appalled by the allegations and strongly urges the former students to immediately report their allegations to the South Australian police St Marks is committed to the safety, welfare and wellbeing of residents, visitors and staff and adopts a zero tolerance approach to inappropriate behaviour.

But student groups are calling bullshit on corporate spin. End Rape On Campus has produced a helpful College Bingo Rape and Hazing edition so that viewers and readers can play along at home, as the usual excuses are rolled out to explain away the behaviour.

Mark Pace, who is a former University of Adelaide student, and the current President of the National Unions of Students said: Its hard to believe the college is genuinely shocked and appalled by the allegations aired last night. We know that this has happened at St Marks in the past and that this has been an ongoing issue...


7 of Pete Evans' most controversial health claims "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pete Evans is back in the news this week after calls were made to remove his controversial documentary The Magic Pill from Netflix. The show, which is narrated and produced by Paleo Pete himself, features people with conditions ranging from asthma to autism who claim their symptoms were alleviated by a high protein, high fat diet.

In fact, Australian Medical Association President Dr Tony Bartone is the latest health professional to speak out, saying that vulnerable people are being misinformed.

Speaking to Fairfax, Dr Bartone said, "I respect Pete Evans' ability and expertise in the kitchen, but that's where it begins and ends," he said. "I would never dream of telling him how to prepare a meal. However, when it comes to the trusted health of our patients, everyone should turn to a health professional. That is, in the first instance, your GP."

And we couldn't help but think that this isn't the first time the My Kitchen Rules judge has raised eyebrows and shared certain health claims that made us do a double take. Let's take a look at some of the biggest ones.

chefpeteevansBREAKING NEWS! The new AMA (Australian Medical Association) president wants NETFLIX to remove our film the magic pill. Below is my response to the journalist about my thoughts that the AMA want to remove our film...which by the way they cannot!

Does the head of the AMA believe that eating vegetables and fruit with a side of well sourced meat/seafood/eggs to be a dangerous way of life? If so can they please share the evidence that this way of eating is detrimental to the health of human beings. 

Perhaps the bigger question to ask would be, is the head of the AMA fearful of people in Australia becoming healthy? What would this mean to their industry? Modern medicine is fabulous and vitally needed as we do say in the film, however, when 70-80% of illness is diet/lifestyle related, then shouldnt prevention be a considered approach? The information that is shared in the film by leading cardiologists, neurologists, doctors and scientists has prevention at the top of their pri...


Labor Party pres set to have a drink with the locals "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Mark Butler MP . Image David Foote-AUSPIC/DPS

ALP president Mark Butler will be rolling up his sleeves next week for a couple of brews with the locals at the Suffolk Park Hotel.

Mr Butler, who is also Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy will be hosted by the state Labor candidate for Ballina, Asren Pugh.

Your chance to throw questions at him and hear about Labors plans to combat climate change, increase renewable energy will set you back $30, although thats a lot less than a fancy city dinner with an MP would cost you.

The political brouhaha begins at 6pm next Tuesday, June 12, at the Suffolk Park Hotel.

Advance tickets can be purchased from

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Mind-Centered Healing Techniques that Can Help your Arthritis "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: Collective Evolution | by Richard Enos

If you already have arthritis, they do offer a few specific examples of things you can do to manage it. For osteoarthritis, they recommend that you maintain a healthy weight; for rheumatoid arthritis that you do not smoke; and for gout, they advocate that you eat a healthful diet, low in sugar, alcohol and purines. They add the following at the end:

Right now, because scientists don't fully understand the causes or mechanisms behind these diseases, true prevention seems to be impossible. However, there is real hope that someday some or all types of arthritis and related conditions can be prevented.

Gee whiz. Perhaps we simply haven't given enough money to Western Arthritis Researchers to enable them to 'understand' what's going on. Oh wellat least in the meantime, they have mountains of pharmaceutical drugs, enough for everyone, to fill the void of ignorance.

For arthritis sufferers, little of the 'insights' of Western medicine are truly helpful. The lack of clarity about the causes and effective treatments for arthritis is obviously frustrating. And when pharmaceutical drugs are the main line of treatment for arthritis sufferersdrugs which serve only to suppress the immune system and block some of the pain caused by arthritis, and do not offer the possibility of a cureit is understandable that having arthritis could lead to feelings of hopelessness and depression.

Links Between Arthritis and Mental Health Issues

In fact, this lines up with a new study conducted by the Medibank Better Health Index that shows that Australians living with arthritis are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Medibank Chief Medical Officer Dr. Linda Swan further drills down on this as follows:


Scam letters - the Sheriff of Victoria "IndyWatch Feed National"

WARNING - Australia Post is being used to send out scam letters to unsuspecting victims.

This is a scam letter that is being sent out by the "Sheriff's Office Victoria" in order to extort cash from the unsuspecting victim.

To incite the unsuspecting victim, to commit to a business transaction with the Sheriff's Office of Victoria,  the classic approach is by appealing to necessity, urgency or emotions of the victim with a so called 'statistic' being in this case:

"Nine out of ten people do the right thing ..."

This letter is as a result of (alleged) fines that have not been paid as a result of being issued by an "Infringements Court" which is apparently located on the Ground Floor at 277 Williams St. Melbourne, where your person had the opportunity to present the case before a magistrate / judicial registrar, in line with a "Chapter III" court.

Since the burden of proof is on the claimant the Sheriff of Victoria, Mr. Brendan Facey claimed that there are X amount of outstanding (spectacular?) warrants, Mr. Facey MUST do the "right thing", or rather the lawful thing and produce them as mandated.

Please note: Warrants do not exist as required by law in relation to your alleged fine/s.


MACKAY Weapons and drugs seized from Mackay street "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 04, 2018 at 09:03AM ,

Weapons and drugs seized from Mackay street

June 04, 2018 at 09:03AM ,

He is to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court today. Investigations are continuing into the origin of the weapons, believed to have stolen during a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Letter by Australia and The Nederlands to Russia dealing with Flight MH17 "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Embassy of Australia to the Russian Federation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Russian Federation present their compliments to the Third Asian Department and the First European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and have the honour to draw the Departments attention to the following.


Make Australia Gold Again! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Its impossible to get anyone excited by gold these days.

Even though its now back above $1,700 an ounce

Even though its the best performing asset since the turn of the century

No matter.

But if thats the case now, imagine how it was viewed in the late 1990s

After a double-decade bear market, gold languished below $500.

It wasnt only investors that were bored with gold.

Central banks the world over were net-sellers.

Indeed, from the late 1980s right through to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, central banks offloaded close to 6,000 tonnes of the metal.

In 1997, the Reserve Bank of Australia played its part

It sold off roughly two-thirds of Australias national gold reserves.

Under Ian Macfarlane, the RBA sold 167 tonnes of the metal.

It netted AU$2.4 billion from the sale.

But at what cost?

Today, at the 21st anniversary of those gold sales sales that reduced our national physical gold reserves to a paltry 80 tonnes of metal we answer this question.

You may not like our answer.

It may worry you.


My hope is that it will spur you into action

What was the RBA thinking?

The rationale for the gold sale was perhaps best summed up in a confidential memorandum presented to the RBA.

This memo noted a couple of key things:

  • The RBAs gold holdings represented some 20% of official foreign exchange reserve assets;
  • The total tonnage held had remained unchanged since the late 1970;
  • There was considerable cost in holding such a large physical gold reserve, especially in terms of interest income foregone difference between actual earnings and those that couldve been obtained;
  • That gold is the only reserve asset that is not a claim on some other government, international institution or bank.

Despite these positives, the memo stated: over the past two or three decades, the world has experienced a number of economic crises, but gold played no part in coping with them.

When looking at the outlook for gold, the memo suggested the gold price was likely to stay low. This was due to improving gold production techniques. As well as the expansion of the gold lending market, something the RBA participated in.

The bottom line: There would be no major increase in t...


Scam letters - the Australian Tax Office "IndyWatch Feed National"

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On Hell: hacking the body to freedom "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hedvas book is a pulsing work. It makes you want to delete all your social media, even as it recognises the internet as a potential space of freedom for those who understand its workings. In On Hell, Hedva identifies the effects of control on the brown body, bodies that are routinely subject to the violence of systematic oppression and incarceration.


PERTH Man presents at Fremantle Police Station with cash following robbery "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man presents at Fremantle Police Station with cash following robbery .

June 04, 2018 at 12:37PM .

member and handed himself in. A 30-year-old man from Bibra Lake was charged with robbery and is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court today .



Building Code Operations Analyst "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC)


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OP{SS}2net@ op "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Tree protectors lock on to Lennox Head fig "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Veteran forest warriors Kelvin Davies & Dianna Rivers at the threatened fig. Photo Sherrie Yeomans

Chris Dobney

Ballina Shire Councils plans to remove a 200-year-old Moreton Bay Fig tree in Lennox Head have once again come in for a drubbing after two local people locked to the tree on Sunday afternoon (June 3).

Sherrie Yeomans and Josh Kelly say they have chained themselves onto the tree in an act of civil disobedience and are accusing Ballina Council of ignoring critical evidence that could save the tree.

Were here with pretty much a constant stream of people coming and going [and] with a constant flow of media, Ms Yeomans told Echonetdaily from under an umbrella at the base of the tree on rainy Monday morning.

Council havent heard us. Weve provided some amazing factual evidence that theyve ignored again and again, so were not longer playing into councils hands, Ms Yeomans said.

The tree was slated for demolition after it being blamed for cracks in the driveway and wall of a nearby home by the councils insurers.

But Ms Yeomans added that now they had been rectified, the situation is fixed.

Locked on to the Lennox fig. Photo Castle Drive Fig Protectors/ Facebook

Its fear mongering on councils insurance companys behalf but we believe a $14,000 root barrier could fix all remaining issues, she said.

The driveways 75mm slab was way too thin. It wasnt a substantial enough slab to be laid there. The thicker 125mm slab couldnt be lifted by tree roots, she added.




Veolia loses ISDS case against Egypt after six years and millions in costs "IndyWatch Feed National"

June 4, 2018: Veolia, the giant French corporation which operates in Australia and world-wide, has finally lost its claim against Egypt over a waste management contract dispute in which they claimed compensation for an increase in the minimum wage under a new labour law. Its claim was for 174 million (A$268 million), and was launched in 2012.

On May 25, 2018, the IAR Reporter stated that the ICSID Tribunal had dismissed the claim by Veolia. Veolia has not issued a statement, nor has ICSID, the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes of the World Bank, published the details.

Veolia had signed a contract with the Governorate of Alexandria in 2000, to provide waste management services for 15 years. In 2012 Veolia took action against Egypt under the Bilateral Investment Agreement between France and Egypt, which allows for a French investor to sue the state if they can claim that a change in law causes damage to its investment. In this case part of the damage was alleged to arise from the increase in the minimum wage following a change in the labour law.

It took until April 2105 for the Tribunal to rule that it had jurisdiction over the case, and a further three years for the three-person panel to decide against the company.

This is an important win for governments right to improve workers wages against a private investors rights. But the detailed reasons for the decision remain secret.

However, it is also another case where governments lose even if they win, because the Egyptian government had to spend six years defending the case and pay millions of dollars in arbitration and legal costs. Although the costs of this particular case have not been made public, OECD studies show that average costs are $8-10 million and can be as high as $30 million.


OP{SS}7COM op "IndyWatch Feed National"



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Public meetings to consider governments new logging rules "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Extreme BMAD in a re-logged section of Yabbra State Forest. Photo NEFA

After declaring the state governments consultation process over new forestry agreements a sham and outraged over plans to create reserves for degraded forests while allowing logging in old-growth areas previously off-limits, two local environment groups have set up their own series of public meetings to inform NorthCoast residents of the impending changes.

The North East Forest Alliance (NEFA), North Coast Environment Council (NCEC) and local groups are hosting a series of public meetings to inform the community about the New South Wales and Commonwealth governments proposals to change the rules governing logging of public lands, which they say will remove protections for most threatened species, open up protected oldgrowth forest for logging, allow intensified logging, establish a clearfelling zone, and reduce buffers on headwater streams.

NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh said that because the governments have allowed loggers to remove more sawlogs than can be sustained, and with the spreading logging dieback rendering forests increasingly unproductive, the state and commonwealth governments have cut environmental protections to the bone and are now intending to start logging oldgrowth forests protected for the past 20 years .

They are removing the need to look for koalas before logging and protect high use areas.

In coastal forests south from Grafton they intend to start clearfelling 45-hectare patches over 140,000 hectares of public forests. Elsewhere they intend to require the minimal retention of 10-12 square metres of tree basal area in each hectare logged.

The reduction in buffers on our vital headwater streams will have major ramifications for the health of our rivers. They need repair not increased degradation.

It is truly reprehensible that the Governments are going to allow ongoing logging of dieback forests, dominated by dead and dying trees over seas of lantana, instead of rehabilitating them.

We urge the community to come to our information sessions to learn what the Governments have in mind for your public forests. This is the last chance for the community to h...


Asaba 2018: Kenya to send big team to African tourney "IndyWatch Feed National"

Over 60 Kenyan athletes are expected to take part in the 21st Senior African Athletics Championships to be staged in Asaba, Delta State from Aug. 1-5. After an unimpressive outing at the last Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, Kenya are looking to make a big statement in Asaba with their A athletes Athletics Kenya []

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Latest internet use data shows SA still lagging- 15% of South Australians dont use the internet "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 4 June 2018

A Fact Sheet released by the South Australian Council of Social Service shows that 15% of South Australians dont use the internet, 17.5% of South Australian households dont have internet access at home, and South Australia lags behind the Australian average in most categories of internet use. The Fact Sheet is based on the latest ABS data on household internet use.

Key findings:


NSW nurses prepared to take drastic action to improve patient ratios "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from New South Wales

Nurses in New South Wales are fed up and determined to act, as the state government drags its feet on nurse to patient ratios.

They are prepared to resign together and cripple the health system, if they must. When such a thing is contemplated, the situation must be serious indeed.

It is so bad that New South Walers now lags fart behind Queensland and Victoria. The only minimum ratio is for patients in rehabilitative and palliative care.

The state branch of the Nurses and Midwives Association is renewing the call for a change.

Nurses in New South Wales are fed up as the government drags its feet behind Queensland and Victoria whove introduced nurse to patient ratios.

General Secretary of the Association, Brett Holmes said at a media interview: We want that across all of our hospitals, not just the big city hospitals. We want patients in our rural and regional areas to have access to the same level of nursing care.

Morale in nursing is low. A recent survey revealed 67 percent of nurses have thought about leaving the job because of poor staffing levels and high workloads.

For those who remain it means even more work and more stress. Nursing care is affected, and patients are bound to pay the cost with health outcomes that are less than they are entitled to.

Weve got to get this government to understand that its time to put in place a system that delivers the right number of nurses to patients on every shift, Mr Holmes says.

Well continue to campaignpress our case for as long as it takes.

The public appreciates the important work that nurses do, and the experience has been that they want them to be properly treated. An additional patient per nurse can increase the likelihood of an inpatient dying by seven per cent.

After all, our health is one of the most important issues that we ever face. When governments compromise this, they threaten us all.


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Bank fraud exposed - Commonwealth Bank of Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

 Ian Mark Narev, no longer CEO of CBA

Continuing from the post that started it, Bank fraud exposed - The List,

Documentation regarding Commonwealth Bank of Australia is as follows:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia changed documents B:


Commonwealth Bank of Australia changed documents A:






ANSTOs secret transport of spent nuclear fuel assemblies through Sydneys streets "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Australian 1st June 2018 ,If you look out the window and glimpse a convoy winding through Sydneys streets guarded by swarms of federal agents and state police, dont be alarmed.

Any day now a decades worth of spent nuclear fuel assemblies weighing 24 tonnes will be moved out of Sydneys Lucas Heights facility in a highly sensitive transport mission months in the making.

The radioactive cargo is set to be shipped to La Hague, in France, but details about the port, routes and specific timing of the operation remain classified with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) only disclosing it will happen mid-year.


A cry from a brave indigenous heart "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Heather Mckenzie Stuart Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 4 June 18  Hmm, Regina McKenzie Vivianne C McKenzie I feel that our intelligence has been insulted by DIIS especially how we have been disrespected and ignored in our stand against the proposed nuclear waste dump Barndioota on Adnyamathanha yarta.

Honestly people, we might be Aboriginal and are still part of the flora and fauna and not in the Australian Constitution, but we have a mind of our own and can go between the non Aboriginal world and our culture.

We started our campaign against the dump talking to media etc, attending protest marches, visiting politicians. Vivianne and Regina went to Melbourne to see the then minister Frydenburg. Regina and my grand daughter went to Canberra campaigning with others. Reginas daughter attended functions in Sydney.



Bens passion for native bees "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The native beehive in place at the Ocean Shores Community Garden. Photo supplied.

Having moved to Byron Shire seven months ago Ben Treadaway has brought with him his passion for Australias native bees and their preservation.

Ben first discovered his passion for native bees as part of a permaculture course, where they learnt about Australias native bee. He was part of starting up a volunteer group called Sydney Native Bees that aims to educate people about native bees and rescue hives.

When Ben moved to the area he contacted local tree loppers and arborists to let them know that if they came across any native bee hives in their work that they could contact him and he would come and remove and relocate them.

My overarching goal is to rescue, educate, relocate and conserve the indigenous stingless bee populations within the local community, said Ben about his volunteer work.

An important part of this process involves educating local tree loppers, including information such as the appropriate spot to cut the tree in order to save the colony, in addition to the process of safely relocating the colony to places of educational and community significance.

Since he has been here Ben has rescued three native beehives and recently relocated one at the Ocean Shores Community Garden.

It was wonderful to observe the many people within the community who were willing to donate their time to help out and make this happen, said Ben.

Carmine from the Tallow Tree Services gave Ben a call after they realised there was a native beehive in a dead tree they were removing.

Tallow Tree Services used their machinery and time to ensure the native bee hive was removed safely so that it could be transferred to the Ocean Shores Community Garden.

The tree loppers, members of the garden itself, friends and family came together and we cleared and regenerated a section of the community. It was pretty special to experience with such a variety of people from the community coming together and acknowledging the importance of taking small steps to make a difference to the world, said Ben with a smile.

There are an amazing 1,660 native bees in Australia, however, only 11 of them are honey makers the other 1,649 are solitary bees. The native honey bees are stingless and the loca...


Chopper rescues three from Richmond River "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter has had a busy weekend, including helping rescue three people from a capsized boat in the Richmond River at Ballina on Sunday (June 3).

The chopper was called out at 3.30am Sunday morning after reports that a small boat had over turned on the river.

Three people were reported in the water.

The helicopter crew located the upturned vessel while the local jet boat crew performed the on-water rescue.

Mount Warning

Earlier the chopper was called to Mount Warning, where a bushwalker was said to be in trouble, but local emergency services were able to assist the person to walk out from the Mt Warning track.

Single-vehicle accident

On Saturday night the helicopter crew were called to a single motor vehicle incident near Atholwood east of Warialda.

The chopperss medical team treated a 28-year-old male for serious injuries. He was transported to Lismore Base Hospital in a serious condition.

Head-on smash

And on Sunday afternoon, the helicopter was called out again, this time to a head-on collision between two cars near Copmanhurst, west of Grafton.

A 45-year-old female was treated on scene by the critical care medical team and transported to Lismore Base Hospital.

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Bank fraud exposed - The List "IndyWatch Feed National"

Banks have been ripping off Australians since Westpac, you know "Australia's first bank", where the authorities have done very little to curb this fraud, but rather support it (as you do when you've set up a penal colony).

It is little doubt that the current Royal commission into banks will hide more than it will reveal.

We have obtained documentation with regards to specific customer's (victims) cases which involve fraudulent dealings by Australian banks and their derivatives.

These documents will be posted on this blog.

The list of businesses that have committed fraud against their customers within those documents are as follows:

Adelaide Bank
Bank of Queensland
Bendigo Bank
Colonial (Commonwealth)
Commonwealth Bank
Community First Credit Union Limited
GE Money
Greenspan Home loans
LaTrobe financial
Macquarie Bank
Mortgage Ezy
Mortgage House Broker Services
S.A. Lending Centre Pty. Ltd.
sevelle financial services
St. George Bank Ltd

Edit, from (28-05-2018):
See the first set of documents at:
Bank fraud exposed - Adelaide Bank

Bank fraud exposed - Commonwealth Bank of Australia



A salute to Julian Assange by Rogers Waters at his concert in Berlin on 3 June On 19 June 2018, it will be six years since Julian Assange was forced to take refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. He had been warned that the US planned an extradition warrant for his arrest. His 'crime' was that of a scrupulous editor - WikiLeaks had revealed the war crimes of the US. Today, Julian has never been more isolated, and his health is failing. On Sunday 17 June, the SEP will stage a rally for Julian in the heart of Sydney, Australia, his homeland. This is backed by John Pilger, Roger Waters, Julian Burnside QC and Terry Hicks, father of former Guantanamo prisoner, David Hicks. John Pilger will address the rally from the steps of Sydney Town Hall, which starts at 1pm. On Tuesday 19 June, there will be a rally and vigil outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, beginning at 6pm. Other vigils will be held outside British embassies around the world on the same day. In Dublin, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mariead Maguire and members of the Irish parliament, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, will speak in support of Julian outside the British embassy.


Ex-NSW prison boss fronts corruption probe "IndyWatch Feed National"

Lithgow Correctional Centre. Photo ABC

The man who governed the NSW prison where officers allegedly bashed an inmate, colluded to cover up their use of force and planted drugs will face a corruption inquiry into the incident.

John OShea, the most senior prison officer at Lithgow Correctional Centre in February 2014, is the last witness listed to give evidence before a NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption public hearing in Sydney.

The two-week probe returns on Monday with evidence from fellow witnesses Brad Peebles, the former manager of security who has admitted reports filed were inconsistent with what he saw, and senior correctional officer Jane Lohse.

The trio are the last to front the inquiry under Commissioner Stephen Rushton SC since it began on May 21.

The prisoner, a bikie associate who cant be named for legal reasons, says he was attacked by a group of officers and blacked out after they mistook him for his cellmate who had been a bit rude over the intercom.

Mr Peebles last week told the inquiry Mr OShea had been on the other end of the call and walked up to the cell door to give the man a dressing down before a specially-trained unit, including a dog squad officer, arrived.

Reports within the incidents use of force package state the inmate suffered a black eye, mouth bruising and injured ribs when he ran to flush contraband and fell heavily onto the toilet after a search team entered the cell.

Two officers have since admitted the files were fabricated.

Video of the area outside the cell was also not included in the package, which was signed off on by Mr OShea.

In this case, the CCTV footage should have been there. Even if it shows nothing, Mr Peebles said.

He also assured the commissioner he was not involved in any cover-up.

The inquiry has heard from a number of guards present, including evidence some prison officers were heavy-handed in their approach and those suspected of reporting inappropriate conduct were labelled as dogs.

The post...


June 4 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1629 - The Dutch ship The Batavia got into a spot of bother when it hit an island off the Westralia coast and did what boats usually do in that situation - she sank.

1770 - Captain James Cook was sailing the east coast of Australia in his ship The Endeavour on Sunday 3 June, and named the area 'Whit Sunday' in reference to a Christian holiday on the religious calendar.
Except it was actually Monday 4 June.
Should've gone to Spec Savers.

1788 - The Kings Birthday was roundly commemorated on the edge of the distant shore  with 21 guns fired at sunrise, noon and sunset, flags flying on every ship, a days holiday for the whole community while all the officers not on duty, both naval and marine, dined with the Governor. The soldiers drank the Kings health in porter and the convicts were allowed half a pint of rum. The governor also issued a free pardon to the three convicts then in confinement for trial.
Gov Arhtur Phillip named the settlement New Albion rather than Sydney on this day.

1789 - Guv Phillip gave a little whoopee shout when his first Government House was finally finished to lock up stage, though he obviously had to get the convict women in to run up a few curtains, polish the floor, decide on the shade of lining boards for the reception rooms and1,000 other important details that men's brains have a meltdown over.

1789 - Supposedly for King George III's birthday celebrations but probably as a double delight for Guv Phillip the first theatrical performance was put on by the convicts; titled The Recruiting Officer it was a comedy that had the shackled ones rolling in the aisles....along with their iron balls.

1799 - Sydney was rocked by violent storms that caused plenty of damage.
Several govt buildings were ruined including the Military Windmill.

1814 - The Sydney Gazette reported;
It is reported that Aborigines from Jervis Bay have joined with the mountain tribes (Gundungurra) and say they will kill the white settlers when the moon shall be as large as the sun (ie at full moon).
Cogie, the Murringong (Cow Pastures) chief stays on friendly terms with the settlers, fleeing to Broken Bay. He alleges that the mountain clans are cannibals.

1816 - In celebration of the King's 78th birthday Gov Macquarie declared a public holiday, held a formal nosh up and released the 15 Aboriginal men, women and children who were being held in gaol under suspicion of being involved in "recent hostilities".

1817 -  During the usual holiday festivities in the colony Macquarie inspected 260 Boys & Girls, Scholars belonging to the 1st. & 2d. Public Charity Schools, and Military School at Sydney.

1819 - Lachlan Macquarie threw another holiday for the King's 81st birthday, eyeballed the convicts tucking i...


How can your health service be improved? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

What do you need from your local health services? An online survey to find out what the needs for local and regional health services are on the north coast opens today. The North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN) want to find out about your experiences and views about barriers and challenges in accessing and using local health services.

NCPHNs Acting Chief Executive Sharyn White said the information gained from the community survey was unique and important and focuses on gaps in current knowledge about health services, their use and challenges.

Since 2016, NCPHN has funded 175 local organisations and health providers to deliver services to fill gaps and improve the health of people across the North Coast, she added.

North Coast Primary Health Network is an independent, not-for-profit organisation committed to improving the health in north coast communities. They plan to analyse the information provided and use the findings from the survey, as well as data about the region, to present to and discussed with local community members during September 2018.

Go into a draw

If you fill out the survey you will have the chance to go into a draw to win on of five $200 worth of groceries vouchers.

The survey will take 15 to 20 minutes to complete and all the information gathered is confidential. The online survey is available at:

Find out more information and look at the 2016 Community Survey findings and accessible, easy to read fact sheets here.

NCPHN states their priorities as: 1. Better mental health and emotional well-being. 2. Closing the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. 3. Improving our populations health and well-being. 4. Building a highly skilled and capable health workforce. 5. Improving the integration of health services through electronic and digital health platforms. 6. Improving the health and well-being of older people.

For more information, go to:

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Coastal Town Claims to be First Digital Currency-Friendly in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Coastal Town Claims to be First

Agnes Water, a beach town situated five hours north of Brisbane International Airport, has proclaimed itself to be the first digital currency-friendly tourist town in Australia. Over 30 businesses now accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment in Agnes Water despite being home to just over two thousand residents.

Also Read: Markets Update: Digital Currency Market Bulls Push Back After Decline

Agnes Water Seeks to Leverage Crypto to Boost Tourism

Coastal Town Claims to be First The towns decision to embrace cryptocurrency was reportedly the brainchild of local real estate agent, Gordon Christian.

Mr. Christian said that he first became aware of cryptocurrency when a client enquired as to how to process bitcoin payments, however, his interest pea...


MH17: A sinister choreography by NATO powers to smear Russia "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Dutch-led probe into the 2014 Malaysian airliner disaster has the hallmarks of a psychological operation to frame-up Russia and to justify further sanctions and aggression from the NATO powers. The so-called Joint Investigation Team (JIT) released an update last Thursday on its ongoing probe into the MH17 air disaster over Eastern Ukraine, in which all 298 people onboard were killed. The JIT's latest release moves the accusation of culpability closer to Russia, with the team claiming that an anti-aircraft Buk missile, which allegedly shot down the plane, was brought into Ukraine by Russia's 53rd Brigade based in Kursk, southwest Russia. Then on Friday, the day after the high-profile JIT presentation, a news report compiled by US-based McClatchy News and UK-based self-styled online investigative website Bellingcat was published claiming to have identified a senior Russian military intelligence (GRU) officer as being involved in the transport of the missile system. The Russian GRU officer is named as Oleg Vladimirovich Ivannikov. The report includes a photograph of the named man, who is said to have at least one residential address in Moscow and who used the call sign "Orion". Tellingly, the McClatchy report claims that news of identifying the Russian military officer was not known by the JIT when it made its presentation the day before. But McClatchy reported that the Dutch-led investigators now want to arraign "Orion". Over the weekend, the Dutch, Australian and British governments upped the ante by formally accusing Russia, and demanding that Moscow pay financial compensation to families of the crash victims. Most of those onboard the doomed MH17 were Dutch, Malaysian and Australian nationals.


Spains government falls and opens up the political future "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Spains Popular Party (PP) Government led by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy fell last Friday, after a no confidence vote triggered by the climax of a corruption scandal.

Rajoy and the PP are in many ways heirs to the period of the Franco fascist dictatorship that came to an end in 1975.  Over the last 6 years, a combination of austerity measures, an increasingly autocratic style and rising discontent have eaten away at its legitimacy. This character of the Rajoy government has been closely associated with the endemic corruption that has finally caught up with it.

Podemos the anti-austerity party, had been trying to bring this end for some time. The difference now, is that the socialist party (Socialist Workers Party or PSOE), which had in effect been maintaining the Rajoy government, through its refusal to support earlier no confidence motions in the Spanish parliament, was now in a position where it found no other choice but to bring it down.

PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez will become the new Prime Minister, with the backing of Podemos and the Catalan and Basque independence parties.

A public release of ledger accounts had revealed a massive racket, involving a secret party slush fund, with regular payments made to M Rajoy.  He could not hide form the unfolding scandal. Not that he didnt try. He claimed his innocence and still does. At the same time, he has been seen to fail to act to clean up the mess, even as a growing list of senior figures began to fall, until around 200 individuals were facing court.

The outcry over the corruption had by 2014, already compelled him to publicly apologise in 2014. He promised  the problem was a few bad apples and that they would be cleared out. Nothing really happened and the scandal continued to build.

By 2015, rising public anger reduced the government into minority status, and Cuidadanos, a new national top end of town party, was able to recruit a significant part of the departing Popular Party base.

Photo by Pierre Phillipe Marcou/AP: Mariano Rajoy at the moment of his defeat

Last week, the National Court found that some key people at party headquarters in Madrid had been taking kickbacks associated with government contracts. Long jail sentences were handed pout last week. One party official, party treasurer...


Bringing back languages from pieces of paper "IndyWatch Feed National"

The controversial ethnographer Daisy Bates recorded many Aboriginal languages in the early 20th century, which would otherwise be lost today; now her papers have been digitised In 1904 Daisy Bates, an Irish-Australian journalist and ethnographer, sent out a questionnaire to squatters, police, and other authorities across Western Australia asking them to record examples of the local Aboriginal language. Mrs Bates (1859-1951) was something of an eccentric - wearing full Edwardian outfits even when living in small tents in Aboriginal camps - and she remains a controversial figure. But she was one of the few Europeans of the era who lived closely with Indigenous Australians and recorded their culture.


Australia: Muslim gouges out wifes eyes and slaughters her in front of their three young children "IndyWatch Feed National"

The prosecutor argued his extremist Islamic beliefs had influenced the killer. Yes. This man was raised in a culture of violence that calls for the beating of disobedient women. The Quran says: Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain []


Don't turn to the military to solve the climate-change crisis| Nick Buxton "IndyWatch Feed National"

Warning about conflicts, wars and mass migration is the wrong way to approach thingsThe Australian Senate's declaration last month that climate change is a current and existential national security risk was clearly intended to inject much-needed urgency into the country's climate policy stalemate. Bringing together the unusual bedfellows of military generals and environmentalists to warn about the dangers of climate change, it has the possibility to break though Australia's culture [...]


Russia could double gold extraction becoming world's second biggest producer "IndyWatch Feed National"

Major Russian gold mining companies are planning to almost double production. The increase could make Russia the world's second largest producer of the precious metal. The country is currently third in the global rating of gold miners after Australia and China. However, that could change in less than a decade, according to Mikhail Leskov, deputy CEO at the Moscow-based Institute of Geotechnology, as quoted by Vedomosti. In 2017, Russia extracted 8.8 million ounces, accounting for 8.3 percent of total global production, according to data by the UK consultancy Metals Focus, as quoted by the media. The newly discovered gold deposits will reportedly allow miners to increase extraction by half in seven years. By 2030, extraction is expected to grow by nearly eight million ounces.


AWU Scandal prominent in The Australian today - along with ABC Gillard-protection racket "IndyWatch Feed National"

ABC pundits exposed by rejecting Gillard-AWU slush fund reports The Australian 12:00AM June 4, 2018 CHRIS MITCHELL Columnist Sydney Sometimes ABC hosts just cant help but show their true colours. Like last Thursday week when Melbourne ABC radio personality Jon Faine and ABC TV Insiders host Barrie Cassidy discussed the...


'Wish You Were Here': Roger Waters displays pro-Assange message at Berlin concert "IndyWatch Feed National"

Roger Waters, the former Pink Floyd singer, has once again mixed the worlds of music and politics by displaying a banner in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at a concert in Berlin. The neon red text, which read "Resist the attempted silencing of Julian Assange," was projected onto a black backdrop before his concert on Saturday night. Waters, who is known for making radical political statements on stage, is an admirer of Assange and has previously featured images of the whistleblower in his shows. Assange is unlikely to see the message of support, however. Housed in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since claiming asylum in 2012, the Australian has been banned from using the phone and internet for several weeks. He is also prohibited from having visitors.


Peace is a clich for when the West cannot control the world unopposed it means war "IndyWatch Feed National"

The West likes to think of itself as a truly "peace-loving part of the world". But is it? You hear it everywhere, from Europe to North America, then to Australia, and back to Europe: "Peace, peace, peace!" It has become a clich, a catchphrase, a recipe to get funding and sympathy and support. You say peace and you really cannot go wrong. It means that you are a compassionate and reasonable human being. Every year, there are "peace conferences" taking place everywhere where peace is worshiped, and even demanded. I recently attended one, as a keynote speaker, on the west coast of Denmark. If a heavy-duty war correspondent like myself attends them, he or she gets shocked. What is usually discussed are superficial, feel-good topics.


Roger Waters at Berlin Concert: "Resist the attempted silencing of Julian Assange" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last night, at a concert in Berlin, Roger Waters called upon his audience and his fans to resist attempts to silence Julian Assange, as shown in the images, copied from Twitter, above and below.

Isn't it also about time that the Australian government finally began to exercise its duty of care to one of Australia's most courageous and visionary sons?


LAU Wants to Establish The Medicinal Cannabis Research Center "IndyWatch Feed National"

Should we legalize cannabis in Lebanon? Whats the potential medical value of Lebanon-grown cannabis? The use of weed in the medical field has been legalized in several countries worldwide and there are currently 10 academic research centers studying medical cannabis in the world: six in the US, and the others in Canada, the UK and Australia, and LAU is planning to establish the first ever medicinal cannabis research center in the region.

The initiative was launched on May 30 during a lecture held by Professor Mohammad Mroueh of LAUs School of Pharmacy who spoke about the major potential gains of pursuing the study of medical cannabis and eventually manufacturing pharmaceuticals with the beneficial compounds present in the plant and along with the President of the Syndicate of Pharmaceutical Plants in Lebanon Carol Abi Karam outlined the medical importance, and economic and social benefits that pharmaceutical cannabis products could bring to Lebanon, including economic gains, reduced unemployment, and a reversal of the brain drain. [Source]

Im all for using cannabis in the medical field and its about time we decriminalize the use of weed for recreational purposes. Legalizing it is still a long shot and Im not in favor of it because it would benefit the local mafias controlling its distribution. If the plan is to make money out of it to boost the economy, we all know thats not gonna happen here, at least not with the way the country is being run.


How the media sees denizens of Parliament Drive, Canberra "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

One Nations lifetime president summed up in ten sentences

The Saturday Paper Editorial excerpt, 2 June 2018:

Despite what she says, Hanson is a politician. Shes just not a very good one. Burstons defection is the end of her balance of power in this senate. The relief at this is great.

To see One Nation break apart again is to be reminded of the brokenness of racism. Hers is a dried-out vision of Australia, mean and unimaginative. It is a pleasure to see it fail. It is like watching a dirt clod give in to rain.

Hers is a country of racist privilege, of conspiracy theories and clapped-out ideology. It is a godsend to see it founder....


Peter Chapman's stint as editor of The Queensland Times is catching up with him "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Peter Chapman first swam into public view as a Channel 10 sports editor, commentator and presenter in the late 1980s.

He left after ten years to work for Canberra Raiders NRL Club and the New Zealand Breakers basketball team.

He re-entered journalism in 2006 and stayed with APN News and Media for ten and a half years as editor first of The Daily Examiner, then the Fraser Coast Chronicle and finally The Queensland Times.

He quietly slipped out of journalism again in November 2016 when he went to work for Leda Holdings, a property development and investment company, as its Marketing and Media Manager. Presumably the new owner of APN's regional newspapers, News Corp, or Peter himself thought they would not be a good match.

Unfortunately for Peter his abrasive style as an editor meant that his journalistic 'sins' rarely go unnoticed and, on 28 May 2018 ABC TV "Media Watch" program finally featured his time covering Ipswich politics in QueenslandWith the program's presenter discussing the latest revelations of corruption in Queensland, and how a huge local story mysteriously went missing in the media.

As the Clarence Valley, home to The Daily Examiner, was never enamoured with his divisive, sometimes biased r...

Sunday, 03 June


PERTH 38 year-old allegedly behind random assault on elderly couple faces Perth Magistrates Court "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

38 year-old allegedly behind random assault on elderly couple faces Perth Magistrates Court .

June 03, 2018 at 04:10AM .

JASON Paul Ford faced Perth Magistrates Court this morning accused of bashing an elderly couple in a random, unprovoked attack in Oakford earlier .


PERTH The man accused of unaware attack on an elderly couple faces the Perth Magistrates Court. "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

The man accused of unaware attack on an elderly couple faces the Perth Magistrates Court. .

June 03, 2018 at 05:57AM .

JASON Paul Ford stood before the Perth Magistrates Court this morning accused of bashing an elderly couple in a random relentless attack in Oakford .



Climate Matters: Smart Electricity Deals Save Money "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Choosing an electricity retail provider is often challenging. Privatised electricity companies generate substantial profits and can confuse consumers. A common trick is to increase prices, then entice customers with impressive-sounding discounts. . Until August 2017, another trick was to offer 20-30% discounts for 12 months, after which, unless the plan was formally renewed, the cost per [...] full article 


TEDtalk video: My mushroom burial suit "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Heres a powerful provocation from artist Jae Rhim Lee. Can we commit our bodies to a cleaner, greener Earth, even after death? Naturally using a special burial suit seeded with pollution-gobbling mushrooms. Yes, this just might be the strangest TEDTalk youll ever see. We are planning a forum on eco burial in August. full article 


Solar power take-up accelerates throughout the New England North West "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The take-up of solar power has accelerated throughout the New England North West region, with a local community bulk-buy program adding 2% more installations in the last eighteen months alone. Weve seen the level of community interest in solar power grow greatly over the ten years that we have been coordinating the Farming the Sun community [...] full article 


Choose to refuse Plastic Free July "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

You may already know that Plastic Free July had its humble beginnings in 2011, as a local initiative driven by the Western Metropolitan Regional Council in Western Australia. The incredible growth the campaign has seen since then has seen us recently become an independent, not-for-profit charitable Foundation! Weve also been busy teaming up with World Environment [...] full article 


Naked and Afraid: Transcending the Comfort Zone in Japan "IndyWatch Feed National"

Alone, naked and undeniably trapped is how I found myself spending my first night in Japan on my own. I had never imagined Id be dipping into matters of deeply-rooted self consciousness so quickly yet there I was, trapped in a communal shower block without a towel.

Several ill-fated previous occurrences of the day all seemingly lead up to that moment, including an excruciating flight delay, some questionable plane food sending my gut into disarray and a run in with the taxi driver. Its understandable that I was keen for a hot shower to wind down. Then Id set up roost amongst my freshly ironed sheets and call it a night. Thatd be the end of it, right?

Hastily gathering my toiletries, I made a beeline for the showers. Down the hall, up the stairs and to the right. A fogged up glass door automatically slid open as I approached, releasing a thick, perfumed cloud of mist into the hallway. An elderly woman in front of me slipped off her shoes and I followed suit, setting my own in a little shelf beside hers. After following her a little further in, she halted, set down her bag, and stripped down to nothing. She even gave a curt nod in my direction as she sauntered round the corner, leaving nought but a neat pile of clothing behind; leaving me lost for words.

Following that confrontation of the full frontal, I had to wonder if this was common practice for a communal bathroom. In hindsight, a quick Google search would have told me that this was indeed the case. Curiosity dictated that I check out the next room, though self-consciousness opted that I stay fully dressed.

Sure enough, as I peeked around the corner of the peeling salmon wall, the rest of the room was occupied by numerous (naked) middle-aged and elderly ladies. To my left stood a large bath, lined by a gaggle of women chatting casually across the shared water. To my right lay a row of open showers for hosing off before the bath, and beyond those, a line of largely unoccupied shower cubicles. Never had I thought to prepare for public nudity this wasnt a bathhouse, after all. Eyes seemed to follow me as I darted towards the empty stalls evidently, being fully clothed just drew more attention to me.

After quickly locking the first cubicles door behind me, I instantly began to feel a little more comfortable. The murky, secluded stall sustained a much-needed sense of security behind that little lock. In the confines of my private cube, I finally undressed, allowing the previous stresses of the day to wash away. The rusty shower head provided a warm, inviting embrace from the stark winter air enveloping the streets of Tokyo....


Why My Open Relationship Didnt Work Out "IndyWatch Feed National"

First, it was a convenient option for Brianna and I were both bi. A pill-fuelled conversation about how it can suck being in a committed hetero relationship when youre bisexual led to a foursome with our boyfriends. Wed all been best friends for years.

Without properly thinking it out or discussing it, the boys looked at each other and felt pressured to say yes because it wouldnt have been manly to say otherwise.

A few rules no kissing with tongue, no face to face fucking, but I never felt the rules applied while high on whatever I could get my hands on.

Id never been interested in Ryan before he was completely off limits as my best friends boyfriend. A switch flicked with the addition of a sexual relationship, and I wanted him to want me, and he seemed to reciprocate.

I didnt feel jealous when I saw Liam and Brianna together. Maybe it was because I trusted them both completely. Or because I knew they had no chemistry for it continue beyond the room. Maybe I was too high off the excitement of having sex with someone new after two years in a monogamous relationship to care. Or maybe it was just because I was high and nothing ever seemed to be a bad idea.

We all sobered up; everything seemed normal. Were the type to neglect any awkward confrontation. The new weekend brought more pills and openness.

Lets make this a regular thing.

This time there was another girl, an old school friend. Liam seemed to take an interest in her and they spoke the whole night. We sunk into the couch unable to move, seeing lights and figures that werent there. Once we could move again, it started to get heated; I felt obliged to give permission for Liam and the school friend.

Im fine if you and Samantha want to do stuff.

Nothing happened between them, but seeing Liam show affection to a girl I didnt trust piqued my jealousy and I took comfort in being wanted by Ryan. Stealing glances from across the room, Ryan and I knew we were feeling the same lust. We got a th...

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