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Friday, 08 June


Being political tzar of all one surveys dos not always mean that the world will bow dowwn before you "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

There is no disputing that since becoming the ministerial head of that new 'super' federal government department, the Department of Home Affairs, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Craig Dutton has enjoyed a level of political power not shared by his ministerial colleagues. 

However he is obviously not happy that this power does not intimidate Australian courts and tribunals.

Perhaps this is because his Migration and Refugee Division and Character Assessments and Cancellations Branch are not always winning Dutton's war against orphans, refugees and those under threat of torture.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal decisions1 in 2018:

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection refused the applicants Protection visa. The applicant claimed he could not return to Malaysia due to his homosexuality as he would be subject to discrimination and abuse. The Tribunal set aside the decision. 



Whatever happened to what's his name? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

It seems that mainstream media reports concerning the Barnaby Joyce soap opera have jogged a few memories in the Clarence Valley.

I have been asked recently about the current status of former Clarence Valley Council general manager Scott Greensill.

And no, I don't know if any of those old rumours were true.

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Thursday, 07 June


Shahni Wellington // Aboriginal treaty with Northern Territory one step closer with historic signing - ABC News "IndyWatch Feed National"

Aboriginal treaty with Northern Territory one step closer with historic signing - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): The MOU will be signed by Chief Minister Michael Gunner as well as all four Aboriginal Land Councils in the Northern Territory, namely the Anindilyakawa Land Council, the Central Land Council, the Northern Land Council, and the Tiwi Land Council.

Negotiations for a Territory-wide treaty for Indigenous people began in March when the land councils met with the Chief Minister in Alice Springs.

A working group was set up to develop the MOU, which will set out the principles and consultation process for the treaty.


[MIS]CONCEIVE by Thomas E.S. Kelly "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

NORPA presents
By Thomas E.S.Kelly

Friday 29 June, 7:30pm and Saturday 30 June, 2pm & 7:30pm
NORPA at Lismore City Hall
Tickets: $20- $36
Bookings: or call 1300 066 772
Patron Advice: Recommended for ages 12+

**2018 National Indigenous Art Awards  Dreaming Award for an Emerging Artist**
** 2017 Green Room Award for Outstanding Choreography by an Emerging Choreographer **

What does an Aboriginal Australian look like? Act like? Sound like? Do they all have black skin, live in the bush and are they naked? Choreographer Thomas E.S. Kelly will give you a clue not all of them.

[MIS]CONCEIVE is a powerful new dance-theatre work by Thomas E.S. Kelly who recently received the 2018 National Indigenous Art Dreaming Award for an emerging artist.

[MIS]CONCEIVE challenges the idea that knowledge equals comprehension. Using an exciting mash-up of traditional and contemporary styles, dance and spoken word, [MIS]CONCEIVE simultaneously rejects, reveals and re-educates (mis)undertsandings about what it means to be an Indigenous Australian.

Kelly and his ensemble move with assured physicality in this high-energy work that pulses with humo...


Parents are losing their sons to Fortnite, the hottest game in the world The psychology is close to an addiction, or a pestilence "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you havent heard of the game Fortnite, you probably havent got a teenage son.

But if you have a teenage son, theres a chance you are in a living hell, right now.

By Madonna King

Image may contain: 3 people, people on stage and text

Teachers say Fortnite has in some instances changed the pecking order in classes.Photo: Supplied

Over the past month, boys between the ages of 10 and 17 have been:

  • Stealing their parents credit cards to improve their chances in the game;
  • Staying up all night, or setting the alarm after their parents have gone to bed, so that they could find a few extra hours to play Fortnite;
  • Pulling out of weekend sport because it would be time away from their game;
  • Playing it in class without teachers knowledge, and in at least one school the game and even any mention of it has been banned;
  • Screaming like toddlers when parents intervene to ban it during weekday nights;
  • Had their grades plummet in some instances from an A to a C- across most subjects.

Some parents are at their wits end. One group of year 9 mothers has joined forces to ban all their sons from using it. Theres power in numbers.

Others are dealing with ugly friendship fallouts, simply because one of their sons killed another in a game that generated more than $220 million in one month March alone.

Teachers say Fortnite has in some instances changed the pecking order in classes, with the top positions reserved for those who do best on the game. Others have sent notes home to parents, pleading with them to refocus their sons away from the game, and back to their homework.

But it might even be worse because of the sheer volume of those playing it and its competitive lure, particularly to boys.

It involves firearms but is free of blood, so provides less reason on the surface to be considered dangerous.

Cam Adair is a Canadian game-addiction expert who is on round-trips to Australia...


Backdoor Flaw Sees Australian Firm Lose $6.6 Million in Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed National"

A deal between Australian firm Byte Power Party and Singaporean company Soar Labs went south when millions of  Soarcoin tokens went missing. Soar Labs attempted to purchase a stake of Byte Power without actually paying for it. It all began in June 2017, a month prior to Soar Labs ICO. Byte Power announced the Singaporean company Continued

The post Backdoor Flaw Sees Australian Firm Lose $6.6 Million in Cryptocurrency appeared first on CCN


PERTH Demitry to face court for Rockingham rampage "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Demitry to face court for Rockingham rampage .

June 07, 2018 at 09:26AM .

He was refused bail and is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court today. In relation to the incidents at the two houses in Barnes Street the mans .



PERTH Knife-wielding man tased by Police in Rockingham "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Knife-wielding man tased by Police in Rockingham .

June 07, 2018 at 08:07AM .

failing to comply with a request to give police personal details and being armed in a way to cause fear. Hell appear in Perth Magistrates Court today .


PERTH Rockingham rampage: man charged with 12 offences "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Rockingham rampage: man charged with 12 offences .

June 07, 2018 at 09:26AM .

In relation to the incident on Medina Avenue: Reckless Driving. Driver fail to stop property damage. He is likely to face Perth Magistrates Court in .



Government fail on electricity rip-off and oversupply "IndyWatch Feed National"

It may seem that whatever the (Victorian) government touches is a deliberate 'failure of government' at the expense of  the tax slave population, but rather a carefully orchestrated conspiracy to plunder the masses further into financial ruin.

As the people in government orchestrate an influx of migrants at an approximate level of ten times the natural growth rate, they take away power (or electricity) from the people in the form of shutting down Hazelwood power station in the Latrobe Valley east of Melbourne.

As a result of this action electricity bills have tripled since the closure.

At the same time the government has been giving the masses incentive to purchase solar panel setups, where the people are then producing electricity which they 'sell' to the corporations at wholesale prices then purchase it back from them at the grossly overinflated price.

To make it worse (for the 'mums and dads') there is an oversupply of electricity and the people are still getting screwed over by the people in government.

The supply of electricity from domestic solar panel installations is a huge scam that has been going on for years, where the people (general population) are the victims, but the authorities have chosen to ignore this.

Another fraud supported by the Australian Government.
Normal 0 ...


Financier Jho Low to Help in Malaysias Probe Into 1MDB "IndyWatch Feed National"

Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho said he will help in an investigation linked to scandal-hit state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) after the anti-graft agency summoned him on Thursday (June 7) for questioning.

Image result for Low Taek Jho, photos

Mr Low, better known as Jho Low, has instructed his lawyers to make contact with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) after he was made aware they were seeking him for assistance, his representative said in an e-mailed statement. He has been described as the best witness to provide information on alleged crimes at 1MDB.

Mr Low, who previously said he did consulting work for 1MDB, is portrayed by some global investigators as a central figure behind some of the schemes involving missing funds at the state investment company. He has denied wrongdoing.

United States prosecutors had painted Mr Low as a bon vivant and a central figure who set up shell companies and arranged the transfers of tens of millions of dollars to pay Malaysian government officials, while Singapore investigators have called him a key person of interest.

Malaysian investigators are focusing on a former 1MDB unit known as SRC International as they renew their investigations.

The summon for Mr Low comes after the MACC recorded statements from former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor in relation to SRC.

It is also looking for Mr Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, the former managing director of the unit.

Media reports have placed Mr Low in various places around the world including Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia, while it is unclear where Mr Nik Faisal is.

Tun Daim Zainuddin, who was appointed by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to help oversee Malaysias renewed 1MDB probe, said that he roughly knows where Mr Low is and has called for him to return.

The MACC is calling members of the public with knowledge of their whereabouts to contact it.

Malaysia has enough evidence on Mr Lows crimes, Home Affairs Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said in a speech to employees at the ministry on Thursday.

While Im not saying we should preempt the rule of law, in cases where it is clear and apparent, and where those involved have been named, we should take stern and quick action, he said.




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What does the Halsey report mean for New England? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Dr John Halsey's recently released Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education contains some useful material but is not a great deal of help when it comes to looking at the practical implications for the broader New England. You will find the report here, a quite useful summary here, a report into residential accommodation at university here, while the Government's response is here.

A major problem with translating the implications of the report to specific areas lies in its national focus and the use of statistical constructs including especially ARIA (the Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia) as an analytical tool. This actually tells us very little about issues and problems at state let alone broader regional areas. Writing in 2011, I described the problem this way:

The decline in the use of the words New England was not the only semantic change affecting the North. Words are important because they affect and reflect changing perceptions. In 1950, the word country was commonly used to describe NSW outside Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. While the use of this term divided Newcastle from the rest of New England, a divide that at least reflected cultural and political differences, country was at least a broad, commonly understood, geographic term.  
By the 1970s, country was losing favour, in part because of the growth of urban centres whose residents did not identify with the term. In its place came the word regional. This fragmented in turn. By 2000, there was something of a crazy patchwork quilt of words country, regional, rural, remote, coastal that overlapped and were used in different combinations. This growing confusion in terms reflected in part the increasing use of ARIA. 
ARIA, the Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia, was developed by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care and the National Key Centre for Social Applications of GIS. ARIA measures remoteness based on the physical road distance between a settlement and four classes of service centre . In 1999 a further revision of ARIA called ARIA+ was developed that incorporated more information on the location of service centres. 
While ARIA was a simple geogra...



Intelligence Committee calls for overhaul of new secrecy and espionage offences "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Federal Parliaments intelligence committee has today handed down its report on the Governments proposed espionage and secrecy laws, after an inquiry revealed serious concerns over freedom of expression shared by the press, the legal profession and civil society.

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has stated its support for the goal of addressing foreign interference, but recommended 60 substantial changes to the proposed laws before Parliament pass them.

Director of Legal Advocacy, Dr Aruna Sathanapally, said the Human Rights Law Centre would be looking very carefully at the details of the recommendations.

In their current form, the new laws pose an unacceptable threat to Australians freedom of expression and the freedom of the press. It is unsurprising and entirely welcome that the Committee has made such extensive recommendations for amendments before giving its endorsement. This is not an unqualified green light far from it.  

The Human Right Law Centre gave evidence to the Committee that the broad definitions in the proposed laws risked capturing whistle-blowers acting in the public interest and creating a culture of secrecy across government. New espionage offences also risk criminalising global cooperation on global issues such as poverty reduction, migration and climate change.

Where criminal offences attach to the sharing of information about government or political matters, we need to tread carefully. We cannot risk chilling legitimate conversations about global problems amongst civil society, or cracking down on those who would expose wrongdoing in the public interest, said Dr Sathanapally.

The Committees recommendations include replacing the 20 year prison sentences proposed by the government with a maximum penalty of 7 years for offences involving the communication of information, and 3 years for other types of conduct.

The dramatic increase in prison sentences in the bill, for unauthorised sharing of government information that may have nothing to do with national security, was clearly unjustified, said Dr Sathanapally.

In March, the Attorney-General recognised the serious problems with the bill and proposed amendments to narrow the criminal offences for handling government information and strengthen defences for journalists. Those amendments still left whistle-blowers exposed to lengthy terms of imprisonment, and did not address the suite of new espionage and sabotage offences that could be used to arrest protestors and activists.

A healthy democracy must ensure that steps taken to deal with foreign espionage dont cripple the democratic processes we should be protecting: our right to communicate freely on political matters, to protest, to hold our government accountable....


New South Wales introduces broader protections from hate crime "IndyWatch Feed National"

New criminal offences will make it easier to charge and prosecute prejudice motivated threats or incitement of violence, under new laws tabled by New South Wales Parliament this week.

The Crimes Amendment (Publicly Threatening and Inciting Violence) Bill 2018 makes it a criminal offence to publicly threaten or incite violence towards a person or group of people because of their race, religious belief or affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status or because they have HIV or AIDS. This will replace criminal offences for serious vilification that had never been used and which do not protect bisexual, gender diverse or intersex people.  

Lee Carnie, lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, welcomed the new criminal offences as a timely move towards stronger protections against violence.

Every single member of our community has the right to be free from discrimination and violence. Who you are or who you love shouldnt make you a target for attack. This is a positive step towards better protecting minority groups and the broader community from the devastating impacts of hate crime.

If passed, the criminal offences will protect people who face threats or violence based on their religious beliefs, a gap which was highlighted in the Human Rights Law Centres submission to the Religious Freedom Review.

No one should suffer being threatened with violence because of their faith, the colour of their skin or who they love. These proposed new criminal offence laws are simpler and clearer than the current serious vilification offences. The police will be more likely to be aware an offence has occurred and there will be a clearer pathway to prosecuting people who commit these hate crimes, said Lee Carnie.

The Bill is intended to implement findings from a 2017 report on how to ensure the criminal law provides effective protection against public threats of violence. Under existing NSW civil protections, it is unlawful to incite hatred towards, serious contempt for, or severe ridicule on the basis of race, homophobia, transphobia or HIV/AIDS status.

People in NSW have the right to freely express their personal and political beliefs, but the law draws a clear line when it comes to public attacks on members of our community which incite and threaten violence, said Lee Carnie.

The bill does not fill all gaps in NSW discrimination and vilification laws. Unlike the majority of Australian states, NSW law does not currently protect all faith...


The prevalence of this prefix, 1898 "IndyWatch Feed National"

I very much like this explanation by Alexander Don, Presbyterian missionary to New Zealands Cantonese population, of the eternally perplexing question of the prefix Ah in Chinese names. Don spoke Cantonese and could read and write Chinese, having first studied in Guangzhou in the late 1880s. This piece comes from his account of a trip visiting


Turnbull wants Zuckerburg to answer questions in Australia Popular money juggernaut has proven it can do what it wants and lie about it "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull would love Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to be grilled by Australian lawmakers, he said Thursday, in the wake of revelations the tech giant allowed Chinese smartphone makers access to user data.

GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP | Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull would love Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg seen here at the US Congress to be grilled by Australian lawmakers

The social media behemoth has drawn renewed criticism after confirming it shared data with Chinese electronics firms, including Huawei which has been banned by the US military over cyberespionage concerns.

Image result for Huawei, photos, corporate

Canberra has recently moved to strengthen its own intelligence capability amid growing fears of foreign, particularly Chinese, political interference.

Certainly there are a lot of concerns about Facebook about privacy, Turnbull told reporters in Brisbane. I would welcome Facebook coming and testifying before our parliamentary committees.

Of course, wed love to see the boss, he said when asked if Zuckerburg should appear personally.

Social networks had rapidly become dominant in every respect of peoples lives, the prime minister added, and it was important users were aware of how their data was used.

The deputy chair of Australias joint intelligence and security committee, Anthony Byrne, said the Facebook boss needed to explain to Australias 15 million Facebook users why it was sharing their data with Chinese firms.

It is completely unacceptable that information from Facebook users has been slyly handed over to Huawei by Facebook, he told the Australian newspaper.

I want to know why Mr Zuckerberg allowed this to happen. If need be, he will be invited to appear before the (committee) in a public hearing to explain himself to our committee and the Australian people.

The revelations come weeks after Zuckerberg was grilled in US Congress about the hijacking of personal data on some 87 million Facebook users by Cambridge Analytica, a consultancy working on Donald Trumps 2016 election campaign.

GETTY/AFP/File / by Rob Lever | Some lawmakers say Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, seen here at an April congressional hearing on personal data protection, should return to ex...


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Wonderful Wombok. "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Chinese cabbage or Wombok (Brassica rapa subsp. pekinensis) is a wonderful cool season crop.

It is the perfect late summer/autumn crop as they prefer warmish temperatures of around 18- 20 to become established and grow. They will start to form a head as soon as the temperature drops to an average of 14- 16 degrees with final head formation occurring with a further drop in temperature (10-13).

Along the east coast, the ideal time for growing Chinese cabbage is mid to late autumn and harvesting in winter whereas in the here in the highlands I will plant a few seeds every week from mid-March through to early May. As they are a quick crop, maturing in 8-10 weeks, I will be harvesting from late May through to mid-July. Seedlings do not grow well in cold temperatures so once we start getting regular frost I stop putting them in.

As they are such quick growers I can harvest and use them long before my European cabbages are ready. I like to harvest them when the heads are firm but not hard like a European cabbage.

Chinese cabbage, being a brassica, are very good for you. They are a good source of calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins A and C., they are also high in glucosinolates.

Womboks can be used in similar ways to traditional cabbage though I find that they have a slightly sweeter flavour and are somewhat milder than European cabbage. The outer leaves are softer and taster than those on traditional cabbage and the inner leaves are very tender and sweet.


So, whilst I use wombok in stir-fries and soups my favourite dish is eating it raw in an Asian style coleslaw. Its sweet flavour and crunchy texture is also ideal for shredding on to a sandwich or a wrap.


This year I have also started making the Korean pickle Kim Chi which is adding to my store cupboard nicely.


Chinese cabbage is such a great quick cool season crop to grow so why not pop some in this week and you will soon be introduced to the joys of this versatile vegetable.




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The Vested Interests that are being Protected in Australias Vaccination Policies "IndyWatch Feed National"

Did you know that in Austrlalia in 1990 only 7 vaccines were used and the national immunisation program (NIP) was allocated $9.6 million to expand this program. By 1993 this was estimated to cost $53 million to operate and by 2008-9 it was costing the Australian government well in excess of $400 million (Terry Nolan 2010).

Terry Nolan was the Chair of the ATAGI vaccine advisory board from 2005-2014 who reported directly to the federal Health Minister for this decade. Here are the potential conflicts of interests he had with vaccine manufacturers that were not provided to the public during this decade.

He was also the Deputy Chair of the NHMRC for this decade and he influenced the allocation of funding for research and the information being presented to doctors in the Australian Immunisation Handbook. This handbook (Ed 10) has removed all references prior to 2006 and after 2013. This means that valuable evidence about vaccines and our health has been removed and is being ignored in the governments promotion of vaccination policies. This is the documnent that the government is using to claim that all vaccines are safe and effective.

My PhD thesis investigating the evidence for the Australian governments vaccination program was refused government funding in 2007. Further, it is only funded research that is promoted to the public. Universities do not promote student research to the public and this means that research that is contrary to vested interests, but in the publics best interest, can remain unfunded and unpromoted.

Judy Wilyman PhD


The Mainstream Australian Medias Censorship of the Vaccination Debate "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Australia, universities today are working in partnerships with industry and even the heads of Departments and the researchers have equity and patents in the research that is performed at universities. This industry-academic partnership is now well documented and it means that public interest research can be suppressed from the mainstream media.

This is particularly the case when there are powerful lobby groups that push industry interests in government policies such as the Australian Skeptics Inc  (and their offshoot SAVN) and the Friends of Science in Medicine (FoSM). These industry lobby groups  have chosen deceptive names and they have a powerful voice in the mainstream media and with politicians such as Richard Di Natale   the leader of the Greens who promoted the NJNP/P policies in parliament in 2013.

This has allowed the industry-lobby groups (who pose as consumer groups) to harass and abuse academics and professionals in public debates of this issue  with impunity.

The Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) has stated they will not invesitgate Dr. John Cunningham, a leader of SAVN, who made fabricated allegations and derogatory / false and unsupported comments about my university research in the mainstream media and on social media. He has no special qualifications or publications in immunology or vaccination policy yet he received an OAM in January 2016 for Science and Immunisation after denigrating my academic research on vaccination policy in the mainstream media from 2014-2016.

The University of Wollongong, that is in partnership with industry, does not have policies that require them to correct the false information about university research that is provided to the public by lobby groups in the mainstream media. The University has remained silent as unqualified journalists and AMA doctors alike have denigrated my research in the mainstream media with false and unsupported claims.

After I published my Newsletter 199 (25 May 2018) describing the false information that the SMH is promoting on the flu vaccine this article by Chris Del Mar and Peter Collignon appeared on the...


The Sydney Morning Herald Corrects Itself: Flu Vaccines Do Little "IndyWatch Feed National"

On the 25th May 2018 I wrote Newsletter 199 titled The Sydney Morning Herald Providing False and Misleading Information about Flu Vaccines. This was sent to the SMH editor for a response and on the 4th June 2018 the SMH published this article titled Flu vaccines do little, wear face mask instead says health expert.

In this article Dr. Chris Del Mar, Professor of Public Health at Bond University states the influenza vaccine has been oversold in Australia and this push by the Australian government with a weak (flu) vaccine is overshadowing effective prevention methods such as hand-washing and mask-wearing.

Further, Dr. Tony Baratone, president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), states that the influenza vaccine is not as effective as a number of other vaccines yet this information is not being publlcly debated and this has resulted in the Australian government recommending the mandating of the flu vaccine for all healthcare workers in aged-care facilities.

This has been adopted in some states even though the Australian government, the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and the AMA have not provided any evidence to support this policy.

Whilst it is claimed in the mainstream media that there was a horror flu season last year, the AMA has not revealed that there was also a high uptake of the flu vaccine in 2017 (higher than previous years because of the advertising campaign) nor has it provided the number of people vaccinated with the flu vaccine last year that still got hospitalised with flu. 

The media and the AMA are being permitted to make claims about vaccines to the public without providing the evidence to support these claims and without publicising an accurate number of the deaths and injuries that are occurring to vaccines  or revealing the ingredients that are injected into the tissues with each vaccine.

The breaches of human rights and discrimination in the governments No Jab No Pay / Play (NJNP/P) policies are described in my webinair that is published on the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association website.

The webinair is titled Informed Consent to Vaccination in Australia by Jud...


A cable car named desire "IndyWatch Feed National"

The debate over Hobarts proposed cable car mooted to run from Cascade Gardens and across the Organ Pipes to the pinnacle of kunyani/Mt Wellington transcends the stereotypical Tassie-greenie vs. economic progress conflict. Local tensions are being ignited by concerns over due process and political transparency, the erasure of Indigenous rights and cultural agency, and short-sighted planning that is viewing the future of Tasmania purely through a tourism lens.


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Mainstream Forecasts: Typically Clueless "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Every day my bullish thesis for the world looks to be more on point than ever.

Overnight, US stocks kept the momentum going. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 1.3%.

Meanwhile, Aussie GDP numbers released yesterday surprised to the upside, with the economy growing 3.1% in the year to March.

Exports of coal, LNG and iron ore are going along at a cracking pace. Prices are much higher today than forecasts suggested.

Coal prices especially are pouring an unexpected windfall into the coffers of the Queensland and NSW state governments.

Australia is not alone in this regard. The Wall Street Journal reports that US petroleum exports hit a record $20 billion in April. Theyre likely going higher too.

Just look at the trendline on this chart

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Its certainly good news for those looking for work in the Midland region in Texas. The oil boom there is so prodigious that a truck driver can earn US$140,000 a year.

Police officers, grocery clerks and bus drivers are quitting their jobs to take the high wages in the drilling business. Naturally, rents and house prices are soaring in the energy boom towns.

However, one thing that didnt quite boom was the initial bidding for BHP Billiton Ltds [ASX:BHP] shale assets in Arkansas and Texas.

The big Australian miner is openly looking for a buyer and values its holdings at $US11.66 billion, according to The Australian.

Opening offers are apparently much lower at between US$7 and US$9 billion. That wont cut the mustard by all accountsso were going to see this play out over time.

Its taken for granted that BHP should sell its US shale assets. Being an oil bull, Im not so sure.

Still, BHP will have conventional offshore assets elsewhere.

Whats more, the longer this sale drags on, the better for BHP it will be if the oil price strengthens as I expect. That would take the valuation of its shale acreage higher.

If that happens, investors will bid up BHP, lifting the wider Aussie index in turn.

BHP certainly has the wind at its back right now. China is favouring the high-quality iron ore it produces. And, whats more, coal and oil are strong.

The only slight laggard this year from its major port...


A Trained Monkey Can Predict Markets Better "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The first time I appeared on live television to discuss finance was on 15 August 2007. It was a guest appearance on CNBCs Squawk Box program at the early stages of the 200708 financial crisis.

Of course, none of us knew at that time exactly how and when things would play out, but it was clear to me that a meltdown was coming the same meltdown I had been warning the government and academics about since 2003.

Ive done 1,000 live TV interviews since then, but that first one remains memorable.

When I was done, I was curious about how many guests CNBC interviewed over the course of a day.

Being on live TV made me feel a bit special, but I wanted to know how special it was to be a guest. The answer was deflating and brought me right down to earth.

CNBC has about 120 guests on in a single day, day after day, year after year. Many of those guests are repeat performers, just as I became a repeat guest on CNBC during the course of the crisis. But I was just one face in the midst of a thundering herd.

What were all of those guests doing with all that airtime? Well, for the most part they were forecasting. They predicted stock prices, interest rates, economic growth, unemployment, commodity prices, exchange rates, you name it.

Financial TV is one big prediction engine, and the audience seems to have an insatiable appetite for it. Thats natural. Humans and markets dislike uncertainty, and anyone who can shed some light on the future is bound to find an audience.

Which begs the question: How accurate are those predictions?

No one expects perfection or anything close to it.

A forecaster who turns out to be accurate 70% of the time is way ahead of the crowd.

In fact, if you can be accurate just 55% of the time, youre in a position to make money since youll be right more often than not. If you size your bets properly and cut losses, a 55% batting average will produce above-average returns.

Even monkeys can join in the game. If youre forecasting random binary outcomes (stocks up or down, rates high or low, etc.), a trained monkey will have a 50% batting average. The reason is that the monkey knows nothing and just points to a random result.

Random pointing with random outcomes over a sustained period will be right half the time and wrong half the time, amounting to a 50% forecasting record. You wont make any money with that, but you wont lose any either. Its a push.

So, if 70% accuracy is uncanny, 55% accuracy is OK, and 50% accuracy is achieved by trained monkeys, how do actual professional forecasters do? The answer is less than 50%.

In short, professional forecasters are wors...


Cuddling up to Caligula "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Why is it that when we think of Roman Emperor Caligula, we recall the late John Hurts over the top, mad and malevolent portrayal in the classic BBC adaptation of Robert Graves sardonically serious I Claudius.(1976). Or else, Malcolm McDowells vicious, almost cartoon villain in Penthouse pontiff Bob Gucciones semi-pornograpic biopic Caligula  (1979).

British author Simon Turney turns I Claudius on its head with the bumbling, stumbling, stammering Clau-Clau of book and film cast as a canny, conniving and ultimately successful player positioning himself to assume the imperial purple. Gone is the Caligula so malevolently and magnificently portrayed by John Hurt. No horses in the Senate. No incest. None of the orgies, explicit sex and delectable cameos of Penthouse Pets. But there is violence and gore loads of it, in fact and plots and conspiracies aplenty. But it is Claudius who is nasty, brutish and short while young Gaius is tall, blonde and well-intentioned. Hes certainly not all hugs and puppies, but hes an astute, well-meaning but misunderstood victim of imperial circumstance who rides the perilous waves of bereavement and betrayal to assume the psychotic Tiberius throne.

The full title of Turneys tome says it all: Caligula: loving brother, reluctant ruler and tortured soul (Orion 2017)



MACKAY Drug supply foiled Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 07, 2018 at 11:07AM ,

Drug supply foiled Mackay

June 07, 2018 at 11:07AM ,

All three men will appear in the Mackay Magistrates court on June 26. Once again this demonstrates the anytime, anywhere mantra of our operations.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Home owner punches driver in face for parking on his lawn "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY June 07, 2018 at 04:56AM ,

Home owner punches driver in face for parking on his lawn

June 07, 2018 at 04:56AM ,

Brett Edward Skewpeck, a 37-year-old electrician, pleaded guilty in the Mackay Magistrates Court to one charge of common assault for punching a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Youth grants for community projects available "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Youth funding can provide a chance to give skills to young people. Image supplied.

Local youth organisations are being encouraged to apply for a share of the state wide $1.5 million Youth Opportunities grant funding.

The one-off grants are for projects between $10,000 and $50,000 and are available to not-for-profit organisations and local councils for youth-led and youth-driven community projects.

Grants provided to local organisations will help young people to participate, engage and be included in our community, said Member for Lismore, Thomas George.

Giving young people an opportunity to be part of youth-driven projects will not only help them develop individually, but it will help strengthen the community as a whole.

Projects previously selected aim to upskill young people to provide them with greater opportunities for employment in a number of sectors, including hospitality, events planning or media said the minister responsible for Youth, Ray Williams.

Since the program was launched in 2012, Youth Opportunities has provided $9 million in funding to 177 projects across NSW.

Applications for grants under this years program close on Monday 16 July 2018.

Click to apply or to find further information about the program.

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Plastic Free Boys message is spreading "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron Shires Plastic Free Boy speaking to the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Graham Quirk. Photo supplied.

Byron Shires Plastic Free Boy has been speaking to the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Graham Quirk about ocean plastic pollution, the need to transition away from single use plastic and about the importance of empowering school children on creating a sustainable future for themselves.

Arlian discussed his goal of wanting to get his movie, Plastic Alarm shown in every school in Brisbane, and ultimately, in schools all over Australia and globally. He then wants to help transition these schools to become single use plastic free zones.

I am very proud to speak with a Council that has banned single use plastic at their offices and council events, said Arlian.

Arlian has also recently presented his film to his old pre-school but also to the students of St. Finnbarrs Catholic School in Byron Bay.

Principal Timothy Bleakely loved the film and presentation commenting that Children get tired of listening to teachers. Future generations needs inspirational people like Arlian, that children can relate to and really believe in, to hear it from someone their own age with such a powerful message to save the planet. I want him to go to every school and spread his message and to inspire as many children as possible. Kids are already writing letters to get rid of the plastic straws in the canteen. Well done Arlian!

Arlians film is being shown in European schools as well as United States.

It feels good to know that I am making a difference and inspiring others to do the same, said Arlian.

Together we can win this plastic pollution crisis. We need the ocean, every second breath comes from the ocean.

Book his film for your school.

Make a tax deductible donation in support of his ongoing campaign.


The post Plastic Free Boys message is spreading...


NSW abortion safe zones set for final vote "IndyWatch Feed National"

Protesters gather outside the NSW State Parliament building in Sydney on Thursday, May 11, 2017. AAP Image/Paul Miller


Reproductive rights activists and health professionals have rubbed shoulders with anti-abortion protesters in front of the NSW parliament before a vote on providing safe zones around abortion clinics.

The proposed laws, which will provide a 150m exclusion zone around clinics in the state and make it an offence to film staff and patients without their consent, head to the lower house on Thursday.

The legislation passed the states upper house in May after Premier Gladys Berejiklian gave government MPs a conscience vote on the issue.

Ms Berejiklian said she was likely to support the bill.

Speaking outside parliament, Marie Stopes Clinic nurse unit manager Kitty Grozdich said she, her staff and patients were often subject to harassment on their way into the clinic.

She urged MPs to vote in favour of the bill.

We are also exposed to an unsafe workplace when we are harassed and abused walking into our normal work day, Ms Grozdich told reporters on Thursday.

There is a woman who is standing about 20 metres from me, right now, and last week she told me that Im going to hell.

She says that she prays for me. I dont need her prayers, I just need her to go away.

A few metres further along the parliament fence, anti-abortion protester Elisabeth Fanning said she believed she should have the right to speak to women on their way into abortion clinics.

Its vital that people like myself who want to support these women in difficult situations are able to do that and offer support, Ms Fanning, a We Support Women spokeswoman, told AAP.

In my experience, we are very peaceful, we are respectful. I dont think women should be intimidated or harassed or anything like that.

Nationals MP Trevor Khan, who was a co-sponsor of the safe access bill in the upper house, said politicians had the opportunity to fix an issue that should have been dealt with long ago.

This is something that has to happen. It should have happened a long...


Environmental defender Sue Higginson to stand for State seat of Lismore in 2019 election "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

High-profile environmental lawyer Sue Higginson has been endorsed as the Greens candidate for the seat of Lismore in the 2019 state election, setting the scene for an intriguing battle with fellow rookie candidate Austin Curtin of the National Party and Labor stalwart Janelle Saffin.

Higginson, a former CEO/lawyer with the NSW Environmental Defenders Office, wasted no time in targeting one of her rivals in next years poll, describing the Nationals as a party of the past.

[They] left the farm a long time ago to look after big business with policies that serve the wrong interests across the state, she said.

As we saw with Coal Seam Gas, if the community had not rallied together and stood up, the Nationals would have happily sold out our region.

A new vision is needed for a fairer and liveable future for our communities.

Higginsons battle with Curtin and Saffin promises to be amongst the most hard-fought next year, with all three in a position to win the seat.

The Nationals currently hold it by a paper-thin margin after the Nationals Thomas George pipped Adam Guise of the Greens at the last election.

However, with George retiring and the Nationals choosing Curtin, a relative unknown, via a community pre-selection process, the race is wide open.

Labor has also moved to seize the opportunity, parachuting in Saffin the former Federal Member for Page who is generally well-regarded in the region.

In making her pitch to voters on Wednesday, Higginson promised that if elected she would:

take immediate action to address the devastating impacts of climate change
remove the barriers to local sustainable agriculture
fix the chronic understaffing of Lismore Hospital and see better investment in preventative health
get better resourcing for local government
develop a comprehensive regional public transport system, and
develop a sustainable tourism industry through the region

As an environmental lawyer for EDO NSW, I have stood up for farmers and communities around the State and across our region fighting to protect their rights to farm and protect our precious places, she said.

I have stood up for the small guys in courts against governments and big business not playing by the rules and I have won. I am no stranger to Macquarie Street
having spent many long hours advising Members of Parliament from all parties about the meaning of our laws and how they will impact on the daily lives of the community.

The role of an MP is to represent their community and to make laws for the State. I know what good laws look like and I know how laws impact on communities and our environme...



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UN report says growing corporate market power is driving global inequality "IndyWatch Feed National"

7 June 2018: The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has published a policy brief titled, Corporate rent-seeking, market power and inequality: Time for a multilateral trust buster?.

It notes that increased market concentration and corporate rentierism is driving global income inequality:

In 20092015, the surplus profits due largely to rentierist profit strategies rather than productive investment of the top 1 per cent of publicly listed firms in a new UNCTAD firm-level database for 56 developed, developing and transition economies represented 55 per cent of recorded operating profits.

UNCTAD believes that the UNs Set of Multilaterally Agreed Equitable Principles and Rules for the Control of Restrictive Business Practices, and bilateral and multilateral trade and investment agreements, should be reviewed as part of measures to curb abusive business practices.

Even the International Monetary Fund accepts that the growing power and wealth of corporations in wealthy countries has led to a dangerous concentration of market power. The graph published on this IMF blog illustrates how the average markups (a measure of market power) in advanced economies have increased by an average of 43 per cent since the 1980s:

An upcoming IMF working paper also confirms a negative relationship between the labor shares of firms, and the markups of firms. This means that the more market power that firms have, the share of revenue going to profits increases, while the share of revenue going to workers decreases.

This latest evidence of the enormous and increasing market power of global corporations supports our advocacy against giving these corporations greater legal powers to sue governments over domestic laws through including ISDS in trade deals like the TPP-11. The recommendations of the study show that governments need more, not less regulatory powers to address  growing corporate concentration of power and to tackle inequality.



Rally planned against West Byron development "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

West Byron will be bigger and more dense than Sunrise and the Arts and Industry Estate combined say the Byron Residents Group. Image supplied.

It is time to get your boots on, banners out and voices limbered up for a major rally being held on Sunday June 17 at 10am at Apex Park, Byron Bay to express community outrage at the West Byron development proposal. If you have meant to do something to show your opposition to the development but havent quite managed it yet then now is the time to do it.

The Northern Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) will be deciding on the two contentious development applications (DAs) on a large parcel of land opposite the Arts Industry Estate on Ewingsdale Road. The proposal is not supported by the Byron Shire council and is opposed by NSW Labor and Greens, while local Nationals MLC Ben Franklin has expressed concerns over the development proposal.

While in March the NSW planning minister Anthony Roberts (Liberal) told parliament he has no role in determining the development his comments also are at odds with a letter he sent to Council in 2017, where he threatened to personally intervene unless a development control plan for West Byron is produced to his liking and timing.

As previously reported by Echonetdaily the proposal suggests 668 residential blocks, two business lots, two industrial lots, one recreation lot and four residue lots. These will be broken up into two sections One DA is being put forward by a collective of locals while the other is by Sydney based developer Terry Agnew and Queensland based construction company Villa World.

According to the Byron Residents Group who are organising the rally the size of the mega suburb will be equal to more than twice the size of Sunrise thats before the secondary dwellings that will (inevitably) get built.

The rally is being organised ahead of the JRPP community hearing meeting that is...


How to stop the privatisation of the Titles Office? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Comment from social media:

" A friend had to pay $1,300 for a "Digital" Certificate of Title. 
 If she wanted in paper form, it was a couple of hundred dollars more. 
Any, EVERYONE must write a submission and simply say No!!!!"

Inquiry into the Proposed Long Term Lease of Land Titles and Registry Functions of Land Use Victoria

Latest news

Information about this inquiry will be posted in the tabs above as it becomes available.

Public hearings

The Committee is holding public hearings on Wednesday 6 June 2018 at Parliament House see the Hearings and Transcripts page for more information.


The Committee is calling for submissions for this inquiry see the Submissions and eSubmissions pages for more information.

Media Release

25 May 2018 Submissions invited for land titles inquiry  (pdf, 481KB):


Brisbane is filling up, slowly "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Heading north

If you've been reading this blog for a few years you'll have enjoyed (or quite possibly not!) my tracking of the super-boom in Queensland apartment construction, and especially Brisbane construction. 

The boom is now drawing to a close as fewer projects achieve the requisite pre-sales to reach the commencement phase and the Chinese bid dissipates

At the same time, the post-resources boom decline in Queensland's population growth has long since reversed, with interstate migration from down the congested southern capitals an increasingly key driver. 

The inner-city is now quietly buzzing as the apartments fill up. 

A comfortable enough win for the Blues last night, granted, but that isn't stopping many Sydneysiders from taking the plane journey north. 

There's more to the equation than just this, since strong demand for detached housing is keeping construction activity on its toes across the Greater Brisbane area.

But the big picture is that population growth is picking up, and dwelling completions are now falling away fast, and the official figures lag by about 6 months. 



Academic Peter Ridd not sacked for his climate views, university says "IndyWatch Feed National"

We defend Peter's right to make statements until we are blue in the face,' says deputy vice chancellorA James Cook University boss says media reports about its sacking of controversial marine scientist Peter Ridd are misleading and untrue and that his academic freedom had always been upheld.In an exclusive interview with Guardian Australia, deputy vice chancellor Prof Iain Gordon said he was frustrated at reports claiming Ridd was sacked for his fringe views on climate change [...]


Blogging the systems "IndyWatch Feed National"

No I dont blog the Australian snow weather systems. I havent done that for a couple of years now, but I do tweet them at length, including threading what other wise people have to say about them.

You can follow me at Twitter by , or you can just watch the hashtag #AusSnow.

And oh, please like me.


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Hunter workers walk off job at Downer "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from New South Wales

The Newcastle light rail construction at the Downer at the Newcastle light rail project have decided to walk off the job for three days at Hunter and Illawarra sites.

Photo from the Newcastle Herald: The Newcastle light rail project where work has

Workers are resisting efforts to maintain cuts that have already been cmade to workplace conditions, in exchange for a minimal pay rise and a minimal pay rise, after a two-year wage freeze.

This is a $7-billion company expected to make $195 million in after-tax profit this financial year, after $78 million in the first half of the year.

They have countered this with a demand for a 3 percent pay rise and say this company is extremely profitable, can afford a pay rise and has no justifiable reason to cut conditions. They want parity with those working for the same company in Queensland and Victoria.

The workers marched to the rail site in Hunter Street.

Hunter union organisers Justin Page from the Electrical Trades Union and Cory Wright from the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union said Downer had refused to budge on negotiations that began in January, to replace an enterprise agreement that expired at the end of March.

Downer is involved in engineering, construction and maintenance and had workers in power stations, coal mines and other industrial sites in both affected regions. Metal and electrical workers have agreed to augment the three-day strike with a range of other industrial action. It includes an indefinite overtime ban. This was decided at a mass meeting yesterday.

Downer Groups engineering, construction and maintenance division has workers in power stations, coalmines and other industrial sites in both regions and the metalworkers and electrical workers unions, have voted for a range of industrial action including the three-day stoppage and an indefinite ban on overtime....


Gillian Triggs comes to Mullumbimby "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Professor Gillian Triggs, former president of The Australian Human Rights Commission. Photo AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

The respected and outspoken former President of the Human Rights Commission, Professor Gillian Triggs, will deliver the Ngara Institutes 2018 Ralph Summy Annual Lecture in Mullumbimby later this month.

The locally based Institute says it is honoured to have Professor Triggs speak on the subject Its Time for an Australian Bill of Rights on Saturday 30 June.

Professor Triggs was the widely respected and often controversial President of the Australian Human Rights Commission from 2012-2017.

Her determination to ensure that Australia comply with its international obligations, particularly in relation to children in immigration detention, brought her into conflict with government ministers.

She accused the Australian government of being ideologically opposed to human rights, saying Australias human rights are regressing on almost every front.

Unlike almost every other comparable country, Australia has no bill of rights against which government policies can be benchmarked, she says.

CSG activists awarded

Professor Triggs will also present the 2018 Australian Activist of the Year Award to local activists who have fought long and hard against CSG extraction in NSW: Annie Kia who developed the hugely successful neighbour to neighbour community engagement process for Lock the Gate movements across the country; and the Knitting Nannas Against Gas whose creative and persistent nonviolent strategies have been so important at blockades and protests.

The evening at the Mullumbimby Civic Hall will include music by The Mullum Folk Quartet. Vegan food and chai by Hub Grub and a bar will be available from 5.30 p.m.

Events commence at 6.30 p.m.

Last year was a sell-out, so book tickets early via Eventbrite.


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June 7 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1494 Treaty of Tordesillas was signed, dividing the world outside of Europe in an exclusive duopoly between the Spanish Empire and the Portuguese Empire. The longitudes in the treaty coincide with the Western Australia border.

1792 - Mary Bryant, the fleeing female convict, was up before the Beak at the Old Bailey where she escaped the death penalty, but was ordered to remain on her former sentence until she should be discharged by due course of law.

1795 - An estimate of 8 Aboriginals of the Bediagal people were killed at the Hawkesbury by two officers and 66 soldiers of the NSW Corps.

1807 - Several Aboriginal people escape with their lives when a boat overturned, near the heads at Botany Bay, drowning George Legg. A hand is found in a shark close by on Sunday 7 June. Aboriginal people soon after spot his body under the water and Leggs remains were recovered on 24 July.

1813 - Sir Redmond Barry, the hanging judge who sentenced Ned Kelly, was spawned.

1819 - Lieutenant Phillip Parker King passed Slade Point and commented on fires on the coast at Cape Hillsbourough evidence of a substantial Aboriginal population.

1825 - The large island of Van Diemen's Land (Tassie) was cut off from the mainland (again) and deemed to be a separate colony from NSW.

1830 - Daniel Kirwan (Curwen) was hanged at Sydney for the murder of a constable on the Windsor Road.

1830 - John Martin was hanged at Sydney for the rape of Eliza Deering, aged seven.

1830 - Michael Toole was hanged at Sydney for burglary and putting in fear at Pitt Water.

1839 - Timothy O'Donnell was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Alexander McEdwards at Mt Campbell.

1839 - Michael Walsh was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Alexander McEdwards at Mt Campbell.

1839 - Edward Hall was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Patrick Fitzpatrick at Currawang.

1839 - James Mayne was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Patrick Fitzpatrick at Currawang.

1839 - James Magee was hanged at Sydney for the murder of his wife Catherine at Cowpastures (Camden).

1841 Darlinghurst Gaol took in its first prisoners.

1849 - St John the Evangelist, Camden, was consecrated.

1856 - The foundation stone of the Pier Hotel, Glenelg, was laid by the Mayor, R.B. Colley. After the ceremony the party adjourned to the nearby Glenelg Hotel for a dinner given by Mr Moseley.
And a proper knees up was enjoyed by all.

1858 - Work began on the Melbourne to Bendigo Railway Line (Vic).

1860 - 'Central Board Appointed to Watch over the Interests of Aborigines', the first of its kind in Australia, was appointed to consider how...


North Coast hospitals getting better: report "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Emergency departments across Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSW LHD) continued to experience high demand in the early part of this year, according to the latest Bureau of Health Information report.

NNSW LHD says the report for January to March 2018 showed a 3.1 per cent increase in emergency department presentations across the district compared to the same period the previous year, equating to 1,538 more patients for the quarter.

But CEO Wayne Jones said that despite the increase in presentations, 79.8 per cent of patients left emergency departments within four hours of presentation, with the time it took to treat patients mostly remaining stable or improving slightly across the district.

Overall, 81.3 per cent of patients started treatment on time, up from 78.9 per cent for the same time last year.

Three local hospitals, Lismore Base, Ballina District, and Byron Central, saw increases of more than 6 per cent in the number of ED presentations compared with the same period in 2017, according to the health districcts media release.

Northern NSW hospitals welcomed increasing numbers of patients through our doors during January to March, and its a testament to the skills and commitment of our staff that they continue to deliver high levels of patient care for people in our communities, Mr Jones said.

With our current suite of capital works and significant infrastructure projects underway across the district, including the $320 million redevelopment of Lismore Base Hospital and the $7.35 million upgrade underway at Ballina District Hospital, we look forward to our hospitals being able to continue to perform well as health care needs increase in the coming years.

Fewer long waits at Ballina

According to the report Ballina District Hospital saw an 8.2 per cent increase in presentations (or 327 patients) for the January to March 2018 quarter, while the time patients waited to start treatment in each triage category decreased or remained stable.

Some 82.5 per cent of patients spent four hours or less in the Emergency Department, up from 79.2 per cent for the same quarter last year.

Over the past six months the team in Ballina have been working hard to improve Emergency Department performance, focussing on a whole of hospital approach to reducing waiting times and improving patient flow throughout the facility, Mr Jones said.

These results are evidence of the focus and teamwork from all areas of the hospital, from doctors, through to bed management, nursing staff and discharge planning units.

Presentations up at Byron

At Byron Central Hospital there was an 8.9 per cent increase in presentations (or...


SOTT FOCUS: Keto Kontroversy: Australian Medical Assn. Puts Pressure on Netflix to Remove 'The Magic Pill' Paleo-Keto Documentary "IndyWatch Feed National"

Oooh, controversy is afoot down under in Australia, where celebrity chef Pete Evans is taking criticism for a documentary he co-produced and narrates, called 'The Magic Pill', extolling the virtues of the paleo-ketogenic diet. Cuz the good lord knows nothing ignites the public more than a good old fashioned argument about food! As the great Spam debates at the turn of the century or the Pepsi challenge disceptation of the 1980s show, human beings love fighting over what everyone else should be eating. It seems we're simply not happy unless everyone is eating what we say is right for them to eat. Or maybe we're just happy fighting about it. The current controversy erupted when Australian Medical Association (AMA) president Dr. Tony Bartone publicly stated that Netflix Australia, which is currently streaming the documentary, should "do the responsible thing" by removing the film from its programming. From Buzzfeed: "People out there are vulnerable to the messaging," Bartone told The Sydney Morning Herald, explaining that decades of research currently existed to back up the healthy eating guidelines. "I respect Pete Evans' ability and expertise in the kitchen, but that's where it begins and ends." The film was released in 2017, and then president of the AMA Michael Gannon tweeted his nomination for the film to the Flakeys "annual awards for the Film/TV least likely to contribute to the #publichealth #prevention". He also compared it to 'Vaxxed' (which should be taken as a compliment by anyone with two firing neurons). Pete Evans has been engaged in a social media verbal war ever since, posting from his popular Instagram and Facebook accounts, accusing these doctors and journalists of having ulterior motives in trying to maintain the status quo in dietary advice in the public sphere (because crying conspiracy always goes over well with the public).


Campaigners promise disruption if Adani road funding goes ahead "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ben Wilson

If the Queensland government goes ahead to subsidise the building of Adanis Carmichael projects roads to the tune of $100 million, opponents have promised o carry out a campaign, disrupting government events and press and any road works using this money.

This government had promised that no Queensland no public money would go to Adani. Assistance to build these roads is a violation of a major election pledge.

It was the ABC which first reported the proposed subsidy, based on documents obtained under freedom of information laws, which describe ongoing negotiations with the Adani company.

Campaigning had slowed somewhat, because of the promise and the ongoing failure to attract funding has kept the project expansion on hold. This is set to change.

The Galilee Blockade said it would also target any road-building operations and will revisit methods that led to Downer EDL pulling out of a $2.6 billion contract to build and operate the mine. This included Downers road building activities.

Any road builder using our money to help the Adani mine will face the wrath of citizens who have been promised their money wont be used to help Adani, said spokesperson for the group, Ben Pennings.

There is growing opinion that Carmichael does not stack up financially and there is speculation that Adani is considering filing for bankruptcy protection, over its Mundra power plant in India, which was shut in February after suffering heavy losses. The Carmichael mine was supposed to supply coal to Mundra. The bottom line is that assistance is being sought to cover costs for this project as well, and there is no assurance that this will happen.

AECOM, the company designing the Carmichael associated rail line, has quit from this part of the project.

Carmichael is on its knees, even if the talk from the company remains upbeat.

It should be enough to dissuade the Queensland government from any attempt to resume its support for Adani, plus the fact that public opinion is against it.



CNN Reports a Very Strange Call Between Trump and Canadas Prime Minister "IndyWatch Feed National"

I soke about Col Michael Aquinos compounds getting busted in BC Canada- the same places where they had their two huge Forrest fires

Now Trump is accusing Justin Trudeau and Canada for burning things up in the US- of course what he is speaking about was in 1812.

Funny how this is happening right after I sent out my video all over the US and Canada.

May be a coincidence but DAMN- it is QUITE the coincidence.


Melbourne records its coldest start to winter since 1982, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria - Melbourne (population 4.8 million) - has recorded its coldest start to June since 1982, according to data provided by Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). Officials blame a pattern of weather that...... Read more


Malaysia Air 370: Death Threats Against Australian Resercher "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Joseph P. Farrell

As most regular readers of this website are aware, Im fascinated by the story of Malaysia Air Flight 370, the flight that for all intents and purposes disappeared in March, 2014 under circumstances that can only to this day be described as bizarre. This article, shared by Mr. S.D., updates the story a bit, and in the process, only fuels more speculation about why this flight continues to be such a mystery:

Something doesnt smell right: Fears Malaysia does not want to find MH370 as death threats and an assassination prevent debris from the missing jet being handed in

As the article notes, many speculations about how and why the flight disappeared have been advanced, and most regular readers here will be familiar with them. The first and most popular theory was that the plane was either hijacked, or that the pilot went nuts and plunged the plane into the Indian ocean. On the hijacking side of things, some advanced the idea that the aircraft was taken over remotely. From that simple premise, many theories were advanced: it was flown to the US-UK base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. One US general actually appeared on FOX news and advanced the idea that it was flown to Iran, where it was landed, and repainted for use in a terrorist operation. Variants of this theory had Vladimir Putin (of course) behind the whole thing and some connected flight 370 to the Ukrainian shoot-down of Malaysia air flight 17 not much later. Matters were not helped when it was discovered that there were a number of American technicians from a Texas-based computer technology firm on board the flight, and when it was discovered that the firm had alleged ties to the Rothschild interests. Further speculations were fueled by these revelations, including the idea that the USA took the flight down because it did not want secrets sold to China. Matters were not helped by the eyewitnesses, some of whom reported that the flight had turned and was flying back over the Malay peninsula to the southeast, i.e., in a direction far from the presumed crash site off western Australia. Others had it exploding over the south China sea, and...


Only 39 days to go until concerned Australian citizens can opt out of the Turnbull Government's collection of personal health information for its national database "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Apparently this email is currently being sent out to registered Australian citizens.

Australian Digital Health Agency, email, 5 June 2018:


You are receiving this email because you registered your email address at to find out more information about how to opt-out of the My Health Record system.

If you do not want a My Health Record, you must register your choice between 16 July and 15 October 2018 during the opt-out period. It is not possible to opt-out of having a record before the opt-out period starts.

The opt-out period will not apply to individuals who have previously chosen to have a My Health Record, or were included in the Nepean Blue Mountains or North Queensland opt-out trials in 2016. Individuals who have an existing My Health Record can cancel their record at any time. Instructions on cancelling a record can be found on the My Health Record website.

Once the opt-out period starts you will receive another email letting you know that the opt-out period has started and what to do if you still want to opt-out.

A My Health Record is a secure online summary of an individuals key health information. 1 in 5 Australians already have one. Its an individuals choice who sees their My Health Record, whats in it and who it is shared with. My Health Record has safeguards in place to protect an individuals information including encryption, firewalls and secure login.

For further information about the My Health Record, please visit the ...



"No Pump Mill" memorabilia - image supplied

The Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition celebrated its almost thirty years of activity at a Re-Weavers Awards Dinner in Grafton on 1st June.

The Re-Weavers Awards, which are held annually on the Friday nearest to World Environment Day, recognise the valuable contribution individuals and groups have made to environmental protection over many years.

The Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition was founded almost thirty years ago because of a proposal for a chemical pulp mill in the Clarence Valley.

On 30th August 1988 The Daily Examiners front page headline shouted: $450m valley mill planned by Japanese.  Daishowa International had made an in-principle decision to build a chemical pulp mill on the Clarence River near Grafton. This, it was claimed, would create about 1200 direct and indirect jobs in the region....

Wednesday, 06 June


Chief Justice Tom Bathurst has dodgy suppression orders continued in contempt case against journalist Shane Dowling "IndyWatch Feed National"

In August 2017 I was found guilty of contempt of court for something I said in court on the 3rd of February 2017 in what the evidence now shows was always a back-up plan in case a malicious police charge against me failed. The police charge has failed as the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions []


Misconduct probe of once rising star prompts retraction of cats meow paper "IndyWatch Feed National"

A group of Australian researchers who studied the cats meow as a model for urinary incontinence and other motor-neural issues in people have lost a 2015 paper in the wake of a misconduct investigation. The target of the inquiry was Hari Subramanian, a former senior research fellow at the Queensland Brain Institute, part of the Continue reading Misconduct probe of once rising star prompts retraction of cats meow paper


Serious issues face kangaroos on the Mornington Peninsula "IndyWatch Feed National"

The issues facing kangaroos on the Peninsula, state and countrywide are serious and it is vital we get the word out to the public. We can offer a few ways for concerned citizens to get involved and express their opinions to be a voice for wildlife.

Firstly, the Authority to Control Wildlife (cull) permit system is currently under review. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) have opened up submissions to the public, submissions close on June 29th 2018. The review discussion paper ( and is over 30 pages and may be overwhelming to some, especially if people feel they don't have sufficient background knowledge. The Australian Wildlife Protection Council (AWPC) and other wildlife interest groups have been working on 'cheat sheets', background information and a media release to help members of the public with their individual submissions and getting the word out about the review and other worrying proposals. The AWPC will have a finalised information document by Monday 11th June 2018, please contact the AWPC for a copy, it will help with your submissions.

1. We encourage everyone who cares about the plight of wildlife to make an individual submission. Submissions are made online here:

DELWP's 'Idea' to ban the rescue and rehab of 'over abundant species'
On page 31 of the ATCW review discussion paper it states the following regarding an idea 'someone in the community' had about banning the rescue and rehabilitation of 'over abundant' species:

'Not allowing the rehabilitation of Eastern Grey Kangaroos or other overabundant species.
Wildlife shelters and foster carers invest significant time and resources rehabilitating sick, injured and orphaned Eastern Grey Kangaroos. Given that the species is overabundant in many areas and is the species that the majority of ATCWs are issued for, some members of the community have suggest...


8 Times Obamas Intelligence Agencies Set People Up To Fabricate The Russia Story "IndyWatch Feed National"

The intelligence bureaucracies spied on the Donald Trump campaign: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants were granted because of a Hillary Clinton-funded and unverified document, national-security letters were issued to allow warrantless spying, and the unprecedented but not-illegal-per-se unmasking of Trump officials conversations with non-U.S. persons was shockingly routine.

Yet the news of a CIA-connected human source operating as far back as April or May of 2016 is about more than just spying. It is the latest example in what now looks to be a long line of attempted setups by the Clinton team, many times aided and abetted by our intelligence bureaucracies.

These events should anger any red blooded American who believes in representative democracy and the importance of the rule of law. Lets review eight examples.

1. CIA And FBI Human Intelligence

Weve just learned about Stefan Halper, a CIA-connected Cambridge professor who working for the FBI contacted Trump advisers Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and Sam Clovis during the 2016 election, to investigate what they might know about suspicions of collusion with Russia. Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo has claimed that he was approached by an unknown second U.S. intelligence community asset in early May of 2016.

The FBI says that the Russia investigation began in July, because of something Papadopoulos said to an Australian diplomat in May. Papadopoulos had supposedly told the Australian diplomat something about Russia having information that could be damaging to Clinton. Papadopoulos allegedly heard this from Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese-born professor who allegedly claimed to have close ties with Russia.

Special counsel Robert Muellers team charged Papadopoulos  unconvincingly  with lying to investigators, because Papadopoulos said his contacts with Mifsud began before he was on the Trump campaign. Actually, the contacts started after he learned he would be a foreign policy advisor for the campaign, but before the campaign mad...


Why The FBI Needs Yet Another Cover Story For Starting Spygate "IndyWatch Feed National"

It might be time for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to revise its Russia-Trump collusion origin story again. First, they said the whole thing started with the Christopher Steele dossier. When that fell apart, the beginning became a random conversation between a Trump campaign staffer and a foreign diplomat. But an examination of the George Papadopolous explanationthat the FBI kicked into gear once it was told a Trump affiliate was trawling for hacked emailsshows that the public evidence doesnt fit the bureaus story.

The FBI has long maintained that it launched its investigation into the Trump campaign on July 31, 2016, upon learning that Trump foreign policy advisor Papadopoulos knew the Russians possessed dirt on Hillary Clinton. Following a December 31, 2017, New York Times article, the narrative then ran that Papadopoulos had told Australian diplomat Alexander Downer that Moscow had thousands of emails that would embarrass Mrs. Clinton, apparently stolen in an effort to try to damage her campaign.

This Narrative Is Getting Fresh Eyes

In the last month, those covering Spygate have revisited that narrative, and after a careful re-reading of the Times article, noted it does not actually say that Papadopoulos told Downer that the Russians had Clintons emails. To the contrary, the article admits how much Mr. Papadopoulos said that night at the Kensington Wine Rooms with the Australian, Alexander Downer, is unclear.

Yet the Times asserted that when WikiLeaks began releasing the hacked Democratic National Committee emails in July, Australian officials passed the information about Mr. Papadopoulos to their American counterparts.. . .[And] [t]he hacking and the revelation that a member of the Trump campaign may have had inside information about it were driving factors that led the F.B.I. to open an investigation in July 2016 into Russias attempts to disrupt the election and whether any of President Trumps associates conspired.

Downer has since denied telling his higher-ups that Papadopoulos mentioned Clintons emails. In an interview with The Australian, as Chuck Ross recently highlighted in The Daily Caller, Downer said Papadopoulos merely told him the Russians might use material that they have on Hillary Clinton in the lead-up to the election, which may be damaging. Papadopoulos didnt say dirt; he said material that could be damaging to her. Downer also stressed Papadopoulos didnt say what it was.

But we dont need to take Downers word on the matter. And we should have realized mon...



Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc. AVN

I am very proud to be speaking at this conference with such an amazing and knowledgeable group of human-rights activists.
Read More


What, Really, Really, Is the Meaning of Human Existence? "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Mary W Maxwell

Edward O Wilson, may his tribe increase, has occupied two huge roles. The first one consisted of structuring a new discipline, sociobiology. The point is to understand the evolution of the human species with an emphasis on social behaviour. Some mammals and some insects have complex social lives. Its in their DNA and ours is on our DNA.

The second role he has occupied is as a conservationist. He can be credited with discovering the need for and pleading for the cause of biodiversity. We are stupid if we let other species go extinct. Real stupid. In this video Ed makes only small mention of our tunnel vision we notice only other humans and more or less ignore the rest of life. But when you think of it.

As for Wilsons book on the meaning of human existence, he says there isnt any. Why would there be? Silly us, in the context of the illimitable galaxies, thinking we are meaningful.




Facebook Bans Imam for Slamming Terrorists "IndyWatch Feed National"

Imam Mohammad Tawhidi (Courtesy)Imam Mohammad Tawhidi (Courtesy)

Facebook this week banned Mohammad Tawhidi, a reformist imam from Australia, in his words because he made a sarcastic remark about Hamas, designated a terror organization by the United States.

Facebook blocked his profile and unpublished his fan page.

Tawhidi is known as the Imam of Peace with over one hundred thousand followers and part of his international mandate is to call out extremists and terrorists. He is not shy about calling a spade a spade and in this context, after Hamas launched a missile into Israel targeting children; he sarcastically called them a global charity organization.

For Facebook to allow Islamist extremists to say whatever they like and for anyone to make offensive remarks about Israel on a regular basis, it seems like double standards that they have banned Imam Tawhidi, said Clarions Raheel Raza.

Raza caught up with Tawhidi in Toronto and took the opportunity to ask him about this issue:




Publisher Too Afraid to Print Controversial Im...


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What the "Doomsday Brexit Plan" Document Says Should Frighten Us All "IndyWatch Feed National"

Then we have the Five-Eyes Alliance the global spying and communications network of the USA, UK, N-Z, Canada and Australia. If anything, this would be something to do with that special relationship, especially as Britain excels in breaking international laws in areas such as illegal surveillance.


Public statement in support of justice for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange "IndyWatch Feed National"

The following public statement was published today after I was asked by John Pilger to write a comment in support of Julian Assange:

Antony Loewenstein, a prominent independent Australian journalist, author and documentary filmmaker, issued the following endorsement of demonstrations and vigils demanding freedom for Julian AssangeThe Socialist Equality Party has called a rally in defense of Assange on June 17 at Sydney Town Hall Square. On June 19, vigils are being held in London and in cities around the world.

Loewenstein interviewed Assange in 2008 on the efforts that were already underway to silence WikiLeaks due to its publication of information that whistleblowers wanted known to the world. Since 2010, he has been prominent in defending Assangeagainst the persecution he has faced for publishing leaks that exposed US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the anti-democratic intrigues of governments around the world. Loewensteins articles on WikiLeaks are available on his website.

This year, Loewenstein released a documentary, Disaster Capitalism, which is a critical exposure of the global aid and investment industry. See here for information and screening locations.


After six years in detention, rightly fearing US retribution for daring to expose the dark reality of US empire, Julian Assange deserves a just resolution of his case and his voice restored. Its shameful how many governments and journalists have not just abandoned Assange to his fate, but failed to recognise his important role in releasing millions of documents that reveal how the world really works.

I support heavy pressure being placed on the Australian, British and US governments to bring him freedom and justice, along with the many other whistleblowers and reporters languishing in prisons around the world.

Antony Loewenstein, independent journalist, author and film-maker, June 5, 2018


Qld Health doctor and SAVN leader Stephen Lamberts confession about Whooping Cough vaccine too little too late "IndyWatch Feed National"

Who is Stephen Lambert?

Dr. Stephen Lambert is a part-time employee of the Communicable Diseases Branch of Queensland Health.

He has previously held the role of Acting Chief Health Officer for Queensland. Read More


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Global conflict continues to rise, index shows "IndyWatch Feed National"

The world has become less peaceful over the last 10 years, mostly due to conflicts in the Middle East and Africa. An international index paints a dark picture, although with some brighter spots.

A Palestinian protester during a protest near the Gaza Strip border with Israel (picture alliance/AP Photo/K. Hamra)

Europe was the most peaceful region in the world in 2017, while the Middle East and North Africa were the least peaceful, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), said in its 12th annual report published in London on Wednesday.

There is an ongoing deterioration in global peace, Steve Killelea, head of the Australia-based IEP, told DW. Its gradual and its been going on for the last decade.

The conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa and the spillover effects into other areas have been the main drivers in the decline of global peace, Killelea said.

Map of how countries ranked in Global Peace Index

The IEPs Global Peace Index (GPI) found that in 92 nations peacefulness fell in 2017, with improvements in only 71 countries. Killelea told DW this negative trend has continued for the fourth year in a row.

According to the GPI, the Middle East and North Africa region is the least peaceful region in the world. At the bottom of the 163-state ranking are Syria, with Afghanistan, South Sudan, Iraq and Somalia not far ahead.

Read more: UN appeals for record $22.2 billion in global humanitarian aid

Emerging Sub-Saharan Africa improving

The biggest positive changes in GPI in 2017 we....


Protected: The 2018 Fair Australia Prize "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1583: It has Begun, its Accelerating | The Blackout was Necessary "IndyWatch Feed National"

Published on Jun 4, 2018

The housing bubble in many countries across the globe is now starting to pop. Australia bubble is now deflating. NJ is in trouble they are broke and they just upped their return on their pension plan, this is going to be a disaster. If the economy is so great why do so many people have more than one job just to make ends meet. If wages were rising at the same level as of inflation people wouldn't need to do this. Goldman says trade war can be won if the market is crashed. African nations are ready to make the switch to the yuan and not use the dollar, the say it makes no sense to use the dollar anymore since their business is with China.

Published on Jun 4, 2018

FBI reports Obama deployed spies to London and the spying began much early than everyone knows. Clapper admits we pushed for regime change in 80 plus countries, he says this was done for the people of the US. IG report coming out on June 11. The construction on the wall has begun. Italy takes back control, Soros out and the illegals are out, Italy first. Ukraine's false flag operation is flopped as the truth comes out. Protest in Jordan force the PM to resign. Rebels in Syria agree to return to their normal lives and turn in their weapons. Turkey and the US come to an agreement in Manbij. Iranian advisors on their way to Damascus for discussions. Q is back and drops the first crumb. Black out was necessary, dark to light, boom, boom, boom.


FixedIt: Another woman who is not an alleyway "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Shropshire Star reported that police have arrested a man and charged him with the sexual assault of a woman in Newdale.

Once again, the woman is less important than the location. Her experience of being sexually assaulted is erased and replaced with an innocuous alleyway. Mens violence against women is real, it has real victims and real perpetrators. And while most rapists are not strangers in alleyways, they are men who know and often claim to love the woman they rape, this womans experience was real and terrifying. She deserves better than headlines like this.

Journalism like this damages the victims being erased from the story and the public understanding of the truth of mens violence against women. It also diminishes public trust in journalists ability and willingness to tell the truth about the crimes they are reporting. There is no excuse for this kind of reporting.

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back against the medias constant erasure of violent men and blaming of innocent victims. If you would like to help fund it even $5 a month makes a big difference please consider becoming a Patron

Sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling and support.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Ph: 1800 737 732 

Suicide Call Back Service
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ph: 1300 659 467

Kids Helpline
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1800 55 1800

MensLine Australia
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1300 78 99 78

Child Wise National Abuse Helpline
Mon-Fri: 9 am 5 pm
Ph: 1800 99 10 99


Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold 1968 revisited "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The serpentine storylines of Nathan Hills astonishing debut novel The Nix converge on the chaos and carnage of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August 1968, when Hubert Humphrey was selected as candidate to run against Richard Nixon that fall, and Mayor Daley set the citys finest upon the thousands who had gathered to protest the Vietnam War, racial injustice, and other social and political ills in what contemporary reports described as a police riot.

Hill sets the scene beautifully

The day before the riots the weather turned. The grip of the Chicago summer loosened and the air was spring-like and agreeableIn the very early dawn there appeared on the ground a thin, slick dew. The world was alive and lubricated. It felt hopeful, optimistic, and therefore disallowable as the city prepared for battle, as National Guard troops arrived by the thousands on green flatbed trucks, as police cleaned their gas masks and guns, as demonstrators practiced evasion and self-defense techniques and assembled various projectiles to lob at the cops. There was a feeling among them all that so great a conflict deserved an nastier day. Their hatred should ignite the air, they thought. Who could feel revolutionary when the sun shined pleasantly on ones face. The city instead was full of desire. The day before the greatest, most spectacular, most violent protest of 1968, the city was saturated with want.

Indeed, for most of that year, the western world was full of unfulfilled desires and unsatisfied wants.

In this, the third in a series of posts recalling the tumultuous events of 1968, we review a year that breathless commentators have dubbed the year that changed America, and, drawing an even longer bow, the year that changed the world. It was indeed a year of seismic social and political change, from the anti-Vietnam War and civil rights movements in America, to protests and revolutions in Europe, and famine in Africa. And as the year ended, Apollo 8 gave us our first view of our sad, blue planet from space.

It was indeed a great year to be alive, young and engaged although a very great many endured grief, misery and pain, and met violent deaths. Yet, it is in our nature to imagine and indeed, re-imagine our salad days as the best of times and the worst of times. But looking back through our back pages, the year was perhaps no bet...


Project Officer "IndyWatch Feed National"

ADA Australia & ATSIDNQ


Dave Pellowe & Axiomatic Events ~versus~ Daniel Spiller & Future Now +++ "IndyWatch Feed National"

Above : Dave Pellowe (Axiomatic Events) / Daniel Spiller (Future Now Australia) Oh dear. Last weekend, Cooks Convicts in this case Neil Erikson, his loyal sidekick Ricky Turner, and a coupla bikies paid a nocturnal visit to Dave Continue reading


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Cheap Chinese phones come with free Malware "IndyWatch Feed National"

For those of you who purchased cheap crap from China:


Note: We do not recommend the purchase or use of (insecure) ZTE modems, as supplied by Optus


FixedIt: A woman is not a laneway or a drug "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Herald Sun republished an article from The Daily Telegraph, reporting on Jerome Mundines trial for rape. He was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison. The article also outlined several charges for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, kicking her in the face and causing her to fall down a flight of stairs.

The headline describes Mundine as an ice rapist and the rape as a Sydney laneway assault. Mundine did not rape a laneway or a drug. He raped a 19 year old woman. He made the choice to commit rape and the woman was the one who suffered because of it. The laneway is fine.

Mens violence against women is real, it has real victims and real perpetrators. And while most rapists are not strangers in alleyways, they are men who know and often claim to love the woman they rape, this womans experience was real and terrifying. She deserves better than headlines like this.

Journalism like this damages the victims being erased from the story and the public understanding of the truth of mens violence against women. It also diminishes public trust in journalists ability and willingness to tell the truth about the crimes they are reporting. There is no excuse for this kind of reporting.

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back against the medias constant erasure of violent men and blaming of innocent victims. If you would like to help fund it even $5 a month makes a big difference please consider becoming a Patron

Sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling and support.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Ph: 1800 737 732 

Suicide Call Back Service
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ph: 1300 659 467

Kids Helpline
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1800 55 1800

MensLine Australia
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1300 78 99 78

Child Wise National Abuse Helpline
Mon-Fri: 9 am 5 pm
Ph: 1800 99 10 99


Time to take control of rooftop solar, industry says RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

New report from ENA and AEMO to look at orchestration of rooftop solar and battery storage, as NSW promises more trials to use distributed energy to lower costs.

via Time to take control of rooftop solar, industry says RenewEconomy


Teven residents face unwanted petrochemical plant "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Teven Valley resident Josh Browne is calling for locals to reject a proposed asphalt plant. Photo supplied

Teven Valley residents have been quick to respond to a proposed asphalt plant that would be located in the midst of their rural properties.

Teven Tintenbar Community Association president Josh Browne describes the petrochemical operation proposal as highly toxic and invasive, and says that is has garnered international agreement regarding its profound effects upon health.

He says the plant would operate 24/7.

A meeting has been called at the Tintenbar Hall on Saturday June 16 from 3.30 till 5.30pm. Theres no bloody way we are going to take this, said Browne. And there is a lot that ordinary people can do to help keep our green way of living.

Endless issues

Browne says the intended site for the plant is the hard rock quarry on Stokers Lane, operated by multinational Holcim.

We have had endless issues living next to this quarry, said Browne. We have not seen evidence of the road upgrade promised in their Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and neither have we seen evidence that they are adhering to their required limitations on truck activity.

Fellow Teven resident Felicity Murphy added, We understand that asphalt has to come from somewhere; however, this is a rural area where agriculture and sustainable living...


Masked Owl Rescued from the Middle of the Road "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This glorious male owl (named in care Owen Owl) was found in distress on a road in the mid-south coast area of NSW. Several cars were observed driving over the bird when Robert decided to stop to check and render assistance. Although initially thinking the bird was dead it came to as he picked it up but it was clearly injured. He immediately called WIRES.

We assume Owen had been involved in some sort of collision, most likely with a vehicle given his location on the road. Vet assessment determined it had a ruptured air sac and a contusion on the lung and was in care while those injuries healed. After a flight test it was decided Owen was ready to go back to the wild and he was happily released on Sunday evening. A great result for a beautiful and vulnerable species and thanks to everyone involved in his rescue and care.

Masked Owls are medium-sized forest dwelling owls, with dark eyes set in a prominent flat, heart-shaped facial disc that is encircled by a dark border. They are similar to but larger than the Barn Owl and in contrast to Barn Owls have fully feathered legs down to the toes. 

They exist in several colour forms, with wide variation in plumage. In NSW their conservation status is listed as vulnerable.

Many assume it is mainly kangaroos involved in vehicle collisions but every year, hundreds of other species lives are also lost on our roads, including owls and other birds of prey. Collisions with vehicles are one of the most common reasons for this, with many of the animals in need of rescue and ongoing care.

Incidents increase during the winter months due to our shorter days. The conditions mean a higher chance of contact with our native mammals when they are at their most active at dawn and dusk. 



Crypto-Wary Australian Bank to Pay Record Fine For AML/KYC Violations "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), which recently banned customers from buying cryptocurrency with credit cards, has agreed to pay AUD $700 million in addition to legal costs for violating anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist laws that delivered millions of dollars to drug dealers, according to ABC News. AUSTRAC, the federal financial agency, accused the bank

The post Crypto-Wary Australian Bank to Pay Record Fine For AML/KYC Violations appeared first on CCN


Tony Abbott "I'd fix power prices and immigration levels" if returned to PM role "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tony featured at a book launch today: In a lively discussion this morning with @AlanJones, Dr Kevin Donnelly, and a pretty diverse audience at the launch of Dr Donnellys latest book, How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia. There should be more such discussions. Tony Abbott (@TonyAbbottMHR) June 6,...


Bill Shorten with a petition to "Save The ABC". Seriously. "IndyWatch Feed National"

The ABC has plenty of money to send reporters to London, Moscow and the US to attack President Trump, plenty of money to send a team to the Royal Wedding and absolutely no curiosity about a sitting Australian PM who had police armed with a search warrant on her tail....


Next steps in escalating the Senator Cash quote "As a former PM, Gillard won't be charged" "IndyWatch Feed National"

It's now 5 weeks since we first asked Senator Michaelia Cash to explain this statement: "Julia Gillard is a former prime minister and because of that she won't be charged". On 2 May we ran a story on corruption involving the parent company of Thiess Contractors which paid over $400,000...


Disgusting entities: on the moralising meat-eaters "IndyWatch Feed National"

To continue to eat meat depends not on our biology but on our commitment to an idea that, if pushed, most of us would reject: that the spoliation of the natural world and the suffering of animals are less important than the gustatory pleasure we take in eating meat and dairy.


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NSW delivers marriage equality for trans people "IndyWatch Feed National"

Transgender people in New South Wales will now be able to stay married to the person they love when they change the gender on their birth certificate, with the Berejiklian Government passing new laws today.

The reform follows the passage of marriage equality late last year, and is part of steps to ensure that trans and gender diverse people are not forced to choose between divorcing the person they love and having identification that doesnt reflect who they are. Currently people are required to be unmarried if they wanted to change their gender.

Kate Toyer, a trans woman, said she and her family were looking forward to the reform becoming a reality.

I am a trans woman. I am a woman practically, socially, and legally in everything except one important document. My birth certificate still assigns me as male. To change this, I would have to get divorced from the woman with whom I have three beautiful children. I would have to get divorced from the woman I love more than anything else in this world.

Kate has been married to her wife for over 21 years but has been unable to change her gender on her birth certificate.

This reform is an acknowledgment of the love I have for my wife and family. Now I dont have to choose between having true legal documents or having a beautiful wife and family, said Kate.

Kirsti Miller, a trans woman who was forced to divorce to change her birth certificate in 2006 said she was pleased that no one else would have to go through her experience.

I was forced to divorce my childhood sweetheart so my birth certificate could reflect my true gender. I should never have had to make that chose. It was devastating and had a long lasting impact on our lives. The transgender community are already vulnerable in society, its welcome that on this issue at least we will now be treated with respect.

Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre and Co-Chair of the Equality Campaign, welcomed the reforms but said there was more to do.

"The community has shown their support for marriage equality, its time our laws respected marriage equality for all. All governments must reform outdated birth certificate laws so trans and gender diverse people can live with dignity," said Ms Brown.

"This is a step in the right direction but trans people in NSW are still required to undergo invasive surgery before they can change their legal sex. Much more reform is needed to bring birth certificate laws in NSW and many other states into line with best practice worldwide," said Ms Brown.

In response to these concerns, while giving his speech on the NSW Bill, Alex Greenwich MP has committed to working with members of the cross-bench for broader reform to address the r...


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