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Thursday, 05 July


The Oldtime Variety Show! BBQ and Bluegrass Festival Friday 17th August, 6pm-10pm "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

On Friday night, the day before the Festival, once again were holding an oldtime music and comedy variety show at the A&I Hall. (MA15+)

This show was an absolute a hoot last year with rave reviews. Its not to be missed with over 70 artists entertaining you all evening long and great barbecue available for purchase.

All artists are volunteers and all proceeds go back into our Original Music Artists Bursaries.

With limited seating, its sure to sell out fast, so get your tickets soon.

For most punters, this was the highlight of the Festival last year.

A very special night out.

Variety Show Tickets $48


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Scope poll. 'Wisdom of crowds' puts BusinessDay ahead of Treasury "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Women are much better forecasters than men, and a weighted average of forecasts in Fairfax Medias BusinessDay economic survey easily outperforms the Treasury, an analysis of 20 years of Australias longest-running economic survey has found.

Answers to the BusinessDay survey, when weighted by past performance, provide the most accurate macroeconomic forecast in the country, said researcher Warwick Smith. Treasury would do well to set up a system like it.

The BusinessDay survey has been running for almost 40 years. The first edition, published in The Age in January 1979, predicted economic growth of 3.4 per cent, inflation of 6.25 per cent, and an interest rate on government bonds of 8.25 per cent.

A year later BusinessDay reported that those first forecasts had been way off beam. Early in 1979 the Shah of Iran was toppled by Ayatollah Khomeini. By the end of that year 52 Americans had been taken hostage in Iran and the price of oil had doubled, pushing Australias inflation rate to 10 per cent, the government bond rate to more than 10 per cent, and economic growth to 4 per cent. Australia was an exporter of oil.

As has been the case in every BusinessDay survey since, the chief economists of each of the big four banks took part, as did 25 other economists from industry and academia including Professor Neville Norman of Melbourne University who took part in the first at the age of 32, who continues to take part today, aged 72.

Professor Norman attended the working lunch convened by former Age business editor Terry McCrann in 1978 to toss around ideas for the survey. He said in those days the Treasury published few forecasts and private consultants charged their clients and kept their forecasts secret.

I wanted people to know what was being forecast and why, and I wanted some of the forecasts to span more than a year ahead, he said. Terry doubted the readership would take forecasts more than a year ahead. I suggested dividing the forecasters into groups: bank economists, academics and and others, a distinction that prevails today. Terry later reported that a surprisingly high proportion of the people we recommended had agreed to join the panel.

An analysis of 10 years of the early survey results compiled by Professor Norman in 2003 showed that....


South Korean workers fight for their rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

South Korean Hyundai workers vote to take strike action. They want a 5.3 per cent pay rise

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Hyundai workers vote for strike action

Korean workers are rising up in militant struggles, with unions at the motoring giant Hyundai voting overwhelmingly to strike for a 5.3% pay increase. The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) organised a national workers rally for the abolition of irregular jobs on Saturday 30th June.

Police spying on trade unions at the Samsung IT giant has also come under judicial investigation and the strike at Oracle Systems Korea, the Korean unit of the US-based IT giant Oracle Corp, is approaching its 50th day.

About 80,000 workers participated in last Saturdays rally under the banner of: The abrogation of the revised Minimum Wage Act and the declaration of a general strike and all-out struggle in the second half of the year. The rally was the biggest one since President Moon Jae-in took office in May 2017.



Learning to understand "IndyWatch Feed National"

Learning to Understand. Lee Bevan writes for IndigenousX about his experiences as an Aboriginal man in the modern world. It is his connectedness to land and culture that helps me manoeuvre his way.


Why we need a human rights watchdog "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mining companies in West Papua behind the Australian governments
supporting genocide of West Papuans, our WW2 allies!!! Are you still proud to
call yourself an Australian???


FixedIt: he didnt sexually assault a tow path "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Irish News reported that a man was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman as she was walking home from work.

The woman was erased from the headline and replaced with the location of the sexual assault. Its a common trope in reporting on mens violence against women. Something from the violence is almost always removed. Often it is the perpetrator, sometimes its the violence, sometimes its the woman, but its almost always one of the three essential elements of the crime being reported.

This is not a trivial issue. It matters because headlines are supposed to be a short summary of the article and when the article is about violence men commit against women and when any of the elements of the crime are invisible, the headline is not telling the story, its erasing the story.

Also, most people dont consume news by reading a print newspaper from cover to cover. Only some people go directly to the home page of a news outlet. Most people get news links from social media, and the most likely source is Facebook. But regardless of the source, we see far more headlines than we click on.

Something like 80 percent of the headlines we see, we never click through to read the article. Were not necessarily thinking very much about the headlines we dont click on, but we see them. And without being consciously aware that its happening they are still describing something to us. When they fit our subconscious bias or when theyre underpinned myths about violence and repeat them over and over again, they reinforce them in our minds, but we dont really notice that its happening.

The things we dont notice are far more dangerous than the things we do notice.

Clarity in reporting and avoiding the passive voice and are among the first things journalists are taught. Which is why the constant use of passive voice and unclear reporting on violence against women stands out so much.

If all the violent crimes committed by men were reported in the active voice with the perpetrators, their crime and the victim as the subject of every headline, it would be overwhelming. Because it is overwhelming.

We are journalists and it is not our job to erase the truth so our audience is not made to feel uncomfortable. Our job is to describe what is happening in our society. And the sad truth is that around 90 percent of violent crimes are committed by men. Avoiding this fact doesnt make it less true but it does make it much more difficult to address the underlying cause.

Headlines matter and this is why FixedIt exists.

FixedIt is an ongoing project to push back...


FixedIt: he wasnt convicted of covering up sex "IndyWatch Feed National" reported that Philip Wilson is planning to appeal his conviction for failing to report to police between 2004-2006 the repeated abuse of two altar boys, by paedophile priest James Patrick Fletcher, in the NSW Hunter Region in the 1970s.

He was not convicted of covering up sex. He was convicted of covering up sexual abuse of children. These are not the same things.

Children cannot have sex. It is ludicrous and abhorrent to describe any attempt to abuse a child so young as sex.

Sex requires consent, children cannot legally or morally give consent so it is not sex. Rape, sexual abuse and sex are not the same thing and they can not be used interchangeably in headlines.

Here are the reasons this matters, in every case, with every headline.

The victim impact statements from child abuse trials are harrowing, a testament to the lifelong injuries suffered by people who were sexually abused as children. They are the litany of drug addition, alcohol dependence, gambling problems, depression, crippling anxiety, relationship breakdowns, suicidal thoughts, shame, self-hatred, mistrust of others and long term emotional damage so common in survivors of child sexual abuse. Children who have been abused are also significantly more likely to suffer further abuse, both as children and as adults.

The effects of sexual abuse of children then lead to the cycle of horror where victims become unreliable witnesses to their own abuse.

When the media, as it so persistently does, labels sexual abuse of children as child sex, we are weakening the public understanding of the extent and effect of such abuse. This has serious effects. A study conducted for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse found that juries who have a better understanding of the facts of child sexual abuse are less likely to make mistakes in their assessment of evidence given in court.

Children cannot have sex with adults. Sex requires consent and children, by definition, cannot give consent, so its not sex. Its rape, its child abuse, its sexual abuse, its any number of terms that accurately describe a crime. An act perpetrated on an innocent victim, someone who was unable to defend themselves from the violence done to them, and who suffers for years, po...


Where does the artist reside? "IndyWatch Feed National"

It is not my intention to question the value of artists residencies there is absolutely no point in arguing against the clear advantage of offering time out from the demands of daily life to otherwise time-strapped writers only to raise the question lingering in Machados story: who is cut out for the artists residency, and what does it say about your artistry if you cannot hack the enforced solitude of such now-commonplace retreats?


The most appalling extension of Lewis Law yet "IndyWatch Feed National"

Eurydice Dixon was an Australian comedian who was raped and murdered as she walked home one night. The site where her body was found was spontaneously turned into a memorial, with people leaving flowers. She was only 22.

And then someone scrawled giant penises all over the football field where she was found.

The vandal was caught he claims he wanted to be caught and he was just making a statement. He was sending a message to feministsand about vaccinations?

I was upset, and I want to make this clear, this was not a personal attack at allthis was purely an attack on feminism, on mainstream media for hijacking a vaccine-causing issue and turning it into a men are bad, womens rights issue.

Yall remember Lewis Law: Comments on any article about feminism justify feminism. Apparently a woman can be raped and murdered and some toxic asshole will find a way to comment on it, and thereby justify feminism.

The logic behind the vandals action was remarkably twisted: the lawyer for the accused murderer says his client was autistic; the vandal interprets that to mean autism caused the killing; the killer was therefore not to blame; but we should blame vaccines for it instead. And somehow, feminists.

I dont think any individuals on the autistic spectrum actually want this guys support. Im kinda feeling, as a man, Id rather not have this scumbag sharing a sex with me, either. Hes all alone on this one.


MACKAY Update 2: Armed robbery, Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 04, 2018 at 05:49PM ,

Update 2: Armed robbery, Mackay

July 04, 2018 at 05:49PM ,

He appeared in the Mackay Magistrates Court today charged with armed robbery in company and was denied bail and is due to re-appear tomorrow,

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


The Fiestas of San Fermin "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Running of the Bulls is what put the sleepy Spanish town of Pamplona on the map, but this pub dare gone way too far is merely the pointy end of a larger fiesta held there annually.

Ernest Hemingway, Pamplonas favourite backpacker, wrote of San Fermn in The Sun Also Rises. He said that by the end of the week-long party, it no longer makes sense to think about consequences.

I was in Spain on the trail of the famous expatriate hobo writer, wanting to experience at least a sliver of the rabbit-hole of hedonistic oblivion he described. And I was off to a good start.

I had touched down in the gothic quarter of Barcelona, in a humble abode of 20 vagabonds, the kind of place where youre still discovering new hidden nooks and corridors days after settling in, all of which are now converted into someones bedroom. My belongings never did find a permanent address within that place it was like my backpack was backpacking.

Alcohol was banned from the premises. When you find yourself in a dry zone, you know youre either in the company of either religious fundamentalists or party fundamentalists. People who ball so hard that to bring the fiesta home to the place of their post-balling convalescence would spell the end of their health and sanity. People who ball so hard that a panic room must be established, a brief recharging respite from the vicissitudes of the endless summer.

A few weeks later, sofas and bunk beds were traded for bus seats, and we headed to the Adelaide of Spain: a town where a year of partying is condensed into a week, during which the population spikes from 20 thousand Basque locals to 100 thousand professional party people.

In typical Spanish fashion, the festival began with a fight. The Spanish seem to love to throw things at each other (tomatoes, grapes, wine, bulls). The celebrations kicked off in Plaza Consistorial, a place built long before population density or fire safety were factors in town planning. Thousands of us were pressed into the worlds sweatiest cuddle puddle, all wearing the traditional white-with-red sash, like the most difficult page in Wheres Wally. Forget bulls the real risk of San Fermn is being trampled by a herd of humans.

I remembered a cautionary tale from a fellow traveller who had fallen over in the square, dehydrated and heat-exhausted, only to come to some time later to find most of her clothes had been torn off by foot traffic. Party, or die. I planted my feet and prayed t...


Mullumbimby household saved from fire by smoke alarm "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

NSW Fire & Rescue unit at the scene of last nights (July 4) fire in Mullumbimby. Photo NSW Fire & Rescue

It started out as a small fire in an ordinary electric stove cooking dinner at an Argyle Street residence at around 6.20pm last night (Wednesday, July 4).

And it could have got a whole lot worse.

Fortunately, the occupier was alerted by a smoke detector and quickly turned off the stove, cutting off the source of the flames.

A spokesperson from Fire & Rescue NSWs Mullumbimby station said, Upon arrival, we rapidly assessed that no one was injured and that the house was not on fire.

We checked the house and it was clear that the electric stove/oven had some issues.

He added it was a timely reminder to keep your smoke detectors charged and take the proper precautions for fire during the winter period.

Visit the NSW Fire & Rescues winter safety webpage for a complete checklist.


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Coral bleaching could happen every two years: report "IndyWatch Feed National"

Coral bleached by rising sea temperatures on the Great Barrier Reef. AAP Image/University of QLD/Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

The Great Barrier Reef could be hit with catastrophic bleaching every two years by 2034, under current greenhouse gas pollution levels, according to the latest report from the Climate Council.

The Lethal Consequences: Climate Change Impacts on the Great Barrier Reef report shows the future survival of coral reefs around the world, including the Great Barrier Reef, depends on how deeply and swiftly greenhouse gas pollution levels are slashed over the coming years and decades.

Climate Councillor and ecologist Professor Lesley Hughes said accelerating climate change has driven a 54 per cent increase in the number of marine heatwave days each year (between 1925-1954 and 1987-2016), placing global reefs at serious risk.

Intensifying marine heatwaves around the world are now occurring more often, lasting longer and are more intense than ever before, she said.

Now, coral reefs around the world are also in the firing line, with rising ocean temperatures and more frequent marine heatwaves placing them at increasing risk.

Professor Hughes said the unprecedented bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016 and 2017 resulted in mass coral mortality, with the 2016 bleaching event at least 175 times more likely to occur due to intensifying climate change.

Unless drastic action is taken, extreme coral bleaching will be the new normal by the 2030s. We will see extreme ocean temperatures, similar to those that led to these bleaching events possibly occurring every two years, which will effectively sign the death certificate for the worlds largest natural living wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef, she said.

Report key findings include:

  • Unprecedented bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016 and 2017 have resulted in mass coral mortality.
  • Rising sea surface temperatures over the past century have resulted in more frequent and prolonged global marine heatwaves.
  • By 2034, the extreme ocean temperatures that led to...


Man arrested over Kyogle assault and murder threat "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A man has turned himself in to police over the assault and threatened murder of an elderly landowner at Loadstone, north of Kyogle, more than 900 days after the event took place.

The now 47-year-old man was allegedly an accomplice to the actions of a 27-year-old man, who threatened to cut off the property owners head with a machete in January 2016.

The 27-year-old has since been arrested and convicted but the 47-year-old had been on the run until now.

The pair, who were living on the Loadstone property at the time, became involved in an argument with the elderly owner of the property.

As the fight escalated, the property owner was punched in the face multiple times, struck with a wooden stake and had his mobile phone smashed.

Now you cant call the police, the younger man told him.

The 27-year-old then forced the victims head onto a table and picked up a machete. He told the victim he was going to chop his head off.

The victim managed to escape and went to hospital where he was treated for significant injuries. When the victim returned to his property the next day he saw his car had been pushed down a gorge and a large amount of his property had been stolen.

Both alleged offenders fled interstate shortly after.

The now 29-year-old man was arrested in South Australia in January 2018 by South Australian and Casino detectives, and extradited back to NSW.

In April 2018 he was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

Yesterday the 47-year-old former Loadstone man now living in Helensvale Queensland surrendered himself to police at Tweed Heads. He had warrants for assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company of other, affray and intimidation executed on him.

He was refused bail to appear in Tweed Heads Local Court.


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I'll be offline most of today "IndyWatch Feed National"

Still in Western Australia - out and about so today's likely to be fairly light on posts.


Abbott exposes the serious division within the Liberal Party yet again "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Queensland

One more sign of the growing division within the Liberal Party has broken out now. In an interview on 2GB, Tony Abbott launched another attack on Malcolm Turnbull. This is not surprising. Abbott has a track record of sniping from the sidelines.

What is of note this time around, is the revelation of how the efforts of the leadership to maintain control and sell an illusion of unity has led to attempt to impose an internal gag. It is obviously not working.

Abbott told Chris Kenny that theres pressure to conform.

I got to say that there arent many opportunities for dissent in the party room these days. Party room procedure has changed under prime Minister Turnbull, he said.

This might be in part sour grapes by a deposed former leader, who is losing his personal support base among the party leadership. But to dismiss it as just this is to overlook that this is only one incident in a catalogue incidents and stumbles, which have given a clear picture of a party stuck in a groove and achieving very little.

Many others have commented on the disconnection between what is happening to most of Australian society and the world view of the government as a basic cause, and that this taking the form of  an ongoing battle for supremacy between the more flexible traditional conservatives and  the emergent radical right, to which Abbott belongs.

Neither side has been able to gain overwhelming dominance.  This has produced the twin effects of forcing the conservatives to take up some of the agenda of the radical right and keeping the prime minister hostage. The result is a government that comes across as incompetent and heading for a great fall.

Tightening the internal screws will not change this. Only by disengaging form their close entanglement with wealth and power would change the game. If they did this, they wouldnt be the Liberal Party.  Its not going to happen.

The differences are deeply ideological. They are also based on competing economic interests existing within the ranks of big business. One lot tends towards the powerful financial industry and its closely associated mining industry for example. The other is more closely associated with industries that are having a harder time or in a decline, such as manufacturing. The line separating the two groups is not always all that sharp. Both want to go in a similar direction. The differences are usually over the protection of sectional interests, or whether to use the velvet glove or the boot.

The first group tends to be bigger and largely foreign owned and pushes to remake the Australian politico-economic landscape more thoroughly that the other, which tends to be have a larger proportion of Australian ownership.



Seaweed as Fertiliser Pt. 2 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Seaweed products are valuable sources of fertility for garden soil.  Click on the image below for a video which is the second part of a Sustainable Gardening Australia lecture for SGAs Green Gardening Professionals by Dr Colin Young from


Seaweed as Fertiliser Pt. 1 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Seaweed is a valuable source of minerals which are necessary for plant growth.   Click on the image below for a video which is the first part of a Sustainable Gardening Australia lecture for SGAs Green Gardening Professionals by Dr Colin Young from


Tweed trial turns dead trees into habitat for fauna "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Contractors from Habi-Tec build a high-rise habitat for lorikeets, gliders and rosellas in this forest red gum on Tree Street, Murwillumbah. The contractors created four hollows in the tree after removing the dead or dying limbs. Photo Tweed Shire Council

An innovative approach to managing the risk of dead trees on public land will be trialled in Tweed Shire starting this week. Rather than removing dead trees in parks, Council has engaged specialist contractors to turn the trees into wildlife habitat high-rises.

Council staff recently attended a workshop on the Gold Coast where this method has been successfully used to create more than 80 habitat trees.

The limbs that present a risk are safely trimmed back and then artificial tree hollows installed. The hollows closely resemble natural hollows, as they are constructed from the existing tree branches.

Monitoring of the hollows created on the Gold Coast has shown a high success rate to date.

More than 300 native wildlife species, including birds, reptiles and mammals are totally dependent on tree hollows for nesting or roosting, Councils senior biodiversity program leader, Scott Hetherington, said.

This approach not only prevents the loss of dead trees, which are critical for providing tree hollows, but fast-tracks the creation of hollows that otherwise take a minimum of 100 years to form naturally.

Council is this week creating new habitats in three trees to trial the method.

Yesterday (Tuesday July 3), a tree on Botanical Circuit at Banora Point was treated, followed today by a forest red gum on River Street, Murwillumbah. A third tree in the road reserve on Garden of Eden Road at Tomewin will be treated later this month after nearby powerlines are isolated to allow the work to go ahead.

The hollows created will target species most likely to occur in the area as all species have unique requirements with regard to the overall dimensions, position and size of entrance hole. The initial hollows will aim to provide habitat for lorikeets and other small parrots, owls and possums, said Mr Hetherington.

Council arborist Luke Page welcomed the trial.

Tree hollows in urban areas are becoming increasin...


Student support key to success at Byron Community College "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Student support officer Lance Hopson with pre-employment student Leon Dawes. Photo Narelle Hobbs

Locals will be familiar with Byron Community College as the place to learn anything you have a passion for cooking, painting, Spanish, basket weaving but the Mullumbimby-based Byron Community College is also a key provider for Vocational Education and Training (VET).

For the past few years, Byron Community College VET course completion rates have stood at nearly twice the national average. Student support officer Lance Hopson credits this to the colleges ongoing student support.

We pride ourselves on working closely with students, he says. A student can come in any time of the day and Ill stop what Im doing and make time for them.

The college works proactively with students at the beginning of study to identify and sort out educational needs and life issues to minimise disruption to study.

Weekly drop-in sessions allow VET students access to help with assignments and study organisation, computers and printing. One-on-one tutoring is also available.

Lance understands that school is not for everyone and respects the courage it takes to attempt education again, especially if foundation skills are missing.

Adult education traditionally teaches these skills separately, but the college weaves foundation skills into their vocational coursework. Practical, real-world skills are core components of Certificate III and IV VET courses and work placements often lead to employment.

Fostering opportunities for local employment is a large part of the colleges community-based ethos.

Mullumbimby local Leon Dawes joined an employment pathways p...


Calls for Adelaides Archbishop Wilson to resign "IndyWatch Feed National"

Archbishop Philip Wilson leaves Newcastle Local Court, in Newcastle after sentencing, Tuesday, July 3, 2018. The Adelaide Archbishop has been found guilty of concealing historical child sexual abuse. (AAP Image/Darren Pateman)

ADELAIDE, AAP The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide is facing unprecedented calls from across political arena to resign as he prepares to challenge his conviction for concealing child sexual abuse.

Philip Wilson, 67, is the most senior Catholic official in the world to be found guilty of such a crime and was earlier this week sentenced to 12 months in jail with a six-month non-parole period.

Hes now going to appeal his conviction for the offences committed in the Newcastle region between 2004 and 2006 and plans to resign only if that fails.

But South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has joined Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in calling for Wilson to resign immediately.

Hes been convicted, hes been sentenced. I think its untenable to remain in that position, Mr Marshall The Advertiser on Thursday.

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant, a former police officer who was involved in investigations into child abuse in the Maitland-Newcastle area in 1995, said the sentence handed to Wilson was appalling.

This is no deterrent as a sentence, its appalling, the children deserve better, the victims deserve better, and the community do, Mr Grant told 2GB Radio.

Wilson is in line to potentially serve his sentence in home detention, pending the appeal proceedings.

Wilson was in May found guilty of failing to report to police the historical sexual abuse of two altar boys by a pedophile priest after a landmark magistrate-only trial in Newcastle Local Court.

Wilson confirmed on Wednesday he would lodge an appeal to the NSW District Court.

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Some Incomplete Thoughts on the Scale of History Part 1 "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Scale of History is the theme of this years Australian Historical Association conference which is taking place this week in Canberra. It was the theme of the conference which enticed me to take time off work to come to Continue reading


Deb's new sustainable garden at Brierfield "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Seen from below, Deb's new house is located in a bush fire 'flame' categorised area and thus requires  flame shutters and concrete decks. Her vegetable garden is located on top of the hill. Natives are planted below the house.

Deb (in the pink hat) and her partner have invested in terrace walls below the house.

A constructed pond serves for Deb's treasured fish and also as a mandatory emergency fire fighting resource.


Temporary Plant Fair Co-ordinator needed "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Stall at the Autumn Plant Fair
Temporary Plant Fair Co-ordinator needed
Just one plant fair - the upcoming Spring Plant Fair in September...


Winter Solstice Visit to David's garden "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Edible flowers (rose and basil) on edible goodies

Citrus time in the Bellingen Valley



Australian waters must not be opened to larger scale commercial fishing "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ugly

Malcolm Turnbull and his crew in Canberra have a plan, and that is to 0pen up Australias waters to large scale commercial fishing.  They have been involved in under the counter talks with commercial fishing interests, to allow foreign ships to enter Australian waters, be re-flagged as Australian and use Australian ports.

This is a direct assault on the smaller scale local fishing industry, which will be unable to compete against bigger foreign vessels using cut price labour and operating on a huge scale. A fishing industry is legitimate, so long as it is properly managed and carried out sustainably, and this will not be the case here.

The sorry excuses that make up our government, are moving towards allowing fishing on a much bigger and unsustainable scale, when the evidence already shows that fishing stock in Australian waters have declined by about 30 percent over the last 10 years, and they werent in a particularly healthy state back then.

As if this is not enough, there is a plan to open existing marine park sanctuaries to exploitation. This would cause havoc to important breeding waters and the bycatch, will cause destruction to many other species, including protected turtles, sea birds, sharks and dolphins.

The intention is to open the waters for the expansion of transhipping, which is the practice where a fleet of smaller vessels transfer their catch to a much bigger carrier ship located nearby. This means more catches by each ship and not wasting time in going back to port and out again. It is also fishing on a large organised industrial scale.

The previous Abbott government did impose a 130 metre limit on ship length, in the wake of the Geelong Star case. It is meaningless, given that there are only three ships in existence that are longer than this.

Over fishing in other parts of this planet has already caused serious harm to the health of the oceans. We know that healthy oceans are essential to the health of the planet and a sustainable future.

The madness must stop.

Save our Marine Life, a coalition of 20 leading conservation groups has a petition that is worthwhile signing. It is still possible to make a submission to the government through the...


Australian tribes 10,000 year old tales of ancient sea rise are accurate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Melbourne, the southernmost state capital of the Australian mainland, was established by Europeans a couple hundred years ago at the juncture of a great river and a wind-whipped bay. Port Phillip Bay sprawls over 750 square miles, providing feeding grounds for whales and sheltering coastlines for brine-scented beach towns. But it's an exceptionally shallow waterway, less than 30 feet in most places. It's so shallow that 10,000 years ago, when ice sheets and glaciers held far more of the planet's water than is the case today, most of the bay floor was high and dry and grazed upon by kangaroos. To most of us, the rush of the oceans that followed the last ice age seems like a prehistoric epoch. But the historic occasion was dutifully recorded-coast to coast-by the original inhabitants of the land Down Under. Without using written languages, Australian tribes passed memories of life before, and during, post-glacial shoreline inundations through hundreds of generations as high-fidelity oral history. Some tribes can still point to islands that no longer exist-and provide their original names.


MACKAY Mackay Magistrates Court "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 04, 2018 at 12:26PM ,

Mackay Magistrates Court

July 04, 2018 at 12:26PM ,

Welcome to our free online Criminal Law Directory which lists Court Lawyers that regularly appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court. If you are due to

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Report: 18% of People in Turkey Own Crypto Compared to 8% in the US "IndyWatch Feed National"

Eighteen percent of people in Turkey own crypto compared to eight percent in the United States, according to a study conducted by ING Bank.

ING Bank Poll Finds 35% Europeans Agree Bitcoin Is the Future of Spending Online

Cracking the Code on Cryptocurrency surveyed about a thousand respondents in each country to understand their attitudes on the rise of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and what they might mean for our money.

ING Bank, a Dutch banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam, conducted the survey in 15 countries to a total of 14,828 participants in order to discover what each nation thinks about cryptocurrencies and what will their role be in consumer spending and investing.

Jessica Exton, behavioral scientist at INGs consumer economics team, concluded that about a third, thirty-five percent, in Europe agree that Bitcoin is the future of spending online, while 32 percent of respondents are of the opinion that cryptocurrency is the future of investing. A further 29 percent indicated they would never invest in cryptocurrency.

Regarding risk, while 30% find digital currencies riskier than shares, the other 70% would say otherwise. 46% of respondents see shares as less risky than cryptocurrencies, and 24% even say theyre equally risky.

This may be part of why cryptocurrencies seem to have less appeal for long-term personal finance activities, such as receiving pay or saving for university, than one-off transactions, the report said.

The ING Bank report concluded that a minority of Europeans would consider using digital assets as a means of payment for a cup of coffee (23%), international online purchases (30%), or childrens university fees (20%).

Interestingly, larger shares in lower per-capita income countries suggest they might consider investing or paying in cryptocurrency, Exton stated.

Turkey Leads the Way Amongst the 15 Countries Surveyed

As to whether Bitcoin is the future of online spending, the majority of....


Australia To Bankrupt Parents Who Dont Vaccinate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia has begun imposing extreme financial sanctions on parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, taking out money from their bank accounts every 2 weeks. Parents will now lose $28 (16) every fortnight for each [...]

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PERTH Perth woman stabbed in Tuart Hill "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth woman stabbed in Tuart Hill .

July 04, 2018 at 08:35AM .

who was known to the victim, was arrested at the scene and charged with aggravated wounding. He will appear in Perth Magistrates Court later on .




PERTH Man charged over stabbing of Tuart Hill woman "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man charged over stabbing of Tuart Hill woman .

July 04, 2018 at 11:17AM .

The man, who is known to the woman, was arrested at the scene and will appear at Perth Magistrates Court today charged with aggravated wounding. .



Market Talk- July 4, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

We expected a quiet day today with the US being out, but just didnt quite realise how quiet. In Asia the major talking point was the Yuan and the verbal intervention witnessed earlier today. This diod help the currency recover to the mid 6s (6.6313), having hit its one year low early yesterday. The Yuan decline is bound to start to impact peripheral Asia as you would expect. The core Shanghai index closed down almost 1%, along with the Hang Seng, as real estate, pharmaceuticals and energy stocks leading the way. The Australian index followed a similar pattern closing on the days lows, but were hit more from a currency perspective as the A$ adds additional losses. The Nikkei almost traded positive towards the close but sentiment took it lower in the final minutes of trade. Yen acts as the safe-haven bid again and we are back to mid 110s.

Europe was shocked by the Danske Bank reports and sees its shares drop around 3% on the day. Germans Angela Merkel in she headlines again, but then she is never out of them, after addressing trade issues and auto tariffs questioned. In the UK talk is that the BREXIT negotiations maybe softer than anticipated, which has helped GBP bounce a touch (+0.2%). However, we should hear more on Friday after May addresses members invited to Chequers where a possible final agreement maybe aired. UK had a bit of a lift earlier after the UK PMI released better than expected, implying the BOE could be in play by the end of the summer. This is helping confidence in the UK but they probably should look at what they wish to be part of before celebrating possible accomplishments.

Lots of talk also surrounding the ECBs twist operation it rumoured last week. Talk that the maturing proceeds will be reinvested at the long end of European markets is causing yet more curve flattening as liquidity dries even more. Draghi also mentioned last week that rates could remains low beyond summer of 2019 quite incidentally past his retirement date! Long end bonds remain bid as you would expect.

Japan 0.03%, Bunds 0.305% (+1.5bp), France 0.645% (+1.5bp), Italy 2.64% (+1bp), Greece 3.91% (+1bp), Turkey 16.89% (+20bp) 15% Inflation still racing faster than forecast, Portugal 1.73% (+1bp...


Riveting Thai cave story was missing one element Israel to the rescue! "IndyWatch Feed National"

The most gripping story in the world is of course the global effort to rescue the Thai boys soccer team who were found alive deep in a cave in that country after a week of going missing. The story affirms the very best of humanity, when people from many nations come together under extreme circumstances for a purely altruistic purpose, and ethnic and religious differences mean nothing.

But the story has been missing a key component for days: the Israeli contribution. For it is a truth universally acknowledged that whenever the world comes together to save people who arent Palestinian, the Israeli emergency teams are right there in masks and scrubs and wet suits.

Well not to worry. In the hours since a British diving team found the boys on July 2, Israeli news organizations have rushed to inform us, Israel is involved! In fact, two Israeli companies are claiming credit for supplying radio technology being used in the effort. Though the reports see beloware muddled so far, Israel is sure to assert a bigger role as time goes by.

I dont like being so cynical. But humanitarian rescue is an important part of Israels international marketing efforts at a time when its human rights record in Palestine is so miserable. The point is made most achingly by a Palestinian man in Gaza who speaks in ruins of his village in the new documentary Killing Gaza, by Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen. You see Israel involved in all these rescues, he says; but look at what they are doing right here, slaughtering families and reducing communities to rubble.

Heres some of the time line on Israels involvement. On July 1, reports had it that seven outside countries were involved in the rescue effort. The U.S., Australia, Britain, China, Laos, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

The Times of Israel jumped in to say that Israel was in on the action. Though the rescuers werent that well informed.

Israeli rescuers have been part of an international effort to reach 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped for more than a week in a flooded cave in Thailand, and have told Israeli media that some divers involved in the operation are now feared dead.

Since the boys were found on July 2, two Israeli radio companies have issued claims that they are involved in the effort.

The Israeli business site Calcalist featured a radio company called Add-...


Sydney chill "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


As soon as I confirmed my Sydney flight booking this week it occurred to me that England's World Cup knockout game would inevitably drift on towards stoppage time drama, and then extra time, and then penalties.

And it did all of the above, of course, leaving me to watch the agonising penalty shootout in the salubrious surrounds of Brisbane Domestic. 

But past results are no guarantee of future performance, and against all expectations, the Three Lions actually survived!

Get that man a Milton mango!

Not a great performance, but we live to fight another day, and are now into the final 8.

Onwards to face Sweden in the quarter finals at the weekend.

Thin ice

It was positively Baltic when I finally made it down to Sydney yesterday (well, 22 anyway). 

But the local economy has been running pretty hot for some time, with Sydney employment soaring from 2 million to 2 million since 2015. 



Entreaty to Dismantle a Genocidal Empire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Celebrate July 4! Raise the colorful red, white and blue flag, the sight of which turns the stomachs of tens of millions of innocent people overseas, who lost loved ones, mass murdered in their own countries, often as not, in their very own homes, by American GIs serving the good old USA.

On the fourth, sing loudly the Stars and Stripes National Anthem, which sends chills down the spine of most families in Vietnam and Iraq who heard that melody as played by American military bands during the long bloody genocidal US occupation of their homelands.

On the 4th, sing proudly, God Bless America, and chuckle over Obamas family pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who in 2007 was seen over and over again on TV crying out, No, no, God Damn America for her crimes against humanity!

On July 4th, 2018, keep your faith in the CIA and dont believe candidate Congressman Dr. Ron Paul MD, seen on prime time coverage of the 2012 GOP presidential debates stating calmly: All the invasions and bombings by the US overseas, beginning with Korea, were illegal, unconstitutional and a horrific loss of human lives.

While watching and cheering the men and women of the military parading on the Fourth of July, as they are expected to do, try to forget that a renegade former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark wrote and repeats: US foreign policy is the greatest crime since World War Two.

And now we turn away from Americans celebrating the birth of their nation and away from their fellow First Worlders in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We turn instead to offer a cautionary to the six billion men, women and children of that Majority Humanity that is condescendingly labeled the Third World or Developing World a world still targeted for genocidal plunder by the banks, armies, secret services and media of the First World.

Majority humanity must not wait for Americans to free themselves from the deception, egoism, ignorance and violence that is seeded and psyoped into the minds of Americans as children to justify killing tens of millions of poor to protect US interests overseas, Wall Streets criminal interests, the predatory investments of the powerfully wealthy. All the genocides African Slaves, Native Americans, Mexicans, Filipinos and Chinese before 20th century were followed by US-bankrolled WWI and WWII genocides and has continued to engulf most nations previously under European or American military colonial occupation through todays US-NATO-UN genocide in the Middle East pale by comparison to the end of life on Earth, being anticipated as an unfortunate risk during a meticulously planned nuclear World War III.

Those of us in the belly of the beast so to speak, await with great anticipation the voices that will arise from the presently economically enchained and militarily threatened Maj...


Turnbull and Keenan botching digital transformation policy "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Australian Minister for Human Services, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Digital Transformation and Liberal MP for Stirling, 46 year-old Michael Fayat Keenan, is all gung-ho for digital transformation.

The problem is that he is just not good at being transformative rather like his prime minister.

One could almost see the trainwreck coming down the line from the moment of then Communications Minister Turnbull's initial joint announcement with then Prime Minister Tony Abbott in 2015.

Despite the obvious problems Michael Keenan will be commencing pre-rollout trials of a facial recognition program this year,

Yahoo News, 1 July 20118:

Welfare recipients will soon be asked to have their faces scanned before they can claim their benefits.

It is part of a new trial of biometric security measures the government will begin within months.

Similar to how SmartGates work at airp...


Life After Politics: where are they now? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Before Nicola Roxons resignation as attorney-general for family reasons in 2013, there were a record eight women in the Gillard Government ministry and five in the cabinet.

LR: Penny Wong, Tanya Plibersek, Jenny Macklin, Julia Gillard, Kate Lundy, Kate Ellis, Julie Collins. 

So what are they doing now?


Former Australian Prime Minister, Hon. Julia Eileen Gillard AC

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Wednesday, 04 July


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Shortcut to Testing for Ebola
July 4, 2018
by Shaun Cowe, Particle
Medical Express

Video on Ebola Transmission:

Viruses and poverty seem to go hand in hand, as we saw with the West African Ebola virus epidemic. But one researcher is fighting back by developing a testing kit that can tackle Ebola, even in the world's poorest places.

Viruses are an inescapable part of human existencefrom the mild inconvenience of the common cold to society-crushing pandemics. Viruses' ability to evolve and adapt to overcome our best defences makes them dangerous foes to humanity. When a particularly deadly virus grows in a world region without access to high-quality healthcare, the results can be disastrous.

Ameh James, a Ph.D. researcher in molecular biology from USC, is fighting the resurgence of one of the most deadly viruses in recent years, Ebola. To do this, he has developed a test that can detect the earliest stages of Ebola virus in just 30 minutes.

"It started in 2015 when I first arrived in Australia on my Ph.D. scholarship. I remember coming home after a day's work in the lab. I turned on the news, and Ebola virus was killing a lot of people in Africa. It was spreading to other countries. Everybody was scared," Ameh says.

"I asked myself how I could contribute. That's when I thought of developing a simple Ebola test."

Breaking down Ebola tests

A common way to test for viruses is to look for antigens.

Antigens are proteins on the surface of a viral cell that our antibodies use to find and kill the virus. Basically, the antigen is the target for the immune system to seek and destroy. It's also the target for many of our current Ebola tests.

But early detection is a problem in antigen tests. Most tests work by changing colour in the presence of Ebola antigens reacting with our antibodies. However, if the virus hasn't spread enough within a person, the reaction won't be big enough for the detector.

Beating the system

Another problem is a virus's antigen...


Regulated Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange to Launch Ripple (XRP) Trading "IndyWatch Feed National"

Independent Reserve, Australias first regulated cryptocurrency exchange, will add support for Ripples token currency XRP this week. Sydney-based cryptocurrency exchange Independent Reserve is reportedly enabling support for Ripple (XRP), the worlds third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin and Ethereum. With launch of trading on July 7, the exchange is offering trading to both retail

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NSW Police Minister Troy Grant lashes appalling sentence for Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant lashes appalling sentence

for Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant. Picture: AAPNSW Police Minister Troy Grant. Picture: AAP

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant says it is appalling and not a deterrent that one of Australias most senior Catholic officials, who was found guilty of concealing horrific child sexual abuse, will likely spend less than a year in home detention.

In extraordinary comments this morning, Mr Grant, a former police officer, said yesterdays decision by magistrate Robert S...


The 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Meryl Dorey speaks at the 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference THE CENSORSHIP OF THE VACCINATION DEBATE IN AUSTRALIA TODAY! Meryl Dorey is the founder of the AVN The Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network, 1994. Read More


Queensland now matches NSW with nine solar farms connected to grid RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Another 110MW solar farm joins the grid in Queensland, taking that states total to nine, and matching NSW and the ACT.

via Queensland now matches NSW with nine solar farms connected to grid RenewEconomy


Solidarity Unionism and Radical Alternatives to Arbitration. "IndyWatch Feed National"

August, 2017

By Ish and Bridget H.

As activists, we are no strangers to the union movement. However we shouldnt view unionism as a homogenous or a-theoretical force. There are many, often competing, tendencies and tensions that affect the union movement today. One concept that receives little attention in Australia is that of Solidarity Unionism.

Unionism, in Australia, is often understood in terms of the system called Arbitration. Under Arbitration, unions seek to brand themselves as legitimate and representative institutions by negotiating with management and governments for workplace agreements (EBAs) and laws that will be recognised as valid by all parties. All the while supposedly neutral arbitrators like the Fair Work Commission and courts monitor for fairness and decide what is legal and illegal. Those who break the rules face a range of criminal penalties. Whilst this is considered the norm, and has seen a significant decline in productivity lost to strike action, what have we given up because of an endless desire of legitimacy?

This system places the points of struggle far away from workplaces where workers have the most power. For example, bosses will often know that when they underpay their workers, only a federal court order can force them to repay stolen wages. Theyll calculate that the vast majority of the people they steal from wouldnt have the resources to challenge them in the courts and even if someone does, the money they can potentially save is worth the risk. If a worker encourages others to go on strike over stolen wages, their boss can fire everyone who goes on strike or encourages others to do so.

Unions can only make demands during set periods of bargaining, and surrender nearly all forms of workplace power during the years in-between, limiting their power to actually enforce the workplace agreements they bargained for in the first place. Unions are forced to professionalise and become more like the institutions they are fighting against. Survival and growth depend on spreading increasingly high costs over large numbers of members, and the more workers that join the union, the more sustainable it can be.

Anything that costs money but doesnt generate membership, such as education, campaigns for workers in other industries and social justice, has to be minimised. Spendi...


Time for a conversation? Lets disconnect to reconnect "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Founder of the Were All Going to Die festival, Stefan Hunt, shares a conversation with a stranger on the Byron Bay train. Photo supplied

Checking social media gives you a similar feeling in the same impulsive part of the brain as gambling and substance abuse. Good times right?

Not so, say Tory Bauer and Stefan Hunt.

A 2017 study by the Royal Society for Public Health found nearly 63 per cent of Instagram users report being miserable. So Tory and Stephan have decided it is time to choo the fat in the conversation carriage on the Byron Bay Train on 5, 6 and 7 July.

The experience is about disconnecting to reconnect.

Instead of using the journey to look at your social media feed its a phone free area explains Stefan Hunt.

You simply have a conversation with a stranger instead. We provide some questions printed on a postcard and you get chatting about life with your new friend.

Afterwards there is an opportunity to write your new friend a message on the provided postcard. In the coming months this will be posted to them to remind them of the experience.

We want to introduce conversation carriages on public transport worldwide. Where humans rediscover the art of eye contact and chance conversations and encounters with strangers. Or simply getting to know yourself again, he said.

Conversation Carriage will be held on every train service during the festival, in the right hand carriage with blue seating. There is no fee other than the $3 fare.

The journey that you have on the Byron Bay Train, having a conversation with a stranger could change the course of your life All aboard.

Conversation Carriage is part of the Were All Going to Die Festival. For more about the festival v...


Japanese helicopter carrier Kaga to embark on two-month tour of South China Sea and Indian Ocean "IndyWatch Feed National"

Japan will send a large helicopter carrier to the South China Sea and Indian Ocean for a second straight year as it looks to bolster its presence in the strategic maritime region with annual tours, two Japanese officials said.

This is part of Japans efforts to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific, said one of the officials, who has direct knowledge of the plan for a two-month tour beginning in September.

The 248 meter-long (814 feet) Kaga, which can operate several helicopters simultaneously, will make stops in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and at ports in India and Sri Lanka, said the sources who asked not to be identified because they are not authorized to speak to the media.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, water and outdoor

Japanese Self Defence Force Navy Helicopter Carriers JS Izumo, JS Kaga

The Kaga, which will be accompanied by an escort ship, may also conduct ad hoc joint drills with warships from other counties in the region, they said.

Japan last year sent its sister ship, the Izumo, on a similar tour of the contested South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.

A spokesman for Japans Maritime Self Defense Force said he was unable to comment on future operations.

Japans growing visibility in those waters reflects concern it shares with the United States over Chinas military presence in a region through which trade routes pass that are vital to the Japanese and U.S. economies.

China, which says its intentions are peaceful, claims most of the South China and has built bases on reefs and shoals it has reclaimed. China has also increased naval operations in the Indian Ocean.

The United States holds regular air and naval patrols in the South China Sea, saying it has to ensure freedom of navigation.

In May, it changed the name of its U.S. Pacific Command, headquartered in Hawaii, to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command to signal a broader regional strategy that has been promoted by Japan and Australia, stretching from the Western Pacific to the Indian Ocean.

Japan has not taken part in the U.S. freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea because doing so could provoke China, which could increase its military presence in the East China Sea where the rivals are locked in a dispute over ownership of uninhabited islets known as the Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China.

Amid growing tension over trade and Chinese suspicion of U.S. intentions toward self-governing Taiwan, Chinese President Xi Jinping in June told U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that Chin...


Australia must better protect LGBTI womens rights: UN Committee highlights "IndyWatch Feed National"

The UNs expert committee on discrimination against women has raised a series of concerns about the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer women and girls in Australia.

The UN Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women is this week reviewing Australias progress on ending discrimination against women.

Australias record was last reviewed eight years ago, and while the Australian Government has made positive steps, the voices of some of the most marginalised women and girls continue to go unheard.

Related news: Australias record on womens rights to be scrutinised on the world stage

Reducing discrimination, bullying and harassment

The UN Committee highlighted the need to tackle stereotypes and break down stigma for LGBTI women and the need to replace LGBTI specific anti-bullying programs which have been defunded.

The Committee grilled the Australian Government on the need for specialist services to address the staggering rates of self-harm and suicide for LGBTI women, particularly transgender and intersex people, caused by unacceptably high rates of discrimination and harassment.

Lee Carnie, Senior Lawyer with the Human Rights Law Centre, who is in Geneva attending the review, said the Australian Government has a responsibility to invest in long-term, coordinated action to prevent discrimination and harassment.

Harassment and discrimination causes real harm to our communities. Nine out of ten LGBTI Australians reported that last years postal survey on marriage equality had a negative impact on them, and we saw a spike in calls to specialist crisis support lines. The Australian Government needs to listen to the worlds top womens rights experts and take action to decrease the high levels of discrimination, bullying and harassment LGBTI women and girls face in Australia, said Lee Carnie. 

Ending unnecessary medical interventions on intersex people

The Australian Governments inaction on the forced and coerced medical interventions on intersex people was also questioned, as were plans for prevention, compensation, investigation and prosecution.

Currently the Australian Government does not propose any changes to the existing arrangements on the involuntary and coerced sterilisation of intersex people.

Everyone has the right to decide what happens to their body. Five years ago, the Australian Senate handed down a comprehensive report calling for rigorous oversight to end medically unnecessary surgerie...


Malcolm Turnbulls Tax Cut Legacy: A Less Equal, Less Democratic Society "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Turnbull governments tax cuts are a recipe for a less fair, less equal and less democratic nation, writes Ben Eltham.

Quietly, and with little fanfare, federal politics has moved into a decisive phase in recent weeks.

The reason? Malcolm Turnbulls government now has a de facto majority in the Senate. That has enabled it to pass some vital bills bills that will change the face of Australia.

After years of going nowhere in the Senate, the stars have suddenly aligned for the Coalition. With the various section 44 departures, the replacement of a swathe of minor party senators has led to a very different Senate cross-bench. The kaleidoscopic rearrangement, tracked here by the Guardians Nick Evershed, has produced a significantly more pro-government Senate.

The Coalition has seized the opportunity, working the numbers to pass a raft of government legislation. The government has attempted to use the numbers to secure a deal to pass its long-stymied changes to student loans, reducing the threshold at which students must pay back debt. That deal didnt quite come off.

But the most important bill was passed by the Senate the previous week: the Turnbull governments massive income tax cuts.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. (IMAGE: Dept. of Defence photo by Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. Pineiro/Flickr)

The media commentariat has largely moved on from the tax cuts, newly fascinated by the latest 72 hour controversy (currently, its the misogyny of David Leyonhjelm). Thats unfortunate, because the income tax cuts are one of the most significant policies to come before the federal Parliament in a decade. By passing the massive income tax cut, the Turnbull government has rammed through a policy with profound implications for the future of Australian society.

Before this decision, Australia had a highly progressive personal tax system: higher income earners paid a higher rate of tax than low income earners...


FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Golden Rice But Is It Safe? "IndyWatch Feed National"

  The irony is that this is a complete wast of time and resources.  There is not enough beta carodine to make a bit of difference.  Better off to use turmeric in the water.
The promoters are obviously attempting to salvage a product from the mistake bin and that is fair enough.  Just do not tell folks it is better than ordinary brown rice.  Another good idea bites the dust.  welcome to science
FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Golden Rice But Is It Safe?

June 22nd, 2018

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Genetically engineered (GE) Golden Rice has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), making the U.S. the fourth country to give the GE food the green light, after Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Golden Rice is genetically engineered to contain extra genes that produce a precursor to vitamin A, beta-carotene.

The rice, which has been making headlines for nearly two decades, was widely touted as a solution to vitamin A deficiency, which affects 250 million preschool-aged children worldwide.1 As the leading cause of preventable blindness in children, its estimated that up to 500,000 children become blind each year due to vitamin A deficiency, and half of them die within a year of losing their sight.2

A form of rice that could potentially alleviate this devastating micronutrient deficiency, especially in low-income countries in Africa and South-East Asia does, indeed, sound like a panacea. However, despite its recent FDA approval, there remain many doubts surrounding Golden Rice, including its usefulness, practicality and effectiveness for its intended purpose: relieving vitamin A defici...


From a prison cell to the United Nations "IndyWatch Feed National"

Keenan Mundine has addressed the United Nations in Geneva to address the Human Rights Council to talk about the appalling rates of incarceration for Indigenous children


Leonard Peltier As Collateral Damage in FBIs Task of Demoralizing Us "IndyWatch Feed National"

Warriors on the plains by Leonard Peltier

by Mary W Maxwell

It was many and many a year ago that I read the COINTELPRO papers, edited by Ward Churchill. This was the first major revelation about the FBIs free-lance work in harming black people in America. To the extent that the Feebs even bothered to cover their tracks, they point...


Retrospective DA sought for Myocum sand and gravel stockpile "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

One large sand pit, located on Myocum Road near the Mullum Golf Club. Photo Hans Lovejoy

The Community Alliance for Byron Shire (CABS) has strongly objected to a development application (DA) for a landscaping supplies business in Myocum Road at the current site of a large sand and gravel stockpile.

The stockpile was cleared as legal by Byron Shire Council last year following public complaints.

At the time there had been speculation about a proposed concrete batching plant development on the property, but Byron Council staff found no plant is either operating, or under construction.

The property, owned by the Archibald family, is adjacent to Wards Landscape supplies, which is under separate ownership and management.

The Archibalds say they will not be operating in direct competition with Wards and will only be wholesalers.

Sand taken from riverbank

But CABS believe the DA should be rejected on multiple grounds, not least because they claim the sand was taken illegally from land adjacent to Tyagarah Nature Reserve, near the bank of Simpsons Creek.

CABS president Matthew Cleva OReilly told Echonetdaily that the Archibalds have lodged a DA to retrospectively authorise the stockpile as a landscaping materials supply business.

Submissions on the DA closed today (July 4) so CABS has made a submission.

But the applicants say they had a right to take the sand from Wiltons Quarry on Tandys Lane.

Despite the EPA last year admitting it had intelligence that multiple truckloads of sand had been taken from within the SEPP 14 coastal wetland, the authority concluded last November that it was not of a scale that triggers licensing by the EPA under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act (Schedule 1) and thus the EPA refers the report of illegal sand quarrying activity to Byron Council.

Byron Shire Council says it believed the quarry was able to operate under existing use rights, but that it had managed to facilitate closure of the quarry in January 2017 without the need for any enforcement action or litigation.

The quarry pit has been reshaped and the land owner has had discussions with Council about rehabilitation of the site, including establishment...


ABC News Anchor Leaves Because of Fake News "IndyWatch Feed National"


One of the prominent faces of ABC news has been Brian Ross, one of their star investigative correspondents. He has been forced to resign because he embarrassed the network late last year when he did an on-air report suggesting former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had been told by President Donald Trump to make contact with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign for president. Ross and Rhonda Schwartz, who was the chief investigative producer for Ross team, has had to step down when that report proved to be false.

FAKE NEWS has been building because there have been no checks and balance. I have had my encounters over the years that will make your head spin. I was flying to Australia to give a public conference there and a journalist, who was obviously a socialist and President Reagan-hater calling it trickle-down economics,  ran a full-page story on me and said I was the author of just about everything and Reagan did everything I instructed so I was an evil capitalist and nobody should go listen to me. When I landed, the staff informed me about the article. I called the journalist who never bothered to interview me that I was only called in for that dog & pony show to launch G5 and that I disagreed with that policy. As for trickle-down supply-side economics, I told him that was Arthur Laffer not me. Of course, there was never a retraction. I went to a cocktail party and someone called me a liar. His interpretation of that article was that I had worked in the White House as the Chief Economic Advisor. When I denied that, I was a liar because I was embarrassed to admit I worked for Reagan. That was just one of many encounters I had with FAKE NEWS.

Journalists have for decades interjected their personal philosophies into the news and see it as justified to try to persuade people to their point of view. The fact it has come to the surface because Trump has taken on the press is a good thing. British newspapers, who didnt like the fact that I had been a friend of Margaret Thatcher, accused me of manipulating silver and then a couple days later Warren Buffet came out and said he had bought $1 billion. Again, no retraction was ever printed. I was simply attacked by Labour journalists because it fits their mindset of a greedy capitalist. Why let fact or truth st...


Five Nations Join Efforts to Punish Transnational Bitcoin Tax Crime "IndyWatch Feed National"

Five Nations Join Efforts to Punish Transnational Bitcoin Tax Crime

Tax enforcement authorities from five nations announced that they have created a united alliance, the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement, known as the J5. The J5 said they are committed to combating transnational tax crime through increased enforcement collaboration, in other words: working together to gather information, share intelligence, and conduct joint operations.

Also read: Azerbaijan to Tax Crypto Incomes and Profits

The Internal Revenue Service Is on the Hunt for People Who Used Bitcoin to Evade Taxes

The J5 include the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the Dutch Fiscale Inlichtingen- en Opsporingsdienst (FIOD), the British HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), and the American Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI).

We are convinced that offshore structures and financial instruments, where used to commit tax crime and money laundering, are detrimental to the economic, fiscal, and social interests of our countries, the IRS posted in a statement on their homepage. We will work together to investigate those who enable transnational tax crime and money laundering and those who benefit from it. We will also collaborate internationally to reduce the growing threat to tax administrations posed by cryptocurrencies and cybercrime and to make the most of data and technology, they added.



International Task Force Notes Use of Cryptocurrencies in Financial Crime "IndyWatch Feed National"

The IRS announced Monday that a brand new joint forces of tax authorities will fight international and transnational tax offenses including cybercrimes eased through cryptocurrencies. Legislation enforcement agencies from the U.K., Australia, Canada and the Netherlands will combine the Internal revenue service in forming the joint leaders of Global Tax Enforcement to prosecute tax offenses, based on a press release. The organization was formed in response to your call to action by the Organization for Economic Co operation and Development to do more on the crackdown on tax offenses. The entity has already met, with cryptocurrencies coming as a subject of concern in financial offenses.

In a statement, Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service general manager Hans van der Vlist mentioned. The exceptional Thing about the J5 is the operational alliance between five nations on tackling professional enablers that facilitate overseas tax crime, cybercrime and the danger cryptocurrencies to tax administrations, as well as making the best use of internationally available data and technologies. . Johanne Charbonneau, general manager of the Canada Revenue Agency, also said that J5 is constructing a serious dedication in an international cooperation which will struggle against serious international tax offenses, including cybercrimes throughout the usage of cryptocurrencies. . No details are revealed regarding how J5 will work together to end the dangers received from cryptocurrency associated tax offenses, but an upgrade on its own initiatives are expected in late 2018, in accordance with the news release. IRS picture via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain information, CoinDesk is a media outlet that tries for the highest journalistic standards and adheres to a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

press release
Internal Revenue Service
strict set of editorial policies


Indigenous youth incarceration: Ending the injustice "IndyWatch Feed National"

Here are 8 things the government can do right now to end this injustice.


Bad reception: socialising and dating without a voice "IndyWatch Feed National"

I lost my voice in my mid-teens after a brainstem aneurysm. While my string of doctors were preoccupied with my damaged nerves and uncooperative limbs, I was worried about my paralysed vocal cord and rapidly atrophying tongue. I couldnt hold any air in my lungs or make the right shapes with my mouth to form words. For months, the most I could manage was a faltering hiss as I re-learnt how to walk, eat, hold a pen.


MACKAY Man Arrested for Using Emoji to Groom Young Teenagers "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 03, 2018 at 07:56PM ,

Man Arrested for Using Emoji to Groom Young Teenagers

July 03, 2018 at 07:56PM ,

the Internet or visit Ball Bay and must check in with police twice a week. He will appear in front of the Mackay Magistrates Court again on July 10.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Ball Bay man accused of child grooming out on bail "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 03, 2018 at 05:18PM ,

Ball Bay man accused of child grooming out on bail

July 03, 2018 at 05:18PM ,

The 53-year-old, now listed in court documents as living at West Mackay, fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Were legally restricted from

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Nats, ALP trade barbs over Tweed Hospital "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Artists impression of the new Tweed Hospital on the Kingscliff site.

The political war of words over the building of the new Tweed hospital has ratcheted up further, with the Nationals accusing Labor of delaying tactics and Labor saying the government is lying about the planned completion date.

Yesterday Tweed MP Geoff Provest said the new $534 million Hospital was at risk of major delays due to a push by the NSW Labor Party to have the project brought to a standstill.

He said despite extensive community consultation and expert planning, NSW Labor is still insisting the project be delayed and used for election campaign material.

Our community cannot risk delays to this project, Mr Provest said.

Lives depend on this. The health of our community depends on this.

Together we fought for a new hospital, now together we will build a new hospital.

There are people in our community crying out for life-saving treatment that doesnt require them to travel to another state, yet the NSW Labor party think its okay to play politics it is disgraceful, he said.

High rise precedent: ALP

Just hours later, shadow health minister Walt Secord claimed he had found a major discrepancy on the completion and construction dates for Tweed Hospital accusing the Nationals of blatantly lying so they can rush through new height limits at Kingscliff.

Mr Secord accused the Nationals of lying on the actual timeline, saying official Treasury budget papers from June 19 state that the hospital is scheduled to be completed by 2025, but health minister Brad Hazzard and Tweed Nationals MP Geoff Provest told the community on April 4 that it would be completed by 2022.

Mr Secord claimed the Nationals were misleading the community on construction dates to rush ahead and to use this hospital as a vehicle to impose high-rise across the coastal villages of Tweed.

He added the Nationals know that construction on the Kingscliff site cannot begin until next year.

Labors choice of a hospital being built at Kings Forest would actually be completed before any building at Kingscliff by the Nationals as the approvals are already in place...


Financially, mentally and physically exhausted. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Tuesday, 4 July 2017
Period debt occurred: 
October 2010 to May 2012
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Newstart Allowance
Appealing Debt?: 
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

I received notice in August 2017 that I needed to confirm my income from 2010/2012.

They say something payslips not matching and i owe this huge debt.

Financially, mentally and physically exhausted.
Currently i have no stable accommodation and looking for a breath of air where ever and when ever i can.



The new anti-democratic laws bring in draconian prison sentences "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

This is a follow up to the article published in The Pen on 2 July 2018, titled New laws have diminished our rights and are not about taking on corruption. It concerns the new laws of the Espionage and Foreign Interference Bill 2018.

It was said that this is a device for involvement in the United States led trade war against China, and at the same time, to impose a much higher level of control over the Australian population, which the government mistrusts and fears. All the more so, when the China trade war has the potential of transforming into a shooting war.

Here are the two key draconian and anti-democratic measures that are contained in the new laws.

  • Journalists who report anything the government says is harmful to Australias reputation on political or economic matters, including breaches of international law by the Australian government, risk prison for 25 years to life.
  • Those who engage in a protest that interferes with obstructs access to public spaces and private property in cases related to foreign trade and international relations risks 20 to 25 years. Anyone planning such a protest, risks 7 years.

The only exceptions are those that are approved by the Attorney General.

These measures are can be used as a precedent to extend the measures to purely domestic affairs.

Enforcement of these conditions must involve an escalation of the use of force, and there is a good chance that the police across the nation will be militarised at a faster rate than has already been the case, transforming them into a political force for big brother. This is no over exaggeration, because the draconian penalties require draconian means to impose them on the population. Otherwise, they are just words on paper.

This is deadly serious, and if we roll over and accept it as a nation, it is going to exact a heavy price. As well as trying to intimidate those who want to speak out into silence, it sets the scene for escalation of the politics of fear, and the imposition of  more force, in an upward going spiral.

This imposes a duty to continue to write, protest and build campaigns, whether it be over foreign or domestic policy. If enough people do it, the new law can be made unworkable. If we fail to act together, those who stick the necks, risk being grabbed and locked up. If this happens,  the net will widened, to include even more people, until we are all at risk. Some are speaking out. Even more are likely to so so in the coming days.  it is not too late to make a difference.


The post...


Plastic free daze "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Mullum Cares Christina Eve, Mullum Chamber of Commerce president Janelle Stanford, Mullum Cares Sasha Mainsbridge and Leora Sibley. Photo Jeff Cry Baby Bunting Dawson

For the third year the Shire is participating in the global Plastic Free July campaign along with more than two million people in 159 countries. The global campaign began as a humble initiative by WMRC Earth Carers in Perth in 2011 to avoid single use plastic convenience items including bags, straws, coffee cups, cutlery, take away containers and single use water bottles.

Plastic Free Byron has developed its website so the Shires cafes and takeaway businesses can be encouraged to remove plastic items and their progress celebrated.  Jump on their website to see if your favourite businesses need a positive message of encouragement.

Blue will be screening at the Byron Community Theatre on July 8 and Waste Free for the Seas new campaigns to reduce litter and single-use plastics will be launched.

The ABC TV series War on Waste has catapulted the plight of Australias wastefull ways into the main stream consciousness and on July 24 its next episode will shine a light directly on the impact of plastic straws and single use water bottles on our marine environment.

Mullum Cares is extending the Plastic Free July focus to include the dangers of balloons to the environment. Offering instead the beauty of bunting as a safe alternative  founder Sasha Mainsbridge explains, My kids and I have taken down countless party decorations that were left behind in the picnic shelters at Torakina beach in Bruns. We want people to either dispose of balloons responsibly or stop using them altogether.

Free bunting-making bonanzas are being run during July in Mullumbimby and Shanti Town sells bunting made from fabric scraps created during the manufacture of clothing....


Splendour in the Grass 2018 | Splendour Forum, The Science Tent & Splendour Comedy Club "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Between the bands, beers, and inflatable Snoop Dogg hot dogs; punters, pollies, panellists, and performers collide in spectacular fashion at Splendour Forum.

Now in its ninth year of brain-broadening goodness, the Forum and its crew of industry heavyweights and fascinating thinkers will once again give your brains left-side some serious stimulation.

Put your thinking felt hat on and join the likes of Henry RollinsMarc FennellCHVRCHES Lauren MayberryQ&As Tony Jones and many more for three days of deliberation, speculation and contemplation as they tackle topics from all corners of the social spectrum. Cyber hacking? Apocalypse fatigue? Book club? You want it. The Forums got it!

10am-12pm Deadlock TV Series World Premiere & Panel
Screening of Deadlock 
Locally-made drama series Deadlock (auditions were held at Splendour Forum in 2016) crashes though the incredible highs, joys, heartbreak, camaraderie, laughs and bittersweet sorrow of what it is to be a teenager.11am-12pm 
Deadlock Panel
Hosted by comedian Cameron James, a panel including Deadlocks creator, writer and director, and cast members looks at the highs and lows of youth growing up in regional Australia and the culture of Byron Bay.12.30-2pm 
Panel: Consent in the Post #metoo World with Henry Rollins, Tracey Spicer, Stella Donnelly & more
The #metoo movement has thrown up all sorts of questions, including the often-complex nature of sexual harassment, assault and abuse. In this frank conversation we look beyond #metoo to what happens next how do we navigate intimate, social, professional and cultural spaces?

2.30-4pm Panel: Cyber Hacking & Stolen Elections: Is Trust Dead?
Silicon Valleys questionable ethics are finally being challenged but is it too late? A slew of high profile breaches has left millions of peoples data exposed to the steamy hacker underworld in the last year. Yet the Government is about to pass a law that your secure messaging apps have to be breakable by design so governments can read them. What could possibly go wrong with that? Hear the 2018 Splendour Hackers make sense of it all.

10-11.30am Panel: Saturday Morning Book Club with Marieke Hardy and special guests
Renowned bibliophile and co-host of ABCs iconic...


Dynasty 8 Presents WinteRest Wrapped in Music "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Come and be soothed by the two upcoming concerts by Dynasty 8 directed by Elizabeth Swain.
6 July 2018 Bangalow Anglican Hall 1 Ashton St Bangalow
7 July 2018 Brunswick Memorial Hall 22 Fingal St Brunswick Heads
Tickets $20/$10 at the door.

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Byron Beachside Market 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

JULY 14th  2018 8am 4pm   

Venue: Main Beach Foreshore, Byron Bay

Entertainment: Jesse Morris & the Shakedown, Juzzie Smith and Hubcap Stan & the Sidewalk Stompers

Website: Byron Community Centre

Held four times a year in early January, Easter, July and late September, the Beachside Markets are a make it, bake it, grow it market held on the Byron Bay foreshore east of the Surf Club. The perfect location to experience some of the most original products by one of the worlds most famous beaches.

Open from 8am  4pm this market showcases a diverse and exciting collection of high quality art, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, glass, home wares, fashion, craft, clothing and music created by local artistans as well as an array of services offered by our health and well being practitioners.

The focus and emphasis of the Beachside Market is on authenticity and fosters both originality and sustainability. Echoing worldwide popularity and the growing demand for direct-from-the-artist-to-you handmade, high quality product. This Artisan Market provides an unparalleled opportunity for local artists, creators and healers to showcase their talents.  With over 200 stalls stretching over half a kilometer of beachfront at Byron Bay Main beach, this market is the perfect location, right on the doorstep of one of the worlds most famous beaches and destinations to experience some of the best and most original products and services.

Come with family and friends to experience the vibrant atmosphere, enjoy a coffee, brunch or lunch while you listen to some fabulous live music and browse the stalls.


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GPs in the dark about medicinal cannabis "IndyWatch Feed National"

SYDNEY, AAP Most Australian GPs support the use of medicinal cannabis but admit they dont know enough about prescribing it for their patients.

A survey of 640 GPs found 56.5 per cent supported medicinal cannabis being made available on prescription, with most having had at least one patient ask about it.

Most of the doctors said they would prefer GPs were trained in prescribing medicinal cannabis rather than patients having to go to a specialist, the study by the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney found.

However most GPs felt their knowledge about medicinal cannabis was inadequate, and just over a quarter felt comfortable discussing it with patients.

Eighty six per cent of the GPs rated their knowledge about medicinal cannabis as poor, while 65 per cent strongly disagreed that they knew how to access medicinal cannabis for patients.

Professor Iain McGregor, academic director at the Lambert Initiative, said the findings demonstrated the urgent need to educate and train GPs to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

Despite recent policy announcements, fewer than 800 patients have accessed legal medicinal cannabis in Australia, he said.

Part of the problem is the specialist-based model that largely excludes GPs from prescribing; most Australians know how hard it is to access specialist medical care, let alone a specialist with an interest in cannabis-based medicines.

This situation continues to frustrate patients, many of whom simply continue to access illicit cannabis to self-medicate.

The study, published by the BMJ Open journal on Wednesday, found that GPs strongly supported medicinal cannabis being prescribed to help people cope with cancer-related pain, palliative care and epilepsy.

Support was much lower for medicinal cannabis being prescribed for depression and anxiety.

Almost half of the GPs were neutral as to whether there was sufficient overall scientific evidence for the efficacy of medicinal cannabis, the study found.

More than a quarter said they would not prescribe medicinal cannabis due to the risk of abuse and dependence.

In April, health ministers decided to streamline the process for patients wanting to get quick access to medicinal cannabis.

The commonwealth-led deal involves a single approval process under the Therapeutic Goods Administration, avoiding duplication with state authorities.

Its designed to give patients access to a one-stop-shop with doctors able to help patients access the medication within one-to-two days.

The post...


Can new Byron GM renew community trust in Council? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

New Byron Shire Council GM Mark Arnold. Photo Jeff Dawson

Aslan Shand

With community trust in Byron Council at its lowest ebb in years  the question now is what will the new GM, Mark Arnold, bring to the table to get the council back on track.

Mark is no newbie to the Byron scene, having worked as the director of Corporate and Community Services for ten years. He has filled in as acting general manager since former GM Ken Gaingers departure in January.

While Mark says that every general manager brings their own unique qualities to the role, when asked if there was anything that he will be doing differently from his predecessor, he focused on working with the council and the community as being a key part of his role.

The three key elements that Mark would like to see the council improve during his five-year term are infrastructure, management of growth and its impacts, and working with the community on Councils decision-making process.

Delegated powers

Asked if he felt the previous GM had breached his delegated authority in the management of the Butler Street situation, he said that he felt the GM had acted within his delegations that were there at the time.

Nonetheless a new set of delegated powers for the general manager will be put to the August ordinary meeting of Council and inside those delegations there will be a restriction or a guidance on when matters that are brought against Council have to be reported and the regularity of that reporting, said Mark, highlighting that he is looking to learn from the feedback and put that into the delegation.

Obviously when the delegation goes up, there will be community input through public access and other means and well find out whether or not weve got that right or whether or not there are other things that Council and community will want to look at inside the delegation. I think it is important that we not only report u...


High hopes for handover of old Byron Bay Hospital "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A proposal to have the old Byron Bay Hospital placed in community hands has been put to the NSW Government. File photo

Paul Bibby

The campaign to have the old Byron District Hospital site placed in community hands has taken a significant step forward. A formal proposal backed by local political and business figures was put to the state government last Friday.

Under the plan, believed to have considerable state government support, NSW Health would lease the 2,000sqm site to the community for a nominal fee with Byron Shire Council acting as lessee or trustee.

The government would also provide $2.5m to fund the full refurbishment of the main hospital building and the remediation work required on the site.

This would pave the way for the dilapidated hospital to be transformed into a mixed-use community hub providing much-needed services for the local area.

Political play

NSW Upper House MP Ben Franklin (Nationals) who helped put the proposal together and presented it to his parliamentary colleagues on Friday said he was optimistic that it would be adopted.

I have had a number of conversations about this with the premier, the deputy premier and the health minister, said Mr Franklin, the parliamentary secretary for northern NSW.

They are interested and engaged and supportive of the concept of maximising community space.

They havent given me any guarantees but I certainly havent been discouraged by anything theyve said.

On June 28 Byron Shire Council voted unanimously to support the proposal.

This included agreeing to act as the lessee/trustee, and agreeing to oversee a facilities team to manage and maintain the facility, and its relationship with the community.

Assisting those campaigning for the site to become a community hub is the looming state election.



UK tops list of foreign investors in Australian agricultural land "IndyWatch Feed National"

02 Jul 2018 | Grain CentralThe UK remains the largest foreign owner of Australian farmland, followed by China and the US, according to the Foreign Investment Review Board 201617 Annual Report.


Dead whale on Suffolk Park beach "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The dead whale which has washed up on Suffolk Park beach this morning (July 4). Image ABC/Facebook

A dead whale has washed up on Suffolk Park beach, just inside the Arakwal National Park.

An ABC reporter at the scene described the whale as 8.8 metres long and said the creature was most likely a juvenile born last year.

Police and National Parks Rangers are at the scene trying to work out the best way to dispose of the whale without attracting sharks. It will most likely have to be trucked away from the beach.

The whale apparently has several puncture marks on its body, though this is not thought to be sufficient to be the cause of death.

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Progress in filing the private prosecution in The AWU Scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

I've been in Perth for the past week - and it looks like I'll be here a little longer than expected. I was scheduled to be in Brisbane about now - however an important piece of new information has surfaced and it requires a bit more work here. We're very...


Tony Abbott delivered the Bob Carter Commemorative Lecture last night - he's spot on about our energy supplies "IndyWatch Feed National"

I've been watching ABC News this morning - one of their lead stories is "Tony Abbott says Australia should withdraw from Paris climate agreement - just 3 years after his own government signed up to it!" The ABC does itself and us a terrible disservice with a report like that....


Locals unite against Adani "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Protesters gathered in Byron on Saturday as part of the National Day of Action organised by Frontline Action on Coal. Photo Jeff Cold Mined Dawson

Protesters gathered in Byron on Saturday as part of the National Day of Action organised by Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC). There were 25 other actions taking place around Australia as people once again made a stand against opening up future coal mines.

Anandan Mcewen from FLAC said: We need to keep up the pressure on the government and especially support the frontlines right now to physically blockade and halt construction of the Adani mega coal mine to save our climate, the Great Barrier Reef, and our childrens futures.

Be the blockade

At the historic Bentley blockade the Byron Shire community proved its power through the inspiring will of locals mobilising in our thousands to the blockade near Lismore and we attained historic victory. Now it is time to mobilise again.

We have crossed a climate tipping point and it will take concerted, non-violent civil resistance to tip it back. This end of financial year, we draw the red line on coal.

To support the blockade go to:

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War, Masculinity and Belief day 2, Australian Historical Association Conference "IndyWatch Feed National"

At the end of the day I sat down to write up a post about the sessions I had listened to at the Australian Historical Association conference but I struggled to find a common theme in all of them on Continue reading


Supermarkets pocket millions over plastic-bag windfall "IndyWatch Feed National"

Coles and Woolworths are earning tens of millions selling thick plastic bags and saving even more by no longer supplying free single-use ones. File photo

MELBOURNE, AAP Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths appear set to rake in around $71 million in gross profit from the sale of their 15c heavy duty plastic carriers following the ban on single-use plastic bags.

Queensland University of Technologys Professor Gary Mortimer has calculated the big retailers are also saving $170 million a year by not providing shoppers with free plastic bags.

Prof Mortimer says he has sourced an online provider of heavier bags at 9c, rather than 15c, But if you are buying in bulk, you would get a cheaper price, he told News Corp Australia on Wednesday.

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The new job providers points system and the dismantling of Australian welfare "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Australians on welfare payments continue to face a long-running government offensive, which is making getting through lifes basic needs  increasingly difficult.

Unemployed individuals already receive the second lowest income support in the OECD, as well as having to contend with a barrage of obstacles and harsh punitive measures. Australia has the most onerous set of requirements in the developed world. It has been made even worse.

From the I July, job agencies have been granted new punitive powers to punish Newstart recipients for failing to comply with the escalating compliance demands. Like excessive reporting requirements that take up time better used for finding a job, and engagement in activities that provide grants to the providers but do little to resolve unemployment.

Refusal to attend a work for the dole program, because it is unsafe, is now considered a particularly serious breach, despite the evidence of too high a rate of serious injury and even death on occasion, as unscrupulous employers exploit the system to get hold of government grants. This does not qualify under what is considered by the government as a reasonable excuse,  despite the fact that 64 percent of sites are failing to meet basic safety standards. Failure or refusing to attend an unsafe job will result in being completely cut off from Newstart.

Job agencies are to administer this, through a new demerit point system aimed at payment suspensions. The old appeals process, even though inadequate, will be largely scrapped. An individual who believes they are being unfairly treated, is left no avenue to be heard. Job agencies have consequently been given the power. to use the points system, to further exploit the unemployed to increase their bottom line.

In 2015-16, job agencies imposed a record of two million financial penalties on the unemployed. The National Welfare Rights Network has pointed out that roughly half of these penalties, were found to be unfair and were rejected by Centrelink. This means that in 2015-16, more than 1 million unemployed people had their payments cut off when they did nothing wrong.

Without even this past level of scrutiny, the number of penalties is bound to escalate, because of little accountability and funding to the job agencies is based on the number of placements, rather th...


Underground Hip-Hop Blog Stands With Madd Cold Against The Jewish Lobby "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Jonathan Madd Cold Azaziah

Striking Star Salute to the brave gentlemen at Underground Hip-Hop Blog, one of the most widely-read underground Hip-Hop sites on the entire web, for reprinting my dear brother Ali Salaams Insight Media statement on Bnai Briths failure to see me charged, extradited and thrown into one of the Canadian ZOGs dungeons. Im humbled beyond humbled that they would share my ordeal especially considering that the vast majority of rap-media outlets wont touch it out of fear of You-Know-Who cracking down on their sorry, pathetic asses. Thats the thing though, aint it? EveryONE and everyTHING is anti-Semitic for saying that Jews wield an unprecedented amount of influence on an industry as well as a culture that accompanies it which are overwhelmingly Black, Brown and Gentileand with a strong Islamic origin at thatbut its not a confirmation of that very influence were decrying when we get shut down for saying it??!?!?!?! Mental!!!

The Jews either run the music industry and do so with malicious, greedy intentions or they dont. And of course the truth of the matter is THEY ABSOLUTELY DO and this pernicious hegemony should be opposed totally, vociferously and fearlessly. This didnt start with me either. Professor Griff exposed Jewish infiltration into Hip-Hop over 30 years ago. And since then, Grand Daddy IU, Royce Da 59, Chino XL, Pusha T, Joe Budden, Canibus, Lupe Fiasco, Scarface and others have all mentioned this merely in passing or directly and strongly; in interviews and their music. They subsequently came under fire for it. Its the same in the UK ZOG, where BBC Top of the Pops presenter Reggie Yates simply said it was nice to see MCs and singers going independent instead of being managed by some random fat Jewish guy from NW London. Just for this, he lost his job. So apparently you can keep your gig if youre White and rape kids for a few decades like Jimmy Savile because he was connected with the upper echelons of British Zionism. But a young, talented Black man whose family is from Ghana cant jokingly refer to obvious truths because the Jews getting offended means he gets 86ed. Ive heard from comrades in the Australian ZOG who tell me that the power structure is the same there too.

Enough is enough. Hip-Hop doesnt belong to Shlomo and his alphabet soup of corporations. Hip-Hop belongs to the people; to the Moustazafeen (oppressed people) of any color, but Black and Brown folk especially. I never, ever play the as a card unless its absolutely necessary and he...


Centenary of Sir John Monash's triumph in The Battle of Hamel. Lest We Forget. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Paul Kelly on the events of this day, 100 years ago at the French village of Hamel. Hamel was a mini-model for how World War I could be won Illustration: Eric Lobbecke This morning on the high ground of the Australian Memorial Park near the tiny French village of Le...


Tasty treats launch Bangalows Sample Food Festival "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Celebrity chef Darren Robertson launched the Sample Food Festival by giving taste tests to travellers at the Gold Coast airport on Monday. Here hes holding a cornucopia of local produce from Cape Byron Platters. Photo: Jeff Tasty Dawson

The Sample Food Festival has been soaring to new heights in the past couple of years, so where better to launch this years event than an airport?

The annual food festival isnt officially taking off until September 1.

But patrons at Gold Coast Airport were given an early taste of what will be on offer when celebrity chef and author Darren Robertson hosted a morning tea at the facility on Monday.

Judging by the punters enthusiasm, the platters of locally sourced olives, cheeses, dips and salami were far superior to plane food.

Robertson, the co-host of Channel 10s Recipe to Riches, announced the program events for this years festival at Bangalow Showgrounds and pre-festival events.

This will include a lunch by renowned chef Shannon Bennett from Vue de Monde. Find out more here.


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Throwing Abbas Under the Bus "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Youre sposed to sit on you ass and nod at stupid things
Man thats hard to do
But if you dont theyll screw you
And if you do theyll screw you too
And Im standing in the middle of the diamond all alone
I always play to win when it comes to skin and bone
Warren Zevon, Bill Lee

The details of US President Donald Trumps ultimate deal for resolving the intractable Israel-Palestine conflict have been leaked, surmised or imagined no one can be sure at this stage for a while now. And it is one that the Palestinians would never agree to.

We provide below a selection of articles that discus the intimations, imperfections and implications of the plan that will ostensibly succeed where all other efforts have foundered because as Donald Trump has stated many times, that is what I do.

The US has lost its credibility as an honest broker, if it ever was one, that is. It is impossible to be a mediator in a conflict or develop a credible peace plan when one side refuses to even talk to you. Palestinian leaders have not met with senior U.S. officials for the past six months, not since Trump announced that he would move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Move, it did! And now there are hints that the plan actually takes Jerusalem off the negotiating table.

The Palestinians are in a bind. If they reject the deal, especially one accepted by Israel, the Israeli government could once again argue that it has no partner on the Palestinian side, and move towards annexing large parts of the West Bank, which indeed a number of Israeli openly advocate, rendering the ever-receding prospect of the two-state solution impossible. The end result would push the sides even further apart.

The dice are loaded and the deal is rotten in what is a win-lose game. The nationalists and settlers would would be delighted, and the Palestinians on one hand and the Israeli opposition on the other would be simultaneously cut out and boxed in.

Veteran Middle East correspondent and long time Lebanese resident Robert Fisk pulls no punches. Is there no humiliation left for the Palestinians? he asks. Soon to be granted the ultimate deal that, in Jared Kushners word, will give them and their future generations new opportunities, more and better paying jobs and prospects for a better li...


Somalia's Al-Shabab terror group bans plastic bags over environmental concerns "IndyWatch Feed National"

Great minds think alike! Coles, Woolworths and Al-Shabab. Plastic bags are Haram! But while the plastic bag is evil, the following activities carry the Al-Shabab tick of approval: Slicing off heads, piracy, car&truck bombs, hostage-taking, hand amputation for shoplifters, throwing gay people off tall buildings, stoning women victims of rape...


International Coalition Set to Tackle Cryptocurrency Tax Crime "IndyWatch Feed National"

In an offer to fight the threat of cryptocurrency tax Offense, the US Internal Revenue Service has Combined with tax authorities from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and the UK to form the joint chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement, based on a news release. The J5 is a response to a petition by the Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development for nations to do more to handle tax evaders. A new task force, which would work collaboratively with the OECD where suitable, considers offshore structures and financial instruments when used to make money and commit tax offenses may be detrimental to a nations economic well being.

The coalition, which include the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and Australian Taxation Office, the Canada Revenue Agency, the Fiscale Inlichtingen- en Opsporingsdienst of the Netherlands, HM Revenue & Customs of the U.K., along with the U.S. IRS Criminal Investigation will collect intelligence and collaborate globally to Decrease the rising threat to taxation governments represented by cryptocurrencies and cybercrime. Internal revenue service Chief of Criminal Investigation Don Fort clarified in a Forbes interview the U.S. Chose to adopt an international approach to combating cryptocurrency associated tax offenses. He iterated that the U.S. Has tried the one man military strategy in the past, however it wasnt profitable.

We cant continue to function in the very same ways weve in the past, siloing our info from the rest of the world while organized criminals and tax cheats manipulate the system and exploit vulnerabilities for their personal profit, he commented. With J5 working group, Fort hopes for the IRS is going to be strong enough to pressurize the worldwide criminal community, in ways it couldnt make work in the past. The U.K.s Director of Her Majestys Revenue and Customs Fraud Investigation Services Simon York considers the J5 will make the world smaller for all people seeking to exploit our systems and ensuring no one is beyond our reach.

In the first meeting of the team, leading tax and financial specialists from the member nations came together to develop strategic plans and identify new opportunities to prosecute international tax criminals. The Internal revenue service has been worried about cryptocurrency taxation because 2014, in which issued a cryptocurrency tax instruction and announced itd treat bitcoin as a property. Early last year, it assembled an investigators team to crack down on people who utilize cryptocurrency to launder money and evade taxation. In its attempts to catch Western tax cheats, the Internal revenue service once purchased Coinbase to turn over records of over 480, 000 users. Following a protracted legal struggle, that it lost, it reduced its own requests to 14, 000 users that engaged in the trading activity above $20, 000.



International Coalition Set to Tackle Cryptocurrency Tax Crime "IndyWatch Feed National"

International Coalition Set to Tackle Cryptocurrency Tax Crime

In a bid to fight the threat of cryptocurrency tax crime, the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has joined with tax authorities from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to form the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement (J5), according to a press release.

The J5 is a response to a request by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for countries to do more to tackle tax evaders.

The new task force, which would work collaboratively with the OECD where appropriate, believes "offshore structures and financial instruments" when used to launder money and commit tax crimes could be detrimental to a country's economic well-being.

The coalition, which includes the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the Fiscale Inlichtingen- en Opsporingsdienst (FIOD) of the Netherlands, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) of the U.K., and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) will gather intelligence and "collaborate internationally to reduce the growing threat to tax administrations posed by cryptocurrencies and cybercrime."

IRS Chief of Criminal Investigation Don Fort explained in a Forbes interview why the U.S. decided to take an international approach to fighting cryptocurrency-related tax crimes. He iterated that the U.S. has tried the one-man army approach in the past, but it wasn't successful.

"We cannot continue to operate in the same ways we have in the past, siloing our information from the rest of the world while organized criminals and tax cheats manipulate the system and exploit vulnerabilities for their personal gain," he remarked. With the J5 task force, Fort hopes the IRS will be strong enough to "pressurize the global criminal community in ways it couldn't make work in the past.

The U.K.'s Director of HMRC Fraud Investigation Service Simon York believes the J5 will make "the world smaller for those seeking to exploit our systems and ensuring no one is beyond our reach."......


Byron celebrates new happy hoops with a community bike ride "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The new, locally designed bike racks have been installed around Byron. Photo Jeff town bike Dawson

A community bike ride is taking place in Byron Bay on Saturday, July 7, to celebrate the completion of the Byron Bike Rack project.

The community initiative supported by Stone & Wood Brewery and Byron Shire Council has seen the installation of the sculptural bike racks designed by Bangalow landscapers Larc Collective at four locations around town.

Luke Jones and David Thompson from Larc explained their design saying, The suite of Happy Hoops consists of peace loop, wave window, sun follower and rainbow ring all alluding to the life we live in Byron Bay. The culture of Byron and the northern rivers is deeply rooted around the beautiful environment we live amongst and each of the four elements reflect this.

The Byron Bike Rack project was a public competition that ran for over two months at the end of last year calling for local residents to enter their designs.

The aim of the competition was to encourage the public to ride rather than drive by creating a set of sculptural, functional, public-art bike racks.

Happy Hoops delivered a fantastic entry that ranked highly in all areas of the judging criteria, says Sarah Blomkamp from Stone & Wood Brewery.

The judges loved the simplicity and sophisticated local iconography; we are stoked at the result. The result is a super fun, simple design both a complement to the visions of our contemporary, coastal village and an ode to the past that adds to the aesthetics of our town

Bike ride

Join in the fun and meet at Apex Park at 10am this Saturday, July 7 to ride the sculptural bike rack loop before finishing at the Stone & Wood Brewery for a refreshing beverage. Dont forget your helmet, water and donation to the Karma Keg at the brewery. All proceeds will go to the Ingrained Foundation.



Global Authorities Unite to Tackle Tax Evasion Enabled by Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed National"

Leaders of tax enforcement authorities from around the world have united to combat global financial crimes enabled by cryptocurrencies and other technologies. The group formed will be known as the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement, or J5, and will comprise of participants from Australia, the U.S., Holland, Canada, and the U.K.

J5 Formed in Response to a Call to Action from the OECD

The idea behind the collaborative effort is to share information and to increase the ability of its members to operate against global financial crimes.

The J5 will consist of tax agencies including: HM Revenues and Customs, the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the Australian Taxation Office, the Canadian Revenue Agency, and the Fiscale Inlichtingen-en Opsporingsdienst.

A statement published today on the IRS website reads:

We are convinced that offshore structures and financial instruments, where used to commit tax crime and money laundering, are detrimental to the economic, fiscal, and social interests of our countries.

It goes on to state that the J5 will be investigating those who enable global money laundering, as well as those who benefit from it. They will also work together to reduce the growing threat to tax administrations posed by cryptocurrencies and cybercrime.

The chief of the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation, Don Fort, told Forbes that a combined initiative was required as the efforts of lone nations were no longer sufficient to tackle the problem on the global scale. He continued:

The J5 aims to break down those walls, build upon individual best practices, and become an operational group that is forward-thinking and can pressurise the global criminal community in ways we could not achieve on our own.

During the groups first meeting that was held last week, the J5 outlined plans and began to devise ways to track criminals who were responsible for such financial crimes. Additional updates are expected to be anno...


Electricity sector won't bear brunt of Paris emissions reduction, energy analyst warns "IndyWatch Feed National"

RepuTex says the national energy guarantee leaves shortfall of close to 500m tonnes of carbon pollutionA leading energy market analyst has warned that parts of the economy other than electricity will bear the brunt of Australia's emissions reduction effort under the Paris agreement a development that will inevitably drive up the costs of abatement for high-emitting energy, materials and industrial companies. Related: Clickbait and gotcha moments: how political conflict became a [...]


Australian Archbishop becomes highest ranking Catholic official to be sentenced for covering-up child sex abuse by pedophile priest "IndyWatch Feed National"

The highest ranking Catholic official to ever be convicted of concealing sexual crimes against children has been sentenced to 12 months in Australia for covering up abuse by a pedophile priest. Adelaide's Archbishop Philip Wilson was sentenced to a year in detention, after he was found guilty in May of failing to report the sexual abuse of two altar boys by a pedophile priest, Jim Fletcher, in the 1970s. Fletcher, who was found guilty of nine counts of child sexual abuse, died of a stroke in prison in 2016 while he was serving a near eight-year sentence. On Tuesday Robert Stone, the Newcastle magistrate, denounced "the decades of abuse and its concealment" and said Wilson, who is 67 years old, must serve at least six months before he is eligible for parole.


The Charms And Harms Of Air Fresheners "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Are you aware that secondhand scents or indirect exposure to room air fresheners raise parallel concerns to secondhand tobacco smoke? Professor Anne Steinemann of the University of Melbourne in Australia [1] submits that connection.

Professor Steinemann, whose work I have followed for a few years, recently emailed me a list of some of her recent papers published regarding research on chemical exposures, fragranced consumer products, and health effects, which Id like to introduce my readers to because your lungs and immune systems are under constant chemical vapor attack from scents you can control and those you cannot, e.g., a coworkers obnoxious perfume or aftershave cologne, aerial sprays, manufacturing emissions, exhaust fumes, etc.

Scented dryer sheets, which impregnate bedding and clothing, are serious, heavy duty scents that can precipitate asthma attacks, bronchitis, allergic reactions, and/or exacerbate COPD problems. Many scents and scented products contain formaldehyde, a probable human carcinogen [2].

Why do I want to introduce the matter of scents and scented products? The prime reason is because we are being assaulted from on high with chemtrails spraying, which cont...


US, UK Lead 5-Nation Alliance to Combat Cryptocurrency Tax Crimes "IndyWatch Feed National"

The tax authorities of the United States and the United Kingdom have signed on to lead an international alliance designed to combat transnational financial crimes, including those involving cryptocurrency. J5 Aims to Combat Cryptocurrency Financial Crimes Announced on Tuesday, the five-member Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement (J5) is a partnership between the Australian Criminal Continued

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Government of Nauru: Turnbull's will comes first "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Image of Nauru at

The small island Republic of Naurus official motto is "God's Will First.

I strongly suspect that Nauru has unofficially changed it to Turnbull's Will First ahead of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbulls visit to the Pacific Islands Forum, with an eye turned towards protecting annual funding coming from the Australian Government.

Australia is Naurus largest trade, investment and development assistance partner, providing development assistance worth $26.1 million in 2017-18 and $25.9 million in 2018-19.

That particular multimillion dollar revenue stream ...


Liberals, Nationals and Labor all agree they would rather chill political activism to the point of hypothermia "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

At both state and federal level Australian citizens are finding their right o speak truth to power is being seriously eroded.

This is just the lastest move.....

Bills passed by the Australian Parliament 28 June 2018:

The Guardian, 26 June 2018:

The espionage bill could criminalise protests and communication of opinions harmful to the Australian government, representing a threat to the limited protections on freedom of speech, according to legal advice produced for the activist group GetUp.

The advice comes...

Tuesday, 03 July


UN racism expert blasts cynical refugee politics; hears call for urgent Senate Inquiry into medical neglect in offshore detention "IndyWatch Feed National"

Overnight, the UN expert on racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia delivered a major report condemning the rise of toxic and hate-filled refugee and migration politics around the world. The report makes specific reference to the cynical politics surrounding the treatment of refugees in Australia.

The UN Special Rapporteur warns that right now around the world:

  • Political parties and leaders have shown increasing and disturbing tolerance formessages of hatred and intolerance in their political platforms,
  • Countries that have long celebrated immigration as central to their national identity have now taken steps to vilify and undermine immigration and
  • That the rise of populist nationalism and right-wing extremism has delivered a devastating blow to racial equality, especially in the global North. Non-citizens, including refugees and stateless persons, have been the most vulnerable

Daniel Webb, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, is in Geneva to advocate at the UN Human Rights Council. Mr Webb addressed the Council on the need for an urgent Senate Inquiry into the recent spate of deaths and medical neglect cases in the Governments offshore detention camps.

The UN expert warns that even in countries with a long history of welcoming new arrivals there are some cynical politicians who will deliberately harm refugees for their own political ends. This is exactly what is happening in Australian politics right now, Mr Webb told the Council.

Related news


Fairfax Media cover-up sexual harassment / assault allegations by staff exposed during #MeToo campaign "IndyWatch Feed National"

Staff members at Fairfax Media have made sexual harassment / assault complaints against senior Fairfax Media employees and Fairfax management are covering it up. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn by the article published by Tracey Spicer on The Saturday Paper website and the questions that I sent Fairfax Media and their responses. []


Work starts on new kiosk "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


stanwell park beach kiosk tripadvisor

The old Stanwell Park Beach KIosk prior to demolition. Photo:

WORK has started on the new caf for Stanwell Park Beach.

The purpose built caf will have an elevated covered dining deck overlooking the park, a paved outdoor seating area and a kiosk and kitchen. Two fully accessible public toilets are also a key component of the new design that was influenced by community feedback.

We know this is a valued community space and Council has worked with the community to develop the design for the new caf/kiosk, Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery said.

Through our engagement we know there was a strong push from the community to preserve the buildings original kiosk sign, and weve taken that on board. It was carefully removed during the demolition with the intention of seeing how we might incorporate it into the new building.

The aged kiosk building and residence, which had occupied the site for more than 50 years, were demolished last year, and a temporary shipping container-style caf had operated at the site over the summer months. It will be removed to make way for the new building.

The project is anticipated to cost approximately $1.4 million and constructio...


Bird of the Day: Shining Flycatcher "IndyWatch Feed National"

Shining Flycatcher by James Zainaldin - La Paz Group

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia



Australian university accidentally advertises an MFA in mansplaining "IndyWatch Feed National"

Images of the billboard are currently the top Google result for mansplaining.

The University of Adelaides billboard is getting more attention than intended. The ad, which graces a block in the Australian city of Adelaide, shows five women gathered around a man who appears to be explaining something riveting about a table of colorful construction paper.

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David Leyonhjelm's non-hysterical response to the hysterics "IndyWatch Feed National"

"She infers, if not out-right says, that they're (men) all rapists. She's got some apologising to do in my opinion." Outspoken independent Senator @DavidLeyonhjelm is refusing to apologise for sexist comments about the Greens' @sarahinthesen8. #auspol #7News 7 News Sydney (@7NewsSydney) July 3, 2018 PS - it's lovely...


Oberon: Letter | What about the experts who say no to fluoride? "IndyWatch Feed National"

FELLOW townsfolk, although were likely all sick of hearing about it, one of the truly remarkable facts about sodium fluoride is how much we are getting already. It has hundreds of industrial applications, including fertiliser and pesticides, and its popularity as a dental product is due to decades of successful industry marketing and advertising.

When we started using it, we lived in a simpler time when the public knew little about long-term effects, where fluoride came from, and what else was in it. Not so anymore. I remember with fondness the toothpaste ads with Mrs Marsh showing us all how fluoride got into teeth, like blue liquid into a stick of chalk she held up for the camera. Its a gimmick to sell a product. Its not Mrs Marshs fault.

The Australian Food Standards show the levels of sodium fluoride in our food and drink. This is a problem because it means we are likely getting way too much in us already. The upper limit we are allowed is 4mg ingested per day. Above that even NSW Health admit its a risk.

If the science was settled and experts united then almost 5000 professionals (dentists, doctors and scientists) from all over the world would not have signed an international agreement to stop fluoridation ( has the list). Plenty of expertise in Australia as well, including former head of the ADA South Australia, Dr Andrew Harms, and Dr Mark Diesendorf, Professor at NSW Institute for Environmental Studies. Dr Geoff Paines work is 50 years strong on the subject. None of these men look scary or say anything frightening unless you fear their expert opinions and experience with fluoride. They dont represent industry or government either.

Dental industry representatives opinions and anecdotes are not proper scientific survey data, and certain pro-fluoride proponents have been peddling questionable statistics about our towns dental problems.

Council was asked at the June 19 meeting whether it has received any scientific survey data to support the claim that Oberons children have exactly twice the dental caries and twice as many hospital admissions that surrounding towns children have, and how t...


Australians to soon get myGovID single government identity "IndyWatch Feed National"

NOTE: A single Government digital identity works perfectly with a cashless society where you will receive credits from Big Brother for designated work duties within the incoming green cities of agenda 2030. Read More


Koala genetic code discovery "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 2016 video from Australia is called KOALA RESCUE: Passing bikers stopped to help pull a drowning koala from a river. Video by Mario Orcon.

From the University of Sydney in Australia:

Cracking the genetic code of koalas

July 2, 2018

Summary: The koala genome has been sequenced in a world first, by an international consortium of conservation scientists and geneticists. Considered to be the most complete marsupial genome sequenced in terms of quality on par with the human genome the highly accurate genomic data will provide information to inform habitat conservation, tackle diseases and help ensure this iconic animals long-term survival.

A team of Australian and international scientists, led by Professor Rebecca Johnson, Director of the Australian Museum Research Institute and Professor Katherine Belov, University of Sydney, have made a significant break-through successfully sequencing the full koala genome, with the findings published today in Nature Genetics.

Considered to be the most complete marsupial genome sequenced to date, it is in terms of quality, on par with the human genome. The highly accurate genomic data will provide scientists with new information that will inform conservation efforts, aid in the treatment of diseases, and help to ensure the koalas long-term survival.

The Koala Genome Consortium has been an ambitious journey affording us great insights into the genetic building blocks that make up a koala one of Australias, as well as the worlds, most charismatic and iconic mammals, Professor Johnson said.

This milestone has come from our vision to use genomics to conse...


Former Malaysian PM Najib arrested - faces corruption charges in court tomorrow "IndyWatch Feed National"

From Malaysia's Star Online. Najib arrested NATION Tuesday, 3 Jul 2018 4:21 PM MYT PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has been arrested. Updated: MACC: Najib to be charged tomorrow He was arrested at his residence in Langgak Duta at around 3pm Tuesday (July 3). Malaysian...


Video shows pit water continues to grow "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This latest video of the Maules Creek coal mine shows the pit water continuing to grow. Time lapse footage from @PlanetLab shows 3 months of consistent increase in the mine pit lake starting around the first week of March.




Australian archbishop convicted for child abuse cover up "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 25 May 2018 video about Australia says about itself:

Archbishop Philip Wilson case: letter that led to his downfall

The handwritten letter that led to the downfall of Archbishop Philip Wilson: Former altar boy reveals he told the Catholic official he had been abused by a priest 30 YEARS before he [Wilson] was found guilty of concealing child sex abuse. An emotional two-page letter written by a sexual abuse victim has been credited with helping convict an Australian Archbishop of concealing such crimes dating back decades.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

1 year in prison for Australian archbishop who covered up abuse

Today, 3:13

The Australian archbishop Philip Wilson has been sentenced to a prison sentence of 1 year. He covered up abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in the 1970s.

Wilson (67), now Archbishop of Adelaide, is the highest placed clergyman in the Catholic Church who has been found guilty of covering up abuse. In May he was found guilty for this, now the sentence has been determined.

The judge ruled that Wilson would be entitled to a reduction of the sentence at the earliest after 6 months. He does not have to go straight to jail, because next month it will be determined whether he can serve his sentence at home.

Abuse by priest

The clergyman i...


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1606: Corporate Media Just Flipped on the Economy | Coordinated Effort to Create Hysteria "IndyWatch Feed National"

Published on Jul 2, 2018

The property bubbles in Australia and Canada are now popping, this will spread and cause problems in other countries. US manufacturing slumps as orders decline. The US has shipped the majority of manufacturing overseas, it will take time to bring it back. The corporate media have started the push to say their is going to be a recession within 2 years. Most likely they will push the recession right before the Presidential elections, it looks like this is what they have planned, but on the other side the economy could come down many other reasons and the central banks will not be able to control it.

Published on Jul 2, 2018

Jeff Sessions is rewriting the Asylum laws. Soros held a meeting with the PM of Spain and the discussion revolved around immigration. USS Truman is headed towards maritime security operations in international waters and the deep state is using this to say that the ship is headed near Russia to fight their aggression. The President of Iran is headed off to Austria to talk about the nuclear deal. Damascus and the Kurds are talking peace. Bolton is now saying Iran must leave Syria instead of Assad must go. Trump sends Putin signal by stopping the funding and support of the rebels in the South. The FBI caught a man who was planning to stage an event during the 4th of July. Q drops some more bread crumbs and lays out the indictments.

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